What “Mandates” and Signs Could Not Do . . .

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My nice older neighbor lady – the one I wrote about a few weeks ago, who finally had enough of being pressured to wear a Facial Burqa by stores and by her friends and stopped doing it and damn the consequences – has given in to the pressure to get jabbed.

As applied by her family.

One of her daughters may end up being responsible for actually killing granny – the exhortation usually directed at the Unburqa’d, who did nothing of the kind – in order to shame them into wearing one.

She exhorted my neighbor, who is also a grandmother, to get the Jab for her sake. Because otherwise she – the daughter – might get the ‘Rona and die, from exposure to her Unburqa’d (and presumably plague-suppurating) mother when she comes to visit her granddaughter  . . .or via the granddaughter, who is attending college and stops in to visit her grandma and might bring home the ‘Rona.

My friend had the resilience to say No to stores and friends when it came to the wearing of the Burqa but the family guilt-tripping wasn’t something she could withstand and so she got the Holy Jab.

Even though it might end up killing her, as it already has more than 1,000 people so far – not counting the people who have suffered other “adverse events,” as they are styled.

This is a woman – in her 70s – who does not fear “the virus.” She has told me that even if it were as dangerous and deadly as advertised – which she knows it isn’t, not being as susceptible to fear as her daughter obviously is – she would never allow it to make her live in cringing fear of it because in that case there’s no longer much point to clinging to life, which becomes a mere fact of biology – like a living corpse hooked up to a machine with a flat brain wave – rather than something worth preserving.

Also, she told me that if she did believe the hype, she’d never believe a “mask” – piece of cloth over her face – could protect her, this being as absurd – almost – as believing that a washed car runs better than one that needs a wash.

She’s no fool – and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

But family pressure did the job. Her own grown children applied the pressure of guilt – and the implied threat of not being allowed to see her grandchildren – to do what “mandates” and signs and friends gone crazy as a result of fear-based trauma conditioning could not.

It brings up the opening scene – brilliantly written and acted – in Quentin Tarantino’s film, Inglorious Basterds.

A French farmer in occupied France – this is during the war – is paid a visit by a certain Colonel Hans Landa, who is looking for that era’s targets. The farmer has them hidden in the basement of his farmhouse. Landa engages in pulling-the-wings-off-flies banter before presenting the choice to the farmer:

He can either give up the targets – or he can give up his family.

One feels for the farmer, who in the film gave up the targets for the sake of his family. What choice did he have? But what does one feel for family that uses the fact of family to get family to give in to something similarly loathsome and possibly – in due course – just as deadly? And not just to themselves or their families – as this business will scale.

When they didn’t have to choose to do that?

There is no Colonel Landa with a pistol on his hip – and several heavily armed thugs – at the door.

Not yet.

These families are choosing to do it to themselves.

That’s the power of fear-based trauma conditioning; the thing I style weaponized hypochondria and it is powerful stuff. Powerful enough to turn wife against husband, children against parents. Because of what my friend’s daughter has heard on TeeVee and read in the printed versions of the same thing – these things both being owned and so controlled by the same things – she has come to regard her own mother as a plague carrier.

But what’s even worse than that is the thing which predated the weaponization of hypochondria and laid the groundwork for the Hans Landa’ing of families without the need for Hans.

It is the incredible selfishness of many people, who believe – virulently, in some cases – that other people are responsible for them rather than they for themselves. This is the underlying etiology of sickness psychosis, which manifests not so much in the wearing of  the disgusting (and depressing to see) Facial Burqa but in the insistence that others wear them, too. In the militant enjoining of others to lock themselves up at home rather than to stay home themselves, if they believe their lives are at risk.

Und so weiter – as SS Standartenfuhrer Landa  might say.

My friend’s daughter could have received the Holy Needling herself and – presumably – once Needled, her putatively plague-carrying mother could no longer get her sick.

Put more finely, the daughter could have taken the risk of the Holy Needling upon herself. Instead she used guilt to pressure her mother into getting Needled.

Such Americans will not need the help of Herr Standartenfuhrer Landa, when the time comes to point the authorities in the right direction. They’re already doing it – to their own flesh-and blood.

What do you suppose they’ll do to the rest of us?

. . .

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  1. Fear trumps facts. I’ve seen it with family and friends. They’ll admit this thing is at the very least blown way out of proportion then 10 seconds later, put their diaper on to walk to a restaurant table, or offer me the stupid fist bump when I reach to shake their hand. Fear is powerful and the powerful know it and wield it like a precision weapon. Speaking of fear…
    Anyone notice how Muslim terrorists have disappeared from the fear machine? When’s the last time there was a steady drum beat of news on that topic? From my seat, it’s been years. Did all those freedom bombs work? The new boogie men, aside from killer coronas, seem to be “domestic terrorists”. Several flavors of these are pedaled in the various propaganda outlets but the Venn diagram seems to overlap on a certain demographic of American, if you’ve noticed. So we’ve gone from hidden terrors from without, to hidden terrors from within. Within your community. Within your own family. If they don’t mask and get injected, they are sociopaths and don’t love you or anyone. They are dangerous! If they question “authoritative voices”, as determined by the propaganda outlets, then they must be budding domestic terrorists. Those ideas they have about liberty and truth are dangerous! Wonder what is accomplished by dividing everyone up along these and other lines and training folks to dehumanize “their enemies”, their own family?

    • Lonne, like Trump himself- the people ya mention have no real principles. Supporting Trump is just the conservative version of virtue signaling.

      I’ve actually mentioned the terrorism disappearing [Methinks it’s coming back now though, thanks to the new warmonger] to people- and it’s funny- even among the more thoughtful and intelligent types, it makes them stop and do a double-take, and they say “Hey…ya know, that’s true!”. It’s amazing how they hadn’t noticed in all of this time, but I guess that’s because people only tend to concern themselves these days with whatever is set in front of them via the Tee-Vee. They’ll forget what was said yesterday if it’s never mentioned again, and a new boogeyman is touted today.

      And they keep falling for the same lies over and over again…from the same liars. And somehow Iran is always the bad guy…despite 7 decades of us F*%$ing them over…and Israel’s always the good guy, ’cause Pat Robertson stopped reading his Bible right after the part about the return from Babylonian captivity, and the US is doing God’s will by fighting to keep the Jews in the place that God threw them out…..

  2. I can’t take it anymore….where is the crying emoji when you need it?

    I just had an insurance adjuster show up at my business to take a look at some damaged property that a person who was tweeting while driving did to the property a few days. The adjuster pulls into the driveway I walk out to greet them. Me – no masks, no gloves, smiling in greeting. The adjuster (windows rolled up on a beautiful spring day) refuses to acknowledge me until she puts on her two masks (yes, two), because 70 degree country air is toxic. She opens the window a crack (I am on the passenger side) and mumbles something to me. I look at her and say “I can’t hear you through the mask.” She opens the window halfway and mumbles something else. I look at her and say, “I still can’t hear you.” She huffs and tells me that she does not need my assistance to look at the property. Okay. I walk back inside. Upon leaving she walks up to the front door (that nobody every uses, but it does have a glass screen) to tell me that she would send a quote later. I open up the screen door and she quickly backs off the porch onto the sidewalk.

    Tell me do we think that this lady is ever going to return to normal? Not a chance in hell.

    • Dear GOODNESS, RG! These people are seriously mentally ill! (And the scary thing is, they’re the ones being lauded as sensible and proper!). At this point, Howard Hughes would even think that what these fools are doing constitute severe over-reaction! Such people have been relieved of their humanity.

      • You know it’s bad when Howard Hughes looks normal.

        On a good note – just found an eye doctor…..no masks required! So the day is looking up. Not only that, but every other eye doctor told me it would be five weeks out – this one…next Tuesday. Sensible and efficient.

        • Ol’ “Humble Howard” (NOT Mr. Cosell, who was, though a delight to listen to, anything BUT “Humble”…) was a very UNIQUE man. Ya gotta admit, he could have done nothing but be a millionaire playboy with Daddy’s fortune thanks to Hughes Tool Co., which was a huge thing in the oil/gas exploration biz already. He was an avid aviator, inventor, and manufacturer. Besides the accomplishments noted in the 2004 movie starring “Leo”, the achievements of Hughes Aerospace were considerable and a huge part of our present state-of-the art.

          As for Hughes being a ‘kook”…well, Eric, MANY a creative mind, especially those definitely in the “genius” category, tip-toes on that fine line between genius and insanity. Who’s to say what finally sent him over the edge; in spite of Hughes being known as a germaphobe, his rather, ahem, ribald exploits likely earned him more than a few bouts with VD; and even though he obviously had access to what was state-of-the-art medicine, his phobias might have gotten in the way of receiving what could have saved the rich bastard’s marbles. But even when he was likely being abused by his so-called “Mormon Mafia” (Hughes would only trust Mormons to handle his finances once he had the falling-out with Noah Dietrich), Hughes still worked with President Nixon to facilitate the Glomar Explorer to go fetch the Soviet sub S-129.

          The distinction between “eccentric” vs. “kook” seems to depend on (1) how much money one has and (2) one’s politics.

        • Hey Eric! Thanks for the idea! I don’t know much about Hughes….would probably make for some good reading! The other Howard (As Doug mentions) was pretty interesting too- and very intelligent. I’ll never understand for the life of me why someone like that would waste their time and talent prattling about spoats though! (Seemingly strange bedfellows- a few very smart Joos, like Cosell and Bill Mazer would be involved with something as unintellectual and goyish as sports- others of their kin would have just sold the equipment! 😀 )

          • Oy vega hatchback. Jews have been sports forever. Intellectual is as does – incl sports. Not all involved are sweet scientists, but some are.

            Plus, as Mitchum decided, despite not being convinced a grown man should make his living suchwise, it was better than working for a living.

            • Oye como va, va funculo Mario Cuomo should’ve married a homo-genized milk is cried over when spilt, like the erl under a Vega-meatvitamin as per Lucy, so sang Kenny You Picked A Fine To Leave Me Loose Seal, but maybe his eel was too loose sp Lucy didn’t have a ball and Vivian didn’t ad-Vance…and I have to take a breath….HSsssssssss……

              • I been listenin’ to how forever. That’s prolly who Horton really heard. How collapses them other bases & positions – so abbott&costello just left it out of the conversation…whilst embodying it. And how Santana how(itzer)s it, well, Jericho-Alamo walls gotta’ tumble to such music.

                Or/eo speedwagon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POSNS199fp8

          • Cosell’s autobiography was titled, “I Never Played the Game”. Like many of his tribe, he was more writer/commentator than participant…although as a “yute” he was a fairly proficient boxer, though his parents would have been horrified if he’d dropped his studies at “NY-Youse” and not became an attorney but rather a real-life “Mickey Goldmill”. Cosell likely figured he’d make better money at sports broadcasting and enjoy it more.

  3. Our former babysitter, now 25 and pregnant, is getting ready to take the jab (tired of that word). Because “she has researched it and found that it’s safe for pregnant women.” Huh? And her hospital is offering them at a special clinic for pregnant women. Again, huh?

    This is enraging. The EUA is not for this demographic, it was never tested on pregnant women, and no one knows anything about long term safety for anyone, let alone for the unborn. These medical practitioners are committing a crime against naive dupes, who lack the maturity, knowledge, or wherewithal to truly understand this and give informed consent.

    Jane!! Stop this crazy thing!

    • Why won’t she wait until after she has the baby? I don’t understand people’s thinking. The health and safety of the baby should be the biggest priority. She can jam and jab herself with all kinds of things (after the baby is delivered).

      I am starting to think I am completely out of touch with reality. To me this should be basic common sense.

      What kind of people are we turning out in this country?

      • Nah RG it’s not you. People have thrown away their humanity.

        Check this shit out for example..it made my heart hurt when I fully processed what happened here:

        A newly motherless 9yr old (currently fatherless too with a traveling active duty dad who doesn’t seem to be in the picture) pleaded with her grandfather not to take his second dose after losing her mom to it, and he says he fuckin did it anyway (even though he says he applied Occam’s Razor to daughters cause of death smh):


        • RG/Moose –

          I often ponder if it’s me. People’s behavior through this has been mystifying, including those who ought to know better, and even those who do. How can so many the world over have gone full-on cult or “The Happening”, with just this tiny remnant (us) watching, scratching our heads, and saying “can’t be”? Is it wisdom, a beneficial genetic alteration, divine intervention, or do we just see the candlesticks where everyone else sees two faces?

          • Hi BAC,

            For the last year I have seen and heard some, of what I thought were, very smart people just lose all sense of rationality. There is no rhyme and reason for it. Even when you come at them with facts, they refuse to have an open discussion. The only thing I can correlate it to is fear. Mind numbing, irrational fear.

            For anyone interested there is a beautiful 730 acre Bahamian island for sale with a starting price of $19.5 million. A hundred of us may want to chip in some dough, get about 7 acres each, bring whomever you want, and just start a libertarian utopia. It has coconut trees, excellent fishing, and fertile land.

            We can be the new North Sentinel Island. If someone tries to evade we shoot first, ask questions later.

            • Hey RG,
              There are some good islands out there- and further away so as to be out of the shadow of the US, for a million or less…. Just think: Just 10 of us kicking in $100K for the purchase, and whatever is leftover after that (From selling our places here- for those of us who’d have to, to raise the moolah) could be used towards a few other basics- like a communal boat for transportation.

              Seriously, it wouldn’t take much…at least for those of us who care to live simply. Start getting a lot of people though, like 100 or more, and at some point, somebody’d be trying to govern…and we’d all be living too close together….

              Something like that is really our only hope in this life if we ever want to experience anything even remotely approaching a Libertarian life.

              • Hi Nunzio,

                With only 10 of us we would inbreed within two generations, hence the 100. People should have options on who they choose to mingle with.

                The Bahamas is close enough to arrive by boat without ever setting foot on an airplane, especially if we takeoff from Florida.

                We probably do need to invest in a good barge though.

                • Hey RG,
                  Inbreeding? We could call it New West Virginia! 😀

                  Tell ya the truth, I don’t think I’d want to go with the group who’d even think about reproducing in this day and under these circumstances……

                  • Precisely.

                    But I won’t tell anyone I have been snipped so i can keep playing. 🙂

                    But the whole idea is likely doomed because you will have 100 individualists, likely contrarians, almost certainly sanctimonious and arrogant.

                    Put four people in a room with the intent of laying out the groundwork for what is ‘required’ and what the social rules should be. See how long before tempers flare and the accusations and insults start.

                  • Yeah, let’s kill off the thinkers and allow the rest to populate the Earth and we wonder why we are where we are.

                    Good plan!

                  • Nunz I’ve been saying that for awhile now, it screams of inhumanity to be dropping another person into this shitshow, at this point especially.. the gift of life seems horribly selfish and immoral more than anything. Guaranteed subjugation, harm and suffering for the new individual who didn’t ask to be here and didn’t sign up for this shit and won’t have sufficient means to stop it.

                    And then when you consider how agents of the state have been paying people visits and taking their kids lately over parents avoiding pointless ER bills by treating their fevers at home, and others daring to go about their daily lives mask-free, or run their businesses despite mandates, divorced couples having custody removed over not wearing masks (and the courts uphold it, including forcing the arm jab!!) how can we even pretend we’re in control and own ourselves and own our children at this point?? It’s horrifying.

                    How do you protect your offspring from that, aside from doing your best to mind your p’s and q’s and not do anything that might trigger a needless CPS call? All it takes is some prick neighbor to instigate (and the “orange man bad” nutjobs totally have been), and then it’s purely a matter of luck as to whether you get a reasonable person at your door or another tyrant pos who gets off on breaking up your family and ruining your life to essentially human traffic your children to some infertile yuppie dickhead obsessed with adoption to finally check off that checkbox in their Fakebook timeline narrative?

                    I’ve seen the inside of that system administratively; They hate adult humans, they basically celebrate peddling kids (who would rather be with their own people and never stood a chance..) and it’s fuckin ugly. Bulk of the abuse goes on in the foster homes. Shouldn’t even be a system. The ones being irresponsible and negligent, their community would hold them accountable on their own, nobody with the power to stop that shit just sits by and watches unless they’re taught to worry more about some law telling them they ain’t allowed to stop it or else.

                    They threatened mine when I was little cuz dad was growing those fun plants we ain’t allowed to have. But my mom made sure they didn’t have a damn thing on us. Remember those Metlife commercials back then, TV was on while they were riflin thru our property and I remember telling the one pig “get a life, it pays” 😂 kids say the darnedest things. (Sidenote, I still don’t believe Cosby really did it, probably promised girls fame and didn’t deliver).

                    But anyway, the state wants those babies, man. I ain’t givin em the opportunity.

                    • Well-said, Moose!

                      I made the decision when I was 16; I would not be procreating any new tax-slaves for the state to weaponize to weaponize against me- and that was before I even realized that finding a sane woman who believed in the permanence and sanc-titty of marriage would be about as likely as finding an honest politician…and that to even try would mean risking the very real possibility of being made a state-sanctioned slave for several decades.
                      Hell, just look at how many even among us right here are hog-tied because children and grandchildren.
                      I know guys back in NY who are not even Libertarians, but who would have left NY long ago, but can’t, because of the kids…grandkids…alimony/child support….or the wife, for the few of ’em who have stuck it out and are still maintaining a semblance of a marriage (Basically living in the house and paying bills…but leading separate lives).
                      And the sad thing is, what do they get for the sacrifices they’ve made? The (ex)wife and kids aren’t even on the same page- but are usually people they’d count as their enemies if they weren’t related; and maybe they get to see the grandkids once or twice a month…and think that that somehow “influences them” for good and counters the hundreds of hours per month those kids spend in front of some liberal ass-wad in the pooblik skool or on the TV screen….and meanwhile their own children who are raising those grandkids have become infidels……
                      Back in the early 00’s I used to frequent a few specialized Christian forums. There were lots of people on ’em who formed various little communities so they could “drop out” and do their own thing. In almost every case, the state would come in, in short order, and it was always under the pretext of “the children are being abused”- because all they have to do is say that, and instantly people far and wide justify anything that the state does, and hate the non-conformists- No proof or even credible accusation required, just the mere pronouncement of the words!
                      Kids have become “communal property” in the USSA- even among the most conservative. A relative got a new neighbor- a woman and her adolescent daughter. The woman is not very nice and not a good neighbor, so my relative, whose brother is the fuzz is thinking of siccing her bro on the neighbor for “truancy” because the kid often stays home….. This, from a woman who is a big Orange Doofus supporter and knows what is going on in these schools- yet thinks nothing of having the state intervene in someone’s life and affairs…..
                      It is just sickening! I thank God that I’ve been spared from all of this, especially in these critical times, because I can not imagine being in the position which many are in today… Hell, there was one guy who used to post on here who had to move to China to escape the slavery that was imposed on him here….and he just had to write the kid off, ‘as there was no hope for him/her being raised by the militant mother.
                      And the very thought of bringing a life into this mess! I’d want any kid of mine to be able to have what I had as a kid- thougfh the world I grew up certainly wasn’t perfect, it was still a place where joy and freedom could be had, and where one could grow up without fear or constantly having to look over your shoulder or hide, if you had even reasonable parents- and it was a world where the average adult could still be relied upon to exercise some sanity, decency and common sense.
                      NONE of those things are true about the present world. A world where the average adult walks around with a filthy piece of cloth impeding their breathing, and lines up to be injected with what-they-know-not, and where as a child, if you walk to the park, or are not physically strapped into an egg-crate whilst riding in a car, it is reason to have the state’s mercenaries summoned.

                    • Sure.

                      ((Sureiah law’s a psychological humanacle.
                      Getting’ touchy-feely with yer inner sureayatollah.))


                      ‘Won’t bring innocent helpless babies into this hapless world’ frosts a cake what was ♪long, long time ago♪ baked in & left out in mcarthur park, in the oven reign, that shall melt-return-melt recurrence-eternally.

                      (Hey! Who frosted my flat vinyl circle?? Alexa, play that Don McLean tune – my turntable’s been converted into a cake deco device.)

                      Despite hoary/golden/Ratio Alger stories like Sara Connor’s kid & the manger jesus boyo & neo be the one transhumanist one, the nuclear fukushima family catechism has always been the china syndrome frosting that glows so bright it can be seen from outer space. Maybe that’s what keeps bringing the alienateds in/out for a look-see into that Pogo possum mirror-mirror on the walt of Disney special lemming effects.

                      Family guise be wo/men with ayes transplants. “I’m gonna’ make ‘em an offer s/he can’t refuse,” says the biological imperator. Aye-aye, caption.

                      (Course true too: where’d all us 3rd course plates be without the plaiting of the 1st two courses?)

                      Sayin’ nay to fairy stories is nayilism. Not nihilism. (For those confused narrators who, like the terminators, just keep coming back for more giving & getting of that yummy ouroboros tail w/drawn & quartering butter lube).

                      But the best time to plant a tree, a tarzan, a jane, a fistful of amazon reign forest gump stock certificate dolorous-dollars, remains, will always be, at least twenty years back.

                      But that goes for Rip Van Wankel rotary snoozes, too.

                    • Spot-on, Nunz, well said well said. The cognitive dissonance and willfulness to perpetuate the suffering is astounding.

                      And man, that truancy officer threat is scummy as hell. My highschool used to sicc them on one friend of mine, drag her outta bed in her pajamas. She had pretty bad anxiety issues but was totally functional in her hobbies and voluntary social interactions. She ended up dropping out and gettin her GED and doin mall gigs. Smart girl 🙂 Wish my parents had been more open to that..god knows I tried lol, staying enrolled at least gave me the ability to go to the local tech school part time to learn actual skills that set me on my career path… but really I could’ve gotten half my day back and afforded the curriculum myself like the other adult students, if I was outta there and working instead.

                    • Woe, Mr. Moose! Just the thought of truancy occifers coming to one’s house!!!! At least in my day, the worst they’d do is send a letter to your parents.
                      It’s ironic; the compulsory “education” is to get ya used to a lifetime of submission and rule-following, but on some of us it had the opposite effect.
                      It was those very pooblik skools which made me realize even in single digits that we are not free, and that I did not want to spend my life in servitude to their carrot-and-stick-for-menial-trinkets system.
                      I dropped out the very DAY I turned 16, when I became legally eligible to do so (But for all intents and purposes hadn’t been going to school/participating for some time before that), and to this day, that remains as one of the best 3 decisions of my life, which have had the most positive impact on my overall life.
                      And I remain PISSED that so much of my youth was wasted learning utterr crap which I knew even then would have no relevance to my life (nor anyone else’s), and imagining how that time could have been used instead- time when we are at our prime for learning, and have endless curiosity, enthusiasm and energy- all wasted on budy-work and propaganda which is never given a second thought once we leave the confines of school/prison.
                      I spent a lot of time in libraries after that, studying what I was interested in, and what had relevance to me….and just thank goodness I got out of their system early enough so as to still have some good years to do that.
                      I also became a man shortly after leaving school- as I had to deal with the real world, and earning my own way by engaging in micro-businesses, and figuring things out for myself. Is it any wonder people are so immature today, even nearing 30? It’s because they stay in school so damn long…and them the school model is often perpetuated as they often work for some corporation or goobermint agency, which treats them exactly as one would treat school children.
                      So if there’s one thing I can thank the state for, it’s for that early wake-up call!
                      (Pulling that girl outta bed….such people should be put up against a wall and shot!)

                    • That was supposed to be “wow”, not “woe” (Although I guess both are appropriate!)

                      Hey, whadduyah want from a HS drop-out? 😀

            • No intellect/uals in foxholes – but lots of untellectual victuals served up, if not exactly self-served up (the agency’s central problem is lack of intelligence/ntralized under agency).

              No calm, cool, collecteds when there’s fires in the holes.

              Except…when there is.

              Rules of the bell curve & tails of the copperhead.

              Para/military/sympathetic fearholes are nervous systems, & those off leash foxes & off the hook imaginations bite the head off the chicken. After that it’s just a short supernova of reflexes shuffle-burning off that last bit of mortal energy coil.

              Bikini atoll was a rough neighborhood back in the day. Now the crips&bloods can hit a tollhouse cookie, from outer space. So whilst true that every wo/man is an island, also true an islands gps coordinates are fixed is in.

          • BAC I think it was always a cult, statism really brings out the authority worship in people to an alarmingly self-destructive degree.. since school and society taught them to believe in obedience as a virtue, they think it’s best to do whatever some jagoff bureaucrat or govt thug tells them to without question. Some of us understood differently though and the ol indoctrination system apparently let some of us slip through the cracks with our willful autonomies unbroken hah. It’s been fun.

            Feels like the past year mainly served to make it painfully clear just which side any given individual is on in that regard, and their level of blind obedience results in an intensely alienating experience for the liberty-minded. But it’s really a spiritual war on all us serfs, both those with Stockholm Syndrome desperate just to dine out or go to the movies again so they can get back on their hamster wheel of oblivion, and those of us hanging onto our sovereignty while madness unfolds. Like EP has said before, it’s classic battered wife syndrome, they’re emotionally weak and they cling to their abusers.

            So it ain’t us, we’re on the level, we got this shit, lol. As Barricade Garage likes to say.. people need to tighten up ✊

          • I sat on a downed tree, largely overgrown with brush, one time. Took lunch from my ruck sack, began to eat. Eventually looked to my right, at another bit of the tree that wasn’t brush covered & basking there was a copperhead that I hadn’t noticed before. The world over hadn’t “gone” copperhead. The world over hadn’t gone anything. I just missed it. Until I didn’t. It was candlestick tree & two faces – one honestly forked of tongue & one not – both, from the get.

            So, if peoples’ behavior mystifies you now, you’ve only just noticed the copperhead that was always there, & you might be working thru some startle response.

            “World’s gone (fill in the blank, aka as projection, Rorschach ink blottery blotto-ness)” disclaims away responsibility for blinking too much. Or screwing eyes wide shut, even. Copperhead can’t blink & with training some people – some gene sets (& whatever else is determinative) – can be just as lidless when it counts. Which is always. It always counts. Situational awareness…& awarelessness.

        • Oh, that is so sad, especially for the nine year daughter. WTH is wrong with the grandfather?!?! If my daughter just died a few days after the needling you can bet your hinny I am not going to be rushing into to get it. I think it is time for something else in the animal kingdom to take over. Human beings have fared horribly. Maybe give the lions or elephants a chance. They have to do better.

          • Oh that’s good thinking, elephants are actually supposed to have solid memories and empathy too. Just need a ladder and someone to go up and pass the proverbial torch, complementary peanuts, and tranqs for them to handle the remaining mask-zombie hordes, suppose they can operate those with their trunks, trunk tranqs. Godspeed, elephants

            • Hi Moose,

              Your comment reminds me of something supposedly said by German Panzer General Heinz Guderian about fighting the Soviets: Even an elephant is eventually brought down by a large enough horde of ants.

              Consider the sickness psychotics the ants…

      • “We” gets close enough to “it’s all a social construct” bumperstickerism, vanity platedness. Ain’t no “we.” The people that bought Dr. Good snake oil off the back of hucksters’ wagons then are still doing it now. But every night all the men would come around & lay their money down ♪♫♪


        • A vanity’s just a desk with a hole in it, and Earl The Snake Salesman is no snake-erl salesman, and Humpty took a dumpty in Hercules hoopty, so he threw Humpty for Fruit-Loopty, but Two-Can Sam tried to scam Uncle Sam who knows that tricks aren’t for kids, like the Silly Rabbit said…and…and…what the hell are ya doing to me, Ozy?! (I said the preceding out-loud and it made my dog go to sleep…and now he’s lying, ’cause sleeping dogs lie, but not like a rug, and I can’t lay carpet ’cause I’m not that rugged………

          I need a coloring book.

          • Breaker, breaker, looks like ya’ already got the CB. & a good selection of crayons, too. Black & white can be even better than pretty colors, so long as colorists & black whites matter ain’t been conception-etched with “stay within the lines.” Besides, even in black/white, ya oughta’ know what color the rubber duck –probably – is.

      • [Clamors to take experimental DNA-alterning kill shot…but offer her a cigarette and she’d probably flip out and accuse you of trying to kill her fetus]

        We are truly living amongst a diseased people…but it has nothing to do with COVID…..

        Hey , she “researched” it!!!! I’m sure all of the research is positive, ’cause Google “protects” ’em from all of that “negative hate-speech and wild conspiracy theories”.

    • Idk, I think it would be fair to call the number of already documented resulting miscarriages a kind of a test, right?

      Certainly by age 25 they ought to know a thing or two about the amount of medical misinformation that the government perpetuates, particularly when it comes to women’s health..

      Obgyn probably thinks it’s fine though cuz if the next one takes and they lose it too, they can keep on billing, attempt foro attempt, referrals for fertility treatments, etc. They’ll continue to lead a woman on for several years now matter the heartbreak and agony they put her through.

    • Done the research, eh? So she’s seen the results of vaccinating pregnant women, and then seeing what happens to their sprogs after birth and a while down the road? Wow, she must be psychic! Hey, C’mon now, BAC, I’m sure that noted scientists like Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kartrashian and some rap ‘singer’ know what they’re talking about when they say it’s safe!

      Ya know, this doesn’t even upset me. Maybe it’s time to cleanse the gene pool.

      I’ve never seen anything like this before! People that I’ve known for decades, who ignored the media; people who never believed any of the sound-bytes and omnipresent mantras; tough guys who spent their lives laughing at warnings; guys who did dangerous things…a guy who got shot by a hit man…are all suddenly glued to CNN and BELIEVE every word they now hear on TV and from the government- and are now acting like pussies, wearing masks and getting vaxxed with the non-vaccine deadly and debilitating DNA-altering poisoned sword of Fauciclees (Had to put extry ‘e’ or it would look like Fau-cicles!)

      They’ve finally gotten to the segment of the population whom they could largely never reach before. It’s just about to the point now where WE are the only resistance- and methinks that those of us whom they can’t get to, they will dispose of.

      But what has transpired over the last year is truly amazing; it is a major turning point; the place to which we can point to and say “This is when they finally got to everybody”. Proof positive that the real rulers of this world, and the media (one and the same) really know what they are doing, and have manipulation and brainwashing down to a fine art.

      “Terrorism” worked well….but this current step of instilling hypochondria has worked SPECTACULARLY. It is time to stop worrying about those who are drinking the Kool-aid…if they haven’t learned by now, it’s likely too late for them. We need to worry about saving ourselves now, because it’s not only the government, but these c.330 million people who are drinking the Kool-aid who think that WE are the enemy. They shield their masked faces from us when they see us coming down the street, and confront us in stores for not wearing a mask…and soon we will be counted lepers for not being poisoned.

      • Yeah that’s the thing Nunz, when I bring it up at home the boo isn’t even batting an eye at it because it’s really always been this way, it became incrementally worse over the past couple decades but the time to draw the line was forever ago. Over here we’re just doing what we can to wring what’s left outta life before they come around to correct our existences.

      • Hi Nunz –

        If you simply enter stuff like “pregnancy covid vaccine safety” into a search engine like Google (again, assuming most people can’t think more deeply than that), the top returned hits are news articles from the likes of MSNBC that just state that the CDC is authorizing or recommending or not objecting to vaccinating pregnant women. Not the same as a determination they are safe, and no links to the compiled reports of adverse reactions or miscarries caused to date. Most can’t discern the difference nor look to dive deeper.

        I agree, to a point, that my friend, Eric’s friend, our elderly parents, and those like them are adults and must make their own decisions and live with the consequences. But when those decisions are based on fear/panic, misinformation, incomplete information, deflections, politics, group-think, unquestioned reliance on the advice of a doctor, and the like, then those decisions are made by fraud or under duress. Moreover, those decisions begin to bear on us, as we are then shamed, pressured, marginalized, ostracized, and cut out – for merely attempting to use our own judgment and discretion.

        Many will lose family relations over this. Others will literally lose family members, or friends, who die or become disabled.

        We have to, on some level, care. Because it affects us whether we avoid it and them or not. And we can’t just ridicule and isolate. As you say, they will be coming for us if we can’t stop this.

        • Morning’ BAC!
          I’m just thankful that my 96 year-old mother is seeing the light on this and will not be taking the poison! I’m disgusted by how many of my relatives and acquaintances and relatives have or intend to!

          We’re not going to stop this, any more than we could have stopped the Nazis if had lived in Germany in the 30’s- Now it is much bigger than just one small nation run by Nazis- all we can do is position ourselves and evade before the culling starts.

          Hell, I had a new cat show up here a while back and I want to get her spayed; Can’t go to the vet I’d been using for the last 20 years, because they now practice hypochondria leper protocols (And because they have 20-something year old dingbat ‘practicing’ on our animals…)- So i was calling around to find a new vet, and every stinking one of them made it clear that the kitty would have to be vaccinated if she wasn’t already, When I told them that I do not vaccinate my animals and never have, they said “Well that’s our policy…”. I said “Well it’s not mine, so I’ll go elsewhere!”.

          Interesting- It’s like they conditioned the populace to this vaccination BS by normalizing it on animals, and then babies- and now it is so ingrained, that when it comes to animals, even where there isn'[t a law, or where there is an opt-out, private businesses now impose their own beliefs and protocols on would-be paying customers! I’ve called far and wide within a 50 mile radius, and so far, no luck!

          We are being cut-off from all aspects of commerce and public life…and this is just the beginning. The indoctrination and propaganda are so effective that it’s to the point where they often don’t even need to make a law to achieve their nefarious goals….the plebes just do it, try to make you do it, and demand that “there ought to be a law” when enough of us don’t do it…to which of course the tyrants are happy to oblige- “The will of the people!”- LOL.

          I’m flabbergasted though; These vets turning away bidness- and they all wanted 50-100% more for the kitty clitty slitty than my old vet! (‘Least the old vet didn’t pester me about shots.)

          • One of the most bizarre aspects of this whole shit show is businesses saying F Off to customers, longtime/loyal or new, who won’t bow down. Their source of income. Examples abound, including airlines (who are always with their handout since they seemingly never can sustain profitability) putting customers – customers – on a “ no fly list,” stores sending a thug scrum to beat up customers, etc.

            I know, it’s cater to the mentally disturbed and government goons or get closed down and lose it all – that they’ve made the decision to lose our money rather than everything. But the fact that they’ve lost civility, empathy, and a service-based mindset along with is what’s most upsetting. That it’s not a human being/person who needs a product or service, but some object at which to (mis)direct ire and contempt. To not just deny, but to humiliate, hurt, and destroy along with.

          • “the kitty clitty slitty” 🤣 oh god, when the felines finally rise up and take control, they’re definitely gonna make us all pay for that line

  4. Eric, if your neighbor’s daughter is so worried about Covid, she should have her family get the shot. It is none of her business that anyone else get the shot.

    • Amen, Realist –

      The problem, of course, is that – as with the Face Diaper – we are dealing with a religious hysteria and thus reason and facts do not persuade the Faithful.

  5. I was in Lowes today, and just one other was Covid-Burqa free. I was in a gas station also, standing in line, when I heard a lady apologize for not social distancing. As I turned around she apologized for not wearing her C-Burqa as she forgot it in the car, to which I shrugged my shoulders and with accompanying hand gestures indicating that I didn’t know what she was talking about. To which she said, you know Covid. I responded it was all crap and she then said she agreed and was tired of it all. As I was leaving, I leaned toward her and asked her to please “resist.” I’ve never felt so outside of society as during the past year.

    • Nice, it’s critical to seize those moments to spread strength. The ability to make the human connection that their govt and brainwashed serfs have deprived them of for a year now isn’t completely lost yet.

      They’re quick to cave when they keep hearing the same bs day in and day out, this study about sums it up:


    • I don’t know what’s worse: The people who comply with the BS because they actually believe it; or the people who know it’s BS and hate it…but comply anyway. Methinks the latter are worse, because the former are just stupid and doing what they believe is right, while the latter know better, yet are willing to transgress their own conscience and autonomy because they don’t even have the minimal character to resist nothing more than what some stranger or minimum-wage earning store clerk might think or say. One is either an idiot(former) or a sheep(latter)…..the few actual thinking humans with any vestiges of character which remain are the one or two “oddballs” like ourselves who don’t drink the Kool-aid, and who refuse to pretend that we do to appease the sheep and the idjits.

  6. King Lear disowned Cordelia, embraced Regan & Goneril. Oops. Oedipus fled the complex – Appointment in Samarra like – only to meet his Buddha father on the road & kill him, followed by bedding his mama. Goriot’s daughters sucked him dry, & had better things to do than attend his deathbed. Dostoevsky’s Karamazov brothers & Willy Loman’s sons did not shine. Those are some FIFO’s (first in first out). Goes the other way, too. Faulkner’s Quentin Compson. Kafka’s its-a-feature-not-a-bug Gregor. Dickens’ chimney sweeps. On & on art plagiarizing – but polishing – life.

    How many abortions in freebraveland, last year? How many warehoused oldsters killed since last March? How many iatrogenocided per year (that the killers are willing to cop to)? How many yd&foc shipped off to war each year?

    War is continuation of politics by other means, said some Prussian with his prick in it. That’s commutative, see? Additive or force multiplicative, there’s an equal sign between war & politics. So contra Hobbes the liar, this compulsive penchant of the specious species isn’t the way to prevent war of all against all. It’s the way to institutionalize the biological imperative – which is cannibalism.

    “Tastes just like chicken,” say the chickens. And they should know. “Food fight!” ~ Animal House

    “What we got here, is failure to communicate.” ~ Cool Hand Luke

    “Whatcha’ got ain’t nothin new. This country’s hard on people, you can’t stop what’s coming, it ain’t all waiting on you. That’s vanity.” ~ No Country for Old Men

    • Yeah that’s an interesting double-edged sword there, either they fight to prove the cause of death for accountability and get no payday…or they fight for it to be anything but, so that they can collect 🤔 I’m betting people are telling their families not to have the autopsy done for that kinda reason. Or do life insurance companies push the autopsy issue to avoid paying? What am I saying.. of course they would, right

  7. Eric – Now that the vaccine has reached Pakistan, I feel a battle of epic proportions upcoming in my family on my parents taking the vaccine. With me, my youngest brother who’s a doctor in PA, who seems to have blind faith in the the official sources, and my middle brother in SF who of late has started seeing things more and more my way (though not always openly accepting it)…….

    Wish me luck man….

    • Morning, Nasir –

      I feel for everyone whose personal/family relationships are being torn apart over this sickness . . . not the “virus,” the sickness of soul and mind. I’m dealing with it myself, both as regards my mother (not her, the facility in which she is caged) and my sister, who is willing to truckle to the Diaper Cult while I will not have it.

      • Yeh I really feel for your situation Eric – luckily for me ultimately my parents will make their own choice – and well what can you do about that. But must be hard in yours…

        • Morning, Nasir!

          It’s ok. I have made my peace with it. I have come to accept that people who not only cannot see the evil of this but also defend it and (much worse) support imposing it on others are either evil themselves or enablers of evil and so dangerous creatures to be avoided. This includes (former) friends and family. Blood ties do not make an asshole smell better.

    • Hi Nasir,

      I went through this with my parents, grandmothers, and aunt, as well. I stuck to facts. I did not get emotional or use my feelings as basis for a decision. The one benefit with my family is that we all are distrustful of government to begin with. So that does help. When this virus first came out my parents flipped out a bit. My mother was wearing gloves everywhere and my father was fearful of us being around them. My sisters and I still showed up, but we gave them enough space that they didn’t feel they were in “danger.” After a month or two and their eldest sending multiple studies from the New England Journal of Medicine, Oxford University, the FDA, CDC, and NIH (not to mention that they were still alive) they loosened up. When the vaccine hit I informed them about the difference in “emergency use” vs the FDA’s actual studies which are not to be completed until January 2023. I explained the difference between an actual vaccine vs a messenger RNA and how the Phase 1, 2, and 3 trials were conducted simultaneously. I talked about how an average vaccine takes 7 to 20 years, but this one was conducted in warp speed and we did not have any long term studies and potential complications. I also brought up Pfizer’s, Moderna’s, and Johnson and Johnson’s history of short cuts and lies to the public .

      At the end of the day though we all do what is best for ourselves and all one can do is provide facts. We all have biases and people are going to believe what they are going to believe. Be up front with them, tell you care about their health and well being, and you want to make sure they understand the problems that could arise.

      I wish you all the best.

      • Hi RG,

        where are these – is there a place where I can see the fact that these vaccines are still being tested ? Is there a link on the FDA (or some other all knowing overlords) website I can refer people to? It would be goo if we can have a source of these things to refer to…

        • Hi Nasir,

          These are some of the basic fact sheets that I used. They don’t really dive into “It is good. It is bad.” I think the most important part is to understand what MRNA is and then realize that the FDA has not approved it, just authorized it for emergency use. Many articles out there say “approved” and that is very misleading almost to the point of fraud.




          The fourth article down is an old NIH 2012 study based on testing for SARS 1 and the problems that they had in finding a cure for it. Everything they tried shows that lung damage occurred. I also cannot find a study that addresses that this issue had been fixed.

          BAC, and others who specialize in this field, may have access to even better studies that discuss these issues in more detail.

          • Sorry I had more articles but the system kept saying my post was spam….so the NIH article is the second one down, not the fourth.

              • Hey, thanks a lot RG and Eric. Yes I really want some good facts from the “official sources” because somewhere deep down even they tend to publish the truth – I suspect its because most people will never read that much (the average westerner doesnt have an attention span more than a tweet anymore) and so I guess when they get caught out they can say that they always said it was so and soo….

                Eric maybe its a good thing on this website – official sources which contradict whats being pushed in the mainstream…

                • Hi Nasir,

                  I try to keep the articles easy reading, since most don’t want to read or understand the medical jargon. Start out simple and if they have more in depth questions there are articles for those as well.

                • “Even they tend to publish the truth”

                  Good catch – evil will always tell you what it is doing. Psychopaths like to brag about creating willing victims.

    • Hey Ya Nasir!

      **”my youngest brother who’s a doctor in PA, who seems to have blind faith in the the official sources,”**

      That, my friend, is one of the major things wrong with this world today; The “experts” and or those entrusted with positions of power and prestige, and given sanction by the state, only get to those positions not by any actual achievement or competence, but rather by the acquiring of credentials, -credentials which are only given to those blindly trust and believe the established status quo of their particular field as determined by the state, academics, and various others who are most often self-seeking charlatans.
      If you don’t believe; if you question what “they” say…you are a heretic, and thus “disfellowshipped” or maybe even crucified. And even the ones who are intelligent enough to see through the charade at some point, usually continue to play along, because they have too much to lose if “disfellowshipped”. Thus, we end up with the people of worst character and poorest ability occupying key positions in society- and there is no fighting it, because one has to first be “one of them” before anyone will listen…and even then, you’re just a lone voice or small minority easily shouted down by the majority “orthodox” practitioners of the particular faith.
      Just like the doctor c. 100 years ago who first noticed that patients who were seen by the doctor right after the doctor handled a corpse were much more likely to die, but found that by the doctors simply washing their hands after handling a corpse, the problem could be mitigated, was put in a loony bin at the time……

      • Very true. It is a shame how so many in the west have just blindly outsourced their basic thought process to those “experts”. They dont even bother to find their own “experts” and just follow the ones pushed by the mainstream media.

        Im a bit lucky that we still have links to Pakistan, and my uncle there is a very well known doctor in the field. And he does have a very open mind – where he really considers alternatives. And as I mentioned he is using all the drugs which you cannot name in the west. Infact I sent him a number of Chris Martensons videos and references on say Ivermectin when I was there in the summer and based on that he is now using it to treat covid.

        And so far – my uncle is not in favour of the vaccine, and agrees that its very crooked and doesnt understand why they are pushing it so broadly (though he does believe there are situations that may warrant it). To my parents so far hes said not to take – so thats a positive. And I hope that keeps my brother who’s a doctor quiet for a while. Though im a bit afraid what will happen if my parents want to travel to the US….. if they will have to take it…

        • The very fact that there’s been so much virtue-signaling about getting the Holy Jab ought to, of itself, put up “red flags”. Until I’m convinced that it’s been properly vetting, not getting it, not no way, not no how…

  8. Sounds like it’s time to write some adult children out of the Will…Using the threat of no inheritance is just the leverage needed to stop aggressive family members.

    • Hi Jarhead,

      Yup. About a month ago, I took this neighbor lady to a bakery where we got some treats and had a sandwich. Later, she told me she mentioned the trip to her daughter – who was appalled that her mother rode, Undiapered, in a car together with me, also Undiapered. It does not occur to this sad, deranged creature that neither her mom nor I have acquired so much as a cough over the course of this entire “pandemic,” notwithstanding that I stop by her mom’s often to say g’day (Undiapered) and she stops by my place – we live close by – to exchange the same G’day, also Undiapered.

      How many “superspreader” events that spread nothing will it take to disabuse these Freaks of their religious mania?

      • Hi Eric,
        Remember how the chicken littles were bemoaning that the Stupor Bowl and all the associated parties was the ultimate “superspreader”?
        Funny how a few weeks after that “the cases, the cases” are still trending down. Good luck finding any mention of that in the propaganda.

      • Whether or not something or someone is a “superspreader” depends on what they’re DOING, not their state of health…

        BLM rally – NOT a SS event

        CPAC – terrible SS event. Must send stooges to break it up.

  9. Great point on how the chodes believe other people are responsible for their own health.

    Seen it all year, but great examples were after Texas got rid of the state mask mandate. So many were saying “STOP TRYING TO KILL US!!” or other shit like that, “Thank god I’m living in a state where the leaders aren’t trying to murder their citizens.”

    Same shit after that awesome mask burning demo in Idaho…”OMG you’re going to REINFECT the NAITOON!”

    • Hi Michael,

      Yup. And – one of the recurrent themes, which continues to slay me, is that these Freaks are often overweight, sedentary and eat shit (processed, chemical laden, HFC-suffused) “food” … and so obviously care little, in fact, about their health yet expect me (who is fit, eats well and is healthy) to bend knee to bizarre rituals for the sake of their “health.”

      • ….the same way they expect you to “pay your fair share” to cover THEIR healthcare, though they weigh 350 lbs., live on soda and potato chips, take it up the ass, drink a bottle of vodka every night…….

        • Thanks, Nunz. The mental image of a slobbering drunk, morbidly obese homo engaging in “cowboy-butt-sex” is likely the great appetite suppressant ever devised.

          • Guess you don’t go grocery shopping, Doug, or you’d be used to the sight! 😀 (Well, even if ya never set foot in the store, yer still paying for their groceries, thanks to Uncle Sam(bo) and his friendly redistribution of wealth schemes……

  10. “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

    • I long ago noticed that there is a discrepancy of political acumen among women. Until the last few years I excused it on the premise that women had far less transgenerational experience in politics than men, because of the suppression of their participation by voting. The evidence is in. Their acumen isn’t improving. Quite the contrary. Instead of reaching for parity with men, they appear to prefer simply disposing of men. After all, the state now provides them with what many used to depend on men for. Except of course the state does no such thing. Although it does a bang up job of pretending it does. It promises utopia while delivering one disaster after another.

      • The charade can only keep going by the ability of the state to FEED off the efforts of productive males…there’s just too damned few females that are actually engaged in some economically productive activity; most are corporate or government drones or bureaucrats that produce nothing but confusion and headaches…which is likely what they do once they get home to whomever is stupid enough to put up with their shit. Whether it’s taxes, alimony, or child support, the state can produce nothing of itself, but what it “mulcts” from others, in most cases, MALES that haven’t reached down, found their balls, and ventilated the hides of a few deserving bureaucrats.

    • Yep. The idea is as old as humanity itself. Satan propagandized(deceived) Eve, who was the easier target, and who would then in turn easily lead Adam to corruption on several levels. (Not only did Adam eat the forbidden fruit, but he listened to his wife instead of ruling her).
      Really, the decline of Western civilization started with the women’s suffrage movement, and the finishing touches were put on it by making women into cogs in the “workforce” and getting them out of the home and away from the most important job ever (being a wife and mother)- Women’s lib, and the Sexual Revolution.
      Sad thing is though, men are ultimately responsible for this, for like Trump, they grandly failed to do what they should’ve/could’ve done…and now that the cat is out of the bag…it is too late, until and if the state goes away, and women thus settle back into their natural positions without benefit of a state to rob and destroy men.

      • Yup. Simps are the bane of humanity. My idiot brother paid for his wife’s Ph.D. title to advance her career as an education bureaucrat. He performs all of the motherly duties because she’s “too busy”.

        It’s as if the instinct for motherhood is disappearing. The women in my age bracket (18-30) are all enthusiastically focused on school and a career. They view motherhood as an afterthought they can start “later on” (like when they’re 40 or so). My sister-in-law even said women that choose motherhood before a career are losers that are just wasting their potential!

        We’re truly living in mouse utopia.

      • Eve was easy & Adam was even easier. Genderflecting’s a cuppa’ copout. “One Adam-12, see the doughnut….”

  11. The American Psychological Association is undoubtably working on defining resistance to masking and vaccination as a psychological disorder. Those who refuse to wear masks or receive the vaccine will be found to be mentally deficient, incapable of making rational decisions for themselves. They must be taken into protective custody (for their own “safety”) and treated with appropriate behavioral modification techniques and medications until such time as they “cured” of their affliction and are able to renter society as productive members.

    Love your bondage. 2+2=5. Say it, know it.

    • Hi Griff,

      They have already done so.It is styled Antisocial Masking Syndrome – or close to that. Just as in the old Soviet Union, you were “diagnosed” as being “mentally ill” if you questioned Communism and the Soviet government.

      • If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend Thomas Szasz’s Manufacture of Madness for some insight into psychiatry. Written in 1997, it exposes the huge potential for abuse it has, and how it has been so abused ever since its inception.

    • As was shown in a Star Trek, NG episode, where even the stolid Capt Jean-Luc Picard, after several days in captivity and torture by a psychotic, even by “Cardie” (Cardassian) standards, officer (David Warner, who had quite a few other notable ST roles), was ready to say what his captor WANTED him to say…that there were FIVE lights, even though there were only four in front of him. But Jean-Luc was on the verge of being broken, and would have, at that point, told the cruel Cardie whatever he wanted to hear, just to make the torture stop. The irony is that in return for the military information they really wanted, he was offered soft, comfortable captivity, with intellectual pursuits to enjoy, but Picard turned that down, flat.

      • Dark triad…sounds like something Philip Glass might have composed…..

        Manuel: “I’ve never heard it”
        Mansick: “Neither have I, and I went to the premiere!”

  12. And just to show you how far our society has fallen down the toilet, I’m currently waiting for a curbside to-go order at Cheddar’s here in Lexington. No muzzle, of course. The lady in the car next to me is also waiting, diapered up. You have to be shitting me. I would laugh, but I find it disgusting.

  13. This is exactly my situation Eric, my daughter said she won’t let me see my grandson unless I take the needle. She and her hubby have already lined up for their shot, and I’m sure my grandson will end up getting it too, once the availability gets down to kids. So I told her if that’s the case then following the so-called “science” you guys are all immune, right? So then I can’t give it them but somehow I still might get it from them? What a lot of convoluted BS. My bottom line is yeah, I’m old and someday (hopefully not too soon) I’m gonna die, as is everyone else someday. People somehow think that death isn’t inevitable; well guess what, it is and I intend to live however many years I have left to the fullest. I’d almost feel sorry for all the cowering hypochondriacs but they should get what they deserve – fish heads.

    • Since she is so ready and eager to inflict lies upon you, perhaps you should return the favor and lie to her. Tell her you took the jab, and misplaced your “certificate”. One may balk at the thought of lying, but when arguing with the insane it’s sometimes necessary.

      • And in general, when dealing with thugs and criminals, who are initiating force against you, it’s A-OK to lie to them. If you were in East Berlin in the 1950s and had a way to sneak across the border to freedom, would it have been “wrong” to lie to the border guard, telling them you were just going to visit relatives and would 100% be back before sundown?

        • Even God Himself condones lying for a righteous cause. He BLESSED the Hebrew midwives for lying to Pharaoh and saving the Israelite sprogs alive; He Blessed Rahab The Harlot for hiding the Israelite spies and telling the fuzz “they went that’a way”!…….that’
          s why we are not to bear false witness against our neighbor…but “thou shalt not lie” is not one of the commandments. (Now if only He’d turn Hitlery into a pile of salt; Looks like He already turned Billary into a pile of sh__……. )

      • We need a good market for the certificate. I have actually downloaded the form in pdf, but I would think there would have to be a card-stock type to hand out rather than a printer on paper version. Of course, the hypochondriacs may not know the difference as they are not too bright anyway.

    • Hi Mike,

      Is it possible to make any headway with your son in law? Can saner minds prevail? I cannot comprehend how children can dictate to their parents what they can and cannot do. Is your grandson old enough to meet up with you on his own, bypassing your daughter completely?

      What is your daughter’s opinion if the tables were turned? How would she feel if her son threatened to withhold her grandchildren from her unless she did X, Y, and Z?

      • Hi RG,
        My grandson is 6 so we can’t meet up on our own; my daughter is planning for all of them to get needled so my response was- ok, so now you guys are all immunized so what’s the problem? She thinks that one of them could still give it to me, the “you’re going to kill grandpa” guilt trip the PTB are pushing onto normally sane people. Of course if the vaccine actually works then they won’t have it/can’t give it to me. I’m working on her seeing the illogic of her position so we’ll see how it goes. I will not surrender to getting needled.

    • Mike,

      I’m sorry this is happening to you. It dusgusts me when someone uses children hostage to force their beliefs or fears onto another. Especially with 2 boys of my own, i would never do this to my dad or mother in law. This gor my thinking though,i wonder how many exwives or exhusbands are using this as a way to force their own fears onto their unafraid former spouse? How many ex’s are keeping kids hostage because their previous spouse questions the reliability of the data from the cdc, refuses to diaper or won’t take the holy jab of obedience?

      • A judge in Florida is already preventing kids from seeing their mom in a divorce because the mom is an “anti-masker” and “putting the children in danger.”

        This shit needs to end, yesterday

  14. This is DESPICABLE! I’m sure that the North Koreans are rolling on the floor laughing at how the majority of Americans are so brainwashed/braindead, and at how they’ve become so weak and so lacking in fortitude and self-will that they let their freaking children and the freaking media and even strangers in the supermarket override their own will for themselves and what they know to be their own self-interests, -and that a daughter would presume to so manipulate a competent parent, AND that said parent would allow themself to be so manipulated!
    Maybe it’s just me, but I know when I observe that I am being or manipulated by ANYONE, I resist even harder! My own 96 year-old mother does not diaper, nor will she be taking any shots (Not even the wretched ‘regular’ flu shot), despite her and I being the only real resistors among all of our relatives. (It is ASTOUNDING how many people are falling for this BS.- Even among very good ol’ staid conservatives!)
    Thankfully, our own Mike In Boston is staying strong and resisting, and I think he will continue to…and pray that he does!

    • Hey Nunz, thanks for the support, and the Biblical verses you posted earlier. Thank God for this forum and the people here who give me hope that there are a (very) few people who won’t drink the kool-aid.

  15. What happened to ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’?

    Mask madness strikes again.

    The daughter is an idiot and her mother should have told her to go to hell. The damage is done. Hard to think when you are being pressured, another imposition of will.

    The beating continued until her spirit was broke. You would have to question the motive, be suspicious of the daughter’s real intentions. The daughter is a hag, a stupid Old Eve.

    There is some kind of sick joke going on out there.

        • Yeah, the woman needs to have a trusted friend fill in the fake information for the second jab.

          My parents were really wanting their first jab and while visiting them we got to hear all about it. A week or so after the shot they basically had the flu for a day or so with no other effects yet. They go back in a couple of weeks for the next round. I for one am hoping that the future long term effects are not adverse for them when another bug comes our way. I for one am willing to let a few years go by until we see what happens. I would like to have a counterfeit immunization card for me to carry around so I can pacify the hypochondriacs.

    • Hi Erie,

      Indeed. And, I always circle back to the most fundamental objection: I am not sick. Therefore, I cannot get anyone sick.

      So wearing a “mask” is just theater for the sake of the neurotic – and the evil.

      To Hell with that.

  16. My parents got the first “jab” a few weeks ago. They’re scheduled for their second “jab” this week. All I did was mention that if either of them have any side effects they should get it checked out right away, since dad’s been known to let things go and my mother feels she is an expert in all things medical (because she was a medical technician 40 years ago, and I’m a college dropout I guess… but that’s between me and my shrink…). They just went off like I was in Q-annon or something. Everyone I know who’s had the vaccine has had side effects, and given my parent’s age and physical state could quickly become a bigger deal.

    When you trust television more than people you know, it might be time to cancel your cable subscription.

  17. Well, my soon-to-be 89-year-old mom is not only NOT getting pressure to get the needle from me, she’s actually been getting an earful from me about how poisonous the jab can be. I’ve been showing her videos and reading from articles and studies to her, and she knows. She calls it poisonous herself, and my daughters (her granddaughters) won’t be able to talk her into it. At least not if I can help it.

    On another note regarding face diapers – I paid a visit to one of my favorite tobacco stores today. Why is it a favorite? Because they don’t enforce the diaper. The lady behind the counter even had hers under her chin when I walked in, as usual. To paint a more complete picture, imagine an older, unattractive, redneck type woman from rural Kentucky (and an obvious Trump voter), and that would be her. Doesn’t believe a “mask” will help against the virus and even said so while I was in there. However, she must watch too much boob-tube, because she was going on about how the new “variant” “mutation” may be more dangerous. Oh boy. Don’t you people bother fact-checking anything? I didn’t have a lot of time, so I briefly explained how viruses get *weaker* when they mutate, not stronger. Not sure it helped, but I’ll still go back there as they don’t enforce the diaper.

    • Heart failure huh. If only he’d had some respect for liberty, he might’ve spent his final days snorting coke off of hookers like a respectable medical practitioner rather than becoming just another example of a foolish Polish dude living up to his asshole cultural stereotype forever documented on video. Haw-haw, indeed!

    • Nope! I had a similar reaction to this. My M-I-L is thinking about the jab. Showed her all the info in it and then told her to please make sure your will and all other information is up to date before you take the experimental drug. Harsh? Probably. Did it drive the point home along with the vaers data and the fact that the data is reported in less than 10% of adverse effect cases. Well, she is now reconsidering so there is that.

    • As pointed out on today’s No Agenda podcast, the vaccines are approved for emergency use only. I seriously doubt any business can force you to take an experimental treatment as a condition for employment.

      US Army, OTOH…

      • What I’m worried about is that they require it for air travel. They wouldn’t be firing me for not getting the jab, but for not being able to perform my job function. I would like to get to know a liberty minded doctor, nurse or pharmacist for such a scenario.

      • If your employer attempts such, find a willing lawyer if you can. Pharma is granted immunity from liability, by law, but any party attempting to force you to accept it isn’t. Perhaps a letter from said lawyer to your employer explaining how THEY will be held liable for adverse effects may quell the notion.

        • Again, it would be TSA AGWs requiring it, not my employer. Travel is an essential part of my current position. If I can’t travel, I can’t perform my job function. The travel has been limited for the past year, but as jabs become available to everyone, that’s likely to change. Just today the CDC released info that it’s safe again to see your family undipered if you are “fully vaccinated”. There will of course be more carrots dangled.

          • “CDC released info that it’s safe again to see your family undipered if you are “fully vaccinated”

            Ha! Been doing this from the very beginning. I don’t need govt permission or an experimental drug to see my family un-diapered .

            This is part of the problem. Too many outside of this and a few other sites wait for nanny govt to take care of them and tell them what they can and can’t do. This is what decades of public education has brought us, a large group of mindless drones who never learned to think for themselves. It took over 100 years of public indoctrination but finally the govt has almost total control and there are very few left now who wouldn’t follow the govt pied piper off a cliff into oblivion.

            • I had to read a few things to try to understand the new CDC Kafka-buki. As with everything these days, much of the “guidance” still runs directly contrary to conventional understanding and common sense so you have to wonder WTH is really going on. The whole scam is way beyond full retard at this point and I think they’re trying to wind it down just as the latest stimmy pack gets emitted from the treasury to state/local govs & cronies via printer go brrrr at the Fed.

              • Hatter,

                I don’t think the feds have a choice but to wind this down. 1 year, and something ridiculous like 5 trillion in spending(almost all of it debt) has many even in the govt realizing if they don’t let off people’s necks soon this may turn into weimer republic real fast only this time with the citzens armed to the teeth. There is a reason they backed off $15 min wage almost immediately because they knew the implications on an already weakened economy by adding that burden to it.

                • That’s just it though, Antilles. The “plan” is to create widespread crises. Economic collapse; ‘health crises’, social unrest; the mass failing of social and political institutions and infrastructure, etc. – in order to create a widespread desire for unified global dictator “who will solve all the problems”.
                  This has always been the Hegelian dialectic on which modern politics have relied. Create a ‘problem’….and offer a solution which would not have been accepted unless the problem had first been created…but which in the face of the artificial problem, is embraced almost universally.
                  You can see the principle operating on lower levels, by such things as how the majority embrace masking and vaxxing when convinced by the media that there is a problem which they should fear, but which they can be protected from if they just obey…..
                  See who runs the media…see who runs the world. Prepare to meet the new Zionist masters (Till God whacks ’em!)

                  • …unless the problem had first been created…at conception…but which in the face of the artificial natural insemination problem, is embraced almost universally.

                    Germ theory (including media germs, but not germinal germs which create the terrain that does, or does not, puzzle piece fit – & beckon – “germs”) to be or not to be terrified, etc, is the question answered when terroir is fertilized:

                    If I could live my life over again, I would devote it
                    to proving that germs seek their natural habitat,
                    diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of
                    the diseased tissue.
                    – Rudolph Virchow

                    Nothing is lost, nothing is created … all is
                    transformed. Nothing is the prey of death.
                    All is the prey of life.
                    – Antoine Béchamp

                    The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of
                    weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule
                    in the medical profession. There are no specific
                    diseases; there are specific disease conditions.– Florence Nightingale

                  • Nunzio – here is an interesting one to your theory. One of the things of such a move to socialism / communism is the fact that you cant leave….

                    and thats exactly whats happening in the UK. You are getting to a state where you need “permission” to leave. It started with home office advising for “just essential travel”. Then travel insurance stopped covering you. Then they started asking questions at airports. Then they started doing the covid tests.

                    Now in the UK you have to fill in a form stating youre reason to travel, and it has to be for an officially approved purpose. Yes its still broad and most dont take it seriously…. but you have to be blind to not see which way this is headed….

                    Never thought the day would come where you would need permission to LEAVE the west…

                    • WoW, Nasir! I had no idea it was to that point in the UK already…yet it doesn’t surprise me at all, because I’ve been warning people to leave here while we still can, because as you’ve observed, communism is not a voluntary system; because those who are “able” don’t need it, and those who perpetually “need” will not produce enough for themselves, much less for others and the party members…..

                    • When I am told that I can’t leave, that is when I make sure that society gets a very brutal lesson that it would have been better to let me leave.

                      A man with nothing to lose.

                • If they DO let off people’s necks inflation will be off to the races a la Weimar. But I agree there is some push & pull going on in terms of what the sheeple will brook. A lot of it it straight up contradictory. We’ll see…

                  • Ya know what though, Hatsy? It’s come to the point where most people do not have a choice, because they are fully dependent upon corporate or government jobs, and or gov’t programs- and ultimately, they will do whatever is required of them whether they like it or not.
                    That is why this level of worldwide tyranny has never been achieved before…but now is becoming reality- because it could never have happened when people were capable of being self-sufficient (My grandpa in the early 1960’s in NYC had chickens! Try doing that today in NYC or even most suburbs around the kunt-tree!) and thus had the option of resisting.
                    Today, even many of those who have not fully drunk the Kool-aid and who might rebel, simply can not- they are captive. Debt/owning nothing outright; squandered years; wasted time; and now the crisis being upon us, means it is too late for many who might even want out, but who haven’t prepared. (Including these “prepper” types, who wasted their time staying in the thick of it and “prepping” for some future escape at the last minute, rather than establishing themselves and being where they need to be in advance).

                    • I’m familiar with your POV. My point, though, was that inflation is baked in and in a seemingly counterintuitive way may spike harder if TPTB let up on the scam, which has to happen to some degree. Honestly, currency crash may be the only wild card left in the deck. It could obviate many of the controlling factors you mention.

                    • Hatt, I believe that they are TRYING to crash the old economy…but that the free-market Capitalism that we once had here, though long strangled and supressed for the last 100 years, is still proving harder to take down than *they* had imagined- or at least to do so without making it look blatantly obvious to even an Oprah fan.
                      “Order out of chaos”.

                    • “FMC” denominated in unconvertible – along came a fiat spyder hardtop – scrip, gold fixes am & pm (just like the busted clock do line up) & fixed-is-in/terest rates?

                      Oxy•contin•moron…them Sackler types sacked Rome, & split for Switzerland long before any here began trading scrip for scrap biz with the company sto’chastic.

                      Jocasta & son’s Sanford & Son chaos-incest don’t come from order, nor do it beget order.

                      Disorder lurches from/to disorder whilst the pattern imposing & projecting humanimal brain says “look at all that order!”

                      Cue the Johnny Nash equilibrium – outta’ schizophrenia – that homo economicus be all about:


          • > Just today the CDC released info that it’s safe again to see your family undipered if you are “fully vaccinated”.

            The CDC’s “permission” is neither needed nor wanted. I drove from Nevada to Ohio this past Christmas to visit my parents, buth of whom are in their early 70s. I drove because there’s no way in hell I’m diapering up for hours at a time on a plane (and I had a ton of accumulated PTO at work to burn off). They’re a little more tolerant of the diaper than I am…they’ll go along to get into stores, but they’ll point and snicker at the idiots who are diapered and alone in their cars. Overall, they’re beyond ready for the manufactured hysteria to go away and aren’t letting it impact them to the extent they can avoid it.

      • There is one of the problems. Willing to die on the hill. Fuck that. Make the other guy die.

        There is nothing more dangerous than someone with nothing left to lose.

                • Nah! Wolf, muh boy. Who can afford plinking under these circumstances? (Aren’t Mosy-Nags 5 shot? None of that CA. commie crap here…my mags hold 30!- This is still ‘Merica, boy!)[For a few more months, anyway]

                  • Morning, Nunz!

                    An interesting thing… I used to hear people plinking regularly in my area. But since the (s)election, it’s been almost dead quiet in that respect. I figure people are either conserving their ammo or they don’t want to announce they have any.

                    • Mornin’ Eric!

                      Same here! Ammo is scarce and expensive when you can find it. The gun clerk at Rural King told me they got some ammo in one day…stocked the shelves with it, and it was ALL gone by noon. Most of the independent gun/sporting goods stores ’round ‘char have gone out of bidness in the last year.
                      All this talk of “record gun sales” yada yaday…but they don’t tell ya to whom those sales are being made; I don’t think it’s to John Q. Public, because there is nothing out there….I think uncle is buying up all the ammo.
                      The COVID nonsense has already essentially enacted the liberal’s dream-come-true gun-control (What good are guns iffin ya can’t get ammo?) before Senile Joe was even selected, -another fail of the Orange Doofus (Well….I’m sure it was a ‘success’ in his book- remember “Take the guns first and worry about due process later”…).

                  • > Who can afford plinking under these circumstances?

                    That’s where these laser training cartridges come in handy:


                    Scoring is handled by an app (some of them free-as-in-beer) on your phone. Only downside is the limited number of chamberings available…only rifle option is 5.56. No 7.62×39, 7.62 NATO, or .30-06, and definitely no 7.62x54R. Handgun options are a little bit better.

                    …not that I’d need any of these after the unfortunate boating incident in which all of my guns are now at the bottom of Lake Mead.

                    • AHh! No 7.62 and “phone” makes it a no-go for me. I could sure use the practice too! Wouldn’t be much fun without the bang and the recoil, and the smoke and the ‘poink!” and all anyway….. 🙁
                      Oh, yours are at the bottom of Lake Mead? What a coincidence, so are mine! 😀 (Any day now, we’re gonna start hearing about bass blowing fishermen’s heads off….)

                    • Sadly, mine were lost in the muddy Red River. You can’t find anything down there- you can’t see and the flow covered it all up. Shame really- I barely made it out alive myself and have no Idea where my boat went down…

        • Maybe you don’t understand the expression but choosing a hill to die on is the exact opposite of giving up. It’s about drawing a line in the sand that you’re willing to die defending. If I die defending our rights to not be treated like lab rats then so be it. But you can bet everything you have that I’ll take out as many of them as I can before they get me.

  18. Her daughter is apparently shameless. I would never in my wildest dream think of imposing such an option to any of my relatives. I deeply respect the rights and privileges of the very tiniest, and most abused minority, the individual. The thought of imposing my will upon such is abhorrent. If the daughter chose to stop seeing her, fine and dandy. To threaten it is disgusting. Just a few steps or less shy of the state imposing its will by threat of violence, or the commission thereof. “Do it my way or else.”

    • This is going on all over the place, I’m hearing it from a lot of the people I know. Some oldsters are even very aware of the experimental nature of the “vaccines” (especially the DNA-altering Pfizer and Merck experiments) and are still succumbing to pressure of their families. Basically it amounts to their brainwashed adult children stamping their feet and saying “You won’t be allowed to see your grandchildren if you’re not vaccinated!”

      It’s disgusting.

      • Reminds me of a variant of the saying, “Raise your kids and spoil your grandchildren; spoil your kids and raise your grandchildren.” The daughter sounds like a selfish, spoiled brat.

        • Unfortunately that is still a problem. I have acquaintances that have are now raising their grandchildren because they did such a shit job of raising their kids, who are now repeat criminal/drug addicts. Problem is that the grandparents are raising the grandchildren exactly the same as they screwed up their own kids. They accept no responsibility and therefore will not change their ‘parenting’ style.

          The grandchildren will almost certainly have several illegitimate spawn and serious social problems before they are 20, just like their parents.

        • Fortunately, I’m one of the elders that was long ago vaccinated against the effects of such piles of male bovine organic fertilizer. Perhaps not fortunate in my experience, but most definitely in my conscience, awareness, and my immortal soul.

      • Jason, I wish Eric’s forum had a simple “thumbs up” function. Nothing I can say would add to your excellent post.

  19. Used to be such a thing as disowning your children when they grow up to be total scumbags. She really ought to revise her will and power of attorney designation in case they believe they’re hustling her off a cliff and to their inheritance.

    • I find it odd how people cling to ‘family’. I get that there is shared history but, a stupid asshole is a stupid asshole even if they are related to you.

      How people can place genetics over principles baffles me.

      • It doesn’t baffle me. Family is the minimum political unit, and I hold mine in high regard. Never the less, there are limits. I tried for many years to help my brother overcome his habitual self destruction with drugs and drinking, until it became obvious that he was completely unconcerned about it. That happened about 20 years ago. He died from it 2 years ago at the unripe old age of 62, which is later than I expected him to. The only surprise was how far beyond my expectations, knowing his propensity, the disarray of his state of affairs was. I grieved his passing, but there was no surprise or shock involved, and few tears, knowing that was what he was working toward. Tears were shed long ago.

        • Yeah, family’s supposed to be your people, I’ve been lucky to have everyone in mine on the same page.

          She probably doesn’t want her grandkids’ minds poisoned against her this late in her life and doesn’t want to miss out on time with them.. but there’s still other ways to get messages to them after the fact. Standing by the principles that shield you from being dehumanized would’ve been a worthwhile legacy to leave behind. Ain’t like we all haven’t already been sacrificing at an accelerated rate this year. And if her kids are really being that overprotective, she’d be fooling herself not to realize there’s not gonna be much of the grandbabies humanity that’s left unspoiled, whatever god-given personalities they were born with have surely been reprogrammed to oblivion with all the garbage they pick up consuming YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ on each of their respective tablets.. Time to rewrite the will, take the bus to the casinos and enjoy what’s left of life..

  20. Honestly, I don’t understand this. Why would she (a grown woman in the later years of her life) bow them to the daughter that she created and raised? I love my family, but no one is going to make me do something I don’t want to do (I can thank my stubborn Aquarian nature for that one). If any of them said to me “You will not see us unless if you needle.” My response would be “It was nice knowing you. I wish you the best.”

    Fortunately, I have a very rationale family. Neither my sisters nor I would dare threaten our parents with the withholding of their grandkids. Seriously, how low does one have to get? If both (or one of my parents) decided to take the jab I would inquire about their sanity and honestly, be quite disappointed, but it is their body to do as they see fit. I would not disown them. We each have to make own choices when it comes to our own well being. I am sure it is very hard to pushback on what others believe it is the right thing to do, but if you feel strongly about something choices have to be made and sometimes friends and family relations have to be sacrificed. One hope it never has to come to that, but they made the choice, not us.

  21. Sounds like the daughter is seeking to justify her feelings by having her mother to adhere to the same psychosis –

    consensual validation – a type of confirmation bias

    I suspect most people don’t buy the “covid crisis” 100% at this point, and use the constant fear reinforcement to justify their continued adherence to the narrative

    I see the cognitive dissonance with some of the “faithful”; parrot all the MSM talking points, but don’t practice what they preach.

    • “consensual validation” right up there with “consensus science”.

      AKA, the arrogant certitude of the mob.

  22. You nailed it, Eric. The daughter was not willing to put her own health at risk by taking the untested jab, but instead pushed her mother in front of the train. News flash for the daughter – if there is a “rona” (and I’m not convinced there is), she hasn’t protected herself by sacrificing her mother.

    Logic is lost on the covidiots. I pray that your neighbor was fortunate enough to receive a placebo shot.

  23. And then, there is the Detroit mayor (not a doctor), who ordered…..

    The city of Detroit declined to accept 6,200 doses of Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine this week, state health officials said a day after Mayor Mike Duggan said during a briefing Tuesday that the city was “gonna protect Detroiters with a 95% vaccine.” On Wednesday night, Duggan’s spokesman John Roach said the city had enough Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to more than cover all of the upcoming week’s scheduled appointments and that the city would take Johnson & Johnson vaccines “in the next round … giving Detroiters that option.”


    • Duggan implies that J&J’s one-dose shot is a ‘separate but (un)equal’ vax for people of color, rural deplorables and other riff-raff … UH-OH!

      Meanwhile Commissar Newsom holds southern Commiefornia hostage in a lockdown until more hispanics — who may be less cooperative or less able to get jabbed — are inoculated.

      By insinuating a malign racial motivation behind everything from college admissions to vaccines to Dr Seuss books, progressives seem to be doing everything possible to ignite violent cultural conflict.

      Cities burned from 1965 to 1968, even as the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act were enacted. These concessions only seemed to fan the rage of those who felt ill-treated.

      Now, since retail districts in Manhattan were abandoned wholesale last spring, rampant graffiti has the city looking like the bad old days when Travis Bickle cruised his taxi through menacing, rotten neighborhoods.

      Seeing 40 years of improvement erased in a single year, I now doubt whether NYC and other big cities will EVER bounce back.

  24. I saw a mandatory vaccine coming day 1 of the hype. Im going to sell my city home and leave my blue state for a red state and live in the boonies. Have yet to decide what ill do for income but ill be in a position with no more debt after selling my place. This one might not be mandatory but the next will.

    • Hi Mooeing,

      I don’t believe they will mandate it, but they will make sure unvaccinated individuals do not participate in everyday events. This will be required for public modes of transportation, some employers, large social gatherings (concerts, sports events, etc.). The public schools and universities will probably require it (that is a given). Those of us that don’t have it will be ostracized and will have to create our own inner circles for goods and services. They don’t have to mandate it – look how quickly the sheep trampled in to line up and pull up their shirt sleeves. Just keep the fear going.

      I don’t know who gets the last laugh on this though – us or them? Why injure/kill the sheep and keep the sheep dogs? They seem to be promoting this in the inner cities, the southern border, nursing homes and assistant living facilities, those with comorbidities, etc. I still have too many unanswered questions or what the true objective is.

      • RG,

        If you’ve ever been to Honolulu you may have noticed many of the folks wearing a lanyard with their ID.

        My guess is that the vaccination certificates will be attached to the masks.

        Sort of a reverse Scarlet Letter.

        When I played GI Joe I had a yellow card that said I had gone through the line to get my shots.

        So this time around it will be the folks without the yellow identifiers who are sub human.


        • Okay, I will go with that, but they are going to depopulate the sheep and keep the sheep dogs? Why would you keep the people that know you are full of crap and aren’t going to oblige you, but do kill off the weakened, but those that fall in line? All are they just going to kill all of us? Who is going to listen to their BS stances if we are all six feet under?

          • You’re assuming that the jab is going to kill off the ones who take it. While that’s certainly a possibility, I’m guessing the current “treatment” is non-lethal. Who knows, it might even be a placebo designed to train everyone to fall in line for when the “real” vaccine gets here.

            And perhaps the jab was never intended to kill anyone (other than perhaps the physically weak), but will somehow manipulate the mind by making the recipients even more obedient and slave-like. The bottom line is, we don’t really know what their underlying motivation is with the jab (yet).

            • Psychopaths don’t need a plan, just the satisfaction of being in control of others. Non-psychos will rarely understand their motivations.

              What plan does the kid pulling wings off flies have?

              • Occam•otivation: I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a razor, to treat everything as if it were a throat :: or, the little red in tooth & claw engine that could.

                • Penn prefers Gillette, and Jillette is the product of Jack and Jill going up a hill; and Occam had a razor but pens don’t have erasers, but Penn is a Ray, sir.
                  Now I must go untangle my brain…it’s wrapped around my tongue.

                  • Pretty not bad.

                    Saw somebody with app•ropriate•a•dope credentials lamenting the racism of pink erasers disappearing colored pencil scribbles (eracerism?).

                    Haven’t seen, haven’t looked, the BLM position on anus bleaching, butt surely lightening infiltration of the exit is an outrage for more reasons than are even immediately obvious.

                    And that woodpeckers & sapsuckers tongues wrap completely around their golf ball brains so that the long drives that trying – & necessarily failing – to talk (or write) humanimal out of its condition is – all that headbanging against the ‘tree of knowledge’ – doesn’t concuss & headache & make the pecker pugilists punchy…or, even punchier than some of them already are.

                    Cue Sonny & Cher’s The Beat Goes On…right up until that final tree, right Sonny?

                    Off-piste is the road less travelled by to go, but only for those already so im-pist’d.

                    Bunny slope business, for the rest of the being readied to be consumed consumers, is big business. Cannibalism – the original & still the best, most invasive, cannabis weed.

                    “How to write about growing up? As children, especially as young children, we are too busy actually growing up to be able to put this experience into the distanced & interpretive frames of language & narrative. Not only are the great stories about childhood always written by adults looking back, remembering, perhaps inventing, perhaps fantasizing, but childhood itself might best be understood as an adult construct, a retrospective adult project. For starters, what would be the language of childhood? The French writer Georges Bernanos, late in his life, seeking to visualize the entry of his soul into the afterlife, saw himself as a child – l’enfant que je jus – as the deadest of his dead, yet leading the way, even though irretrievable. And on the far side of words. Is it too much to claim that language itself is the price we pay for leaving childhood, the conversion of wonder into grammar? Or could we, alternatively, see language as prize, as central attainment & means of empowerment in the process of growing up?

                    These matters are at once primitive & abstruse. Anyone who has seen the vibrancy of children at play senses the gap (in beauty & power) between “being” & “speaking.” And that may be the least of it, for language also heralds a regime of deferral & translation. The immediacy of experience is exchanged for the mediation of words. We exit the Garden into a realm of signs. Consider, in this regard, the young Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who saw his fundamental life crisis in just these colors. Retelling his life from the vantage point of age & retrospect (in Les Confessions), Rousseau recalls the life-altering episode of a stolen comb. *A stolen comb?* Yes, stealing a comb is what the child is wrongly accused of doing, but when he passionately argues that he is innocent, he is not believed. You may ask: Where’s the crisis? I repeat: He says he is innocent, he is not believed. This is no less than the entry into language as facticity, language as unreliable conduit. “There ended the serenity of my childish life,” he writes; words are a broken bridge, our hearts cannot be read.” ~ Arnold Weinstein, Morning, Noon & Night

                    Weinstein goes on, as he must, given his way of buttering his bread (comparative lit professor), to leaven the indictment loaf. “Balance,” & the oh-so reasonableness that prevails always (even during, for example, the Salem witch trials…). He writes about the offsetting upside. Not many are forensic accounting inclined enough to sum & subtract the numbers all the way to the bottom line, tho. Which line is something like (along with the negative sum) the scene in A Few Good Men where all-work-&-no-play-makes-Jack-a-dull-boy Nicholson snarls “You can’t handle the truth!” which inability to handle also simultaneously snares him.

                    Ozy prefers Harrys dot com. Razors, shaveing cream.

                    • Biden’s better bit has never not been down. Same as lesser bit. Same as the bits off those old blocks. Same as all politicians, governmental, or otherwise. Dante down. But lower. Go to the 9th level down & pry up the floorboards. Somewhere, under the drainbow, that’s where you’ll find them.

                  • Go see Penn and Teller at the Rio in Las Vegas while they’re still performing. When they’re done, a era ends.

      • Lawyers get the last laugh. The vaccine makers are immune to liability, by law, but those who coerce their use aren’t. This is a medical experiment by any definition of such. Compelling participation is a CRIMINAL ACT, much less grounds for civil action. The denial of services is compelling. The denial of participation is compelling. The denial of a livelihood is compelling. The question is, when will the ambulance chasers discover this? It’s a potential jackpot for lawyers. I would find it hard to believe there aren’t some that are salivating.

        • JK,

          You’re making the very GENEROUS assumption that we still have courts of law-ha! If the 2020 selection taught us nothing else, it’s that we no longer have courts of law. There isn’t a court in the land that’ll hear such a case!

          That’s not to say you aren’t right; you most definitely are. That’s not to say that your rationale isn’t on target; it is. That’s not to say that, if we had actual JUSTICE in this land, that these cases wouldn’t be heard and the guilty punished. Unfortunately, we no longer live in nation where the rule of law is practiced; we live under the rule of man. That’s just the way it is.

          Do you know who the judges are? They’re gov’t bureaucrats! They’re going to look out for gov’t interests first and foremost. Why do you think the SCOTUS has shredded our 4A over the years? Why do you think they allowed DUI checkpoints? Why do you think they allowed TSA groping at our airports? Why did they do nothing about that shameful, unconstitutional TRAVESTY known as the USAPATRIOT Act? It’s because they’re doing their masters’ bidding, that’s why!

          Oh, and lest you think an honest judge or two will do the right thing; lest you think some intrepid, district court judge somewhere will rule correctly; remember this: the gov’t can bend them to their will also. That’s what happened to judge named Harry Claiborne.

          You see, Judge Claiborne ran a tight ship in his courtroom. He expected all present to act in accordance with morals, the law, and legal ethics. That included Federal DoJ prosecutors. If someone did something wrong, Judge Claiborne held them accountable-no matter WHO they were.

          As you might suspect, the DoJ prosecutors didn’t like this very much; they didn’t like having to play by the rules to convict the bad guys. To make a long story short, a drug dealer who’d forfeited his bail and fled to Brasil. The Feds were on his trail, and were going to get him with help from the Brasilian gov’t. So the dealer called federal prosecutors, said he’d bribed Judge Claiborne, and the Feds went after the judge.

          This did a couple of things. For the dealer, it got him off the hook or reduced punishment. For the prosecutors, it opened the door to get this honorable judge and teach him a lesson; it also sent a message to other judges who might think of doing the right thing. To make a long story short, the Fed prosecutors took the judge to trial twice, and they ruined him. Do you think that lesson was lost on other judges, even SCOTUS Justices?

          So, don’t look for any judges to do the right thing, and to hear the cases. Shoot, SCOTUS blew off the TX and other states’ lawsuit about the elections! SCOTUS said that they didn’t have standing, even though the COTUS clearly says that they do, as the dispute was among different states in the union. If SCOTUS won’t do the right thing when they’re clearly commanded to do so, what makes you think that any judge in the land will go against the wishes of the gov’t that signs their paychecks? What makes you think that any other judge wants to be the next Harry Claiborne? What makes you think that judges would hear such cases against The Holy Jab?

          Those are my thoughts. What you say is correct; it is right. The law is clear. The rationale behind your arguments is logical, clear, legal, and right. However, it assumes that we live in a nation governed by the rule of law-an all too GENEROUS assumption! We live under the rule of man. As such, your cases will never see the light of day, let alone be adjudicated.

          • Boom, gov bureaucrats protect their own.

            A gov judge will shit all over a private business and make them pay out for defective car seats or whatever. But the moment the government’s involved…good luck

          • Of course. Since judges are paid from the same account as the rest of the Psychopaths In Charge, they are unlikely to take action against them. But one should not underestimate the greed of lawyers either. Nor the ability of many to manipulate the most corrupt court. This is what they study, all day, every day. Even if such litigation fails, if enough of them appear, they will aptly demonstrate their guilt. Sort of like forcing a vote on legislation so legislators expose themselves, even if the legislation has no chance of passing. Another thought. The state tends to quite often take the little guy’s side against private business.

      • After ongoing study, my take RG is that they murderously HATE and despise people who don’t think, the ones who fall for their tricks and deceit. As Bill Cooper said, “in their minds, animals that have intelligence but don’t use it are no better than animals without intelligence – beasts of burden and steaks on the table, by choice and consent.”

        My hope is that they are first going after the dumb fucks who eat up their sewage information with both hands, eyes closed. After that, we’ll see. But there will probably be a lot more space so maybe both groups can just stay apart.

        • Interesting take, Michael. Has there ever been a time in history that society kept alive the ones that questioned the system? We know that the weak are always enslaved, but usually the strong are killed, if nothing more than to stop the potential of altering the minds of the feeble.

          • Hi RG,

            This comment of yours reminded me of the scene in Gladiator, the one where Roman legions are about to wipe out the Teutonic “barbarians” who refuse to submit. At least they died like men. That is my plan as well, should it come to that.

            • I’ve always dug that opening scene, especially where the head of the Roman officer sent as an emissary to persuade the Goths to surrender to Roman authority is sent tumbling back down the hill. Of course, this means that the Goths won’t be shown any “quarter”, but at that point, they didn’t give a fuck, else, they’d have consented to be heavily taxed and have their young men drafted into the Roman Army.

              Could end up being OUR fate, for all we know. As the late LTG Lewis Burrell “Chesty” Puller, like a few other REAL fighting men of his generation mused, America is in danger of being conquered and our women used as breeding stock to produce a hardier race.

        • Indeed the people pushing this are eugenecists. Logically I cannot fault them. Morally, they are repulsive and think themselves god. And the tribulations will continue.


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