The Orange Needler

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That the Orange Man is dangerous – even more dangerous than his (s)elected successor – has just been established beyond doubt, provided one isn’t blinded by sick worshipful reverence for the spray-tanned man, whatever he does or doesn’t do.

He didn’t do anything to stop the spread of mass hysteria – the weaponization of hypochondria. Which is precisely the right word to describe the manufacturing of mass hysteria over a sickness with a 99.8-something percent recovery rate.

This was – is – a crime against the people of the United States.

That he “didn’t know” or “acted out of good intentions” or was “stymied” by the “swamp” is of a piece with if only Stalin knew!  – a reference to Soviet-era dupes who regarded “Uncle Joe” as a benevolent patriarch who would never have allowed his underlings to ship people off to the camps.

If only Stalin knew!   

Well, the Orange Man knew, too. Maybe not at first; maybe not last January-February-March or so. He is entitled to the benefit of the doubt for that.

But by July-August-September, the facts were known – to anyone who cared to exert even cursory effort to look into them, surely the duty of the president of the United States – who took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, which was shat all over as if by a flock of diarrhea-afflicted seagulls in the name of “stopping the spread” . . . of a virus so not-lethal its existence probably would never even have been noticed had it not been for the organized, deliberate fear-mongering which the Orange Man did nothing to counter.

Now he smears anyone who questions the sanity of healthy people lining up to be injected with a substance of opaque origins, the risks of which can be lethal and the long-term risks of which are not known  . . . as “deniers” and “anti-vaxx.”

This fact tells you everything about the Orange Man; it displays his thoughtless, careless, contemptuous, opportunistic narcissism. The man does not care that the “vaccine” has caused a large number of deaths – including the deaths of people who had been healthy before they got Needled and whose risk of death from the ‘Rona was so trivially small that assuming the unknown and potentially lethal risk of the “vaccine” is arguably insane – in the manner of a person not diagnosed with a terminal disease deciding to take an experimental drug just in case he might come down with a terminal disease.

He styles reluctance to assume the risk – of the “vaccine” – as “pseudo-science.” This from a man who let the ultimate purveyor of pseudo-science, Pope Fauci XVI – purvey it for the entirety of the last year of his presidency. Who let him lie to the public. Who let him terrify the public. Who legitimized the terror – and all that followed.

Which makes him complicit in the lying and the terrorizing.

And now he has joined the forces pushing the “vaccine” – perhaps because his spray-tanned nose for narcissistic self-promotion sniffs an opportunity to take credit for “saving” the country – “millions of people,” as he says – by Needling it with the god-knows-what developed by the pharmaceutical cartels who wield frightening political power by dint of the economic power they have acquired . . . as the result of getting the government to do their “marketing” for them.

And worse.

The government is egging on the mandating of the injecting of Big Pharma’s meds – with the risk entirely upon us. Of the Needling – and the refusal to be Needled.

And the Orange Man is conducting the orchestra, or badly wants to.

His (s)elected successor now leads it but the Orange Man wants to seize the baton back and will do anything toward that end, including becoming a leading voice bellowing at the American public to get Needled – else be portrayed by him and the creatures like him – as “deniers” and for that reason an implicit threat to all who believe in the religion of mass hysteria.

This is arguably criminal incitement. At the very least, it is disgustingly and dangerously uninformed.

The danger is worse than that presented by his senile successor because the Orange Man is believed by some to be an alternative – something less bad; the lesser of two evils. When in fact he is just as evil; just another facade, behind which lies the same thing.

Whatever the future holds, there can be no political future for this awful man – as the leader of opposition to weaponized hypochondria, mass hysteria and the cementing of a tyrannical “new normal” premised on weaponized hypochondria and mass hysteria.

Because he has helped spread it.

Because he is not opposed to it – and for that reason must be opposed by everyone who opposes mass hysteria and the weaponization of hypochondria.

You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! 

And take your spray-tan booth with you.

. . .

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  1. Did anyone see the pic of Ivanka getting the jab ? seems almost as if it was a set up photo, couldn’t see the thing go in !!

  2. Trump talked like an insider and then hired all bush people. 1st 2 years sat around. 2nd 2 years did more but in a losing position as they had lost the house. Republicans are controlled opposition. When they can win they sit. When they r guaranteed to lose they talk and still dont act. Trump did boost the economy but all that and more was lost by the 2nd half. Now we r awaiting mandatory vax from private corporations

    • Well-said, Mooeing!

      I, like many others, thought – hoped is better – that Trump was different. That – while not a a principled libertarian – he wasn’t another establishment hack, pandering to the desperation of people who badly wanted to believe that at least some of what they heard could be divined as indicative of a pro-liberty mindset. Instead, he turns out to be just what you’ve described. Controlled opposition.

      Especially as regards the end game – the mass injection of the population. He lets hypochondria be weaponized; he then postures as the Great Deliverer who brings salvation – the “vaccine” – which only he was able to conjure in “months rather than years.” It is of a piece with GOP boilerplate about “repealing and replacing” Obamacare.

      You can count on Republicans to never repeal anything. And to always replace a bad thing with their own version of the same – or worse – bad thing.

      • Is it “controlled opposition?”

        Or maybe the loyal opposition?

        “The word loyal indicates that the non-governing parties may oppose the actions of the sitting cabinet while remaining loyal to the formal source(s) of the government’s power, such as the monarch or constitution.”

        These folks are definitely loyal to the constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court.

        We’re 96 years into Carroll v US and it’s progeny.

        With all the attendant tools placed into the AGW’s toolbox, I’m not seeing much in the way of control.

        • Yes, loyal opposition it is. Which is to say loyal to the proposition…of, let’s just say, imposition. Good cop, bad cop. Democrat, republican, 3rd parties…& the voters, squirming & sweating under the hot lights & in front of the camera & microphone recording everything. LARP may have entered the lexicon only recently, but it’s as old as the s/hills.

      • Politicians use carefully crafted words with vague or broad meanings, which conjure images and ideas in the minds of every listener that the listener interprets as meaning exactly what they want to hear.
        Trump was a new actor who was used to corral those who were beginning to figure out that those running the ranch neither care about them nor the ranch. “Let’s make the ranch great again, and lock-up the old ranchers!”. Play the required part and keep the work-horses content- It’s the same tactic the leftists use to appeal to the donkeys who are more corrupt and immoral- “Yes, we’re for ‘the people’ and will give you free stuff and make life difficult for those greedy rich people and the middle class [who worked for all of their stuff]” -But no matter which group whose favor is being curried, they are all just carnival barkers whose job it is to put on a good show for the audience so they keep serving the owners of the ‘wrench’ who are now consolidating all of their holdings into one giant ranch..

        • People are carefully crafted (by nature, nature’s god, biology…doesn’t matter, take your pick) to do & be what you say is the province of politicians.

          Most people are politicians.

          Elections & offices are emergent, are symptom, are not causative of anything.

          Re-read Lord of the Flies. Revisit your own playground days. It ain’t “them,” Pogo. It’s anybody who identifies with “their” personal pronoun “us.” The latest pronounery is just an acceleration of that older time religion pronounery.

    • ozymandias,

      When the Trumpster was running against Hitlery, I was reminded of the words of Jack Otto.

      “If it is at all possible, they will allow us a leader. A leader who will lead us into defeat.”

      I think the Donald did a stellar job performing his assigned duties.

      He continues to perform those duties in calling on us to receive the messenger RNA.

      I don’t understand why “He is entitled to the benefit of the doubt for” not showing his hand until “ July-August-September”.

      How anyone can make the claim, “there can be no political future for this awful man” I do not know.

      Until the concrete has firmly set, and can bear the weight of the headstone of defeat, a leader is needed.

      Since we are allowed to choose, every 1,461 days or so, an individual to lead us to defeat, who is the most qualified person for that task?

      Presently I see only one person.

      Donald Trump in 2024 and forever.

      • Tua… People want to believe in something, anything, to compensate for their lack of belief in themselves. And by want I mean are absolutely compelled. Think of when the pubertal hormonal overdrive hit. It’s like that. And, unlike the hormone jolt, which ebbs with time’s passage, the will to power, projection-vested in someone else, anybody else, only gets stronger with the passage of time.

        I have noticed how the impossibility of pre-election “representatives” sleight of hands into the doubly impossible post-election “leaders.” People who don’t/won’t/can’t stand for themselves will fall for anything, anybody. Vicarious id the Munchausen by proxy life.

        Edvard Munch painted it out long time ago:

        Biological existentialism. Waiting for Godot despite knowing he ain’t coming. Cuz hopium…the last evil in Pandora’s Box…oh, it got out alright, undeniable it got out, infected the world…there’s the pandemic…typhoid Mary was the savior’s mom next to Pandora’s Hopium.

  3. I got a taste of the vaccine passport future this week. A company that I’m on the board of donates, prepares and serves lunch once a year at a local senior center. Of course last year it was closed, but we thought we were good to go for May ’21. Now the director of the center has sent word that nobody will be allowed in the building if they haven’t been vaccinated. Oh well, I’m sure the grass will need cutting again by then.

    • Hi Roland,

      Yup. I expect the same when I hear – via my sister, who deals with these people because I cannot – that we will be “allowed” to see our mom at the prison for the elderly where she has been since this all began, if we Diaper and Needle. My sister may; I won’t. I’ll be damned if I ever allow these bastards to leverage my family against me.

  4. Politics is mostly theater. There may (or may not) be something to local elections such as sheriff, planning/zoning commissioners etc. Much of your pain, suffering, and hassles or lack of will come from these up close sources, not the “presidency.”

    I voted for Trump not because he was going to MAGA or “fight the seep state.” I just wanted another 4 years of hilarious pres conferences and leftist retards shrieking about racist-bigot-homophobe in the Oval office. I had NO expectations beyond that.

    The minute I saw him touting the “vaccine” I knew that was the best I’d get out of the deal was another 4 years of cheapo entertainment..

  5. The constant error is putting “HIV”/AIDS and “COVID-19” in the pandemic basket… Neither one of those are such a thing. They are just a fraud & scam

  6. Hmmm… A psyop? After all, if Trump recommends HCQ, the media demonizes him. If he tells the US after getting out of the hospital to not let the virus run their lives, they vilify him. Maybe he *should* recommend the jab. Then again, there is a large subset of the population who actually hangs on every word he says, so maybe not.

    Here’s something to consider – if the shot really is ultimately lethal through any of a number of possible mechanisms (immune enhancement, cancer, etc.), who is going to survive the carnage? Yep, those of us who refuse the shot. I think the elites who are pushing this poison may have miscalculated.

  7. Trump had many failings as a President – no doubt about that. And the Covid situation exposed many of those failings. But I think the you are being too hard on him. He withstood years of the worst persecution of a President that we have ever seen. It isn’t that surprising that he tries to appease some of the aggressors on the Democrat side. Of course, we know that there is no appeasing them and anything done to appease them will only make them more aggressive.

    But Trump is not now and has never an ideologue. He didn’t come into the Presidency with ideas about the philosophy of Locke, for instance. He has always been more of a practical tactician – if it works, then he does it. That is how he ended up on the “right” in the first place. He understood that high tax policies, for instance, were damaging to the economy. But he never understood that high tax policies are fundamentally immoral because they violate our right to own ourselves and the fruits of our labor.

    So the entire Covid crisis was viewed through the lens of what could be done in a practical sense with little thought about the morality of impinging on our liberties.

    The good news is that there is a leader in the GOP who I think is far superior to Trump on many of these issues and he has an understanding the underlying philosophies. That is Ron DeSantis.

      • Hi Charles,

        I understand where you are coming from – I think – having been there myself. I want to believe the Orange Man was – at last! – a true heretic and even one of us, perhaps. He’s not. What he has proved himself to be is another one of them. A few rhetorical crumbs tossed our way, to let us hear what we so badly have been wanting to hear. I admit he fooled me, too. It’s why I’m so angry. At myself as much as at him.

        • Good morning eric. I picked up some people I consider friends back in 02 when I day traded stock. I was waiting for the Fed to take our money like 9/11 and 08, when the cheapest diesel I could get was $5.26/gallon in cash. That ruined my bidness and I had no idea what to do.
          Fast forward to 2019 and event 201 I knew without a doubt we were going to be robbed to the point of being ruined once again. I told the wife to get money out of the credit union as fast as she could and I did too. I told her the Fed was about to fuck us again and we needed to turn everything we could into cash. I didn’t trust bit coin anymore than that stuff that was supposed to be worth something in digits from the Fed. So we started stuffing what we could since we were still broke.

          You know the old way of saving money, sticking cash in your sock drawer? It still exist except I used ziplock bags stuff in Igloo water coolers(the small, day time type)and used GE sealer on them guaranteeing they’d stay dry and buried them. It didn’t take many. I knew from the contacts I had the Fed was about to take us for everything they had and due to Event 201, I knew we were going to have to fight to not be slaves.

          A friend turned me on to the YouTube videos of Kary Mullis where he first gave the specifics of the PCR test he invented and received the medical Nobel Peace Prize in 93. Kary was an athlete as well as a doctor. How did he die from influenza in August of 2019? Of course he was murdered and I’m one of the few who realizes this except for the guy who turned me on to Kary and Jason Bermas who had a friend in Hollywood who got the unedited Ted talk by the most evil person on earth, Bill Gates. Jason had been making documentaries for decades and noticed the Ted talk had been edited. He called on his Hollywood friend and asked if he could get the unedited version. His friend said he could and did. That was when I first saw that Bill Gates and many others intended to vaccinate every person on earth. And then Bill said after that was done, the population would go from 8.8 billion to 6.8 billion, all the while with that shit-eating grin he and Fauci had in spades.

          I never considered Trump to be the smartest guy around simply because of his limited vocabulary but I thought he was a good flimflam man since he used local and state govts. to use their power of eminent domain to swindle hundreds of people out of their homes so he could build his vanity empires there…..and he did. Trump Towers was one such thing he made tens of millions from in this way.

          I didn’t vote for Trump nor anyone else. When the old KKK’er was running against him, I did vote for him, like choosing to get a rattlesnake bite instead of a crocodile bite.

          So tell me how he couldn’t know the real truth about covid? Was he that dumb, that misinformed? Maybe but I doubt it. Presidents have the best and brightest working for them. How all that could slip by didn’t seem plausible(that’s one of those big words Trump doesn’t know).

          Voting wasn’t that hard a choice to make since he was never a politician….or didn’t quite seem to be.

          But after a few months and he kept on with the covid crap, I found it hard to believe he was that ignorant. Now we’re neck deep in the doo and the country might never recover. Once you saw the entire world was being taken over except those countries in the south Pacific and some countries that learned to never trust great power as in WW11, my panic went up several levels. My health went down and isn’t coming back. The reason for it is stress, the realization almost every person on the N. American continent was eating this shit like it was the best thing they’d ever “been fed”.

          It was a brilliant move. The public of the USA opposed WW1, WW11 even more and Vietnam. They opposed the story line of 9/11 in fairly large numbers but were called fools and traitors and some went to prison just like some people who opposed those other wars went to prison just like Irwin Schiff went to prison for life for writing a book and died there when he was so sick from cancer he could never have been a danger to any of his enemies. But enemies like he had, like Bush 1 who threatened Ross Perot to quit the bid for president and his son who threatened anyone who dare spoke the truth about 9/11 did and killed many to shut them up.

          Since I’m nobody, he wouldn’t waste his time to kill me, just people who were known world-wide.

          So now who do we vote for next round. The only person I can think of is Rand Paul since he fights so vocally loud with Fauci. Or we may not vote anyone into office when this country is destroyed by civil war, the very reason the Demoncrats want to disarm this country just like the Nazi’s wanted their people and other nations around them to be disarmed. Things aren’t looking good. Before Kary Mullis was murdered, he made plenty YouTube videos daring Fauci to debate him and said he knew absolutely nothing about find RNA strands with electronscopy. Fauci ignored him since he was correct.

          • Mullis’ autobiog is worth the while.

            Timing of his demise seems…but…Faucism was running rampant with the hiv-aids iteration back in the 80s-90s. Mullis weighed in, but Peter Duesberg hit heavier – & “they” just cancelled him, easy peasy. No need to open a can of murder worms (even tho those can’s contents can be cancelled, too).

        • Eric…The poster on Fox Mulder’s wall (there’s a pop psychologist snake oiler whose pitch includes “the writing on your walls”…)

          Got into it, until we got done with each other, with a “motivational speaker” one series of times. When she glowed out what she did (albeit in a previous life…guess it was motivating enough), I said something bout there being no such thing as authoring one’s life. this pic describes what I said the process actually is:

          Given that, what would you say literacy rates are really like?

    • Hi Krista,

      Too hard? This SOB waits until after he is out of office to criticize Fauci. So now he believes Fauci is a “self promoter” and power hungry. Great. Thanks for the useless – to us – gesture. As opposed to the useful – to them – not doing anything about Fauci while he had the power to do something about Fauci.

      The SOB is now pushing the “vaccine” as “necessary” – and denounces those who disagree as “anti-science” – which serves to legitimize everything Fauci, et al have said – i.e., that the “virus” is a serious threat to the general public – as well as incredibly reckless, given the fact that the “vaccine” is experimental and entails risks to healthy people no one can know.

      That bastard not only let the Left steal the election by letting the Left weaponize hypochondria – he let them steal future elections by setting the precedent for mass, unvetted absentee voting. He also enabled what will likely become DC statehood and perhaps even “direct democracy,” perhaps via a smartphone app.

      Orange Man must be repudiated – not because he Failed. But because why he Failed. Because he did not even try. Either the man is a glib, thoughtless, lazy fool who did not and does not understand the nature of what this WuFlu business is fundamentally all about – or he is a willing participant in it.

      Either way, flush the Orange turd into the septic tank.

      I agree DeSantis seems better. But I’ve lost all patience with talk. Especially vague talk about how “great” America is. I want specifics; I demand principles. I expect action based on them.

      If not, screw the bastards.

      • Hi Eric,
        You came to the right conclusion, Trump only cares about himself and will do anything that advances him, and only him. He made his (supposed) fortune by screwing over anyone who did business with him. The most despicable thing for me was how he treated his brother and niece; he didn’t even visit his brother dying in the hospital and then cheated his niece who was only 16 at the time out of her rightful inheritance. What a complete p.o.s of an excuse for a human being. I look forward to seeing the Orange Fail wearing an orange jumpsuit.

      • Eric,

        I disagree with only one statement of yours WRT DJT: that he failed. No, he didn’t fail; he was a RESOUNDING SUCCESS for TPTB! He advanced the agenda (as in Agenda 21/2030, world gov’t, etc.). He was as much a failure as a cat wanting to be adopted by his foster was a “foster fail”…

        • Exactly, Mark! Not only did he do those things (and brazenly in plain sight for all to see) but he did them while convincing millions of good intentioned but naive people that he was their champion in the fight against those very things- and the majority of those people still believe him to be their champion to this day!

          This is the only real difference between the Dumbocraps and Repugnantcants: When the Repubs steal our liberty, increase government, print-up trillions and take the guns, the people who would scream if the Dems did it, cheer and ask for more, as long as it’s one of theirs doing it.

      • I believe that the Orange man was the best president of my lifetime. The bar is below ground. That said, I would never vote for him again. DeSantis has sort of shown how to lead a state, and may be capable of leading the country in terms of policy, but yes, I’m going to wait this one out. I don’t like Chump at all at this point, though, his trade positions were good. I simply don’t trust him. Any valid criticism of his handling of COVID is rooted at his tacit acceptance of weaponized hypochondria. Democrats, on the other hand will gin up all sorts of babbling bovine nonsense about his “causing death” while they advocate the murder of short of 1 million children a year.

        • Politics and elections- even if they were legitimate and honest (LOL) are utterly meaningless in a society in which several hundred million people believe and do the things most Americans do these days.
          It’s to the point where it’s become a societal-cultural problem. Politics went a long way toward creating the problems and destroying the most functional and highest societies the world has ever seen…..but politics can not fix that, because it didn’t create the values, traditions and culture which created that society…it only destroyed them. That’s what politics does- it destroys (Liberty, life, property, finances, family…… )

          • Nunz, now you’re getting to the root of the dysfunction: Americans believe with religious fervor that the only viable way to make an important decision is to vote on it and then force the result on everybody. Or worse, vote for professional liars who will then in turn vote on it and force the result on everybody. “We must come together” means “Your side lost, so shut up.”
            I expect it won’t be long until politics comes to the dairy aisle, and people are skewering one another on Facebook about which is better, skim or 2 percent.

            • Calling what mama nature has birthed dysfunctional is fine, rearing up on hind legs to “do something about it” is utopian (as is the underlying faith in progress).

              Great leaping forward Maoman, Sovietman, those Frankensteins that built the six-million-dollar-store-man, all chanted the same thing: let’s improve, if not perfect, the perfect beast.

              So that’s the utope dystope that puts the dys in functional: the inability, or refusal, to accept reality & let it be, like momma mary…unless that is humanimal’s primary, “social,” function, to sow dysorder (which it prima facie is).

              And that cuts the same way in the direction that Szasz, the anti-psychiatrist usta’ take it apart.

              Pathologizing: the Milgrams & their pilgrims are all for it; it’s the scientific way to dehumanize the way to moral supremacy & “profits.” Follow the leaders in labcoats that fit whatever preferences happen to already be in place.

              Slack be the ouroborus tautologists.

  8. Trump was good at two things – sucking Israels dick and hiring traitors. Bang up at that. Love how they all gleefully twisted the knife in his back eventually with Fauci being my favorite. Precandidate Trump -say in 2005 – said that many of his friends kids developed autism and had adverse reactions with vaccines. Just like he said Obama needed congressionnal approval to bomb syria. He pardoned war criminals on the way out but mcconnel said he would get impeached over the second set of charges if he pardoned assange or snowden. What a complete pussy. Who knew we elected president kushner and first lady ivanka.

    Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 28, 2014

  9. Trump’s circle is also helping mentally deranged Bruce Jenner run for governor of California.

    We should now refer the Orange Fail as the Orange Devil.

    • Remember in addition to being a FOB (Friend of Bill) and FOH (Friend of Hillary), Trump is also a FOK (Friend of Kardashian)….

    • “also helping mentally deranged Bruce Jenner”


      Bruce is nuts but at least his/her/it/nutcase derangement is limited to self mutilation. The rest of the power seekers want to fuck up YOUR life.

      Bruce may be a better choice than the current fuckwits. How sad is that?

      • Yup. One of Trump’s henchmen is advising HIM.

        There is no lesser of two evils in politics; they’re all evil! I don’t even trust DeSantis.

        • I’m with you on Desantis. He, like all others, is a politician. He actually “locked down” Florida (in violation of the 5th Amendment of the Const. -i.e. deprived individuals of liberty without due process) and set up check points for out-of-state drivers. His “emergency orders” required travelers to sign a written statement of where they came from (in violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments of the Const.), so the police could enforce a quarantine against them.

          Only after he realized remaining on that path was fraught with political risk did he have an about-face. He’s not at all principled. He’ll will do whatever is politically expedient.

          • I was critical of Missouri’s spineless Republican governor for caving to the hysteria with a brief stay-home order a year ago. But as far as I can recall he didn’t issue any more diktats after that, so he actually deserves more praise than the conservative-media darling Desantis. While there have been plenty of offenses by local tyrants, we’ve been relatively free from state orders, probably second only to South Dakota. And – surprise – we’re not all dead.

  10. “Orange Man Bad”, “I’m too smart to vote”, ya right. The Marxist will impoverish you with hyper-inflation and central bank digital currencies,, weaken you with mandatory sickness shots and catalog you with low “social scores” for your crazy libertarian ideas. Of course you think you’ll stand in the door with your AR-15 as the Woke Airborne units pull up outside in their armored vehicles, but in reality, you’ll just hide under the bed before being herded onto the boxcars

    As much as it sucks, now is not the time to abandon the “system”. True Marxist are now in control of the national government with the national media acting as their propaganda arm and are in the process of consolidating power through military purges, woke corporate censorship, corruption of the electoral process and unconstitutional legislation. The only good news is that more and more people are becoming aware of the agenda. Probably not enough people, but the next election or two will most likely the last opportunity to stop descent into the abyss. The odds aren’t good, but the alternative is worse,

      • “Yes! Yes! It will be the ‘most important election ever’! Even if you’ve never voted before, you MUST get out and vote this time! Our future hinges on it! Ra-ra sis-boom-bah! ” [Waves flag furiously]

        PS. Donate money to the billionaire, so he can run commercials to persuade people who form their political opinions based on what they hear in 30-second commercials which air during vapid sit-coms to vote for him. This will preserve democracy- which is a perfectly valid form of government…I mean, who better to determine who gets to ru[i]n your life, than a hairdresser, plumber and soime welfare queens?

      • Marxist play to win, Conservatives play not to lose and Libertarians aren’t even in the game. Libertarians are political free riders who only are allowed to exist because they are irrelevant.

        • Players are losers. “All the world’s a stage” is an indictment. But, designated loserness is a biological imperative. Just is. “Ya can’t win if ya’ don’t play” the negative sum game ~ every Rorshack ink b/lotto there ever was

        • Hi Griff,

          I’d like to amend what you said regarding libertarians. We play the long game. We aim to change minds – which, in time, has the potential to end the game. Some will say – as you have – that libertarians are irrelevant. Maybe so – though this is very debatable given how much more in common currency libertarian ideas are now than 30 years ago, when very few people had ever heard of them at all. But even if we are politically irrelevant now, that can change.

          Marxists were once irrelevant, too,

          • Well (that never runs dry)…The numbers are fixed in the house favor (the more easily so because, as Doc House usta’ say at least once per episode, “people lie”…followed by “lumbar punch”…this is Spinal Tap, alright).

            Minds are “changed” (seemingly) one at time, but are born 1000’s per minute.

            Lost Wages (Vegas…& the writ larger casinos that is countries) couldn’t rake as it do without a few loss leaders…but you know they dream of eliminating those few loss leaders.

            Amend/ments were (su)born(ed) in tenplicate for the same loss leader purposes.

            Took ten kids to maybe have enough survive, work the farm, support ma&pa fill-our-kettle before they wore out, in those days.

            Only takes a tithe to bribe the govgod fearers. And x Marxists the spot on the authoritarian treasure map, always.

            Libertarians are born (not made…education requires educability & assuming all, or most, or enough are educable tells back: egalitarianism, equality of outcome, all that extrusion confusion) & not all that often.

          • Eric – Think about Ron Paul. 86 years old. Him at your age now. In the 80s. Talk about the political wilderness. Then converting a bunch of people to a liberty philosophy in the 2010s at age 75, 77 and so on. Never getting discouraged. Never giving in to negativity. Still representing today. Stay strong.

            • Hi H,

              Indeed, re Dr. Paul – who inspired me and continues to do so. In particular, his humanism; the way he comes across as a sensible, gentle but principled man. I wish he were 50 years younger…

              • Man there are so many I know (including myself) who have been inspired by Ron Paul. I just worry what happens when his time comes…. who will carry his message of liberty the way he has for so long…. I dont follow US politics as closely as you guys but cant think of anyone like him out there.

            • Politics & liberty-arianism are antithetical.

              And, as should be just as clear by now, the former outclasses the latter by an always too wide margin.

              Yes, Ron Paul Revere’d was a golden silversmith. And he was surrounded 1000’s deep by iron pyrite pirates. Like those Shays & Whiskey rebels was, way back at the get.

              Naiveté & ineffectiveness kept him alive…’I got the conch’ incumbency kept him seated.

              Conversion is fundamental attribution error alchemy…liberty-arians are/got the gold, continuation of war by other means (politics) are/got the lead – & will never be gold.

              If reality discourages…if reality is negative…tilt at the reality windmill…spin a myth to make it all mean something more than it is?

              Stay strong: Get stronger:: Courage ain’t the absence of fear & one foot in front of the other, repeat, ain’t the absence of discouraging, negative, reality…but goin’ all Don Quixote is just as crackerjack as anything else in the political-proselytizing wilderness is.

              Only representative a person has is that same person his self, her self, no matter what anyone would prefer to believe otherwise.

              Full disclaimer bona fides: I cut the mandatory pep rallies at that southern school that worshipped the religion o’ football, too. Nobody edu-persuaded me to, that’s just the way my dice roll landed. Cult of personality, cult of team, cult of tome – either that cargo’s in there, or it ain’t – cargo’s cargo, cult’s cult…everybody gets what they get.

    • I love how any article on here that speaks the truth about Trump always brings out the shills and bootlickers, without fail. If you support liars simply because they have an R next to their name, you’re not conservative. You’re a fucking idiot.

      • Thanks for the back-up, Robert –

        It’s very important to support principles – and action. Not personalities – and rhetoric. I supported Trump’s policies when they supported liberty; I stopped defending him when he became an enemy of liberty.

        And anyone who does not contest the weaponization of hypochondria – who is complicit in mass hysteria – is precisely that.

  11. Eric, Eric, Eric.

    “ Whatever the future holds, there can be no political future for this awful man”

    He may end up being president for life.

    Factoring in past predictions here, I’d say the smart money…

  12. When it comes to those whom we are allowed to vote for- those who actually have a chance of winning- there is no such thing as a “lesser evil”. They are all servants of those who really run this country and this world- actors, who play a particular part in order to create the illusion that you have a choice- but regardless of which audience they pander to and the words they use, they all DO the same thing.
    As long as people continue to believe in “the political process”, they will never take charge of their own lives and cease being complicit with the charade.
    Scary thing is, the libruls, disgusting as they are, are at least a clear and easily identifiable enemy; The Trump supporters, on the other hand, are often rather decent people who just aren’t very bright, and therefore are often perceived as allies more so than enemies- but in fact, by vehemently supporting Trump and his ilk are just as dangerous to liberty as the libruls, for they are the ones who might offer some resistance to the insanity of a librul administration, but offer zero resistance when someone like Trump performs the very same acts- nay, they even applaud it. Which, I guess is why, ironically, we seem to lose more liberty at the hands of the Republicans, despite them being the ones who more often give lip-service to the ideals of liberty.
    Now, as should be perfectly clear to all observing this Trump fiasco, it is glaringly obvious that there is NO difference between the supposed “sides”.

    • Nunz, “Repeal and Replace” comes to mind. I think if the Retardicrats had repealed Obamacare entirely and then replaced it with legislation that was word-for-word exactly the same, Trump and his disciples would have cheered it as a fabulous victory for “The American People” (hate that phrase).

      • Heck, Roland- in reality, they didn’t even have to do that- they just left Obozocare as it was…made one tiny temporary change, and not a word of complaint from his faithful- but instead, you’d have thunk he ended communism.

        “I’ll repeal it on day one…and replace it with something better”. LOL. (And why do I think that even if he had done so, the something better he spoke of was certainly not free-market voluntary interaction? 🙂 )

  13. ‘now [Trump] has joined the forces pushing the “vaccine” …’ — EP

    … making DJT indistinguishable from his designated ‘enemies of the people’ at the NYT. Brain-damaged headlines from Wednesday’s NYT online edition:


    ‘As the Biden administration seeks to get most Americans vaccinated by summer, men are holding back.


    AARRGGGHHH! *tears hair and clothing*

    What do MEN want?

    To pull the plug forever
    On the meretricious vajaywolves
    Of the Lügenpresse

    • Bahahaha, aggravating, isn’t it Jim?!

      It is painful, the magnitude of soul-slaying, reality-ignoring, brain-deadening poppycock that flows from all of the mainstream outlets, with nary a peep of opposition emerging.

    • This coercion is true. History has shown us countless examples of how women desire to emasculate and subjugate their men, especially after marriage. Look back to the prohibition fiasco. After all, a drunk man is a free man (in his head at least) and we sure can’t have that.

  14. Totally agree. His true colors have unequivocally been exposed.

    Saw this meme recently:

    “Imagine a vaccine so safe that you have to be forced to take it, for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it.”

  15. Trump’s phoniness was obvious long before his corona cave-ins. He won election in part because he seemed to have the balls to oppose the idiotic wars. But once sworn in, does he end them? No, instead he appoints the Fauci of foreign policy, John Bolton.
    Of course the Trump cultists claim that his hands were tied. Baloney. He was the commander-in-chief, for crying out loud. All he had to do was issue the order. As Ron Paul has said: they just marched in; they can just march out. It really is that simple.
    As icing on the cake of Republican stupidity, now Biden is poised to receive credit for getting out of Afghanistan. I wonder sometimes how these slobbering buffoons manage to feed themselves.

    • Hi Roland,

      I watched, in bemused awe, as a lifelong crony capitalist, whose fortune was built on the political connections of his father, further exploited by himself, managed to con people into believing that he was an outsider, a populist crusader and a maverick. Holy fuck!!


      • Jeremy,

        “Bemused awe…Holy Fuck!”

        I feel ya.

        Ray-gun’s “Government is the problem” got me.

        But there was no doubt in my mind that Trump would prove Ronnie to be a piker.

        I’m impressed he accomplished what he did in such a short time

        I sincerely hope Biden can keep up the pace.

        Looking forward to when long pork is on everyone’s dinner plate. And the doctors go back to their time honored “practice” of grave robbing.

        Pardon the pun Jeremy.

        I’m hard pressed to find anything less that will cure what ails us.

        • Tuan (Does that rhyme with ‘Juan’? Well it does in KY, where it’s pronounced Jew-Anne”!)

          These observations of the inevitable outcome make me glad I believe in Divine intervention -that the unrestrained rule of men over other men on earth will be coming to end- because if that were not so, the process we are now witnessing would just keep repeating itself over and over again, as it has for most of the history of humankind- only with each succeeding incarnation being ultimately worse than it’s predecessors.

          Now you muct excuse me; I have a date with “Jew-Anne”. 😀

          • Nunzio,

            Like I’ve said Jesus came and went a long while ago.

            What you’re living in is what he talked about in his “hey join me” phase.

            Welcome to the “see what I was talking about” phase

    • That’s dated. Earlier this week the official experimental gene therapy death tool was well north of 3000. And now it is emerging that the “spike protein” which it alters you to make is allegedly a PRION?

      This is going to be a hell of a mess when the Jakob-Kreutzfeld dying ugly starts to ramp up over the next year. God help us.

      • I am pretty much beyond caring what happens to the mindlessly compliant.

        Encourage everyone to get the shot. Best case, it is a gullibility test that wipes out the too dim to question government motives.

        Hate to say it but, I am all for depopulation. As long as it is voluntary and the warning information is available to those who wish to ignore it, let’s get rid of some deadwood.

        People are not rare or endangered. We can lose plenty with no threat to society. Would prefer it was the 0.1% mega-consumer-rich first, but losing many of the arrogant but ignorant to the point of stupidity drones, would not be a bad runner up prize.

  16. When people start dropping like flies due to some unforeseen long term effect of the not-vaccine, he’ll be the ready scapegoat to take the blame.
    All of a sudden the people promoting the death jab today will have always opposed it. The future truth tellers who point out their lies will get the same treatment as the truth tellers of today get.
    The fact that OM can’t see this coming makes me doubt his intelligence. 4D chess this ain’t. Maybe he’ll get it when he’s on trial for crimes against humanity and looks around and sees that there is no Fauci, Gates or Senile Pedophile standing in front of the bench with him.

  17. People forget that he was meeting with Big Pharma, even before the plandemic, to hammer out ways to stem vaccine hesitancy. He met with Gates and on the flip side he met with Kennedy who tried to warn him. In the end, he is a friend of Big Pharma.

    • Hi Pappa,

      I’d vote for Kennedy over the Orange Man; RFK, Jr. is a liberal but he is not evil; he strikes me as a basically decent man. Orange Man not so much.

      • QFT! I watch RFK, Jr. when I can, and I read his website. I agree; he’s basically a decent man who cares about his fellow man. I may not agree with him on everything, but he’s sincere. He’s also right about The Holy Jab; if he weren’t, Big Tech and the rest of The Establishment wouldn’t be trying so hard to SILENCE him…

        • I wanted to like RFK Jr. but for someone so well connected for so long, how has he had no success? I think it’s all theater, RFK Jr matters as much as voting…it’s all simulated and the only way it ends is when people stop insisting on trying to legitimize government, stop being willing victims of Stockholm Syndrome and start being responsible for themselves.

          • The response to good cop bad cop has nada to do with will. The cuckoos nest is stocked up with syndrome. That’s a feature, not a bug.

          • Amen, Moose!
            THAT is the only viable answer. Everything else amounts to collectivism or some form of monarchy- some form of tyranny, which is always antithetical to personal liberty/autonomy.
            If we vote, we are voting for someone to rule us, and to rule our neighbors. I don’t consent to anyone ruling me, nor do I presume to determine who is entitled to rule my neighbors, other than themselves.

  18. I cannot understand the disciples of Trump. He did almost nothing to improve our situation in general. He served one and only one purpose, and that purpose ended the day he was elected. The people wanted to inform the Psychopaths In Charge that they were not happy, and electing Trump definitely sent the message. Just look at the rage among them he generated. But sticking by him after he was elected, and displayed he was no more than a go along to get along guy who happened to enjoy annoying the hell out of his opponents, handed the keys back to the very same Psychopaths In Charge.

    • The sheeple like a good show and Trump was a doozy. Even better than the Obama show. In the end though, it’s back to business as usual.

      • Oh, it’s back to much more than business as usual. The slave owners took notice of the slave revolt, between Trump and Brexit, and now we’re all being crucified along the Appian Way.

        It won’t work, and the Romans eventually lost it all, but in the meanwhile that’s cold comfort as we gasp for breath on these crosses and remember what was and could have been.


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