Reader Question: The Flow of Info?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Paddy asks: Here’s a topic no one seems to cover that I find funny (funny uh-oh, not funny ha-ha): Why is it the MSM and general population are showing no concern about the stifling of information about the WuFlu because when taken to its logical conclusion, it should frighten the shit out of people?

Now I get it that the narrative is what they believe in and fear rules the day, but the actual fear should be that all information available is not actually being made available and is being controlled by the “millionaires and billionaires” these people deride and denigrate on a regular basis. They attacked BigPharma, Big Box Stores, BigTech, and major corporations incessantly on a variety of topics and the hiding of information that doesn’t favor them, yet they’re all doing the same thing right now and the MSM and GP say not a word.

Government colluding with powerful companies to control the population and the dissemination of information is all but the literal definition of fascism if I’m not mistaken, yet the masses are just drinking it up, from all corners.You come across as a logical and level headed guy, so I gotta ask: Am I missing something here?

My reply: I think you’ve answered your own question!

Millions of people “think” what they think because they were told to think it – by the TeeVee. By “authority.” They do no think. And so do not discern. They are the empty vessels into which notions are pumped, like air into a flaccid balloon. Their minds never developed the capacity to think critically and so, independently. This is not to say all are unintelligent, though many are. It is to say that they never acquired the habit of mind once considered the hallmark of the developed adult mind, viz – the capacity to assimilate and weigh information and draw conclusions based on facts and logic. Instead, they feel – and they recite.

Obedience and conformity are huge factors in this fiasco, too. Millions of people will literally do just what they are told provided others do the same and it is taken as “virtuous” to do so. This “virtue” being broadcast by a kind of Stalin Organ media that reaches into practically every corner of society, the same speech given over and over and over.

It is not coincidence that Diaper Dissenting correlates with not-tee-vee-watching. People not glued to the tube see reality, which guides their actions – whereas those who see TeeVee see “the cases! the cases!” over and over and over… and act accordingly.

The paradox here is that to be unaware the flow of info is controlled makes the victim believe it isn’t. They believe “the news” is factual. They have been programmed to regard anything other than what they see – if they even see it – as not “news.”

What we’re dealing with, in its essentials, is trying to explain geometry to a rooster. The thing just looks at you sideways, baffled – and frustrated.

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