Etymological Atrocities

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When the federal government imposed an “individual mandate” to buy health insurance, the latter became no such thing – even though people still mistakenly use the term when speaking about it.

Think about it (something the Left prefers you not do).

Insurance is – well, it was – a word used to describe something you have for just-in-case. To cover an unforeseen and unlikely calamity of some kind. The latter will probably not happen. It certainly hasn’t happened yet. You – and many other insured people – pay a little in, each – so that if one of you does experience the unlikely calamity, there is sufficient money to cover the expense without any of you incurring major expense.

A shared risk pool, in other words.

What happens when insurance is used to pay out a lot – for literally everything? When it covers what has already happened (i.e., “pre-existing conditions”).

It is no longer insurance.

By definition.

It is something very different.

This is not a debate over the morality of the thing. It is about the etymology of the thing. To describe what most people are compelled to buy as “health insurance” is definitionally dishonest – a sleight of hand intended to manipulate people by manipulating how they think about things – by manipulating the meaning of the words they use to think about things. Without words, one cannot think about anything. One can only have feelings about them. It is impossible to articulate them – either to oneself or to others.

Hence the importance of defining them.

Hence the importance of not allowing them to be redefined – and then still using them as if they meant what they previously meant. That is how one loses a bout of verbal jujitsu before the bell for the first round is rung.

It is why we have been losing to the Left. Which understands the power of words as the means of controlling thought and so controlling people – often, without their even realizing it.

Vaccines, for instance.

This word has long been understood to mean an immunizing agent of some kind. If you take this vaccine, you will not get whatever it is you’ve just been immunized against, such as smallpox. And you won’t transmit smallpox to anyone else, either. That is what is understood when people hear – and use – the word vaccine. And that is why that word was used by Leftists to trick – and pressure – people into being injected with drugs that were no such thing, as was established in fact after people had been injected. Had those people been told, prior to being injected, that the drugs being pushed on them were (at best) symptom suppressors that might cause them to be less sick but which would not prevent them from becoming sick or spreading the sickness, how many would have agreed to be injected? How much harder would it have been to pressure anyone to accept being injected?

Hence the use of the word to describe what wasn’t.

Similarly, emissions – and pollution. These two words have been redefined in tandem for the same intended purpose.

For decades, emissions referred to the byproducts of combustion that caused (or worsened) pollution – the latter word understood to mean dirty, unhealthful things that fouled the environment. Specifically – as regards vehicle exhaust emissions – the air. Hence air pollution, as was once spoken of.  It is no longer spoken of very much because air pollution is not much of a problem anymore, the emissions that caused it and worsened it having been almost completely eliminated from vehicle exhaust.

Yet we hear and read a lot about emissions. Of something else. Something entirely, fundamentally, different.

Whatever your stand on what is styled “climate change,” it is an incontestable fact that carbon dioxide does not foul the air or anything else and so doesn’t cause or worsen pollution. Yet it is styled an emission – in order to convey a false equivalence.

There is an oily kernel of truth of truth to such usage in that carbon dioxide is emitted when hydrocarbon fuels are combusted. But that is not what is meant. The intent is to conflate emissions that cause pollution with emissions that are said to cause something else. It is precisely of a piece with the use of the word vaccine to wheedle people into believing that the drugs they were being pressured to take would do what they understood vaccines do.

Not “reduces the chances of hospitalization.” Being fit and eating healthy foods is much safer – and far more effective.

There are many other examples of etymological atrocities. For example, the use of phobic to imply that people fear what they disagree with. In order to ridicule disagreement as being noting more substantive than the fear of unfamiliarity. The parent who objects to a man dressed as a scantily clad woman grinding his package inches away from the face of his eight-year-old child is transphobic – the implication being he is afraid of men who dress as scantily clad women rather than disgusted by the sight of them and opposed to such sights being placed within sight of children.

Similarly, racism has been redefined to mean disagreement with views and policies that are manifestly racist – in terms of what the word used to mean and was understood to mean. That being an objectionable, mean-spirited dislike of and hostility toward certain people as a class, based on their color or ethnicity. It is now used to mean something it never meant in order to shame-silence those who do not dislike certain people as a class, based on their color or ethnicity – but do object to being told it is racist to disagree with anything they say or any demand they make.

The Left – the primary etymological abuser – can be countered by insisting on definitions prior to using words.

By not permitting the Left to redefine words – and then making the fatal error of using the same words with new meanings, substituted by the Left.

This is how the Left wins without us being able to fight.

Our weapons of self defense are the same words – specifically defined to mean what they meant, before the Left oilily inserted its new meaning.

One cannot win an argument with Humpty Dumpty by agreeing to use the words (and meanings) Humpty says, accepting new meanings, whenever he says.

Better to push him off the wall, instead.

. . .

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  1. court cases over bat germ disinformation psyop

    Class Action Lawsuit in Australian Federal Court—in,,jek..ti…on Injured Plaintiffs Sue Government Agencies

    @ 9:14 there is a court case about the bat germ misinformation….if the outcome of the court case goes the wrong way Vobes thinks the government and parliament are finished….

  2. Today is a day when another atrocity occurred in Ohio at Kent State University when four Kent State students died after being fired on by the Ohio National Guard.

    I guess the government will kill you under any and all circumstances.

    Ruby Ridge, Waco, Iraq, Afghanistan, doesn’t matter where, can’t be denied, it’s one rogue regime after another.

    • Most people accept the “official narrative” about the Kent State “massacre” without investigating for themselves “what really happened”.
      It turns out that there were “agents provocateurs” (outsiders) of the communist persuasion who were fomenting “hate and discontent” among the college students, as well as wreaking havoc and destruction on the local businesses in the town. Their agenda was to destroy civil society, using the college students for their own nefarious purposes.
      The local businesses begged for intervention to stop the rioting for approximately a week before troops were called in.
      The troops were National Guard reservists with no experience in crowd and riot control.
      It was easy to see that they could be “spooked” by the events going on around them as well as being personally attacked.
      Yes, it is unfortunate that people were killed, but the blame cannot be put on the National Guard, but must be placed on the agents provocateurs, outsiders, and the students themselves.

  3. One thing I learned when my daughter was involved in debate was one of the first things they were taught – He who defines the terms wins the debate. The left has learned that lesson well.

  4. the control group uses contract law….maritime law to take control….everything is a corporation including you and the government

    birth certificate deception

    @ 10:10 in video tricked into a contract

    @ 13:15 ownership meaning

    @ 17:00 giving over rights to your child

    @ 20:30 anything that has a serial number on it you don’t own it….car, computer, etc..

    @ 24:00 what happens when you open a bank account

    @ 26:00 the meaning of inclusive

    @ 29:40 every time you sign something it is securitized

    @ 38:20 how to fight back

    @ 1:02 two books with information at…the sovereign project

  5. The list of things that confuse me include this. So if a father brings his 8 year old son to see strippers hard at work he is a bad man. But if he brings his son to drag queen story hour he is deemed the epitome of modern culture and lauded by all (in blue states only). Most confusing.

    On the other hand the phrase “A sucker’s born every minute” applies to anyone that voluntarily agreed to taking an untested injection that did not include the right to sue for damages or even proof of efficacy.

  6. Regarding “Whatever your stand on what is styled “climate change,” it is an incontestable fact that carbon dioxide does not foul the air or anything else and so doesn’t cause or worsen pollution.”…

    This isn’t strictly true, of course. If the atmospheric CO2 concentration were suddenly 10x what it is today (~4000 ppm), we’d all feel a little ill and tired. If it were 10x that (40,000 ppm or 4%), we’d all be dead before too long.

    Witness what happens to those who face-diaper. If you did so (forced or not), you probably experienced brain-fog, headache, tiredness and possibly anxiety. I did during the short time my employer (really the city) forced the diaper upon us as a condition of our employment.

    I believe that multiple recent studies validated the phenomenon. For example:

    • It’s interesting that statists believe we can live on Mars, where the atmosphere is 95 percent CO2, but if the concentration of CO2 on Earth increases slightly beyond its current 0.04 percent, everybody will die.

      • That’s going a bit too far down the reductionist path, haha.

        On Mars, the proposed Mars habitats involve living inside, and you need a space suit to go outside. Even if it had low CO2 in the atmosphere, the atmosphere is so thin that you’d suffocate in no time.

        One thing that amazes me about statists who think about living on Mars, and perhaps even terraforming it, is that they don’t think we can somehow do that on earth, where we already live. I have confidence in people being creative and generally well meaning, unless statism gets involved.

        • Yes, OL, exactly my point: They believe that humans – with ample government funding of course – will be able to thrive in a place that doesn’t even have breathable air or potable water, but they have no confidence that we can adapt to minor changes in climate here, even though we have a long history of doing just that.

  7. Another word they’ve hijacked is “liberal”, which I would never use to describe anyone on the “left” or most everyone on the “right”, for that matter.

  8. reply to ReadyKilowatt. It keeps getting put in the trash for some reason.

    Just the dishonesty of telling World War Two history between Germany and Russia. You are taught it was a battle between communism (left) and fascism (right). When in fact it was a battle between two competing authoritarian governments with the same goals…… They had far more in common politically than not, methods differer a bit but the results were the same. It was a battle between two horrible evil people, Hitler and Stalin, nothing more.

    Hitler was no right winger, if we are going to stick labels on them. He was a vegan, loved gun control, banned homeschooling, was a drug addict. He was a man of the left, just as much as Stalin. The right and left labels are just stupid.

    • @ richb,
      Take note that the “Main Sewer Media” almost never refer to the only allowed political party in the brutal dictatorship which was the Third German Reich by its actual name, which was the National Socialist German Workers Party. And, originally, it had been German Workers Party, whose arch enemies were the Communists.

      A main difference seems to have been the “National” in NSDAP, as opposed to the “International” Communists, the only allowed political party in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

      >The right and left labels are just stupid.
      I agree. Stupid labels, to be served up to ignorant and sometimes stupid people.
      Don’t want people thinking too much.
      Thank you for your post.

  9. Before “health” insurance, many civic organizations had medical care as a perk of membership. Larger organizations often had a doctor on staff! It kept it affordable and access was easy. It could be like that again, with the bonus for civic organizations to offer something relevant to new members.

    Today, good luck with trying to buy insurance as a individual. It’s basically locked to employers and government, so its never good. People stay in jobs that they should be leaving and don’t move to a better location because they want to hold their (often not that great) benefits. The older generations for the most part are terrible about that, my folks included. The are over insured at huge cost for very little in return.

    • There is just so much wrong about insurance that I could go on forever about it….but yes, the fact that it has always been coupled to one’s job is just wrong! No other form of insurance (car, home, life, etc) is tied to one’s employment. IMO health insurance (and it really isn’t… Eric noted) would be much more affordable if not tied to one’s job, and if it was actually used as insurance. In other words, you need basic care, you pay cash out of pocket. If you develop something serious (like cancer or a bad injury), then you invoke your insurance policy to help pay for it. It should also obviously be decoupled from employers.
      And then there’s “Obamacare”….the federal program and those run by certain states. Luckily people are no longer forced to buy it (at the federal level anyway) but it did absolutely nothing to curtail costs and improve services.
      I was on my state’s version because neither me or my husband got insurance thru our jobs. True, it was far better than nothing, and the coverage was half decent. But the price is outrageous. Without the partial subsidy, we would have paid about $300 more per month than our mortgage! Sorry, that’s insane!
      No one does one damned thing (no one in power, that is) to make healthcare workable and affordable. And no, nationalized healthcare is far from being a good alternative.

  10. Another word that’s been redifined is fascism. Until “Capitalism with Chinese characteristics” became normal it was called fascism. Or National Socialism.

    Wikipedia’s definition:
    Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement,[1][2][3] characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.[2][3]

    Of course this is the modern definition. Prior to this it wasn’t “far right” and had very little to do with social status because there was no “right” and “left” in the adminstrations. Those terms should really only be used in the French parliament. I suppose compared to Weinmar Germany (or Biden America) it takes on a conservative air, but it was really just an economic structure where government picks winners and losers instead of letting markets run the course. Great deal if you make something the government needs, like war materiel, but not so much if you make “assault” rifles to sell retail. And even worse if you want to sell something that the bureaucracy doesn’t understand. Because the incestuous economic leaders are jealous of China’s incestuous leaders (who won’t let them in), they feel it is necessary to do the same thing in America.

    So the definition must be changed so no one will notice.

    The gloablists always seem to look at the worst/most opressive nations with envy, and flat out hate the system that put them in place to begin with. Doesn’t make any sense to me, except perhaps because they know how easy it was to knock the last guy off the top of the heap, and want to do whatever they can to prevent that from happening. Too bad they have so many suckers who are happy to help.

    • Just the dishonesty of telling World War Two history between Germany and Russia. You are taught it was a battle between communism (left) and fascism (right). When in fact it was a battle between two competing authoritarian governments with the same goals…… They had far more in common politically than not, methods differer a bit but the results were the same. It was a battle between two horrible evil people, Hitler and Stalin, nothing more.

      Hitler was no right winger, if we are going to stick labels on them. He was a vegan, loved gun control, banned homeschooling, was a drug addict. He was a man of the left, just as much as Stalin. The right and left labels are just stupid.

      • Hitler tried to emulate Lenin. Stalin was every bit as racisit as Hitler, and they all were jealous of Il Duce’s realitive popularity.

        • I don’t buy it. WW2 was fought to make the world “safe” for communism.
          Germany recovered from the great depression much quicker than the rest of the world by kicking out the international (((banksters))) and monetizing labor. Adolf Hitler’s monetization of labor was something the international (((banksters))) could not stand, hence WW2 becoming a reality.
          In fact, General Patton wanted to use the remaining German troops to “push” the soviets back behind Russian lines, but was countermanded by paper-pusher (((Eisenhower))) who hated Germans with a vengeance, even putting over a million POWs in real open-air concentration camps without basic facilities. (((Eisenhower))) denied these captives basic Geneva Convention protections by defining them as “disarmed enemy combatants”, NOT POWs. Inmates in these camps were relegated to eating grass, tree bark or whatever living plants that they could find. Those who attempted to provide food for the captives were shot. This was despite Red Cross parcels being available that were purposely not distributed. THAT part of the WW2 story is never mentioned.
          To this day, Wall street considers labor to be a liability, not an asset, and as such is on the negative side of the ledger sheet. In today’s cartel capitalist society, only the stockholder counts.
          Monetizing labor recognizes that labor has both value and contributes to the well-being of any society, enabling laborers to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
          Henry Ford pretty much created the modern-day middle class by paying his employees well and cutting back on normal work hours, establishing the 8-hour workday. Ford’s motives were not entirely altruistic as assembly line work was monotonous–a way to retain employees was necessary. In spite of the high wages paid, Ford was able to reduce the price of his automobiles, utilizing efficient manufacturing practice to achieve good results.
          Nope, the official version of WW2 was written by the victors and sanitized beyond belief. Even “bomb ’em back to the stone age” General Curtis LeMay remarked that “If we lose this one, we will most certainly be tried for war crimes”.
          Remember, the victors write the history. It takes approximately 100 years for the historical biases and propaganda to finally be recognized and corrected.

          • >Ford’s motives were not entirely altruistic as assembly line work was monotonous–a way to retain employees was necessary.

            Ford was also astute enough to realize there was no point in building all those automobiles if not enough people could afford to buy them. He famously stated that by paying his employees well, he was creating customers for the products which they produced. All without labor unions, IIRC.

      • “communism (left) and fascism (right)”
        When in fact, both are socialist tyranny. They were enemies in competition with each other, with few differences.

    • Neal Boortz used to couch it like this:

      Communism = state owned property & control of production
      Fascism = private property & state control of production
      Capitalism = private property & private control of production

      He said one of the greatest achievements of the left was to turn ‘fascism’ into meaning some kind of right wing thing.

      • Hi Mike,

        One other word that “The Left” seems successful at turning into exclusively a “right wing”/ Republican thing was AUTHORITARIANISM. There’s someone I know who regurgitated a post from someone else that the Republican Party wanted to “Bring authoritarianism to America”, seemingly implying that the Democrat Party was going to “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave us all!” What that post conveniently omits is that just over the past few years, the politicians throughout the world and in this country who were the MOST AUTHORITARIAN were largely “liberal” or DEMOCRAT politicians, and authoritarianism GREW under the Biden Thing, which is by NO MEANS WHATSOEVER “right wing” or even “Republican”. But I’d imagine the excuses from those people would be “They were just trying to save lives from a deadly pandemic!”

        • FDR being the prime example. I remember an NPR retrospective of one of Roosevelt’s aids (maybe secretary?). Of course it was nothing but praise. The story that stuck out was how he (and he alone) arbitrarily decided the gold/dollar ratio should be. Apparently it wasn’t immediately raised from $20 to $35/oz, there was some experimentation with the “correct” price. Imagine the outcry if Reagan had done something like that? Of course not a peep out of the leftists over the Fabian socialist Nixon’s dollar destruction.

          • >raised from $20 to $35/oz
            Another prime example of deception through the deliberate misuse of language. “Raising the price of gold” is actually devaluing the U.S. dollar, which could not have been done without confiscating gold coins and substituting paper (fiat) currency.

      • More accurate description of the present: State controlled property and production with private control of the State. It’s a loop.

        • Except “private” control of the state is most often corporate control, and corporations are a creation of the state, so of course they are joined at the hip.

    • I believe a simple explanation may clear up some of the confusion regarding all these various pseudo political philosophies: Communism, socialism, and fascism are not some intellectual doctrines or core belief mechanisms — like science or philosophy — that eggheads, bookworms & longhaired PHDs actually believe in; but are mere tools used by lowlifes to advance their power & influence, and, above all, to easily obtain wealth & riches.

      I wouldn’t go spreading that around though if I were you.

  11. The worst thing about the “individual mandate”, they just took your money. You didn’t even get crappy government “insurance”.

  12. Leftists get jobs in government, schools and colleges so they can control people after they have been brainwashed in schools. They are supported by most of the media. The goal is to have everyone believe everything their government tells them. Unfortunately, many people do.

    On the other hand there are equally confused people who disbelieve everything their government tells them. It’s a good idea to distrust governments because there is a lot of lying, but the right way is to check their data.

    For example, some people here refuse to believe Covid led to a large increase of deaths. When I cite the CDCs all cause mortality number, they dismiss it as a lie. But I investigated the numbers before I believed them, since the CDC is not to be trusted without verification. There are all cause mortality numbers for other nations. States have their own births and deaths numbers. If the all cause mortality went up a lot in the US, then one can check life insurance company information, Census Bureau information, funeral and cremation counts, casket manufacturing counts, emergency room occupancy, etc. Including people you know dying from respiratory symptoms who were not thought to be near the end of their lives.

    What I find really funny is conservatives who automatically reject all-cause mortality counts from the CDC. They have no alternative source of death counts, so they should not even talk about the subject. But many do. They claim Covid deaths were no higher than a bad flu year (meaning they think the truth was about one tenth of the reported Covid deaths). They seem unaware that influenza deaths are estimated by the CDC, that they hate, using a computer model because flu is not a cause of death on death certificates. If you talk to doctors, they will tell you the CDC flu deaths are overestimated. They criticize the flu deaths numbers more than they criticize the Covid death numbers. Oh wait, I forgot, all doctors are liars too!

    Concerning vaccines
    They do not prevent infections.
    Vaccines create antibodies that will fight infections if you get infected.
    You were said to be immune if that battle was quick and without obvious symptoms. That definition changed with influenza vaccines. They are only 40% to 60% effective FOR ONE FLU SEASON (A FEW MONTHS) because manufacturers have to guess which strain of flu will strike in the next flu season. The Covid vaccines are even worse, not because they can’t prevent an infection, but because the antibodies do not work well enough to prevent symptoms of the infection. That stretched the definition of a vaccine further. The huge number of adverse side effects from Covid vaccines clearly showed they never should never have been inflicted on the general public.

    In general, most vaccines do not completely prevent infection but do prevent the infection from spreading within the body, and from causing disease.

    The Covid vaccine is a medical disaster, but it is a vaccine because it does create antibodies. Unfortunately, respiratory viruses mutate to evade antibodies ,so respiratory vaccines can never be useful for long.

    • Richard Greene, I don’t know what you are smoking, but it must be some really good stuff. Where have you been the last three years. Open your eyes…

      #1. COVID was the flu…repackaged in order to fit the intended genocide narrative and to help throw the presidential election of 2020.

      #2..Traditional seasonal flu cases disappeared during the COVID plandemic.

      #3. Deaths from car accidents, industrial accidents, etc. were blamed on COVID as the government “incentivized” hospitals, paying them extra for COVID cases.

      #4. The so-called COVID “vaxxine” was anything but a vaxxine. In fact, the CDC and WHO changed the definition of a “vaxxine” to account for the fact that it was ineffective and was actually a poorly-designed “therapeutic agent” involving an mRNA “spike protein” which caused myocardial infarctions, massive blood clots, miscarriages, stillbirths and other medical problems in nominally healthy individuals. In fact, those with cancers in remission who took the “jab” saw their cancers reassert with a vengeance.

      #5. The VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) was so difficult to use and “user unfriendly” that most medical professionals did not use the system to report adverse reactions to the mRNA “vaxxines”.

      Now the criminals who concocted this “plandemic” are scurrying like rats, working to cover for each other.

      Do you work for the CDC, WHO, etc.?

      • Hi Anarchyst,

        Greene is both obtuse and disingenuous. He repeats the canard that these drugs are vaccines when it is evident to any non-disingenuous person they are no such thing, despite having been sold as such a thing – which I have pointed out to him several times already. He knows perfectly well that, had people been told these drugs would not “stop the spread” – that they could (and would) get sick and be capable of spreading the sickness these drugs would not prevent them from getting – very few would have taken them, even under the pressure they were subjected to.

        Because why would they?

        Here’s a car that doesn’t actually move. It is also shaped like frosty the snowman and made of Swiss cheese. But it’s still a car… because that’s the word I choose to use to describe it.

        Greene is uneducable.

      • Congratulations for five wrong statements in a row.
        100% consistent and 100% wrong.
        You apparently will go through life thinking the Covid pandemic, which killed up to seven million people worldwide, never happened and the claim is completely fake. It was completely fake like the moon landing?

        It is impossible to refute such a person because he is completely deluded. By the way, I do not drink alcohol or smoke anything, but I do laugh at misinformation such as your comment. It is a leftist fact checker’s dream come true.

        • Of those (up to) seven million people who “Died from the pandemic”, we may never know how many of them actually died WITH COVID, FROM COVID, or were MURDERED by faulty COVID protocols, as the PCR tests that were used to test for COVID tended to be HIGHLY INACCURATE because they had a high cycle threshold. Not only that, the protocols that hospitals used to treat COVID patients usually consisted of placing them on a ventilator and/ or giving them Remdesivir, which turned out to be DEADLY. And hospitals were even given financial incentives to label each death a “COVID death” on a decedent’s death certificate.

          • John B,

            I agree. I think COVID did kill people, and probably many. But for the reasons you’ve stated, I don’t think we’ll ever know just how many succumbed to the direct effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              I know of at least 2 people who died after getting sick with COVID. Not sure if it was COVID itself that killed them, or if any comorbities they had contributed to their deaths.

              • John B,

                Comorbidities such as obesity and age certainly make you more vulnerable to any disease. Often the best medicine is to simply make lifestyle changes to alleviate things like obesity and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, those conditions are pretty popular here in the US.

                • BaDnOn,

                  Indeed, and yet, NONE of the public health bureaucrats advocated losing weight, keeping up on their Vitamin D uptake, or eating healthy. Instead, they told everyone to “Wait for that brand new vaccine!” Also, during the first half of 2021, governments and large corporations were offering people all sorts of JUNK FOOD as an incentive to take the experimental COVID jab, such as free donuts, beer, or a burger and fries.

                  • John,

                    I very much remember. And man, if you’re someone out there who took a jab to get a free donut, I hope it was worth it!

                    • BaDnOn,

                      I sure didn’t get vaxxed just to get a free donut lol. I think I’ve been “vaccinated naturally” by getting sick with the ‘Rona 3+ years ago and recovering after a few days.

                      When governments and large corporations were offering those incentives for people to take an experimental pharma product, it came off to me as one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Even some states, such as California, Ohio, and Oregon, had a vaccine lottery where people who’ve been vaxxed had a chance to win a jackpot prize.

                      I agree with a conclusion made by someone else though that governments/ corporations that offered such incentives viewed the general public as STUPID. However, I read a few months ago that such incentives in one state FAILED to get the desired number of people vaxxed.

        • Yes, Richard, the renamed flu scam was fakery. Dummies like you fell for it or push the narrative for reasons too disturbing to understand. The “moon landing” was also fake. I know, I know, you saw it on teeeveee! Take a few minutes or hours to peruse this site, generously linked previously by commenter Elaine.

        • Richard. It is all a scam/lie. I believe you said you live in Michigan. From the variety and mendacity the of positions you posit to I doubt the veracity of your existential realization. Prove me wrong.

    • Dissembler or merely unable to cut through the propaganda? I’m not sure which.

      Richard Greene: Please point to any instance of any virus being isolated, “Sars Cov2” or any other.

        • You are simply taking this propaganda hook, line and sinker. You clearly did not read your cited article with any sort of critical analysis. Ask yourself how or when they obtained this alleged virus in order to sequence its genome. This article does not say how. It merely states that the genomes were somehow collected. Nowhere in this article does it indicate that a virus itself was obtained or isolated. That’s like somebody claiming that 49 nations have genomic sequences of Sasquatch. If that’s the claim, I’d want to know when and how these 49 nations found a Sasquatch to sequence its genome.

      • Hey Mr. Liberty,

        I am curious what you’d accept as “isolation” of a virus. I’m assuming you believe that viruses do not exist? What would be acceptable of proof of their existence?

        • Morning, BaDnOn!

          Sometimes, I feel as though we’re descending into Medievalism. It is one thing – a legitimate thing – to distrust known liars, as regards their malicious overstating of the “threat” presented by “the virus.” It is another to say there is no such thing as a virus, at all. Granted, I myself have never seen a virus. And I lack the specialized training/knowledge to be able to say with certainty that viruses are real. But if they are not then we are left having to explain how people transmit respiratory . . . whatever it is. I do not buy the argument that it is about exposure to stress or due to one’s “terrain” being off-kilter. Because it make no sense. All of us have ended up catching cold after having been near people who clearly have colds. Maybe they were exposed to stress – or have “terrain” issues. But how would that cause me to get the cold they’ve got? Does it not make more sense that they transmitted it to me via cough/contact? And what would the mechanism of transmission otherwise be?

          I grant that it is possible I’ve been duped. It is also possible – as an assertion – that a man might be able to walk on the surface of the sun. But I do not believe it is actual.

          • I find the viruses exist vs. don’t exist or germ vs. terrain theory to be unnecessary binary arguments. Fact is, sickness is real, death is real, it’s just that it’s never just “one thing.”

            What needs to be attacked and debunked is the false specificity of the “one virus.” THAT is a weaponized tactic. One that they have been attempting to implement for decades. AIDS, SARS, Swine flu, Zika, Ebola, etc., the list goes on and on. When you scratch the surface, many elements impacted the health of those afflicted with these one virus maladies. Poor nutrition, environmental pollution, workplace hazards, risky lifestyle choices, etc. Then you have the outright false statistics and coverup lies. The ballooning of symptoms to include just about anything. Assume you have “it” type diagnoses. The difference this time was they got enough people scared enough and pushed it over the line with extralegal color of law mandates.

            The conventional wisdom that is still operative today is that there is no cure or vaccine under the traditional definition for the common cold or flu (more on that specifically later). This should be a big clue. Nor is there any legitimate means for testing for any specific cold or flu. Per their inventor, PCR tests are not meant to diagnose any illness but were designed for research purposes. Other tests are noted to be even less useful. As far as “isolation” is concerned, such a process always involves sample contaminants such as chemicals and “monkey cells” as well as assumptions and simulations such that it is extremely susceptible to “goal seeking”, meaning you establish that which you want to find then you make the necessary adjustments to find it. It is a 100% black box as well, meaning you and I would never be privy to the exact process used to make the sausage, so to speak, thus empowering the “trust the science” priest class.

            The current one virus scam also upends the conventional wisdom of getting the same illness twice. The coverup lie is the variant scam. Rather than an entirely new illness, you get a “variant” of that which, conveniently, had already been isolated. Just a quick tweak to the potion and you can be “up to date” with your bootsahs.

            Which brings me to 2008. My daughter who is an avid equestrian, was gifted some older Equus horse magazines. The other day, I was looking at the back cover of one from June 2008. There was a full page ad saying “Sure, your horse is up to date on his vaccinations.” But are his vaccines up to date with what’s out there?” “Ask for flu vaccines from Intervet, updated to help protect against today’s strains.” Ask for Intervet equine influenza vaccines Prestige II, Prestige V, and Encevac TC-4. They protect against the “most relevant” American and Eurasian flu strains. Because if your vaccine isn’t up to date, neither are your horses.”

            Sound familiar?

            • Funk Doctor,

              “As far as “isolation” is concerned, such a process always involves sample contaminants such as chemicals and ‘monkey cells'”

              The process of which you speak (vero cell incubation) is used to produce sufficient virus for characterization and further research. Viruses could be isolated from patient tissue or excretions, yes. It just isn’t all that convenient to obtain sufficient a sufficient quantity.

              There is no 100% black box to any of this. Just read the “materials and methods” section of any paper, and do your research.

              • To quote Rappoport regarding the black box issue from the following link:


                I don’t trust studies based on research conducted in elite labs where no independent outsiders are allowed. And that’s the situation, when it comes to purported virus isolation.

                These labs are like the famous bunkers where key government officials are taken, in the event of a massive attack against the country.

                Try getting in off the street.

                And who are these researchers in the super-secret labs? To put it another way, what sort of establishment do they represent?

                Is it a clean establishment with a track record of honesty? Or is it a cartel with a criminal history?

                If it’s a cartel, why should I accept the “scientific methods” of these researchers or their honesty?

                the elephant in the room is trust, not data.

                When it comes to the “discovery of viruses,” there are no reliable data. We, on the outside, are told that what happens behind locked doors is irrefutable. Period.

                We’re told we just can’t understand what the pros are doing. The problem is our lack of knowledge, our lack of training.

                — then these quotes from others within the link:

                ONE: “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)

                TWO: “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness…”

                “The apparent endemicity of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals. Our love of ‘significance’ pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale…Journals are not the only miscreants. Universities are in a perpetual struggle for money and talent…” (Dr. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief, The Lancet, in The Lancet, 11 April, 2015, Vol 385, “Offline: What is medicine’s 5 sigma?”)

                Suspicion is warranted. It’s absolutely necessary. And again, “suspicion” is a vast understatement.

                • Ha, Rappoport again. People draw him like a gun! My impression of him is that he seems a bit unknowledgeable, refractory and possibly uneducable.
                  Now, that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about charlatans in science. There clearly are and have been, especially with all of the money to be had from the gov’t. It’s a sad affair at times, and makes the rest of us look bad.
                  That said, he bids us: “Try getting in off the street.”
                  Okay. I did. I started in a lab by volunteering. I knew a chick who worked there. They paid me after a while, and I worked in that lab for over 2 years before becoming exhausted working 2 jobs and having to focus on the better paying avenue. There, I worked with viral transfection systems doing cancer research, for thing.
                  But I did, essentially, “come in off the street”. Having a couple degrees might have helped, but I didn’t have to so much as go through a background check until I was hired on.

                  • You walked off the street into a lab in China? Where the latest “one virus” was supposedly isolated? Were you working for Pfizer? Moderna? Fauci? These are important distinctions.

                    • Funk Doctor,

                      Viruses aren’t only studied, manipulated and used for research in China.
                      Not only in bunkers, like Rappoport said:
                      “I don’t trust studies based on research conducted in elite labs where no independent outsiders are allowed. And that’s the situation, when it comes to purported virus isolation.

                      These labs are like the famous bunkers where key government officials are taken, in the event of a massive attack against the country.

                      Try getting in off the street.”

                  • Replying here because the thread ran out.

                    I specifically mentioned the coofy-doof-19 virus that was supposedly isolated in China. Were you privy to that? Of course not. As I stated in my initial reply to Eric, I am not arguing the No virus exists position. Only that, when it counts for scamdemic purposes, you or I won’t be allowed anywhere near the elite lab that supposedly “isolates” the new “novel” virus. Nor will you be allowed to test a “sample” obtained via the internet or some such nonsense, as I also mentioned previously. Feds will want to “isolate” you.

                    You’re basically arguing the Richard Greene position, that some statistics or gov’t data or “science” is reputable. The other side of it is that a lot isn’t, especially when it counts and billions are on the line. The track record of thieves and liars speaks for itself. As I think Eric replied to Richard, something along the lines of I choose not to dig among the feces for peanuts.

            • Also, Funk Doctor,

              Some viruses are more unstable and mutate more quickly than others. Such viruses aren’t good candidates for vaccines. Thus, some “vaccines” aren’t worth a shit.

              SARS-CoV-2 was said to have a stable genome early in COVID Phenomenon. This set the stage for the production of the transfection systems that were sold as vaccines. This information turned out to be (highly) inaccurate, and the virus mutated rapidly, making attempts as vaccination futile at best.
              Of course, these systems had the added bonus of not being able to prevent transmission, regardless of the mutation capacity of the virus, because they only result in the production of blood-borne IgG antibodies (at best, and a horrible, terrifying death at worst) and didn’t do anything for the nasal cavity where the virus replicates, but that’s another story…

          • I do not argue that viruses do not exist. My point is that I have yet to see any evidence that they do. If somebody claims that some physical thing exists and causes a specific effect, they need to prove that (a) the physical thing actually exists by showing it somehow and (b) this now identified physical thing actually causes the claimed effect.

            I have seen neither with respect to viruses. I have researched most (if not all of the so-called primary sources) which are cited to show the existence and effect of “covid” and the best that they assert is some fragment of an RNA sequence “in silico.” Oh, we’ve also got those cartoon spikey balls.

            • Mr. Liberty,

              “…The best that they assert is some fragment of an RNA sequence “in silico.” Oh, we’ve also got those cartoon spikey balls.”

              I’m going to try and help here when I have the time. The “cartoon spikey balls” are representations of actual entities, I assure you.

              I’m working on equipping my lab and have obtained some decent instruments so far. If I have to perform whatever experiments are necessary and even refurbish an old electron microscope to satisfy the skeptical, I will…

              …Though there is PLENTY already out there. Perhaps I begin in the forum with this subject. The time necessary to do so is all so rare, unfortunately.

              • In late 2020, I remember reading a story about how you could order a sample of “the virus” online to conduct your own testing. Turned out to be fake, of course, but somebody, college kids or something, tried to order it and Feds showed up at their residence instead. Good luck with your suggested efforts, though.

              • “The “cartoon spikey balls” are representations of actual entities, I assure you.” -BaDnOn

                Why do they need to show a representation. I want to see the “actual entities.” Is that too much to ask when seeking proof of the existence of something? That’s step 1. The next step is to then prove that the thing causes the disease they claim it does. This step requires the use of a control group to compare the results, which, to my knowledge, has not been done.

                • Mr. Liberty,

                  Viruses are really small and can’t be seen (well) with a light microscope. Why they show the representation is to make salient certain features, such as the spike and capsid proteins, and let people more easily understand the structure of the thing.

                  Here’s a really cool page featuring many electron micrographs of SARS-CoV-2 virions:


                  Including “Transmission electron micrograph of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles, isolated from a patient.”

                  Wait! Did they ISOLATE A VIRUS?!! From a patient?!! Holy shit!

                  • Image captured and color-enhanced at the NIAID Integrated Research Facility (IRF) in Fort Detrick, Maryland. Credit: NIAID.

                    Fort Detrick, MD. Where have I heard that before? Hmmm…. I bet you could walk right in there and watch the “science” occur right before your eyes.

                    Please everyone read the wiki on this site. For openers:

                    During an inspection by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories at Ft Detrick in June 2019 six violations including two breaches of containment were identified. The inspection was followed up by a letter of concern from the CDC on July 12, 2019 and then a cease and desist order on July 15, 2019.[39]

                    Following the cease and desist order from the CDC the USAMRIID laboratories at the base were shut down in August 2019. The announcement to resume operations on a “limited scale” was made on November 25, 2019.

                    The CDC cited “national security reasons” as the reason for not informing the public about its decision.[5] The two breaches reported to the CDC by USAMRIID staff demonstrated failures of biosafety level 3 and 4 protocols in the Army laboratory to “implement and maintain containment procedures sufficient to contain select agents or toxins”.[39]

                    After approximately eight months of closure and restrictions, the USAMRIID BSL-4 lab had been authorized to resume full operational status by April 2020, to the applause of Maryland lawmakers including Senator Ben Cardin, who stated “it is a relief to have USAMRIID fully operational with the current COVID-19 outbreak”‘.[4

          • Hey Eric!

            Yes, I feel that way as well, regarding some bizarre regression into, perhaps, the late 19th Century.
            I find the modern argument of “terrain” vs. “germ” theories strange because those ideas really aren’t mutually exclusive. When you’re stressed, worn down, obese, nutrient-deficient etc, yes, your immune system won’t function as well, and opportunistic pathogens might invade and make you sick.
            We’ve had 160 years of (actual) scientific advancement since this terrain vs. germ theory conflict began, and things are much better understood.
            I have some of that specialized training and knowledge, and though I don’t claim to know but a sliver of what there is to know about disease and pathogens, I think the existence of viruses and their potential to cause illness is a sound bet.
            “The truth is out there, but so are lies.” as Scully once said.
            The government and their proxies and ancillaries often lie to you, but not everything they say is a lie.

    • You’re really something, Richard –

      “Creating antibodies” has never been the quality that defined a vaccine. Until just now. Providing immunity and preventing transmission are – or were, until the definition of vaccine was greasily changed – a fact – by these creeps you continue to defend.

      So why do you defend them?

      As far as government statistics: A broken clock is right twice a day. But I don’t keep a broken clock around to tell the time.

      • You’re really something too Eric:

        vaccines create antibodies
        Antibodies fight infections
        If that fight is quick and without symptoms, the vaccine is said to create an immunity to a specific disease.

        The flu vaccine stretched the vaccine definition.
        It would create antibodies, but they only had roughly 50% chance of being the right antibodies for the next flu season.

        The Covid vaccine stretched the vaccine definition further.
        It would create antibodies, but they were not strong enough to completely prevent Covid symptoms. The manufacturer’s Emergency Use Authorization documents never claimed they would. I know that because I read them They claimed their vaccines would reduce Covid symptoms. That is a leaky vaccine. But the Covid vaccine tests only lasted two months, instead of years, before they were introduced. The antibodies should be most effective in the first few months. But the only claim from the manufacturers was that a little over 1% of test volunteers getting a placebo got Covid symptoms. Typically they were mild covid symptoms because few of the test volunteers were over age 55 or unhealthy.

        The Covid vaccines were claimed to reduce Covid symptoms by 95% over a two month period, for a relatively young and healthy group of volunteers, compared with the general population. That is about a 1% absolute risk reduction, although advertised by governments as a 95% relative risk reduction.

        By creating antibodies, the Covid vaccines could be called a vaccine.
        Failing to prevent respiratory symptoms, that is stretching the definition of a vaccine. I would not have called them a Covid vaccine or allowed them to be implemented on the general public. I did not have the authority to do that.

        But I know what vaccines do, and why they are called vaccines. It is not a lie to called the Covid shot a vaccine. To be accurate, it is a leaky vaccine that does not prevent all symptoms, and has horrible side effects. When the Covid vaccines were introduced, there were no data on whether they would save lives and the manufacturers never claimed they could. So far all cause mortality data, excess mortaity estimates and deaths with Covid estimates ALL say the vaccines did NOT save lives. EP ought to write a book on vaccines, filed under “Fiction”.

      • Someday, we will learn to ignore Richard Greene, just like anonomous1. I did for some time, but failed recently. Going back to it now.
        Replying to him just encourages him.

        • Hi John,

          I think Greene posts here mainly to try to draw readers to his blogs. He mentions them regularly and posts links to them – which I always scrub because he’s not paying me for the advertising space!

          • Swallowing half the male bovine fecal matter, and barking at the other half, and then changing sides, isn’t exactly encouraging folks to look at his blog. Even if you were publishing links to it.

    • Where I come from, the carefully worded Richard Greene tl;dr screed is always considered el toro poopoo.

      Richard the Scrivener knows how, by golly. Another propagandist at work with more failed propaganda. Nothing more to it.

      All there is anymore.

      Just more baffling with unbelievable bullshit. No dazzling with brilliance, just some useless razzle-dazzle.

      It won’t save the world.

      Not too much ad hominem there.

      I say fuck it.

    • My doctor called me an anti-vaxxer last month after I told him my last vaccine was in 1959. I had a bad allergic reaction back then and my doctrr instructed my parents “no more vaccines”. I never even had a smallpox vaccine. I replied that I am not anti-vaccine for anyone but myself. And I was not going to break my streak of 64 years with no vaccines by taking a dangerous, ineffective Covid vaccine — doing that would be insane. That ended the conversation.

  13. Other words that have been redefined or concocted include INSURRECTION (to describe January 6th), ASYMPTOMATIC SUPERSPREADERS (which was used as justification for universal lockdowns in 2020), FASCISM/ FASCIST (another word commonly used against people who disagree with “The Left”) FREEDOM (Just look at the White House resident’s recent reelection ad), and PANDEMIC.

    • Leftists act like fascists and then call others “fascist”

      The word that bothers me most is the charge of “racism” thrown at everyone who disagrees with them including Black conservatives.

      Calling government spending an “investment” annoys me too.

      • Understand this:

        “The commonly accepted theory that fascism originated in the conspiracy of the great industrialists to capture the state will not hold. It originated on the Left. Primarily it gets its first impulses in the decadent or corrupt forms of socialism—from among those erstwhile socialists who, wearying of that struggle, have turned first to syndicalism and then to becoming saviors of capitalism, by adapting the devices of socialism and syndicalism to the capitalist state. The industrialists and nationalists joined up only when the fascist squadrons had produced that disorder and confusion in which they found themselves lost. Then they supposed they perceived dimly at first and then more clearly, in the preachments of the fascists, the germs of an economic corporativism that they could control, or they saw in the fascist squadrons the only effective enemy for the time being against communism. Fascism is a leftist product—a corrupt and diseased offshoot of leftist agitation.”––John T. Flynn in “As We Go Marching” 1944

  14. “There are many other examples of etymological atrocities.”-Eric

    I have another etymological atrocity…change *slave auction* to *NFL Draft*.

    I was in a sports bar in Scottsdale Az over the weekend in which this slave auction was being hyped on the Ocho on every flatscreen to be seen. That SOB Goodall standing on stage announcing and celebrating the slaves who are being auctioned into servitude. The future slaves only to be later dumped or injured for life in a couple of years of abuse. Yea, you think it was their choice but maybe not, since they didn’t go to college to get an education, nor their propaganda schooling won’t help.

    It would have been refreshing to see some young man get up there and say *no thanks going to grad school*. Even some kid playing the race card would have been eye opening to the slave auctioneers if some kid said…not playing for the amusement of the white man.

    I believe it was John Elway who was the first to refuse this slave auction when he got drafted by the then Baltimore Colts and Elway said he wasn’t going. He wanted to play for Denver instead. The slave auctioneers had a real problem with Elway….if not contained then and right away, any college player might play for any employer he wishes to negotiate with. It was quietly fixed, and Elway got his way…freedom to choose.

    The rest…is a fate of their own choosing… to be slaves.

  15. Anyone who adopts their language has already made concessions. Never concede anything.
    Sex, not “gender.”
    Oil, coal, and natural gas, not “fossil fuels.”

    • Speaking of so-called “fossil fuels”…
      Far from being “fossil fuel”, hydrocarbons are not only plentiful but are being created by yet-unknown processes deep within the earth.
      The term “fossil fuel” was coined in the 1950s when little was known about the processes by which oil is produced. Oil is “abiotic” in nature, as even depleted oil wells are “filling back up” from deep below the earth’s surface.
      Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits way below the layers and levels where “fossils” were known to exist.
      As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian “state secret” for a long time.
      Fossil material found in hydrocarbons are a result of these hydrocarbons migrating through fossil layers and are not a creation of fossils.
      At the rate oil is being pumped out of the ground, there is not enough fossil material to account for the amount of oil harvested.
      Not only that, but there are planetary bodies in which hydrocarbons are naturally occurring (without fossils).
      “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
      Follow the money.

  16. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men did put Joe Biden back together again, me thinks.

    One word used often enough is propaganda, another is indoctrination, another is brainwashing.

    Wear zee mask, get zee jab, follow all of zee orders, that’s an order. Drives you mad, you’ll go nuts, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

    Louis Pasteur vaccinated animals as an experiment, to study, document results.

    Pasteur did experimental work on animals to determine if they could survive an inoculation, animals not inoculated were the control group. The control group became diseased, the inoculated animals did not. Did rabies research and solved the problem.

    Pasteur’s name became pasteurized, the eponym.

    After leaving Tennessee with Granny and moving to Beverly Hills, the poor mountaineer, Jed Clampett, heard the word ‘smog’ for the first time, Jed interpreted smog as a small hog.

    In Arkansas, a hog is a razorback.

    In Texas, they’re wild hogs, in Canada, they’re feral hogs. Wild life management flies planes over snow-covered frontiers and wilderness in Canada to spot colonies of feral hogs. The feral hogs move vegetation into a mound and the hogs stay warm during the winter months up there in the Great White North.

    Where the snow is melted, the hogs are there.

    At times, you have to hunt and kill wild hogs. Then to the Blind Pig to quaff a few.

    Make some pesto with basil, olive oil, and garlic. If left at room temperature, the chances of botulism poisoning are rather high.

    There are microorganisms that do cause dis-ease, germ theory stuff.

    Have to begin someplace, investigate somehow.

  17. The entire concept of “health insurance” is perhaps the worst bastardization of the language. Barring accident or violence, we all get sick and die. It’s not a chance, it’s inevitable. Ergo Health cannot be insured. “Health care” likewise is not insurable, and is best looked after on your own. Or not, if you prefer. What we have instead of “health insurance” and “health care insurance”, is a Pharma subscription service, controlled by the state, keeping any competitors out. All disease or injury is a drug or surgery deficiency. Even if the drug is worse than the disease, even if the surgery makes the condition worse.

    • John, another problem with “insuring” illness is that there is no objective way to tell when the patient has been made whole again. If after treatment I say, “I still don’t feel good,” how can anyone dispute that? So the policy must continue to pay.

      • George Carlin got it right, there’s no money in a cure, but lots of money in “treatment”. Which never ends.

    • >The entire concept of “health insurance” is perhaps the worst bastardization of the language.
      Yep. With the possible exception of “life insurance,” which has nothing whatever to do with “insuring” that you will remain alive.
      >Health cannot be insured.
      > “Health care” likewise is not insurable, and is best looked after on your own.
      Q: Do you have a “health plan?”
      A: Yes. Eat sensibly, don’t use drugs. Exercise regularly, drive carefully, and don’t take stupid chances, such as jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. Not foolproof, but will improve your odds.

      • And stay away from doctors if at all possible.
        Life insurance is simply a bet. You bet the premium that you will die, against the insurance company betting the benefit you won’t. Not quite as convoluted and nefarious as “health insurance”.

        • >stay away from doctors if at all possible.

          Insurance, of any type, is the only game of chance I can think of where you bet against yourself, and hope you lose the bet.

          >nefarious as “health insurance”

          If what gets paid out approximately equals what is paid in (less the payment agent’s cut, of course), and the payments are for ordinary and foreseeable expenses, then it is no longer insurance, as others here have pointed out.

  18. ‘When insurance covers what has already happened (i.e., “pre-existing conditions”) it is no longer insurance.’ — eric

    Right. It is indemnification — third-party reimbursement for health expenses incurred.

    In the US, this bizarre system results in the highest-cost health care on the planet, with some of the poorest results (e.g. low life expectancy) among developed countries.

    How did we get this dysfunctional, universally-hated mess? Thanks to the US fedgov, which froze wages in WW II to ‘fight inflation,’ but didn’t cap fringe benefits such as employer health plans.

    Thus an ad hoc workaround, which undesirably tied health benefits to employment, became the accidental framework of a system riddled with rent-seeking third parties which drive up costs and drive down productivity.

    Then Lyndon Butthole Johnson wove third-party ‘insurers’ all through the warp and woof of Medicare and Medicaid, ensuring their permanent entitlement to ‘honest graft.’

    This broken system cannot be fixed. It only can be burnt to the ground and rebuilt from a completely different set of plans.

    • I’ve asked the question many times, “what logical connection is there between your employer and your medical insurance?” Never got a logical answer.
      We could dispose of any national regulation of medical treatment, do away with all the alphabet regulators, like FDA and CDC, and the State regulators as well. Especially the State insurance regulators, which keeps us from buying coverage across State lines. But I suppose that is essentially burning it down. So yes.

      • And who says we need a “plan” to rebuild? How about the market create what people want, and people voluntarily buy it? What a concept.

        • Agreed. If we had a free market healthcare system, the existing apparatus would be gone. There is no way that people would be remotely interested in directly paying the full costs of this medical nemesis nonsense.

          The FDA doesn’t allow people to get ivermectin and is always trying to regulate homeopathic regimes, but it allows dangerous food additives like HFCS and the hundreds of neurotoxins in our food supply. It allows GMO corn and wheat in but prohibits raw milk. Burn the whole thing to the ground

          • And it allows MRNA, Lipid nanoparticles, glycol, graphene and other assorted poisons into the food supply to ‘vaxxinate’ everyone.

      • All I know is pre-el heffe care, my health insurance was cheap ‘n’ good. Post el heffe care, it’s very expensive and not worth the hassle.

      • I’ve asked the question many times, “what logical connection is there between your employer and your medical insurance?”

        A logical answer might be the fact that you produce more when you feel good. If too ‘sick’ you don’t produce at all so it behooves the employer to help keep you healthy.

        In the old and some say better days if you were hurt on the job or sick too much you were terminated. All insurance does is pool resources. I have never worked for a business that forced you to buy insurance. You could defer if you wished.

        • “If too ‘sick’ you don’t produce at all so it behooves the employer to help keep you healthy.”

          And so it follows:

          If you can’t get to the workplace, you don’t produce at all so it behooves the employer to provide you with a car.

          If you starve to death you don’t produce at all so it behooves the employer to buy your groceries.

          If asleep because you tossed and turned all night you don’t produce at all so it behooves the employer to buy you a new mattress.

        • Got to agree with John K on this one. (absolutely correct, lol) Just because a company offers/has an insurance plan for it’s employees, doesn’t mean it will keep them ‘healthy’.
          Why is the government in the insurance business, Medicare/Medicaid?
          Why do the public schools think they have to feed the ‘children’ year round? When I was in school you bought lunch or brought your own—-the end. Now, they feed them breakfast. Used to be based on income, now I think all of the kids eat breakfast for free—probably most get a free lunch. And….they feed them during the summer months off….and I think send food home for after school.
          I do not understand how there can be a single child or even adult in this country going hungry with as many food give aways as there are in the federal and state government, churches, charity organizations, etc.
          I don’t want any child to go hungry, but I have also run out of sympathy for all of this. I see an awful lot of ‘poor’ people that would benefit from a few days/weeks/months/years of fasting, lol.
          And yes, the NFL is a slave auction. College too. Used to really enjoy the fall college football games but am rapidly losing interest.

      • I have an answer…
        During WW2, fears of wages spiraling upward evoked fears of monetary inflation. The U S government capped wages. Since wages were controlled, employer incentives included the first vestiges of “medical insurance”. This is where the concept of medical insurance being tied to the employer first originated.
        Hope this helps.

      • In 1932, the National Labor Relations Act was enacted and later was interpreted to make health benefits a mandatory issue of collective bargaining. For-profit insurance companies, many formed in the late 1800’s to provide life insurance, also entered into the fray to offer group health plans, like Aetna in 1936.

        In the 1940s, the government indirectly incentivized employers to start offering health insurance to workers. And the IRS made it tax-free, making it much cheaper for employers.

        To combat inflation, the 1942 Stabilization Act was passed. Designed to limit employers’ freedom to raise wages and thus to compete on the basis of pay for scarce workers, the actual result of the act was that employers began to offer health benefits as incentives instead.


    • >Thanks to the US fedgov, which froze wages in WW II to ‘fight inflation,’ but didn’t cap fringe benefits such as employer health plans.
      Enter Henry J. Kaiser.
      Kaiser Shipyards and Kaiser Steel are gone, but Kaiser Hospitals remain to this day, as Kaiser Permanente.

      Kaiser was still making steel in Fontana when I moved to Corona in 1981. I could look out the kitchen window and see the plumes from the blast furnaces until the mill shut down in 1983.


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