Mustang GT vs. BMW 850i

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Here are two cars very far apart in price . . . and very close in performance!

Both cars have powerful V8s, get to 60 in less than 4 seconds – and are better-looking than most supermodels and will never get crows feet or stretch marks.

But there’s one big difference . . .

. . .

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  1. i’ve always been a mustang fan. I loved every gen even the fox body. This newest one with the move to the independent rear suspension and 400+ hp stock is a great deal. Now you have the power and handling. I think the interior got a big upgrade in 2018 as well.

  2. They’re two of the best looking cars made in the last 5 years anyway. Now if I could only say they are unequivocally “good looking”.

    • This Mopar and Olds guy says take the Mustang. You save money, maintenance is less of a hassle, and you can take the money you save and put it toward what you want the most of. Want power? Pick up any one of dozens of bolt on power adders like turbos, blowers or NOS. Want handling? There are wheel, tire, and suspension goodies galore.
      Want sound? Order one of many great sound systems.

      Just my 2¢

  3. BMW Pros: Nameplate. Quieter. Better “after sales” support. Dropping key fob on the bar might get you laid.
    Mustang Pros: Far cheaper. Probably won’t depreciate as quickly and might appreciate over time. Pulling up at the diner on Saturday morning might get you laid.

    BMW Cons: On-going scheduled maintenance (and dealer mark up). A**holes will key your car in the parking lot. Not really any more reliable than any other car, so any little issue/rattle/noise will be a constant irritant.
    Mustang Cons: You look like an idiot.

  4. For the price difference, get a premium package gt, then do fbo, supercharger, clutch, etc. And you got a mean machine that’s still DD’able built right with stick that’ll stomp the Bimmer with $$$ to spare


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