The Juice for All That

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Back in the ’70s, it got hard to afford gas – which got expensive because of a combination punch of artificial shortages and artificially-induced devaluation of money – what is referred to as “inflation.” The result was lots of people could no longer afford to drive “gas hogs” – big American cars with big V8 engines.

History is about to repeat itself.

Energy hog electric cars will become too expensive to drive – in addition to being too expensive for most people to afford to buy – as the cost of electricity goes through the roof. Which it will as a result of shortages – and the artificially induced devaluation of the money people have available to pay for it.

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky explained how it will play it to the Biden Thing’s secretary of transportation – who responded with the usual sociopath smirks. Watch for these when watching politicians and their appointees.

It’s a tell that lets you know.

Massie began by asking Buttigieg, “which uses more electricity, we’re talking about residential electricity, a refrigerator when it’s running or an electric car when it’s charging in your garage?”

“The electric car,” smirked the sociopath. They are amused by such things, you see. They enjoy the back-and-forth. Think OJ doing an interview about his book, If I Did It.

Massey continued:

“Would you say it uses twice as much or twenty fives times as much?”

Buttigieg replied – and remember, this person is the secretary of transportation and one of the key sociopaths pushing EVs down our throats –  “I would say closer to twenty five times as much.”

He “would say”  . . . because he does not know. The secretary of transportation. One of the sociopaths using the coercive power of government to compel people to buy EVs they will also have to buy electricity for – in order to be able to use them.

Massie educates him (and, hopefully, the people listening): “It’s actually fifty.” Fifty times as much electricity as a refrigerator burns up when its compressor is running. And it is not continuously running, whereas a plugged in EV is continuously charging.

Massie didn’t pursue this important point, unfortunately. However, he did pursue some others:

“Over the course of the year, if I take the numbers from the Department of Energy, about the average household and the number of vehicles they own and how far they drive, over the course of a year, the (average) American household would use twenty-five times as much electricity for their electric car as they would for their refrigerator . . . Do you think it would strain the grid if everybody plugged in 25 refrigerators in every household?”

The smirking sociopath – who is also apparently an ignoramus as regards facts and realities of fundamental importance to the “transition” he is pushing – replied thusly:

“Well, if we didn’t make any upgrades to grid.” Upgrades that have not been made and are not being made nor planned to be made. “If we had yesterday’s grid with tomorrow’s cars, it’s not going to work. It’s one of the reasons why we believe infrastructure includes electrical infrastructure,” he told Massie.

Who followed up with:

“Do you think by 2030, which is when Biden says 50 percent of new cars sold should be electric, do you think the grid will be capable of handling (that many) electric cars”?

To which OJ – whoops, Secretary Buttigieg – replied: “It’s going to need to be.”

Italics added.

Buttigieg rambled on about “working with the Department of Energy” and about having established a “joint office” –  i.e., another bureaucratic warren – “to map out some of the needs,” such as what would be required at truck stops gone electric. He almost sounded as if he knew something about the subject, a thing at which political apparatchiks who regulate people who do excel at.

“It’s worth pointing out,” the apparatchik continued, “that while the typical driver who adopts (i.e., is pushed into buying) electric is using more electricity, at the end of the day, they’re using less energy because of the efficiency benefits of  getting that energy produced at a utility”  . . . demonstrating he knows little, if anything about electricity or efficiency.

As for example the energy losses in transmission over the power lines from the source of generation – the utility – to the point of us, in a residential home. And how, pray, is a device that consumes 25-50 times as much electricity as a refrigerator “efficient”? A refrigerator – along with a stove and an electric dryer – is one of the most power consumptive devices in a home.

Massie intervened:

“The problem is we don’t have capacity to produce that energy.” And then he got to the meat of the matter. “You actually used the word need. You could say want as well. There’s needs and wants to make this fantasy work by 2030 but the reality (that word!) is the capability is not going to be there. The average household uses 17 percent of their electricity for air conditioning. And that would mean the average household uses 1,870 kilowatt hours per year for air conditioning. If the average household plugged in electric cars, do you know how much more electricity they would use in comparison to air conditioning?”

“No,” admitted the OJ-apparatchik. “But I would emphasize . . .”

“Let me help you with that,” Massie interjected. “Because the numbers are important. “It would take four times as much electricity to charge the average household’s cars as the average household uses on air conditioning.”

In other words, imagine what your electrical bill would like if your house had four central air conditioner systems running at the same time at the height of the summer. What it will look like, courtesy of the OJ-apparatchik and such like even if you don’t have an EV sucking power from your panel. Others will – and that increase in demand combined with a decrease in supply will cause prices to rise.

Hello, 1974 – all over again.

Plus worse. The strain on the grid is apt to result in no electricity at all – i.e., brownouts and blackouts, as Massie tried to explain to the OJ-apparatchik:

“So if we reach the goal (i.e., the goal of the OJ-apparatchiks) that Biden has of 50- percent adoption, that means the average household would use twice as much electricity charging one of their cars as they would for all of the air conditioning that they use for the entire year. Do you think this could contribute to rolling blackouts and brownouts in areas of the country where air conditioning is basically considered essential?”

The smirking sociopath – whose power will never be cut and who has the power to force us to pay for his – responded glibly, as sociopaths tend to do, with: “Not if we prepare. Look, the fact that people who have electric vehicles are going to use more electricity can’t be a reason to give up.”

No one is “giving up.”

People are being forced to give in. Pigeonholed into paying more for less. And soon, they’ll be paying more for essentials – such as AC and a way to heat their homes and cook their food, courtesy of smirking sociopaths like the Buttigieg Thing.

Understand who these people are. Understand that they don’t care – about you and the misfortune they plan to impose on you. They intend to impose it on you. But they want to pretend they’re just speculating, as OJ put it.

. . .

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  1. “Biden” sets an ugly new precedent:

    ‘The Biden administration on Friday cleared New York’s congestion pricing plan to move forward, meaning the MTA has been given the green light to start charging drivers entering central Manhattan at peak times in an effort to cut down on gridlock.

    ‘The public transit authority hasn’t determined how much to charge drivers, but has considered fares ranging from $9 to $23 for passenger vehicles and between $12 and $82 for trucks.

    ‘Federal approval is required because the plan involves placing tolls on highways that have received federal funding.’

    If you pay a $17 toll to cross the Hudson River, and another $20 for ‘congestion pricing,’ that’s $37 in tolls before you even enter the parking garage (which could easily cost another $40) on the way to your Broadway show.

    Whose streets? Their streets.

    Welcome to New York. Your wallet, please.

  2. Better start investing in horse, buggies, root cellars, manual water pumps, and non electric heating sources.

    While you’re at it, make friends with the Amish to show you how to live like it’s 1850.

    • Good advice Dan. Might consider a few higher tech investments as well. Charcoal, Sulfur and Potassium Nitrate. Very useful stuff in the right situations.

  3. There is no legitimate reason, Constitutional or otherwise, for 400+
    federal agencies to exist – including the Department of Energy.
    Seems Massie doesn’t get it either, if he did he’d be working
    to disband the agency rather than arguing with its bureaucrat.

    Addressing symptoms, rather than the root cause, is the
    equivalent of a dog chasing its tail.

    Federal Register: 434 Agencies

    • On August 4, 1977, the Department of Energy was created under Jimmy Carter. The Department of Education followed on October 17, 1979, also under Carter.

      Got nothing against Carter — currently in hospice care — who won’t be with us much longer. A decent guy on a personal basis, Carter was one of last non-sociopaths to serve as US president.

      But it would entirely meet and proper for us to retire the abjectly failed Energy and Education departments, as we lay the tired bones of Jimmy Carter to rest.

      Compared to where it stood less than half a century ago under James Earl Carter, the US fedgov has sunk to the ninth circle of Hell — a leering Halloween ghost of its former self.

  4. Perfect post to point out one thing these commies forget: Regimes change and so do poliices

    Whether its Orange Man, Heavy D, Vivek, etc.., what’s stopping them from waltz in and rescinding every executive order, appointing directors to the EPA and whatnot who are pro-common sense (or abolishing it), and having CAFE repealed?

    We all can see the 16yr plan thanks to Orange man disrupting it his 4yrs, and they’re scrambling as they try to get back on track with it. So if Pedo Peter or whoever replaces him (Probably Big Mike) loses, then this crap comes to an end and it’s back to normal, no matter what the coastal commies try to do

  5. Yes, the grid is a problem,,, yes, the EV is a problem,,, yes, bank failures are a problem,,, yes, the covid hysteria is a problem,,, and so on and so on. BUT none of these compare anywhere close to the CBDC.

    They split us off on all these tangents,,, then do whatever they want. If we allow a CBDC it will be Christmas morning for them. It will be hard on us and absolute hell for all the following generations, if any.

    Can’t put it any simpler…. It’s do or die.

    • Hi Ken,

      You are very right. CBDC will give them the power to utterly control everyone who isn’t literally living Amish – or in the woods. It will enable them to use money as a weapon. You will do as you are told or you will not be allowed to buy or sell. Anything. And what they allow you to buy and sell will be exactly that. No more buying or selling anything they do not want you to buy or sell.

      It must be fought as if it were a matter of life and death. Because it is.

    • I agree ken. CBDC is the hill we need to be prepared to die on. Because if it happens, you can be arbitrarily killed, by malnutrition and exposure due to freezing your money, and dead is dead, whether by resistance or acceptance.
      As I’ve often stated, more have died under tyranny than have resisting it. In the previous century, the USSR and China killed at least 100 million of their own citizens. It looks like the Psychopaths In Charge have grander goals.

  6. These EV’s shouldn’t be sold in very cold climates…..can’t defrost the windows….that is a huge safety hazard…..why are they allowed to sell this defective junk?
    contact the regulators…demand they stop selling these death traps…..

    Heating your cabin in extremely cold temperatures is sometimes impossible! At minus 35 degrees Celsius, your windshield will freeze over as NO HEAT will be provided! That’s right…only cold air in very cold climate!

    by….Bryan Bootcamp O’Connor

    Exactly one year after purchasing the electric Mustang Mach-E, I’d like to share my thoughts, pros and cons of driving an all electric car.

    1. Driving is like nothing I’ve experienced! The acceleration and power is so smooth and luxurious. What a ride!
    2. Don’t have to buy gas.
    3. Low maintenance!!! No oil changes! Fewer moving parts equals less parts breaking down.
    4. City driving is amazing! The car battery excels in slow, stop and go conditions.

    1. Winter driving is very stressful. The battery drains very quickly in the cold. Heating your cabin in extremely cold temperatures is sometimes impossible! At minus 35 degrees Celsius, your windshield will freeze over as NO HEAT will be provided! That’s right…only cold air in very cold climate!
    3. Charging your car takes much longer in the winter. Traveling to Ottawa once, it took 90 minutes to charge my car from 20% to 80% at a level 3 Charging spot.
    4. The anger and frustration when you pull up to a fast charger off the highway and it is “out of order” is out of this world! It happens too often!
    5. Everywhere you travel to, extensive careful planning is needed because fast chargers (level 3) are not easy to find in working order.
    6. Highway driving drains your battery very fast at speeds greater than 100kms per hour.

    In Summary:
    1. My Mustang Mach-E is not a practical car for my job. I put 30,000kms in one year. If we have a colder Winter next year I’ll be miserable!
    2. The infrastructure is a joke for non- tesla cars. I cannot imagine doubling the electric cars on the road with the current available fast chargers. The wait lines and times to charge will increase arrival times on long trips by many hours!
    3. Electric cars are not very efficient on the highway if you like to drive fast.

    In my opinion, a plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) car would be ideal. PHEV cars can drive electric in the city, saving you on gas. Then choose gas to drive efficiently on the highway. Win-win!
    I sold my Mustang Mach-E and I am on a waiting list to buy a PHEV. It was a fun ride while it lasted but very impractical for my line of work. Our cold Quebec winters and the very poor infrastructure adds to my obvious decision.

    Our governments want to put a halt on the production of internal combustion engines by 2035. Good luck with that! The current infrastructure is a joke. I do not have any faith it can be improved to meet the future demand.

    • I agree, Anon. EV’s are going to be utterly worthless up here at -40 below. Or when guys want to go hunting hundreds of miles from nowhere, with their trailers towing four-wheelers. Those who push for EV’s are not the ones who are going to be driving them full-time.

  7. Whoever picked Bidet’s VP and his cabinet heads surrounded him with a Gang of Incompetents, so he would never have much competition. My wife calls them “The Village People Cabinet”.

    • Richard,

      They are not incompetents. This is a classic – serial – mistake made by many Republican-conservatives. What they are is Leftists.It is very, very important to understand this. To understand that the Left is about power. And in pursuing this, the Left is extremely competent.

      • From a very short bit:

        “…the system inevitably takes the form of rings within rings, each interior one possessing progressively superior dominion. […]

        You cannot catch them; they vanish under your grasp as principles, not men. Their voice is never heard saying, “I will!” but always, “The law requires.” And these autocrats – this oligarchy – are only men like ourselves, with like passions, limitations and sinful inheritance. They were not born to the purple – they just happened to get to it. But being possessed of it – and apart of course from any crude and obvious malfeasance in office – they cannot be “legally” dislodged; and if they step aside, it is only to let alter egos take their place.” …

      • As usual, we disagree.
        Biden has Cabinet heads and a VP who are incompetent at their jobs, assuming their jobs are intended to benefit the American people. They are also incompetent at sounding like they are experts on any subject.

        They are generally competent at repeating leftist talking points, although some, including Mr. Buttplug, are not, after having made too many ridiculous (even for a leftist) statements, such as ‘racist roads’.

        I understand that leftists seek political power and control, since that goal has been true for a century. Their ultimate goal is Rule by Leftist “Experts”. That goal usually requires totalitarianism, because many people dont want to be ruled. Their goal is best accomplished by competent (although devious) people in charge. Such as cabinet heads who can answer questions in a way that gives the illusion they are experts. Incompetent cabinet heads, such as Buttplug and Granholm, can’t do that. They often can’t answer questions intelligently, making it obvious they are NOT experts. Their foolish comments harm the illusion of Rule by Experts — the leftist dream.

        The worst possible situation for conservatives is leftist bureaucrats whose remarks appear to be competent and intelligent, as they quietly seize more and more political power. Such as finding clever work arounds to SCOTUS rulings. Smoothly using leftist propaganda words such as “investments”, instead of saying government spending. Saying “carbon pollution” instead of carbon dioxide. Incompetent leftist officials such as Kamala Harris spout ridiculous word salads. Competent leftist officials, such as B. Obama, never do that.

        • Richard,

          We disagree – because you do not see. You fail to understand. This is why the Left wins. It depends on Useful Idiots. People who think it’s just incompetence; that they mean well but are ignorant or arrogant. No. They are evil. Once you see and understand this, the rest is easily understood.

          There will be no persuading our way out of this.

          • I see and understand. You don’t.
            Leftist leaders in general are competent at gaining political power and control. They are generally competent at giving an illusion of intelligence that supports their dream of Rule by Leftist Experts. They are generally competent about creating an illusion that they are working to benefit people. Such as trying to save the planet. They quote Ph.D. scientists to prove the planet needs saving. People assume Ph.D. scientists must know what they are talking about.

            All political leaders need useful idiots who will support them simply because of their political party. People who don’t have the time or will to investigate the party platform. That is just as true for Republicans as it is for Democrats.

            Biden, Harris and many Biden cabinet heads are different than past leftist leaders. They repeat the leftist talking points — sometimes stretching them too far — but do not sound intelligent. They do not give the illusion of expertise on subjects they are supposed to be experts. For the first time, the leftist “experts” in charge are so incompetent they tarnish the leftist dream of Rule by Leftist Experts.

            Meanwhile the leftist bureaucrats (aka The Deep State) under Biden/Harris and his cabinet heads, are VERY competent at increasing government power and control. This started with the Patriot Act after 9/11 and accelerated under Trump with the gross overreaction to Covid. And the Nut Zero gross overreaction to an imaginary climate crisis.

            It is true that many conservatives see leftists as misguided — they just need re-education to understand why conservative policies would benefit the American people. Too few conservatives realize that leftists focus on gaining political power and control. A

            Biden. Harris and his cabinet heads are so incompetent they make the dream of Rule by Leftist Experts seem like a nightmare. They don’t interfere with the Deep State leftist bureaucrats, but they sure hurt the leftist illusion of Rule by Leftist “experts”, like no other Democrat Administration in history

            nd they are generally very competent at getting that power, while convincing people they are actually working to benefit them (i.e.; Save the Planet).

            • Yeah, you can go straight to hell with that “re-education” crap, Richard. The only thing government is competent at is destroying everything.

              • You misunderatand.

                I say manyconservatives have the illusion that leftists can be reeducated with facts, data and logic to understand that conservatives have better policies/

                They fail to relaize that leftists are seeking political power and control. so the only policies that matter are those that help get to those goals. Often policies that harm the American economy and reduce personal freedom.

                I completely disagree with the false claim that governments are always bad They have important jobs to do: Prosecute private sector crime and fraud, defend the borders, and break up monopolies. What makes you think private companies would do a better job for the same tasks — they might be cheaper, but would they be better.

            • Richard writes:

              “Biden. Harris and his cabinet heads are so incompetent they make the dream of Rule by Leftist Experts seem like a nightmare.”

              To whom?

              To competent/rational people, certainly. But the Left isn’t interested in such. It is interested in speaking to the imbeciles, the deranged and the immoral. The Obama Phone crowd.

              You (again) make the pitiful error that middle-class types make, which is to assume the Left is incompetent because it speaks gibberish. That it is perverse and runs things into the ground. You have obviously never read Lenin – or Hitler. I have. And I assure you they understood how to advance their agendas.

              You are like the “little kittens” Stalin sometimes spoke of. Also his chicken, which you may not know about.

              • Wrong again, And you have a lot of nerve implying people who vote Democrat are all “imbeciles, deranges and immoral”. That’s Archie Bunker stye talk that makes libertarians conservatives look bad.

                The goal of leftists is to gain power –Rule by Leftists Experts — by sounding like they know what they are talking about and convincing people they are working for their benefit. Sure the well below average IQ citizens may not know what is going on, but half the population with above average IQ are not in the dark. When they hear an incompetent Bidet bureaucrat talk about racist roads, they know that’s malarkey. They know Joey Bidet is not all there. They often have no idea what Kamala Harris just said.

                By the way:
                “Myth: Lifeline & “Obama Phones” is a program created by President Obama

                Truth: The Lifeline program was launched by President Reagan in 1984 and intended for landlines before cell phones were widely available to the public. In 2005, the program was amended by the Bush administration to allow for wireless plans. Then, in 2008, President Bush amended the program to allow households to decide between receiving the discount on wireless or landline service. President Obama has had virtually nothing to with the Lifeline program with the exception of one coincidence. The first wireless lifeline phones were distributed in 2008, the same year President Obama took office. However, those first phones were distributed 3 months prior to him taking office. Sources of the term “Obama Phone” originate from emails that went viral in 2009 incorrectly associating the lifeline program with President Obama. Misinformed consumers and clever marketing carry the term forward.”
                SOURCE OF QUOTE:

                • Richard,

                  People like you – the rheumy-eyed bourgeois – think it’s about “competence.” It is about control – about power – obtained by pandering to the lowest common denominator. The rank and file supporters of the Left are parasites and imbeciles. Leeches – who believe they are entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor. That they know best and are going to vote to make you know it.

                  On Obama phone: You (once again) miss the point entirely. Which is that it’s about Gibs Muh Dat. The Left understands this. People such as you do not. You will only understand it when you get a swift kick in your ass, herding you into the cattle car.

        • “. . .[A]ssuming their jobs are intended to benefit the American people.” -Richard Greene

          This is the fatal flaw in your argument. They do not intend to benefit the American People. They intend to amass power and wealth. They are socio/psychopaths. That’s what they do. They lie cheat, steal and manipulate.

          • There is no fatal flaw in my argument. The purpose of governments and the intentions of leftists in government do not match. That is also true of many, probably most, conservatives in governments.

            The purpose of any government is to benefit citizens by doing things that the private sector could not accomplish and keeping the private sector honest.

            The goal of leftists in government is to control people and micromanage their lives using Rule by Leftist “Experts”. While convincing people this is for their own good.

            Leftists and most Republicans do not have the primary goal of benefitting the American people. A few Republicans who are exceptions, such as Rand Paul, could be called libertarians. There are often good libertarian articles at father Ron Paul’s website:


            • Richard writes:

              “The purpose of any government is to benefit citizens…”

              I’ll be on the floor laughing for the next half hour or so.

              • You prefer anarchy?
                No governments at all?

                You imply nothing your own government ever did was good, and benefitted citizens? That is delusional.

                Saving the world from Hitler was not good?

                Putting criminals in prison was not good?

                Building interstate highways was not good?

                Fighting organized crime was not good?

                Ending legal racial discrimination was not good?

                Killing Bin Laden was not good?

                Polio and Smallpox vaccines were not good?

                Ensuring clean drinking water was not good?

                Improving air quality was not good?

                Reducing hunger was not good?

                Promoting financial security and access to medical care for senior citizens was not good?

                And YOU ae laughing?

                • Richard,

                  “Anarchy” means no government – not no rules. I support the latter. I oppose the former. Government is organized crime by definition. Made legal, by itself. It is responsible for murder and enslavement on a mass scale that no single individual or group could manage, absent the power of government.

                • Author: Richard Greene
                  In response to your post:

                  You prefer anarchy?
                  No governments at all?

                  You imply nothing your own government ever did was good, and benefited citizens? That is delusional.

                  Saving the world from Hitler was not good?
                  –Saving the world from Hitler made the world safe for communism and gave up eastern Europe to communists triggering the “cold war”..

                  Putting criminals in prison was not good?
                  –Criminals are being ignored in today’s society. “Woke” prosecutors are refusing to indict minority criminals. Woe to you if you are a white heterosexual male who exercises legal self-defense. Look at the 2020 “summer of love”. Almost no one was prosecuted.

                  Building interstate highways was not good?
                  –Your one point that is correct and makes sense.

                  Fighting organized crime was not good?
                  –The largest worldwide organized crime organization is still in business and doing better than ever—the mossad in concert with the CIA. Where do you think the “black budget” funding comes from? The CIA is the world’s largest drug dealer.

                  Ending legal racial discrimination was not good?
                  –Destroying true “freedom of association” but only applies to Whites. To this day, it is OK to discriminate against Whites as “people of color” cannot be “racist”.

                  Killing Bin Laden was not good?
                  –Bin Laden did not do the WTC-911. The jewish mossad and the deep state did the deed.

                  Polio and Smallpox vaccines were not good?
                  –Polio and smallpox vaccines were developed privately, not by government.

                  Ensuring clean drinking water was not good?
                  –Once again,local efforts have better results than the federal government.

                  Improving air quality was not good?
                  –The states would do a better job than the EPA that now makes insane “rules” in order to keep itself in power. Banning gas stoves is just another example of EPA overreach.

                  Reducing hunger was not good?
                  –Welfare promotes dependency. Look how fat most welfare recipients are.

                  Promoting financial security and access to medical care for senior citizens was not good?
                  –Seniors have always had access to medical care.

                  And YOU are laughing?
                  –No, I’m laughing at YOU…

  8. Where does the electricity for EV’s come from?….

    from 7000 dirty fuel burning power plants….95.1% of all electrical energy comes from dirty non green sources…then transmitted over power lines with a combined total of more than 5 million miles, connecting to millions of miles of distribution lines ….a highly inefficient system….

    from the original fuel burnt at the power station there is a 75% energy loss before it turns the wheels of the EV….so an EV is 25% efficient…a gas burning ice is 35% efficient …a diesel burning ice is 50% efficient…so with EV’s more fuel is wasted…

    The power grid that exists today was first built after World War II from designs dating back to Thomas Edison, using technology that primarily dates back to the ’60s and ’70s. Its 7,000 power plants are connected by transmission power lines with a combined total of more than 5 million miles, connecting to millions of miles of distribution lines to final users….all managed by 3,300 utilities serving 150 million customers.

    95.1% of all electrical energy comes from so called dirty non green sources
    (green source solar and wind supply 4.9%)….

    The next problem is solar panels and wind turbines, the 4.9%, are not green at all, they are very damaging to the environment, they are very expensive, unreliable, dirty energy.

    All energy production is going to be solar and wind, according to the globalist/communists, so you will pay 20 x more and freeze in the dark.

    so 95.1% of EV’s are powered by dirty energy, so why switch from ice vehicles with their ultra low .00001% emissions engines that are far cleaner then dirty power stations??

    Thermal efficiency of power plants using coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fuel and converting it to electricity are around 33% efficiency, natural gas is around 40%. Then there is average 6% loss in transmission, then there is a 5% loss in the charger, another 5% loss in the inverter, the electric motor is 90% efficient so another 10% loss before turning the electricity into mechanical power at the wheels.
    33% – 6% – 5% – 5% – 10% = 25% efficiency for EV’s.
    (under not ideal conditions, like in very cold weather, it might be 12% efficient).

        • You just love to insult people who correct wrong statistics.
          Do you deny the existence of US nuclear power plants?
          Do you deny the existence of hydro power plants?
          If one claims hydrocarbon power plants are 95%, then both have been ignored. Along with many solar and wind farms.

          I try to be smart enough to know when government statistics can be verified, and when they are dishonest. Here is a list of all US nuclear power plants and which private company owns them. Each company will have fimancial reports that will describe the assets they own and how much revenues and income they are generating.

          A Rule of Thumb that all government data are wrong, or all government data are right, is not my goal. Those rules of thumb, in my opinion, are rules of dumb. My rule of thumb is to assume half of what I hear and read is BS, and my job is to figure out which half. I can not be refuted merely by the claim that I have used government supplied data, so I MUST be wrong for that reason.

          Anyone who says “95.1% of all (US) electrical energy comes from so called dirty non green sources” is either lying, or ignorant.

          • Well, there is that old saying, Richard. You can be book smart and street stupid. You fit that quote nicely. Smart, but still so damned dumb where it will ultimately matter the most. Go ahead and flout all the numbers & statistics you want. When SHTF, numbers are not going to do you a damned bit of good.

            • So your Rule of Dumb is to accept nonsense numbers as long as they are not from the government? That’s not my rule. My rule is to study subjects and come to conclusions based on facts, data and logic. Never making up my own numbers, or confusing personal beliefs with facts. I try to verify the government numbers to see if they make sense. Sometimes almost all of the data on a subject is from a government. If you reject government data for those subjects, you have no right to invent your own numbers and tell other people you know better.

  9. We always have to keep indirect effects in mind. Case in point: me. My beater vehicle is close to rusting in half, and one of the rear upper shock absorber anchor points no longer exists, so I started monitoring Craigslist for candidate “new” beaters at suitable prices. Turns out that, on one of my usual cycling routes, somebody parked a ’96 Ranger at the roadside with a FOR SALE on it. Miraculously rust-free, interior still nice, V6, 143K miles, decent tonneau on the bed, plenty of tires … the only thing it lacked was a manual transmission. Well, when you’re an automotive bottom-feeder like me, you never get everything you want, and this was close enough. Test drive, everything works, put down the cash and bought it.

    But does that make me free and clear of the EeeeeVeeeee plague? Nope. When the electricity blackouts and brownouts come, they’ll visit me, too. When gas stations are either starved out of business or forcibly closed … that’s me. When our overlords impose some sort of prohibitive tax on carbon-burning vehicles, there I am.

    Friends, we ain’t votin’ our way out of this. I say no more.

    • Not at the ballot box anyway. The two votes that always work and cannot be defrauded, your feet and your wallet, may yet still work. Or not, if travel is outlawed and your wallet is full of CBDC.

  10. This may be a bit off topic, but it’s something that came to mind when reading this:

    Elon Musk claims to be an environmental savior with his Tesla and solar panels. Yet he ordered his employees back to the office. Driving to work every day, no matter what you drive, has environmental impact.

    If he really cares about the environment, he’d let his employees telework. But he cares more about power and control (and his commercial real estate holdings) than the environment when push comes to shove.

    There’s a name for that: Hypocrisy.

    • Musk is a propaganda construct of the state, not an actual person. He’s playing the role of Tony Stark.

      When the current narrative flips and burns, Agent musk will play a key role as a hero.

  11. EVs have failed many times before. Why do we think this time it will work?
    The electric vehicles go back to the early 1800s

    Many people, including many politicians, clearly think electric vehicles are the way of the future. But they’re also the way of the past. Vehicle electrification goes back to 1832, years before the pioneering work of Étienne Lenoir and Nikolaus Otto on internal combustion (IC) engines. Electrification gained early traction in the horseless carriage era due to its distinct operational advantages over early steam- and gasoline-powered cars.

    Without government mandates or subsidies, EVs were all the rage in the U.S. by the turn of the 20th century, accounting for around a third of all vehicles on the road. Yes, you read that correctly: one third. Early EV boosters such as Thomas Edison and Ferdinand Porsche, contributed, respectively, to battery improvements and the building of the first hybrid EV.

    In the years before the First World War, many women chose electric cars because they started instantly without hand cranking and had no hard-to-shift transmission. Clara Ford herself, wife of Henry Ford, drove a 1914 Detroit Electric, one of 13,000 built by the Anderson Electric Car Company between 1907 and 1939.

    But it didn’t last. The market position of EVs slowly began eroding as advances in IC-engine technology, coupled with the economy and convenience of gasoline, began changing the automotive value proposition. Just as innovation had spawned the electrified car era, its next IC-inspired wave presented a higher order of value, thus precipitating EVs’ gradual decline. By 1935 they had all but disappeared — yet the historically unfulfilled EV vision and the long history of repeated attempts at making it market-relevant persists to this day.

    Only the future will say whether EV technology ends up competing on its own, unsubsidized. Current indications are not encouraging, however. Many EV startups are going bankrupt. Among legacy players, EVs are minimally profitable or even lose money, depending on the model. Ford says its EV unit will lose $3 billion this year, though it anticipates profitability by 2026. Maybe.

    But so far these failures simply confirm long-standing EV vulnerabilities, including high input costs, grid inadequacies, issues surrounding cold-weather performance and a skeptical global market in which uptake, though highly publicized, has so far been anemic. Despite the hype, politicians, executives, miners, investors, activists and journalists have yet to provide convincing explanations of how this time round their “EV revolution” will achieve economic efficiency and competitiveness.

    Batteries are clearly central to this generation’s version of the EV vision. There’s not much wrong with modern lithium-ion batteries per se. They do a fine job in smartphones, laptops, watches and hand tools.

    For cars, however, they are a profoundly misplaced application. According to Argonne National Laboratory, it takes 100 pounds of battery to go a distance achieved by only one pound of gasoline — reason enough why gasoline, not batteries have dominated vehicle propulsion for the past hundred years. Batteries add an average of 33 per cent to a typical car’s weight and an average 20 per cent to the sticker price.

    Today’s EV policy-framers, addled by the incessant “zero” narrative, lacking technical and economic expertise and a historical perspective, have catastrophically failed to understand battery limitations. Simply put, EVs in their current embodiment do not offer performance or value parity to an average car buyer steeped in ICE culture.

    Until the battery conundrum and related problems are resolved, vehicle electrification will not happen in any economically viable manner. No measure of subsidies, incentives, mandates or rosy projections can paper over systemic technical shortcomings, high costs and supply chain impediments.

    Squeezing current EV policy toothpaste back into the tube is clearly impossible at this point. But those still intent on electrification need to conjure up a battery significantly superior to current offerings — with much lower cost and weight and much higher energy density topping the checklist of economic necessities. Prospects for success are slim at best, notwithstanding all the scientific wizardry and billions of dollars thrown at batteries over the past two decades. The list of companies that have tried and failed is long and growing: A123, Alevo, Aquion Energy, Britishvolt, Better Place, Ener1 and Solyndra — each experienced its moment in the publicity sun and each ended up bankrupt. Is the $13-billion VW battery mega-factory next?

  12. Well, let’s compare the qualifications of Rep. Massie and Sec’y Buttigieg to discuss this topic.
    >Massie earned a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and a master of science degree in mechanical engineering
    >Massie and his wife founded a company,
    >He raised $32 million of venture capital, employed 70 people, and obtained 24 patents during his time at the company,
    >His father was a translator and editor of the three-volume English edition of Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks and influenced his pursuit of literature in college.
    >Buttigieg … majored in history and literature.
    >Buttigieg was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at the University of Oxford.[30][32] In 2007, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree with first-class honours in philosophy, politics, and economics

    @ 4:50 in the video above, Rep. Massie comments “The numbers and the rate of adoption have been developed using political science, not engineering.”

  13. Ugh, that picture says it all. Only women sitting behind him and I’m sure no more qualified than him to be doing that job.
    Yes, they did get his name wrong. Should be Queer Butt or Homo Butt, Stupid Butt, Ass Butt, Bend Over Butt, Sore Butt, Stinky Butt, Nasty Butt, Pain in the ass Butt….
    Good article as usual Eric.

  14. Pete speaks from his toothless wonder.

    Can’t get any dumber than Pete the Invert.

    She’s like the government hag who stated that ‘we just get rid of all of the white people.’

    Gettin’ more stupid than just plain stupid.

    More like post-modern Lysenko-ism or something.

  15. Can’t make money with plenty. The shale fracking revolution made fuel plentiful again. Spot prices on the CME plummeted. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Oil was going to become scarce. Technology created modern gushers that no one expected. A black (gold) swan event if you’re in the trading pits.

    This is the normal way things are done. High prices are countered with innovation. Transistors destroyed the RCA and Sylvania tube empires, and Intel destroyed Fairchild Semiconductor, itself having just destroyed Shockley. The Bell system monopoly prices were reduced thorugh competition, then pretty much eliminated and suddenly calling grandma was free -from pretty much anywhere on Earth. But energy markets are a different beast. Post war energy markets were in a major state of flux. You had oil production opened up that was previously behind divided up empires. Oil and natural gas distribution pipelines (built during the war to prevent German u-boat attacks on tankers) were pumping products from the gulf coast to the northeast, and across the nation. Big construction companies were learning how to float oil platforms in the oceans. Gasoline was cheap. And there was this new technology on the horizon that promised even cheaper electric power.

    Well, we all know what happened. The world was on target to put atomic power to use, the “energy too cheap to meter” ideal. No way that could happen. Turning electric companies’ business models into flat monthly rate cable companies would screw up the futures markets. So nuclear is vilified, coal got another lease on life and everyone bought hatchbacks. Except for France, who didn’t have oil of their own, so they turned to nuclear powered lights and trains, and became an electricity exporter. And the natural engineering refinements of internal combustion engines were coopted by government mandates and monopoly power instead of market improvements. The exception being Japanese imports, which reset our definition of good transportation…

    Now we have a great situtaion to make tons of cash. Keep the energy supply as low as practical and get rid of any of the elasticity that was built into the distribution system. Many mixed-fuel turbine power stations would keep a few days supply of bunker oil on hand in case there was an extended surge. That’s become far less common as these older plants are retired for more efficient but less flexible designs. Renewables are destroying the economics of baseload power generation by driving down off-peak prices to below market rate. If you have the stomach for it, the potential for big payoffs is incredible.

    I’ll leave you with the reminder that the Democratic Party machine (built by Clinton and Obama) is centered around Chicago, while the Republicans are largely centered around Texas and the Gulf coast…

    Can’t make money with plenty.

    • RK, I’ve always thought that mini-nukes should be installed in every county and/or town?
      Am I far fetched?
      basically decentralize it.
      I’m a sci-fi reader, and mini-nukes are everywhere.

      • The logical first step in transportation electrification would be in shipping. Converting the (diesel-electric) trains to electric is very low-hanging fruit. Many engines that run in the northeast corridor are already set up for electrified rail because all the rail in and out of Manhatan is underground. The technology is well understood. Railroads have extensive rights-of-way all over the country, a standardized small modular reactor design that can be rolled off a flatcar and activiated in months would streamline the process and give rail companies a new source of revenue as the coal they’ve been carrying for 100 years is phased out. Sure, trains are already very efficient but all sin is sin, right?

        All it takes is political will and investors who dream big. Unfortunately the politics of railroads are some of the oldest federal laws on the books, and it doesn’t help that Warren Buffet owns half the rolling stock in the country. He usually has no interest in capex, prefering to hollow out companies to get big earnings, forcing the competition to do the same or die. And most rail ownership is a complex mess of carriage agreements and centuries old paper holding companies, many of which just pump out cash for old money families who have no idea what a switchyard looks like. Getting all of them to agree on electrification, even just the great-grandkids with trust funds, is too “hard” for the politicans and bankers. Much easier to beat up the individual and push a big marketing campaign for electric cars that don’t work. Why, it’s just like an election!

    • ‘A black (gold) swan event if you’re in the trading pits.’ — ReadyKilowatt

      Metaphorically speaking, of course — commodity trades are all computer-matched now.

      The day in 1984 when a floor trader invited me into the Comex platinum pit at 4 World Trade Center is now a sepia-tinged memory. Gone; all gone.

      • Oh sure, the NYSE in the background at CNBC is just a set. There’s no actual work being done there. I was speaking metaphorically, much like scientists who publish “papers” about climate change don’t actually print out anything, it’s all just bits on flash memory.

  16. Based on the article, and assuming NO INCREASE in electric rates, the Average Family will have to pay about FIVE TIMES as much for electricity if they have 2 EVs in the family.

    We all know that the electric rates will have to go up due to supply and demand, even if there is no extra cost to expand production and repair/expand the grid to deliver enough electricity.
    So rates must go higher and the cost of improving the system will be astronomical.

    Families will not be able to pay for electricity for EV’s. They won’t even be able to keep their homes heated and cooled at the higher rates.

    The federal government’s push for EV cars is either
    2) a plan to completely control people by eliminating their ability to travel and simultaneously destroying all small businesses.

    DC is utterly corrupt and can’t be reformed.

  17. There is not one electric company on this planet doing wholesale upgrades of its grid and production capacity.

    Not a single one. Anywhere.

    • Without new generating capacity why bother? The DOE is paying for “distributed production” AKA residental solar, under the false premise that every house will make its own power. Great idea in theory, but in practice without a practical storage medium that’s a nonstarter. Power companies are happy to promote electric cars to sell more product, but then they fall into the chicken and egg problem. Until there’s an elecric car market there’s no justification for the capex spend. The DOE is trying to goose them into building out the distribution network, but without high focus and control any incentives will just be pissed away doing studies and thinking about building, without actually building anything. This happened time and time again with so-called “rural broadband,” which actually subsidizes vacation homes and gentlemen farmers more than anything. The old legacy baby bells get their rural broadband grants, pull a few more miles of fiber, then piss away the rest on middle managers, all the while complaining that it wasn’t enough money. Rinse and repeat.

      • BTW, all this was foreshadowed with Obama’s “All of the above” strategy. Subsidize everything but coal and nuclear. When nothing comes of it, well, must not have been enough money. Better to have scattered that cash to the wind than put it into windmills.

      • >Without new generating capacity why bother?
        Never mind the generating capacity. If truckers are forced to use a means of propulsion which requires six times as long to “refuel,” that will require six times the parking capacity.

        That is one hell of lot of asphalt (or concrete) for truck stop parking lots, even assuming the land is available, which is questionable. Not to mention that asphalt is made from the “bottoms” of petroleum distillation, and cement manufacturing is an extremely energy intensive process which requires many, many trainloads of coal.

  18. Power Grid Could Fail 7 reasons

    Pushing EV’s that use huge amounts of electricity dooms the power grid. Connecting more EV’s to the grid will crash the grid, there will be nowhere to charge your EV.

    If all vehicles are EV’s the grid capacity has to be expanded 500%, that is unlikely to happen, just doing neglected, deferred maintenance on the existing grid is estimated at $5 trillion, to expand it 500% would cost $25 trillion?….

    More capacity isn’t being added to the grid, the opposite is happening, reliable hydrocarbon and nuclear power plants are being shut down, they want to convert to 100% wind turbine and solar panel energy production, which is unreliable, far more expensive, dangerous, fire prone, intermittent, a sometimes power supply. Are they anticipating a much smaller populatiion?

    How Critical is the Grid?
    According to a report from the congressionally funded EMP Commission,
    power grid failure for one year would result in the death of nine out of every 10 Americans.
    The first to die would be people dependent on medical assistance with the majority dying from starvation.

    Systems and services surrounding us are dependent on electricity and without power there are no grocery stores or pharmacies, no gas stations or hardware stores, no local doctors or dentists, no traffic lights, banks, basic communication, water, and everything else we assume will always be available.

    The North American power grid is old.

    The original design was engineered to only last 50 years with the assumption that future generations would upgrade and improve the system. That has rarely happened unless a system or station has a significant failure, and even then the fix falls in the category of repairs, not replacement.

    As a result, there are parts of the North American grid that are about 100 years old. In a study done by the American Society of Engineers the power grid was graded D+ for reliability. It’s troubling to think that a system so critical to our survival is in the range of a failing grade.
    NOTE: a system so critical to our survival ….and they are crashing it with EV’s recharging….is that the point?….or are they low IQ?
    ATTENTION: Worse, some estimates put a critical repair to the North American grid at $5 trillion dollars!

    The power grid that exists today was first built after World War II from designs dating back to Thomas Edison, using technology that primarily dates back to the ’60s and ’70s. Its 7,000 power plants are connected by transmission power lines with a combined total of more than 5 million miles, connecting to millions of miles of distribution lines to final users….all managed by 3,300 utilities serving 150 million customers.

    Every day our power grid is tested by foreign hackers attempting to infiltrate and find ways of taking control and cutting off power. The cutting edge of cyber-warfare continues to be China. Unfortunately, our defenses against cyberattacks continue to be weak.
    NOTE: It is believed in fact at the highest levels of our intelligence community that China could shut down our power grid at any time.
    80% of all important components and batteries in EV’s come from china, they benefit the most from the EV push, …..load us up with EV’s then turn off the power?

    Infrastructure Failure
    It doesn’t take the drama of an attack or catastrophe to take down the grid. The age of the North American grid combined with the intermittent and often random repairs further compromise and complicate an antiquated system that could simply collapse in on itself.

    All it takes is a massive failure at one utility to cause power sharing from other utilities to attempt to supply additional power. As the demands become greater a cascade or domino effect first predicted during the Y2K scare could cause the entire grid to crash, largely due to its continuously failing infrastructure.

    Preparing for Total Grid Failure
    Welcome to the 19th century. That will essentially be the lifestyle for everyone following a long-duration, national grid failure. Homesteading will be the new normal, and self-reliance the only solution in a society with few manufactured resources, no easily accessible drinking water, few food sources, rare medical care, and few options for communication.

    You can’t live 3 days without water. Without the grid, water will become scarce, especially if you depend on a well pump. Even municipal water towers will soon run dry as the pumps that refill them sit idle without power.

    We mentioned it once. 90% of the U.S. population is projected to die during the first year of a national grid failure mostly due to starvation

    • Food
      We mentioned it once. 90% of the U.S. population is projected to die during the first year of a national grid failure mostly due to starvation…..probably part of the depopulation plan….lock them all into 15 min city/prison camps, then let them starve to death….

    • Try this:

      Make one post about one particular item instead of 35 LONG posts about several different things. Reading your stuff is exhausting.

      • Amen, Jim –

        I’ll speak to Anon directly about this. If he’s reading this, I suggest posting these very long things over at the Forum, which is an appropriate place to do that. Not here. Please.

  19. the control group uses contract law….maritime law to take control….everything is a corporation including you and the government

    birth certificate deception

    @ 10:10 in video tricked into a contract

    @ 13:15 ownership meaning

    @ 17:00 giving over rights to your child

    @ 20:30 anything that has a serial number on it you don’t own it….car, computer, etc..

    @ 24:00 what happens when you open a bank account

    @ 26:00 the meaning of inclusive

    @ 29:40 every time you sign something it is securitized

    @ 38:20 how to fight back

    @ 1:02 two books with information at…the sovereign project

  20. On hot summer days when everyone is running their a/c we get robocalls from the power company warning that there will be rolling blackouts if people don’t back off some load. Of course now they have the “smart” thermostats to do that for them; they offered me a couple for free but I took a hard pass on that.
    Meanwhile they’re planning on shutting down Mystic Station and it’s 800 megawatts of reliable base load electricity. The property is being sold to a casino; delicious irony in turning reliable power into a gamble.

      • Hi Horst,

        Is that $12 a month fee for the power company where you live to send someone out to read your non-smart meter? The electric company where I live charges a $10 monthly fee for sending someone out to read a non-smart meter. It was originally going to be $36 a month until public pressure from people who DIDN’T want a smart meter period led to the monthly fee being lowered.

  21. A major problem with much of the population is that they have NO IDEA of “how things really work”, basic science, physics and conservation of energy,
    These are the same types that believe that hydrocarbon-based energy sources are created from dead plants and animals and are finite, despite PROOF to the contrary.
    For some, an explanation will be enough to get them to at least consider that electric vehicles are “not yet ready for prime time”.
    For the rest, there is no hope. They will swallow the “party line” hook, line and sinker.

    • “A major problem with much of the population is that they have NO IDEA of “how things really work”, basic science, physics and conservation of energy”

      A bigger problem is a large percentage of American believe predictions of doom that create fear … and people in fear demand that their governments “do something” The fear of climate change is based ONLY on a very long term prediction NOT backed by any data. Just climate astrology. You don’t have to know ANYTHING about climate science to know that predictions in general are almost always wrong. Long term climate predictions have NEVER been right. My parents taught me about predictions when I was a child. They said you can trust weather predictions for the next few daya, but ignore other predictions.

  22. After the Biden Thing’s new rule that homeowners with good credit will pay MORE for mortgages to subsidize mortgages for people with bad credit, I can just see them trying to find some way to force people who own a gas vehicle instead of an EV to pay more for electricity to subsidize electricity costs for people who drive EVs.

    • Indeed, John –

      The whole edifice of Leftism is built upon envy – and entitlement. It is the moral philosophy of the angry toddler that wants what it wants right now – and screams when it doesn’t get it.

    • Typical of the Biden Adminstration’s incompetence to subsidize lower credit rating people, which could have been sold as “helping the poor”. And then ruin that illusion by punishing people with good credit ratings with a “tax” on their mortgage. That if implemented would grow over time.

      Another example is selling EV subsidies as needed to save the planet, and then ruining that illusion by raising taxes on ICE owners.

      Competent leftists know that spending more government spending will make some people happy but raising taxes makes some people angry.

      Competent leftists increase government spending WITHOUT increasing taxes. More devious politicians increase spending while lowering taxes, such as President Trump. Whose 2020 and 2021 Budgets had the largest deficits since WWII, and those deficits were financed by the Federal Reserve Bank in 2020 and 2021, causing high consumer price inflation in 2021 and 2022. Which Trump blames on Biden, who had nothing to do with those two budgets. Biden’s first budget, for FY2022, cut the 2021FY deficit in half. The high inflation in 2021 and 2022 was brought to us by a Republican president, a Republican controlled Senate and a Democrat controlled House.

      • Richard,

        There’s some speculation that the Biden Thing’s new mortgage rule is part of a larger goal to force middle and lower class Americans out of owning a home altogether. Considering that the WEF is pushing the masses living in “Stack and pack” housing under guise of “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving the planet”, I wouldn’t be surprised if this new mortgage rule is indeed intended to force Americans (except the billionaire class) out of owning a home.

      • Richard,

        Sigh. It is not incompetence. It is deliberate – purposeful. The Left intends to destroy the middle (and working class) in order to obtain the political backing of the maggot class.

        Your naivety is typical of Republican-conservatives, who think that it’s just a matter of correcting these bad policies. No. It is a question of understanding the Left. You clearly do not.

        I speak to those who do.

        • Raising taxes is no way to keep power
          Trump knew that
          The first President Bush did not.

          It is incompetence when leftists leaders can’t not create the illusion of expertise and the illusion of working to benefit the American people. The leftists in the Deep State will competently do what they do best: Increase government power and control.

          It is you who do not understand the preferred leftist illusion of Rule by Experts, and how it can be ruined by having too many incompetents in visible high-level roles.

          In climate science, the preferred leftist illusion is to quote government scientists with Ph.Ds. That gives an illusion of when expertise, even the scientists make data free predictions of climate doom. But they are in positions of authority, so become supported n by the leftists Appeal to Authority Logical Fallacy. Leftist competence means learning what leftist climate scientists say and repeating it like trained parrots. A leftist who claims that roads are racist is not a competent leftist.

          • Richard,

            “Raising taxes is no way to keep power”

            Your naivety is almost touching…

            The tax-eaters don’t care (and this includes government “workers”). They care about what they’e getting – paid for by taxes.

            Yours is the mentality of the elderly bourgeois who thinks there are rules. That it’s 1950 and we’ll just have to vote harder next time.


  23. This chart puts last month’s half trillion worth of bank failures into perspective, in relation to the crisis of 2008-9:

    According to commentator Jim Bianco, a ‘bank walk’ (as opposed to a bank run) is underway.

    Keep calm, folks: no need to stampeeeeeeeede.

    And please don’t spread wild rumors: the system depends on CONfidence. 🙂

    • Jim

      IMO they are doing this on purpose. The number of banks today present a problem to the CBDC initiative. They need to consolidate to reduce the number of banks. What better way is there! I tell you,,, people are sooo easy to bs.

      Raising the interest rates in a year to 4-5% after having them at zero for years will definitely cause many banks to be technically insolvent. Then the psychopaths swoop in and sell it to one of the preferred banks that will be in the CBDC system.

      Proof?… the central bank(s) are aware of this but continue to raise rates anyway making the problem worse.
      Obviously they want these banks to fail. I am sure the smaller banks are aware of this but they are too small to fight it or management is being paid off. I choose the latter.

      If the People allow CBDC it will be “Game Over”.

      As we speak NYC is starting a program to monitor peoples eating habits to be part of their SCS (Social Credit Score), Although the Bank card companies like American Express has decided to help the psycho’s,,, people with cash will still be able to skirt the system. BUT once on the CBDC system, and no private cash, this will be impossible. If you try to buy more meat than they limit you to… purchase denied. Easy Peezy. Worse, you will get one demerit on your SCS making you a baaadddd person and be made to wear a dunce hat so others will know you sinned.

    • From the Daily Caller article:

      ‘Antoni characterized [Ford’s] decision to go “all-in” on electric vehicles as a “tremendous risk” that requires ongoing support from government subsidies offered by the Inflation Reduction Act [possibly] topping $1 trillion.’

      Yep … and those wanton trillions are precisely why Senate Republicans’ debt ceiling bill CAPS those runaway, blank-check subsidies, which have turned into a sorcerer’s apprentice sowing havoc through the federal budget for years to come.

      A political SHOWDOWN is on tap. Ford could be one of the pathetic victims who falls off the subsidy hay wagon and gets crushed under its wheels. Sad!

    • Misleading
      Ford is investing a huge amount of money upfront for new 2024 to 2026 model EVs that are not yet on sale. That will including multiple battery manufacturing plant joint ventures. It is questionable whether these investments will be profitable in the long run. Ford engineers working on the future EVs are pessimistic. Ford expects EVs to be more expensive than ICEs, but potential customers think they are worth less than ICEs. That does not add up to a good business plan unless there are HUGE government subsidies.

  24. ‘the cost of electricity goes through the roof … as a result of shortages – and the artificially induced devaluation of the money people have available to pay for it.’ — eric

    It’s already happening, and will carry on escalating. This is part of the plan, you see.

    Triple the cost of power in real terms, and people will use less of it, whether for cars, air conditioners or what have you. Some may have to move into caves … for the environment. While others forage for nuts and berries that don’t need refrigeration.

    In Jean Hegland’s novel Into the Forest (1998), one day the power goes off and never comes back on. Two sisters in rural New England get along okay, though they notice that planes no longer fly overhead.

    Fortunately that could never happen in real life! And yet … just today, two more regional banks (PacWest and First Horizon) have been taken out and shot in pre-opening trading; their share prices smashed by half or two-thirds.

    Seems like things are fraying at the edges, despite Fed chair Jerome Powell assuring us yesterday that the banking system is fortress-strong, just like the electrical grid! 🙂

  25. I can’t find the article / section of the federal constitution that allows for the creation of the dept of energy, dept of transportation, dept of whatever.

    Anyone else running out of give a shit?

    • The interstate commerce clause. Once a court case determined that the FedGov had authority to regulate anything that affected interstate commerce, Katy bar the door. Because everything you do affects interstate commerce, including how many sheets of TP you use per wipe.

  26. “Understand who these people are. Understand that they don’t care – about you and the misfortune they plan to impose on you. They intend to impose it on you.”

    The problem of course is that the idiotic American people largely go along with this or are indifferent. Nobody is making plans to hang these people from lampposts. There are no anti-EV riots. (Even on France, where there have been years of anti-government riots, it doesn’t change anything. Maybe they need to riot harder?) As long as the morbidly obese morons have their football and their porn and their legal weed they can be and easily are corralled into subservience.

    All of these people have the power because the people gave it to them. Sure, I am aware of the allegations of election fraud. Sure, I know that people in rural Texas and Appalachia oppose them. But in every big, blue shitlib city they probably have 80-90% approval. And make no mistake the people have been electing Biden for fifty years straight, and whether there was fraud in 2020 or not, this is basically the continuation of the Obama administration and the people voted for that — twice.

    I realized this country was hopeless in 2012 — after the people made clear that 2008 was not a fluke.

    Not as if that scum Romney was any kind of real great alternative anyway.

    • Some would blame fluoride in the water. Others blame Edward Bernays. I think it has more to do with everyone being so strung out on screwing up their own timelines with credit and routine. It’s OK to take out 30 year mortgage because you’re never going to lose your income. It’s OK to spend everything without any savings or exit plan because the Sun rises in the east daily. And besides, if something bad happens, there’s always a backstop. Just like no one expects the Spanish Inquisition, everyone expects the backstops to be there to fix their mistaken assumptions.

      Problem is, lately those backstops are getting a workout. And there are groups hell bent on removing the backstops without replacements (and most of the backstops are hollowed out shells). In the 1990s, the German power grid was so reliable computer UPSs were unheard of. As Energiewende was implemented there was a run on UPS backup systems. After the Texas grid failure and California’s constant issues with keeping the lights on, home backup systems are a growing market and installation dates are pushed out months. A backup generator or battery is a poor substitute for responsible grid operators.

      If you’re paying attention, you’re not taking on debt and you’re looking at options. The future that was once fairly clear is murky. Most don’t want to face the future, in fact nearly everyone lives their lives as an immortal being, never following through with their dream because they think they’ll have time. But what happens when? And do you go out on your terms or theirs?

  27. The drive to electric every thing has nothing to do with CO2 or “climate change”. It has to do with control, and inflicting enough damage on us to “encourage” our compliance. After all, electrical transmission is one of if not the most inefficient means of energy dispersion there is. The drive for wind and solar is the intentional disruption of our electric power supply, since neither are reliable constant suppliers of it.
    In a word, or three, they hate us.

  28. You know we’re screwed when the first picture is captioned as Hon. Buttiigieg. Based on his performance he’s nether honorable nor fit run a shoe shine stand. With “men” like him running the country it’s time to start growing your own food, stockpiling firewood, etc because it sounds like he’d be happy letting you freeze in the dark and eat bugs (unsalted of course).

  29. Id not seen that oj confession before but i had been very interested in the story at the time. There is no doubt in my mind he slaughtered those two. In this video he displays that chilling dupers delight smile several times. Actually the fact he wrote that book is a prime example of dupers delight.


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