If the Left Wins . . .

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The Left insists that if people don’t vote for the Left on Tuesday, it constitutes what the Left styles a “threat to our Democracy.”

But what if they do?

Then it is all-but-certain there will be as much “democracy” in this country as there was in countries such as the German Democratic Republic – the former East Germany – or is, in the current Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.

Also National Socialist Germany, where “democracy” voted in the National Socialists. After which there was no more voting.

Leftists love that kind of “democracy.” Which, to be fair, is the only kind of “democracy” there can be.

In a country where “the people” are said to rule, only a few people actually rule. They are the people who claim to speak for the people. They are the people who tell the people what they’ll do. Americans got a taste of that kind of rule in early 2020 and for the ensuing several years.

The people were told to stop working. To stop visiting. To put distance between themselves and other people. To wear garments the people had never voted must be worn. Then told by the people – the ones in charge of “our democracy” – that they must submit themselves to being injected with drugs “the people” were never given the opportunity to vote nay or yay on.

The CDC is very “democratic.” So also Dr. Fauci. And Governors Whitmer and Cuomo, too.

That is what “democracy” always is in fact, in practice – as opposed to rhetoric.

It is that inevitably, because it is an impossibility for “the people” to rule,  for “the people’ exist only as a rhetorical device. But the people are fooled into accepting rulership over themselves by the people because it sounds as if they – rather than the people are in charge. The people mostly do not examine the proposition closely and for that reason do not see (perhaps do not want to see) that only a few people – the people – give the orders “the people” are expected to obey.

So it must be in any “democracy” – which is a collective.

And when there is a collective, someone (or a few of them) must run it because in a collective, someone (or a few someones) must decide. Because the actual people – as in the population – constitutes millions of people, each with their own opinions and set of priorities. These must be subordinated to the authority of a handful of people.

And it is these people who have operational control of every “democracy.”

And that is why the Left is very much in favor of “democracy.” Especially “ours.” By which, of course, the Left means theirs.

It is also why the Left never speaks of “our Republic.” That being the form of government specifically and repeatedly mentioned in the documents that formed the ideological as well the legal basis of  . . . our Republic.

As opposed to “our Democracy,” which the men who wrote the founding documents did all they could to prevent from ever coming into being.

A Republic is a form of government in which “the people” do not rule. Rather, the people’s rights are respected – by limiting what the people can do to the people. Rights are defined as individual rather than collective – the latter being an etymological absurdity (as well as a moral atrocity) since collectives have no life and to speak of non-living things as having “rights” is absurd – while insisting these fatuous collective “rights” supersede those of the individual is evil.

The Left likes “democracy,” alright . . . so long as it serves to eliminate what many people think they’re in favor of when the Left uses the term. Just the same as “free speech,” which the Left says it favors so long as it serves to gain them the power to eliminate it.

The common thread being whatever serves the interests of the Left. And the Left is fundamentally interested in one thing only.


Until that is achieved – until that is cemented in place – the Left will speak in gentle bromides about “our democracy,” hoping people will fail to understand until it is too late for dawning realization to matter much.

People understood – too late – in the “democracies” of Eastern Europe. They understand all-too-well in the “democratic” People’s Republic of North Korea.

Here’s to hoping enough Americans understand what is meant by “our democracy” when the Left talks about “threats” to it.

Such as democratically voting it out – before it is no longer possible to do that or anything else about it.

. . .

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  1. The WEF’s Stakeholder Capitalism Is Just Global Fascism By Another Name

    Authored by Brandon Smith

    The concept of “fascism” was originally entered into the Encyclopedia Italiana by Italian philosopher Giovanni Gentile, who stated that “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

    Despite the fact that leftists today often attack conservatives as “fascists” because of our desire to protect national boundaries and western heritage, the truth is that all fascism is deeply rooted in leftist philosophies and thinkers.

    Mussolini was a long time socialist, a member of the party who greatly admired Karl Marx. He deviated from the socialists over their desire to remain neutral during WWI, and went on to champion a combination of socialism and nationalism, what we now know as fascism. Adolph Hitler was also a socialist and admirer of Karl Marx, much like Mussolini. It is actually hard to find where Marx, the communists and the fascists actually differ from each other – A deeper sense of nationalism seems to be one of the few points of contention.

    corporations are viewed as a tool for the eventual transition to a socialist “Utopia” and the death of free markets. Once again, we see there is very little difference in motive between the political left and the fascists. The natural progression of every form of Marxism, communism, socialism, fascism etc. all ultimately lead to a kind of globalist ideology and erasure of cultural separation.

    Globalism requires an overarching social dynamic, a single hive mind, otherwise it cannot survive.

    The new fascism is a re-branded philosophy best represented by something called “Stakeholder Capitalism.” It is a term often used by globalists at the World Economic Forum and the head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab. The media friendly definition of Stakeholder Capitalism is:

    A form of capitalism in which companies do not only optimize short-term profits for shareholders, but seek long term value creation, by taking into account the needs of all their stakeholders, and society at large.

    SHC requires all major corporations to act as a single unit with a single purpose and a unified collectivist ideology – An ideological monopoly.

    The SHC concept is deceptive on its very face because it pretends as if corporations will be held accountable by the public within some form of “business democracy,” as if the public will have a vote on what the corporations do. In reality, it will be corporations telling the public what is acceptable to think and do and corporations in conjunction with governments using their power to punish people who do not agree.

    The great magic trick is that these same unified corporations use the shield of “private property” and business rights as a means to control society without repercussions

    As long as they receive protections from government including monetary stimulus and bailouts, corporations should not enjoy the same private property protections as regular businesses do.

    What are some examples of this kind of corporate/political governance (fascism) in action?

    How about Big Tech social media censorship leaning HEAVILY against conservatives and liberty activists? How about evidence of collusion between Big Tech companies and government, such as the Biden Administration and the DHS working closely with Twitter and Facebook to actively remove voices and viewpoints they don’t like? How about corporate leaders colluding to destroy conservative based social media competitors like Parler?

    How about ESG loans funded by corporate backers such as Blackrock or globalist non-profits like the Rockefeller Foundation?

    And, what about the Council For Inclusive Capitalism? This is the most blatant expression of open global fascism I have ever seen, with money elites and politicians working in concert with the UN and even religious leaders like Pope Francis. Their goal is to institute a single centralized world governing platform built around the same agendas outlined in ESG and SHC, making corporations members of a new global council which they refer to as “The Guardians.”

    Klaus Schwab takes special care to mention often that global crisis events are the “opportunity” that is needed to push the public into the arms of Stakeholder Capitalism through a nexus point called “The Great Reset.”


  2. A lot of conservatives talk about restoring the constitution. I used to be one of them. Although if it was followed as “written”, it would be better than what we have now, especially with things like gun control (there wouldn’t be any). It still gives too much power to the federal level, and that’s how it grows, over time (progressives “living” constitution con). So even if we could reign it back (we haven’t been able to in a meaningful way), it will grow back even if it takes time (decades). So you will have the battle of keeping it small forever, because the mechanism of it leads to government growth (aka funding etc).

    We need something more like the original constitution of the US,
    “The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union”. There really wasn’t anything “wrong” with the articles of Confederation at least for the average citizen. It was weak on purpose, wasn’t able to raise funding (direct taxes) on its own, and was mostly symbolic. States could but largely didn’t fund it. So of course it had to go because some power hungry folks thought a strong national government would create a more “unified” front (largely to other countries).

    But its the way it should be, the power down more local, where average people can keep it under control and harder for the elite to control because its so decentralized.

  3. If Katie Hobbs wins AZ I’m going full out white domestic terrorist by lib standards. I mean the vote steal is so OBVIOUS, accept living under a communist dictatorship or shut up basically, Will be an interesting 48 hours.

    • Kari Lake’s campaign sign is an old maroon-colored Arizona license plate bearing her name. Katie Hobbs? No idea. Have not seen a single Katie Hobbs campaign sign, anywhere, ever. Hobbs might as well be a ghost candidate where I live, a figment of the imagination.

    • Kari Lake down by 10 points…I call bull shit. They had her up by 10 points in the polls. Were the polls really 20 points off? I guess it is true. It doesn’t matter who votes, but who counts the votes.

      Tonight was an absolute shlacking to the Republicans. Black men and Hispanics moved to the GOP, but Dems won seats by 5 to 10 points? Inflation at an all time high? But, constituents shrugged their shoulders and said, “we’re good with that? A man who cannot complete a sentence and cannot handle the requirements of his job won Pennsylvania?

      The fourth quarter is expected to be dismal. At this point I say let her rip. If people truly voted this way then they deserve what comes.

      The country can’t be saved.

      • Kari Lake has recovered to 48.9%, versus 51.1% for Katie Hobbs, with 62% of ballots counted.

        She can catch up and win if the remaining 38% of ballots lean Republican.

        Not giving up yet.

      • And Pritzker and Hochul easily winning in IL and NY after running their states into the groound with a massive crime wave and histotric out migration? A no-cash bail retard winning in PA? The lizards are enjoying their cocktails tonight.

      • RG,

        Yesterday, I did some digging on our county’s board of elections website; I perused the summary results. You know what I found? In every case, the GOP candidate TROUNCED the Dem on Election Day; it wasn’t even close! IOW, if just Election Day votes (you know, voting in person at your precinct on Election Day), it was no contest. The margins, just in my county, were 5,000 votes, minimum; often, they were five figures. Ah, but once the mail ballots were counted, everything changed! Once the mail ballots were factored in, the Dem carried the day.

        I’ll site the Oz vs. Fetterman race as an example. On Election Day, Oz beat Fetterman by more than 14,000 votes-not even close. When the mail ballots were counted, Fetterman got 20,000 more votes than Oz; i.e. Fetterman got 20K more mail ballot votes than Oz got (it was about 27K mail ballots for Fetterman vs. about 7K for Oz). This resulted in Fetterman “winning” by about 6,000 votes.

        It was the same story in almost all the other races. In the governor’s race, it was the same story. On Election Day votes only, Mastriano handily won; with the mail ballots, Shapiro “won”. In my Congress critter’s race, again, it was the same story. If only Election Day votes were counted, the GOP candidates easily won; when mail ballots were factored in, the Dems won like 2/3-3/4 of the races in my county.

        I call BS on that! It’s been said that people vote with their pocket books. James Carville, who ran Bill Clinton’s 1992 winning campaign, summed it up with the pithy, little saying, “It’s the economy, stupid”. SO! With record high inflation, we’re supposed to believe people are all right with the Dems, i.e. the party in power? With record fuel prices, both gas and Diesel, we’re supposed to believe people are cool with that? With people’s pocketbooks and wallets being so negatively and obviously affected as of late, why didn’t more people vote with their pocketbooks this time, hmmm? To ask those questions is to answer them, I think. To ask those questions point to an obvious answer: a rigged election.

        • Hi Mark,

          I’m with you. I do not trust mail in ballots (absentee is fine), but when they send a mass array of ballots to everyone that have not been requested by the voter, cheating is going to happen. I have always loved the left and right’s argument that fraud rarely happens in elections. Either they are stupid or liars. Most people’s moral code is about nil. If no one is watching, they will happily take the $100 off the kitchen table (not meant for them), bang the hot neighbor next door (although they are married), and use someone else’s ballot to vote. Most will then rationalize this that they did nothing wrong.
          “I didn’t know the money wasn’t mine.”
          “My wife is fat, and I don’t want to have sex with her.”
          “Well, eight ballots came to my mailbox. I thought maybe they didn’t receive the first seven I filled out and sent me a new one.”

          It is the world we live in. The older I get I find less and less to have any true integrity.

  4. More than 2,000 years ago, Plato described in “The Republic” the process by which democracy inevitably descends into tyranny. We have seen that exact process being played out since at least the 1930s. It actually started somewhat earlier with the advent of the Progressive movement, but came to fruition during the Franklin Roosevelt administration.

    For all of its faults, the US Constitution was based on a remarkable concept: a government that had only specific powers granted by the people, instead of the universal practice up to that time of a populace that had only the rights granted by the government. Because the framers understood Plato and the history since his time, they included various anti-democratic provisions in the Constitution. Those provisions have proven to be inadequate against the onslaught of Progressive ideology.

    The primary tool used by the Progressives was convincing the people that democracy, instead of liberty, was the ideal. Everything followed from that. We are now perilously close to seeing the end of liberty: almost all Americans are convinced that democracy is the answer to their problems, while in fact it merely gives a patina of legitimacy to the rulers who would enslave them.

  5. The leftist/communists that were running twitter were criminals…stealing money from customers/guests…this is your typical leftist….

    Elon Musk on Nov. 5 confirmed claims that Twitter employees were selling verification badges for certain users.

    “Twitter employees were selling verification for upwards of $15,000. For certain accounts, they would refuse to verify you through the standard application and then privately offer to verify you for $$ behind the scenes. Investigation needed,” WSBChairman—a user with 900,000 followers—claimed on the platform on Nov. 5.
    Musk confirmed that user’s claim, responding: “Yup.”


  6. “We Know When People are Bullshitting Us”

    Time Machine: Weimar Germany outlawed “hateful speech” to try to stop the Nazis. When the Nazis took power regardless, they used the censorship powers to control the narrative.
    Flashing Warning: They’re losing control of the narrative…

    A Hispanic owned restaurant in South Phoenix, Arizona used to be an unofficial democrat headquarters:

    ​​Now the owner says: “Our community, we may not be educated at the highest levels, but we have a lot of street smarts. We know when people are bullshitting us. You know what they say to Democrats now? ‘Es pura cábula.’ Bunch of bullshit.”
    Miami-Dade, which went to Hillary by 29% points in 2016 now in play for Republicans
    The bottom line: People are sick of constantly being “spun” to. “We know when people are bullshitting us.”

    This is the dominant issue of the 2022 elections.
    Lefties thought that they could achieve power by gaslighting stupid voters.
    Americans got sick and disgusted by the constant lying and are holding Democrats accountable.
    Blame Saul Alinsky. Blame Stalin. Blame the Bolsheviks.

    This difference between Dems and Republicans’ attitudes towards the globalist elites is that the Republicans want to eliminate them and the Dems want to join them.


  7. A smoking-gun public declaration of premeditated crime:

    As early Election Day results come in on Tuesday, it will likely appear that a Republican candidates vying for any number of the federal or statewide races appear to be leading their Democratic opponents, even by large margins.

    Their leads will dwindle, or crumble completely, after perceived “dumps” of votes are recorded by state election officials who count mail-in and absentee ballots in the days — or even weeks — following Election Day.

    This is likely to occur again on Tuesday, according to election experts, because of the same cocktail of factors that led to a “red mirage” in 2020: Democrats have continued to use mail-in voting more than their Republican counterparts, while some of the same decisive states will take a longer time to tally their mail-in, absentee and provisional ballots due to state laws that prohibit their count until late stages in the electoral process.

    And it’s likely to occur in some of the same states where the phenomenon presented itself last cycle — in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. — ABC ‘News’


    Just the normal 3 am blue shift, comrades. Don’t let it trouble your little tussle-heads. Kindly experts from the Justice Department are keeping it ‘all legal’ — you can count on us!

    • Elections! Brought to you by the same people who made men ‘walk on the Moon’….but who then lost virtually all evidence of that event once the public started asking troubling questions and personal computers became a thing…….

      Maybe NASA is counting the votes…..

  8. Fauci is a fraud, Trump let him run the show, Trump is the culprit who perpetrated the entire mess. You knew the moment Trump donned the presidential mask that he caved, became a total sellout.

    Remember, Kary Mullis said that Fauci doesn’t know what he is talking about. Kary Mullis won a Nobel Prize in science for developing the polymerase chain reaction.

    In August of 2019, Kary Mullis passed, a rather suspicious untimely demise.

    Fauci is nothing more than a propagandist brainwashing the populace with weasel words and just plain bs. I’ll forgive Fauci for being a dupe, a kakistocrat with no understanding, forgetting isn’t going to happen. Pounding sense into him is a fool’s errand.

    There is an excuse for ignorance, but not for stupidity.

    When you vote today in the 2022 election, you vote for more idiocracy beginning with Ukraine.

    What’s another 100,000,000,000 dollars?

    The beer depot opens at 8:00 AM, got work to do today.

    • I read Mullis’ book, “Dancing In The Mind Field”, Drumphish, and it was a good one. Mullis flat-out said his PCR test was not to be used to diagnose, because (and he said this on video) it was too sensitive. Jack up the CT (cycle threshold) high enough, and you could test positive for anything they wanted you to be “positive” for-Mullis explained. Folks who have recovered from “COVID” can test positive for up to three months after. My local hospital’s CT is 37-way too high, but I have heard other hospitals go as high as 45. And yeah (LOL), I watched that video, of Mullis flat-out criticizing Fauci, saying that Fauci did not know a damned thing about science. And how convenient that Mullis died August of 2019…of “pneumonia” and right before all this COVID SHTF. One has to wonder what he would have made of the world mis-using his PCR test…

  9. RE: “If the Left Wins . . .”

    This interview was interesting, esp. RE: the, “IF” part:


    One of the many bits which linger in my mind is when they talked about how a ~ Grand Jury, or something, concluded: ~”There’s Never Been An Honest Legitimate Election In Chicago, Ever.”

    Not really a surprise, it was just ‘something else’ to hear it said out loud like they did. …Then, extrapolate on your own to the rest of the country & the world.
    (I would like to see Kari Lake win, she seems honest & real, the machine might steamroll her? Idk.)

    Also, I read somewhere, “Why can’t we count paper ballots like they do in Europe?”

    I don’t know if that is true or not, seems like a good idea, imagining the vote counters being honest, … I suppose it’s likely the odds of that are better than voting machines being un-hackable in spite of all the ballot harvesting shenanigans. Idk.

    My focus is on applying silicon caulk, I got three days left, after that, the temps will be 35 degrees or lower, probably until Spring. ~Some similarities there with The Big Picture? Idk.

  10. Notice how the communist dems say that WE conservatives are a threat to their “democracy”…Yes we are and proudly so, WE are not a democracy, WE are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC!!!!!! No true democracy, alos known as MOB-ocracy (Rule by MOB) can survive. Our founders set this nation up as a REPUBLIC for a damn good reason, so that EVERY state would get REPRESENTATION, if we were a democracy, then only 3 or 4 states would choose the president every time……..think about it, the dems want us to be a “true democracy” so they can RULE……..

    • Well, no. They don’t want a, “true democracy” ’cause then we’d all get to vote if/when we go to war & how much $ we give for that.

      …Nope, their so-called, “democracy” is a whole nother monster they are wanting.

      ‘Remember These Important Facts Before You Vote on Tuesday’

      “… “The test of fascism is not one’s rage against the Italian and German war lords. The test is — how many of the essential principles of fascism do you accept and to what extent are you prepared to apply those fascist ideas to American social and economic life?” …


      Anyway, it seems like you might find the USAWatchdog interview I linked above interesting. Idk.

  11. Around here, NC, and others I’ve spoken to around the country, are seeing Dems run Roe v Wade fear ads and implying criminal activity on the part of R’s.

    They seem to have forgotten their own Ragin’ Cajun James “Serpent Head” Carville. He nailed it during Clinton’s first term, “IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!!”

    Dems can rant all they want about “democracy” and abortion but, when the average person goes to the store (of any kind) and sees their purchasing power in the tank, that’s a bucket of cold water in the face. And no amount of theoretical fear mongering can wipe it away.

    • Election (n.): Stage show in which John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson accuse each other of being crooks while each vying for the official approval of the majority to rob them. Despite the antics of the show and the feigned abhorrence for each other during the show, both parties will split the proceeds of the robberies which the winner is given sanction to commit.

  12. If the Left actually does cheat the R-party out of its landslide victory, buckle down:

    What does Martin Armstrong’s Socrates program see for next week? Armstrong says, “It’s going to be tight, and the Republicans have a shot at taking the House. Technically, they should take the House and the Senate. I am just not sure. The corruption is so bad, it’s crazy.”

    “Pennsylvania sent out hundreds of thousands of ballots to people who are not documented or even American. I’ve gotten emails from people in Canada, they are getting mail-in ballots. They mailed them to Canada.

    “Where this ends up, who knows? It’s just so corrupt, it is over the top. It doesn’t matter who wins. Nobody is going to accept this thing, and that is the problem. We may not even have an election in 2024. It is not looking very good, and it’s probably because this 2022 election is not going to be accepted.

    “The United States will not exist after 2032. After 2028 and 2029, we are going to have to redesign a government from scratch. America is being destroyed. Republics always end in absolute corruption. We just saw the same thing happen in Brazil. They staged a major effort to take Bolsonaro out.

    “This is a worldwide effort. They had to get rid of Trump. The other one who stood in their way is Bolsonaro. Then there is Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China). I think you are going to have historians look back at this fifty years from now, and they will call this period ‘The Climate Change Wars.’ They are trying to take down as much oil energy capacity as possible.

    Our computer is showing it’s going to be a rocket launch for volatility and civil unrest next year.


    Now that’s some hardball, Mad Max, armor-plated doom ‘n gloom! We’ll know by Wednesday whether this nightmare scenario is unspooling.

    How? Either AP ‘News’ headlines, “Republicans retake House and Senate” … or else “Joe Biden’s” malignant “it’s going to take days” Operation Condor engages as planned.

  13. In any Democracy ‘the Left’ always wins. Because all Political Parties are some variant of Socialist.

    How could it be otherwise?

    It doesn’t matter how you Vote, you will experience the loss of your Property Rights. But, you can console yourself in the knowledge that BECAUSE you chose Democracy, you actively rejected those Rights.

    • bogbeagle,
      Indeed! Democracy: The 51% holding a gun to the head of the 49% and demanding the 49% obey the 51%. How I long for a benevolent king, rare as they may be, to take us out the other side of this catastrophe.

  14. Republicans and Democrats have most voters just where they want them –
    playing the Rs against the Ds and vice versa, while ignoring that both
    parties work together to keep honest competition off the ballot.

    “America would like to have more choices but the Republicans and
    Democrats have gotten together, colluded in essence, to keep
    competition out. If we did that in the private sector, people who
    did it would be in jail. But it’s almost impossible to get third party
    movements going now in America because the Republicans
    and Democrats have rigged the rules.”
    – Richard Viguerie

    My political button reads “Don’t blame me I Voted Libertarian”.

    • libertyx,
      The Libertarian party is not much better. They think the only problem is that they aren’t in charge of FedGov. When FedGov IS the problem.
      I would favor having 100 candidates to choose from. Just like beer. And taking months to come up with a winner. The slower the better. But that ain’t the American way. “We want happy, and we want it now.”

      • Hi John.

        The national party is a disgrace. It has been for many, many years. Even with the Mises faction in power, there are limits to what they can do. As many from the start have said, our main focus should be on local matters. Start with the small towns, then expand out to the counties. From there to the larger towns. Once you have enough support go to the state level. This is a long term project of education and making certain people understand our principles. Its also about making sure that those principles stay the main focus. Personally, I view the entire system as corrupt, corrupting and Illegitimate. How can it not be? At its very foundation it is based upon the delegation of coercion, and might makes right (majority rule).

        Until people realize that government has nothing that it doesn’t first TAKE from the present or the future, they will continue to place ever more chains upon themselves, and their children.

  15. Ummmmm….. unless you weren’t paying attention in 2020, let us remember that there are no elections, only selections, and not by the idiots eagerly “voting”.

    They made it clear with Creepy Joe’s Weekend at Bernies selection.

    It’s all on autopilot now. Just waiting for the shooting to start I reckon.

  16. As much as I agree with everyone here, I voted for the first time in 20 years for Kari Lake, AZ governor’s race. I’ve never heard anyone as articulate as her mop the floor with the media. Very special candidate. If she’s controlled opposition, well that’s a chance I’m willing to take over the awful other choice. If Lake doesn’t win in AZ, you’ll know that “they” aren’t even bothering to hide the tyranny that’s descended upon us. Nunz, Jesus Christ 2-6 more years of Trump would be hell

    • Kari Lake has those crazy eyes, in a good way. I envision a scenario where they let the republicans sweep across the country and still try to steal AZ. I mean come on, Who’s in charge of counting the votes again in Az? SOS. I agree Kari is a special gal. If she somehow becomes Gov and secures the border, she’s a shoe in for Prez.

      Maybe she’ll throw in a little succession talk, Pharma busting, banning transgenders from schools, withholding our withholding from Mordor, hey, its entirely possible. They know they need to do a better job entertaining us with some new narratives. So why not?

      If they steal it Katie Hobbs will never have the consent of the governed. Anyone who listens to her talk for more than 2 minutes hates her, she causes a visceral reaction in me and I suspect I’m not alone. She’ll probably hide out her whole term in an underground bunker, because HATE.

        • She would be unstoppable if she picked up where Trump dropped the ball. It would be a wonder to behold, as a gully washers of snowflake tears carried the lefties away to points north, south, east, and west.

    • left wins = more of this……..

      leftists they are the jackboots of the new world order.

      written by Brandon Smith:

      They are the ONLY group of people that has consistently supported mass surveillance, mass censorship and deplatforming, mass violence, property destruction and looting as well as violations of individual rights through medical mandates and lockdowns.

      Leftists are afraid to question anything within their own circles. To dissent on the smallest detail is to be a heretic, a traitor to the cause. They use the word “diversity” all the time, like a battle cry, but when confronted with true diversity (diversity of thought), they panic and react violently.

      Leftists don’t actually care about diversity; they only care that you have blind allegiance to the collective. Stray but a little, and the mob will come for your head. They LOVE plantations, they love slavery; as long as they own the plantations and they control the slaves.

      A natural consequence of this Animal Farm mentality is that irony and hypocrisy is lost on the followers of such movements. They project all their shortcomings and crimes on others. The devils they see in conservatives are actually the devils they see in the mirror everyday. That said, the higher up you get in the leftist pyramid, the less it becomes hypocritical and the more it becomes malicious and deliberate.

      The gaslighting, the word association propaganda, the selective memory hole they use to erase historical facts that contradict their ideology, the people at the top and their lackeys KNOW exactly what they are doing. They don’t care that their claims are hypocritical or outright fraudulent. They know they are lying, they know they are gaslighting. They’re not interested in being right, they are only interested in WINNING.

      There is much more going on here than meets the eye. There is a great deal of power and money behind the rise of the hard left ideology and there are certain people that benefit from it’s expansion.

      Leftists like to view themselves as the “underdogs” or revolutionaries fighting against “the man”. However, every resource of global power brokers has been offered in support of the political left. The “Man” is the ally of the leftists; in some ways he is even the creator of the leftist movement.

      They aren’t revolutionaries at all; they are the jackboots of the new world order.

      It was globalist institutions like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation that funded different elements of the feminist movement and “gender studies” movements from the late 1960’s onward. This included the Rockefeller Foundation’s large donations to ‘The Feminist Press’ and the Ford Foundation’s programs to indoctrinate university professors into injecting social justice talking points into their curriculum.

      That’s right folks, social justice activism was paid for and encouraged by the so-called “patriarchy”. This is reality, and it never stopped.

      Even today SJW groups are funded by globalists. For example, as the mainstream media often tries to dismiss or ignore,

      Black Lives Matter was initially funded by the Ford Foundation and George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. BLM coffers were flooded with over $100 million from uber rich white elites.

      Again, this is a FACT that even the dishonest spin doctors at Snopes are not able to deny. Instead, they attempt to use strawman arguments and sophistry to distract from the implication of extreme-left mobs receiving seed money from elitist billionaires.

      But let’s follow this path even further: Who gets the support of the mainstream media behemoths? Conservatives or leftists? The answer is obvious.

      What about Big Tech platforms? Do they enforce leftist ideological standards? Do they censor conservative viewpoints predominantly or leftist viewpoints predominantly? The reality is that conservatives are deplatformed from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook far more than leftists, this is verifiable fact.

      When alternative platforms like Parler are built, are they allowed to simply exist? Of course not! The leftists rampage in an effort to destroy them, but the leftists would have no power without the backing of corporate monopolies like Apple, Google and Amazon. Not only does Big Tech aid the leftists in their Jihad against conservatives, but the government does as well.

      They don’t just go after alternative platforms, they try to go after web service providers. And when alternative platforms move to more freedom oriented service providers like Epik, the leftists get government support in order to intimidate them also.

      Leftists revel in the argument that “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences”; they seem to think it is rather clever. I would say, actually, yes, that’s EXACTLY what freedom of speech means.

      Freedom of speech means that no single group of people is allowed to use fear, intimidation and punishment to compel silence in other groups or individuals that disagree with them. With corporate monopoly and government on their side, it is clear that leftists have appointed themselves the sole arbiters of “consequence”, and this violates the constitution in every conceivable way.

      The collusion between government, corporations and extremist ideological movements is the classical definition of fascism.

      And, just as the Third Reich enjoyed immense funding, investment and industrial support from globalists and corporations in the decade leading up to WWII,

      the political left is enjoying immense support from the global corporate oligarchy today. You cannot be “anti-fascist” while you are colluding with fascists.

      quote from byrne……….(when you get your new nwo/ccp/un/.0001% government) “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China,”

      The Chinese regime has been killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs for more than 20 years, according to a panel of experts who attended a virtual conference hosted by the advocacy group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) on Nov. 19, and independent investigations.
      the track record of communist governments is a horror story:

      They have littered the 20th century with 160 million corpses, not foreign people killed in a time of war, but their own people, killed by their own governments in times of peace.
      Over 66 million slaughtered under communism in the Soviet Union,
      over 69 million murdered in Red China.
      Over two Million killed under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

      The millions more killed under Mengistu in Ethiopia, under Samora Machel in Mozambique, and Agestino Neto in Angola and under Fidel Castro in Cuba.”

      when communists take over: The third stage instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.
      This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned.
      note: this is the interesting part, when the communists takeover, leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated. for one they know too much.

      • **”They are the ONLY group of people that has consistently supported mass surveillance, mass censorship and deplatforming, mass violence, property destruction and looting as well as violations of individual rights through medical mandates and lockdowns.”**

        Yeah, whereas the right does the same through ‘wars’- like ‘wars on terror’, ‘wars on drugs’….actual war wars; putting a pig in every school…….

        Forget about educating the public about liberty and politics….too many libertarians need to first come to realize that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the R’s and the D’s, except for the words they speak and the audience they pander to. They all do the same thing, and they are all working to destroy liberty and what was once America, and to usher in the NWO, for they are nothing more than puppets for their Zionist masters.

        The R’s are nothing but closeted D’s. They all work for the same pimps; the D’s are just the $20 whores who love the filthy things they do, and make no bones about them, while the R’s are the baptists who wear suits and go to church and don’t acknowledge the guy they sodomized for $500 last Wednesday when they pass him on the street.

        • to usher in the NWO, for they are nothing more than puppets…..

          Right….the elite rulers at the top nobody talks about, who actually run the planet……all practicing satanists too……

          How do like our new antichrist satanist leaders so far?

          The control group at the top of the world pyramid of power are satanists, they are deep into the occult, this is very dangerous, you will end up possessed with demons.

          These monsters think/say they are the new gods, a long time ago there was a warning about an antichrist taking over, the antichrist is multiple as in antichrists, there is 3000 monsters at the top controlling this reset, they are the antichrists, replacing a good god, with satan.

          The new olympians, the guardians, that is what the globalist/satanist/one world government trash call themselves, the new gods.

          need to hire this priest
          a priest in rome said if these elite nobility/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist demons had been around in the middle ages, they would have been hanged, he says they would have been immediately seen as evil demons. today we are blinder, dumber. these leaders are deep into satanism they are all possessed, should be turned over to that priest to deal with.

          Liberalism & wokism is a sickness, that comes from a psychotic, narcissistic, prideful mind, & a bankrupt heart, with a soul that is filled with evil.


          The Rake is a demon who is working with the Slender Man and the CIA (The Occult globalist Nazi Pedophiles) to help them with their child trafficking agenda who in return is given ancient occult magic for him to consume so he can become a more powerful demonic entity. Watch this video here on the Rake so you can learn how to protect you and your family from these demons

          the Rake is a demonic entity that may be related to the Slender Man. If this is the case, then this means that the Rake is a mutated proxy who is harvesting the organs of lost children for the Slender Man, organs filled with adrenochrome.

          The Rake has a reputation for terrorizing its victims before actually killing them. The most accurate theory is that the Rake is working with the Slender Man to give harvested adrenochrome organs and blood to the globalist Occultist Nazis in exchange for Occult knowledge and magic.


          • Our leaders at the top of the power pyramid on the planet are all satanists, worshiping satan (most of hollywood too now), this is supposed to be dangerous because you are inviting demons (spirits) into your body, so our leaders are all possessed, they are all insane now (insane, possessed = the same thing), this would explain why they want to cull 7 billion humans, that is not normal.

            so the reality of them inviting the demon of death (forced extermination injections) into the entire world population sounds logical, these bastards are all possessed. The government/church/medical system is one huge satanic religious cult now, and all the leftist/communists/satanists enabling it and collaborating with it are crazy.

            Derek Prince talking about getting rid of demons, one example is inviting in the demon of death at 1:03 in the video…

            This is a pretty interesting video.


            • The spirit of death comes to make you die, satan is a murder who kills physically, he often uses the spirit of death.

              If you are depressed and you say…I wish I was dead….you might be welcoming in the spirit of death….

              MAID is medical assistance in death….in practicing this the government/medical system are an instrument of satan.

              The nazi needle was MAID, but no one asked for MAID, (because they weren’t informed of the real purpose), …in fact it was mandated….their new gaia satanic cult religion said it was necessary because people are useless eaters, destroying everything….

              • The monsters mandating the nazi needle say….no way…it is safe and effective…..


                The bureaucrats behind this killer vaccine KNOW what happened in previous animal testing with mrna vaccines.

                ALL OF THEM WENT INTO A CYTOKINE STORM. This is when the immune system attacks itself destroying every organ in the body. It is a rapid death. IT KILLED EVERY ANIMAL IN THE STUDY. cool, a vaccine with a 100% death rate.

                The only other RNA vaccine ever approved killed the horses it was supposed to save…..you better be stronger then a horse….

                And this mRNA shot is pure madness if you care to look. The technology was patented in 1991 and has never been used on humans (so you get to be the first guinee pig, good luck with that, bringacoffin) because every single animal study has shown horrific results.

                mRNA vaccines hijack the body’s cells, invading ribosomes and causing them to churn out non-human proteins which invade the blood. These proteins cause the body to attack itself in a “cytokine storm” of inflammation and autoimmune disorders, resulting in neurological damage, infertility, tissue damage and even death.

                MRNA vaccines intervene directly in the patient’s genetic material and, therefore, they change individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, something that has been banned and so far considered criminal.

                after unprecedented MRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat vaccine symptoms complementarily. They will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured by simply removing toxins from the human body, just as you can’t cure a person with a genetic defect such as Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, Disease genetic heart, haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc. ), because genetic defect is forever! dead or permanently disabled, gimped.

                Added bonus in shot……….The Covid 19 vaccines will have a bacteria that’s a contaminant—mycoplasma pneumonias. It’s a very common bacteria used as a contaminant. This really has nothing to do with the vaccine itself but they have it in there. So you are getting an infection on top of the vaccine.

        • there is a difference between conservatives and leftists, which should be sold to young people….

          jordan peterson on the leftist/maxists

          the root of the problem….
          Our society needs to figure out how to stop shunting public tax money to radical left-wing liberal activists.

          the postmodernist Marxists liberals just basically pulled a sleight-of-hand, and said, ‘Okay if it’s not the poor against the rich than it’s the oppressed against the oppressor.’ We’ll just re-divide the sub-populations in ways that make our bloodied philosophy continue in its movement forward, and that’s where we are now.

          So for the liberal postmodernists, the world is a Hobbesian battleground of identity groups. They do not communicate with one another, because they can’t. All there is, is a struggle for power, and if you’re in the predator group, which means you’re an oppressor, than you better look out, because you’re not exactly welcome. Not exactly welcome, and neither are your ideas. So that’s what you’re up against.

          I would say it’s time for conservatives to stop apologizing for being conservatives.

          You don’t apologize to these people. It’s a big mistake. They read apology as an admission of guilt. You don’t apologize, and you don’t back down.

          the humanities, and much of the social sciences have turned into a postmodernist neo-Marxist playground for liberal radicals. The scholarship is terrible.

          80% of humanities papers are not cited once. Once!

          And so what that means is that they write papers for each other, and they sell them to libraries, and that’s a how the publishers are making money. No one reads them, but the publishers can print them and the libraries have to buy them —

          And they are buying them with your tax money. And so all of you who are sitting here are funding a postmodern radical neo-Marxist liberal agenda that has its roots in the university, and your tax money is going towards it.

          Our society needs to figure out how to stop shunting public tax money to radical left-wing liberal activists.

          So that’s what conservatives and also liberals –true liberals in the English sense– are up against me. What’s happened also as a consequence of this postmodern neo-Marxist intellectual invasion, is the center keeps moving way to the right now, so if you’re a classical liberal, you’ve become a conservative.

          And so for all of you who are interested pursuing the conservative agenda. There’s a lot of classic liberals that you could be talking to.

          conservatives want to maintain things. liberals want to change things (for the worse).

          Well now you conservatives have got something to sell to young people– you can sell them freedom of speech, and you can sell them responsibility.

          The left is selling them rights, you can sell them responsibility.

          I can tell you, because I received many letters of this sort … young people are absolutely starving for someone to provide them with a sense of responsibility, and say look here, here’s something worth living for,


          • See what the problem is there, Anon1?

            Dudes like Peterson don’t want tax money being spent on *this*, but yet they don’t mind it being spent on *that*. It’s not a rejection of leftism[collectivism] it’s just a form of it with different preferences- like the difference between the Communists and the National Socialists.

            “Aiden” wants the tax money spent on day care and welfare, while “Billy” wants the tax money spent on retirement and NASA. In order to reject leftism, one must reject collectivism and the idea that *some people* have the legitimate right to rob you- or that you have the right to rob your neighbor via your “elected representatives”, regardless of what you or they want their money spent on.

            Peterson makes a good show to those of us who reject the absurd and immoral social values and idiotic philosophies of the left….but the trouble, that even if “we” turn the tide and elect those who hold saner values which more closely approximate our own, there will not only still be plenty that we don’t like and which oppress us and many others (Think GWB), and as long as they are practicing collectivism (Forcefully take everyone’s money and have the ones elected by the majority decide how it is spent) it is STILL leftism- just a more conservative incarnation of it.

            It doesn’t matter too much whether they promote faggotry or kill the faggots (Though I’d prefer the latter, of course), just having the power structure to do either means that there can never be liberty- and a true conservative would never want to see the establishment of a state that could do either.

            So even among the best conservatives these days, there really is no alternative for the young or any thinking person- it’s just a matter of “preference”- and delegating your own rights to a collective- and when you deviate with that collective- be it about which bathroom to use or the building of more military bombs, you have no say…you just pay.

            The only way, societally, out of that is when young people realize that they have no choice nor liberty in ANY form of collectivism, be it the Purple-Haired Karen Society or the Ronald Reagan Cop Suckers- but the world these collectivists have created is biog and scary and very expensive…so all they have to do is offer those youngsters a little *assistance* [“What would we do without it?!”] and they won’t balk at the servitude.

            • Hi Nunz,

              I think Peterson is persuadable because he is a thoughtful man who clearly respects facts and logic. I think it is merely a case of his not having thought about politics as much as psychology. I’d love to meet him. He is immensely smart and also immensely humane.

              • Mornin’, E ric,
                Yeah, I’ve only seen a few brief videos of Peterson’s, but I do believe that you are correct. One could say the same about Dinesh D’Souza too. I used to enjoy watching him utterly DESTROY the libtard narrative, with logic and integrity- and no Rush-Limbaugh-esque or Alex-Jonesian blustering/theatrics/BS. These guys definitely have integrity.

                Funny thing is though, whether it’s these guys or people that we know personally- even if ya force them to think about the inconsistencies of their authoritarian politics, I’ve yet to meet one who will ever repent of their ultimate belief in the legitimacy of government “as long as it’s used for good”[or purposes which we desire].

                I learned long ago- even as a child, if someone does not acknowledge the inherent right to self-ownership in themselves and that others equally possess that same right; and if they don’t have an abhorrence of evils such as theft and slavery- regardless of whether such transgressions proceed from a plantation owner, bank robber or elected “official”, they will never be on the side of liberty- they will only be advocates of using tyranny to enforce a better morality than does the left.

                Same with men like Paul Craig Roberts……we may agree with and cheer their morals….but ultimately, they would keep the status quo of the state which would count us it’s enemy the minute we vary from any point of that morality. They’d gladly throw you in jail for smoking a doob or not paying *your* taxes just as gladly as the leftists would for using the wrong pronoun to refer to a mentally ill pervert or for refusing to serve someone who identifies as a bull in your china shop.

  17. Thank goodness I don’t watch TV! I see from some Youtube video titles in passing that Trump is starting his windbag blustering bullshit again! How can anyone stand 2 coming years of this crap?!

    • Nunz – I will not be headed to any polls and intend, as I always do, to enjoy a nice November day ignoring other people’s strange ritualistic fetish of voting. I’m most looking forward to the ads and yard signs going away. Two days left until… nothing changes. Just sucks that the Trump circus redux looms. We can’t get a moments’ peace.

      • Excellent, BAC!
        I will participate in my usual ritual on that day, which includes indicating my disfavor for all involved by depositing an organic item (or several) into a white porcelain bowl, …and then doing what the entire American public should do by ridding my premises of the offensive ‘ballots’ with a loud ‘whooshing’ sound accompanied by lots of cleansing water- sending those items to the underground model of DC which resides in my yard.

        I will then feel quite free, to the point where I must emit a hearty “AHhhh!”.

        • Nunzio and BAC,
          I’ve been where you have been regarding voting as a useless exercise. If our alternative is *do nothing* then we all better have a good plan for survival under the tyranny to come. I have, on occasion, used *do nothing* in business but that was when I had leverage. Do nothing today will only allow the Democrat-Marxist the margin of cheat they need to win. Let’s at least make it difficult for them. That is guerrilla warfare.

          If you have a good candidate that might make a difference in your state that needs a vote, maybe give some thought to voting this one last time…even for it means nothing.

          Wish you the best as always.

          • I too plan to hold my nose & vote. Not because I like any of the candidates, but because it might help keep the system somewhat less dishonest, and there is the possibility of the occasional slight improvement around the margins. I also think that voting third party sends a more effective message than staying home, especially in a close race. “When in doubt, throw them out!”

            • Publius,
              Back before I saw the futility of voting at all, I most often voted for myself, as a write in. Since there was no “none of the above” option.
              It matters not who is elected. The CIA demonstrated in 1963 what happens to those elected that are unwilling to continue the fraud and play the game.

      • Enjoying the Illegitimate Drooling Houseplant are you?

        “The Trump Circus” had the USA in no new wars, a fabulous
        economy, and the collectivists on the run. good job, Turnip.

        • Exactly right. Those who won’t even try to make a difference, but instead sit on their butts while pontificating about truly pointless things like voting Libertarian have no right to complain about the results their inaction brings. Anyone who thinks that Trump was the same as Biden is a willfully blind moron. The results speak for themselves.

          • Hi Mike

            Principles matter. Especially in “historic” times. One of our most fundamental principles is that you own yourself and your works. From that naturally flows the Non Aggression Principle.

            Which means that one does not initiate nor delegate the initiation of force. Taking part in a system based on coercion and/or its delegation is a violation of the NAP. Its really just that simple. Rothbard and many others have written extensively about these issues. But people have to understand why principles exist, and why its vitally important to maintain them. Especially in times of crisis. You can find a great deal of insight into various aspects of our principles here.


            • It follows that Voting is a violation of that Principle.

              There never exists unanimous Consent to any system of Governance, so there will always be a minority of people who are violated by a Democratic system. And yet we are assured that minorities are protected by Democracy.

              Lies and psychological conditioning, from the moment of your birth. I wonder how many people participate in the charade, because they cannot conceive of any alternative.

            • BJ said:

              Principles matter. Especially in “historic” times. One of our most fundamental principles is that you own yourself and your works. From that naturally flows the Non Aggression Principle.

              Which means that one does not initiate nor delegate the initiation of force. Taking part in a system based on coercion and/or its delegation is a violation of the NAP. Its really just that simple. Rothbard and many others have written extensively about these issues. But people have to understand why principles exist, and why its vitally important to maintain them. Especially in times of crisis. You can find a great deal of insight into various aspects of our principles here.

              Bj, that was probably the finest post I have ever read from you (And you have had lots of good ones to choose from!).

              You’ve enunciated one of the primary reasons I’ve always abstained from voting. By their rules, the establishment of a majority legitimizes the representatives of that majority to inflict it’s will over the lives and property of others even when they have not caused harm to the lives and property of those around them. This is a clear violation of the NAP.

              Also, how is it that we can delegate our authority to elected representatives, in matters over which we have no legitimate authority? If we claim such authority, we deny the self-ownership inherent in everyone else; and if we thus can not legitimately possess such authority, how can we delegate that which we do not possess?

              I could say much more, but the above sums it up pretty well in conjunction with your ‘principles matter’- because if we transgress these very foundational principles, then we are helping to destroy the very thing we say we are striving to accomplish, and essentially ‘selling out’ to the psychos without principles in exchange for some small trinkets or perceived better outcome which even if actually came to fruition would still not be justification for violating our very foundational principles and participating in their corrupt scheme which no matter who is running the show only guarantees the expansion of government and the destruction of liberty, and the repression of the very principles which we hold.

              “But it’ll be different this time! Just you wait and see!” 😀

          • Hi Mike,

            I agree with you. That said, Trump’s pushing of the “vaccines” – which he has repeatedly taken personal credit for – cannot be overlooked. Nor, as I have argued, the fact that he essentially abdicated the presidency and turned it over to that cretin, Dr. Fauci. I do not expect perfection from him – or anyone. But it was obvious to us that the “pandemic” was, at the very least, grossly exaggerated – a few months after it was declared. Yet Trump acted as if he believed it was (and I believe he stated it was) on par with or even worse than the Spanish Flu of 1918. And he continued to pimp the “vaccines” long after it was known they were no such things and that people were being harmed and killed by them.

            So while I agree things were better during the first three years of his presidency, they are worse now – in no small part because he totally blew it with regard to the “pandemic.”

        • LOL. Trump, in anticipation of the current boondoggle surrounding the Ewe-kraine, Russia and Chinkyland signed into law the BIGGEST military budget in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD; signed CARES, which is more than half responsible for the current economic ‘problems’, and foisted the Plandemic and the non-vaccines upon us….and has now gotten an award from the Zionist Organization of America for being the best friend Israel ever had. Yeah…he showed ’em!

  18. Demoncrap Hellery Cliton would have you believe Duncy Pelousi’s Jew husband, who lives in ultra Libtard San Francisco, was attacked by a gay MAGA Republican. Yeah right. A gay homeless prostitute nudist in San Fran is a conservative Republican.

    Obviously the wife of Bill is a baldfaced liar.

    They said he was yelling “Where’s Nancy” the Jan 6th conspiracy focal point – that was the first tipoff the whole thing was a political stunt. Clearly we can all see it was a demoncrap october surprise, a pre-election stunt to attack conservatives just before the red wave tsunami takes out these loons.

    They also said this intruder wanted to get Nancy, because he was activated by online conservative rhetoric, the internet went wild, that became he wanted to beat Nancy with a pink dildo hammer. (I didn’t even know those things existed until I saw tons of meme making fun of the Pelousi comedy act … naive me … my wife and I laughed when I was musing ‘who makes those things’ – weird people out there for sure)

    Then some genius reporter decided to ask David Depape’s mom about his political ultra right leanings. The mom said David hated Trump, was an ultra liberal (no shit sherlock). No MSM outlet reported that story – because it goes directly against the false narrative.

    This patsy dupe got locked up without bail. No conservative thought to bail him out and have him interviewed. Me and others immediately said, oh shit they are going to suicide the patsy before he ever gets his day in court.

    Now some of you will not buy what I am saying because the media is pounding the official narrative in your head, but what evidence do we have that David Depape did any of the things they say he did?

    Police body cam withheld.

    Pelosi CCTV security cameras (2 on each corner of the mansion) not released.

    Depape pleads NOT guilty to ALL charges

    No bail for Depape. (very strange because they routinely let felons out with no bail in San Fran)

    So as a researcher I say show me the facts. I know they lie about everything, so I always discard the narrative and study the facts. So far no facts put the defendant at the scene of the crime. NONE. I can not tell you with any honesty that David Depape did anything, and in fact, he may be a crisis actor in on it.

      • Yes, I just read that article. Methinks Depape was never arrested and not in jail, thus he was never processed in jail, and thus the SFO police do not have a mugshot to pass out to the press.

        And when they paraded Depape after his “arrest”, he was not wearing shackles (which is standard procedure – no jailer ever takes inmate outside the jail without shackles so they can not run away) That was another clue he is not an inmate.

        No bail was set. Why? Not in jail.

        I sayeth that David Depape is a crisis actor and not in jail based solely on the evidence thus far.

        The media made this claim this gay sex worker was MAGA, no he is the same tribe as Pelosi, he is working for them, he is in on it, maybe getting a nice bag of shekels too.

        This in not hard to believe, because we have another case just like this. The Obama’s are homos, Michelle Obama is a tranny, and Barak is a homosexual, and these two homos are friends with homo actor Jussie Smollett, who claimed while out for a walk some white supremacists tried to lynch him.

        This “false flag” failed because he was so stupid to have the noose around his neck when the cops showed up, and his story fell apart. He was sued by Chicago police.

        The Pelosis of course know all about this from the inside, and staged their own little hoax, a gay homo Maga terrorist is trying to get little old Nancy and break her kneecaps.

        What a laugh. I say they are busted. And just like Smollett, Paul Pelosi goes to the hospital to treat his injuries, which is why we don’t see him when the story hits the news. The victim, you see, is in the hospital with head injuries, and may not recover. One news outlet even reported he died (they read the wrong script, lol)

        There is not one picture of injured Paul Pelosi with his head all wrapped up in bandages, and you know why? IT DIDN”T HAPPEN.



        “On January 29, 2019, Smollett told police that he was physically attacked outside his apartment building along with the use of racial and homophobic slurs.Smollett was treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital was released “in good condition” later that morning.

        Following a police investigation, on February 20, 2019, Smollett was charged by a grand jury with a class 4 felony for filing a false police report.”

    • ‘No bail for Depape. (very strange because they routinely let felons out with no bail in San Fran)’ — Yukon Jack

      ‘Catch and release’ for violent perps is a feature of degenerate California law. But DePape faces federal charges of assault on a federal official (or their family).

      Compared to no-fault, crime-symp Cali, fedgov courts and prisons are a harsh Gulag indeed. Ask the J6 protesters, denied bail for the grave offense of … trespassing (although it could just as well have been littering, if they’d contemptuously dropped a gum wrapper in the Capitol rotunda).

      Still, it’s a scandalous two-tier system, where federal officials get weaponized protection from fedgov courts nationwide, while assaults on no-account little citizens like you and me are merely state and local offenses.

      • Pelousy…married to a Jew…
        Kameltoe Harris…married to a Jew.
        Trump’s daughter….married to a Jew….(and converted to Judaism)
        ALL of Pedo Joe’s children are…married to Jews

        Beginning to see a pattern here?
        For a people of whom there are only a few million in the entire world, they sure are over-represented in high places……

  19. US political language has degraded into Orwell’s doublespeak. No other way to describe it. Democracy? Maybe if your congressional district was small enough for you to actually know the candidates. Maybe if the government wasn’t as interested in micromanaging every transaction and good idea. Maybe if political parties didn’t require a candidate to toe the line. Heck, maybe if political parties didn’t exist. Maybe if second tier politicians were as power mad as the federal ones.

  20. There is a part of me that is so very suspect of this Tuesday’s mid term election. I have been waiting the last twelve months for the shoe to drop and the economy tumble. Debt is at its highest levels ever: government debt, credit card debt, student loan debt, mortgage debt. Wages have not kept up with inflation.

    I chatted with a woman in the grocery store yesterday who stated she couldn’t remember the last time she had a steak as she was stockpiling $2 soup for her and her mother to eat. Restaurants in my town are going out of business and businesses hours of operation are a few hours among a few days compared to eight hours and a full work week for those that are still open. We have all heard the lies that we aren’t in a recession and crime really isn’t bad. “Look at all of the jobs Joe has created!” 🤥

    If Tuesday is a blow out it is because the economy is on a cliff and the Democrats know it. What better way than to wait until January or February and let the cards crumble when the Elephants control Congress.

    Did anyone notice the Left isn’t even trying to save their jobs? Their views are so absurd you know they don’t even believe them. What greater strategy than to toss 2022 to win 2024. I can see the headlines now “Congress is controlled by the Republicans, are you better off than you were two years ago?”

    The Asses refuse to even debate half of their competitors. They are arguing that abortion is the only issue we should be voting on. Even the surrogate President Obama who was on the PA campaign trail stated “I know you can’t pay your bills, but democracy is at threat.” What?!?! This response may be even dumber than Dan Quayle trying to spell potato. Who says this to their constituents? “Uh, yeah you can’t buy gas, pay your electric bill, and are down to two meals a day, instead of three, but vote for us!”

    A storm is brewing that we aren’t prepared for.

    • RG,
      Not sure it CAN be prepared for. At least not by sane people. Because sane people cannot comprehend the madness of psychopaths. There are “professional” preppers that are better prepared than most, but I suspect they are already on the “hoarder” list.

      • “[S]ane people cannot comprehend the madness of psychopaths.” -JK

        This is such an important point, John Kable. Most people of good faith just don’t understand that these dirtbag politicians will do ANYTHING for power and money, including killing the citizenry if necessary.

        • It would probably help if voters didn’t elect politicians that are the instrument of satan……actually they are five levels down……the elite group at the top are practising satanists….

          Pyramid of World Power

          at the top the controllers the elite nobility……in the background, always hiding, nobody talks about them, the control group. 17 royal families in europe, they are working with the billionaires and others in the commitee of 300.

          one elite example……..Prince Phillip, late husband of Queen Elizabeth II said ….“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” He said the population should be reduced to 1 billion….. his son king Charles the 3rd agrees, he hired Claus schwab to run the WEF. Charles talks to plants.

          2nd level the Rothschild banksters provide financing for the elite nobility

          3rd level more 2nd level banksters

          4th level down the administrators, gates, schwab, etc..

          5th level the political prostitutes in the foreground, corrupt , bribed, owned by the elite
          the politicians just follow orders from their bosses the elite.

          6th level down the enforcers

          at the very bottom the little people, the common people, paying for everything, used and abused.

          so the elite group at the top makes sure however is elected, is going to follow the narrative….


    • The “Asses” may not be working all that diligently or intelligently to win re-election b/c they know they don’t HAVE to; i.e. the “Fix” is in. Hence why “MAGA Republicans” and “Election DENIERS” are their bêtes noires.

      • Hi Doug,

        I believe the only fix is to hand off the midterms to the Republicans knowing the economy will be even worse. It usually takes the market 12-18 months to hit rock after the Fed introduces interest rate hikes. The Fed started increasing in March 2022 so that puts the bottoming of the market (not the economy) somewhere between March 2023-September 2023. The Christmas sales are probably going to be pretty dismal this year. I don’t know anyone that is going all out.

        Earnings for the fourth quarter of 2022 will start being reported in mid-January. I expect the Fed begins pivoting in March. At that point, the damage has been done. The Great Recession is going to look like a walk in the park.

        Took the kids to the casino to bet on the horse races this past weekend (that is how us homeschooling moms teach odds and ratios). 🙂 It was empty. No one was there except a handful of people. It was a beautiful evening (around 72 degrees) and it was uninhabited. You know the SHTF when gamblers have stopped gambling. What is next a drop in alcohol sales?

        • Hence the corollary argument to why to NOT vote Libertarian in a hotly contested race: the “lesser” of two “evils”, which candidate and/or party should render a far better outcome? As exemplified in AZ by the LP candidate, Marc Victor, dropping out last week and endorsing his GOP rival, Blake Masters. Either he was paid off (not unlikely, as even for a third-party candidate, a run for the US Senate can easily exceed $1M), or, he figures it will damage the LP’s chances down the road if the LP vote is blamed for Masters losing to Mark Kelley’s bid for a second term. Or simply what he feels is best for Arizona.

          There are counter-arguments to that:

          1. Why is the Federal Government so large and pervasive that it MATTERS? That’s the REAL problem, one that Libertarians at least seriously discuss.
          2. The “lesser” evil choice is still…EVIL. Maybe the GOP will see the light and behave in a manner of greater fiscal probity, respect for the US Constitution, reduction in the size of the Federal Government, and getting us out of the “foreign entanglements”, especially with ISRAEL. But has the party as a whole ever done that? Yes, there have been individual GOPers that did well, notably Sen. Rand Paul of KY, but the same state sends us Mitch McConnel. ‘Nuff said.
          3. Given the shit I’ve seen since Trump pulled off that unlikely victory six years ago, I see so much mendacity from the Jackass Party that either (a) they’ve fixed the election anyway; and (b) even if *cough* these elections aren’t tainted (ain’t holding my breath on that!), at least enough to make an overall difference, what makes you think the Phony POTUS et al will simply acquiesce and say, “Ok, the ‘People’ have spoken, we’ll try harder in ’24!” Either some manner of outright seizure of power, to declare the election results illegitimate and void (“interference”, “violence from MAGA Republicans”, “Russia, Russia, Russia”, or combination thereof…), or, start an unneeded war with the Russian Federation, the PRC, Iran, and/or North Korea, consequences be damned, to create a “national emergency” where none need have existed! Don’t be surprised just how LOW they will go!

  21. Freedom demands much from those who truly wish it. But it also takes courage because freedom demands you face the unknown ahead, while tyranny is comforting in knowing the powers at will provide the promise where your next meal might come from or roof over your head. When the Israelites left Egypt, they went into the desert (abyss) for 40 years. There is a lesson in this (like all things in the Bible) that is takes 2-generations to break away from the bonds of tyranny. It takes a mindset of bravery to face this unknown at walk away into the unknown with nothing but the clothes you are wearing. This is why people will continue to live in abusive relationships and not leave. My wife just saw a documentary on Tina Turner. We were discussing and my point to my wife was this was a typical case of how tyrannical enslavement happens in how a young vulnerable woman (17 years old) at firsts trusts the lies she is being told by her pimp-master. He tells her she is beautiful, and everything is going to be great, while the pimp-master slowly removes her from any contact to friends and family or money she could possess, that could be used to rescue her. Then the power abuse starts with physical control is then implemented so obey or get beaten.
    Look at how the Marxist-Democrats are playing their own sheople like pimp-masters; they have them at the dependence phase, so they look to their leaders to satisfy their needs. This is why the democrats are brainwashed idiots that cannot be reasoned with and not a political party but an ideology of collective thought which they tied their election of their leaders to their own human survival. Once the Marxist-Democrats destroy their political enemies who are keeping the pimp-masters at bey, the abuse phase will go into full action upon their own…supporters. The Marxist-Democrats are already exercising this upon their political enemies in the Jan-6th show trials and imprisonment of people without due process.

    Just as the Marxist-Democrats are shouting to high heavens that democracy ends on November 8th if you vote the wrong way…they are right: Representative Republic ends just as Ben Franklin said because we couldn’t keep it.

    Then the abuse phase begins.

    • BTW:
      I am enjoying (schadenfreude) the dissembling of the Paul Pelosi story. What a fitting way for Nancy to end her career: finding out about Paul’s secret life with his gay lover’s transaction gone bad, then Maxwells silver hammer comes down while the AGW standby and watch.

    • Hans,
      “freedom demands you face the unknown ahead”
      It is remarkable what one can do when one has no choice. Make it work or live in tyranny. No choice there for me.

  22. “A republic, if you can keep it.” B F.

    We certainly failed on that account. You do a great job as always Eric, explaining the difference between a Republic and a democracy. When I hear the word democracy it almost makes my skin crawl. To me its like a grand illusion designed to deceive. Many are now waking up to the deception. The question remains will we have the courage of our forefathers to do something about it.

    The veil fell away from my eyes in 2020. I wont be voting again until whats broken is fixed. Do away with mail in ballots. While we’re at it, voting should be one day only, with ID. All rolls across the nation purged, and wiped away. Then anyone who wants to vote has to re-register, with ID. This would end the generational dead voters being a constituency. And the last thing, if you are to old and enfeebled to fill out the ballot on your own, tough titty, you aged out.

    To everyone who still believes in voting, God speed, may we get the Government we think we want and not the one we deserve. At this point the dems own this and cant hide any longer. Even though it would be very painful, the best thing, long term might be for them to steal it again. In 2 years we might get a third party, and the rabid leftists would be so hated by then they would probably all flee to Iz ri hell, or the Ukroid.

    They are people, by and large, who’s only ability is lying and deception, not even able to run a lemonade stand, the longer they are ‘in charge’ the more people see what blithering incompetents they truly are.

  23. If the Left wins, here’s what we can expect the Biden Regime and/ or their puppet masters at the WEF to do (or attempt to do) starting next year, in no particular order, as they’ll likely be EMBOLDENED to attempt this CRAP……

    1) Renewed attempts to implement vaccine passports nationwide.
    2) The Biden Regime to go FULL Justin Trudeau and threaten MORE lockdowns unless MORE Americans get vaxxed and/ or get that brand new booster jab.
    3) Bringing back face diaper mandates.
    4) MANDATES for the masses to GIVE UP any gas powered vehicles they own in favor of a Tesla or some other EeeeeeeeeVeeeeee, or public transit.
    5) Shoving the transhumanism agenda down the masses’ throats after Biden signed that executive order earlier this year to have the government “explore” transhumanism and bioengineering.
    6) $10 gas or gas shortages in favor of a non existent Green Energy Unicorn.
    7) Attempting to ban oil and coal heaters like Austria wants to do starting next year.
    8) Mandatory Central Bank Digital Currency.
    9) Mandates for the masses to give up eating meat and REAL FOOD and having them eat bugs and artificial food grown in a lab, because “Climate Change”.
    10) Global Pandemic Treaty, effectively giving the WHO absolute power to declare what member states MUST do in future declared “Health Emergencies” or “Pandemics”. It would be analogous to Tony Fauci unilaterally declaring health policy WORLDWIDE.
    11) MANDATORY “Carbon footprint trackers”.
    12) Attempts to create a Biomedical surveillance state and digital ID.
    13) Mandates for ALL adults to get the COVID vaxxes and any future “vaccines” Big Pharma makes, and after the CDC’s vote to add the COVID jabs to the childhood vaccination schedule, mandates for children to get that jab to go to gubmint school.
    14) Attempting to FORCE the masses into living in an itty-bitty apartment in an urban shit hole instead of a single family house in the suburbs or rural areas.
    15) Forced quarantining or canceling of those deemed “UNCLEAN” (e.g., The unvaxxed) or a “Threat to Democracy” (e.g., Those who oppose The Biden Thing), etc.

    I’m sure there are other insane ideas these people will attempt to FORCE on the masses.

  24. I’m hoping that there are enough wisened up/pissed off voters to overcome the vote fraud to throw these bastards out of office. If successful, my biggest concern is how the lame-duck Congress will react and will do to further screw us over. If you throw in Sen. Murkowski losing in Alaska, she will give the lame-duck Senate democrats a 51st vote to unleash havoc! An age old saying, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” definitely applies here!

    • Allen,

      If Republicans win I suspect the Biden Regime will burn stuff down and BLAME Repubicans for it and say “See? This is what you get for electing Repubicans!” Same with the reported upcoming diesel shortages, even though the regime has been hell bent on DESTROYING traditional energy since Day 1.

      • JB, you’re 100% correct. Commerce depends on diesel. No diesel, no economy! The Regime will destroy everything in it’s mad quest for absolute power.

    • I have wondered, Allan. Let’s say the Democrats lose the mid-terms tomorrow. What is to stop the Communist Democrats (aka, Obama behind the scenes pulling Biden’s strings) from declaring martial law during the lame duck session? There goes the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution in one fell swoop. We all know good and well the Republicans are not going to put up too much of a fight. Oh, they will make a good show, but let’s face it, even if the Republicans do win the mid-terms… “meet the new boss, same as the old”. Some that would not happen, because they need the patriots to fire the first shot, so as to blame them for the carnage that would ensure. But then again, desperate people (aka, the Democrats) are known to do desperate things, especially when it comes to the desire to maintain power.

  25. Nothing to add to this great article, but thanks for the pic of Shrillary – made me spit out my coffee when I opened the page 😆

    • Coffee, hell … getting smacked like a wet newspaper with that hideous, wrinkled visage first thing in the morning almost made me heave breakfast onto the keyboard, as I screamed, “Aaaiiieeeeeee … my eyes! my eyes!

      Same reaction as a young William Shatner in the Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, in which he opens the curtains of his Douglas DC-4 airplane window on a bumpy, rainy night and is confronted by a leering horror staring back through the window.


      As Wikipedia recalls, “His concern is the gremlin tinkering with the wiring under one of the engine cowlings, which could cause the aircraft to crash. He steals a sleeping police officer’s revolver, straps himself in to avoid being blown out of the aircraft, and opens the emergency exit door to shoot the gremlin.”

      “Everyone believes that Robert has gone insane. However, the final scene reveals conspicuous damage to the exterior of one of the aircraft’s engines, confirming that Robert was right all along.”

      And so were we, about the hideous Hildabeest.

  26. Democracy: The 51% holding a gun to the heads of the 49% and demanding they comply with the wishes of the mob. Exactly where does liberty fit into that picture? Where does private property?
    Robert Heinlein once pointed out, and no I’m not looking up the exact quote, when did a mob that is the majority become smarter and more ethical than an individual?
    It’s beyond curious that any vote that does not produce the desired result is “illegitimate”, while any that do are pure as the driven snow.

  27. “Americans got a taste of that kind of rule in early 2020 and for the ensuing several years.

    The people were told to stop working. To stop visiting. To put distance between themselves and other people. To wear garments the people had never voted must be worn.”

    Let’s not forget the troops in the streets of the capital city and the armed checkpoints for the first half of 2021…

    • X,
      “Let’s not forget the troops in the streets of the capital city and the armed checkpoints for the first half of 2021…”
      When the state starts putting up barricades between itself and the people, it’s fairly obvious they do not have the people’s interest and desire in mind. It wasn’t just troops in the streets, it was physical barricades. Fences and such. They knew they were engaged in denying the voice of the people, and rightly feared the people would realize it.

  28. ‘the Left will speak in gentle bromides’ — eric

    … and some not-so-gentle ones, such as “Biden” promising on Friday that “We’re going to be shutting these [coal] plants down all across America and having wind and solar power” — a menacing threat that drew howls of outrage from fellow Democrat Joe Manchin, who represents the coal state of West Virginia.

    “Biden’s” remarks may sound like mere policy wonkery. But it was precisely this policy of replacing reliable base-load power plants with intermittent wind and solar that precipitated the catastrophic February 2021 grid breakdown in Texas, which killed hundreds.

    Likely “Biden’s” mumbling incompetence has doomed D-party Senate candidate Fetterman in Pennsylvania, another iconic coal state which isn’t going to take kindly to having its economy brutally attacked by a purblind old fool from Delaware, which makes its money serving as a postal drop box for a business-friendly corporate domicile.

    But there comes a point where advocating destructive policies crosses the line from bad faith to premeditated mass murder, as in Joe Stalin’s delusional collective farming experiment which starved millions of kulaks.

    We are the kulaks now, comrades. We’re not part of Bill Gates’ chosen half billion intended to survive the global cull. Resist or die.

    • Jim,
      “Resist or die.”
      Exactly! Far more die under tyranny than do resisting it. “Give me liberty or give me death” is not a political proposition. It’s a recipe for survival.

  29. European values. That’s what our country was founded to be specifically against and what has managed to creep back in and has become our undoing. Even Joe Rogan has recently pointed out that social media has been infected by *foreign* influences to push the woke agenda down our throats.

    “World War Trans” as they’re calling it, is the outcome of European values being maintained against the stark contrasting reality that all they do is cause misery and suffering.

    The idea that “the people” (en masse) should be able to direct the course of humanity is preposterously stupid to the point of being evil. To the point of being evil because it is (as you’ve pointed out) the Siren’s song that sounds so lovely which simultaneously leads to all of the inhumanity that we’ve been made to endure by the powers that actually direct these farcical communist governments.

    I’m not sure if I read it here recently or not but, put simply, “democracy” is nothing but communism. Maybe it was Tom Luongo that pointed that out, I forget. Even given its best outcome it is, by definition, the will of the “community” aka communism.

    At this point, the USA is heading more toward The Democratic Republic of the Congo. We’re currently similar to the German Democratic Republic complete with a functioning Stasi that would make the Gestapo green with envy and admiration.

    The republic that we were supposed to have, apart from individual liberty being the highest order of morality (and basis of law), necessitated that those rights could NEVER be suspended or abrogated by real, imagined or (unavoidably) *manufactured* emergencies.

    The European communist influence apparently only needed one thing to undo our resistance to their values. Get laws passed that allow rule by mandate or order. “National Divorce” (Tom Wood’s ongoing premise and new book) is clearly the only way that our republic can ever be reformed from this take over by European influence.

    Until that happens, the “leader of the free world” along with all of their “partners” are, in fact, communist dictatorships with nice sounding stories.

    • ‘The European communist influence …’ — EM

      Well said, EM. Just came across Stanley Payne’s book, The Spanish Civil War. From the Intro:

      ‘It was not the traditional kind of civil war … In the new civil wars, sharply contrasting revolutionary and counterrevolutionary programs vied for power, aiming not merely at political domination, but at imposing totally contrasting programs in society, economics, culture, even religion — two completely antagonistic ways of life, virtually two different civilizations.

      ‘These civil conflicts were fought with unprecedented bitterness and violence, extending far beyond the field of battle.’

      Sound familiar?

  30. I have become increasingly disturbed by this insistence that democracy means vote for democrats.

    This message is being delivered by the very power centers that locked us down, lied about every aspect of covid, lied about countless things since its inception, and took an active role in censoring dissident opinions about a man made virus.

    In 2016 it was rational to dispute the election. In 2020, you are a denier. Just like covid-denier, climate-denier, this anti label is the very trick the “federalists” used to gain the advantage over “anti-federalists” who actually held the federalist position.

    The used to just control the language. Now they are controlling the LANGUAGE.


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