Let’s Hope for a Record Low Turnout

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Trump coulda been a contender – maybe even more than that.flatulent-penguin

Now I wonder whether it was all another Long Con. The cynic in me (I am a journalist) begins to wonder whether, indeed, it was rigged.

By Trump.

For Hillary.

For them.

The oligarchy that runs everything. Not just the government, which is merely its storefront.

How else to explain Trump’s conversion to stumblebum Republican? His sudden cop-sucking and flag-humping and even (yes) his Bible beating? That plus the Tapes may result in a sweep for her.

Which would enable her to claim a mandate.

This would have been inconceivable without Trump. She might have won against any of the other Goldman Sachs/Kellog Root Brown/GE front men. But not by a landslide. That is now very conceivable.

If you think things are bad now, wait.

Imagine a Hillary unchained. The firebomber of Waco able to say “the people” tsunami’d her into office to create the New America she has been working toward all her life. Unlike Bill, who is basically a libertine, who just wants serial blowjobs both literal and metaphorical  – to be the center of attention, worshipped – Hillary wants to be obeyed.

Some may recall when she was merely a frustrated dragon lady, back in the ’90s – when Slick Bill gave her portfolio to create Hillarycare. Among other things, had this business become law, it would have become a criminal offense to pay for medical treatment on a fee-for-service basis.

Like The Chimp (another political sociopath) she enjoys hurting people.

The woman is filled with hate – and lusts for power.

Donald may just have given it to her, too.

What happened? pants-suit

Why did he stop talking coherently? Let alone talking about ending the endless wars? What happened to getting rid of – not replacing – Obamacare?

Instead, he brings up Bill’s ancient blowjobs. Barry’s half brother.

He flushed himself.

Became what he claimed to be a departure from. If Trump talked the way he talks now six months ago, there would be some other Republican tool at the top of the ticket. The tool would lose, too – but at least we wouldn’t have been Charlie Brown’d again.

We’d have been better off with Mittens redux or maybe the real-life Tony Soprano from New Jersey.

Rancid meat, sure – but clearly green.   brezhnev

The only hope now is that a majority of the country is so disgusted by him and them (Republicans) and filled with dread about her that they stay home and vote for neither.

If there is a record low turnout, then neither of these two cretins (or the lesser one, Gary Johnson) could plausibly claim to possess a mandate. Whatever vile “plans” they have for us would be regarded as illegitimate on the face of it.

We’d still be ruled, but less effectively. It would force them – all of them – to take off the Happy Mask of “democracy” and reveal themselves for who and what they are. We are talking late Soviet ossified apparatchiks waving woodenly from atop Lenin’s tomb. No one’s fooled.

And that’s the best we can hope for, I think….

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  1. Ok, for my obligatory dumb joke, here’s a riddle:

    What’s the difference between a trumpeter and a Trumpeteer?
    The trumpeter only wants to blow a trumpet.

  2. Gary Johnson may carry New Mexico. Evan McMullin may take Utah. If that happens, based on current polling, neither Clinton or Trump will get the 270 electoral votes required, and the election will go to Congress.

    My inner nihilist wants to see that, so everyone stay home, except those in Utah and New Mexico, who should go vote for Johnson and McMullin

    • Opp, having spent a fair amount of time in NM, I shudder to think of voters there determining anything other than a cockfight or Ripple vs. Lysol. There are some intelligent people there and they either arrive at the first snow or when their own state gets hot.

    • Hi OP,

      I’m disappointed by Johnson, but much more so the LP. Is Johnson really the best they could come up with to represent – to articulate – the Libertarian point of view?


      I’m available.

      And I speak in complete sentences, too.

      • Really makes you wonder, eh? How’d they go from the great Harry Browne to the likes of Gary Johnson in the course of a few years….. Wow…

        • Hi Nunzio,

          Part of the problem with the LP is that it’s like the RP and DP… a national organization that selects from among a small pool of “insiders” who are all professional politicians.

          And there is also a deeper problem for Libertarians… real ones: Running for political office is oxymoronic as real Libertarians have no interest in governing anyone.

  3. Hi Eric,

    I’ll put a little more in the mail this week. As for the site, I would love to see an edit comment feature for registered users. To me, the perfect edit feature would allow us to fix mistakes but keep an archive of the original comment, accessible by a “see original comment” button. This would prevent the clovers among us from rewriting history.


    • Thanks, Jeremy!

      Divorce hasn’t helped. I’m like Scharnhorst right now, on its last voyage… running at reduced speed from gaining enemies, listing, only one turret still firing….

  4. Now I wonder whether it was all another Long Con. The cynic in me (I am a journalist) begins to wonder whether, indeed, it was rigged.

    By Trump.

    For Hillary.

    For them.

    In a word, yes.

    Look at Trump’s political history. All over the ideological map.

    Look at Trump’s success as a business mogul. You don’t reach that level of success –especially in the industry in which has made his fortune– without selling your soul to the reigning Establishment, or at a minimum playing ball with them.

    Then there’s all the evidence over the last two decades of Donald being pals with both Clintons. Oh, and being a business mogul in New York, where Hitlary is a political powerhouse, you don’t get anywhere without greasing her filthy palms or playing nice with that state’s Democratic political machine — of which she is a major cog.

    No, The Donald was compromised from Day One. Too many people simply didn’t want to see it, desperate for change as they (understandably) were. They didn’t want to believe that the System is so thoroughly rigged, despite decades of evidence.

    Finally, remember this: what genuine grassroots presidential candidate who was an outsider EVER survived the Super Tuesday primaries?

    Yeah, exactly.

    The fix is in, folks, and has been since Day One. If it makes you feel better to go participate in Election Day Theater on the 8th of November, go right ahead. But just remember that that is ALL it is. The next Sock Puppet-in-Chief has already been chosen and we Little People had fuck-all to do with the choice. Just like in every othe SPiC election in the modern era.

    Sorry to be such a cynical downer, but I calls dem as I seez dem…

    • Hi Liberranter,

      “Sorry to be such a cynical downer, but I calls dem as I seez dem…”

      Cynic – noun: a person who angers others be correctly observing reality.


      • “The power of accurate observation is commonly called ‘cynicism’ by those who have not got it.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

        • Hi Lib,

          Hah, that’s great! Friends often respond to an argument I’ve made by saying, “well, that’s awfully cynical”, as if that were sufficient to dispel consideration. “What is wrong with the argument”, I ask. “I don’t know, it just seems too cynical.”


            • Hi Brent,

              When I was in high school (’80s) I read Peikoff’s Ominous Parallels. The dude was a former member of Rand’s cult, who escaped. The book is top drawer. Its theme is that the conditions which led to Nazi Germany are discernible here; have been since at least the ’50s. No surprise, given the U.S. government adopted many of the actual Nazis and incorporated them into the National Security State.

              Many people know about the relatively innocuous ones like SS Major (yes) Werner VonBraun. But few know about Reinhard Gehlen. Or – down the rabbit hole now, but I am certain this guy was also “paperclipped” – SS General (and engineer) Hans Kammler, second only to Himmler and in charge of the Nazi wunderwaffe at Peenemunde and deep inside the Haartz Mountains.

              • Eric,

                “Ominous Parallels. The dude was a former member of Rand’s cult, who escaped. The book is top drawer.”

                Info in the book is top drawer.

                The writer and his style are similar to the contents of a PortaPotty.

              • Hi Eric,

                While the info in Ominous Parallels is good, John T Flynn beat him to the punch by 38 years.

                An Objectivist acquaintance of mine insisted that I read an essay by Peikoff lambasting subjectivism. In it, he revealed that he did not understand the distinction between subjectivism, as a philosophical concept, and subjective value theory, as an economic concept.

                Not surprising, as Rand believed that the value of things could be objectively determined.


            • eric, speaking of favorites, the wife just started The Departed and I got to hear one of my all time sayings. It’s one I’ve used for decades and had never heard it in a movie before. Whoop de fuckin do! I don’t trust people who don’t know how to cuss properly. I’d bet Mencken was a whiz.

              • The Departed contains several real keeper lines, especially the Billy Costigan line to the shrink, describing her cop clients, “bad haircuts, no dress sense and a scumbag air of entitlement”.

  5. Eric! Have you forgotten? These creeps don’t need a mandate. A mandate is only necessary if they truly ruled “by the consent of those governed”. They rule by force and brutality. No mandate needed; only access to the controls- i.e. the ability to command the armed mercenaries who willingly kill and oppress their fellow countrymen (and citizens of other sovereign nations) on command for a paycheck.

    Mandate; no mandate. Election; no election. It doesn’t matter.

    But yeah, I did suspect from day one that the Trumpster was just saying what a lot of people who were formerly unrepresented wanted to hear. Tapping into that segment propelled him to where he is now. Now he no longer needs those people, so now he tries to appeal to the more traditional Repubs.

    This is why there can never be a truly good and honest candidate. You either lie to placate the people and get the votes, in which case you are a liar; or you tell the truth and lose. When society is as corrupt and degeneratre as ours now is, it can only get worse. The only hope for positive change is that such a society will burn itself out and collapse.

    And talk about going soft, does Trump even speak of dumping NATO anymore?

    Such a shame, every four years we have to have these circuses, which are a few rungs below a junior high-school class-president race, in which insults are traded and promises made, but of course, it is all meaningless, and no one speaks of the real issues or the political philosophies of the candidates.

    What a disgrace. And this is supposed to be “the information age”. (It’s really “the propaganda age”)- Every four years hundreds of millions of dollars are spent putting on a pageant for idiots.

    I’ve never given my assent to any of the clowns in these circuses yet, and I have no intentions of starting to do so now. I too will be staying home. At least when I complain about whoever or whatever wins, I don’t have to say that I voted for it.

    • Hi Nunzio,

      “Every four years hundreds of millions of dollars are spent putting on a pageant for idiots.” – Perfect!

      Election – noun: An orchestrated spectacle designed to fulfill the need for tribal affiliation among those not inclined to sports.


  6. This Trump thing feels so similar to Minnesota…1998….Jesse Ventura.

    Loud-mouth, douchebag that was more surprised than anyone else when he won. Didn’t really want the position, and quit after the first term.

    The only difference might be, that Trump won’t win.

    • actually he cut the budget and refunded surplus. got rid of smog and interstate meter lights. refused to move to the govs mansion. heaped shit on lifetime pols and press every day

      hthe party he won with changed to necon and he lost because no one wanted to back him. there was no plunder on his watch.

      george bush senior was head of cia. fake nice psychopath to the core.

      ventura has best record libertarianwise. ron paul was just empty words.

  7. Up until this month I considered the theory of Trump being a troll to get HRC elected. But this month he’s been saying things that so-called elite do not want said. A controlled troll would not be doing this. Trump has the right enemies but that’s about it.

    • Hi Brent,

      I used to regard Trump as a very bright guy, but I think something has happened to him. Either he’s done too much coke – or he is not well for some other reason. But regardless, he’s no longer quick. Or witty. Listen to him speak circa late 1980s and through the ’90s and compare with now.

      Of course, it is entirely possible he never really wanted the job – and had planned to use his candidacy to re-invent his “brand” and launch a new TeeVee show after the election.

  8. How is this for a low turnout?

    With the Chicago and/or Cleveland riots scheduled to begin between October 29 and November 2, maybe there will be no need for an election.

    Martial law might be in effect on November 8.

    The joys of first world problems.

  9. I’ll be voting Trump despite my dislike for the man himself, and the dealmaker for me is that he has ALREADY largely destroyed the establishment media and brought out a fighting spirit amongst many Americans I know. Barry O was different (although I couldn’t vote for him), he was a charismatic plant, a handsome actor playing the part of the opposition, the perfect shoo in for people thirsty for change from the Dubya.

    Trump has awoken a sleeping dragon in people’s hearts, and regardless if people are “given” Hillary or he turns out to be a paid actor all along (I don’t think he is personally, he’s lost too money and taken a massive hit to his reputation), the people are still going to fight the establishment from here on out. I’ve seen it amongst some friends, even millennials, they are just realizing that the government system (schools, law, media) is all B.S. and they’re angry beyond what I’ve ever seen them be in living memory.

    Maybe for “old timers” who have already woken up slowly and come to realize the farce early, it’s not as big a surprise to see how deep corruption goes, but when you realize your entire life has been a complete and utter lie, forcefully spoonfed from day one…angry somehow doesn’t do justice to describe just how much hatred some of us are now feeling towards the establishment.

    • Regardless of who gets on the podium to accept the mantle of president. Trump has already taken a huge dump on the spot where the winner will have to stand to make their acceptance speech.

      Love that Orange Pill motherfucker.

      • Hi Tor,

        I don’t think so.

        I think Trump has discredited himself and by doing so, made Hillary seem (I hate to say it) credible. Not to me or you or the people here. But nonetheless.

        Perhaps (I hope) I am wrong.

        But I am now resigned, not merely to Hillary winning, but to her winning convincingly.

        And if so, what that woman does to us can be laid at the feet of Trump.

        Just as the Chimp gave us Obama (and Obamacare).

        I hope I am wrong.

        But my gut – and mind – tell me otherwise.

        • Maybe so. Since both Trump and Hillary were selected by the unseen founder of America – Negan – and all of Europe – I don’t really care.

          Walk softly and carry a big stick.

          All politicians are Negans. There is no election or nuance to it. Only the delusion some configuration of Neganomics is better than some other.

          Better to head for the woods and run until no one knows you’re even there.

        • I’ll hold the view that you underestimate the anger amongst awake millennials (which are relatively few admittedly), but you only need to piss off a few to trigger a revolution. I’ve never seen such anger or political energy behind my friends in my life, and now it’s almost scary. It’s like rabid dogs about to snap the chains holding it to the stake. I personally see a massive revolt coming and coming hard and fast.

          I can understand your gut feeling on this one (I personally am on that boat actually), but my eyes and friends are giving me some hope.

          • AJ, I agree with you about Millenials….of those who are politically aware. I hope for once it will be a good thing for my age group, the boomers, to vote for Donald if only for one reason, and some people I’ve spoken with have said it’s a one issue election for them, the 2nd amendment.

            I don’t take it for granted the Donald will be any 2nd champion but I do take it for grated, since DNC insiders have said they expect Hitlery to ban guns by executive order that it will be a much worse situation. And after all, disarming the public is one of the big goals of total domination.

            As bad as I hate to say it, that will probably get me to the polls. I have no illusion of having a prez to represent the people since I’ve never witnessed such.

            I liken it to a hurricane at sea with me in a slow boat(Hitlery)and a tornado in west Texas with me in a vehicle(Trump). I’ve managed to outrun many tornadoes and watch the carnage from a safe distance. I wouldn’t count on that in the ocean with a Cat. 5 hurrican moving 50 mph in my direction.

      • “Trump has already taken a huge dump on the spot where the winner will have to stand to make their acceptance speech.”

        Good one, Tor. Very poetic. I don’t love Trump, but I do get along fine with all the supporters of his that I’ve met in person. Maybe that’s a good way for me to measure a candidate: if his/her supporters are insufferable assholes, then the candidate is, too.

        All of the Clinton supporters I’ve met are insufferable assholes, and psychos. They are people who are obsessed with the same ideas that Hillary is obsessed with. They don’t know shit about her, actually.

        Maybe I’m just weird, but even if I knew and liked a candidate, I still wouldn’t vote for him/her, just so that’s clear.

    • Hi AJ,

      I’ll buy that – but what happened to him? The GOP got to him. He stopped criticizing the wars, stopped talking about getting rid of Obamacare. Began to cop and soldier suck. All that’s missing now is “family values” talk.

      • Eric,

        To sound crude, I don’t care what happened to him, nor do I think it matters. Government has been put back in it’s place finally, as a servant for the people. If Trump backs out on his promises, the people will hold his and everyone else feet to the fire so they follow through. If it’s stolen from him (the election), massive revolt will take place and rebellion against the system anyway. If he follows through, the people get what they want. It’s a win for the people no matter what way I see it, I’ll just hope for the least collateral damage in the process.

        • Hi AJ,

          What “promises” do you think Trump has made? I’m not trying to snarky, but I see only two areas where Trump has shown any consistency: a stronger military and more cop-suckery. Sure, he said a few things about American foreign policy that seemed saner than the status quo, but he would usually qualify those remarks by claiming he would make the military so strong that “we” would just crush “our” enemies. As for cop-suckery, he has always argued that cops should have more authority, which necessarily means less accountability. If the fictional “war on cops” actually begins, Trump will almost certainly push for gun control just as earnestly as Hitlery.

          As for “massive revolt and rebellion against the system”, I hope you’re right. I just don’t see it.


          • Jeremy, massive revolt is something I can guarantee you won’t see. No one group is pissed off enough for it. Even of the boomers I know who see the writing on the wall, the ones who’ve been watching it written for decades and don’t like any of it probably only represent less than half. I also speak to boomers who are fat and content to not try to fight the system. The only thing good I can say about the boomer generation is there are plenty of the elderly widows who are very pissed. The ones with a decent pension or standard of living though are going along to get along…..unfortunately.

            I spoke with a neighbor recently, a couple years my senior. He said he was sure they’d get his guns but he was going to take as many as he could when they did so. He also said he had something that would take on of those blackhawks right out of the air. I didn’t query him. What I don’t know I can’t tell. But for every guy like him, we have the ten year younger group who ride around on their Harley’s and think that’s some defiant statement but just get in a hard conversation with one and they’ll be ready to go to the house, kiss the clueless wife(sorry this is so but there’s no sugar-coating it)and bend over and take whatever govt. has waiting for them.

            • Hi Eight,
              I agree. The “train of abuses” has to get a lot worse and affect a lot more people before “massive revolt” would be possible. As for Trump, if he is elected and if he proves himself to be just another lying pol and this spurs the massive revolt AJ predicts then Trump will react harshly and swiftly to crush such a revolt. Trump is unlikely to win but if he does he will likely severely disappoint his supporters. In my experience, pols always fulfill their awful campaign promises and renege on the few good ones.

              Support for Trump among constitutional conservatives and libertarians is interesting to me because it is a mirror image of support for Obama among the progressive, anti-war left. Supporters of each see in them what they want to see and ignore the overwhelming evidence that suggests they are mistaken. Remember, Obama promised war and more of it repeatedly, but his supporters either didn’t see it or claimed he was just doing what was necessary to win. If memory serves, he even did so while accepting his “peace” prize.

              My only hope for a Trump presidency is that two great disillusionments in a row may begin to stir, in the minds of Americans, the idea that political saviors do not, and cannot, exist.

              The mother of a good friend of mine is married to a Venezuelan man who is a very intelligent leftist (some do exist). Before Obama was elected, they had us over for a dinner party and the discussion turned to politics. Both he and his wife were ardent Obama supporters and I, perhaps inappropriately, pointed out the many things Obama had said that should be problematic for an idealistic leftist. He became so angry that he left the room and stayed in his bedroom for the rest of the evening. Needless to say, it was awkward.

              Years later, something magnificent happened. I went to Silver City to visit my friend and we spent time with his parents. I went for an MTB ride with the step dad and upon return he looked at me and said, out of the blue, “you were right about Obama” (after the dinner party experience, I was not going to bring up politics). We then had a good conversation which culminated in him saying that he now understood why I argued against political involvement and that he was not going to be fooled again.

              So, a hardcore leftist, whose political worldview was that “good leaders” must control the “wicked” had lost faith in the idea of political saviors. That gives me hope.


              • Jeremy,

                I’ll admit that I can’t stand new age liberals now and distance myself as humanly far away as possible, so I only have an “awake” view on the political situation at hand. Possibly could be delusional that I think most think like my friends and since I am a black sheep amongst millennials, it’s likely I’m in the minority.

                Actually to be frank, I think I hate to face reality (don’t we all?) and admit there are far more sheep in this damn country than I care to live amongst. I don’t want to think about it, so that might be skewing my take on reality as well.

                Re: Trump’s “promises”, I haven’t watched in his policy details, only the media, GOP, and establishment response to him. It’s always been extremely negative, and that’s been giving me hope. Might be an incredibly naive way to look at things, but it’s how I’ve been navigating the storm this election cycle.

                We’ll see the outcome but if Hillary gets in, I’m almost certainly bailing on society, likely the country as a whole. It’s become a joke.

              • Jeremy, I grew up in a democrat household and did believe the republicans wanted to get special discounts and put the real tax base burden on the poor while democrats were about making sure the poor got theirs.

                Well, I was right about part of it. The democrats did want to make sure the poor got what they deserved, and as Mencken said “good and hard”.

                I was 14 when an assistant football coach asked our class what we knew about Vietnam, a civics class as I recall. Turns out, we didn’t know much at all. Then he said “You boys might want to learn something about it since you’ll be there in 4 years”.

                It really got our attention(the boys, not the girls who could care less, in fact, they loved those guys in uniform, never mind the last time they’d see them might or might not be in uniform but most likely at room temperature.

                Tiny town and school and after it was all said and done not a single boy from my class ended up in the military, the only class with that distinction. It wasn’t hard to see who was benefiting by that war when you paid attention…..and it wasn’t going to be us.

                Those were hard times back then. Hard feelings from believers and disbelievers both.

          • Jeremy, I just thought of something he said that got no traction, or very little, and so it might not come to pass and probably won’t but he mentioned indentured servitude, aka, slavery via working a couple years for govt. doing whatever it might want once a person leaves high school or becomes 18.

            He did say that at one time though. I believe enough people know what that is and will no longer stand for it or the mandatory draft either.

  10. My brother has long suspected Trump is a Hillary plant. He may be right after all.

    It would be interesting if it came to light (not that it would change anything at this point). In earlier times it would lead to a huge scandal, now a days, barely a whimper. Hillary will never be indicted for anything no matter what she does now.

  11. Just as an FYI in case someone else has issues… The new ad set up has so many trackers and scripts I had to turn my shields back on for this site. By had to, I mean it was causing firefox on my end to lock up. the script stop responding message to appear and so on. I realize this is likely because how I use firefox* results in these problems when a site has these trackers and scripts in those click ad sets. Because it’s not an ad block, but a tracker block I still get the paying ads from V1 and rest of the plain ads.

    *I have a dated but still powerful CAD machine with lots of RAM so firefox itself gets a bit taxed with a lot of tabs and windows and not restarting the browser for days or weeks. Firefox and/or the OS seems to have their own inherent limits which I can find on my machine. The site seems to work ok when I freshly load FF even with the shields off. But I normally don’t do things that way.

      • Trying again, first time the WordPress bug hit me and the comment apparently went into the bit bucket.

        I use the “RequestPolicy Continued” addon for Firefox to control what external sites are contacted. This is what it lists when on ericpeters autos.com:


        Some are common to many web sites. Some deliver ads, some are links to videos etc. Some I have no idea. Which of these are actually necessary to the operation of the site I don’t know.

        • Hi Jason,

          I’ll ask my computer guy about this. But here’s my dilemma:

          I’d like to have none of these ads.

          But I need to earn a living. I need, at the very least, to not lose money on this thing.

          Something like 200,000 people visit EPautos each month; thousands of people read the articles every day.

          Unfortunately, only a small handful of those people ever support the site financially.

          Enter the ads.

          They make almost no money. But at least they make money. Something.

          It utterly sucks ice cold donkey dick.

          If even 10 percent of the people who regularly come to this site chipped in $10 a month – a pittance, anyone can afford this – we could have a completely ad-free site.

          I have yet to whore my ass out – become another Red (or Blue) shill, writing “content” for coin. But I freely admit I am sometimes tempted. I am sick of begging for money and sick of being perpetually on the edge of broke.

          It is very frustrating to have a publication with a larger circulation/readership than some newspapers I’ve worked for (which had full-time staffs) but – unlike them – I’m expected to produce it for freeeeeeeeeee!

          Because I can’t compel people to pay in order to read the articles. Even if I put up a filter or screen, someone could easily just copy/repost. Anything online is easily obtained for freeeeeeeee!!

          And so, until we can get to the point that enough people are chipping in, I’m stuck trying to keep things afloat however I can and without selling out.

          But I will be very frank and tell you I understand selling out and no longer have as much contempt as I used to for those who have. There’s a new Fox News Bimbette – I can’t recall her name. She is very young and very cute and probably already a millionaire. All she has to do is look cute, flash her eyes and recite the Talking Points. She does this for a few years and she has her Fuck You money before her vagina dries out – and she is set for life.

          Not a bad deal, that.

          • I’ve no problem with ads on the site, just pointing out there are quite a few external servers being contacted. I don’t know how many are actually involved in current ad revenue or if some might be vestigal or otherwise unnecessary.

            Heck, I wish I could help more but funds have been super tight lately. Probably will get worse when the Wicked Witch of the West gets “elected” to the Iron Throne by hook or by crook.

        • Jeremy, here’s a list of scripts that are running, not all of which I allow.

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          It seems I never allow google.com to run on anything but some of the google scripts control ads and whatnot. I don’t allow twitter to run either.

      • Tried twice to post a list of external servers being contacted but kept getting kicked out. There are about a dozen of them shown by the Firefox “RequestPolicy Continued” addon. I don’t know which are actually necessary for current site functionality and which might just be cruft.

        • This site starts with a good feed blitz server before it goes anywhere. I have my doubts there are any sites or very few that don’t do through a google server at some point before than Can pass on. It’s not like google is the thousand pound gorilla in the room nobody speaks of. It’s more like google is the controller of the entire emperium that even the most powerful must pass through, the billion pound elephant in the room.

  12. Eric,

    You and Ben have been doing a stellar job.

    Perhaps the next 16 days have caused folks here to hold back a bit.

    Will the next Priest/Priestess be a big giant douche or a turd sandwich?

    Perhaps we could pay to vote?

      • I don’t think there will be low turnout, if early voting is any indication. We have been throughly played by the Clintons.

        The W and Barry years have been rough, but they are just the warmup, few are noticing the storm the Killary regime is brewing up.

        • Knowing everything Hitlery has done and said and denied and all the fax paus Donald has had, I’m getting the feeling that voting for Donald is not necessarily a good thing but the only chance. I’m doubting he’ll be as bad as Hitlery but even if he is, WTF do I have to lose? If he even does one thing Hitlery won’t do such as an executive order rendering the 2nd amendment null and void or not playing along to drum up a world war it’s worth it in my estimation. The MSM screams too much about all his bad points with nary a word about Hitlery. That’s probably going to be my turning point. I was working for JFK when he ran so I’ve seen all the falderal of every election and was jaded at least 30 years ago. It’s not as if we really think somebody is going to go against the elites but any degree they do is a win for the weak…..us. If the shit hits the fan, we’re going to all go down if for no other reason than the spying on our emails and phones. Well, MF’s, come and get it.

          • It’s not as if we really think somebody is going to go against the elites

            This, I think, is what this sham election will prove once and for all. It will probably be the LAST presidential election in the USA as we have always known it, but its legacy will be clear: the sheeple WILL be ruled by the One Percent. Period. Every Sock Puppet who occupies the Awful Orifice WILL be a Sock Puppet wholly owned and controlled –lock, stock, and both fucking barrels– by the One Percent. Period. Sure, they will vary in race, ethnicity, sex, sexual preference, religion, and maybe, just for a little variety, even class background. They’ll spout rhetoric ranging from deeply religious and/or ultra right-wing to flagrantly immoral and hedonistic/ultra left-wing. A few might even posture themselves as almost apolitical or non-ideological. But EVERY. LAST. ONE OF THEM WILL be Establishment Sock Puppets and WILL do as they’re told. Or else. If they launch their campaigns on an Anti-Establishment theme that is not scripted by the Ruling Elite, they will be destroyed (politically or otherwise) before the primaries even take place and will never see the light of political day. If they “play ball,” but then decide once elected to “go rogue” while in office, they’ll join the Dead Kennedys Club (Reagan was apparently a slow learner who had to be served a “reminder,” which he was smart enough to recognize for what it was).

            Bottom line: the Amoricon sheeple ain’t never, EVER gonna elect one of their own as president of the USA as it now exists.


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