Either – Or – and Neither is Good

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There are two equally hideous explanations for what went on under – or over – the table this past November.

The first is that the election was a carefully arranged con designed to get rid of the reviled (by the left) Orange Man – by adding votes opposed to him. This seems at least probable and that’s probably not a strong enough way to put it. Because it is simply not believable that a man like Joe Biden could get more votes than any other presidential candidate, ever. The man draws a crowd like the annual gathering of the Rutherford B. Hayes Society.

He is no Bill Clinton.

Or even Hillary Clinton.

Yet we are expected to bee-lieve (religiously) that this confused old hack roused something on the order of 80 million people to vote for him while the man who drew crowds like the Superbowl does got fewer.

One doesn’t need to question the integrity of the Dominion (curious name, that) voting machines to question this. It feels as awkward as taking your sister to the prom. Something’s not right.

But what if it is?

What if more Americans than voted for Ronald Reagan in his landslide victory over Walter Mondale actually did vote for  . . .  Joe Biden?

If they did, it summons the hugely unpalatable fact that more than half the country’s voters want what Joe Biden stands for. They voted for a national regime of Face Diapering and new lockdowns, both things promised by the Face Diapered One. They actually said yes – and more, please! – to that.

They want to pay more to the government – and have the government give them more of what others are forced to pay for.

It means they think it’s ok to make people finance the cost of the post-secondary education in Gender Studies and the Curvature of the Sexual Organs others didn’t choose to buy.

It means they want the government to be the sole decider of their health care and yours, too.

To make you pay for their health care – and then maybe yours, too  if there’s any money left over to pay for it.

To make it a crime to not pay for the health care of other people.

It means they want everyone to be forced to pay more for transportation, utilities and food – for the sake of their Green New Deal. Which “deal” you’ll be forced to be a payin’ party to.

It means your kids being lectured about their racial guilt, if they are white – and guilted about their penis, if male.

It means obnoxious, mentally ill termagants such as AOC will have de facto (if not de jure) total control over your life, there being nothing to stand in the way of their assuming total control over your life, the Orange Man having been deposed and the Bidenites enthroned and nothing to stand athwart them anymore. Not the Senate. Not the courts.

It means accepting the Holy Jab – or not being allowed to travel and possibly, work.

It is now either – or.

Either the majority of this country is the victim of an epochal electoral rip-off, which at least held the tenuous possibility of being remedied via legal redress and – if not – at least confers upon the gypped party (us) the moral standing of the victim and thus grants us the moral right to refuse assent to an illegitimate regime . . .

Or, every other person in this country is the avowed enemy of every other person in this country, a thing that cannot be remedied without violence since the other persons will not assent to leaving us be in exchange for the same courtesy in return.

It is a case of an abusive marriage without resort to courts. The woman’s choice (woman, for the sake of discussion) is to submit to the abuse or leave the marriage by any means necessary.

This will be our choice, if the election turns out to not have been a fraud – though we will probably never be granted even the solace of knowing it, except in our gut. Instead, we’ll be told to suck it down – leaving us the option of doing so, or doing something else.

Most of the people on the orange side of the aisle probably don’t want this. They probably want badly to believe that the election was stolen rather than that most Americans are bee-lievers in the ideas of people like Joe Biden, Kemala Harris, AOC and Nancy Pelosi.

They don’t want violence.

But violence pursues them. It confronts them at the grocery store – where they are denied entry if they don’t show they agree with Sickness Psychosis, by donning the Holy Rag. It pursues them at their businesses, where despicable wretches take note of their “not following” the “guidelines” and “mandates.”

And sic armed thugs upon them.

In many parts of the country, a person cannot even go for a walk outdoors without risking a violent confrontation with a Sickness Psychotic – a Bidenite.

All of it is about to get much worse, if that man is anointed – if he was indeed supported by some 80 million Americans, who are alien to the other 80 million Americans.

Ideally, a peaceful going our separate ways would occur. Those on the orange side of the aisle would probably agree to this, not wanting more from those on the other side but to be left in peace. It could be arranged, if they were willing.

But they’re not. Because everything they stand for can be reduced to one thing:


They are “diverse” so long as you agree; you are free – so long as you do as you are told. Such people cannot be reasoned with, only fought.

And if the election turns out to not have been a fraud, then that is the baleful option remaining to those of us who despise violence and would do almost anything to avoid it  . . . .

Except submit to it.

. . . .

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  1. Somebody shoot the messenger, it’s got to be done! lol

    I suppose the US Navy could mutiny and start firing salvos at Washington, New York, and Miami, just to have some fun doing it.

    One cruise missile direct hit on the Capitol Dome, one on the Supreme Court, places like that, the new Freedom Tower, the rich districts of Miami, just to get the message.

    Might as well let ‘er rip, all is fair in love and war. No matter where it goes, at this point, what difference does it make?

    The problem is the military infrastructure exists from coast to coast, secession is kind of impossible, an anschluss, if you will, has taken place. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard are stationed from coast to coast everywhere you go on the planet.

    It’s an empire, a military industrial complex.

    Welcome to the Hotel California, you’re checked in, no checking out. You are surrounded. Prison Planet Inc. a subsidiary of Engulf and Devour Corporation, is in control, the CEO is none other than the Vampire Squid.

    The human condition continues as such.

  2. ‘Electoral Count Is Completed Despite Mayhem Incited by Trump,’ blares a subhead in the New York Slimes fishwrapper today.

    That’s just a bald editorial assertion; no evidence offered.

    If I am pushed to inciting mayhem, it will be because of weeks of being goaded by the MSM labeling all claims of electoral fraud as ‘baseless,’ no matter how carefully documented by credible, professionally-qualified forensic analysts.

    Journos who baselessly claim omnipotent knowledge drive me fricking nuts.

    *reaches for his revolver*

  3. “When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” – Gerald Celente

    It’s a shame that of the 2016 candidates, only the Orange Man was able to read the population’s mood. But then again, maybe only a Trump figure could have done that. He was able to straddle the line between insiders and outsiders, mostly because the insiders rejected him (while using him as they use everyone). Mark Burnett saw that in Trump. So did Howard Stern and Vince McMahon. But it never should have gotten this far out of hand.

    If nothing else, maybe this will finally be the end of the horrible Neocons and the awful Rudy Giuliani.

  4. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act – Eric Allen Blair, aka George Orwell

    Weren’t there like 700,000 people in Washington yesterday protesting the fraudulent election?

    The place didn’t get burned down, laid to waste, total wreckage, no congresscritters hanging from lamp posts, none of it, just some folks disgusted with what has taken place.

    Time for my meal of bugs, chickens’ lives matter.

    • Maybe the things/actions mentioned should have happened….
      were ‘the shoe on the other foot’ , we all know they would have. With government (((handlers))) blessing…

  5. Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large crowds. Though hard to believe for a rational person, it’s quite possible that 80 million voted for a man who has difficulty forming a coherent sentence, much less a paragraph. It’s quite obvious that the vast majority believes government is essential for the survival of the species, as if mankind came into existence with government attached. As if it was something besides a band of marauders who decided to set up shop and commit ongoing plunder instead of the usual murder, rape, theft, and enslavement and then on to the next target. The smaller the government and state are, the more easily it can be examined by those governed. The more easily its sins can be exposed. What we have instead is persecution of Julian Assange, a real journalist who exposed such sins, and others like him. It won’t be a pleasant experience, but I believe the Psychopaths In Charge will collapse of their own weight. What they have engineered simply won’t work, for them as well as for us. Fiat currency debt based economies always fail. ALWAYS! We have been living above our means on credit for some time. The bill will come due.

    • That’s what they want. They want to destroy the economy so they can jump in with their solution, the Chinese mix of authoritarian communism mixed in with a little corporatism, they want to govern the entire planet with an iron fist.

  6. Well, no matter which way it happened, the global elite cabal is laughing hard tonight as they toast each other.

    Back in 2016, the Democrats thought they had the presidency in the bag, even with one of the worst candidates they could come up with. So they probably figured that little election fraud would be necessary, that they would actually win by default, that Trump was that bad a candidate. So Hillary ran probably the worst Democratic campaign (well until Biden came along four years later). I bet Hillary didn’t even think she would lose (never noted that she never conceded either, something they will hammer Trump with forever). She likely never even wrote a concession speech.

    But after a decade of deep and unending economic recession, Trump looked good to many people and worth the gamble. Or it was an opportunity to thumb the eye of the elite (the reason why I voted for him), or his underdog status. Or the nightmare of Hillary just being the third Obama term and more of the same crap for another 4 or 8 years.

    So we had the November surprise that few expected (I wonder if Trump even thought he had a chance). I sure didn’t think he had a chance in hell.

    So Trump SHOULD HAVE known they were coming for him in 2020, because pay-back is a bitch, and come at him hard with all guns blazing. This is probably his biggest failure ironically enough. He should have been ready. Anti-Trumper’s are the most rabid thing there is and they never let up for a second the last four years.

    He should have fought the huge expansion of government power when Covid happened. He didn’t (covid would have been a non issue had Hillary been president). The power that they will not be giving back with the Biden regime in “charge”. Covid will be worse then even 9-11 for loss of civil liberties.

    Presidents that oversee good economies don’t lose elections.

    I lean towards massive election fraud. They had four years to plan. There is no way even with stupid people accounted for that Biden got that many “votes”. He barely campaigned!!

    The next couple of years are going to be rough. It won’t take two years for the Democrats to tank the economy like the last time again. I was hoping for the full eight years to be ready for what was coming after Trump (because there is no Republican in the wings that could win, even without election fraud in play). Today may have put the Republicans in the minority for decades to come now, and you know what, they deserve it. That’s what complicity gets you. They will increasing be locked out by the Democrats.

    • Morning, Rich –

      I think the only option going forward will be separation – peaceful if possible. There is no “fixing” this. It’s not just the elections. It is the voters. This country is no longer one country. It is at least two, living on the same real estate. It is not possible to live peacefully with people who do not believe in leaving others in peace.

      And I agree with you in re Trump. He’s a loser. Because he lost. Ipso facto.

      • Trump was just a bump in the road. The only difference between the two parties is the Republicans prefer to drive the handcart to hell we’re riding on a bit slower. The destination remains the same.

        • Morning, John –

          True. But he could have been something other – and that is why my contempt for him rises to volcanic. What a . . . loser. His word applies best to himself. The idiot performed like just that in the first debate – which by itself probably cost him (and us) the election. But it goes much deeper. The fool allowed himself to be maneuvered by the Sickness Con. He enabled it. And that is what killed his presidency – and whatever hope there was that freedom might not be extinguished in this country on (s)election day.

          • And, it should be noted, the Executive Order “National Emergency” re convid remains in effect as of today. He couldn’t even bring himself to rescind this, under which all the guvs are taking cover for their own nefarious actions.

          • I also never understood why he surrounded himself with corrupt swamp dwellers. Is he that stupid and naive, or was that the plan all along?

      • Hi Eric,

        There will be no peaceful separation, that is a pipe dream. Do you think the federal government is going to sit by while 150 million of us decide, “Hey, this isn’t working anymore. Let’s part amicably.”

        War is the only thing to settle disputes. Very rarely can a diplomatic compromise prevail. It doesn’t always need to lead to a war, but someone has to throw the first punch. The other side can choose to hit back or slink back into their hole.

        • I agree, Raider Girl. Even if a peaceful split occurred it wouldn’t last. There would be cries in the collectivist state that “our” state would be unfair, racist, capitalist, etc. There would be calls for “their” state to take over “ours” in the name of fairness or human rights or because we can’t be trusted.

          • You can count on that. There’s an actual doctrine known as RTP (Responsibility To Protect) promoted in neo-liberal circles (think leftists who unabashedly love US empire military interventionism overseas for their pet causes). These folks came to prominence under Obama and are likely coming back into power under Biden.

          • Of course the collectivists want OUR state…it’s OUR stuff, the fruits of OUR labors that they want, which they’ve NOT earned. In the end, it’s all about THEFT.

        • I believe that was covered in “Starship Troopers”. One of the kids relates what her mother taught her about “violence NEVER solves anything”, and the teacher (Michael Ironside) points out how that’s historically proved to be nothing but wishful thinking. Seeing Dina Meyer “nekkid” didn’t hurt either.

          • Morning, Doug!

            I once came across a definition of “gentleman” I thought was interesting. The definition was – to the effect – that a “gentleman” is not a man who acts gently, per se. A gentleman is a man capable of not acting gently, who refrains from violence up to a point.

            And then does not behave gently.

      • Hey Eric,
        Separation in a meaningful sense is not really an option, because it’s not really about two opposing sides, seeing as the Orange folks are not that far apart from the Biden side; most of ’em just want a slightly watered-down collectivism, and/or collectivism with slightly less radical agenda/one that maintains a slightly more traditional morality.

        Both sides are really the enemies of any semblance of liberty- with the Orange side being only ever so slightly less egregious- and mainly only in word, but with there being precious few differences in actual deed.

        Trump may’ve made us feel good by saying at least a few things that we could support….but he has essentially done more damage to our liberties and personal lives than all of his predecessors in our lifetime (Which of course is true of every past president as well- D or R).

        So, just for one example: The Dumbasscrats will give “Medicare to all”, whereas the Repugnantcants would maintain it, along with Obozocare [or “something better” 😀 ) as is. Either way….it’s still the same BS. No real difference- just words and names.

        So we have 80 million fools who want unabashed overt socialism…and 80 million who DO NOT want the opposite of that, but just something that is essentially the same thing with a different name, so they can seem more virtuous- but either way, we still have 160 million voters who would absolutely crucify anyone who proposed a private free-market healthcare industry.

  7. I have no doubt that the presidential election was stolen by Biden’s goons.

    I pray that, no matter who takes the oath of office on Jan. 20th, the U. S. will break into a number of different countries (the more, the better). Divorce is way overdue.

    • That is in fact how this nation was founded, as a federation of sovereign States. Saint Lincoln killed at least 650,000 Americans to dispel us of such notion. More than all other wars combined. Delivering upon us the omnipotent central government we have endured ever since. Indeed, the late great Walter Williams made exactly the same comparison that Eric stated in this article. That a denial of the right to secession is like a marriage without the right to divorce, regardless how abusive one or the other spouse may be. Curious how those who most loudly demand “democracy” fail to notice that self determination is a fundamental of democracy. That the right to secede is based upon that self determination.

      • These elitists just want our monies and servitude. Why anyone is under the delusion that they give a damn for our opinions and/or consent is amazing. At least the gloves came off, and anyone who can’t see it is either too stupid to live or too corrupt and dishonest to be trusted and have a place with honest, Christian folk.

    • That is true, Geoff- but the thing is, the breakup will not be an organic movement carried out spontaneously by real people who are seeking liberty. It is PLANNED, and we are being set-up for it; as the real rulers of this world (The ones who brought us the COVID/Great Reset charade) have long planned such a break-up to relieve the US of “superpower” status, and make us more manageable. It will just essentially be 10 separate Wurshington DC.s, exerting control over smaller regions which will only differ in small things to satiate regional tastes.

      Much like the former Yugoslavia. I have long-time friends who are from Yugoslavia. Now that this country has gone to Hell, they are moving back to where they came from- which is now Croatia. There is no more freedom in Croatia than in Serbia or Bosnia-Herzegovina. (And sadly, what it took to even get it to thast point- i.e. communism; a dictator, then war; just to get to the same place as the rest of the EU- which is just another tyranny- whose only real distinction is that it may no longer be communist or under a single dictator).

      Same thing is starting here.

      • Its interesting Nunzio – I dont think personally they will allow the US to break (unless the people really push for it). Its much easier to control people via centralisation – thats why they pushed so hard for the EU and dont let it fall apart no matter what…. yes brexit was a bit if a glitch but I dont think its the normal…. they dont worry so much because over a couple decades our whole political establishment in the UK is so mentally captured that they dont really see a threat…. I suspect the US due to its more diverse views and mindsets will be harder to control like that. And even with its own DC swamp a California or NY swamp will be very different from a texas swamp… and getting them all in line wont be easy.

        • I dunno, Nasir. Centralization tends to work better on a smaller more manageable scale. Imagine Europe were all one monolithic country (Doesn’t take much imagination, what with the EU and all 😀 ) -It tends to become unmanageable- especially when you have a lot of diverse groups. Break it into smaller areas which appear to have a small degree of autonomy/differences, while ultimately still under ultimate control of some central authority somewhere…and it becomes much more feasible, with less opportunity for rebellion against the ultimate rulers- because you don’t have one huge nation under the control of just a few men- but many small nations which can all be kept busy squabbling among themselves without fear of them banding together to form a big enough power to impose a worldwide government. Eh?

          I’ve been studying political conspiracy since the 80’s…and this breakup was always one common thing that just about all could seem to agree with…and I must say, the events that have transpired over the past 35 years (Including the formation of the EU- which didn’t even exist at the time 😮 ) have all come to pass- though so many of them seemed so far-fetched at the time as to make me think that they wouldn’t occur in my lifetime. It’s been amazing to watch! I mean, Ronald Reagan was in the White House when I was learning of this stuff- it was truly a different world than the one we live in now- and if you were to discuss anything like ‘false flags’ or ‘psy-ops’ with just about anyone then, you’d be dismissed as a nut-case. No one would have believed then that everyone would be walking around with tracking devices, and that corporations would know who your friends and relatives are- even have pictures of the and their contact info; and even be able to build detailed profiles of you by which theyu could deduce your political affiliations, beliefs, preferences, habits, etc. or that people would willingly have devices in their homes which could monitor their activities and even listen in on their conversations- Such sounded like utter lunacy…but here we are, right?)

          • I don’t see a breakups as possible. You can’t have blue cities and red rural ‘separate’.

            California wanted to succeed before the steal. No need now as the D side will turn ALL of the US into California.

            And, as always, TPTB would rather see you dead than free.

      • Seems much like the TV miniseries “Amerika”, which depicts the USA ca. 1997, ten years after a surprise Soviet-bloc attack that disabled the US military’s nuclear deterrence with a swift EMP strike. Never mind that we still had the nuclear boats out at sea, but the point of the series, as emphasized by the Soviet officer that Sam Neill portrays, is that it was more selfishness and moral degeneracy rather than superior weapons or generalship that make their victory possible. Rather than attempt to deter an uprising on the part of resistive Americans by threatening more nuclear attacks, the Soviet Politburo decides to break the country up into ten different constituent “republics”, as it figures some of them will be easier to keep subdued than others, and any “special attention” on one will not be seen as an attack by the others…they HOPE.

  8. It’s all a simulation. The votes never mattered, the TDS never mattered, the outcome is exactly as they planned for it to be, and the best that folks like us can hope to do is find a way to maintain some decent quality of life or reason for carrying on way outside of it all.

    If the psuedohumans in positions of power were ever gonna do anything aside from trample liberties and commit tyranny, if the courts ever gave a shit about the Constitution, if they were ever gonna reverse course, they’d surely have done it by now, and instead they just keep folks hanging on for more, keep the shitshow going like bad tv with nightmarish tropes, programming that doesn’t even follow its own universe’s rules and viewers who employ the sunk cost fallacy to justify tuning in for more, all day every day.

    I noticed reading over Lysander Spooner’s essays from the 1800’s.. things really have not changed. People use a different brand of soap nowadays. Their bread comes already sliced. But they still worship the state. They still trade freedom for the total illusion of security. They’re still buying it all, hook, line and sinker. Let em sink. The rest of us have shit to do.

    • Moose wrote:

      “But they still worship the state. They still trade freedom for the total illusion of security. They’re still buying it all, hook, line and sinker. Let em sink. The rest of us have shit to do.”

      Spot on. The empire is collapsing and people need to get their houses in order to weather the storm.

    • Hi Moose,

      I agree with everything you’ve written except for one thing. It’s not”people.” It’s some of them. The human cattle who ruin civilization for the rest of us.

    • “Let em sink. The rest of us have shit to do.”

      That would be great, if we were not all trapped on the same boat.

      When a lunatic is running around drilling holes in the hull, you can’t just ignore them. You can them chase around plugging the holes but the sane plan would be to stop the lunatic drilling the holes!

      • The problem is that the lunatic drilling the holes has convinced the other passengers that drilling holes will keep the boat afloat. There’s too many of them to stop. But we’re not all trapped. Learn to swim. Fashion a raft. Grab a fishing pole.

  9. I’ve asked myself this several times, and have pondered it many times over and over, since the first lockdown in the Spring – Since the Elites from Europe and the Democrats HATE Donald Trump sooooooooo fricking much – because he’s not a “Globalist” and believes in American “Exceptionalism”, wouldn’t it have been easier to off the guy instead of burning down the whole damn world????? I mean, if Trump was offed, then Pence would move up to Prez., and The Speaker of the House would assume the role of VP. In the next election – which would be in 2020 – Pence would obviously get pummeled, if he ran at all. And the Democrats would assume power. But why burn down and destroy the whole world and plunge Billions back into poverty????

    The only thing that I can come up with to simply explain this is a line spoken by a character in one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies “Prometheus”. David the Android states “That in order to create, one must first destroy”.

    Trump stood in the way of the New World Order, aka the Great Reset as envisioned by Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, and Billions were finally “waking up” by experiencing true Freedom, personal destiny, and a ultimately a better life through Capitalism, NOT Government regulation and control.

    • Hi Frank. I think the plandemic aimed at far more than removing Trump. It was used for that purpose in the US, but the fact that it was also used throughout most of the developed world suggests that its goal is much deeper. Those of us who have read von Mises and other Austrian economists, past and present, have understood that the world economy based on fiat currencies and debt was destined to crash.

      I think that the international powers, whether banks or oligarchs or whatever, realized that that moment was at hand…the crash was going to happen and soon, and there was nothing they could do to stop it. In order to avoid being blamed for the crash, they pushed the plandemic as a way to have the crash happen. Politicians in most countries were eager to evade any responsibility for the policies that led to the crash were more than willing to go along by implementing policies that would allow them to blame the virus for the economic downfall.

      • The PLANdemic is indeed about more then Trump; it is about completing the enslavement of the West and finishing it off economically. (((their))) next stop is red china; they think theyve sucked everything out of the West that they can and have stolen all the tech and gotten us to build all the infrastructure (((they))) need to run the world by now.
        Mike in Stafford is correct, as far as he goes. [and I mean NO offence – you ARE correct Mike] But until we understand the nature of those sons of the devil as Jesus calls them, their hatred for US and the spiritual/theological nature of whats going on and who is behind it, better and more complete understanding – as well as effective countermeasures – will not be forthcoming.

  10. This election was stolen. No one will be held to account. And soon the communist-democrats will solidify their fraudulent gains and will be in permanent power. The Pussy party (republicans) will not fight back and leave us ordinary Americans without anyway to stop it. Try as best you can to rally with your friends, family and neighbors because our republic is lost and we are on our own.

    • Whipped cur rolls onto her back, exposes belly:

      Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) said on Wednesday that she is dropping her plan to object to the Electoral College results from Georgia in the wake of rioters breaking into the Capitol.

      Loeffler, speaking from the Senate floor, said “The events that transpired have forced me to reconsider and I cannot now in good conscience object to certification of these electors. The violence, the lawlessness and siege of the halls of Congress are abhorrent and stand as a direct attack on what my objection was intended to protect, the sanctity of the American democratic process.”

      A minority of protesters inside the Capitol, identified from photos at previous events, were Antifa provocateurs. Their deceitful tactics paid off in spades. Gutless Republicans, including the defeated Loeffler, folded like a cheap suit. Good riddance!

      Unlike collaborationist Repukes, DemonRats are quite honest and straightforward about their malevolent intentions. As avuncular ol’ Walter Mondale artlessly blurted out, ‘OF COURSE I’m going to raise your taxes.’ 🙂

      • I saw that another (R) Rep. from Washington State also made the same noises. This antifa kabuki was enough to provide cover for their cowardice and once again distract the distractable from acknowledging the truth.

    • I am embarrassed every time I pulled the lever for a Republican. The last time I pulled a lever for a Democrat was in 2004 (this was also extremely embarrassing); I can chalk it up to being young and stupid though. Tonight the Republican Party flicked off half of America. Not one Republican even stated that they could understand the upset that these protesters felt. Not one. They ignored us, spat on us, and walked away. They condemned the violence (yeah, a couple windows smashed in)….we call that Antifa lite. They declared us (Americans) thugs and domestic terrorists. World leaders (gleeful by the win of China Joe) called us savages. Conservative pundits and media threw us under the bus after telling us to fight back for years. The Hollywood elites stated that violence wasn’t American. Au contraire, violence is very American. Politicians and celebrities have made trillions of dollars off of it.

      We go to work, pay our taxes, raise our families, and after watching decade after decade of our Constitutional rights being dissolved tonight we punched back.

      Us, the very people that have kept the Republicans in office, Fox News high in the ratings, and turned our cheek each time the liberal MSM went after us, we have had enough. The Republican Party looked us square in the eye this evening and said your views and votes aren’t important, fuck off.

      Bad move, guys. Very bad move.

      • Morning, RG –

        Amen. People like Lindsey Graham, McConnell and Romney are worse enemies than AOC. But – as I have argued on many prior occasions – the biggest enemy of all is a political opposition – “conservatism” – with no foundational moral principles other than “go slower” and hump the flag while doing it. Either you consider the individual sovereign – period – or you do not. If you do not, then you have already conceded everything to the left; it’s just a quibble over how much and how soon.

        And that is why “conservatives” lose, albeit slowly,

      • Raider Girl, I stopped voting a long time ago, recognizing the futility of it all. Republicans vs. Democrats? You might as well be choosing between the Crips and the Bloods. The late George Carlin was spot on in his analysis of our situation and the uselessness of voting:



        Voting just lends a thin veneer of legitimacy to a criminal gang and gives them leave to claim they have a “mandate” from “the people” as they run roughshod over us.

        It’s too bad though that Crazy Bernie didn’t make it in instead of Senile Joe, though. At least then it would be a lot more entertaining. We’d have had a whopping good time with certain parties going totally off the rails and bouncing off the walls.

        • Hello Jason,

          RE: “Voting just lends a thin veneer of legitimacy to a criminal gang and gives them leave to claim they have a “mandate” from “the people” as they run roughshod over us.”

          I used to think the same thing but it’s actually a little more than a “thin veneer.” Voting in federal elections can effect your legal status wrt “US Citizen vs State Citizen.” Your legal status may come into play if/when federal mandates show up.

          As just one example of this difference, here’s a guy who got a US passport as a citizen of New Hampshire instead of as a US Citizen:


      • Ya, Republicans suck, voting is a waste of time and noble libertarians with ideals of the sovereign individual, free markets and non aggression will rule the day.

        Now back to reality. Technology, directed by global elites and artificial intelligence is fast creating an anti-human surveillance technocracy of total social and economic control. The “Great Reset” is real. Money will be redefined by central bank digital currencies, energy use strictly controlled through the “internet of things”, travel restricted and access to goods and services determined by social compliance. Rather Biblical. The way out is political resistance, and right now that is through conservatives and the Republican Party. If other options become available, I’m in. Until then, I’ll work within the system to change the system.

        • Hi Griff,

          You write:

          “…right now that is through conservatives and the Republican Party.”

          Which has show itself to be incapable of doing anything substantive to thwart let alone defeat the left and the things you mention. I’m done backing losers.

          • Hello Eric,

            I supported Eugene McCarthy, in 1968, George McGovern in 1972, John Anderson in 1980, Ross Perot in 1992 and Ron Paul in 2008. I know about political ideals, fighting the system and lost causes. With the rise of the technocratic state (the Diaper/vaccine tyranny is just the beginning) and the push toward global government, I do not believe we have the luxury of time to build a new political party. It’s easier to encourage and support Libertarian leaning candidates within the Republican Party. Like it or not, we have a two party system and the Republican (stupid) Party is preferable to the Democratic (evil) Party.

        • Hi Griff,

          What Republican resistance? The Republicans are cowards and is one part of the two headed snake we call the two party system.

          Do you truly believe Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz actually give a flying foo foo that people’s businesses and livelihoods have been destroyed? Those that mentioned any type of resistance to the ballot count yesterday did so only under orders and fear that they would have another pathetic Republican competitor for their 2022 re-election bid.

          It was not to fight for the people they represent. It was to protect their own hides.

          Yesterday, the Republican Party left me. I was a pretty solid R voter, straight down the ticket. No more.

          • The actions of “Mittens” Romney, Mitch McConnel, et al only served to confirm why I switched my registration to the Libertarians 25 years ago.

            Since I still reside in the once-Golden State of Cali(porn)ia, I might take the suggestion of another poster to re-register as a DEMOCRAT…in order to really fuck around with THEIR process, since the GOP is all but irrelevant in these here parts. By myself, can’t do anything, but I’m not accomplishing a damned thing with the “status quo”…but get a million or so disgruntled GOPers and LPers to, in effect, “invade” the Dummycrats, like a VIRUS. Run someone like David Duke (well, he’s getting on in years, but some kid that’s as odious as he is) as the ultimate “poison pill’! Bring the beast down from WITHIN!

            • Hi Douglas,

              The great thing with VA is there is no registration via pollical party, and I will not lie, I have voted in many a Democrat primary to do just that. Both parties disgust me. I can only hope that others will see it and choose to allow more Independent candidates to prevail. It would be great if we could all go to the ballot box and pick the best “person” and not “political party.” We may actually have a system that works for the people.

              • Hi RG,
                I’ve always wished we had a parliamentary system, with enough different “parties” that would make it too expensive for the moneyed interests to buy everyone off. The D&R two party system we’re stuck with are opposite sides of the same coin, just sold out to different overlords.

          • am wondering – what became of that brief period of resistance in the republican party of the “tea party” ? Have they all given up, thrown in the towel and realised life is better on the gravy train??

            • Those who were genuine were driven out. Others either succumbed to temptation or were just playing the Tea Partiers until they got themselves in on the gravy train ride.

    • The election was stolen, but Trump was just a better bad choice. Separation is the answer, people must vote with their feet and wallets. If possible, freedom loving Americans need to move to red states and strengthen the conservative/libertarian majorities in those states. If physically moving is not possible, spend as little as possible to limit sales tax revenues, buy smaller homes with less property tax, use a cash economy for goods and services, minimize purchases from large corporations, get your money out of the banking system with gold, silver or bitcoin. If the state government is socialist, get involved in local city and county politics and elect conservative mayors and sheriffs that will refuse to enforce illegal mandates from the state. With the main stream and social media propaganda machines, corporate technocrats and deep state stooges in control, violence will not work. Non violent civil disobedience and economic boycotts are the only way to successful secession.

  11. This isn’t an “either-or” question. Half the country DOES want Biden and a feminized, cradle-to-grave, centralized, authoritarian, nanny state/mommy state. Biden may not have gotten enough votes to “win,” but he certainly got enough to be within the “margin of fraud” and the Democratic machine took advantage of that.

    If the Republicans had been up by 10-12 points, there is no way the Dems could have stolen the election. Half a percent? No problemo.

    Look at the Georgia Senate races, for instance. Both went to runoffs because both Republicans were weak candidates and neither could crack 50%.

    People who were saying that the future of the Republic depends on the outcome in Georgia — or on Trump winning re-election — were wrong. If the future of the Republic is dependent on that thin of a margin, we’re basically fucked anyway because when it’s that close the law of averages says that the Left is going to win sooner or later anyhow — fraud or no fraud. Trump’s surprise victory of 2016 merely delayed some of the damage that the Left is going to inflict on us by a few more years.

    Now the time has come to face the music.

    • The entire political world tells you you’re just a dumb rube who’s going to be destroyed by your own action. Then they find examples of idiots that prove it.

  12. “Because everything they stand for can be reduced to one thing: Violence.”

    Violence is just a method of achieving what they want.

    I’d say everything they stand for can be reduced to a different word: Parasitism.

    That’s the true division. Not race or origin or place of living or situation. One side wants to take (either through violence, coercion, or socially engineered thought control). The other side wants to keep what they have and work for. That’s the true fundamental.

  13. Several forensic analyses pointing to statistically improbable vote distributions, improper custody of ballots, untimely software updates of voting machines, multiple persons having ‘ballot adjudication’ access using the same password, etc etc, were submitted in lawsuits. In every case, the courts punted.

    That left the job to Congress. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma had just explained his proposal for a ten-day inquiry by a commission of five Reps, five Senators, and five Supreme Court justices (as in 1876) when the Senate was gaveled into recess as protesters entered the building.

    Likewise, Rep Paul Gosar of Arizona was delivering his objection to Arizona’s electoral vote in the House when, after some shouting from the gallery, the House was adjourned.

    After the Capitol is cleared, Congress will complete its debate over the motions of Senator Lankford and Rep Gosar. RINOs such as Mitch McClownell and Mitt Romney will join Democrats in defeating their protests by a large margin.

    CNN, I’m told, has been airing calls for a second impeachment, a 25th amendment removal of Trump, or even temporary military rule. Meanwhile, militias are protesting outside and even inside some state capitols.

    Unfortunately, the curtain has been ripped away to expose the flimsy, jury-rigged machinery of voter registration and ballot counting.

    No one wants a descent into chaos. But as the JFK, OKC and 9/11 incidents showed, when insider crimes are papered over with bipartisan lies, public disbelief never goes away. Fraud on such a scale has grave, lasting consequences.

    • Like the entire plandemic thing, the timing of the chaos at the Capitol Building was just too damned convenient. OF COURSE there were AntiFa provocateurs among the “Trump supporters”. There’s ample pics of the bearded types at previous BLM and AntiFa “shindigs”. This whole thing was STAGED so that the entire issue of the steal could be avoided, then glossed over in the middle of the night while national attention was diverted.

  14. The two most basic prerequisites for totalitarianism are a one-party state and a disarmed populace, according to Arendt. We now have the first one. If the Dems are serious about bringing us communism, then we can expect to see some comprehensive gun control legislation in the coming months. Maybe even a few “mass shootings” to stir the people up and get them on board. Things are going to get very interesting from here.

    • The bills have already been written, just waiting for January 21st to be introduced. The senile old fool has promised to ban America’s rifle and standard capacity magazines or make them NFA items. $200.00 a whack for every rifle and magazine you own, if you can afford it. The red diaper anchor baby, who is NOT a natural-born citizen, has said she will sign an executive order banning any and all guns she wants to if congress does not do it in her first 100 days. They are coming for the guns, you can take that to the bank.

        • Douglas – how many do you think really will resist ? I mean look at the UK – how easily everyone handed in their guns….

          • There’s a REASON we Americans successfully fought a war of independence from the Limeys, in spite of being out-generaled and not even having the initial support of the majority of the Colonials.

            Most resistance will start by HIDING one’s cache of firearms. It’s fundamentally impossible for law enforcement to root them all out. Moreover, in the parts where more of the “gun culture” exists, the local sheriffs and police chiefs are not in favor of abrogating 2A rights.

            Ask yourself, in “da hood”, where so many black males are either FELONS or have domestic violence convictions or restraining orders, why are so many of them ARMED anyway? How’s THAT working out?

  15. Oh the election was stolen for sure. Theres no way georgia legitamately voted blue in the presidential election and those two communist wankers for senators. the good news is everyone knows now the fix is in and it will be a bit amusing to see that cackling witch kamala as president in two months. the bad news is what now

    • That’s part of the reason I’m not THAT dismayed that Trump got “jobbed” out of re-election. Doing so would still have been the Orange-toned Dutch Boy keeping his finger in the Dyke (with today’s moral degeneracy, you can read a LOT into that!) for another four years…while the dam still continues its inexorable structural failure and the eventual cataclysm. And I ain’t talkin’ about the Grand Teton Dam failure of ’76, we wouldn’t get off THAT “easy”! If the failure is inevitable, and the best we can do is to handle the effects of same, let’s get it over with, we’ve got the right dingbat for the job!

  16. Whether or not Biden actually got the votes, which as you have so aptly stated, defies all logic and common sense, the “mandates” need to continue to be disobeyed. Whether or not we are truly in the asylum run by inmates or only appear to be, the immorality must be resisted. Doesn’t matter if we now have a majority that believe in stomping on the freedom of their countrymen…the “mandates” are immoral and unjust, as well as illegal, and that alone gives us our moral authority to disobey. Perhaps this will FINALLY cause those on the fence to put down the mask and turn off the teevee.

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

  17. Obviously, not sure what to make of the whole affair but the face masks on the Congresscritters and their goons give the scenes I’ve seen from reputable posters like Luke Rudkowski a really evil feel. Like, are you really worried about WuFlu at this very moment? Oh boy, I might be asymptomatic. Also, the riot cops look exactly like the ones on the cover of Lew Rockwell’s book “Against the State.” Over the years, I used to look at it and think, nah…

  18. Likely, it’s both. Assuredly, the election result is fraudulent. But so what, even if 80 million didn’t actually pull a lever, 80 million would have and 80 million more would cheer it on.

    Yes, the sad and scary reality that confronts us is that probably half of this country desires or supports the Biden/AOC platform. We will be part of the first country/culture in history to willingly embrace virulent communism. And make no mistake, whatever this is and will be revealed to us in the coming months will be something far more egregious, violent, and tyrannical than the Soviet Union ever was. Lashing out abroad as well as at home. I’m ashamed to call these people my countrymen; we have nothing in common except our mutual hatred of each other.

    Flee, collapse, Rapture, or lie back and enjoy it are about our only options.

    • These people came looking for a fight, and intended to do something rash. I don’t believe this is any grass roots movement or the start of anything useful or hopeful. Their insurrection will be put down, they will be cast as crazies, and then shat upon by the press and so-called Amerikans who believe themselves normal. In a couple days, the country will go back to their political slumber and to snuggling their face diapers, and the real steal – of their livelihoods and futures – will proceed apace and unabated.

      • I am listening to the news media now and even the Congressional Republicans and “conservative” news media is saying that these people have no right to do this. That this is rash and these people are animals. The Republicans and conservatives have turned a blind eye to the people that they represent. When you have taken everything away from everyone what else is left? I don’t want anyone hurt, but if they are a little shaken, I am good with that. Congressional representatives and government employees have their pay, their security, their lives have only improved. They have destroyed middle class America. The rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer. They don’t give a shit on what happens to the rest of us.

        They have destroyed small business, families, employment, the education system, and our pride in our country. They are the first to proclaim “Defund the Police”, but I bet the police were the first people they called today. They are hypocrites and personally, I am sick of every single one of them. Let them sleep with one eye open tonight.

        • I’m for it! Why? Because, as the fella once said, when people fear the gov’t, there is tyranny; when the gov’t fears the people, there is liberty.

          Also, as Thomas Jefferson once said, at times, the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I don’t know about anyone else, but the Tree of Liberty is LONG overdue for watering!

    • You’re not wrong RG. I was thinking the same thing. Am I the only one who wants to see this protest at the capital escalate? Am I the only one who wants to see these people capture and kill a bunch of Congress critters? Burn the place down, literally? What else is there to do. The courts won’t listen to the evidence of election fraud, the media won’t report or investigate, so it’s time to take back the country by force and scare the shit out of the scumbag corrupt politicians. If that all sounds like bullshit tough talk that I can’t back up, well it is. I’m a sick old man. Most of this shouldn’t really matter to me, as I won’t be around much longer anyway. But I do have children and grandchildren. For their sake, I hope there are people out there who are willing to fight the fight that I’m no longer able to do.

      • That would have been a fool’s errand. Although the county would not suffer if indeed a few “Congress Critters” were put down, (1) their states would just elect replacements, and (2) we’d make MARTYRS out of those that should likely have ended up in a Federal “Pound ‘Em in the Ass” prison!

        PATIENCE. Violence should generally be shunned and only resorted to for defensive purposes. Kinda like how Mr. Miyagi wanted Karate to be used.

    • You’re not one tiny bit wrong. This country has been peaceful, stable, and prosperous because even though the system has been gamed many times before, we could always persuade ourselves that the system could be righted. And the fact that there is a well armed populace able to effectively checkmate tyrannical government.

      An obvious in-your-face election steal with shiploads of evidence, following a year of communism enforced by government cops forcing their masks and lockdowns, and a promise of bun confiscation by the hand picked puppet Biden, have pretty much freed us from any allegiance. It’s not our government.

      We didn’t ask for it, we tried every thing we could including especially electing a putative outsider to the presidency. Only to have him crapped on, just like a middle class white guy going to traffic court and objecting to some bullshit like a seat belt ticket. Or a young man being robbed blind because a welfare case named him to pay the “child support”. A baseless impeachment, and a shameless fishing expedition of a Mueller investigation served to further shove their despising of us right in our face.

      Because it’s not about Trump, it’s about the land and the people we love being crapped all over by evil sick fucks who mean to kill us and steal our stuff. I predict today will not be an end, but a beginning.

    • Been watching all day. Any spark of rebellion against this railroad of horseshit being rammed up our asses is a positive. Even without the cause of voter fraud, there was a whole army of citizenry who were mostly diaperless, and speaking their minds. There was ACTUALLY “mostly peaceful protest”. They had Capitol Hill occupied as a show of civil disobedience for 2 hours. Look, the building remains, nearly unscathed, save for a broken window or two. The only true violence appeared to be an overzealous AGW who killed a 16 year old girl, reportedly.

      • An actual peaceful protest- aside from shoving the enforcers out of the way. No buildings burning, no innocents beaten, no shit bags thrown. And they’re calling this a violent riot. These people in media and government truly follow the father of lies.

        And that young unarmed girl was shot in the chest. That was murder, far more obvious than the OD death of the sainted George Floyd.

        • Has anyone considered that the actual violence at the US Capitol Building was a FALSE flag? Cui bono? That should tell you whether it’s credible or not!

          A LOT of great comments here, gang. Had also a chance to finally listen to one of Eric’s podcasts with Brian Hyde…excellent!

          Although, like Eric, I had some misgivings about Trump’s remarkable term as POTUS, including, at the beginning, realizing that, to my surprise, as with just about everyone else, that’d he won over the “Hildebeast” (for which the country owes him a HUGE debt of gratitude!), I then felt a sense of….”OH SHIT”…just WHAT kind of man did we elect, given that he’d never held any elective office before? I was wary, thinking that in reality, Trump might have been very much a RINO himself. It took some time, but after awhile, especially with the SALT limitations and the Federal Income Tax cuts, he won me over as someone I could actually have voted for! I ALMOST regret voting for Gary Johnson in 2016 (not really, at least I ‘helped’ in the man amassing FOUR MILLION nationwide votes, although his tally in the votes that count, i.e, electoral, was still a big, fat, “goose egg”) as I would have voted for Trump had I known how he’d preside. I could have voted for Jo Jorgensen this time around, being in Cali(porn)ia, and the result would have been no different.

          That the election was stolen is no surprise. Hence why I derided the lame Democrat candidates Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton that LOST in their runs, as why in the hell would I want someone that can’t even win a FIXED election to run the country? This time, after the even more lame and pathetic attempt to impeach Trump (they HAD to know it’d fall flat on its face), all the ‘stops’ were pulled, with the “Plan-Demic” and the staged violence. IMO, what we saw today was yet another staged event, and it’s tragic that several were killed (all by the cops? Hard to get a reliable story…), so whether it was the act of a lunatic fringe or some AntiFa hoodlums, someone was conned into putting their lives at risk unnecessarily.

          What I recommend to respond is that we “secede” FINANCIALLY. That is, to the extent possible, live providentially (i.e. grow your own food, BARTER wanted items and services with others that likewise go “off grid”, and even have means to generate power independently). That so many small businesses have been hugely impacted by the “shutdowns” is, IMO, NOT a coincidence, the big corporate powers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and so on have been making “bank” out of this situation!

          Just got word that the woman that died was a 14-year AF Vet, who was UNARMED. If she’d been a black female, DC would be burning. But when a WHITE military veteran gets killed under questionable circumstances….crickets…

          • Hi Douglas,

            I started seceding financially once the lockdowns occurred and I saw small businesses being destroyed. Seriously, I have become one of those back door alley way girls.

            I never believed Trump to be the future of the Republican Party (like many Republicans do), but he was a man who opened our country’s eyes to the corruption and influence that is our oligarchy. Trump could have gone down as one of the greatest Presidents in history, if his ego did not get in the way, but he ended up falling on his own sword.

            Every American should be peering at our nation’s oligarchy with new eyes (if they were not open already) and they should loathe what they see. If you do not look at our two party system with disgust and contempt you aren’t looking hard enough. It is no longer about making the choice of the lesser evil, they both are.

            This country needs to eliminate all political parties and only the Independent should run and win. No more corporate contributions or the buying of votes, no more “these are our political stances”. All Democrats and Republicans should be removed from office and only the individual (no matter their philosophies or agenda) should have a seat at the table.

            • I’m following the same plan. I have a bunch of nondescript property- it’s time to open a black market unlicensed bar (I mean private social club) and a flea market, and maybe a place where friends can work out together. It’s time to absolutely defy the bastards- work over, under, and around the system. The bastards are going to drive customers to us.

              • Hi Ernie,

                I believe this will be the only way for many of us to survive. The Sheeple will make it next to impossible for those of us that don’t want to mask or needle to shop, eat, or travel.

                The problem is how does one become aware of diverting around the system? We can’t advertise. Word of mouth may work, but it will take awhile for that to spread and then there are the Karens and LEOs to worry about. We may have to come up with some type of passcode.

        • Hi Handler,

          I have spoken to a few of my more conservative clients recently. The Republican Party is in deep doo doo. These people have walked away with no where to go. I was very surprised to hear how so many stated said, “My vote does not count. The Republicans have done nothing for us.”

          After last night the Republican Party is dead to me (the Democratic Party has been dead for years to me). It is time to destroy the two party system. George Washington during his farewell address orated his concerns about political parties, as well as, foreign nations. We ignored the warnings of history by better men than ourselves.


          If this country is to be savaged, I can’t say saved because I believe we are beyond that point, the oligarchy needs to be obliterated. I would prefer destruction through monetary means, rather than death, but the system needs to be gutted, nevertheless.

          Only after the system is abolished will individual liberty and personal freedom reign supreme.

          • Our best hope is a Soviet union scenario. Peaceful dissolution into component states, more than 50. It will happen, the only question will be if its peaceful or not.


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