Diaper Report 4/8/21

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My gym – a national chain – has stopped performing even perfunctory Sickness Kabuki.

While it has never enforced the Coonman’s “executive orders” regarding the wearing of  Face Diapers, the “practicing” (odd term) of anti-social behaviors, e.g., treating other people you’ve no rational reason to fear as presumptive lepers – and never abided by restrictions on the number of people allowed (disgusting term) to be in the gym at any one time (marketed as a way to “stop the spread” but in fact a way to kill small businesses for the benefit of huge corporations) they did go through the Kabuki of having their staff wear the vile (and medically useless) rags and they did take the temperature of everyone entering, using a digital infra-red thermometer.

Emphasis on did.

As of this week, it’s no more  – and thus, back to almost-normal. If it weren’t for a handful of Freaks – maybe 5 percent of the members – who continue to wear a Face Diaper (and probably will, for life) you’d be able to convince yourself the past year-plus was some sort of awful hallucination, perhaps triggered by someone slipping acid in your coffee.

Regardless, it’s a step back in the right direction. Not just because it means no more Kabuki at this gym but because it could mean less Kabuki at other places as well. The mass hysteria fomented by that creep Fauci and enabled by the Orange Fail and “practiced” by his replacement depends on no one pointing out that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

Which doesn’t happen when everyone pretends (or is compelled to pretend) they can “see” them.

This is why “executive orders” and “mandates” were issued almost everywhere. In order to assure no one could see any faces. In order to muzzle the ones who would otherwise have shown that they did not “see” the emperor’s new clothes.

Imagine how differently things might have played out – including the (s)election – had no one been forced to “practice” Sickness Kabuki.

In the first place, it would  have been obvious that a lot of people – probably half the people or even two-thirds of them (initially) – did not believe in the emperor’s new narrative. The sight of these people would have made it much harder to fear-condition the rest – the psychologically vulnerable ones.

They would have seen people looking – and behaving – normally. Without dropping dead for having done so. This would have been a powerful visual rebuttal to the Faucian Creeps who told everyone they would if they did.

It is hard to maintain mass hysteria – or even gin it up – when it’s easy enough to see it’s an affliction of a few psychologically weak people.

Many of them liberal people.

Not since NS Germany has an article of clothing been used so effectively to manufacture the image of near-universal agreement and at the same time, effect the marginalization of the few who can see and who refuse to pretend they are blind.

Or stupid.

The Orange Man failed spectacularly in this respect. He allowed his political enemies to make almost everyone look like his political enemies and then allowed the Fear this summoned to sweep him out of office via a tsunami of Faceless Absentee Ballots that were never vetted, before – or after – they were counted.

Old fool. Only now – cuing Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars – at the end, does he understand. And it is possible he still doesn’t.

Certainly, many of his supporters do not – because they still cannot see that breaking the spell cast by Sickness Kabuki, propagated by the weaponization of hypochondria, is the key to everything.

Not just treating Sickness Psychosis. The general psychosis which has made so many Americans so vulnerable to this variant of the sam mental illness, to wit: The fear of asserted risk – and the willingness to accept and impose certain suffering on oneself and others for the sake of preventing something that hasn’t happened – and probably won’t.

This fear can be used to target friends and family, neighbors and neighborhoods, communities and whole populations. It lies at the root of practically every tyranny imposed (and accepted) and is devastatingly effective because it uses morality to advance immorality. No moral person wishes to harm another person, nor be seen as one who might.

It is therefore extremely easy to pressure most people to submit to and obey that which they might otherwise question by telling them that they must not question it because to do so might result in other people being harmed.

This has some validity, obviously – in cases where the risk is real and serious – and to expose others to it would be immoral. But the trick has been to exploit the normal, moral instincts of people by exaggerating risk and then requiring people pretend they agree by showing that they do.

In order to make it seem that everyone agrees with the pathological idea that any risk is unacceptable – and that everyone must accept any imposition to reduce it, no matter the cost and no matter the actual effectiveness of the impositions insisted upon.

This is why it is so heartening to see that more and more people do not agree ands are tiring of pretending they do.

As more and more do not look terrified – or act terrified – the terror will lose its potency. As it becomes more and more obvious that failing to “practice” Faucian Kabuki does not correlate with bodies stacking up like cordwood or even an uptick in The Cases! The Cases! – as Pope Fauci and his Holy See threateningly insisted would happen in states like Texas and Mississippi that stopped “practicing” it.

They haven’t.

They won’t.

They never did.

The Faucians were able to create a visual to the contrary – one worthy of Hieronymus Bosch. But a new image is slowly beginning to come into focus. One of people’s faces, smiling. Of handshakes and hugs. Of gatherings-together and life being lived again.

No more Kabuki. No more fear. It starts here – and then it spreads, everywhere.

. . . 

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  1. This weekend I went to an outdoor lawn and garden auction. There must have been 200 plus people. Windy, cold, muddy rainy day. (It was nice to see a few toddlers and a bit older children stomping in the mud puddles and picking up rocks. Not to mention the faces of their hot moms. What? I’m not dead yet.)
    The first half of the auction was in a pole barn, with both ends open, everyone was standing shoulder to shoulder, even the Borg.
    I counted five face diapers, only one worn by someone without white hair, and he took it off half-way through the day.
    I spent the whole day there and counted 10 total face diapers, all worn by frail looking white hairs, save two.
    It was really great seeing all those faces, no anti-social distancing, and lots of polite people.
    Hope that glimmer of humanity brightens your day a bit.

    I want to read all the comments here, I can’t keep up with reading everything I want to now that it’s gotten warmer outside.
    So many tabs, so little time.


    “St. Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves declared that only vaccinated people can be evacuated from the Caribbean island following the eruption of a nearby volcano.

    Gonsalves said in a press conference Saturday that only vaccinated people are eligible to board cruise ships volunteering to transport people to nearby islands for refuge.”

  3. Again, without the masks, most people would have never noticed this “crisis”. There simply weren’t enough deaths of prime-productive people to have a material effect on society or the economy. Government needed those masks to keep the fear going and the panic pumping. It’s the same reason why they’re now talking about VARIANTS!!!!! and putting silly PSA’s on the radio: to keep people paying attention.

    For the past 11 months, once the initial wave came and 10% of the population didn’t die immediately, they’ve literally had to come up with different ways remind people to stay scared. Problem is, they are running out of juice and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up, so the lies are getting bigger and bigger.

  4. “A private fencing company, private Paladin security, RCMP and Alberta Health Services executed a dawn raid on the Parkland County area church after a month-long staredown with the provincial government over the lockdown restrictions on places of worship.”

    “Over the course of Wednesday, workers built two steel fences to encircle the church building. The internal fence was then wrapped with black tarp to obscure the church from the road. A police checkpoint was also set up at the entrance of the property.
    Infrastructure was brought in on trucks to support the long-term occupation of the property, including portable toilets.”

  5. Diaper Report from New Science City: the city that doesn’t sleep opens about 10am to 11am, and closes around 5pm, for retail. Restaurants seem to be busy. More food carts are opening up. But outside walking around mid-town, I’d say fully diapered around 85%, with maybe another 10% or so doing the chin strap or at least pulled beneath the nose. This is all down from about 98%+ fully diapered, outside, just a month ago. Also, more joggers are undiapered than I’ve been seeing.

    It’s unlikely due to any growing diaper fatigue, however, but rather more comfort in the idea of the vaccinated now walking among them. Also, no diaper, no entry into pretty much any building.

    • For ther first time in history, we’ll be hearing people uttering the phrase: “I’ll grab lunch after the opera”.

  6. I was browsing a wedding site to get ideas for an upcoming magazine and saw an interesting photo. The couple had set up a table at the reception with red, yellow and green wristbands and labeled it “corona comfort level.” So if you chose red, you were saying keep your distance, I am at high risk, wear your mask and I am a paranoid nutcase who probably shouldn’t have left my home to begin with (I’m paraphrasing here.) Yellow was person is moderate risk, so maintain distance but “I am comfortable with safe interactions.” Green was “I am comfortable with whatever you’re comfortable with. Let’s Party.”
    It would be interesting to be in such a room and see the three-way split as to the colors chosen. I guess you would have segregation. The yellows would be seated every other chair, masks tightly fastened, while the greens would be partying it up, dancing on the tables and wearing their masks as pasties and thongs. The reds would be isolated their own corners, looking like Bernie Sanders in his famous mittens meme.

    • Even in the midst of all the craziness there is still the opportunity for personal liberty, for those who will avail themselves of it. We went to a grad party last summer for daughter’s boyfriend. The hosts provided red, yellow, and green dots with the same comfort level stuff. Daughter’s boyfriend’s family were yellows/reds, and daughter wanted ME to do a yellow (knowing I’m not into any of the kabuki) – I guess so THEY wouldn’t be offended?

      I proudly wore my green, which I did for her (although she may not yet realize it).

      It was fun to see others who had the same attitude as me. Mixing like it was 2019.

  7. You are lucky – here in Las Vegas I still cannot go to my gym and people still wear masks while jogging in the park or walking down the street and its already sunny and in the high 80’s! I am the only one that shops in my local grocery store without a mask. There is only one store I can shop at though. Funny you can go into Kroger without a mask – Kroger here NO WAY – they have mask police at the door. On Tuesday though, one of the smaller counties in Nevada will be lifting all the governors mandate so we plan on driving to that county and finding a restaurant to eat at. Also everyone of my work colleagues got the vaccine and everyone of them called in sick the next day. They keep putting outlook appointments on the calendar announcing that they are going to take time off to get the vaccine. I have a doc appt next week – I feel like saying I am NOT getting the vaccine and I will be INTO work the next day.

  8. Out of about 100 people in the gym I use, only 1 or 2 wear masks. It’s my sanctuary (with the benefit of getting myself more fit to boot!).

    A strange thing happened yesterday. My wife scheduled a landscape architect to come out and talk to me about a project we want to have done. He arrived, we did our business, we shook hands and concluded the meeting.

    When my wife asked how the meeting went, after I explained the details of the meeting, she asked me if he wore a mask. I’ll be damned if I didn’t even think of it at all while he was here. No masks, a handshake, and no mental hangups at all about any of the kabuki.

    Things are moving in the right direction.

    • **”Things are moving in the right direction.”**

      Probably not for long- As the detrimental effects of the ‘vaccine’ start kicking in for the 100 million or so ‘Mericans who signed up to be test-dummies, they’ll likely blame those effects on “a new strain of COVID”….and the hysteria and mandates will return with renewed fervor. Now that ther masses are used to it and see it as normal, they can ramp it up-even more, just as they did with terrorism theater. Enjoy the brief respite while it lasts….in a week or two it’ll probably be gone.

  9. It should be pretty obvious by now one would think, that this whole scamdemic “Pysop” was designed to coral people towards “vaccination.” Such a Herculean global effort to achieve this leads me to believe something very evil this way comes.

    This shit show is just getting started.

  10. I like this so much. I’m the guy who won’t bend to the will of societal hypochondria and I’m almost never confronted, just some glances at me because of the audacity of showing my face in public.

    One thing that worries me is I do see folks being confronted and I wonder why they seem empowered to approach a complete stranger and engage them about something that is none of their business.

    How do these people know they’re not starting something they can’t finish with a person who has already had a bad day?

    I worry about their personal safety. Not that it’s my role to, I just don’t want to see someone get hurt over something avoidable.

    Why don’t these people feel empowered to engage someone they wouldn’t have just a year earlier?

    I guess it’s part of the whole sickness kabuki thing, making everyone feel like they have some sort of duty to correct others.

    It’s really the sickest part about this whole experiment.

    • “I worry about their personal safety. Not that it’s my role to, I just don’t want to see someone get hurt over something avoidable.”

      I am assuming your concern is for the harasser. While it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant to see a bully get his due, I am grateful for the one who stands up. I am more concerned about THEIR well-being, as I think that those who are feeling empowered to confront perfect strangers will soon feel empowered to gang up on them physically as well. This happened to me recently in a store, where a woman looked around and seeing no one else except me undiapered, felt emboldened to yell, “WHY AREN’T YOU WEARING A MASK?” I also looked around, then stared at her, unblinking, for several seconds until she sheepishly walked away. No more confrontations from her (although she had tried earlier when she was standing behind me in an aisle). But the possibility exists that she will continue this harassment of others who are not as strong. Should she be allowed to prevail?

    • Amen, James –

      Especially in re: “How do these people know they’re not starting something they can’t finish with a person who has already had a bad day?”

      It has to do with their feeling emboldened by societal/governmental approval. It is of a piece with the way Jews were hassled in Germany and black people, here. That’s it’s ok – because “those people” are “bad people.”

      It’s all despicable – and those who partake deserve what they get.

  11. I work in a federal building as a contractor for the federal government. Hey, a person has to make a buck don’t they? Anyway, when Biden ascended the throne, the feds in my building cracked down pretty hard on Biden’s mask mandate executive order. Everyone was diapered up all the time. Now, I am happy to say, less and less people wear the disgusting mask. You see them sitting at their cubicles mask free. People will even talk to others without donning the mask. This is a huge improvement on the way it was just a few weeks ago. I tried for a medical exemption when they cracked down, but gave up after they rejected my disability letter from the VA stating I have asthma. To them, that was not good enough. They wanted a letter from my doctor stating I could not wear a mask for medical reasons. Whatever happened to privacy? I did ask my doctor for a letter, and she rejected me knowing full well my medical history. I am sure she will be calling my house in a few days/weeks for me to receive the Holy Jab of which I will refuse. Her office calls me every year to come in and get the “free” flu shot vaccine of which I have always refused. Strangely, her office did not call me this year for the flu jab. I wonder if it is because cases of the flu have mysteriously disappeared?

    There are still plenty of mask believers in the stores around my area of St. Pete. I rarely see anyone else in a store without a mask. The other day, I saw a proud father with his 2 young children strolling the aisles of a Winn Dixie without masks, so there is hope. I can’t remember the last time I saw a maskless person in a Publix. Publix seems to draw the most rabid believers of mask hysteria for some reason. However, am happy to report that I have not been challenged in a long time by any mask Nazis for daring to enter a store without a mask. There is hope.

    Another disturbing thing is people who have got the Holy Jab. I cannot believe that they openly brag about getting the jab with their co-workers. A couple of people had to call in sick for a few days after receiving the jab. Since when has medical procedures become the source of “water cooler” talk? Are these people just virtue signaling or have they lost their minds? I keep my mouth shut, and don’t participate in these disturbing conversations, wondering when someone is going to ask me if I have had the jab. I will be looking for a new job when they try to make the jab mandatory, and a condition of employment.

    • ” I tried for a medical exemption when they cracked down, but gave up after they rejected my disability letter from the VA stating I have asthma. To them, that was not good enough. They wanted a letter from my doctor stating I could not wear a mask for medical reasons. Whatever happened to privacy? I did ask my doctor for a letter, and she rejected me knowing full well my medical history.”

      ^^This is what HIPAA used to be about. Not having to disclose one’s personal reasons (medical, physical, mental, or any personal reasons) to others in order to function in society.

      “Are these people just virtue signaling or have they lost their minds?”

      I think you know the answer – both. There is a strong compulsion to believe this preposterous pile of lies among many around the world. I believe it is a sign of spiritual sickness and decay.

  12. Prince Philip died this morning. 99 years young. Too soon, some will cry.

    Why, if one of the most protected men (lizards? No… man) on Earth died, what chance does a poor slob like me have? I might die too! Well I had better take precaution. Like making you disease ridden slobs stay away from me! And don’t let your disgusting breath cross my path!

  13. Great news, Eric!

    Here in the free state of Montana more than 50% of people still cling to their emotional support diapers. But that’s down from 80% a month ago. As Charles McKay wrote, people go mad in crowds, and recover individually over time.

  14. Eric:

    I found out the Sweet Donkey received nearly $120,000 in Covid money. You and your $5 tip never stood a chance there.

    Business Type
    Subchapter S Corporation
    Loan Amount
    Date Approved
    April 10, 2020
    Roanoke, VA
    Business Type
    Subchapter S Corporation
    Loan Amount
    Date Approved
    Feb. 3, 2021

    • That explains a lot. I have been wondering about the many businesses, including local mom and pops, who are going along with this nonsense. It didn’t seem possible that ALL of them could be on the dole.

      Everyone has their price.

      • You know, I hadn’t thought about this until just now, but there is another term for that that PPP “loan” nonsense: Blackmail.

        I’m sure there is a T&C somewhere in there that says, “You agree to follow whatever instructions we give you or this loan is payable on demand” or something like that.

        Simply despicable.

        My business partner and our investors were hot to trot to get some free money a year ago and I shut them down. We didn’t actually need it and the hoops to jump through seemed excessive in light of that. I’m glad we didn’t do it now.

    • I am sorry for any I am about to offend, but posting this information rubs me the wrong way. I believe every individual and business should have the right of privacy. Many of these businesses took these loans to survive. The government shut them down. They did not ask for this. I realize this is public record, but the amount of information that is uploaded here and from the US Treasury can be used by third parties for illegal purposes.

      I am sure a few will point out that they didn’t have to apply for the loan and it is taxpayers money so we should be able to see who received it and how much. Then let’s be fair every individual and family that received a stimulus payment should also be posted since those will not be paid back either or how about every person who went on unemployment benefits.

      This saddens me to see this. I have never been to Sweet Donkey and have no opinion of them one way or another, but right now I seriously sympathize with them that their business information is broadcasted on a public forum.

        • Tell me Eric how do my words correlate to your article or are you just looking for an argument? Obviously the goal is to kick every small business that took a PPP loan down. These businesses did it as an act of survival. I see no reason to flog someone who is trying to save their livelihood and tge jobs of their employees.

          Do you believe the government owed no restitution for what they did?

          • Hi RG,

            The government doesn’t have any money except that which it steals from us. I want no part of stolen goods. Neither did a business owner I know personally, who lost it rather than partake of stolen money and become the bitch of those who stole it.

              • Hi RG,

                I did return it – to the government which sent me a bill for property taxes on the home I remember having paid-for in full 17 years ago.

              • Some of us “fortunate” ones never got a stimulus check. We just pay the bills but we never get any of the bribes coming back. To few of us to make an electoral difference.

                There are a lot of things wrong with Mitt Romney but his comment about the 47% who don’t pay taxes but still get to vote was one of the (very) few things he got right.

                • Hi JR,

                  I know the feeling. I feel like a pay and pay and there are very few deductions one can take once they reach a certain income threshold.

                  The majority of people that do not pay federal income tax are over 75 years of age. Around 80% of those 75 and over do not pay any federal taxes due to no longer working. Only about 12% from 25-55 do not pay some type of federal income tax. Romney is right in the percentage, but when you dig into the numbers it makes a bit more sense on why they are not paying.

      • Please note, the Sweet Donkey is an LLC, which is a corporation. Corporations being a creation of the state, are NOT private businesses. They are not born, and so do not have any inalienable rights, but only those the state grants them. I realize that the LLC designation is often used by what would otherwise be private businesses, for legal and tax reasons, but if you want to dance, you have to pay the piper. They voluntarily gave up their “private business” in favor of becoming a creation of the state. Have you forgotten there is an IRS? Have you forgotten what Edward Snowden told us? No one in this nation has any privacy whatsoever, unless completely off the grid, and likely not then.
        Which is why I’m seldom happy. A Norse quip, “Its good to be wise, but not overly so, for a wise man’s heart is seldom glad”.

        • Hi John,

          An LLC is an entity structure, it can be a corporation, but it does not have to be. The LLC is in regards to liability, not tax structure.

          An LLC can be disregarded entity known as a SMLLC (single member limited liability company), which are your Schedule C filers.

          An LLC can also be taxed as a partnership, an S Corporation, or a C corporation.

          Many of these loans did not just go to businesses, but sole proprietorships Their names and addresses (thanks to Google Maps) are out there for anyone to show up at their home and do what will.

          The PPP loan was a CF, to put it bluntly. Many businesses would not have accepted loans if they knew their information would be out in the public eye. The government nor banks notified anyone of this. Even those that paid off their PPP loans and returned them cannot get their name off the list as of now.

          Every small business to have taken these from $2 million to $500 is out there for everyone to crucify, but try to find the amount of money that was given to United or American Airlines (billions upon billions of dollars). It is nowhere to be found. How about the monies sent to the cruise industry or the large hotels? Can’t find numbers on those either. How about all of the tax breaks given to Amazon and Walmart to build throughout America? Nada.

          I am an advocate for small business. I love small businesses. I want to see them succeed by any means necessary. They are the backbone of this country and they did not deserve the treatment that they received by the hands of large corporations and government.

          • Hi RG,

            You wrote that you want to see small businesses “succeed by any means necessary.” I hope you don’t really mean that.

            Also: I lost several thousand dollars because of weaponized hypochondria, including a scheduled (Spring 2020) speaking engagement in NYC set up by Tom Woods. I ate the loss – and only lost it because the organizer of the event caved to Cuomo. I would have defied him; I would have gone.

            What happened to people’s balls?

            • We all lost money, Eric. I had clients whose customers were not paying who couldn’t pay me.

              I consider the lockdowns the same as I would eminent domain. Should the government come in and take people’s land without paying them a fair market value? Should the government shutdown business throughout this country and not provide for their loss?

              • The government never had the right to shut down any business in the first place. Business owners who defied the illegal taking have suffered, but I believe those who caved will suffer more, in the long run, as will we all, as they have contributed to the continued abuse of all of our liberty to earn a living, travel, and even to freely assemble.

            • Eric,

              “What happened to people’s balls?”

              They’ve been manscaped.

              Or maybe it should be called the Great American Orchiectomy!

          • **”The LLC is in regards to liability,”**

            Who limits someone else’s liability, and where does the obligation created by limiting that liability go? Sounds like a scheme only an entity which would presume to nullify natural rights and replace them with something else would presume to do.
            So why all the citing of *their* defiinitions and laws? Do you think that they are legitimate?

      • RG, you speak of privacy. What of the privacy of all of the people whose most basic privacy and right to their property and fruit of their own labor has been perpetually breached in order to pay for all of this largess?
        I can look online and see how much money in farm subsidies my neighbors have received, or the salaries of pooblik skool teachers or civil tyrants“servants”, because the idea is that those who are compelled to ‘contribute’ to the financing of such things thus have a right to know where the liberated wealth has gone.
        It is much the same as being on the literal dole- wherein the recipient“client” in order to receive “benefits” must forego any right to privacy, and provide documented proof of assets and living arrangements and familial relationships etc.- and if one does not wish to do so, then they have the option of not participating in the scheme“program”- since it is not a right to be able to do so.
        Why should it be any different for a business?

        • Nunz,

          How come large businesses are protected? Where is your anger toward them? How about everyone that received a stimulus payment or a unemployment benefits? Where are their names? If everyone wants rules than we need to have the same set of rules regardless. Why is my personal name on a county website showing the amount of RE taxes that I paid on my house over the last 19 years, but I can’t find the amount of money that was given to Delta Airways over the last 13 months? Why is my name, address, and DOB on Spokeo? Did I give them permission to do that? Did we have an even exchange or trade? Not that I recall. Of course, I can’t get it down, because there is no one to contact.

          Why is there one set of rules for the little guys and another for the big ones? I believe in privacy. I believe it should be given to all, unless someone wishes for their information to be out there. If Americans don’t treasure it, fine, but put everyone’s information out for all to see and let the chips fall where they may.

          • RG, what makes you think that my abhorrence of the inequities and abrogation of natural rights varies depending on the size or structure of the entity participating in/taking advantage of that situation?
            Forget “little guys vs. big guys”- How about condemning the coercion and tyranny which enables the redistribution of wealth? I really don’t care if it’s the welfare queen getting free housing and food, or my neighbor getting $9K of registering his cows and doing things Uncle’s way, or E-loon Musk[rat] being handed billions for ‘lectric cars and rocket ships to Mars – the fact is that the taking by force of the property of others, and or the devaluing of that property by creating fiat currency, is robbery- and I oppose robbery and those who perpetuate and enable it. (I’m thus not too fond of those who derive their livelihood by helping others to narc on themselves and conform to said system).

            \You are full of assumptions, aren’t you? [I can think of something else you are full of also]

  15. Eric:

    I found out why the Sweet Donkey bought in so much on the Covid hoax. Here’s a website that shows everybody who got a Covid bailout (https://projects.propublica.org/coronavirus/bailouts/search?q=).

    The Sweet Donkey received almost $120,000! You and your $5 tip didn’t stand a chance.

    Business Type
    Subchapter S Corporation
    Loan Amount
    Date Approved
    April 10, 2020

    Roanoke, VA
    Business Type
    Subchapter S Corporation
    Loan Amount
    Date Approved
    Feb. 3, 2021

    • The joke is: These businesses will never get “back to normal”. Imagine just that coffee shop: Hard enough to make a buck after overhead and taxes just selling things for nickels and dimes….but now in addition, they have these debts to repay? Good luck with that! -And I don’t think the debts will be “forgiven”- as, after all, is not a good part of the purpose of these ‘lockdowns’ and such the destruction of small business/’reset’ of the economy/bankrupting of the peons?

      • Amen, Nunz!

        I actually tried to make just that point to the owner of SD; that by accepting (by obeying) the “lockdowns” and imposing Diapering, she had legitimized the principle underlying both, thereby ceding to the government the power to “lock down” again – and to impose things far worse than Diapering.

        • The ironic thing is, Eric, I went about life and bidness as usual- ignoring the psychos who would rule us, and so I lost no money…..but I am starting to lose it now, as I see the value of what I have saved being quickly eroded as we enter into hyper-inflation, ’caused by the printing-up of the trillions.
          There are no winners here. As long as we live where we are effected by this economy, no matter what we do, we are going to lose. I’m sure that that is how it was meant to be, so that the masses would just comply in order to manage to ever be within sight of the cheese.

      • The key is to forgive YOURSELF of the debts. I took a small EIDL loan last year and later learned it is not forgivable, when applying for a PPP loan this year. I’m a one-man band. When applying for this year’s loan I also attempted to refi last year’s loan into a forgivable PPP loan and bundle the two into one forgivable loan. My funding date on the EIDL was too late to receive the “refi” portion. I told the underwriter to sever that part, but that I had ZERO intention of repaying it to the SBA. He’s part of the lending bank so he didn’t care and that’s why I was willing to say it to him.

        So the SBA gives Planned Parenthood $80 million to butcher babies, so if they come for me when I do not repay, I’ll tell them to start there before coming after me, and I’ll also tell them to go get FUCKED. I’ll just close down the company as it’s just a consulting services company with no assets other than a little cash as I quickly pay myself from any receivables and only leave a little cash for business expenses.

        So by repaying an EIDL loan, I’m renting my own money to pay myself. They’ll never see a penny of it from me.

  16. WOW! So glad for a turning of the tide.

    May the courage shown by your gym spread far and wide, engulfing the fools and sweeping away the madness!

  17. Great article again, Eric and glad to see it ACCELERATING in the better direction. I am KEEPING UP THE PRESSURE on the scared sacks of shit. NO GOING BACK.

    Because they’re going to come back with some new horseshit to try and make the population frightened and angry again.

    • Certainly. For example, when the covid-fraud “vaccine”, rounds 1 & 2, start to kill large numbers of people, the elite will then blame it on a “new” strain of the covid-fraud and they will recommend round 3 of the vaccine death in a needle.

      Certificate Of Vaccination ID (Identification)

      • Also without any long term tests for efficacy and safety. Which makes them a medical experiment as well. Which a number of NAZIs were hung for coercing people to participate in at Nuremburg.


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