The Changing Climate

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It’s a shame there isn’t more global warming – in my neck of the woods, at least. We could use some. Even though it is early summer, it feels like late winter.

Temperatures in my part of SW Virginia have been in the high 40s – during the day – and colder at night. We lost several chicks to cold that ought not to be around anymore, by now. We still have the propane heater heating us – and it’s normal for us to turn the thing off in early April.

There was a winter storm warning in effect for parts of West Virginia that aren’t far from us – with 6-8 inches of heavy snow expected. In May. Three weeks away from June.

It looks like the globe is cooling rather than warming – which would make sense given how little C02 there is in the air to keep us warm. The current appx. 400 parts per million, which is a level so low – in geological time-scale terms – that it correlates with periods of cold rather than warm.

Put another way, C02 (accounting for about 0.04 percent of atmospheric gasses) isn’t warming us up. That is probably why one rarely hears much about global warming anymore. Instead, the climate is changing.

Indeed, it is.

It always has. Just as people change, over time. The young get old – and are replaced by new young. Leaves come – and go. The Earth’s climate does the same, essentially, over a much longer time-scale. People tend to confuse – and conflate – changing weather with changing climate. But they are not synonymous, though they may be related. 

A change for the warmer would be better than a change for the colder, in any case. Cold is death. The freeze we had overnight killed plants that will not grow into food for people to eat (and food for animals to eat that people eat). Being hot and sweaty can be unpleasant if the AC isn’t on or you can’t afford to keep it on. But no living thing can afford to be too cold, irrespective of what it costs to stay warm. People might want to give this some thought in view of the push to make heat expensive – and make it consolidated (i.e., electricity only, under the control of powers-that-be who can turn it off as they like).

The Biden Thing warned of a winter of “illness and death” for the unvaccinated last year. His prediction might have been off by a year. If this cold “summer” is a harbinger, the winter of 2023-2024 could be exactly what he meant, for altogether different reasons.

And not just because of the weather, either.

The Biden Thing’s policies have made everyone poorer – except those are responsible for imposing those policies of course. The Biden Thing and his crack-smoking, influence-peddling son will stay toasty warm, being able to make the rest of us pay to keep them warm – whatever its costs. The heat will not be turned off or even down at the White House.

Jimmy Carter at least had the decency to wear a sweater while urging the rest of us to turn down our thermostats.

Of course, Jimmy wasn’t evil. He wasn’t even a lawyer.

Biden is both.

And more.

He may not even be Biden.

How would we know?

We get to see images of a man who sometimes looks vaguely like him, emanating from a TV set. These images are often pre-recorded, too. Viz, the recent theatrical release of the Thing’s announcement that he will be seeking re-selection (via Dominion) for another term as whatever-he-is.

Meanwhile, it’s not warming up around these parts – despite the “changing” climate.
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  1. Find “you are here” in the next graphic:

    The New Dark Age and Rise of the Death State During the Approaching Mini Ice Age

    For the rest of this century, it will be colder than normal and political repression will be severe – that prediction is based on solar cycles correlated to political cycles.


  2. This is what is going on with the weather. It’s completely unnatural. I think that someone is screwing witht he atmosphere. This is unrelated to C02, or even sunspots at this point. It has to be influenced by magnetic disturbances in the ionosphere or something. This just doesn’t happen normally.

  3. I’d imagine it would be entertaining for the “man made climate change” zealots to try to argue their case, proof positive, in the court of law. Also, why is the EPA allowed to pass restrictions/mandates, federally, without going thru congress? Isn’t that unconstitutional?

      • Correct! I also don’t believe the “experts” when they say things like 10 of the last 18 years are the 10 hottest years on record. It’s a bunch of nonsense

  4. Has Robert F Kennedy Jr, who is currently challenging Joe Biden for the “D” nomination for President, had his own awakening to the TRUE agenda behind the climate change push? In a recent interview, Kennedy warned that the WEF, Bill Gates, and (my words) other billionaire psychopaths are using CLIMATE CHANGE to usher in totalitarian population control….

    • RFK is starting to get it. He’s a little liberal for my tastes, but he recongizes the enemy. that’s worth something.

      • Swamprat,

        I read a piece recently whose author thinks that the ultimate nightmare scenario for the DC Swamp & Neocons in our government would be an RFK Jr v Trump election next year.

  5. Turnips and cabbage. The historic staples of a nation most of which is above the Arctic Circle called Russia.

    • Oh my gosh you just reminded me of how my Russian grandmother ate turnips and cabbage her entire life. I used to wonder gee who the heck makes boiled turnips! But she did.

  6. “It looks like the globe is cooling rather than warming – which would make sense given how little C02 there is in the air to keep us warm. The current appx. 400 parts per million, which is a level so low – in geological time-scale terms – that it correlates with periods of cold rather than warm.”

    We have centuries of anecdotes showing people like warm weather and hate cold weather, except for ski bums.

    The globe is not cooling. The average temperature increased significantly from 1975 to 2014, and then remained steady (no warming) for the past 8 years ad 11 months. See UAH satellite temperature charts at the link below.

    400ppm (0.04%) CO2 is relatively low considering the 180ppm (0.018%) to about 4000ppm (0.4%) range estimated for the past 500 million years.

    Almost all plants on this planet would grow better at 800ppm (0.08%) to 1600ppm CO2 (0.16%). Greenhouse owners typically CO2 enrich to 1000ppm (0.1%) to 1500ppm (0.15%) CO2. Better plant growth will support more human and animal life on our planet.

    There were no manmade CO2 emissions in historical climate reconstructions so those historical estimates can not explain the effect of manmade CO2 emissions (they always impede earth’s ability to cool itself, primarily the first 100ppm (0.01%) of CO2. The effect of CO2 is much weaker above 400ppm (0.04%) so CO2 can not be dangerous above the current 420ppm (0.042%)

    The exact effect of CO2 has been accurately measured in labs using infrared gas spectroscopy, with and without water vapor in the air. The results are documented in the MODTRAN and HITRAN databases.

    There is nothing to fear about CO2 over 400ppm. I advocate for 800ppm CO2 in the air to improve plant growth, based on reading about 300 CO2 enrichment — plant growth scientific studies since 1997. Plant biomass improvement is almost always the result of these controlled CO2 enrichment experiments, that number over 3,000, typically reflecting biomass improvement in the +10% to +100% range. With the low percentages for C4 photosynthesis plants (2% of plant species) and the higher percentages for C3 photosynthesis plants (85% of plant species). C4 does include corn and sugarcane, which are very popular food plants, so the 2% of species percentage can be mis;eading.

  7. “ The freeze we had overnight killed plants that will not grow into food for people to eat (and food for animals to eat that people eat). ”

    Precisely. All the more reason, from their perspective, to continue their elimination of carbon and to continue their artificial blocking of the sun with chemtrails.

  8. What if I told you that CO2 on planet earth is dangerously low? It is, see chart:


    What if I told you that CO2 got so low in the late Pleistocene, the megafauna died off and went extinct because of low CO2, because plants stopped growing?


    What if I told you that CO2 was so low in the the last glaciation, you could not farm?

    What if I told you that the entire media narrative demonizing CO2 is completely wrong, that CO2 is a life gas, that current CO2 concentration of 420ppm are at bare recovery levels, and that the planet is greening as a result?

    What if I told you that we are still in the ice age, and CO2 concentrations have nothing to do with earth’s temperature, and that the earth is cooling because we are in a late period of the interglacial, and that the current “little ice age” that we are now in, due to peak in 2050, will be colder than the last?

    What if I told you in 30,000 years Canada will be unlivable and under ice sheets?,000+years+ago+with+red+dot.jpg

    What if I told you that in the depths of glaciation, Canada is covered in ice, these ice sheets extend into American states, that cold dry conditions and dust storms dominate, and that existence is short, hard, and grim, and that by that time civilization would have collapsed into a new dark age and most of humanity wiped out?

    What if I told you that current push for climate laws is the beginning of severe political repression that will lead to mass genocide? That the repression and dark age insanity has already begun, that our civilization has peaked and now is in a epic catastrophic decline?

  9. It’s the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation that causes a cooler spring day. Makes for good fishing off the North Carolina coast, you can catch one big tuna.

    Icelandic cod fishing season is in full swing, time for some codfish.

    The Pacific Decadal Oscillation is in full swing and the temps are warmer today. No more la nina.

    Warm weather for the east coast is about two days from now.

    The plains of Mongolia are heating up and the warm air goes where it wants to go.

  10. Global warming is the new foundation for populationists and the oligarchs to herd us all into cities. Being dumbed down by govt education system and stripped of our cars and possessions, we will own nothing and rent everything from them.

    Meanwhile, the rich & connected will fly in private planes, live outside the walkable city limits, and have their meals cooked on gas stoves by their chefs, including non-insect meat.

    We will finally be the serfs that they desire.

  11. “People tend to confuse – and conflate – changing weather with changing climate.”

    I figured it out years ago. It’s a very simple theory. If it’s hotter than normal at any time throughout the year, that’s climate, but if it’s colder than normal, that’s weather. At least, that’s how it’s always been explained to me by the “experts”.

  12. Solar cycle 25 has been getting interesting lately, and is probably some of the reason why this winter has been cold and wet. Last week a fairly strong CME hit the Earth, causing a massive aurora spotted as far south as Steamboat Springs CO. Scientists are concerned that the oceans are heating “above normal” however normal is defined, but if the Solar activity continues to shift away from low energy spectrum toward high ( is reporting an increase in UV emmissions affecting shortwave comms on the African continent), the Pacific oscillation (El Niño/La Niña) will once again hit peak cycle and cool.

    But if you’re a climate scientist who’s funding relies on fatal forecasting, you have a vested interest in staying willfully blind to alternative theories.

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” ― Upton Sinclair

  13. Just one little glitch, folks, with the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022: its climate-related tax credits are uncapped. Now havoc is unfolding:

    ‘Christine McDaniel of GMU estimated that a battery manufacturing tax break would cost from $43.7 billion to $196.5 billion between now and 2032 — not the $30.6 billion that the Congressional Budget Office initially predicted.

    ‘One analysis from Goldman Sachs suggested that electric vehicle [tax credit] alone could cost $379 billion more over the next decade than the budget office estimated.

    ‘Other experts and investment banks have estimated that the law’s energy provisions could end up costing as much as $1.2 trillion over the next decade.’ — NYT

    Un-frickin-believable: a reckless blank check, passed solely by marauding DemonRats, brazenly raiding the US Treasury in broad daylight.

    Now it’s coming back to bite their ass: ‘The bill Republicans passed last week to lift the federal debt ceiling would repeal most of the climate tax credits from the IRA, which the budget office said would save more than $500 billion over the next decade,’ reports the Slimes.

    This month is SHOWDOWN TIME for EeeVee freebies and Battery Baloney, as the US clowngov careens toward default. Stick it to them, say I. No quarter … nor even a penny.

  14. Even if the climate was warming, I think the benefits would outweigh the negatives to be honest. The seas wouldn’t rise, it’s not possible, but they continue with that lie too. It could open up places like Siberia and more of Canada to like farming. Probably one of the reasons why the elite don’t want it. They want people on less land not more.

    It’s why the federal government will never sell all the land it controls in the western states until its forced to because its finally broke for good. Did you know only 5% of Alaska is privately owned? Did you know that 85% of the land in Nevada is “owned” by the federal government? If anything we shouldn’t be crowding into the cities, we should be spreading out more.

    • That land is the collateral for all the deficit spending. Just like Saudi Arabia borrows heavily against proven reserves, I’m certain that people buying bonds factor in all that real estate and minerals underneath. Also why I’m sure all that confescated gold in Fort Knox is still there. Any questioning (by people who matter, not you and I) will cause loss of faith in the system.

      • 100 percent. You are the first I’ve heard in 30 years ever say that. Back in 1992, when I was a young adult, I remember having a chat with this older gentleman in a property rights group in Santa Rosa, FL. He began explaining about the federal reserve, how they create money out of thin air. How the middle class was being eroded through the sell out of the manufacturing jobs. All that was important, but an aside to what was going on. I saw a connection between the US declaring large swaths of land UN Biosphere Reserves or land being taken piecemeal from individuals like Ocie Mills, through the Clean Water, Clean Air , the species act any other environmental excuse. It was being seized and it became an assett on the United States balance sheet. To what end? To increase the lines of credit. This has continued. First through land seizures, and then through the increase in land values which came about because of quantitative easing. It’s all just one sickening feeding fest paid for by working people in this country. Real working people, not the welfare cheats that inhabit the New yOrk Working people’s party.

        In any case, You are one of the few people I know who have made the connection between land seizure and borrowing collateral.

        • OK, now connect the dots between the end of the gold standard in 1972 and the official end of homesteading five years later…

          The Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 ended homesteading;[31][32] by that time, federal government policy had shifted to retaining control of western public lands. The only exception to this new policy was in Alaska, for which the law allowed homesteading until 1986.[31]

          What’s interesting is that mining claims can still be processed (except claims for petroleum, coal, phosphate, sodium, and potassium), although it looks like a few bills have been introduced over the years to shut that down too. My guess is because industry would be very upset if they lost access to domestic supplies.

    • Per the Constitution, FedGov is not allowed to own that land. Only what is needed for forts, magazines, and other “needful buildings”, and then only with the consent of the State legislature. I haven’t seen any “needful buildings” going up on any of it. In other words, the States own all that land, with the exception of the District of Columbia. By law. Which matters not of course.

  15. ‘Our interglacial is colder than the previous.’ — Yukon Jack

    It is also long in the tooth — close to 14,000 years — and due to begin receding toward colder temperatures. Suddenly this spring, apparently, it already has.

    To those familiar with commodities, the earth’s interglacial ‘spike highs’ in temperature resemble say, the price of silver in 1980 and 2011, or lumber in 2021.

    No one knew exactly how long these spikes would last. But after the shortage panic which drives commodity spikes ends, prices collapse fast back to the old baseline.

    On a planet whose long-historical record shows that current warm temperatures are only brief, precious interludes between lethal permafrosts, our technology should be directed urgently toward building life-saving carbon dioxide generating plants to stave off the next killing Ice Age.

    • @Jim I agree, the real threat are lower temps and a collapse of food production – our society is fighting the wrong thing – which is a catastrophe in the making. And this twerp Bill Gates wants to spray and obscure the upper atmosphere/

      That could be the last thing we humans do before our society collapses. We are literally ruled by the insane.

      • “Bill Gates wants to spray and obscure the upper atmosphere”
        Pretty sure that it’s happening now. Not to hard to understand why the change from “global warming” to “climate change”. They don’t have a clue which way it’s going. For all we know, we should be burning tires to produce MORE CO2, to stave off cooling.
        Which of course has nothing to do with the war on CO2. It’s a war on people, period. They hate us.

    • Yep, Helot. The people I’ve known who moved to South America offer the same observation when they mention the things they love about being in the southern climes- “Clear skies with no chemtrails”.

      Speaking of Thailand, yesterday I was talking to someone I know who recently returned from Thailand. I asked him of the status of the Thai Princess who rendered obsolete by the slot-shot. She’s STILL in a coma. Guess she’s as good as dead…..

  16. There are two long-term solar cycles that are responsible for the “ice ages” (solar minimum) and “warming periods” (solar maximum) throughout the “life cycle” of the earth.
    These two cycles, when in phase, reinforce each other, whether they are in a cooling or warming period. When they are “out of phase”, they moderate the sun’s solar output.
    It turns out that these two cycles are now “in phase” and we are in a “cooling period”.

  17. This geological chart shows high CO2 during a previous earth ice age 450 million years ago. The chart destroys the global warming narrative. High CO2 does not warm earth:

    Many (real) climate scientists have noted, that our current glaciation cycles, always start with high CO2 and end with low CO2. That also destroys the narrative. During the interglacial CO2 gets to the highest level, then the earth cools, and CO2 doesn’t stop the cooling.

    CO2 does NOT force temperature. CO2 follows temperature up and down:

    Thus Al Gore and his claim that CO2 going up is going to boil the oceans is wrong. CO2 levels have nothing to do with making earth get colder or hotter. Of course we should not be surprised that a politician with zero scientific training would get his science facts wrong. And why do we listen to high school dropout Greta Thunberg – like what does a teenager know about anything?

    And you ought to know something else, almost all the heating effect of CO2 happens in the first 20 ppm, thus CO2 level change now, at 420 ppm has nearly zero heating effect:

  18. I’ve seen this same cool weather pattern in my lo-cal several times in my short life on this rock. Lately there have been several large above ground and undersea volcano’s erupting which may account for some of it. There is much more to this biosphere than we humans know but we trash it just the same.

    Dumping sulfur and other trash in the atmosphere can’t be good. Humans are threatening extinction of all life on the planet and it’s not by driving ICE cars or having gas stoves. We are just smart enough to do very stupid and extremely dangerous things. Recklessness, arrogance and egotism are common human attributes among many others and all are rearing their ugly head in these latter days of total corruption and chaos.

    No good will come of this!

  19. We replaced our upstairs HVAC last month, gas heat, $10k, up from a quote of $7500 in September of last year. Who knows what that furnace will cost a year from now.

    The installer kept insisting on a “smart” thermostat through the quote and install process. I made sure the “dumb” thermostat was left in place.

    Strangely, in the middle of the install, the company responsible for power distribution in my part of Texas showed up to replace the electric meter outside. Everything stopped when they had to briefly cycle the power.

    • DTE Energy (formerly Detroit Edison) has a program offering customers a “free” smart thermostat. These “free” thermostats connect to Wi-Fi and can be controlled remotely.
      What DTE is not telling its customers is that DTE will have the means to control the thermostat remotely and will do so when it is deemed necessary. This is in the “fine print” of the agreement to receive the “free” thermostat that most customers do not read.
      I have been rallying against “smart meters” for years. I predicted that “time of day” electricity pricing would be the end result. I was right. DTE has implemented “time of day” pricing for its residential electricity customers.

      • Many electric companies are doing the time of day pricing or are in the process of it. Was talking with a friend in South Carolina, hardly a progressive state, and it’s being done there. The off peak hours are going to be priced about half of what it is now, which is a nice carrot. The on peak hours however will be priced about 12 times (yikes!!!) more once you pass a certain usage during those hours. Don’t remember what it was, but it is low enough you are going to have to watch it carefully not to go over it (aka, if your central air is on the whole time you go over easy). If you do, you pay the higher rate (12x) for the entire month for the peak hours. Including the ALL the usage during peak hours (aka, the price gets raised on your ration as well, yup I am going to call it a ration).

        It’s a terrible development and it will push people to install “smart” thermostats to counter that 12x rate.

        On the subject of DTE: Its telling they have money for the thermostats but not for replacing nearly 100 year old drops to houses. A friend was getting a new roof put on, and the roofer dropped a couple shingles on the wire and it shorted out because it wasn’t insulated (installed in the early 1930’s). I am amazed by the old age of some of the equipment in her neighborhood (I thought my neighborhood had old crap, but it’s from the 1950’s at least).

  20. Same here Eric, highs only in the 50’s for the past few weeks and we’re already into May. As you stated, warm is life, cold is death……which I wish upon the climate control freaks.

    • Very cool and wet weather this year in inland SoCal as well.
      Rain showers forecast for tomorrow.
      Current temp @ 1230PM is 64F.
      According to Wikipedia, average high for late Apr/early May is 77F.

      Projected high for coming week is about the same, with a warming trend to near average temps by following weekend. Definitely a late spring this year.

  21. I have watched the jets for over a year make cloudless days into hazy skies. Some days the planes have been constantly creating parallel and perpendicular lines, parallel lines intersected with 45 degree lines, and I have even seen a pattern where you can play tic-tac-toe. A heavy metal blood test detects metals consistent with climate engineering. What exactly else is in those trails? Nobody knows or cares if you point out. It is what Eric has pointed out is the insouciance of the public.

  22. The reason why the ass-clowns have changed their propaganda from “global warming” to “climate change” is because global warming has been refuted.

    Millions of years ago the climate was tropical, enabling cold-blooded dinosaurs to survive. The climate cooled, and they went extinct.

    Only 20,000 years ago the northern third of North America was covered with glaciers. The climate warmed — and it wasn’t because the wooly fucking mammoths were driving around in ICE-powered SUVs.

    • This is one of my favorite ice age charts, it shows temperature swings for the last 500,000 years of earths history, and the last 5 interglacials. The graph shows the current interglacial colder than the previous 4.

      (A whole lot of work went into making that chart. The had to set up a ice core drilling rig, then analyze all the cores for oxygen isotopes as a proxy to make a temperature chart.)

      Our interglacial is colder than the previous, that is not good, the earth is still cooling. Then when we match up the CO2 levels to the ice age chart, the results are even more disturbing. During the last 2 glaciation periods, CO2 went down to extremely low levels, the lowest in earth’s history, so low that plants died – and thus we can postulate that megafauna extinctions over the last two glaciations was from low CO2.

      What happens in an ice age, is that ocean waters cool, and CO2 is absorbed, reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. If the planet stays cold long enough, the CO2 keeps dropping, as the cold ocean water acts like a CO2 vacuum.

      So when you talk about this vague term “climate change”, North America went through hugely dramatic climate shift when the ice started melting 20,000 years ago. The ice took 10,000 years to melt. Ocean went up 300 feet. Woolly mammoths went extinct, farming became possible when CO2 went from death levels (180 ppm) to farming level minimum of 240 ppm.

      Cave man became farmer only when CO2 went back up. Thus CO2 levels must be at bare recovery levels, when the industrial revolution began 200 years ago CO2 was still only 280 ppm. 280 parts per million is not much. Out of a million atmospheric molecules, only 280 are CO2 molecules.

      Since plants grow much better at higher CO2 levels, that must mean plants evolved on earth when CO2 was much higher, and indeed most of earth’s history CO2 was over 3,000 ppm. Extremely low CO2 levels in the depths of the long glaciations also means life on this planet was dying, as CO2 is a life gas. If plants die, then animals that feed on plants die, and thus the megafauna extinctions must be related.

  23. Several large volcanos going off recently starting with tonga plus odd sun activity will cause cooling. I heard we are set up for a year without a summer. may get warm sometimes, but I think it will be cooler than normal, and next winter may be brutal. best to stock up on wood with the spring storms and prep your fireplace with a metal back plate or some U shaped tubes to get that heat in the house

  24. In Texas, the weather was warmer in February than it was last month. I have the electric bill to prove it. Last summer was very warm, but not hot. Something was weird and disconcerting. While we got temperatures into the 90s and 100’s, you could actully glance at the sun and not get the usual spots you get when you inadvertently glance. This climate “change” is not related to C02. It could be two things. Chemtrails or sunspots. Or both.


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