Video Rant: 2019 Mazda CX-5 & Orange Man

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Here’s a look at the newly muscled-up Mazda CX-5 from one of the few car companies that hasn’t guzzled the EV Kool Aid!

Also some thoughts about the Orange Man and the gas tax, which he is apparently thinking about increasing.

If he does, it’s not just Orange Man Bad.

It will be Orange Man Stupid.

. . .

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  1. Eric –

    If Orange man does decide to raise the gasoline tax, we are cooked. I don’t think that there should be any federal involvement in highway infrastructure at all. If a new highway needs to be built, states should simply build toll roads as they did beginning in the 1930s. The first limited access highways were toll roads which were funded by users. The PA turnpike had no speed limit. The CT Turnpike ran as a highway until 1985. Much of Kentucky’s highway system started out as a toll road. Since, the tolls have been taken off. The state has a law that says the tolls come down within two years of the highway being paid off. States should follow that model. They do this without federal subsidies or pay offs.

    The problem with the federal tax is that it concentrates power with the federal government. With that, you get seat belt laws, national speed limits and overtime ticket blitzes from zealous traffic cops. We don’t need that either.

  2. Would be more money for roads and bridges from the existing gas tax if it wasn’t spent on “mass” transit, bike trails and other non road and bridges nonsense that gets diverted money.


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