The Cost of the Jab(s)

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Why the hard-push to get practically everyone – especially kids – “vaccinated” when relatively few people – especially kids – are in any real danger of dying from the thing purportedly “vaccinated” against?

The answer could well be for the sake of something very sinister. But it could also be for the sake of money, simple and grubby. Which you can make a great deal of when you can force almost everyone to buy what you’re “selling.”

Health insurance and car insurance being the prior examples – and precedents.

Both used to be on offer for those who wished to freely buy them. When that was the case, many people didn’t – for many reasons but all of them coming down to a calculation that it wasn’t worth it, to them. The cost of the insurance vs. the cost of not buying it. The result of this option was that the cost of insurance was less – for everyone – precisely because of the pressure on the sellers of insurance to offer it at prices low enough to make enough people want to buy it.

Better to force everyone to buy it.

That takes a lot of pressure off those “selling” it – whatever it is. How do you bargain for a deal when they make you an offer you can’t refuse?

There may or may not be some other – much more sinister – motive at work or even unanticipated consequence behind or resulting from the mass-jabbing campaign currently under way, which has supplanted the mass Diapering campaign that made way for it. There can be little doubt that Diapering was conditioning. To get people acclimated to doing what they are told to do – period. No matter how palpably absurd or degrading and (indeed) for precisely those reasons as getting them to obey palpably absurd and degrading orders conditions them to obey any orders – now and going forward.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s minds that if the “science” – as expostulated by CNN – ordered people to wear literal Diapers because of “cases” of Explosive Diarrhea that millions of Americans would probably rush out to buy Depends tomorrow?

Maybe not that far – but damned close. Walking around with a Diaper over your face when you aren’t sick – and the wearing thereof won’t keep you from getting sick is as absurd – and degrading – as wearing Depends when you’re continent.

But mindless obedience is just what was wanted – so as to set the precedent. Jabbing healthy people for a sickness they haven’t got and which is unlikely to harm them being just as palpably absurd as requiring continent people to wear Depends and healthy people to wear the equivalent over their faces.

Plus dangerous.

It is a fact – not reported, but no less a fact – that children and young people face a greater risk of health repercussions from the “vaccine” than they do from the “virus.” Which most are unlikely to even get.

It is also a fact that for most otherwise healthy people, the risks of the “vaccine” – which aren’t fully known – are enough to warrant risking the very slight known risk of the “virus,” which presents a 99.8-something percent chance of not causing their death.

The “vaccine” is like a flood insurance policy for someone living nowhere near a river or an ocean.

A very expensive policy.

That may not pay out even if there is a flood.

The kind of policy most people who don’t live in a flood plain, adjacent to a river or 50 yards from the beach probably wouldn’t buy – assuming they didn’t have to buy it. Just as – before it became the law that everyone must buy it – young and healthy people often chose not to buy health insurance since the probability that they’d need it was slight whereas their need for money, for other things, greater.

The insurance mafia doesn’t like that – because the insurance mafia likes to collect rather than pay. Young, healthy people are usually payers. By forcing them to pay, the insurance mafia always collects – and rarely pays. It is not a coincidence that the insurance mafia – health and car – is extremely profitable. How else could it be when these mafias can charge everyone – and almost no one can say no?

That is what Diapering was all about.

Or rather, for.

And the “virus” was to get people Diapered.

Both were meant to create a new normal in which most people were no longer free to say no to the “vaccines” – plural – manufactured by the pharmaceutical mafia. It wasn’t enough to offer their “vaccines” because in that case, too may could refuse to take them. Or rather, refuse to buy them.

Some foolish people will say – but the “vaccines” are free! Yes, just like “free” government schools. Until you get the bill for them – in the case of “free” schools, via the property taxes applied to your home (and folded into your rent, if you don’t own a home).

The “vaccines” – plural, it won’t be just this one – will be even less “free” when their cost is folded into what you pay for the health “coverage” you are also required to buy. Not to mention whatever it costs you in terms of your health, including psychological – in terms of the degradation of having to submit to being injected with something.

Needle rape is fundamentally the same thing as sexual rape – if you don’t want something injected into your body. It doesn’t matter whether the stuff injected is “100 percent safe.” Is a clean and shapely penis ok to inject into a woman (or man) who doesn’t want his body so injected?

But there is money in it. Big money. It has been reported that the “free” vaccine has created half a dozen new billionaires, all of whom just happen to be pharmaceutical mafia dons.

Depopulation may be in play. But profits-at-Needlepoint are certain.

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  1. To be honest, if I were a shareholder in one of the pharmaceutical companies I would be pushing the vaccines (I know by definition, they aren’t vaccines, but I don’t know what to call them otherwise) as hard as I could. This is regardless of the necessity of them.

    The problem I have with the jabs in any case is they somehow get to play outside the rules. You can’t sue them for damages, even though rightfully owed restitution is a right (a real right too, not like free cheese for all). Then, we all know there will be a push for mandatory jabs, probably still with the liability shield. I couldn’t support this, even as a stockholder.

    • Exactly, Big Daddy…

      A car company that sold you a defective car can – rightly – be sued for the harms caused as a result of the defect. This acts as a deterrent – an incentive to build cars that are not defective. What is the incentive for pharmaceutical companies to not sell meds that they know have serious, even fatal side effects? The milk of human kindness, perhaps?

      And people are told – just trust them. The meds are “safe and effective.” Yeah. And the check is in the mail…

  2. As Eric has suggested, the next phase of the scamdemic will likely involve the media playing up “the variants! the variants!” this fall. Looks like they’re getting an early start planting those seeds with the latest headlines expressing “concern” over the global appearance of the Delta variant of Covid. Also, the news outlets are playing up the theme that high vaccination rate states are seeing declining case rates, while vaccine resistant states are seeing higher cases. Heads up!

    • My ears perked up when I heard the word “Delta” variant. Delta is one of their code words. Delta force. The Greek letter delta is the shape of a triangle, or a pyramid.

  3. Thanks Eric for this discussion. Between you and the world, I continue to be “unjabed”. Here are the latest reasons, most eloquently written by one of my favorite pundits, Bill Sardi

    “I’ve said it many times, most Americans are not comfortable with making independent decisions, especially potential life-and-death healthcare decisions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is as if Americans must make a group decision, which gives rise to the term “sheeple” to describe modern-day Americans. It almost seems as if opposition to experimental vaccination is unamerican. If only the “sheeple” knew.”

    Worth a read at

    • Hi Sindawe,

      Indeed. My understanding is that the “vaccine” isn’t – by the definitions that historically apply. It is a symptom suppressor. It does not immunize people agains the ‘Rona. And it may make them very sick, indeed.

      • Hi Eric,

        You may have read already that the spike protein of the virus is pathogenic by itself, and probably is the thing that can cause the most issues. The current mRNA “vaccines” were based on those proteins. So much for “warp speed vaccines”.

        What really saddens me is that they are pushing this into teenagers, a group that doesn’t benefit at all from the jab, since they are a very low risk group. There are already many reports of myocarditis cases in them.

        What’s even worse, they are going to attempt to push this into children. The data coming from VAERS is showing so far that more children will be harmed by the jab than will benefit from them.

        • Hi Giuseppe!

          Yup; I’ve been using religious terminology to describe this cult from the beginning. I think that millions have joined the cult because they have no other religion and it seems to be a human existential need to believe in something “higher” than oneself. Not that this is a bad thing, per se. Though I am not specifically religious myself, I understand the impulse and don’t regard it as necessarily harmful. Unless, of course, it wanders over the line to fanaticism, as is the case with regard to this cult.

  4. Twice in the past week I’ve had to jump out of the way of a car barging backwards out of a parking space. In fifty years I’ve never experienced that. Now twice in one week?

    Jab induced brain haze? I don’t know, but it sure makes one wonder.

  5. “Depopulation may be in play. But profits-at-Needlepoint are certain.” – EP

    Depopulation is definitely in play. That’s what I fear. Watch the video I am linking to at LRC. I can’t believe nobody else has linked to this yet. Yes, its a long video, but it is so informative. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, then start watching at 52 minutes. This is when Dr. McCullough states that he was attacked (not physically attacked) by a French reporter with connections to the Gates Foundation (surprise, surprise). If you start watching at about the 54 minute mark, he comes right out an says the Jabs are Bio-terrorism. Rona was part 1, and was meant to wipe out old people. The Jab is part 2, and is meant to sterilize the young people. He even brings up the point that Uncle’s focus is now to get all the young people jabbed, not much at all is said about old people anymore. If anyone comes near my 16 year old daughter with a needle, I will kill them.

    So, who is Dr. Peter McCollough, and why should you listen to him? Just do some research. His credentials are impeccable. Sadly, I have a feeling he will be suicided in the not too distant future.

    • Thank you for providing this video, Rush. It is almost impossible to believe such a thing could be afoot. And yet, such things do happen – because evil people are afoot. I’ve mentioned before that what we are experiencing is not unlike what people experienced some 80 years ago. They’re just relocating us… no one would put women and kids in rail cars to be sent to extermination camps. It’s just not possible. And yet it, it was.

      I agree with you that the push to Needle young people – kids – is extremely unsettling. I can come up with no explanation for it that makes sense . . . unless the object is to do something to them.

      • Eric,

        LRC is a great site. I doubt if I would have ever found your site if it wasnt for LRC.

        Why would an outstanding doctor/professor like Dr. McCollough make such a claim about the Jab unless he feels it is true? His reputation is on the line. He has a lot to lose, but a lot to gain if he is the one who rips the cover off of Convid and reveals the truth. It is some scary, unsettling shit he says.

        • Amen, Rush –

          Lew’s a friend; another is Tom Woods (I hope to be on his show again, soon). I count myself honored and fortunate to have friends like them – and the people here, too.

          • Eric,

            Damn, I’m really jealous about you being able to call Lew and Tom a friend. The only way to beat that would be if I could call Ron Paul a friend. I met Ron once at a breakfast/fund raiser at Treasure Island, Florida. I felt like a giddy teenager meeting her 1980’s heart throb, lol. What the disgusting Repubs did to Dr. Paul at the 2012 RNC completely turned me away from the Repubs. Stealing Dr. Paul’s delegates, and silencing him was the last straw for me. I never gave a Repub a dime ever again, but I did throw a few bucks Tulsi Gabbards way this last election. The Demonrats treated her just as bad as the Repubs did Dr. Paul. Both major parties are disgusting and only worthy of our contempt.

            • Agreed, Rush!

              I hope one day to meet Dr. Paul. I know his son’s former chief of staff, who is a good dude. My opinion of Rand has waxed favorable lately over his brave public dissection of the creepy Little Docktor.

              I should be doing Tom’s show again, soon. Will keep everyone posted!

  6. I don’t think I’d need science to tell me to put on a Depends if I were afflicted with explosive diarrhea. But common sense and science seemed to have parted ways. It’s amusing that the media and these public health megalomaniacs think they have any credibility whatsoever. I just read an article on a local site, which heavily quoted various experts, trying to get our panties in a bunch over something called “the delta variant.”
    Whatever. Yawn.
    I didn’t care about the scary covid 19, coronavirus, SARS CoV-2, pick your appellation, so I’m not going to care about this either. Apparently it’s the same thing as the old thing anyway, because the story ended with more nagging to get the magic shot, which apparently works just fine on the new thing.
    Sadly, my employer is still buying the slopping bucket of bullshit. We are still wearing the dirty fear rags inside. Even sadder is that no one – no one! – has a problem with this except me. I’ve subtly quizzed people – no soapbox style but just making conversation style – such as, “I wonder how long we need to keep wearing these? I keep forgetting mine …Every place else has dropped it.” and they just shrug. Not one person says, “Right? WTF?”

    • Hi Amy,

      It depresses me every time I hear of a situation such as the one you’re in. I know I am psychologically unable to put up with such things as “mask” wearing (and TSA training; it’s why I no longer attend long-lead press events for new cars). I am lucky in that I have the option to opt out – for now – without going Amish. So you have my sympathy, because I know you’re stuck having to choose between working and “masking” or not working.

      But we all may have to make a harder choice, soon.

      • The harder choice worries me as well. The masks make me wish I was dead; the magic shot could make me dead for real. To be honest, my job often makes me wish I was dead anyway, so the mask is just another degree of depression.
        My company has locations in Indiana, Texas and Ohio. All three are red states and two of them have made it pretty clear that requiring the magic shot as a condition of employment is not cool. My state, Indiana, has banned requiring proof of the shot (so-called “vaccine passports), but didn’t actually ban requiring the shot, so it’s a weird little catch 22 there. IU Hospital’s employees are suing over jab requirement imposed on them, but if our law says employers can’t require proof, why don’t they just lie and say they got it? But maybe they are fighting the principle and that’s admirable. There’s about 100 signed on to the lawsuit, so it’s likely a lot of the employees did lie. From what I have heard, the vac rates of healthcare workers is quite low, which isn’t a ringing endorsement for their magic shot.
        Anyway, I’m still not 100% sure what’s going on legally.
        BTW, I am sitting here at work listening to a few co-workers (one of them a vet who wants respect for “protecting our freedoms”) pearl-clutch and snivel about some church group in town that’s fighting mask wearing as the disgusting affront to freedom and human dignity that it is.
        BTW, we’re “journalists,” people who used to fight against the establishment.
        Some quotes:
        “People just think they can run around doing whatever they want!”
        “Yeah, remind of that time during COVID when non-maskwearers were shipped off to concentration camps?”
        “I just wouldn’t feel safe going in there (non masking church.) I’d want to know it was safe.”
        If this site allowed me to post the puke emoji, this is where I would put it.

        • Hi Amy,

          I am sorry you have to deal with this. I agree with your message that journalists used to be the anti establishment. They were the bloodhounds that felt truth mattered and politics and biases be damned. Their are a few that still hold this perception, but they are becoming rarer. I cannot believe this country’s people have bought this psych op hook, line, and sinker. Americans used to be suspicious of anyone and everything. What happened? Well, other than school indoctrination. 🙁

          • Hi RG (and Amy) –

            I can speak to this, as a journalist; as a former “big city” reporter, columnist and editorial page staffer. All the major media in this country is controlled by a small handful of corporations; these corporations want – and get – the boilerplate, Pravda- esque “coverage” they pay for. The independent press largely ceased to exist during the Great Consolidation that occurred back in the ’90s. I was there when this process began and decided to forge my own path because I knew that if I didn’t, I’d become a copywriter rather than a journalist. The pay is good, but the work is just not worth it.

        • I think we need an employee bill of rights. Some ideas follow:

          PPE can be recommended, but not required. If you don’t wear it, and get injured, the liability is on you…but you can’t be disciplined or fired for not wearing it

          No forced medical procedures of any kind (including vaccines)

          No employer access to medical records of employees

          Political affiliation given same protections as religion

          Can’t force employees into training (such as diversity, sexual harassment, etc) unless as remediation for an actual incident (i.e. in lieu of getting fired)


          • Oh, here’s another one:

            Cannot be disciplined or fired for off-campus, off-the-clock conduct that does not directly mention the company name or logo, no matter how controversial, unless it somehow directly affects work performance.

  7. Yup,

    Forced vacination is rape.

    At best, at worst it is maim/ murder.

    Anyone who comes at me or mine with a needle will be treated as a grave threat.
    It is a definite line in the sand for us.

  8. From ZH a couple of days ago:
    “We (Pakistan) are doing all we can to compel people to get vaccinated… The government cannot allow individuals, who do not want to get vaccinated, to risk lives of those who are already vaccinated,” (Official) Rashid said.
    A blatant admission that the vaccines DON’T WORK, by a government official. One can only conclude that the real purpose has nothing to do with our health, in fact quite the contrary. The rumors of “mind control” and “sterility” bear more credence than health. Especially given the 4,000 deaths, or more by now, exceed those killed by all other vaccinations combined in at the very least the last 5 years. Some of those vaccines were pulled from the market, for as few as 50 deaths. Why do these get a pass with more than 4,000? And that 4,000 is the “official” number. We all know what that means.

    • Wasn’t one of Pakistan’s provinces threatening to block cell phones if jabs are refused?
      If the jab works, why the worries regarding unjabbed people?

      “Some of those vaccines were pulled from the market, for as few as 50 deaths”
      Not only jabs, some other products were pulled from the market with waaay less deaths.

  9. I can only think of profits, more power and control. Oh, and further divide society.

    And those who take the jab risk getting some pretty bad reactions, or worse. So much for a “free” jab (which us, aka taxpayers, end up paying up one way or another).

    Oh, and now they are talking about taking regular “boosters”. Great

  10. Just learned of a fourth person who is suffering mightily and perhaps facing death within a short period of time from receiving their jab. This man is in his late 40’s, a lawyer, from a well-educated family. Was otherwise perfectly healthy (and of course that means he was NOT a candidate for any kind of convid vaccine, even if it was really a vax that was being offered).

    I think others have already pointed out the often inverse correlation between book learning and intelligence or common sense. This man has lost 45-50 pounds since his second jab just a couple of months ago, and is being biopsied in a few days to check for lymphoma. I also know of two other people who died within weeks of receiving their jabs, a lifelong friend’s mom (hospitalized within 1 week and dead of mysterious causes a week after that), and my brother’s wife’s father (died within 3 weeks of jab, allegedly from a stroke). Very unfortunate circumstances, no? Another is my own father, who within a few weeks of his second jab, has been experiencing a low RBC count…and drs just keep scratching their heads.

      • Hi Anon, hope your father, and other friends/family get better from the jab.

        Personally, the only people I know who have gone from Con-vid were both good friends parents. Both in their 60s, both healthy and fine, till they got the positive test and got dispatched to the NHS hospitals here – where they basically just put you in isolation and make sure you dont take any medicine thats working in the rest of the world. And thats why they both died.

        My own dad, and another friends mother both also got it. Same age group, but overweight. Both survived fine. Because they are were treated back in Karachi, using cheap, effective, safe (tested for decades) drugs along with lots of vitamin supplements….. Almost as if there are some forces at play to make sure this is made to be deadlier than it is in the west….

        • Thank you, Nasir, for your well wishes. I am sorry to learn of your friends’ parents. I agree that this entire scenario is absolutely sinister and malevolent, and has never been about anyone’s health. Else, why is every bit of “advice”, “guidance” , etc., which soon morphed into “mandates”, so counterproductive? Stay inside (instead of get fresh air and Vit. D), cover your face (so you can recycle and trap germs), avoid contact (to weaken your natural immunity)…but I know I am preaching to the choir here.

          Keep up the good fight!

      • I am getting conflicting information. He is now in a nursing home for rest (no medical or PT)…not sure how this will help him better than being in his own home. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hope I am wrong.

        Thanks for asking.

        • Anon,

          I dad gets better soon.

          I have a feeling that eventually people’s eyes will be forced open because even the msm is going to have to report at some point that the convid jabs have killed more kids in the 0-18 range than convid itself. The more stories you get of healthy 15 yr olds having heart attacks or developing blood clots and dropping dead days or weeks after the jab the closed its going to come to them having to report the truth. Its easy to whitewash and claim it’s unrelated to the jab when a 60 or 70 yr old has a heart attack, stroke or blood clots soon after the jab since most people expect this age group to devolop those ailments. It’s quite a other thing to have completely healthy 12, 15, or 18 yr olds have the same ailments shortly after the jab and just pass it off to coincidence. It’s ironic in their haste to get everyone jabbed they may have inadvertently exposed the poison for what it is.

    • Anon,

      Hope your dad gets well soon!

      I don’t know for how long the jab’s adverse effects will be kept under the rug. Check out this telegram channel:
      (No need to install or join telegram, just press preview channel).

      She has taken up to the task of documenting all adverse side effect reports she can find around the web. Needless to say, there are many of those! At one point, she mentioned she was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff she had found.

      • Thank you for the well wishes and the link. We are at a crossroads here and this type of information may be the last line of defense to bolster resolve against the jab. None of the deaths and adverse effects I mentioned above were documented on VAERS. I have talked to others with less life-threatening problems and also encouraged them to report on VAERS.

        I am sure the info. is overwhelming for the researcher. It is overwhelming to me when I consider how many people I know personally (I’m not on social media stuff so these are flesh and blood relationships) that have had the full range of adverse effects, up to and including death, from this pointless jab.

  11. An interesting tidbit about the “lottery” connected to getting jabbed in NC. It applies to everyone who’s been jabbed, not just prospective jab getters, and there is no need for a person to affirmatively enter. They know who’s been jabbed and will be in contact if someone is a “winner.” By default, they would know if you haven’t been jabbed.

    • Hi Hat,

      I agree with you that they know who has the shot, but I still believe they don’t know who is still out there without one. I had an interesting visit a few weeks ago from a stranger. It was a few Saturdays ago and I just finished working all day in the basement. I had just settled on the couch for a nap and about 15 minutes into it my dogs go wild aiming for the front door. We actually have sensors all around the property that usually alert us when someone approaches. They didn’t which I thought was odd, but I was sleeping so I may not have heard. I open the door a smidgen since my dogs would love to meet the new arrival if I would let them. 🙂 A guy was standing there with two full backpacks of binders. A little strange, but I asked “Can I help you?” He asked if I was the mother of the house? I thought that was a weird question. I have never been asked that before. My first instinct was to say no, which I did. I responded that no children live here (technically, not a lie). He said “Oh, you have no children?” Mama Bear instinct kicked in. I replied “No.” He said “Thank you. Have a good day.” I watched as he headed down the driveway (no car or bike anywhere). He went around the street corner and disappeared from sight. I live in a small neighborhood in the country and he did not visit anyone else’s door. There is a reason I don’t fill out the Census Bureau information.

        • I thought it was creepy, too. Of course, it would have been one of the Saturdays that hubby was working. My daughter came down after the guy left and said “That was weird.” I agreed.

          Dogs are good to have. Mine are not ankle biters. I know many like little dogs, but I like the protection that a big dog gives. I grew up with German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Labs so I wouldn’t know what to do with a pint size dog except being terrified I would step on it. Actually, any dog would work though. Their ears are so fragile they know exactly when someone is about to pull into the driveway so they are the best alarms one can have.

          • Likewise, I prefer large dogs. For several reasons. You have to train them to behave, or they can easily kill someone, especially children. They are number two on the list of what professional criminals fear most, right behind armed citizens, and just ahead of police. They are tough as nails. It is indeed rather hard to actually hurt one, especially by accident. Most breeds tend to be much calmer than small dogs. The largest I ever had was 200 lb Saint Bernard, the smallest a 70 lb Doberman/Labrador mix. Oddly enough, she actually ate more than the male Saint did. I put down my last dog a couple of years ago. I’m too old and arthritic to handle a big dog anymore, and have no interest in small ones. Besides, I’m tired of outliving them and watching my best friends die. Too often by my own hand. Never was big on taking one to a strange place, among strangers, to die.

            • Hi John,

              Indeed. My last dog died – was put down – in 2013. I miss him greatly. My vet is a great woman; she came to the house to take care of him, so he didn’t have to die in a strange place, among strange people. But I haven’t had the heart to get another since.

              • I’ve been without a dog for maybe 5 years of my 67. I think it was Frederick the Great who said, “now that I know men, I prefer dogs.” They are born thieves, but don’t try to hide the fact either.

              • Don’t have the heart to get another one…

                This is why you have more than one. Don’t have to keep it two at all times, but I have found that getting another while one is the senior can teach the junior a lot without you having to start completely all over again with another pup.

                Further, once losing the old friend happens, it is very comforting to have your newest friend around.

                • A strategy I used to rigidly employ. But there is an issue. Two dogs will cause or get into about four times as much trouble as one. Being pack animals, their confidence escalates when they have back up.

          • RG, thanks for reminding me of my Dobie. I was blessed to have recently owned a Dobie. He passed last Nov, but it was awesome having my own “secret service agent” watching over me. He wasn’t trained, he just knew what to do. If I got up to go to the bathroom, I could tell his instinct made sure that not only did he notice I was leaving his room before I left the room, but he would jump up and make sure he went through the door before me in a manner that could only be interpreted to sound like a secret service agent talking on the walkie “He’s on the move, Go! Go! Go!” Never thought I’d ever have had a Dobie, I don’t think one will fit in my future plans either, but I was surely glad to have had a Dobe when I could. What a true protector!

            I’ve never really been into small dogs myself. We have had many growing up. My experience is that the smaller the dog is, the harder they are to get to behave as wanted whether it be their ability to only go outdoors for their biz reliably down to their demeanor around strangers. Sure, if you want an alarm, they can work for that, but if you have a chihuahua, it will bark at every car door that closes for a 2 mile radius. You get a lot of false alarms and you have to get up and verify if it is anything to be worried about. With the Dobe, no, he only barked if something wasn’t kosher, period. He didn’t do false alarms. In fact, “speak” was a trick he REFUSED to “learn”. He would never do it for a cheap treat like the other dogs. He’d do all kinds of other commands but I will be darned, this dog had principles. He wouldn’t bark unless something was wrong.

            That said, I have a small dog that I love. I did not think she was going to be a small dog when I got her. I knew who her mother was (a pit bull mix) and thought her father was a short haired collie type mix. Nope, father was a chihuahua that we didn’t think could even make the stretch. Well, don’t put it past a little determined doggy. You might think, pit-huahua would stink, but no, quite the opposite. Father is full chihuahua but mother was a pit-mix. Her brother actually looked like what a chihuahua would look like if they bulked up like Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is a little leaner but still with a lot of muscle. She’s spunky, super affectionate, smart, very few false alarms. Which leads me to think that the best of the smaller dogs were around me in the past were mix dogs. If you can only go small, get a mix breed.

            • Hi J,

              I am sorry to hear about the passing of your Doberman. My family had two growing up, both from the same litter. Dobies and Shepherds are very territorial. When my family and I get together at our family’s river house we all bring our dogs. So there is usually nine dogs patrolling the grounds. The Labs are in the water, the Beagle under the patio table sleeping, and the Shepherds patrol the entire house fence line to fence line. If a squirrel even thinks about crossing the fence line he is a goner. It is pretty amazing how different breeds act.

      • You’re either on the “got it” list or you’re not. Maybe I’m overthinking this a bit but they seem to be telegraphing something with this lotto scheme. What made me think of it was the other thread and the lying aspect that came up. I’m gonna stop here because I don’t want to give the AI any ideas.

      • that’s why i keep a no trespassing sign by the door

        if anyone can’t read, i point to it

        usually solves the problem without a word from me

        i don’t enforce it against the girl scouts

      • I have never put anything on a census form except the number of people living at this address. That is all one is required to put on it. All the other fluff is made out of thin air
        we would like to know more about you BS.

  12. Money can’t be all of it. Govco bought all of the vaccines, and is now even giving them to other countries, courtesy of us. So pharma is fully paid up, but it’s not going to be a steady income stream, unless govco intends to pay for boosters in perpetuity. So is that money – get their huge bolus and wait in the shadows for the next one? Or is it money-plus. I’m convinced of the plus.

    I’m reminded of a quote from the movie Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead: “The world’s an evil place…. Some people just make money from it, and some people are destroyed by it.” Indeed. Seems we get a dose of both in this case.

  13. Kudos for coming up with needle rape. Perhaps the low IQ followers of Landrau can start a me too movement. ‘I was needle raped by the needle dick’ Although they would have to specify which needle dick, Fauxi or Gates.

    I still can’t believe they are really pulling this off. I remember the fall before this started, the repo market broke and there were calamitous rumblings about Dollar Bill and his ability to fund the violent Ponzi scheme known as the good ship Wiemerica. It was almost like they had this planed as a way to start a world war without using nukes. Hum, release a fake bioweapon, force massive compliance to save the Chillldrun, and the ellllderly. When the dust settles .Guv would be there with a liberty killing solution.

    Apparently the regular flu has been defeated, almost zero cases last year, replaced by a more deadly and nefarious enemy. Boomer Flu. I’m sure I’ll catch flack for that but it’s true. The premise of this fiction wrapped in whole cloth was coddling a bunch of oldsters who have not accepted that our time on this earth is limited. Led by their king Orange boomer they fell right in line.

    To all the people who went along with this because they’re chicken s**t cowards. Bow down before the ones who needle raped you and lick their boots. Grovel at their feet for your substance. Speak not to those of us who are freemen, breathing free air, living in accordance with the laws of nature, and natures God. Cast your eyes to the ground when you see us. For you are of your father, the deceiver. Bow before him face down, buns up as you prepare for the repetitive and merciless abuse you are going to receive, in this life and the next.

    • ‘Boomer Flu’ — Norman Franklin

      Looks like Lordstown Motors has come down with a bad, bad case of it. Call an ambulance:

      ‘An extensive document review shows that the company’s orders are largely fictitious and used as a prop to raise capital and confer legitimacy.’

      ‘For example, Lordstown recently announced a 14,000-truck deal from E Squared Energy, supposedly representing $735 million in sales. E Squared is based out of a small residential apartment in Texas that doesn’t operate a vehicle fleet.

      ‘Another 1,000-truck, $52.5 million order comes from a two-person startup that operates out of a Regus virtual office with a mailing address at a UPS Store. We spoke with the owner who acknowledged it won’t actually order any vehicles, instead describing the “pre-order” as a mere marketing relationship.

      ‘Yet another firm that is supposedly set to buy 500 trucks from Lordstown told us: “…The letters of interest are non-binding. It’s not like you’d obligate yourself to a pre-order or that you would contractually bind yourself to buying this truck. That’s not what they are.”’

      So the squeaky-clean, squeaky-green EV biz is riddled with FRAUD?

      No one could possibly have seen this coming!

      But I did suggest a couple of days ago that Ford’s 100,000 orders for the F-150 Lightning probably includes some flippers. You too can play, with 99 dollars and a dream. Do androids dream of electric sheep?

  14. A friend went to her doctor with her young daughter and the doctor proceeded to hector them about the jab. She said no because “we don’t know the long term consequences.” The doctor then ridicules her intelligence in front of her child and repeats the mantra of safe and effective. Essentially, don’t think just get it. Obviously my friend stormed out and will never go to that doctor again. Whatever happened to medical ethics?

    • Hi Zek,

      A sure sign of a quack is anger when reasonably questioned. They are both better off seeking the services of an old woman with a bottle of leeches.

      • I’ve seen similar reaction from a number of doctors. Going into a fit of rage because their patients won’t follow their orders. Their ego is so overblown they simply can’t accept that someone prefers a different path. None of those doctors work for me anymore.

    • Happened to me too. Was with the Doc for 25 years. The new Doc asked me “Why did you come here after being with X for so long” I asked why does he want to know. “because he’s been staple in this area for a long time and I’m getting a lot of his patients” I told him why. I guess he was smart enough to not ask/say anything about the jab

      • My kid goes for his checkup tomorrow. I’m stuck at the office and can’t be there. I don’t beleive my wife would allow any jab to occur, if it does it could be the end of us. She knows my fealings and claims to have the same, but i just don’t know if she can be persuaded by a slick talking person with a certificate on the wall. I really hope not. I will be having a conversation with my son tonight so he understands noone is to come near him with a needle even if his mother says its ok.

        • Oh, you are a brave man, Antilles. I won’t let any doctor near my kiddos unless it was a life and death situation. That is how distrustful I have become of the medical community. Both of mine just got over bad colds over the last 7 days. My husband and I were both saying “take your vitamins, your elderberry, a bit of Tylenol when you feel lousy, and sip chicken noodle soup” they have since made a full recovery.

          The last wellness check up I took them to was probably about four years ago. The doctor, who had a horrible bed side manner, kept reeming me out on the “vaccines” my children did not have. She provided me a “prescription” to take to the local Health Center for about seven shots per kiddo. I shredded it when I got home and haven’t been back since.

    • the public likes to attribute high intelligence to doctors – i guess it makes us feel better – but they don’t keep up with current research and many leave me wondering how they graduated

      if i were to guess, they have been propagandized and threatened just like scientists have.

      • In many, if not most cases they are practically deified. Because they “save lives”. Which of course not one of them has ever done. They might lengthen it, shorten, or have no effect, but no life has ever been “saved”. In fact, the number three cause of death in the US that is never put on a death certificate is medical error. To the tune of about 225,000 per year. More than illegal drug abuse and gun violence combined.

  15. ‘just like “free” government schools. Until you get the bill for them’ — EP

    Half a century ago, incredibly, New Jersey had no income tax. It was a sleepy little tax haven right next door to NYC’s bankrupt, confiscatory regime. Then NJ’s marxist supreme court ruled that urban schools needed radically increased funding — for equality! So a 2.5% income tax was imposed in 1976.

    Today, that modest little 2.5% tax has metastasized to a horrifying 10.75% top marginal rate. Property taxes remain astronomically high. And — surprise, surprise — urban schools in Newark, Camden, Passaic, Trenton, Paterson, etc, etc, STILL suck.

    Turns out the problem wasn’t money, but culture. In chaotic households with a giant TV but no books, kids whose peers are gangsters are not going to excel academically. No amount of money can fix that.

    But public discussion of this uncomfortable fact is impossible, as dysfunctional culture is correlated not only to poverty, but also to [sotto voce] race — the blue-sparking third rail of political danger.

    Oh, well — rich suburbanites can feel good about themselves as they fork out their $25,000 property tax bills. They did their part, and economic segregation if anything is even more selective than crude old-school segregation based on appearance.

    A few million more, the Demonrats cry
    My wallet will melt and then my eyes
    My heart is black and my lips are cold
    Cities on flame with rock and roll

    — Blue Öyster Cult, Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll

    • Wow, didn’t know that. Thanks for the History lesson Jim.
      Interesting to me, that it was the same timeframe that NJ started to lose it’s manufacturing base. Slow at first, but each plant that closed accelerated the troubles. NJ used to make cars, planes, world class pumps, pharmaceuticals, major chem. and paint manuf., etc…. No more, all gone.

      • Yes. New Jersey was the original state to get “Califoricated”. There really needs to be a New York equivalent of that word.

        New Yorkers who fled New York policies promptly voted in the policies they ran away from.

        • Being that i’m stuck in the armpit of America also know as new jersistan, i can relate to how bad it really is. And every business that the weasle in trenton forces to fold or packs up shop and heads to literal greener pastures in places like FL or TX increases the pressure on the ever dwindling tax base to provide more. And don’t you ever expect the public servants to give even an inch in negotiations, nope, its gimmie gimmie gimmie more! Of course most of those public servants as soon as they are ready to retire up and move to no tax states like FL. I remember years ago when it was noted this was happening, before the state completely moved over to the left, there was a push to cut pensions by like 50% if the person receiving the pension moved out of state. Of course the rinos in the state refused to back it, now we have people who bilk the taxpayers for everything they got while working then run for the cheapest possible state while the taxpaying rubes, like me, get to fund their lavish retirements, most of which begin in their early to mid 50’s

      • The entire country began losing its base in the early 1980 when free trade, ie managed trade became common practice. It was first “financed” with junk bonds then abetted by government policy. No president or elected official, save for the orange man, tried to even reverse course on free trade.

        • I remember Walter Williams response to the Free Trade Agreement.
          “We don’t need a 2500 page document to have fee trade.”

    • Hi BCCL,

      The Medicare reimbursement prior to 3/15/21 was $16.94 for the first jab and $28.39 for the second, after 3/15/21 it is now $40 per dose. Beginning this month, there is now an additional “administering” surcharge of $35 for putting the needle into someone’s arm. So far the taxpayers have spent about $9 billion dollars.

  16. If anyone cares to examine facts, which is a fast fading desire, one can easily determine that our health and welfare are NOT the purpose of this planned exercise. Control and profit are. As is made obvious by the number of “officials” and “experts” who whole heartedly support this treachery, a LOT of money is changing hands. A LOT!


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