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I’ve just about got my sport bike back together, which may be just in time. Things appear to be coming to a head as the Narrative comes unglued. Not just the Narrative regarding “vaccines” that don’t work – but do kill – being pushed to cure a sickness that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the otherwise healthy population.

There is also the Narrative about the Late Election, which increasingly appears to have been snatched by the same people who used the Narrative regarding the much-less-deadly-than-advertised ‘Rona to assure the snatch, which they presumed – having snatched – they’d be in a position to prevent any truths about what actually occurred becoming mainstream understandings.

That is coming unglued, too – especially in Arizona, where the attorney general is openly defying the junta of Woke Jacobins behind the senile political hack they propped up as their front man to get rid of the Orange Man. People are asking awkward questions and some of the answers are even more awkward. It is a moment not unlike the one that occurs when a business owner goes from wondering why this month’s receipts seem a little low to checking receipts, line by line. It causes whomever had his hand in the till to sweat the inevitable discrepancy discovery.

The proto-Stalinist ramping up of ‘RonaMania and its corollary – the fevered reaction of Leftists to the stubborn refusal of half or even more-than-half of the country to submit to the Jab – may be explained as a cover for the steal. As a means of suppressing the percolating facts about the steal that are otherwise seemingly destined to become as impossible to deny as the facts about the ineffectiveness of the “vaccines” and the grotesquely exaggerated threat posed by the sickness it putatively “cures.”

By “locking down” the entire country.

There is “chatter” –  to use the codpiece argot of the militarized banana-republic we live in – that the senile political hack will be propped up in front of the camera, like John Gill in the Patterns of Force episode of the old Star Trek TV series – where he will TelePrompter a speech announcing that circumstances compel him to drastic measures, to “stop the spread” – of the truth – though he will claim (tiredly) that it is the “virus” and the refusal of millions of people to willingly roll up their sleeves.

He will channel Julius Streicher, eructing blame and hate for what he will say he is forced to visit upon everyone on account of the awful, dangerous people who refuse to believe – who refuse to submit to the Needle.

And he will be right – about lack of belief.

This including corroding belief that the election was legitimate and by dint of implication, everything done by this man, his handlers and those who participated in the whole crooked confabulation being also illegitimate. As well as something far worse.

This means you, Facebook and Google and Twitter. The actively complicit “mainstream” – that is, corporate – media. They are all sweating, like the embezzler who knows he’s about to be unmasked.

Hence the return of the “masks” and the whole sick Kabuki – this time, with Vaccine Apartheid added to the grotesque performance. But this time, it’s not working. This time, people are refusing. They may soon be revolting. The senile front man may not see this coming but those behind the front most certainly do and they will resort to desperate measures to avoid being uncovered, like the maggots under a rotting log that they are.

Expect John Gill/Biden to deliver his address soon. And then, the deluge.

It will get very dark, very quickly. Whether it remains dark will depend upon how many of us, as individuals, refuse to be “locked down.” It will depend on how many governors refuse to go along.

Mass defiance is the order of the day, if the order is given. It cannot be allowed to stand. It must be fought, resisted, defied by each of us and as many of us, together, as still have the determination to live free or – should it become necessary – die trying.

It is why I am getting my sport bike in order. It is very quick; also very agile. It is easy to get away – and get around. It does not need much gas and it is easy to hide. If it should become necessary to evade John Gill/Joe Biden style “checkpoints” then there are few better tools for the purpose than a fast motorcycle.

If John Gill/Joe Biden does give his speech, the consequences will be immediate – for good or ill. We should be ready, just in case.

My ZRX and I are.

Tally ho!

. . .

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  1. I think it’s time to start calling this what it is. World War III. I’m seeing more people acknowledging this. We’ve hit a whole new paradigm. World wars are no longer between nations. World wars are now between classes. The Globalists/Davos/WEF (call them what you will) vs Humanity. The former have gotten so drunk on their delusions of grandeur that they think they can turn the latter into their own property.

    The delusions are nothing new. They’re the same as they’ve always been. The only thing that has changed is the battlefield. It’s time to start evaluating how we can counter their attack. Refuse to play into their strength. Make them play to ours. We outnumber them by hundreds of millions to one. This is why they haven’t waltzed in and tagged us yet. They don’t have the manpower to do so. These tough guy cops beating the shit out of protestors in Europe and Australia would run like the pussies they are if the 50 beating up the protestor got mobbed by 1,000 Humans.

    You’re spot on, Eric. Refuse to comply. Be ungovernable. Stop using their tools to live our lives. Learn to communicate outside their channels. Learn useful skills they can’t control. Learn to barter. Learn to travel outside their corridors. Become a neo-guerilla.

    But most important of all, learn to spot their spies.

  2. “They are sweating.”
    I’m not entirely certain that’s true. One of the liabilities of psychopathy is an inability to accurately assess consequences. These folks also have the assurance that the deep state has their back. Due to the echo-chamber nature of social media, I suspect they also feel certain the majority of the public is on their side.
    They will double down.

    • Hi Karalan,

      They may well double down. And it may well be the necessary curative for all of this. I wish – I pray – that some semblance of normalcy would be allowed to return. But if these Freaks refuse to allow it – if they keep on pushing – there is going to be pushback. Because what else is left for us to do?

      Besides submit to their derangement, I mean.

  3. Where are you going? They’ve gelded the economy, paid off Wall Street and “woken” the military. They will just sit back and watch you bleed out. The best we can hope for at this point is maybe we can migrate to Mexico with some silver to bribe the border guards.

  4. I don’t know, I’m not in the US, but I have the feeling that a lot of States (South Dakota, Texas and Florida comes to mind, probably many others) won’t comply with federal mandated lockdowns and diaper crap. Many are already tired and others are on the verge of financial calamity.

    Watch DeSantis practically telling Senile Joe to go pound sand:

    • Hi Marauder,

      I know a guy who knows DeSantis personally. This friend of mine says DeSantis is ok. He seems ok. But having been burned by the Orange Sun, I am now very shy of all politicians, on either side.

      • Eric,

        You’re right to be wary of DeSantis; he signed a GOP passed red flag gun bill in to law soon after Parkland…

  5. Has anyone independently verified these new covid numbers, or are we all just taking the freedom draining govt’s word for it?

    A building will topple when built too high on a weak foundation, and that is what is happening now. Piling more restrictions on top of an unbelievable set of covid lies.

    It will fall on its own in time.

    But if the masters would be so bold as to begin stopping people to check their papers, I know many who view those checkpoints as soft targets. If they even survive the public outcry that long.
    There are others that paper checkers would be wise to not pursue for that purpose.

    I’m waiting for the forced covid shots to enter the city ghettos. I will watch tv news for that story.

  6. Moderately related, but has anyone been following Dr. Mercola? I don’t know him personally, but it appears that he’s being “forced” (sounds like non-government, threats to family or livelihood or ?) to remove his content. Anyone have info other than what’s on his web site? I don’t think Eric is one of those evil 12 listed as a reason people are lining up for the jab, but I wonder if Eric or others can confirm pressure or threats to change or remove content.

  7. I’m too old and infirm to run, or put up much of a fight, but fight I will. “No retreat, no surrender.” No vaccine will be injected in me while it can make any difference one way or the other.

    • ‘No vaccine will be injected in me’ — JK

      What part of ‘double-blind study’ does ‘plays scientist on TeeVee’ Fauci not understand?

      In Professor Eli Schwartz’s study, 89 eligible volunteers diagnosed with covid were divided into two groups: 50% received ivermectin, and 50% received a placebo. They were given the pills for three days in a row, an hour before a meal.

      Nearly 72% of volunteers treated with ivermectin tested negative for the virus by day six. In contrast, only 50% of those who received the placebo tested negative.

      Only 13% of ivermectin patients were infectious after six days, compared with 50% of the placebo group.

      Five patients were referred to hospitals, four of them in the placebo arm. One ivermectin patient went to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath on the day of recruitment. He continued with the ivermectin treatment and was sent back to the hotel a day later in good condition.

      As the JPost article notes, Schwartz’s paper was declined by three journals. But the Big Gov / Big Pharma ‘wall of denial’ is crumbling, as samizdat blogs, the alt-press and libertarian car guys get the word out.

      Humpty-Dumpty Fauci, time’s up. You’re just a ridiculous, discredited bad egg.

      • But but but, more studies are needed to see if ivermectin is effective. We can’t make policy based on this one study. We need at least a decade of results before we can say that this is ok for you to use. While you are wating for us to conduct our exhaustive studies on ivermectin, take this experimental mrna jab. Sure we skipped most of the testing stages steps that all other vax’s go through, have no idea what it will do to you long term, it doesn’t prevent you from getting or passing on convid, you could easily suffer from numerous short term side effects, oh and yeah, it could kill you. But we have declared it ” safe and effective”. —- tony fraudci

      • Jim,

        Crumbling, sure, though it doesn’t stop articles like this recent example from trying to bolster the argument of “insufficient evidence”:

        The rather opaque review of studies (Cochrane) still advocates ‘an “urgent need” for good quality randomized controlled trials of the drug’.

        So do the study! But such a study, if irrefutably showing the efficacy of ivermectin or any other therapeutic, would completely derail the entire horror show. And we can’t have THAT, now!

        No mention of the Eli Schwartz study. Not even in the “excluded” studies listed.

        • ‘such a study, if irrefutably showing the efficacy of ivermectin or any other therapeutic, would completely derail the entire horror show’ — BaDnOn

          Quite. Statutorily, the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for mRNA ‘vaccines’ hinges on there being no other effective treatment.

          Ironclad evidence for ivermectin’s effectiveness would summarily shut down the vaccine pushers. Which is why Merck, which manufactures ivermectin under the brand name STROMECTOL, vigorously inveighs against its use:

          Why would Merck bad-mouth its own product? Simple, Watson:

          June 9 (Reuters) – Merck said the U.S. government has agreed to pay about $1.2 billion for 1.7 million courses of its experimental COVID-19 treatment, if it is proven to work in an ongoing large trial and authorized by U.S. regulators.

          Any questions?

  8. ‘this time, with Vaccine Apartheid added to the grotesque performance’ — EP

    Vaccine Apartheid, like its South African namesake, is erected on a shaky foundation of pseudoscience. Now the pseudoscientists are back-peddling furiously:

    ‘(Bloomberg) — The spread of the delta coronavirus variant has pushed the threshold for herd immunity to well over 80% and potentially approaching 90%, according to an Infectious Diseases Society of America briefing on Tuesday.

    ‘That represents a “much higher” bar than previous estimates of 60% to 70%, because delta is twice as transmissible, said Ricardo Franco, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

    “It is becoming clear that this is a very dangerous, way more dangerous virus than the original one,” Franco said.’

    One is reminded of an absolutist theory called the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) advanced during the financial revolution of the 1960s. EMH claimed that all pertinent information about a company is already embedded in its share price — therefore, profitable stock-picking is impossible.

    As phenomena such as excess returns from momentum strategies undermined it, EMH proponents retreated to a ‘semi-strong’ form, thence to a ‘weak form’ that’s hardly mentioned today, as its explanatory power is nil.

    Where did the strong form of herd immunity go wrong? In failing to recognize that naturally acquired immunity is broad-spectrum and long-lasting, whereas vax-induced immunity is narrow-spectrum and time-decaying.

    Strong-form herd immunity (‘60% to 70%’) survived till the delta variant and Provincetown. Semi-strong herd immunity (‘80% to 90%’) is proposed above.

    ‘Weak form’ herd immunity (announced here, at EP Autos) holds that even 100% vaccination — possibly achievable under full tyranny — cannot prevent future variant-induced covid wavelets, and may even play a role in inducing them.

    Vaccine Apartheid is not compatible with weak-form herd immunity. It’s a house built on sand.

    And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

    • Court Victory Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta! (Video)

      This may take time to work at the Federal level. But, with enough people starting at the local and then the state level the Federal case will fall apart faster than Joe Biden on an open mic. gleans all of its data from the CDC’s VAERS website in a more readable format.

      It includes actual testimonials as reported to VAERS.

    • “It is becoming clear that this is a very dangerous, way more dangerous virus than the original one,” Franco said.’

      Nonsense. The 7-day average of covid deaths crested at 3,352 on Jan 12th. On June 27th, when hospitalizations bottomed out according to NYT data, 7-day average deaths were at 308.

      As of yesterday, 7-day average deaths rose to 371 — 11 percent of their January high, while ‘cases’ have shot up more than sevenfold since late June.

      Thus, contrary to Franco’s hysterical hand-wringing — and as forecasted last year by competent epidemiologists with an understanding of history — the virus has evolved under selection pressure to be more transmissible but less lethal.

      First priority under this new pandemic regime would be to test and standardize low-cost prompt symptomatic treatments such as ivermectin and H2O2 nebulization which have shown clinical promise, so as to reduce hospitalization.

      Instead, locked into an outdated and now disproven scientific paradigm, Big Gov is fixated on a ‘magic bullet’ theory of vaccination, and will hear of nothing else.

      Like the church’s persecution of Galileo for his paradigm-busting heliocentrism, the weaponized purblindness of Dark Lord Fauci and Weeping Walensky will be remembered 500 years hence as a spectacular display of anti-science fanaticism, with grim consequences for their innocent victims.

      • High level of cases, deaths near flat. The prefect tool for REAL, natural herd immunity. Why do you think they’re so anxious to keep it contained? This is the typical end game for viruses, which is why one didn’t wipe us out millennia ago.

        • This delta variant is far more aggressive, but also weaker. Even a virus knows it’s better to not kill the host. Something lost on the Democrats now that they found out they can print their own money.

          • Hi RK,

            In re “far more aggressive” – than what? The common cold? I’ve not once worn a Face Diaper nor “practiced” any bizarre Kabuki rituals and yet I have not so much a caught a sneeze. It’s bullshit on toast.

            • Hell yeah, Eric. I worked half the year last year, 2020, in a lockdown mental health building, in extreme close contact with a bunch of male criminally insane people. No masks. Several of them had fevers, were tested and found to be infected with the ‘rona. No special precautions taken. they didnt mandate masks even until April, even then no one took it seriously. Did I get the dreaded Great Siberian Itch? Nope. Not sniffle. Still havent.

      • Galileo is *tremendously* appropriate as an instructive historical analogue.

        Heliocentrism was already known amongst scholars *within* the church to be correct, and was even publicly acknowledged as the best model for making a calendar, but was not supposed to be spoken of to the common man outside of the clergy or monastic orders.

        Galileo’s transgression was not simply saying the Earth orbited the sun, but rather saying it to the wrong people outside of the cathedral after a bishop or two had told him to mind his tongue in public.

        • And that’s why it took a little kid to pipe up and tell everyone the emperor was naked. Plenty of adults knew, but also knew better than to say so.

  9. In the chicago area, there are many sportbikes ‘off the books’ that often do not even have plates for that reason, and I suspect many are actually NOT stolen. 0-60 in 3 seconds or less can grant you immunity on local roads and even short runs on the big slab.

    One can imagine a dystopian future where someone does quick recon or hit and fade on a sportbike with a rifle on their back, though future weaponized drone armies may fly behind such a person

  10. It will be encouraging if governors, county execs, school boards, businesses, churches, etc., refuse to comply. As they see others refusing, the momentum will build.

    Remember, however, that even if everyone else goes along, the power resides within YOU to maintain your own dignity and autonomy. Nullify at the micro level, the only one that really counts, the individual.

    Mother’s wisdom from days gone by: “If everyone else is jumping off the cliff, does that mean you have to, also?”

  11. Last time they did this people had no idea what they were up against. They beleived the governors and uncle when they said it would only be 15 days and then everything would transition back to normal. This time they know exactly what they are up against. Even some of the most closed minded people out there see the constant moving of the goalposts now. Most small businesses are now operating on a thread and if they were to shut down again would lose everything. Desperate animals backed into a corner tend to fight. I don’t look at FL or TX following along with the pedo admin in a lockdown and i don’t see many small business owners who will go along this time. Sure in certain sectors where liberals run rampant they will get compliance but in many areas of the country you will see open defiance. The only thing then is how far does pedo’s handlers want to take this. I mentioned previously and i’ll mention it again, 22,000,000 nics checks in the 1st 6 months of 2021 is unprecedented and says that many people have pretty much had enough.

  12. While reading this I got a twinge of an old feeling I had a few times long ago, it’s the feeling a person gets when they are headed out the doors from the co-ed government prison, er school, to face up with the bully who set the time for, The Fight. The, ‘this is it’ moment?

    Do, or die time. Sink, or swim.

    Kenny Loggins – This Is It

  13. The difference between Biden and John Gill is that, as written, the character of John Gill was an intellectual, an instructor at Starfleet Academy, who had to be drugged into submission by the cabal. Biden has always been a dim bulb and now visibly suffers from some form of dementia, making him more addle-minded and subject to control by his handlers.

    At the end of “Patterns of Force”, Gill “woke up” and, at the cost of his own life, tried to do the right thing by ending the madness. We won’t be so fortunate.

    • Agree with Eric’s comparison of Biden to the drugged and subdued John Gill. The analogy would be better if Gill had been regarded as a dweeby eccentric, co-opted and inexplicably foisted on the Ekotians by Melakon (Skip Homier, who also played “Dr Serverin” in a later ST episode), to displace a previous popular but controversial ruler. That Joe Biden is clearly a puppet, and a very POOR attempt at a figurehead, is unquestionable. And no, he won’t come to his senses and sacrifice his career, and probably his life, to expose the conspirator(s), he’s ONE of them, though the designated knucklehead.

      So, IS there a “Melakon” in the present group of sociopaths running the Federal Government? If so, one would hope there’s also an “Eneg” and a “Daras”, part of the terrible regime but secretly working to bring about its downfall.

      BTW, Gill was very WRONG about the Nazi regime being the “MOST efficient” state in Earth’s history. If anything, whatever efficiencies existed in the German military, its industries, or its government, the Nazis very much impeded. Yes, they brought about an economic miracle, by fixing the German Mark to an index of its economic productivity, taking it out of FOREIGN control. Hence why almost immediately Hitler was hated and denounced everywhere, though before too long he’d supply ample reason on his own. But the Nazis were a tangle of competing interests, backstabbers, intriguers, and political hacks, so to say that THEY brought any further “efficiency” to Germany is ridiculous. Perhaps Gill would have had in mind the sense of orderliness in the “New Order”, as things like the Hitler Youth were intended, in part, to channel the energies of the “yutes” into things the Nazis deemed more in the interests of “Das Volk”…like training for the next war! Or becoming good German wives and mothers, to breed and care for the Reich’s future soldiers. Things “worked”, as Gill thought, and got to work on Ekos, b/c the Germans quit fighting among themselves, though they’d traded away their political, and later intellectual freedoms. Who is to say, if Hitler had found a way to avoid war before it happened, well, at least bought another five to ten years, as war WAS inevitable (read Viktor Surorov’s books about how the Soviets themselves planned a war of conquest, and were nearly about to start it themselves in 1941) given the extant tensions.

      My concern, of course, is what the “regime” plans for us, so I’ll cringe when I hear “Attention! Attention!”


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