Texas Heroes Conduct “Wellness Check”

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PFLUGERVILLE, TX — A woman has filed a formal complaint after police entered and searched her home — without consent or a warrant — all to conduct a so-called “welfare check” on her absent roommate.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of August 2nd, 2015, as Tori Thayer was home alone sleeping a few hours before her shift began at a local restaurant.  Around 3:00 a.m., Ms. Thayer heard noises at the front door and thought someone was breaking in.

“I was ready to run for my life and throw something at them,” Ms. Thayer later recalled to FOX 7 News, speaking about the unknown intruders.  As it turned out, the strange men were four deputies from the Travis County Sheriff’s Department.  They began to demand information and whereabouts of her roommate, Carly Christine.

“She’s not here; she’s not in my house!” Ms. Thayer told them as she began recording the aggressive encounter.  “Where’s your warrant?  Gentlemen, can you provide me a warrant right now?”

Police ignored her requests for a warrant, as they obviously did not have one.  They barked questioned at her, as deputies helped themselves to a search of the home.

“They acted as if I wasn’t even talking, they kept asking me where she was and I had already had complied and told them everything I knew, at that point I was done.” Ms. Thayer told FOX 7.  “I couldn’t do anything and they just wouldn’t listen.”

Ms. Thayer insisted that her roommate had not been home in several days and that the police should immediately leave.  That’s when police grabbed Ms. Thayer and shoved her to the floor.

“Stop! Stop!  You guys can’t handle me like this!  This is against the law!” Ms. Thayer could be heard saying, as the video went dark.

Watch the raw cell-phone video here:

After Ms. Thayer was on the floor, handcuffed and humiliated, police finally gave the first explanation of why they had forced their way into her house.

“She [Ms. Christine] told a relative she was going to kill herself,” a deputy said in the recording.

“Why couldn’t you guys just tell me that from the get-go?” Ms. Thayer asked, while face-down on the floor.

Despite searching the home finding no one else, deputies remained in the home and continued to ask Ms. Thayer the same questions over and over, regarding the whereabouts of her roommate:  “Where is she?”

“I do not have any more information for you all,” Thayer insisted.  “If I did, I would cooperate.  I do not have anymore information!  Beating it out of me, throwing me to the ground, putting your knee in my chest, handcuffing me — none of this s–t will work,” she said.  “Please leave!  I have to work in an hour.”

Deputies continued the interrogation, and ignored her requests to leave.

“So… which room is hers?” the cops quizzed.  “Where does she sleep when she’s here?!”

Ms. Thayer filed a complaint and accused the four deputies of breaking and entering, as well as physical and verbal abuse.


      • This lady is a chef in Round Rock, a totally ordinary person. My guess is somebody is threatening the news departments personally.

        The only place Tori Thayer’s story is being covered is in a dedicated Travis County Sheriff’s Office page that has only 342 posts on it. The page is selectively deleting all kinds of damaging posts.

        I can understand not wanting to confront the heroes directly. But to not even be willing and able to create a fake social media account to fight these heroes wherever these vermin are found. Well, that doesn’t seem very encouraging.

        The Sheriff’s say:

        “… any further statement or publication of evidence in the case, on television or social media, before a thorough investigation is completed is inappropriate and interferes with the integrity of the investigation.”

        Sounds to me like the Travis County Sheriff’s Department is afraid of the cleansing power of sunlight. And social media. But Tori Thayer has no such concerns about social media:

        Tori Thayer says:

        “I knew from the moment they walked in there was a very aggressive tone about them and I needed to get this because nobody would ever believe this. I was dumbfounded, honestly I’d never imagine something like this happening to me, I hear it on the news see on my newsfeed … but you never think about it happening to you.”

        This is a huge story, and the heroes are completely winning here. Austin Fox 7 has completely erased their story on this. I imagine because they’ve been “asked” not to interfere with the investigation.

        The stories you’re all sharing about being harassed on the road are now happening in some mundanes home. 4 heroes came in her house in the middle of the night, threw her on the ground, and made up a false story about her biting her and other such nonsense.

        These four officers have to be identified. This story has to be spread to the entire country. Trouble is there are only a few blogs covering this. And the conversation is being held on facebook, and not on the free internet.

        BrentP’s statement about Americans not understanding things definitely applies to Americans in general. I wonder if it probably also applies here as well to a lesser, but still fatal level.

        If these kind of thug scrum wellness checks become the norm, there isn’t going to be anywhere left for us. It truly will be a prison society.

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