Reader Question: Car Bras?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom asks: Do you remember “car bras”-  those ridiculous add-ons that scratched the paint? I swear I saw an article about a bra that “absorbed” police radar, making your car a stealth vehicle. The photo was of such a bra on a Posrche.  Am I dreaming, or did they really exist, and if so, can we still get them?

My reply: Car bras were popular as protection – against paint chips, which became a problem when most cars lost their chrome-plated steel external bumpers – which were replaced by painted plastic “fascias.” This problem has been addressed to some extent via the application (at the factory) of a clear-finish protective layer.

As far as offering any protection against radar . . . I doubt it. The radar pulses would need to be absorbed or deflected in some way, as by the special paint and angular/faceted surfaces used by the military. In any event, I don’t know of any bra maker that makes any such claim and I’d need to see proof of effectiveness (or not) before saying anything about it, either way. 

A radar detector is still your best friend as regards avoiding a ticket (extortion demand) for “speeding.” It is by no means foolproof but it does greatly reduce the odds you’ll be the one mulcted today. Or tomorrow.

I used to get at least one extortion note annually, prior to bringing a radar detector with me.

Now, I get one maybe once every 5-6 years or so. The thing has saved my literally thousands of dollars.

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