“Drag Race”

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Remember when a drag race involved cars, not freaks?

And when car companies just built cars? 

Today, we have Out With Chevy – which wasn’t about the latest Chevy. And – just recently – Models of Pride – the “world’s largest free conference of LGBTQ+ youth and their allies” – sponsored in part by a car company – Toyota – which reportedly gifts more than $100,000 annually to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which put on the freak show.

One of them on show being Dew Mi Moore – a “drag performer” who goes from zero to freak in less than six seconds. Also present was Mayhem Miller, who told the kids brought there by their parents, “When I was young, we didn’t have anything like this. . .” Probably because parents didn’t used to bring their kids to “drag races.”

“You are going to change our future . . .”

No doubt.

The event also included a workshop instructing kids about the “first steps” they can take toward becoming freaks themselves. 

Strong language? Necessarily so. 

The same language that’s necessary to use when speaking of Face Diapers rather than “masks” – and the freaks pushing those, too.

The time for forbearance is past because it is no longer appropriate.

For much too long, decent people have shied away from confronting freaks when freaks confront them. When Leftists – honest language, because that’s what we’re talking about here – confront them. Whether it’s a “drag race” or a Face Diaper, it is never a matter of an individual doing what seems to be right for himself, by himself. It is always Leftists trying to shove what they think is right down everyone else’s throat. Down every kid’s throat, too.

And they have become adept at getting corporations to finance it.

I was witness to the early days of this dirty trade. 

Back in the early ’90s, when I began writing about cars professionally, I began attending press briefings for car journalists given by the major car companies. Most of those attending were there to get the latest information about the new cars coming – and other such pertinent things.

But there was one person attending who was much more interested in impertinent things, such as race. He would ask one race-based question after the next. What race had to do with cars was difficult to divine. Indeed, it seemed to me rather . . . racist to take the position that a black person likes (or doesn’t like) a particular type of car because he’s a black person; that there is a “black” or “white” car buyer demographic.

Aren’t cars just  . . . cars? Wouldn’t it be stereotyping people to associate their taste in cars according to their race?

Apparently not.

What was GM doing to address the African American audience? Why weren’t there more African Americans in GM’s ads? How many African American dealers did GM have? All these questions implying that GM wasn’t interested in selling cars to black folks or having black folks as GM dealers.

The power of that guilt-trip was and remains tremendous.

The race hustler was indulged with obsequious deference by the corporate PR people fielding the questions – who no doubt dreaded being thought “racist” if they didn’t treat his endlessly racial questions as legitimate.

It was a fatal attempt at conciliation.  

Decades later, appeasement has metastasized to Stage 4 – as evidenced by Toyota’s financial sponsorship of the “Drag Race” in LA recently. Almost certainly, the company was confronted with what seems to be the Sophie’s Choice of being accused of “transphobia” – by declining to finance the propagation of transsexualism – even to minor children.

Or finance it – and hope it shuts them up.

Of course, all it does is embolden them. It is precisely why things have metastasized. Back in ’95, if a “Drag Performer” had appeared at a car industry press conference, it would have been dragged out the front door. It would have been inconceivable, 30 years ago, for a major car company to financially support a “Drag Race” for underage kids. It would have been mortifying to be associated with such a thing. In part because of the mortifying effect it would have had on the bottom line.

There was a time when some people would never buy a German car after the  unpleasantness that went on in Germany during the war. This was unfair, because post-war Mercedes was no more guilty of post-war nasty business than Ford or GM.

But today, major car companies are involving themselves in some very nasty business. Not because they buy into it, probably. Rather, because they are afraid to be characterized (by Leftists) as not buying into it. To be accused of “racism” – or “transphobia” – for declining to become involved in actively promoting race and sex and tranny-ism.

And so they hire Diversity Officers – the latter-day corporate America equivalent of the Soviet zampolit, whose job it was to assure orthodoxy within the ranks – to mollify them. And they fund events such as Out With Chevy and “Drag Race” to let the world know just how very orthodox they have become.

The Left knows that saying no to the Left is almost impossible for corporate America and that is why the Left now controls corporate America. It is not that the Left is the majority. It is that the Left is more brazen than the majority, which generally just wants peace and will do and tolerate almost anything from the Left to secure it.

The problem with that approach, of course, is that the Left never stops pushing. Indeed, it pushes all the harder, the less the resistance. There is a lesson in that. Stopping the Left is easy as resisting it – as by refusing to live in fear of being called “phobic” about whatever the Left is trying to push.

As by saying no to it. As by not funding it.

That’s all it would take. If anyone’s willing to stand up to it.

. . .

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  1. Because those who know they are better than us have deemed “monkeypox” to be offensive to Africans (huh?), they are seeking suggestions for new names for the infection.

    I submit the name “MOpox”…neat and concise…short for “HOMOpox”..😁

  2. This is about more than a few activists pushing the corporations around. First, I think many corporations ARE totally on board with this, the corporate leadership learned it all while attending sociology class at elite universities.

    Second, challenging the freaks and giving pushback is not really feasible because conformity with the freak agenda is enforced by the police and the government under the guise of “civil rights” and “hate crimes” and the penalties are very drastic indeed for “offending” a freak.

    If you take a stand against this you WILL get arrested and pay a very significant price.

    Just recently in Boston there was pushback and the cops were there to make arrests lickety-split:


    In California there was a similar incident and the words of the police are very frightening. Pay attention to the cop specifically targeting “hate speech”:

    The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has since opened a hate crimes investigation into the incident, vowing to “take a swift approach against anyone who tries to harm, threaten or do hate speech against that community,” Lt. Ray Kelly, a sheriff’s spokesman, said.

    “This is Pride Month, and we’re going to celebrate Pride Month,” Kelly said.


    The cops are literally painting gay slogans on their patrol cars to show their bias toward the freaks and against normal people:


    You are actually living in a queer police state… no joke.

    • That shouldn’t come as a surprise X. I dated a female cop once and she told me she was always getting hit on by the other gurls. Male cops, by their general behavior seem like latent fags. Most couldn’t find happiness if it hut hunted them over the head with a billy club.

      Hate speech is solely about silencing dissent. It is what the owners, and the pets crave.

  3. ‘Appeasement has metastasized to Stage 4 – as evidenced by Toyota’s financial sponsorship of the “Drag Race” in LA recently.’ — eric

    Brits fight back:

    ‘By the spring of 2023, Britain’s state-run transgender youth clinic will shut its doors for good. NHS England announced it was closing the Tavistock gender-identity clinic last month after an independent report concluded that it was “not a safe or viable long-term option” for gender-confused young people.

    ‘The report, conducted by the former president of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, found that patients were “at considerable risk” from clinicians’ “unquestioning affirmative approach.” Soon after, a London-based legal firm announced a class-action lawsuit on behalf of 1,000 families whose “children and young adolescents were rushed into treatment” and, as a result, “suffered life-changing and, in some cases, irreversible effects.” — nationalreview

    ‘State-run transgender youth clinic’ … no comment needed.

    Christ — you’d think the name ‘Tavistock’ might ring a bell with Brits. It’s been pushing Freudian psychology, global government, and now child mutilation for decades.


  4. If you don’t like drag race you will be banned from the internet…….

    WEF’s “Global Intelligence Collecting AI” To Erase Ideas From The Internet

    the WEF needs to move beyond the major Internet platforms, in order to collect intelligence about people and ideas everywhere else. Such an approach would allow them to know better what person or idea to censor — on all major platforms at once.

    They want to collect intelligence from “millions of sources”, and train their “AI systems” to detect thoughts that they do not like, to make content removal decisions handed down to the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and so on. This is a major change from the status quo of each platform deciding what to do based on messages posted to that specific platform only.

    For example, in addition to looking at my Twitter profile, WEF’s proposed AI would also look at my Gettr profile, and then it would make an “intelligent decision” to remove me from the Internet at once. It is somewhat of a simplification because they also want to look for ideas and not only individuals but, nevertheless, the search for wrongthink becomes globalized.

    This sounds like an insane conspiracy theory from hell: WEF collecting information on everyone everywhere, and then telling all platforms what posts to remove, based on a global decision-making AI engine that sees everything and can identify individual people and ideas beyond any given platform.

    If someone ever said that it would be contemplated, I would probably think that this person is insane. It sounds like a sick technological fantasy. Unfortunately, this crazy stuff is real, is in a WEF agenda proposal that is officially posted on their website’s “WEF Agenda” section. And WEF is not messing around.

    You will have no voice and you will be happy!

    Of course, this AI content moderation slots straight into the AI social credit score system. And if your social credit score dips below whichever technocommunist AI thresholds as set by the elites, then all kinds of punishments will be meted out, from slashed UBI credits to bug-food rationing to an early granting of the “freedom” to be euthanized.


  5. I attended a Catholic college in the mid-1990s. This school required everyone to take at least one theology course. I took a course focused on Biblical archaeology.

    The course was co-taught by a priest and a rabbi (no joke). When teaching us about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, they discussed how those cities may have been done in by a precursor to AIDS.

    They also discussed how certain things in the Old Testament actually made medical and scientific sense. For example, eating raw or undercooked shellfish and pork can make you sick, so the kosher dietary laws banned them. Also, Leviticus has a long list of prohibited incestuous relations so as to prevent the spread of certain genetically transmitted diseases.

    Perhaps the “Do not lie with males as with females” part in Leviticus was put there for similar reasons. I don’t think AIDS and monkey pox are any kind of divine punishment, but when you play with fire, expect to get burned.

    • Dude, you should get your tuition refunded. Guess the religious suits were not only ignorant of Scripture, but of the fact that evidence of burning brimstone can still be found around the former site of Sodom and it’s associated cities to this day!

      Sulfur Balls Of Sodom & Gomorrah:

      And ya mean, they think it’s O-K to eat unrefrigerated undercooked beef, chicken and venison? (As a former commercial shellfish harvester, I can tell you that shellfish are the toxic-waste recyclers of the sea!).

      Good ol’ Calf-licks and Joos- always tearing down the Bible so their own crap doesn’t get exposed.

  6. This is proof that Artificial Intelligence has control of Corporate America. Hubris and arrogance are a more accurate description rather than the euphemistic “AI”.

    It’s nothing new. It probably got its foothold when Henry Ford II hired McNamara and the “Whiz Kids”. They have proven themselves the grifters, bureaucrats and parasites that they are. They can create nothing but, can destroy with zeal in their quest for domination.

    None of the current crop of auto execs are worthy of the founders of this amazing industry. They pander to those that would confer false dignity. They reject the people that would actually appreciate their products. But, their rejections are not based on a feeling of providing a product worthy of respect. It recalls the legend of Packard. When he was asked, while working late in the evening, by a potential buyer, why he should buy a Packard his replay was “Ask the man who owns one.”. I cannot imagine any of these corporate “titans” of our day having such an exchange. Mary Barra, call your LGBTQAI+ manager.

  7. Are you familiar with Furries? These are people who believe they are animals and dress and act like them. In our local middle and high schools, many girls actually wear collars, or leashes, and bark. They bark. Or meow. Teachers are forbidden to challenge this. Other kids may be disciplined for bullying if they – rightfully – make fun of these freaks. Back in my day, furries would have been corrected right quick by being stuffed in a locker. Or they would assuredly receive the business in gym class. While amusingly absurd, this represents what happens when freakish behavior is not peer reviewed. Perhaps coming soon to a workplace near you.

    • Hi Bryce,

      I have heard about the Furries – and you’re right. In the sane past, these mentally ill kids would have been treated appropriately. But in our insane times, it is considered “oppressive” to even suggest that people who seriously believe they are animals – and act like them – are not right in the head. How is indulging this – pretending they are cats, because they “meow” – any different than indulging the person who demands to be addressed as “emperor,” who says he is Napoleon?

      This business, of course, is fundamentally not about the pitiful people being used as pawns by the forces of societal disintegration. It is about those who are using them as pawns to further the disintegration of society. Yuri Bezmnenov had much to say about this.

    • Hi BAC, fascinating post! Already sparked my attention with line #2: “These are people who believe they are animals and dress and act like them.”

      Well, first and foremost, humans are animals. We are mammals. I get what you are saying though in that they “think/act” like they are “other” animals and dress as such. Which is very interesting considering the ONLY animals on this planet to wear clothing are humans or animals dressed by humans.

      “In our local middle and high schools, many girls actually wear collars, or leashes, and bark. They bark. Or meow. Teachers are forbidden to challenge this.”

      Why would they challenge it? It is just a variation on the subservient behavior they have been grooming.

      • Yah, that whole ‘Furries’ thing is … bat-shit insane. I had no idea about it, can’t quite imagine it, and don’t want to.

        The people/religion in India who live naked in the woods & don’t even walk on grass for fear of killing it, makes more sense than, ‘Furries’.

        • Hi Helot,

          I submit the Indians you mention make a lot more sense as that is a religion whereas “Furries” is an illness. Anyone who believes they are a cat and “meows” at people is someone in need of psychiatric help. Probably shouldn’t be loose on the streets…

  8. Mental illness has been “normalized”.
    It starts with homosexuality which IS an abomination.
    Homosexuals are promiscuous to a fault. There may be one or two outliers that profess their “fidelity” to only one partner, but such liaisons are rare.
    Homosexuals have to “recruit” underage boys as they have an insatiable desire to introduce susceptible young boys to the “lifestyle”. As boys sexual mores are not yet fully developed, recruiting and buggering underage boys is easy to accomplish and ruins them for life.
    A California homosexual “choir group” actually bragged about recruiting and getting young boys “into the fold”. They actually stated: We are coming for your children”.
    When it comes to “adoptions” by homosexuals, children in such households know that something is missing–a parent of the opposite sex.
    I don’t care what adults do privately, but it rarely stays private.
    Observe the “slippery slope”. Pedophilia is abut to be redefined as “minor-attracted adults”…not good.
    Add to that, “gender fluidity”, being promoted as “just another lifestyle” which is out and out mental illness–nothing more.

      • Thinking out loud…something I probably shouldn’t do, but if a lesbian becomes a man, but is still attracted to women, they are no longer gay, but straight, right?

          • Hi Eric,

            Actually I don’t believe someone can change their gender, just as someone can’t change their age, but I am trying to figure out how the Left is trying to work this both ways.

            • Hi RG,

              That’s easy… the Left simply engages in Doublethink, the technique that makes it possible to hold two mutually contradictory positions at the same time and believe in the absolute truth of both!

        • RG,

          Here’s my $.03 (inflation).

          If someone thinks they are trapped inside the wrong equipment, that person has a problem. Basically, reality does not match their mental model in a very fundamental way. One could imagine the inherent contradiction being so large as to cause a person great distress.

          One way of trying to fix that could be to have a bunch of surgeries, to make reality match the model. Insisting that everyone else play along and use unnatural pronouns is merely a logical extension of this approach.

          Another way of trying to fix that might be to try to change the person’s interior mental state, which could involve completely breaking down and reconstructing their sense of self somehow. This begs the question of how they got that way in the first place, in order to try to backtrack and set things right. Also how long this has been going on. This could potentially be a very difficult task.

          Both approaches have a lot of potential for disaster. I suppose one approach, though, has potential to wreck all of society, though, depending on how far you go with it. The other approach has potential to completely destroy one person.

          Which works better? What should we try first?

          I do not by any means advocate treating transgender people badly in any way. I don’t think anyone has to hang out with them if they don’t want to, though, and I don’t think they should be allowed to dictate the terms of the conversation. Negotiate, sure. Also I think that any conversation must be held in an age-appropriate way.

          • Publius,
            There is a trend, and it ain’t a pleasant one. Trans has reached the level of a fad. It’s cool to be trans, so kids pretend to be to the point of obsession. Much akin to Anorexia. A self destructive behavior inspired by teen peer pressure, and Hollywood. In the case of trans, inspired by the Snowflake SJW Wokesters.

            • They’re just people, albeit probably fragile and unstable people who are basically living in hell, as far as I can tell, and trying to project an outward appearance of not being that. Or lost, which is probably functionally the same thing.

              No need to make things worse on them. No need to join them or get dragged down. Probably not a good idea to hold them up as a good example. But I still think it is best to treat them sort of gently, if you even know one (they aren’t exactly common, even yet, even though the media would have you believe otherwise).

              I think it should be possible to do that without necessarily endorsing it or getting dragged down into it. As long as you know who and what you are.

      • I think I’m a lesbo trapped in a man’s body 😀 Do I qualify for some subsidy now? Or maybe special rights and privileges which exempt me from criticism and from having to allow normal people to freely associate/do business/rent, etc.?

  9. Man, I love those old movie scenes showing old NYC street scenes, just for the old cars and trucks ya see! Better than a car show, ’cause at a car show ya mainly see the ‘special cars’ we’ve all seen a million times for the last 40 years…but in these scenes you see the cars that are long gone and forgotten…and the trucks and buses…and even normal people/life…in NYC!(Even rarer than the for5gotten cars!).

    Can’t watch those movies though… Only in a movie could a crash into an erl truck…and the thing goes up in flames!!!

  10. For what it’s worth Car Craft magazine in the 70’s and 80’s had numerous covers with the term street freaks on them, of course these were all heavily modified cars. On the other hand the current generation of street freaks may also be referred to as “UFO’s’ as in “UNIDENTIFIABLE F*****G ODDBALLS”. I hate to sound old but what the f***k happened to this country? The older I get there’s more company’s that I won’t buy from because they went woke. I knew GM was gone but now Toyota? I expect Avtovaz (Lada) since it’s controlled by Renault is woke to now. Are there even any non woke companies left out there that just want your money and don’t want to push leftist filth on you?

  11. Karma bites another militant, murderous vaxxer in the ass:

    ‘Pfizer’s CEO has tested positive for COVID-19, he announced on Aug. 15.

    “I would like to let you know that I have tested positive for #COVID19,” CEO Albert Bourla wrote on Twitter.

    ‘Bourla, 60, says he has received four doses of his company’s covid “vaccine.”‘ — ZH

    How many more celebrity victims does it take before worthless-dogshit ‘vaccines’ are taken off the market, and their makers prosecuted for manslaughter?

    The “Biden” jackal gov won’t do it. But a defiant free state repudiating ‘federal supremacy’ could take down this perp Bourla, and shackle him to a stainless steel toilet.

    • There’s no way any of these muckity-mucks like the pfizer ceo, fauci, or biden, or gates or anyone like them took the jab. Least not the real ones.

    • Please note they ALL say they “TESTED” for covid. By now most know the inventor said the PCR should not be used for diagnosis which is why the Crime and Death Corporation (aka CDC) dropped it. They know the disease called covid and/or Money Pox and all the others is from the shots. You can bet your bippy these psychopaths used the Hollywood needle or equivalent or plain lying.

      Warning,,, Watch out for the smallpox vaccines. Some are live virus shots and can spread to others.

  12. There is a Hunter Biden gay video out there if you want to watch that kind of stuff. Whatever rump rangers do, good for them.

    99 out of 100 of monkey pox cases originate in the gay community.

    It should be required to have a slide show of diseases related to decadent sexual practices. A few slides of monkey pox, gonorrhea, syphilis, and a healthy community of crabs in the special places might convince children of the dangers of deviant sexual behaviors and to not engage in such behavior.

    It’s going to help.

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is the new zeitgeist in corporate boardrooms today, one stock that is an investment is going whole hog on it all, just read the story today.

    Here I thought the favorite choice for an automobile by blacks was the Pontiac.

    Poor Old N***** Thinks It’s A Cadillac.

    May be somewhat racist but I don’t care.

    • Back in High screwl, I seem to remember all the males being pulled out of class. We were sent to the gym to attend a slide show/presentation put on by the PE teachers, which were also our football and basketball coaches. Had some gross pictures of gongeria, herpes, and shankroids, really disgusting stuff. It did have the affect of planting a seed, or not planting your seed as the case may be. What I took away from all of it was, avoid dirty girls at all costs,

      Don’t know for sure what the equivalent was for the females, something about babies, tampons and periods.

      Drivers Ed class as well had lots of films on fubared car crashes, drinking and driving and such. What would it hurt to show adolescents these kind of things again?

  13. Marathon Man was shot in the mid-1970s, back when it seemed cars were made of “explodium”. A fuel oil tanker, if sideswiped by a car as shown in the film, would leak, and perhaps the oil would ignite, but it’d burn, not explode. The only caveat being that heating oil, which is typically the same as #2 diesel, dyed red (because it’s not subject to road tax as is diesel meant for registered vehicle, so if you’re caught using untaxed diesel, you’re subject to one heavy fine), when it does burn, is harder to extinguish and gives off more heat than a gasoline-fed fire.

  14. Good article Eric,

    Got me thinking. The only part I disagree is the motives of the auto-makers. I don’t think they buy into this because they’re afraid. Afraid of being characterized by some bad words which most sane people no longer even react to? I can remember a time when if you screwed up, you got canned, many aren’t old enough to remember. I think once the possibility of being fired went away, 25-30 years ago, any and all accountability followed.

    The people who run these companies are serial failures, yet for some ungodly reason they always fail upward. Just like the retards in our Government. They like this kind of chaos because it is the only thing that makes them feeeeel as if they’ve accomplished something. They have no shame left in their game, certainly not any fear.

    When Government decided to backstop every business (GM) above a certain size, (‘donates to our campaigns’) then we got supra national corporations under the alphabet umbrella of Globo-homo. And now, this small cadre of grifters is dying to give it to all of us, good and hard.

  15. The problem: Definition of Freedom”

    1. the condition or right of being able or allowed to do whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited….

    2. Freedoms are rights given by the constitution and the Bill of Rights, such as the freedom of speech (= the right to say and write what you believe or think, with some limitations) and freedom of religion (= the right to worship or to take part in a religion).

    Obviously there is problems with both definitions.

    The first is why the freaks have little concern about the rights and freedoms of others.
    “allowed to do whatever you want without limitation”

    The second is completely wrong. The constitution dies NOT give rights! It restricts government actions against ones natural bornes rights, Children are not taught this,,, obviously.

    It appears an 11 year old wrote the definitions. No where is found a most important word,,, responsibility, especially if you cause injury whether mental or physical to another person.

  16. I don’t mind people being/thinking whatever they want to be, but I do resent them being in my face about it. Do straight people have “pride” parades? WTF do they have to be proud of? Being perverts? Anyone trying to force a gender choice on a child should be locked up for being a pedophile.

  17. It was all coming into place when Automakers started using the language of environmentalist, another special breed of leftist. In the 90’s it was “recycling,” “earth friendly,” “environmentally friendly,” “eco.” It then evolved into their product offerings. GM had an ECOTEC engine. Honda has an “earth dreams” engine. Tire suppliers instead of offering performance tires, now offer tires with “ECO Focus”.

    Adopting the language of the left results in where we are today.

    Automakers could have saved themselves a hell of a lot of money and added to their value if they simply refused to adopt the language of environmentalism and safety to market their products. A colleague of mine claimed that car buyer focus groups in the 1990’s told them to focus in that direction. I think that they chose a wrong subset of buyers. Most people don’t give a rats ass.

  18. I have to question the sanity of any parent who would take their young, very influential child to a drag show led by someone with the name Do Me More. Really parents? Is your head up your ass? I am all for respecting an individual and their choices, but that doesn’t mean we all need to be part of the club.

    Has anyone interviewed these parents asking what they hoped to achieve by such indoctrination? Little kids are easily swayed. They don’t have the ability to comprehend what is going on around them. This is the parent’s responsibility. Do these same parents take their kids to a bar on Friday night? Do they watch R rated movies? Does Little Susie sit in the backseat while mommy visits her drug dealer? My point is that are certain situations that a child shall not be involved. We have an obligation to provide them safety and security until they reach an age where they are developmentally ready to interpret what is going on around them. Five years old isn’t it.

    • I don’t respect any thing with the name Do Me More, nor do I respect their “choices”. If it’s choice, then they are not “born that way.”

      • Hi Ted,

        My view is to each their own. If grown men wish to dress up as hookers and have a fashion show among themselves go for it. Personally, I couldn’t care a less. My problem lies when ones view starts intruding upon my space and belief system. When I am threatened or coerced to be of like mind when that isn’t what I want or believe in. That is when problems arise.

        • Exactly, RG –

          I’m a libertarian. That means I respect liberty – the right of people to do as they please. Even when I don’t approve. My approval being irrelevant. What’s relevant is respecting other people’s right to do their thing. But it does not mean having to approve of it. Being pressured to endorse it – which is what this stuff is really all about. I doubt many conservatives especially care about what consenting adults do behind closed doors – how they choose to lead their lives. So long as they’re not forcing it upon others or trying to get others to subsidize it.

          • Up to a point, I am willing to tolerate but not celebrate. I don’t want to see anyone jailed. I have to admit, though, this kind of stuff is really grinding my last libertarian nerve, which does not apply to indoctrinating children about it at all. If Leftists like this gain complete control of the coercive apparatus of gov’t, which seems to be where we’re headed soon, it will be too late. People of good conscience need to push back. Obloquy is necessary.

    • RE: “Do these same parents take their kids to a bar on Friday night?”

      I think they do. Back in 90’s when the Marxist do-gooders were banning smokers from bars I noticed a huge uptick of parents brining their children into these places, to eat, of course. Especially in the trendy more-food-like bars, however; they were still bars… and because the evil second-hand smoke was gone, somehow many parents thought it was The Thing to do.

  19. ‘Mayhem Miller told the kids, “When I was young, we didn’t have anything like this … you are going to change our future.”’ — eric

    Here’s something else new, kids:

    ‘Boston Children’s Hospital is promoting the mutilation of healthy kids who claim to be “transgender” via “gender-affirming” hysterectomies, sterilization, and chemical castration despite the irreversible mental and physical damage those procedures cause.

    ‘Just this week, BCH scrubbed a video titled “What happens during a gender-affirming hysterectomy?” after facing backlash for promoting the surgery for minors who can’t consent.’


    I refrained from quoting the detailed list, in the 2nd paragraph, of procedures performed on teenaged boys and girls. It’s enough to make you heave breakfast.

    The 33-second scrubbed video of ob-gyn Dr Frances Grimstad pimping ‘gender-affirming hysterectomies’ is freakish well beyond the creepy subject matter. Grimstad speaks in an infantilized chipmunk voice, as if she had inner-child-affirming vocal cord surgery to turn herself into a permanent 7-year-old girl.

    Grimstad makes my flesh crawl. She’s a twisted, child-molesting female Dr Mengele, performing dangerous sexual mutilation experiments on kids. JFC, how did this squeaky-voiced monster get turned loose in a hospital??

    • I watched the video. The subject matter is almost unbelievable and her chirpy, 20 something speed, normalizing speaking style as if she were describing an “after school special omg” borders on lunatic. I can’t even imagine being a young child today and having to try to process crap like this.

      • RS,

        ‘Lunatic’ — that’s the word I wanted. Thank you.

        Ritual child mutilation functions as a satanic badge for the Biden jackal gov.

        They are predators, and want us to know it.

        Soon they will progress to normalizing cannibalism as a life-affirming sacrament of ritual human sacrifice.

        Possibly you even think I’m joking …

        • Hi Jim,

          What do they hope to achieve from these child mutilations? What is the point of these experiments? There has to be a why? What sick asshole believes that experimenting upon a child is perspicacious?

          It wouldn’t surprise me that cannibalism is the future. The Left is already pushing for the acceptance of pedophilia.

          The kids of today will absolutely abhor us in the coming years. We think people are in need of psychiatric help now, I don’t believe we have even scratched the surface on what is coming in the next decade or two.

  20. Two of the most precious commodities anyone can possess, a moral foundation, and ethical standards. Both being actively undermined, and indeed assaulted by the left. It’s very likely that more people believe in a flat earth than are trans. Last I checked they were roughly 0.2% of the population. That may have increased since then, since it’s now stylish to be trans, and many, especially children, will crave the attention that generates.
    US Car makers have always been slow learners. They have yet to learn that things such as Toyota financing this delusional fantasy are NOT a positive thing among MOST people. Most parents do not want their children exposed to homosexuals in drag doing sexually demonstrative things. Just as American car makers took a while to realize people wanted well built cars that got good gas mileage back in the 70s.

    • Hi John,

      Many parents say they do not want their children influenced but take zero steps to eliminate it. Most parents are absolutely clueless on what their child is learning and by whom. They complain about it, “I can’t believe they want my child to read this book” or “You would never believe the auditorium program that my fifth grader sat through today.” What do these parents do? Nothing. They are absolutely repulsed, but not enough to make a change.

      I have no sympathy for whiners. If a change has to be made, make it. If a parent feels their child is being manipulated by outside forces then pull them out of the establishment, club, group, etc. Instead, many are inclined to stay put, otherwise they are deemed some name that ends in “ism” or “phobic”. Usually, the parents are more terrified than the kids to speak out.

      • RG,
        I suspect the reason too many parents are afraid to rock the boat is they might lose their “free” daycare service from public schools.

        • Mr. Kable,

          BINGO! Let’s be honest about what it really is. Mom wanted to go to work, too, and fine, I can respect that. But then pay for your own kids’ daycare and/or education. You’ll be both more involved and in control of what is being taught. I guarantee it.

          • And the moms that stay home, but aren’t raising the kids…what do we do about them? I am the only one of my sisters that currently works. I am also the only one that homeschools my children. All of my nieces and nephews are attending public schools. I realize I am not the usual homeschooling mom, but there are many, many parents out there that either a) are working from home or b) not working at all, but the kids are still in the public school system.

            The future of childbearing is on a tremendous decline. Also, the number of children in our public schools is being bolstered by a large immigrant influx from the border, as well as refugees. I don’t foresee this slowing down in the years ahead. Our taxes will increase, but it won’t go to funneling our children’s education, but new migrants. Developed countries birth rates are back to 1970 lows. Without children we lose the ability to keep up the social programs that governments have enacted. Soon we will all be aliens in our own country.

            • Raider,

              Perhaps a little Darwinism, one would hope, regarding moms who stay home and don’t raise their kids. At least, hopefully they are involved in the kids’ lives.

              But those who are homeschooling or specialty-schooling their kids, will ultimately have more thoughtful and advanced children. Hopefully they’ll be wise enough in their adult years to be able to combat the collectives: those who can’t think for themselves and are only useful as part of a hive-mind.

              Ultimately, I believe it is we individualists who are superior human beings. Sorry if that sounds prejudiced in some way, but it’s what I think. There are as many weaknesses in numbers as there are strengths. Ask the fucking buffalo.

      • Re: Raider Girl August 15, 2022 At 10:23 am

        People want government services so they can push the responsibility and cost on to others. Every collective thing I have been involved with always ended up with me doing the majority of the work and/or having the responsibility. Why is a different story but in these roles I found that the majority of people simply don’t want to do for themselves.

        Of these people there are two classes. Those that are fine with whatever and those who complain to get their way. Neither wishes to do any work.

        Through these experiments I know why the sociopaths and such win. If you’re not one the laziness and the complaining take a huge toll beyond the work itself. Human beings make it almost impossible for good people to be in charge. They burn out good people. Good people eventually quit. But the bad people, the people with their agendas, their personal interests and so on… they don’t quit. The laziness and complaining not only doesn’t deter them it’s an opening for them. To them it’s just the pain of getting what they want and they get it because the complainers are never going to do anything. It’s not a problem to endure some difficulty to achieve a personal goal.

        So by human nature anything collective weeds out the good people from running anything. So the government, the schools, etc is taken over by those with agendas they are motivated by. Those are the people who are energized. It’s only a matter of time until the good people are just plain worn out and drop out.

        • Hi Brent,

          Then we are the fools, aren’t we? Why don’t the good people leave the system? None of us are forced to be part of it, so why are we? Lazy people have always existed, but the system can only handle so much before it crashes. We aren’t there yet, but we are close. We can see what is going on in Sri Lanka, Panama, and other countries around the globe.

          It isn’t so far off in the future where the unproductive will starve. They have no viable specialties, so the smaller tribal communities won’t take them in. This is why I believe “too big to fail” is an oxymoron. All big things fail eventually. When something becomes a certain size, the internal workings start dissipating, because not everything and everyone wants to put in the same value of work. We see that in today’s society. It isn’t just America but is happening globally.

          The productive need to stop contributing. Work for yourself. Stop doing for others unless they are willing to assist and pull their own weight. Remove ourselves from the woke cultures and stop providing them our hard-earned money. Bad companies and bad governments remain because good people prop them up. Let them live in their own mess.

          We see what is now occurring after the COVID fiasco. The same companies, governments, and institutions that labeled us anti vaxxers and grandma killers, because we refused to put an ineffective, brand new, tainted shot into our systems were threatened with name calling, confiscation, starvation, and even some death threats because we refused to “participate.” All of a sudden these woke fascists need us. Aww, their business revenue has dropped and there aren’t enough workers. Boo-hoo to them. I hope every last one of them falters.

          Personally, I am tired of holding my tongue and turning the other cheek. Screw them. The older I get the less I care if I hurt someone’s feelings and I find myself having less sympathy overall.


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