Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED 05/04/2023

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Here’s the audio of my weekly Wheels up! segment with Bill Meyer over at KMED FM in Oregon! We talked about etymological atrocities and the latter-day Edsel, among other things


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  1. Eric, in the show you ask how long can they cut hot checks for EV subsidies, and you mention full faith and credit of the US Gov.

    There is a measure of how good that ‘full faith and credit’ is, the credit default swap basis points on US Treasury debt. Currently it has spiked to a new high during the budget ceiling crisis:

    Many buyers of Treasuries want to insure against default, thus the spread, and it going up means the faith in that debt is not so good. Obvious the rate is in the quasi world of psychology of the participants, but is is a good leading indicator – like a canary in a gold mine, of default. We saw, in fact, the CDS on Lehman debt CDS insurance spike back in 2007-2008:

    Because unelected pedo elpresidente Biden is the selected Ziowhore puppet installed to wreck everything – I would wager there is an actual real life chance in the next few weeks that Biden will veto all Republican controlled House budget proposals – right up until (some undefined) deadline of default – and the CDS insurance will spike will continue up, up, and away – until Congress raises the budget ceiling.

    Expect a similar chart of US CDS insurance going up in waves and spikes.

    Eric, almost for sure, they current budget fight will be like a Mexican standoff – causing great harm to the full faith and credit of US Treasury market. In fact, I say you can bet on it. But unlike Lehman, the US Gov will not fail, it will be forced into budget austerity.

    Biden, the Zio wrecking ball, will be removed AND all excesses cut, WHICH MEANS ALMOST FOR SURE ALL ELECTRIC CAR SUBSIDIES ARE GOING ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK during this upcoming crisis.

    And Amerika will be in a full blown GREATER DEPRESSION as car companies will not be bailed. No one sees this coming. The auto executives should be taking maximum defensive positions now – and dump the EV bleeders while their companies are still solvent.

    In my not so unhumble opinion, I think there is a world of hurt coming down the Albert C. Pike highway to hell for super power Amerika losing it’s hegemonic #1 position – and the slide is slow at first, but then it gains speed and the crisis become overwhelming all at once.

    • This is what Amerika needs to do:

      “US Foreign Policy Has Collapsed.” RFK Jr. Pledges to Close 800 US Bases and Bring American Troops Home

      RFK Jr. is proposing shutting down the empire, which is going to happen one way or another, because the time comes when we can no longer afford to run it.

      Ron Paul has written that the USA has 5,000 military bases stateside and 1,500 overseas. The Pentacon uses more oil than any other entity on the planet – and now has a budget of a trillion dollars … and produces nothing.

  2. Here is a good graphic from Defending Idaho:

    Greta Thunderborg is an abused child brainwashed and manipulated by the media, she is from Sweden and actually thinks the earth is going to warm, she actually thinks Sweden will become a hothouse with palm trees. She is so branded by the media spin, she has lost touch with reality.

    (If anyone actually thinks Sweden will ever be snow free in our lifetime, I have some ocean beach front property in Minnesota to sell you.)

    Have you ever been in Sweden or Minnesota – you would pray for some global warming. Another climate genius, Amy Klobochar announces her presidential candidacy and makes climate change her central platform:


    Scientists Who Set Out to Prove Global Warming Trapped in Ice

    Chris Turney, who holds the title of “professor of climate change” at New South Wales University in New Zealand set out on a sea voyage with the aim of proving that the polar ice is melting due to global warming. Then his ship got stuck in the ice.

    “We’re stuck in our own experiment,” said the leader of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. He and 73 crew members aboard the the Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy became stranded when their ship became trapped in the very ice they had set out to prove was melting.


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