Wu Flu vs. the Spanish Flu?

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A reader asks about comparisons being made between WuFlu and the 1918 Spanish Flu and specifically whether the precedent set then is legitimately applicable today.

He writes:

I am on a trivia email list that puts out a little “on this date” article each day and yesterday (March 4) marked the date in 1918 when the first “Spanish flu” cases were reported; so the article was facts about that pandemic. 

It noted that in 1918 Americans social distanced, wore masks and schools and businesses were closed for months at a time, just like today. I see some issues with the comparison though; firstly that the demographic of the deaths and serious illnesses were quite different (Spanish flu affected young adults much more than WuFlu has) and also that medical care wasn’t nearly as equipped to treat symptoms a century ago as they are today and many deaths from the Spanish flu were due to misdiagnosis and improper treatment by doctors. I’ve noticed many in the media want to shoehorn WuFlu into the Spanish flu – “It’s 1918 all over again!” Do you believe there is a historical basis for such a comparison and what in your view would be a libertarian response to a pandemic the scale of the Spanish flu (if any different from the views toward WuFlu edicts)?

I think the main issue here isn’t who gets sick – or how sick or even how to treat the sick – but rather the same issue that’s the unspoken core issue of almost everything today since almost everything today has become an issue of the collective vs. the individual  . . . which is really a false paradigm, once you dissect it a little.

Because there is no collective – other than as a rhetorical device.

When individuals form groups they do not become a “group.” They remain a number of individuals.

When individuals – most dangerously, politicians and other species of busybodies – speak in the collective, e.g., that “we” ought to be doing (or not doing) this or that “society” needs (or does not need) this or that, the speaker, who is an individual, means he (and the individuals who agree with him) hold that opinion and – usually – that he (and those who support him) intend to force – they never “ask,” despite their dishonest use of this otherwise noble word –  everyone to do or not do whatever it is they are in favor of doing or not doing.

If any individual does not agree with “we,” then it is not “we” or “society” – that is to say, everyone – who is tacking this way or that way but rather some of “we” – i.e., the individuals who presume to speak for everyone – who are attempting to conflate their preferences with everyone’s preferences.

These individuals invariably fail to respect the right of the other individuals who disagree and who wish be left out of whatever it is that “we” intend to do – or insist be done.

Sometimes, the collective is a majority of individuals but majority status does not give the individuals who constitute it “supererogatory rights” above those properly belonging to individuals. If it is agreed that it is morally wrong for Joe to take Mike’s stuff then it cannot be morally right for Mike and Joe to take Bill’s stuff just because there are two of them and one of him.

On the same basis, Joe has the right to weigh risks – and assume the consequences of his decisions – with regard to his own health, which is properly (morally) no other individual’s business.

Just as people are (for now) free to take care of their health by choosing to eat sensibly and exercise, if they wish to do those things – and equally free to choose not to do those things – even if other people consider it salutary or “risky” to do/not do those things.

They also have the right to stay home or not; to open – or close – their businesses, as they deem appropriate. To wear a “mask,” if they think it prudent – just as many consider it prudent to exercise and eat sensibly.

Or not, if they so decide.

This idea that there is a collective health – and collective obligations as regards health – is morally obnoxious.

The fact that Joe is sick does not mean that Bill is sick – and Mike’s fear that Bill might be sick doesn’t give Mike the moral right to require that Bill pretend he is sick (and to wear a “mask”or “practice” various acts of kabuki) because Mike is fearful of the possibility that Bill might be sick.

The problem, of course, is that many individuals do think (or rather, believe) they have the right to impose their fears of might on other individuals. This has been the underlying but rarely articulated principle driving almost every political policy of the modern era – long before the WuFlu – because it has been embedded in the psyche of Americans for decades predating the WuFlu era.

For example:

It is has been asserted that driving faster than “x” MPH (even if it is only 1 MPH faster than “x”) might result in an accident and so driving even 1 MPH faster than “x” is forbidden by law and punishable, even when (as is almost always the case) there is no accident.

It is not necessary to establish that harm was caused. It is enough to assert that it might have been.

No matter how abstract the might.

It is asserted that a person who possesses a gun might use it to in a negligent or criminal way; therefore, possession guns by people who did not use a gun negligently or criminally is restricted or even forbidden; the person who ignores these restrictions and prohibitions is subject to criminal prosecution just the same as if he actually had used the gun in a negligent or criminal manner.

The injustice of this should be obvious.

Also the open-endedness that arises from the lack of clarity and specificity. Harm caused means something. It can be factually established – and factually rebutted.

You either did – or you did not.

Might can be literally anything. And inevitably, will be. The extremity of this standard is bound only by the willingness of people to tolerate the degree to which they are told they may not do this – or will be punished for doing that – based on what someone else worries might happen, if they do or don’t.

Acceptance of this standard many years ago by a large number of Americans is why healthy Americans are walking around wearing Face Burqas to prevent the transmission of a sickness they haven’t got and being coerced into submitting to a vaccination of unknown provenance and unknown risk, the consequences of that to be assumed entirely by them, as individuals.

They might be sick. They might spread sickness.

Anyone hypothetically capable of the act might also be a shagger of wee beasties, too.

Whether the individual actually has shagged a wee beastie is not relevant according to the terms of this collective, open-ended standard. Which is also a medieval one since not only is it based on the verdict of the mob, it is based upon the fears of the mob. Whipped up by demagogic individuals who pander to and exploit the fears of the individuals who are the mob.

There is no argument that counters fear because feelings are immune to reason. Burn the witch! 

Wear a mask! 

They embody the same standard.

Whether someone might be sick – or whatever else they might be – isn’t the issue. It is whether they actually are.

Unless, of course, we’re back in the witch-burning business – which appears to be exactly the “case.”

. . .

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  1. There have been many claims about the origin of viruses, especially today’s latest
    “COVID-19 coronavirus”.

    However, there is a long history of viruses throughout human history and false claims as to their points of origin.

    In fact, the “1918 Spanish flu” virus actually originated in the United States of America and was spread to Europe during the First World War, transmitted by the U. S. military during American military transports to Europe. The commonly-accepted misinformation that this virus originated in Europe is false and can easily be disproven by careful research.

    A majority of “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” deaths were not from the virus itself, but were from the then common practice of mask-wearing. In fact, “mask-wearers” were being buried by non-mask-wearers.

    You see, just as is the case today, breathing in one’s own exhalations is dangerous and is being promoted by the misguided government-imposed mandates to wear masks.

    99% of the deaths during the “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” were a result of bacterial pneumonia, NOT from the virus itself. As there were no treatments for bacterial pneumonia in those days, the death rate was horrendously high. Those who contracted the flu, but not pneumonia survived. As is the case today, almost everyone that dies with COVID-19 dies from complications from other causes, NOT from the virus itself.

    Fast forward to today, with our latest “COVID-19 pandemic”.

    Today’s “Chinese COVID-19 pandemic” actually originated at the American bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick Maryland and was purposely brought to China by an American military “trade delegation” where it was released into the Chinese population. Biowarfare at its worst…

    The “COVID-19 vaccines” being pushed are “game changers” as they are replete with substances which will materially change human DNA, unlike previous vaccines which were merely weakened or killed virus remnants which would evoke a protective antibody response.

    Sound familiar?

    Today’s “COVID-19 pandemic” is actually a “plandemic” being used to take down a legally elected president and to usher in a “new world order” in which medical tyranny will be used to subjugate an entire world population, using FEAR as a weapon.

    Today’s “pandemic” is misnamed as it does not meet the definition of a “pandemic” but is being touted as such for political reasons—nothing more. Observe non-medical types such as Bill Gates and others touting untested vaccines with questionable substances, mask-wearing, and other social restrictions such as (selective) business closures, lockdowns and social distancing.

    For one, Bill Gates is not a “doctor”, has no medical training, and is a major proponent of “depopulation”–genocide. Gates is a “silver spoon” recipient, both of his parents being proponents of forced sterilization and eventual world depopulation.

    In fact, Bill Gates’ “vaccination schemes” have resulted in not only diseases being spread, but the use of birth-control and sterilization agents surreptitiously being a part of Gates’ “vaccination” schemes without “informed consent” being a part of the vaccination protocol speaks VOLUMES. Recipients of Gates’ “vaccines” were not informed that they were being sterilized—a violation of the Nuremberg protocols on “informed consent”.

    It is easy to see that there is much more going on than a response to a minor seasonal “flu virus”.

    Its about CONTROL and eventual human genocide—nothing more.


  2. Mobs/ters defer to Moby’s, big snowy white mountains, etc, naturally. White (& not just labcoats, Milgram) is right. And whitest with the mightest is supernaturally white light right. Ahabitual offenders, murderers, & martyrs enjoin to ensue getting swallowed up by waterworldian box office flops, & flips, & Wilson soccer balls with bloody visages, are digested, then shat out into the deep blue mystic-septic tank. An Ishmael here, an ancient mariner there, is sent back to do the Cassandra routine – which is like a sentence of life plus 20 years, or multiple life sentences to be served serially, or Sisyphusian bouldering. IOW, all those eaten leaves are brown, & the sky is Dorian Gray. ~ Mama (kiss my)Cass Eliot

    Not a vic morrow helo scene, but the morrow’s comin’, as always.

    The Wick dialog that logs the logos, lights it up, “mountain owns him, he had to come back” (trick observation: he never left; back to the future groundhog daze past is a frozen thing):

  3. Hey Eric,

    It is perhaps more powerful to contrast ConVid with the normal influenza. I know most on here know that the death reporting standards have been changed compared to influenza and previous “pandemics”, but I’ve often wondered what a normal flu season would like like if the current standards were applied. Well, I found a paper that answers my question.

    “COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective”, published in Science, Public Health Policy, and The Law, Volume 2:4-22, October 12, 2020

    ” • 2003 – CDC publishes Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting and Physicians’ Handbook on Medical Certification
    of Death. These handbooks would immediately become the nationwide standard illustrating exactly how cause of death should be recorded in cases of comorbidity for all death certificates. These handbooks have been used successfully for 17 years without need of update. They remain in use today for all causes of death except where involvement of COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed. When involvement of COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed, the March 24th, 2020 COVID-19 Alert No. 2 guidelines are used instead. [7][8]”.

    “Figure 9. COVID-19 Using the March 24 Exclusive Guidelines vs Using the 2003 Guidelines. Had the CDC used the 2003 guidelines, the total COVID-19 be approximately 16.7 times lower than is currently being reported”.

    Figure 9 can be found here.


    So, extrapolating from that information (9,684/161,392 = 0.06) means that the death toll of an average flu season (50,000) would be reported as 833,333. If the Covid deaths were reported using the non Covid standard, the death toll would stand at 30,000.

    Even if there is a plausible argument to adopt the new standard (absurd, I know), then that standard should apply to all infectious disease, not just Covid. The two standards make it impossible to meaningfully compare the lethality of Covid with influenza or past “pandemics”, which is obviously intentional.


  4. An interesting study came out a few days ago:


    Obesity is a huge factor in Covid 19 death. Fit societies experience Covid 19 like a typical flu, while obese societies have it much worse. In the US, over half the population is presumed the have some degree of metabolic syndrome. We are too fat, we eat too much sugar. Part of that is the gov’t, as it corrupts everything it touches, and recommends a carbohydrate heavy diet, which seems to be precisely the opposite of what humans need.

    One nice thing about Covid 19 is that it’s exposed a lot of medical nonsense and superstition since the whole world is looking at the data, and not all the world is uniformly deluded in all its views.

  5. The difference between the 1918 Spanish Flu and the 2020 WuFu is the message via propaganda governments issued. In 1918 was Europe coming out of WW1 and Allied governments did not want panic spread and an economic disaster to occur post war. Allied governments suppressed information about the pandemic. The only country that did not agree was Spain and they wrote about it hence the Spanish flu. In 2020 Chicom Marxist government released a somewhat benign virus on their own people then spread it around the world to create panic and cause an economic disaster in the West. Western Marxist jumped on this crisis to use it to steel an election and invalidate a flawed but somewhat successful president the hated.
    The commonality between the two pandemics was governments using propaganda and using fear for their own purposes.

  6. Re: “Might can be literally anything. And inevitably, will be. The extremity of this standard is bound only by the willingness of people to tolerate the degree to which they are told they may not do this – or will be punished for doing that – based on what someone else worries might happen, if they do or don’t.”

    Watch this video (before the “woke” generation has it removed)


    Notice that the mindless government automaton relates “How dare you question me!”

    What is really scary


    And, just today, a doctor friend of mine was promoting the recently released J&J drug (not vax) with his caveat “for emergency use only”; that is, NOT undergone clinical trials.

    Did I say scary?

  7. I find it troubling that talking with people about the jab, most don’t even grok my position.

    I tell them I won’t be having the shot because the jab is a bigger threat to my health then the covid is. I am a mostly healthy middle aged man that in the past has had reactions to jabs. So in my best interest I shouldn’t bother with the jab because the shot is probably worse than getting covid (I probably had covid already anyway). Sometimes the “cure” is worse than the disease. So that means people are not even considering that they maybe should not be doing this.

    There is absolutely nothing that all people should do. It just can’t be. My folks will probably take the jab, but they both are in their late 70’s and the risk of covid is worse for them than the shot.

    That’s why ALL health decisions should be up to the individual person. Because they have to live with (or not) with what happens. Doctors can be and are often wrong. So it really is up to you.

    • On the other hand, the deaths from the chink flu shot vaccine amongst older folks is way higher than any other vaccine ever given. The older people MUST stay away from the chink virus vaccine.

    • It’s not just that the vaccine is a bigger threat, it’s that we have no idea how big a threat it is. With ZERO long term efficacy and safety testing we have no idea how big a threat it may be. There is no evidence it won’t kill everyone who has taken it within year or two. NONE!!

  8. Correct sir. Great article. My rights (and yours) are Inherent. They don’t disappear when 51% (or even 99.9999%) believe a stupid idea

  9. Honestly, I find the government’s comparison of the Spanish Flu to the China Virus to be preposterous. Many of the world’s worst pandemics are caused by lack of water, malnutrition, cramped living conditions, and most importantly, little to no hygiene. In 1918, only the wealthy had access to indoor plumbing. Although bathrooms were beginning to be installed in homes during this time, many Americans were only able to bathe weekly and it was by level of importance. I remember my grandfather who grew up in Newark, New Jersey, telling me that his family had a huge wooden tub and the patriarchs and matriarchs of the family were allowed to use it first, then the oldest child, and so forth. My grandfather being the youngest (at that time) was the last and had the misfortune of getting the dirtiest of water (house of 14, BTW). I am sure many families lived this way during this period.

    As a society we have come a long way (at least when it comes to medical advances and hygiene practices), so I would be less likely to worry about a disease such as the flu and would be more concerned about a chemical or biological attack or god forbid, mosquitos. Why do we still have those by the way? Do they have a purpose? Why can’t we just get rid of the mosquitos and probably cure 1/2 of the world’s ailments?

    • Also RG, per a report or study Pope Fauci did, most of the problems in 1918 came from MASKS! That’s right; the wearing of masks caused more problems than the Spanish Flu ever did.

    • Re: mosquitos.
      DDT was working too well and raising life expectancy worldwide. It banished malaria from the US and was banned soon after because apparently the assertion that all the birds were going to go extinct was more compelling to the world government than saving hundreds of thousands of childrens lives yearly.

    • Hi RG,
      That’s where the saying “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water” originated. As you mentioned the pecking order was the youngest got it last so by then the water was probably so dark you couldn’t see anyone in there. I have a booklet somewhere that gives the origin of all those old sayings, sure wish I could find it.

    • Raider Girl,

      Regarding mosquitoes: Such creatures persist simply because they are successful at surviving. Many other blood sucking insects are quite successful as well, such as lawyers and politicians.

    • RG, the greenies love the mossies precisely because they spread deadly diseases and cause misery and more importantly to the greenies, death of human beings.

  10. Eric,

    You do a fine job not being misdirected by attempting to defend or attack the specifics of the pandemic events, but rather simply affirm the role of individual rights.

    For me, regarding the Tale of the Two Flus, I’d say this:
    Yes, they apparently took similar measures (business closures, face diapering) for the Spanish Flu, at least in some places, in order to try and mitigate the spread of an illness.

    They, too, failed.

    • Thanks, BaDnOn!

      I wish more could see that it’s really no different than each of us choosing a line of work and a way of life and the people we associate with – and so on, ad infinitum. I understand that some people are more anxious about this “virus” than I am – and that some have legitimate reasons for being more anxious (e.g., they have weak immune systems, are older and so on). But I am not anxious – for equally sound reasons, as applicable to myself. They will – some of them – cry that my lack of being anxious affects them, but this is just an assertion – not a fact and (secondarily) the primary obligation of each of us is to live in such a way as reduces our risk rather than insisting that others are obliged to reduce our risk.

      • Eric,

        I suppose our ideas about personal choice and freedom of association are as alien to them as depending on a cotton cloth for self-preservation is to us.

        But always adjusting things to try and assure the survival of the least common denominator is a terrible policy.

        You know what word always rakes my senses? “Community”. I’ve come to loathe that word. A little like “safety”, I know when I hear the word “community”, there is trouble coming, usually in the form of a self-righteous mob, and they will be deciding what is best for US, which always seems to be something detrimental to ME. So now, I do my best to avoid anything or anyone using this term.

        • “Community” is just a sanitized version of Communism. Both require an omnipotent ubiquitous central government to exist. Both depend on the threat of violence and the frequent use of it to maintain their position. Neither recognize that the individual has any status at all, much less the right to be one.

      • “the primary obligation of each of us is to live in such a way as reduces our risk”
        And not even that. If I choose to live my life without reducing my risk, that’s my business too. I’m 67, and so in the “high risk” demographic. Given the complete lack of substantial evidence, if any at all, I choose to ignore it. I try to keep my immune system in good working order. One absolutely necessary part of that is to be exposed to various pathogens. If you don’t challenge your immune system, it will quit working. There’s been much discussion that on long space flights, months or years, or more, that pathogens should be part of the cargo. So that the travelers will be periodically exposed to them, intentionally.

  11. Wonder how many today can actually come to those realisations the reader makes – about the wu flu vs spanish flu. All they do is listen to what the media says. And follow dutifully. No critical assessment…. instead they are taught to call anyone who DOES assess these things a “conspiracy theorist”!

  12. Eric,

    “Unless, of course, we’re back in the witch-burning business – which appears to be exactly the “case.””

    Who doesn’t like a good Witch Hunt now and again?

    I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the Mather family and “the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States”, Harvard.

    Cotton Mather was a huge proponent of inoculation (the precursor to vaccination) and, of course, the Salem Witch Trials.

    Harvard has been spawning some of the most evil people for hundreds of years.

    According to the Crimson, “It’s remarkable that the combination of social distancing and mandatory masks can be almost as effective (87% in the paper) as vaccines (94-95%) for prevention — so following [non-pharmacological interventions] until vaccines are available is critical,”

    And now that experimental vaccines are available, the gang at Harvard are hard at work designing immunity passports.

    Harvard is just one of the eight Poison Ivy Leaguers.

    Makes one wonder what the other seven are up to.

    • Yes, they just keep pushing the agenda, unless checked.

      I assume no mention is made of the 99.8% recovery rate (with little or no intervention). That alone would obviate the assertions about diapers, anti-social distance, and jabs, as they all have LESS effectiveness than doing NOTHING…

    • What they are “up to” is “educating” a great many of the next generation of tyrants. First and foremost by convincing their students that they are far superior to the rest of the world simply by graduating from one of the Ivy League schools. G W Bush is a graphic demonstration of such. A strutting peacock of a man who was arguably less coherent than Biden when he was the POTUS.

  13. Lew rockwell published an interesting article today about the swine flu & Fauci’s lies.
    I always thought the covid doesn’t exist crowd was off the rails, but maybe they arent that far off base.
    “the science” shows covid is nowhere near as bad as promised, yet the constraints continue.

    Spanish flu has been offered as a justification for lockdowns, facial straight jackets, etc
    I thought it stupid to take medical direction from a time before vaccines existed, and i abhor “it was done before” as a reason to do things now.

    Have we learned nothing in the last 100 years that Spanish flu is the default?

    At least the state dominoes are falling

    • Yeah, the Jon Rappoport article. Jon also wrote a book in the 80s titled AIDS Inc., describing the medical fraud of that era led by and featuring… you guessed it, Fauxchi. Absolutely nothing new under the sun if you follow these things.

  14. ‘medical care wasn’t nearly as equipped to treat symptoms a century ago as they are today’ — a reader

    Yes and no.

    Most victims of the 1918 influenza succumbed to secondary bacterial pneumonia, according to the NIH. Antibiotics, discovered ten years later, could have made a big dent in the death toll.

    Today, the profit-driven focus on vaccines as the sole remedy for Covid results in the media-medical axis censoring information about alternative treatments, even those supported by peer-reviewed scientific papers.

    Dr Pierre Kory of FLCCC actually had his Dec 2020 testimony before Senator Ron Johnson’s subcommittee deleted from YouTube, despite this having been a PUBLIC hearing that by law creates a PUBLIC Congressional record. Soon DemonRats will retroactively censor that too, just as their Communist forbears airbrushed murdered comrades out of photos and Ebay today bans books. Whose zoo? OUR ZOO! Image:


    Thus the tragic lack of knowledge in 1918 is now supplanted by a fanatical SUPPRESSION of knowledge. When scientific debate is no longer allowed, we have regressed into a neo-Dark Age which already features a grinding decline in living standards for most.

    Add decarbonization — which literally means depriving farms of fertilizer, mechanized tilling and transport — and VOILA: macabre death-worshipping Bill Gates finally gets his beautiful mass die-off.

  15. “He who will not stand for something will fall for anything.”

    The events of the past year have revealed and refined for me the importance and profundity of this statement. Being subject to the egregious and outrageous whims of others as I merely venture into the public square, harming no one and intending no harm, has clarified for me the need to continue to stand.

  16. Never mind that there is significant evidence that the Spanish Flu was no more the real cause of the deaths of so many than COVID is. One of many such arguments is that aspirin was the new “wonder drug” at the time, and physicians were prescribing it massively, in massive doses. Which indeed does reduce fever, but fails to recognize that unless it gets dangerously high a fever is a quite effective means for your immune system to dispose of illness, by changing the environment the pathogen needs to one it can’t survive in. Not to mention the severe side effects of high doses of aspirin, which often result in death. The truth being, we know even less about the Spanish Flu “pandemic” than we do about the COVID “pandemic”. And it’s had more than 100 years to develop its propaganda story line, while COVID has had only one.

    • Yup, all these cold remedies that are sold really help prolong your illness. I stopped taking them about a year and a half ago, and noticed a major reduction in the time it takes to get over a cold.

      • So true. I’m an old fart, but the last couple of times I’ve had any cold like illness, one double dose of Zinc and lots of water has usually shed the disease in a week or less, and reduced symptoms in a day or two. Far too many look upon modern medicine as the end all be all of health care. Never mind that the entire contraption was founded by snake oil salesmen, and has currently returned to its roots. Modern medicine is one of the most dangerous things in our lives. The third leading cause of death in the US that will never show up on a death certificate is medical error, which kills about 250,000 every year. A figure it took COVID until late last summer to achieve, even using the heavily exaggerated numbers of COVID deaths. What kills more people than drug abuse and gunshot wounds combined? Doctors.

  17. “GPs to prescribe DIETS for more than 700,000 people after report finds nine out of ten global Covid deaths happened in countries with high obesity rates”


    Title of work done at National Institutes of Health:

    COVID‐19 and Morbid Obesity: Associations and Consequences for Policy and Practice


    While the impact of obesity on chronic disease has been widely examined, there has been less research regarding the influence of obesity on infectious diseases, particularly respiratory diseases. This exploratory research uses the currently available data on COVID‐19 cases and mortality, along with estimates of the morbidly obese populations in the United States by county, to examine the association between morbid obesity and deaths from COVID‐19 and to identify potential coincident spatial clusters of morbid obesity and COVID‐19 deaths. Results indicate a statistically significant positive correlation between population‐adjusted COVID‐19 deaths and cases and the estimated population with a body mass index ≥ 40. Clustering analyses show there is a predominant similarity in the distribution of COVID‐19 deaths and obesity. Our findings suggest it is critical to include an awareness of obesity when developing infectious disease control measures and point to a greater need to focus resources toward obesity education and policy initiatives.


    • If one has been around the truly morbidly obese much, one will notice a common symptom. Difficulty breathing. Logic would dictate that the less obese have at least some said difficulty, just not enough to become obvious to casual observation. Much of the obesity in the US is a direct result of the nutritional “guide lines” promoted by the US Psychopaths In Charge, which curiously are very similar to the same guide lines they promote for fattening cattle. Very similar. Which is perhaps intentional, since no revolution was ever started by fat people.

    • Again, why do GP’s need to stick their noses in? If the individual wants to diet, he/she will do so. Don’t need a “prescription”, e.g., coercion.

    • Hey drump,

      So called public health experts still don’t know what causes obesity (hint, it’s not gluttony and sloth). Further, it is likely that government involvement in diet is the most significant factor in the rise of obesity, and the panoply of morbidities associated with it. When GovCo accepted, the still hypothetical, lipid hypothesis pushed by Ancel Keyes, it set Americans on a path to obesity and chronic illness. Unfortunately, most of the world, especially England, has followed suit. During the Senate hearings, a number of doctors and scientists warned the committee that they were essentially imposing an unethical experiment on hundreds of millions of people. They claimed, correctly, that the available science did not support the hypothesis and that far more research was needed to justify the guidelines (of course, there is no justification for government diet guidelines at all, no matter what “the science says”). George McGovern, displaying the incomprehensible, to decent people, arrogance of the creatures who lust to rule (politicians, bureaucrats, etc…) by responding, “unlike scientists, we politicians don’t have the luxury of waiting until the science is in. Critics at the hearing pointed out that the obsession with low fat in the guidelines would inevitably lead to massive increases in sugar and simple carbohydrate consumption (which has happened). This obvious prediction was ignored by the committee and they pressed ahead with their anti scientific experiment.

      Ancel Keyes was rather like the Fauci of his day, arrogant, vindictive and absolutely sure of himself. He was, apparently, an imposing and persuasive man who managed to get many to defer to his will both through his personality, and his fraudulent presentation of data. He also viciously attacked his critics and sought to damage or destroy their careers (sound like anyone we know)? At the time, a different hypothesis, put forth by John Yudkin, argued that it was not fat (saturated or otherwise) that explained the alarming increase in chronic illness and heart disease, but sugar. Ancel Keyes quickly attacked him and, arguably, destroyed his career. The lipid hypothesis, and it’s attendant obsession with fat, still dominates the government funded diet science. A compelling argument against any government involvement in science is that, once a particular position has been accepted, an entire bureaucracy develops around it which acts to silence any competing science and cement itself as the sole voice of “truth”. We see the same corrupt process in “climate science” and the current Covid nonsense.

      It doesn’t matter how absurd the position is, or the competing science, the only thing that matters is maintaining power. As for absurdity, consider Kelly Brownell, a morbidly obese man who has the temerity to lecture us about health and diet and recommend coercive policies to fix the problem that he cannot fix in himself. Years ago this obese cretin was interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air. During the interview, Brownell opined that coercive measure were necessary because, essentially Americans were too stupid and lazy to make proper choices on their own. One would think that an actual journalist might politely point out that Brownell himself cannot make the “proper choices” necessary to maintain a healthy weight, and that maybe the issue was ore complex than the moronic “calories in/calories” out mantra that, stripped of all its’ science sounding gibberish, argues that obesity is entirely explained by a character flaw, namely gluttony and sloth. But no, this literal “elephant in the room” was not addressed. Brownell, displaying the dangerous combination of arrogance and ignorance found in such creatures, never even thought that maybe his ideas are wrong. No, if people are too stupid and lazy to make the “right choices”, we’ll have to figure out a way to force them to. Note, I don’t criticize Brownell for being fat, I criticize him for pushing policies, based on bad science, demonizing people and empowering government to get people to do something he can’t do himself. As I stated earlier, the diet “advice” he pushes is arguably the single greatest factor in the obesity epidemic facing much of the world.


      • Indeed, if one looks at the dietary guidelines put forth by the US Psychopaths In Charge, they are quite similar to those they put forth for fattening cattle. The food pyramid is up side down. Any attempt to enforce it is just as up side down. We are engineered to efficiently digest fat and extract calories from it. High intake of simple carbs, especially sugars, interferes with that engineering. Satiation with even more complex carbs means you will be hungry again in a couple of hours, since their digestion is complete and the excess calories it generated have been stored away as your own fat.

  18. The smallest and most abused minority is the individual. Which kind of throws a kink into the logic of demanding the end of the abuse of a minority by the majority. Abuse of blacks by whites for example, or the abuse of LGBTQ by the straight. Totally ignoring the most egregious abuse, that of the individual by the “collective”. We can only advance by a proliferation of new ideas, and the rejection or acceptance of them, by individuals. “New ideas” are not a product the collective is capable of generating, since their “belief” requires the rejection of new ideas, in favor of its established ideas, however dysfunctional they may be. The more ideas on the table, the more opportunity to advance, and the best way to insure more new ideas is to recognize the source of truly new ideas. The individual.

  19. Don’t forget… Buy insurance, you might cause an accident. Your insurance protects me, my insurance protects you. This games been going on a long time.

    • In my not so humble opinion, the insurance companies have a lot to do with a lot of what’s wrong in society, and their role is seriously underrated. They drive a lot of the overly litigous behavior, a lot of the saaaafety cult, etc. Also, the idea of offloading risk onto others underlies the whole concept of an insurance company, and this idea undermines personal responsibility. Have you ever paid them faithfully for years, only to make a claim and have them try to get out of paying it? I think they are at least as evil as the banks, if not more so.

      • Not only try to get out of paying it, but if they do pay out, your rates may go up so they will be made whole in a few years or less.

        • Not to mention the enormous pile of regulations preventing competition among insurers. Many of them unconstitutional. Can’t buy it across State lines, can’t form a coop to bargain with insurers without specific qualifications, which curiously allow your place of employment to do so. Creating the very insanity that forces many to do whatever the boss says so they can keep their health insurance. I’ve asked many times in many places exactly what is the logical connection between one’s employer and their medical care? Crickets.

          • It’s a holdover from WW2. Employers started offering insurance as a way to attract talent without offering a higher salary, which would have come with serious tax consequences. People liked it, so it pretty well got baked into the system. At some point the government got even more involved, and it’s been going down the shitter ever since. Obamacare is, sadly, just a further extension of what has been happening since forever.

        • In essence, when you take out an insurance policy you are making a bet that you are guaranteed to lose no matter what the outcome is.


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