AGW Threatens to Throw “Civilian” Off Bridge

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Here’s why you ought to be worried about Fear Mask Mandates. Armed government workers like this guy will be enforcing them.

According to news coverage, a Connecticut AGW named Mathew Spina became enraged when a motorist flips him the bird over what the motorist claimed was the AGW’s erratic driving:

“This (AGW) was driving erratically and I flipped him off and threw my hand out the window (I did not realize it was an AGW driving like that until he passed me, I was just flipping off someone I thought was driving like an asshole and putting other motorists in danger).” 

Flipping the bird isn’t a crime. But affronting an AGW is a serious offense.

The AGW “pulls over” the motorists – in plain language, uses his gun and badge and the threat of murderous violence to compel obedience to an illegal stop (remember, no crime has been committed by the motorist).

He then commences an abusive tirade, illegal search and ultimately threatens to literally kill the motorist:

“Un-f**kin-believable! It just never f**kin ends in this f**kin job,” Spina says as he throws down the man’s notebooks. “I got 14 months, I can’t f**kin wait to be done. This outta tell you why our department, instead of having 1,300 (troopers) has only 850 right now. This should be a clue to the public what a bunch of assholes you are!”


If I ever come across you again you are going over that bridge.”


“You think I’m kidding? You think I’m f**king kidding?” the trooper asks. “Look at me! Do you think I’m happy with you right now? Shut your f**king mouth, mind your business and be on your way! Don’t you ever f**k with me again!

This is what AGWs want to do when we aren’t “compliant” and don’t “respect” their Authority. You can imagine what they’ll do when we decline to wear a Fear Mask – or submit to being vaccinated.

Hut! Hut! Hut! 

Remember: They are keeping us safe.

. . .

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  1. Seriously, this was just funny. The guy (citizen driving the car) got taught a lesson. Besides, he was likely a doosh anyway. All of you make valid points here, but you people seriously need to relax a bit.

  2. Here’s the issue: A lot of cops on the streets today where in Iraq or Afghanistan. There, they could treat people like shit and lord over them with very little resulting problems from command. There, combat law ruled the day. Suppress the potential threat through a bold show of command. These guys do not understand this doesn’t apply here. Generally, there is no need to act this way. Now, the next Gen cops are coming onboard and seeing this. They are being trained by ex military with military tactics (this goes back to the 70s and 80s SWAT stuff). It’s a problem and if it isn’t handled by making it clear this is unacceptable it will result in bigger problems. Cities and towns need to fire police when they act like this for NO valid reason (yelling at guy with gun after a chase is valid). There should be a close to zero tolerance policy in place.

    • Hi Liberium,

      Amen. Aslo, law enforcement – as they style themselves – should be expected to know what the law is and what it is not and if they d not – and enforce laws that aren’t – then that by itself ought to be cause for summary dismissal.

      • eric, the courts have as much to do with this as any one thing. When SCOTUS ruled you can’t defend yourself from being beaten to death, that was an open invitation as was the old “A person has no reason to believe a policeman owes them protection because they don’t”. In essence, that’s not their job. Their job is enforce laws, not keep the peace nor any similar thing. It’s perfectly legal for them to watch one person kill another without intervening, particularly if it’s one of the thin blue line doing the killing. Yee haw boys, gather round, this crazy sumbitch is going to beat this kid to death.

  3. Shitbirds like this are extremely lucky they have other cops to back them up.

    Nobody in their right mind would put up with them other than the bigger threat of other cockroaches.

    Without a radio and others to back him up, this asshole would spend a very miserable 3 months in my basement, in utter terror, pleading to be let go.

    If they weren’t teamed up, they’d just disappear and cry on camera to their families.

    This is why I laugh when one of these assholes messes with the wrong guy and his family gets a nice new flag for the living room.

    As Eric says, don’t engage these angry pumped up fools. If it were the Old West, go ahead, plenty of buzzards. But these days, just don’t, they always let the Cop station I know where they are because #cowards.

    Try not to engage but if you do, record it.

  4. If cops’ egos are so big they can’t deal with someone showing their middle finger… do I even have to go on? SIGH. They SHOULD be humble and take pride in being patient and tolerant with the public, not demanding they be treated like kings. Fire this cop, no pension, and cop should pay big fine to victim for threatening assault, and also do jail time for abusing priveleges of the job/title/badge. WHERE’S the accountability?!

    Cop should know that the general public reads/hears bad news about cops all the time, so DUH, cop could’ve explained that he’s a good cop etc… but instead the cop BECOMES more bad news about cops! So cop was mad about the public not liking cops… then proves WHY the public doesn’t like cops. OMG, what a moron.

    Maybe there ought to be a law… mandate every citizen must carry a gun on their hip at all times. MAYBE the cops will be a little nicer then???

  5. But officious friendly’s wearin’ his own fear mask, ain’t he? & he’d prolly be even more miffed, briefly, if instant karmic gravity reduced the troops to 849, I’m guessing.

    • Hi Wally,

      At some point – not too far distant, I think – these AGWs are not going to be able to count on submission. Sow the wind… and when the whirlwind comes, may god have mercy on them as well as on us.

      I will not, however, mourn for them. They have earned the hate of decent people and deserve what is coming.

      • Hi Eric, I actually saw this on our local newscast, surprising that they fit it in amongst all the Coronacrap; I think these incidents are happening often enough that they are trickling into the general consciousness. Let’s hope that enough of us mundanes are ready to deliver the whirlwind when the time comes, I certainly am. The newscast also showed the mouthpiece for the Connecticut State Stasi took this incident “very seriously” and were going to do “a full investigation” while the pig in question is on “administrative” duty. Translation- pig gets vacation while we wait for the public’s short attention span to forget about this.

          • Just watched it, first cop was a dummy. Sarge at the end was more fair. Whole thing was ridiculous for sure, but I really wish the kid would have hammered him on the intent part of the law. He read the law outloud for goodness sake. Just say, I didn’t put this mask on with intent to conceal my identity. Even if it didnt stop his arrest, it would have helped more in court later. Insanity.

        • MIB, the last time we got raided, Aug 1, 2016, after they couldn’t find anything illegal and it was all over I kept giving the head honcho hell.

          He finally says(he’s been whining for 20 minutes by this time and this was right after the cops in Ft. Worth got shot), he says to me, as if I give a shit although I do give a shit, I wish they got shot everywhere every day, “And now they’re shooting us”, to me instantly correcting him and saying “you mean shooting back”.

          Now we have these really nice cops calling for peace between the cops and the proles. I don’t buy it. Firstly, just by dint of what the job involves, there are no “good” cops. I’d just rather turn them all over to Nurse Ratched and tell her they were overthetop trouble-makers.