Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 5/10/22

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Here’s the audio of this week’s underground radio with Bryan Hyde, who hosts the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about the good that can be gleaned from bad times, even in the worst of times:

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  1. Thanks for the question and it is a big question that philosophers have argued over for millenia. The standard answer is withdraw consent. Government must have your consent to operate – and if everyone resists government then they are dead in the water – but government creates classes of people to play along – the welfare hoards getting assistance and the wealthy contractors – who get billions in contracts. The middle class is screwed.

    The government knows exactly how to hold power.

    Ayn Rand wrote extensively about this problem – the individual vs the State. In Atlas Shrugged her hero John Galt withdraws from society and forms his own Libertarian community called Galt’s Gulch – composed of thinkers and inventors – who live in peace and prosperity with no government. That is a romantic idealistic proposal, in the real world just move to a more free area.

    Another path to freedom is to isolate yourself from their control. Many people simply move from USSA Amerika police state to South or Central America where government has little control. Mexico is a great option. Hondurus is adopting Bitcoin. I have lived in the tropics – Hawaii – I owned nothing – lived off the free food growing everywhere. If you have nothing to steal then the government is not interested in you and thus you are free.

    People living in the jungle are free. So long as you can sleep without heat and eat without grocery stores then you are essentially living wild and free. Natives in Papua New Guinea are not paying taxes or rent. Many expats moved to the Phillipines and live in the upper crust with their social security check.

    You can be free and wealthy – take your hard earned money and purchase gold and silver and keep it stored on you modest property – underground in a safe – which is protected from thieves and fires – even war. I wish I took every paycheck since I was 14 and bought gold, because if I had I would be a multi millionaire by now.

    Forget interest in a savings account – that is the trap – because the bank reports you interest to the IRS. If you buy gold with cash no one knows. It is untraceable. You have the gold and the government can screw itself. And remember whoever has the gold makes the rules. That is true for yourself on a small level as it is on a larger macro level. When NATO invaded Libya the first thing they did was steal the 200 tons of gold. 911 was the biggest gold heist in history. That in itself is a huge story. Now they are confiscating yachts. Lavrov said two weeks ago that the western banks stole $300 billion in oil trading accounts. That sized theft is cause for nuclear annihilation IMO. So all of this is mute point if you live in London, Berlin, NYC where the nukes will fall vaporizing the Judeo banking cartel operations.

    Don’t buy gold now. Gold is high priced at $2,000. The Fed is raising interest rates to the moon. IMO interest rates are going back to the 1980 highs around 18%. As interest rates shoot up all financial assets will go down. Stocks will crash. Real estate will crash. Crypto will crash. Gold will crash.

    Buy gold when the price falls below the price of production. When silver is below $10 and gold below $500 then that is when you buy. Buy physical gold and squirrel it away.

    Political freedom is synonomous with financial freedom. You can’t move to a free area without money. There is no solution to the government problem, we are ruled by cults and money junkies. If you inherit the family farm and can’t pay the tax then sell it to some investor and move to a low tax area.

    Another path to freedom is simply get so wealthy you tell government what to do. That is what Bill Gates is doing.

  2. Jack, every government on the face of the earth is founded on its assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. Sane people do not seek such power over their neighbors. Hence governments are always quickly saturated with sociopaths and psychopaths. There is no political solution, because the political landscape is inhabited by lunatics.

  3. Here is a link to 2000 Mules movie. Even if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, just watch the first 15 secs where Biden is admitting they have a network to steal the election:


    After watching the movie I thought they ought to have armed militia by every voting drop box to stop the mules from ballot stuffing. The state (says) it derives it’s power from consent of the voters (but cheats anyways).

    Politics is all a sham. The state is a gang of crooks passing out welfare to a gang of thieves, and hiding their criminal behavior behind fine suits and authoritative titles like Pontiff Maximus (a pseudonym for biggest dickus).

    If want my 2 cents on why government fails every time it is because no one has one bit of authority over another, so how can you even have “authority” when it doesn’t really exist. Just think about it for awhile – do you really have authority to boss other people around?

    This is self evident, you know that you should not force people to do things against their will, like pay taxes or go to war. Humans are naturally free but fool themselves thinking they have the right to vote and appoint others to rule over them.

    What happens is this system of authority and power immediately attracts those who should not have it, the system attracts corrupt people, people who like to lie to get power – and as the system matures – people like Biden – a 100% corrupt POS pedophile are at the top creating a vote fraud system to stay in power – and they will kill, lie, cheat to keep this power.

    Fact: the worst of the worst are at the top of this system.

    And thus the Libertarian minded soul, who wants to live free, and many (like me) who don’t vote because choosing between the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. I don’t want Biden and I don’t want Trump – the system never offers us a real choice of an authentic candidate who will give us freedom from government.

    Now if you want a wake up call about how voting is actually the most evil thing you can do then watch this awesome rant by Libertarian Larkin Rose:

    Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

    Bottom line? There is no solution to the problem of individual liberty vs. the state. The two can not coexist. So that means if you want freedom and sound money you will have to spend you life doing everything possible to stay alive, stay unjabbed, stay out of wars, not get ruined by hyper-deflation or hyper-inflation or central bank insanity. You must be like a wild animal and evade capture and control and be put in a zoo and milked to death by the evil system of government.

    • Hi Jack,

      I consider that we have myriad problems – “we” being those of us who simply wish to be left in peace, to pursue happiness (as Jefferson styled it) and agree to live – and let live. Unfortunately, there are only so many of “we.” Then there are the rest – the busybodies and control freaks, the parasites and psychopaths. These people are not interested in live – and let live – and their “happiness” consists in making us miserable by depriving us of everything that makes us happy, especially our desire to just be left alone.

      Thus, the question arises: How to deal with these people. More precisely, how do we deprive them of the power to take away our happiness?


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