Diaper Report 2/27/21

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After days of clouds and rain, the sight of a little sunshine is restorative. Affirmation that it will stop raining, eventually. That the gloom is not forever.

I thought I’d share some cloud-parting sunshine with you from the front lines of the war against weaponized hypochondria.

The phone range and I picked it up. My nice neighbor lady was on the line. Her voice was up tempo as she related how she had shed the Face Diaper she is sick of wearing and won’t anymore. Even for the sake of her friend, who is riddled with fear of sickness and threatened to refuse to visit with her or shop with her unless she put the loathsome, degrading vestment on.

My neighbor lady told me she told this friend she would love to see her and go shopping with her and that she is welcome to wear her “mask” – as these things are styled – if she wishes to but that she will not and that’s it. If it makes her uncomfortable, she will have to deal with it. The friend backed down and the two went shopping – and dining – without my friend even going-through-the-motions of feigning agreement with sickness psychosis as by perfunctorily and partially putting the vestment on to enter a restaurant before taking it off at the table – a species of kabuki so ridiculous that the general willingness to perform it speaks volumes about the beaten-down spirits of those who perform it.

She could barely contain her enthusiasm as she told me how good it felt to not have that muzzle over her face. To feel like a human being rather than made to feel like a leper. I have heard the same story from several others who’ve shed the vestment, having reached the end of their willingness to be shamed into the wearing of it. Uniformly, they describe the weight lifted; the sense of oppressiveness vitiated and – most of all – that they feel normal again.

My neighbor friend is a woman in her early 70s – exactly the profile most easily shamed and pressured into wearing the vestment, being physically among the least able to back down a religious bully. My friend wore the vestment for awhile for this reason and also because she wanted to see people – even if she could not see their faces. Like many older people, she is retired (and also a widow) and sickness psychosis has deprived these people of social contact to such a degree that serious depression has become a far greater threat to their lives than “the virus.”

But the wearing of the vestment as the condition of marginal social interaction is even more depressing. My friend describes the alienation from her friends; the awkwardness in the air. The way “the virus” – or rather, the weaponized fear of it and all the associated pathologies – has poisoned everyday normalcy and made life bleak and sad for the putative sake of “stopping the spread.”

She’s had enough – and is now determined enough to assert her right to live without pretending to live in fear of death that she has cast aside the vestment. Of such bricks are mighty fortresses made.

I also bumped into an old friend at my local supermarket – a Kroger that has the sign on the door about “local ordinances” (no such thing) “requiring masks” but absolutely no attempt made to make anyone wear one.

Yet almost everyone does wear one. This is an ominous indicator of the metastasis. Of the way rampant mental illness is being normalized. It is a phenomenon very closely related to what the writer Hannah Arendt called the “banality of evil.” By which she meant that evil (in Germany during the Late Unpleasantness) had become so general as to no longer be extraordinary. When almost everyone walks around with an armband on, the wearing of an armband becomes unexceptional no matter the exceptional evil it represents.

The same as regards this symbol of a different cult that is in many ways the same cult.

People no longer bat an eye. And they just comply – out of fear of eyes being batted at them if they don’t.

Like the old friend I met at the supermarket the other day. He is a nice old hippie and known to me as someone who does not believe in the tenets of the Sickness Cult. We used to drink coffee together at the Sweet Donkey cafe, where I am no longer welcome due to my refusal to pretend to believe in the tenets of the Sickness Cult, in particular the wearing of the facial vestment thereof.

He feels the same –  and yet, I almost didn’t see (almost did not recognize) him . . . because most of his face was obscured by the vestment.

I was so startled to not see his face that I immediately said: What the hell are you wearing that idiotic thing for?


A few eyes turned toward me – none batted, though. I am 6ft 3 and 220 pounds of not-putting-up-with-it and so far haven’t had anyone try to make me. But my friend is an old hippie and not 6ft 3 or 220 pounds. He is a gentle and sweet guy who goes out of his way to not be the source of eyes batting.

Which is exactly what these sickness bullies depend on to get people like my friend and countless others to kowtow to their joy-killing, life-sapping degradation rituals.

My friend removed his vestment and the two of us talked for some time in the store, an island of sanity amid a sea of sickness. I urged my friend to not bow his head by effacing his face; that to do so is the opposite of kindness to others because it is to participate in the making of evil banal.

That it is critical to call evil out by not pretending it isn’t evil for the sake of getting along and not causing a fuss.

The point was excellently portrayed in the Thomas Bolt play, A Man for All Seasons – which is about King Henry VIII’s friend and chancellor of England, Sir Thomas Moore, who refused to give in to Henry’s pressure to publicly disavow his deeply held principles. There is a dialogue in the play between Moore and his friend, the Duke of Norfolk – who tries to persuade Moore to just go along with it for the sake of fellowship:

Norfolk: Oh confound all this. I’m not a scholar, I don’t know whether the marriage was lawful or not but – dammit, Thomas, look at these names! Why can’t you do as I did and come with us, for fellowship!

More: And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?

Exactly so.

And so I told him.

. . .

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    • Saw this one yesterday with the daughter. Very funny. 🙂

      I like the car in the video….it looked like an 80s Corvette to me….anybody have any idea what it is?

      • LOL, that does not look like hand sanitizer!

        In all seriousness, seeing the diapered sheeple does make my stomach churn.

  1. Eric,

    Along with the weekly diaper report we may need to include a weekly jab report. 😉

    The nincompoops that are now running the White House have decided that it is now best to get the insurance companies involved. Oh, yea! The last paragraph fills me with the most dread. I am a little bit thankful I don’t have health insurance.

    We might as well take bets….how long before the health insurance companies mandate “no jab, no insurance”?

    • Hi Nasir,

      Indeed. However, it’s important to note that not all young people are neurotics. I personally know several teenagers/young adults who share our contempt of the Sickness Cult. The corporate press puts out stories such as this to perpetuate their sick narrative. Use it for fish wrap or something equivalent…

  2. This prolly already old news, but Gov Abbott is rescinding EO’s and lifting mask mandates. Finally, businesses and individuals can make their own decisions again about free association!

    Of course Dems are calling him a murderer (but crickets about abortion on demand)…conveniently ignoring the fact that any business or individual who wants to continue in bondage can now freely do so.


    • I love reading this. This Wednesday Texas will open 100% of all businesses. No more 50% dining capacity or “non essential” business shutdowns. No state mask mandate. It is about time!

      • Every little bit helps, RG! Hoping the list will grow, as a big GFY to Bidet and his merry band of misfit toys. Maybe, just maybe, the truth will begin to sink into the cement-headed among us. That life can go on just fine without diapers and the other assorted idiocy, with “the curve” flattening itself. That diapers did nothing but make the wearer look like the buffoon they are. A bonus here is the left losing their shit. More please!

        • Hi BAC,

          I am starting to see cracks in the system. I travel into the DC metro area weekly to see my clients. Last tax season no one wanted to be anywhere near me. This week alone I have five client meetings in one day. Those are 2019 numbers. Hopefully, all of us, won’t have to bear this much longer.

          • Hi RG,

            Into the Heart of Darkness! You have my sympathy. I used to live up there. I remind myself regularly how fortunate I am to not be living there anymore.

            • I can get as far as Gainesville and then I start cringing.

              Hubby does it everyday though. Last week he told me he was making a repair at one of the Fairfax County libraries and he was on a lift working in the ceiling and the librarian comes in screaming. He thought the building was on fire. The reason….he didn’t have his mask on…..20’ up in the air.

        • I think people in the west really need to wake up start realising whats happening outside the western countries. most everywhere else – life is basically back to normal. I recall my experience in Pakistan. Friend had a similar experience recently in Brazil. I suspect thats why they keep inventing new strains of the virus for countries that aren’t buying the con – and using that to lock up people who come over to western countries…. The middle east – Dubai got back to normal and all the british “social media influencers” ended up in Dubai partying like normal, posting posting pics. Waking up the british sheeple. Suddenly new strains were discovered by our noble politicians from Dubai – and travel from the country was banned (and if you do, you must be imprisoned for 14 days, and unlike if you commit a real crime – you have to pay for this yourself – almost 2K for the stay !!)

          • I agree, Nasir. I was looking at pics of Croatia last night….no masks, street cafes open, no social distancing, etc. I commend Asia and Eastern Europe for waking up and smelling the bull shit.

            But, they are still laying on the travel requirements pretty thick. Most (if not all) still require some bogus PCR test showing you aren’t negative and or a 7/14 day quarantine. Pretty much every country are vaccinating their people with these garbage gene therapy treatments. Kudos to Madagascar and Tanzania for not force feeding the vaccine to their citizens, but they are still demanding masks wearing and testing.

            Maybe certain countries have reopened for their citizens, but not to the world. Honestly, I don’t see world travel ever going back to normal.

            • Damn RG – is Croatia open too !!? Went there a couple years ago around this time – was beautiful. Got in just after everything opened after winter, but well before proper tourist season started…. was beautiful, laid back and cheap…. God im going to miss traveling….

            • Tanzania wanted no part of this madness, from what I’ve read, until their president died a few weeks ago. A new, more UN/WEF-friendly president has now been selected. Rumors are that the Tanzanian president died from the Convids, but it might have been a heart attack. The globalists are not too concerned about what stories we conjure up about deaths of people (i.e., Kary Mullis, Tanzania’s president, other African presidents who don’t comply), but they are quite concerned that these folks are dead. Dead men can’t talk, and this lack of ability of us non-conformists to speak seems quite important to the Powers That Shouldn’t Be.

              • Hi Trish,

                I circle back to what I consider to be the essential – inarguable – fact: The inexplicable over-reaction to this virus. Which becomes explicable if one changes ones premise from one of health to one of control. People like Fauci know the ‘Rona is not a general threat; accordingly, they know the “lockdowns” and Kabuki – and now, the Needling – were not/are not justified in terms of the general population’s risk. Therefore, I conclude there is another reason for all of this. At minimum, that reason is more control – over the general population. The push to Jab everyone could be nothing more than a way to further control people – and to also cover their asses, so to speak – by making it appear the Great Crisis was “cured” rather than never existed. But it could be something else – and much worse.

      • Hi RG,

        Abbot finally did something right – like the clock that tells the correct time once each day! But it’s an important step in the right direction. Several states have rescinded the Diaper “mandates”and that will apply pressure on others to do the same, especially the adjacent ones. As more do the same, a tipping point will hopefully arrive that makes it very hard for any state except the most politically deranged (e.g., CA) to maintain the charade.

        What keeps me going is the desperate hope that – just maybe – the creeps behind all of this overplayed their hand; that they pushed too hard, too fast and without being able to contain the truth with sufficient effectiveness. If that turns out to be the case, there would be a massive, pro-freedom backlash against all of this.

        Fingers crossed.

        • Retailers are also stating they will keep enforcing the repealed diaper mandate. So expect, in some places, empowered clerks to continue to get in people’s faces. I guess maybe it was never about laws or executive orders, but lowlife corporations pushing psychological abuse on their customers. Should strengthen our resolve to support local and small businesses.

          • Going to turn the psyop on its head. Small businesses that go mask-free will make bank – corporates that insiste on diapers can swing in the breeze.

          • Hi BAC,

            I’m glad to hear that some of these retailers will continue to enforce Diapering even in the absence of “mandates.” Because in the absence of “mandates,” other businesses will not enforce Diapering and people will flock to them. I hope the businesses that push Diapering when the government isn’t forcing them to go out of business and that everyone actively involved is shunted into penury and misery. They are truly the scum of the earth.

            • I am going to be the cynical one this time. Just because TX and MS have omitted mask mandates the local governments will step in and override the state. Does anyone believe that Austin or Dallas isn’t going to put a local mandate in place? Of course they will and businesses will have to abide by it. SC has never had a state mask mandate, but damn it if every town in SC doesn’t. Even when their isn’t a local or a state mandate every business in the town has a sign on the door that states a mask is required.

              Why? The locals demand it. The Karens will scream bloody murder if a business doesn’t require one. The few rebels, like many on this forum, aren’t going to reverse these people’s thinking. If 90% of the public (and businesses) have willingly gone along with this why do we believe there will be change?

              They could open up the entire country tomorrow and everything would be the same. We are looking at a psychological nightmare. The trauma that the government has inflicted upon its citizens should resort in no less than a public firing squad.

              • Of course, RG. It will get local and it will manifest at the level of individual establishments. But the upshot will be that more and more oases will appear, particularly as you get more rural. To hell with the cities, maybe this will drive them further to the brink.

                Like you and many here, I’ve had to rearrange my life to avoid diaper madness. I often will travel far or go out of my way to patronize trusted establishments. Would be so much better to at least have a few more local options. A few more ice cubes in this hell.

                In CT, I’m doomed to suffer this for a long time. But, my list of places to escape for short term stints seems to be growing ever more.

                • Hi BAC,

                  That is good to hear. I am glad you have been able to find some relief from this and hopefully, some great businesses to boot! 🙂

  3. Loads slow but worth the wait,

    principia-scientific.com/lawyers-promise-nurember-trials-against-all-behind-covid-scam (stupid fucking WP won’t allow http: today)

    I doubt it will succeed as the courts of the world seem mighty corrupt. But it is something.

  4. “Freedom Bracelet” – how Orwellian.


    Still better than Canada where they kidnap you at the airport and jail you in a hotel, at your expense.

  5. I still find the gal front and center to be shapely. The pantaloons are demeaning.
    My wife wants a new van. I rode around in it for a short time and found it most comfortable on flat roads. I suggested that we ride down the street that is still original brick. It was bad (Honda).
    My CTS-V with 2011 suspension is far better and will do scary things to ladies. She continually gives me grief about my lack of skill to operate the seat. I have to agree. There is no way that I can operate the controls without a woman co-pilot.
    Surprisingly she allows that the manual gearbox is not her thing, but we sort it out in naked combat.

    • I think that’s one of the stupidest and most irrelevant worthless comments I’ve ever come across, clover, er I mean, Erle.

      Idiocracy, is calling you?

      • Actually, I found the naked combat saying hilarious. I think I will mention that to hubby. We will it add to our repertoire. 🙂

        • Hilarious to you, yet having nothing to do with the subject.
          Combat lovemaking seems kind of obnoxious to me, but whatever.
          Seems like something the Power Elite do.
          Or, wanna be’s.

          • Not everything in life has to be serious at all times. Sometimes something coming out of nowhere breaks up the monotony and makes us realize we needn’t take everything at face value.

            Just my thoughts.

  6. Theres one sad thing ive noticed here in the UK – how many so called libertarian / conservative voices have rolled over and accepted the vaccine…. its actually quite depressing. The few such voices we have, all are giving in… the last is this weekends article by a guy in the uK named peter hitchens – who basically seems to have thrown in the towel and given up on the cause of fighting this con – because he said that the only way they will allow him to travel is if he has the vaccine. Basically wrote a surrender piece in his column here, and did the whole thing of posting pictures getting the jab…. What I found very strange is how quick the towel was thrown in – because right now you CAN still travel without the jab…. I guess slowly they always get to you…

    • Hi Nasir,

      It is depressing. It is also of a piece – the logical evolution – of the general acceptance of Gate Rape as a condition of being allowed to travel by air. The cattle put up with it for the sake of a convenience. That is how little they care about their rights, or even their dignity.

      Much less yours and mine.

      • You know Anon there is a part of me that suspects that – hes been paid off or something. He did the whole selfie thing with the happy NHS nurse getting the jab. And if you follow him he doesnt exactly come across as the guy who would take a selfie getting a jab!! Unless he got instructions…..

    • Hi Nasir,

      I read Peter Hitchens piece about taking the needle. I am not familiar with his writings, but what I have read about him he seemed to be a believer of UK liberty and was not a fan of the current conservative movement. I view him as as a traitor very much as I see Jodi Ernst or Marco Rubio. Either one is principled or their not. One can’t claim that Covid is overblown and then be the first to line up for the “vaccine”.

      It is disheartening to see so many line up to receive the jab. If someone feels better getting it, go for it, but I hate the peer pressure that is forced on the rest of society. I love traveling, but I realize those days are over (at least me flying in any type of commercial aircraft). Travel or an experimental, understudied, new gene therapy treatment that instead of a live or dead virus being injected into your body you get a genetic sequence code that is supposed to develop some type of spike protein? That doesn’t seem like a hard decision to me. I think I will go with not traveling.

      I am surprised the amount of clients that received it. Most in their 50s and in good shape. I have been asked a few times if I was getting it and my answer has always been the same “no”. Maybe these clients know something I don’t. Melinda Gates is extremely disappointed that this is not going to third world countries first. Maybe we are looking at the biggest reverse psychology experiment ever.

      • Raider Girl,

        From just the given statistics here in Az, for the age group 44-54, you have a 6.5% chance of being hospitalized and about a 0.8% chance of dying, if you become a case (whatever that might mean). Of course, how many people were exposed and didn’t get sick or were asymptomatic is anyone’s guess, so there are probably many more cases and less chance of serious problems, if those conditions would be defined as “cases”. Now, does that greatly differ from other diseases?

        I have absolutely no problem with someone if they WANT to the get a vaccine because they’ve decided it would be better than the alternative risk, but things are getting far too 666 for me (and not in a cool way!). There is too much acceptance of doing whatever the hell people are told, and now they seem quite willing to accept “show me ze (immunity) papers” on entry to any business. They’ll remind me that schools and colleges do such things. Yeah, and I put up with it to get my university education (though perhaps not NOW, considering the state of the universities). Interestingly enough, I don’t remember it being required for community college…
        I didn’t like airline travel anyway, so they can suck it if they want to impose even more restrictions. Besides, Blade Runner and Back to the Future promised me flying cars.
        I honestly don’t know any of the people about which you speak, save for Marco Rubio. And he’d have to be on the “right side” before he could be a traitor, right? 😉

      • Yeh – he was one of the sensible more libertarian minded conservatives in the UK. One of the very few. You may not agree with all he writes but he always brought an interesting perspective which is why I liked him. Till this piece….

        It was very depressing and disheartening, didnt even get through it – almost like a man has been lost in battle or something. it was a complete roll over and wave the white flag, (falsely) hoping that if he accepts the new mandates from our overlords he’ll be treated nicer by them…. I do in the back of my mind accept that some people may unfortunately have to take the jab for work or other essential purposes which they will be powerless to say no to – and as sad as it makes me I wont really hold it against them. But we are not at that stage yet for anyone really… why he jumped in and got it so soon is really beyond me – as you said another turncoat…

        Your other point also really surprised me – how many people are happily getting it. One of the sharpest people I know was one of the first to get it…. I really dont understand…

        • Morning, Nasir!

          I can’t understand the eagerness – the willingness – to get the “vaccine,” either. It is the equivalent of a last-ditch experimental treatment for a terminal illness, with lots of unknowns and potentially serious side effects. It is understandable to take such risks when you’re dying. But when you’re healthy? This is madness.

          • really dont get it – people ask why I have gone so much to the so called “conspiracy theories” on this one – and I tell them, the way this vaccine is being forced on healthy people – something has to be up. I mean even if you get it – your odds of dying are very low as we are aware. And even with that – there are at least half a dozen good treatments for it that work…. the ones that will get you banned from facebook, twitter, youtube and all if you name them. I know because as I mentioned my dad, who is somewhat in the higher risk category got it in Pakistan, and there was a full menu of choices to treat it, which he decided based on advice from our family doctor. Each of these medications has been tried and tested and around for decades, and costs pennies….. yet they block all those treatments, and then push through a vaccine via an “emergency approval” with no real testing !!

            • Hi Nasir,

              It’s a function of fear – and innumeracy. Many people can’t grok that – if one is healthy – the risk of drying from the WuFlu is much less than the risk of a serious side effect arising from the injection of this “vaccine.” I’ve read that the rate of significant adverse effects for other vaccines is about 1 in 40. How about those odds? As opposed to a “virus” that 99.8-something of healthy people recover from without major medical intervention?

          • Eric, methinks you’re too young to recall the ’76 Swine Flu clusterfvck re: vaccinations, if you were on the scene at all. I was in “high” school (but a cross between the jocks and the eggheads, didn’t hang out with the “stoners”), and we were arm-twisted into getting the vaccine (Central Florida, Orlando area, Lake Howell HS, to be specific) on threats of being dis-enrolled. I don’t recall suffering any side effects, but some of my classmates did, though I’m fairly sure none came down with the dreaded “Giullian-Barre” Syndrome. Forty-Five years ago, it was then a case of a flagging Presidential administration, knowing that prospects of re-election weren’t looking good, despite the best efforts of their opposition to screw things up, and what they ended up doing was, from a political standpoint, a disaster, never mind the overall lack of credibility that the CDC got out of the whole mess. As I recall, a then YOUNG Dr. Fauci was involved. We just NEVER learn…

  7. I can’t figure out if Donald Trump is a bigot or a antagonist, definitely an outside agitator, a showman, a snake oil salesman for sure, the dumbass. He sure is funny, can captivate a crowd while Nancy Pelosi can only make you wonder what in the hell is happening here, jebus ka-ricet, who couldnaknowed. lol

    Jokers to the left of me, clowns to the right.

    The only one who makes any sense is Trump even though you know Trump can’t be trusted, it is the only reason for some hope.

    Help us, Donnie yuan Kenobi, you’re our only hope. har

    Too late, sucker, get that mask on.

    I am appalled that I am stared at by masked fools who are kind of stunned to see my bare-naked ugly mug.

    They wonder if there is something wrong with me, when it is obvious there is something wrong with them, they don’t dare show their face like they should, they should be embarrassed to be seen masked like some slave.

    However, you are the pariah who needs to be shipped off to the Pale, housed indefinitely in the gitmo gulag.

    How dare you show your naked face in public when everyone knows you should where a mask. What is wrong with you?

    The new kool-aid is the permanent mask worn in public.

    Mask wearer translates to kool-aid drinker. Bill Hicks would agree, he would tell and demand all mask wearers to kill themselves immediately. lol

    It’s gonna take Buddha to extricate the masses from the madness.

  8. Some have made mention of this CPAC event.

    “55 percent of respondents saying they would vote for him (Trump) in a hypothetical 2024 primary.”

    “In the straw poll that demonstrated Trump’s continuing hold on the GOP, 21 percent said they’d vote for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and 4 percent said they’d go with South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R).”

    So, as always, people are slaves to the Cult of Personality, and actions mean less than words.

    FOUR percent for Kristi Noem, who arguably governed her state best (least) during this fiasco?!
    People learn nothing.

  9. This Diaper Report depresses me, as I just came back from the Catskills where I found many diaper-free zones, now returned to my home turf. Today’s adventure was a bike ride that took me through the towns of Ridgefield, CT and Pound Ridge, NY (time to start naming and shaming).

    I saw about 40-50 people in the aggregate, walking along the roads and in the towns. All but one man were fully diapered. OUTSIDE, FFS! Men, women, children with a cloth gag ball over their blow holes. One man even came out of his house with a blue paper diaper covering his face, as he walked to his car in the driveway. Sheep, you isn’t gonna catch a virus outside, particularly with a February wind blowing around you.

    I know I must consider the source, but this makes me so angry. These pinko fucktards honestly believe they are doing the Lord’s (Fauci, not Jesus, the latter whom they hate) work. Their slavish compliance is keeping this hell in place. Their devotion to the covid cult will never wane. They wantonly destroy what’s left of freedom for our kids and their (now lack of) future. They trip over themselves and push the grandma they accuse us of killing to the ground to be the first to get the needle. They would wear armbands. They would point out where Anne Frank is hiding. They would march us to the pits or the camps, and not bat an eye. Shameless, evil bastards. May their mRNA rest heavily upon them.

    • I doubt I’ll ever understand those who wear the face diaper outside. Like you said, especially in February wind.
      I went to an outdoor farm equipment auction today. There must have been at least 500 producers walk through, most stood shoulder to shoulder or were bunched up. I only saw 4 face diapers the whole time and one was on a six year old being led by a maskless adult, go figure.
      It was real nice being surrounded by all those productive intelligent un-afraid human beings.

        • There is nothing special about “WHITE MEN”. Anyone, regardless of ethnicity, who has the capacity for critical thought can readily see through the BS. (R.I.P. Walter Williams.) I know quite a few “WHITE MEN”, even those that WORK for a living, who lack this capacity and are face diaper and holy jab True Believers.

          • The most likely category of those present at the farm equipment auction that “helot” mentioned. Of course, Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, ALL welcome to cast off the face diaper as well.

            And yes, as you cited, “Whitey” is not necessarily immune from being WILLINGLY duped. I will hazard a guess that most, if not all of the “duped”, neither farm nor run their own business, and more likely than not work in the public sector or those outfits best-described as “Beltway Bandits”.

      • Hi Myles

        I found the same in Milford, even in Norwalk, and points north (places to escape). It’s Wilton, Westport, Westin, New Canaan, Darien, Rowayton and Stamford. And Westchester county NY, all of it. All in this corner of communism.

    • I hear you, BAC, and your words ring true.

      Hell, they’re out riding bikes and jogging while diapered HERE, in Phoenix, when it’s nearly 80 degrees outside and SUNNY, the world being bathed in UV light!

      But they don’t understand light or viruses or freedom or any other goddamned thing. They just understand to swim in the same direction as the other goldfish.

      • How does one jog or ride a bike, or anything for that matter, in 80+ degree heat, with something obscuring your mouth and nose? If only we could bottle this kind of stupidity.

        • Some cross of idiocy and masochism?

          What I do know is, if the Lords of Sickness don’t tell these dimwits that they can stop diapering in the next month or two, they’ll be doing the same in the 90s and 100s, with, I’m sure, some of them succumbing to their own foolishness.

        • Hello BAC,

          There was a article Eric wrote a few days back about the first time we saw someone wearing a Face Diaper. I don’t remember the exact first time; here in Ohio is was about April last year the Guvnah “recommended” them (soon to become a “mandate”, of course). What I do remember clearly is in May, once the weather got warmer, I was mowing my front lawn in 80-some degree weather and some guy rode by on a bicycle, by himself, with a Face Diaper on.

          That was when I realized it wasn’t ending anytime soon. 😝

        • Depends…if your an aging POTUS candidate, half-way to brain dead already, you can bike ride in warm weather for as far as the cameras roll….

        • Hi BAC,

          We’ve had back-to-back ice storms in my area, along with bitter cold and wind. I’ve become too much of pussy to run outside in such weather, so I go to the gym to ride the gerbil wheel in lieu. This is where you see a few Freaks… who will walk in to the joint wearing their Face Blankie and then take it off to exercise.

    • I am in Santa Cruz, California. One of the most liberal cities in the country. Just about everyone wears a face diaper outdoors. We have some of the best hiking trails in California but I cannot stand going hiking or running outside anymore because there are so many scared people quickly adjusting their masks to protect themselves from my “unclean” bare face as we pass each other, or people giving me the stink eye for not diapering. Last month, I took a day trip to San Francisco and I have got the finger from what looked like a techie bro for choosing not to diaper outdoors. It is absolute madness here.

      • Surely there must be jobs in the tech sector in other places than “Satan Cruz”.

        Apologies for calling you “Shirley”.

      • Hi Anon,

        I feel your pain. While I force myself to go out amongst the Freaks – to show my face, in their Diapered faces – I weary of the sight. My pity has transitioned into contempt. The country needs to be fumigated.

        • Jack Nicholson’s version of the Joker was dead on, save it’s more than the city of Gotham that’s in dire need of an “enema”…

  10. Visited with three clients today….all of us were maskless. It was awesome. Felt like old times.

    On the way home ran into Walgreens, nobody said anything about my bare face. Maybe I picked the right time to stop in. Only one other customer in the store, a guy in his 50s picking up some ciggies in his camouflage mask. The clerk half heartedly wore his.

    Maybe a little headway is being made, hope it continues.

      • That’s good to hear. It was the first time I have been in the store since December 2019. I am cautiously testing the waters with a few of these stores and seeing how far I can get.

        • Morning, RG –

          In Roanoke, the Krogers, Home Depots and Lowes do not enforce religious codes. Also, I went to Play it Again Sports and had no problems. But watch out for Plato’s Closet. Militant religious freaks there….

          • I have had luck with Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, and every convenience store in town. :). Even got away with it at Target….once.

    • Morning, RG,

      Another morsel of good news for you: I stopped by my accountant to hand over all my payin’ paper. No “masks” in sight. Not on him, not on his secretary. We shook hands, too – like human beings used to do.

      • LOL. Not one accountant I know seems to wear one. I spoke to a few peers recently and we are all in agreement. I think it is pretty hard to BS people who read numbers for a living. The data isn’t there to consider Covid a serious threat worthy of a worldwide shutdown, loss of employment, and mental imbalance. One client and I chatted for an hour and a half yesterday…a half hour on taxes the next hour on how f’ed up the government is.

  11. A few weeks ago I went to what I refer to as a junky thrift store, there were big bold, in red, signs everywhere which said a mask was – required – to enter the store.
    I thought, they deal in used grimy stuff, ? go figure. We went in anyway, no one gave us a hard time. Total compliance by everyone except us.
    This week I went back, the big bold signs were gone, in their place were neon green ones which said a mask was, “suggested”. That was kind of welcoming in the opposite way a big bold red sign is.
    The face of one of the cashiers was Not covered! That was nice to see. I chatted her up on the way out, she seemed nice. (Got 2 shop light bulbs for a Dollar!). I also saw two old ladies shopping, one was without a face diaper, first time I’ve ever seen that… Eric’s article reminded me of those two.
    Side note, do you guys have can and bottle deposits? Some of the stores here are Still not accepting returns,… that’s got to be a bit of gravy for them, or is it the state? The deposit is now a tax?. Asked them about it, when are they going to take them back like some other stores, got a blank look in response. Bastards.
    It was 50 degrees and sunny today. I got outside and did stuff. As days get warmer that’s Got to play on those who follow the face diaper cult. You can smell Spring in the air.

  12. Walked into my favorite pizza joint the other night, me, the owner and his 2 workers all diaperless,i did notice another customer in the place and was prepared for the shocked look of a non diapered customer but it was i who had the shock as this other customer was also diaperless. Both of us gave nods and smiles and went on our way. There are a few oasises out there.

  13. I see CuckPAC is enforcing the face diaper. What a shocker.

    The competing AFPAC event is face diaper free. Their event is reportedly 3 times bigger than last year – not looking good for Con Inc.

    • We were just talking about this today – CPAC and Disneyworld are in one of the few states that is openly NOT persecuting and has intervened on behalf of free-breathers, and yet, they just can’t let go of the idiocy. May they circle the drain quickly.

    • Hi Handler,

      Not only is CuckPAC enforcing the Diaper, they brought forward a golden icon of the Orange Fail. The continued pining for this Failure by so many Republicans astounds me… until I remember that most Republicans are content with “braggadocious” sloganeering that sounds to them like the song of “freedom” . . . whatever that means to them I have no idea.

      They clearly have no clue, either.

      • I don’t think Trump has a chance in 2024. The longer he is out of the spotlight the more people will forget him. I would watch DeSantis. He seems to be the likely candidate for the Republican nomination and has the best chance of reuniting whatever the hell is left of the Republican Party.

        • Amen, RG – and so I hope.

          That Orange Buffoon is a wrecker. A loud-mouth who is talented when it comes to belittling opponents (and who understands how desperately many people want to hear their tormentors mocked) but who has proved he is either unable or unwilling to challenge the core tenets of the Left. His failure to combat the weaponization of hypochondria ought to have been enough to consign him to the history books. Anyone who supports him now is as badly deluded as those who wear the Holy Rag. Both are in thrall to a faith – one that will be their undoing.

          DeSantis has my support. He seems to understand that weaponized hypochondria is the issue of our time. I imagine he understands its antecedents (the Safety Cult) as well.

          That’s what’s needed. Not more of that bloviating blowhard.

          • Yes, Eric. The Orange Cult needs to fade away to ignominy. But the Wraith of the Orange Man seem to continue doing what I think it was meant to do: cause division among freedom-loving (“conservative”) people.
            And the man was never about freedom, or really any of the issues he touted. Now, the beaten Trumpinator is clearly bearing his endoskeleton, and will no longer pass for human. It’s a pity so many still pretend he does.

            • He’s entertainment until a bona fide replacement comes along. No sense in worrying about it anyway, for a few reasons..

              (1) There’s the upcoming mid-term elections next year, IF you’re still suffering from the delusion that voting actually matters.

              (2) Even in a straight-up election, a LOT can happen over the course of several months, and we’ve got three years and eight months to go until the opportunity to kick the de facto President Kamel-Toe to the curb. Look at is this way: WHO the hell on March 1, 2013, would have seriously considered that Donald Trump would be our 45th POTUS?

          • OM recently endorsed some establishment hack that had blamed him for the January 6th false flag.

            He’s either stupid or controlled opposition.

  14. I am being harassed by the local medical center by robo phone call to report to the jab station.

    I am gonna sue them for medical malpractice or, better yet, just plain stupidity for the constant phone calls, leave me alone. I’ll give you a call, don’t call back.

    I do foresee book burning festivals of Dr. Fauci’s books. lol

  15. History will not look kindly on those promoting or falling for the mass hysteria. The majority of the population has always been gullible and weak. We just didn’t know the extent of it until this past year.

    Thanks for sharing the positive news though. Given that spring is almost upon us and the time change will occur in two weeks (i.e. days getting longer), I’m hopeful that more people will have the same awakening as your neighbor.

    • You’re wrong regarding history. History is tainted by human folly and cultural brainwashing- just look at the sanctification of one of the most evil, murderous individuals to ever exist: Abraham Lincoln.

  16. And I don’t think I’m on a slippery slope to a holocaust for the maskless any more than I’ve been on a slope to a holocaust for the topless since birth. If anything, the topless slope slants in the other direction.

  17. The face vestment seems as faith-based to me as it seems to you, but so do the genital, booby and butthole vestments we all wear routinely. The latter prescriptions have been around longer, and the former is (hopefully) only temporary, but none are terrible infringements on my personal liberty, and I’m no more impressed by maskless rebels in the grocery store than by naked Presidential candidates at a Libertarian Party convention. Sure, I get the point, but free association, not an endless list of individual rights, is the foundation of my libertarian politics.

    If people want the people around them covering their nose and mouth along with their tits, or instead of their tits, I don’t need or want to offend them. If the local grocer or the local community association expects me to cover up, I do so or find another grocer or community with a policy I prefer. If a state requires everyone everywhere to cover their nose and mouth, that’s a different matter.

    • That’s cool, I don’t believe anybody’s non-complying to impress or offend, this ain’t about optics or politics, it’s about spreading ideas and encouraging their fellow serfs to grow a pair rather than allowing themselves to be muzzled for a year and then coerced into taking an unnecessary and potentially toxic arm jab. The state isn’t literally individual states mandating masks, it’s the whole system on an internationally-organized scale pushing a narrative and propagandizing humans into subjogating themselves, yes, whether you choose to believe that or not, that is what has been unfolding for the last year now, it was not about any one small state that told people to start jumping around on one foot with their thumbs up their asses. This whole time you seriously haven’t looked around to find out who’s profiting?

      Clothing is worn out of modesty, while masks are worn out of mindless obedience, family businesses were decimated out of mindless obedience, suicides are up out of mindless obedience, and the “don’t question the science, don’t think critically” vaccines are now being taken out of mindless obedience.

      It’s one thing for a private business to have their own policies, but the comparison ain’t even close when you know full well that the media and “science” they’re basing their little paper signs off of is the direct result of government brainwashing. It’s all the state. Battered wives can come up with some pretty crazy rules to get around facing reality, too, but that’s not the kind of mental unwellness that morally consistent individuals condone.

      • I know who’s profiting, but masks aren’t a profit center. Vaccines are a separate issue. Closing businesses is a separate issue. This article is about masks, and I’m discussing masks.

        One man’s modesty is another man’s mindless obedience. I don’t condone it, but I don’t flout the norms of my neighbors either even if they aren’t my norms. If I want to walk around my yard naked, I build a privacy fence or move to a nudist colony. This requirement is civility, not tyranny.

        • Hi Martin,

          Being forced to wear a religious vestment is not the same thing as abiding by basic rules of etiquette in public, such as wearing a shirt and pants within a store or restaurant. The Face Diaper is a cultic vestment meant to convey agreement with/submission to a lunatic faith – that of weaponized hypochondria.

    • Hi Martin,

      You make some very valid points and when it comes to a business’s decision of “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” I support you 100%.

      Your point of “If a state requires everyone everywhere to cover their nose and mouth, that’s a different matter.”

      That is where most of us are at. It is the state mandating it, not the business itself. Where the states are not mandating it (e.g. SC) the counties and local governments are enforcing it (e.g. Myrtle Beach or the City of Charleston). The government is taking away the right of the business to call its own shots. The mask is the easiest form of identification for the government to determine who is following the narrative (or at least complying with it). The mask makes the way for the needle and then the Common Pass. If 90% of the public is willing to comply (and it is easy to decipher who is and who isn’t) than the government knows the next step is easier to enforce.

      Now comes the jab. Which then becomes a very tricky situation. Does the business have the right to dictate over the individual? Whose rights are no longer allowed? The businesses or the individuals? As an free thinking person why is it now the business’s obligation to know my medical history? I just want a loaf of bread or to attend a concert. Do you see the slippery slow we are escalating down?

      Many will say “Go somewhere else.” Go where? Very much like the masks this will be enforced everywhere. Many of us have no issues with someone wearing a mask. Our issues lie in the administrating of such a thing because we know where it will lead.

      • Hey, I’ve been all for people resisting wearing clothes, too, if that’s how they wanna roll, but at the present time those two policies aren’t being taped up on the shop window for the same reasons.

        Both rituals may have begun with intense shaming, “behavioral correction” and social pressure..but properly equipped clothing’s not gonna leave ya lightheaded, short of breath or cause bacterial pnuemonia..and clothes actually can help protect your body. It’s really for an entirely different discussion because it’s been socially acceptable practice and law for too long to easily reverse it now. People have been successfully conditioned to take offense and sick the teeth of the state on you for “indecent exposure”.

        But the masks, there are still people who don’t really want to have to wear them forever, and it’s not too late to help get the ideas out there to try preventing it from becoming a permanent social norm. One way of doing that is to openly resist and make a show of it, help others who are afraid of retaliation realize that they are not alone.

        The businesses are definitely on some lemmings shit as of late with those types of policies though, and their general inability to pause to think and constructively cope with peer pressure is gonna do us all in, has already begun to in many cases and they react with zero remorse because apparently they would rather hire automatons than individuals who force them to confront their blind faith in authority.

        RG is spot on, this entire time the fast-paced downhill slope has been “it’s just 15 days” “it’s just a mask” “it’s just a swab up your nose” “it’s just a haircut” “it’s just until we get the vaccine” “it’s just a private company’s right to run their social media site how they choose” “it’s just a swab up your ass” “it’s just an arm jab” “it’s just a digital passport” “it’s just that loveable Bill Gates and his curious affinity for humanitarianism!”

        But it wasn’t “just” anything in any case, because the government and its corporate cronies were always the one calling the shots.

        Keep your eyes open, “it’s just free association” will be next on the ol choppin block.

        • Hello Moose,

          Exactly! Notice how greasily the “mask” foolishness went from “just until there’s a vaccine” to “until *everybody’s* vaccinated”; Diaper Joe wanted us to “just” wear them for 100 days, then he and Fauci said we should be wearing them at least into next year”.

          How many times does the can have to get kicked down the road before people wake up? 🤷‍♂️🤨

          • And Fauxci also said that even with the jab, people will still have to mask, antisocial distance, and avoid places like movie theaters. ABSURD!!

            Again, time to shrug.

            • I wish some of these businesses and industries (like movie theaters) would rise up and sue Fauxci for the devastation he personally has wrought with his lies and inflammatory statements. He and all those who have contributed to this destruction should be sued personally, for knowingly inflicting irreparable harm.

      • Hello RG,

        Clothing is mostly a social norm that evolved culturally over time; different types of clothing are considered “appropriate” at different places or situations (e.g. the beach vs. a business meeting).

        “Masks”, OTOH, have been fearmongered, guilt-tripped, and outright bullied on people by petty dictators and those who follow them unquestioningly. They’re not something that just arose out of “normal” progression of society.

        As for “businesses being private property”, the government has basically said “We’ve shut you down before [during the “lockdowns] and don’t think we won’t do it again if you cross us.” That’s hardly “free enterprise” — it’s the antithesis of it. So, can we really say it’s a “private property” issue?

      • We should have seen it coming some 40 years ago when the seat belt laws were being passed. They were pushed by the Insurance Mafia, and the (air quotes) “Science” that one’s odds of coming out of a car wreck are much better with the seat belts than not, but it was sold to the gullible with that dernier cri of “S-A-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E-E…”. Given that the reaction of many was, understandably, “don’t treat me like a child”, or, “I don’t want the ‘Nanny State’ “, the seat belts laws were supposed to be “secondary” enforcement…that is, any porker couldn’t just pull you over if you were observed being “non-compliant”, he had to have a valid reason to do so (though, of course, any “well-trained” cop can pull one out of his arse…). But gradually, the CA legislature allowed it the same enforcement as the rest of the Vehicle Code, and it’s your word against “Porky’s”.

        It got even worse with baby car seats. There were originally for BABIES…guess what, my Dad and Mom could keep we kids seated and quiet in that Chevy station wagon. When my own brood came along, we had ’em, but by the time the kids were three, they could sit on a seat like the “Big people”. In fact, the boys would scrap over who got to sit in that center position on the ’78 Plymouth Gran Fury’s split bench seat, up front. Do THAT, these days, and the cops would give you a serious “hut, hut, hut!” routine, haul your ass off to jail, and take the kids to CPS. And to think that when I was little, I and my cousins would ride in the back of Grandpa’s pickup out and about from his farm south of Fresno…and Grandpa had a lead foot.

        • Hi Doug!

          I’ve said the same for the past several decades. That “safety” – as for example forcing people to wear seat belts – would inevitably lead to a society obsessed with saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety and a government-corporate nexus that micromanaged the populace in its name. But – tragically – many people cannot make the connection. They see the one thing – it’s good to wear seat belts; who could object to that? – and cannot see the principle it embodies.

          • It’s one thing to promote desirable behavior based on a “good idea”, as long as each individual accepts that the sale is made…VOLUNTARILY…in the free market, literally, if it involves transaction(s) of consideration, or even of just ideas. I’m sure you’re also aware of the quote where the comparison is made between “evil” men who are forthright in their demands for something from we “proles”, versus those self-righteous moral “crusaders'” that insist they’re acting for our own (usually ‘collective’) good…

            Most of us probably remember the PSAs from the 80s with the “Crash Test Dummies”…cute, but goofy. I recall as a “little shite” seeing something more like this, when one got outright lectured and shamed into compliance…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nAJ8EG8MVE

  18. No such luck here. Even in the face of “The Cases!” diminishing to nothing, there is still 99% Kabuki Kompliance, and I seem to always be the 1%.

    Now the talk is shifting. Not about the abandonment of the Holy Vestment, but of the forcing of the injection.

    Vaccine Macht Frei!

    It’s sickening.

    But, I am glad you’re having positive experiences, Eric. Hopefully they continue.

    • Ditto here, but I’m in boomer central.

      I did have a very heartening experience at the Chevron off the I-17 in Camp Verde. There NONE of the employees or customers were diapered. I had just been skiing and dealing with the lunacy of Flag that I walked in with my kuffieh on, just wanting to pee and not wanting a hassle but that thing came off QUICK when I saw I was in a blissful pool of sanity.

      Badnon, check Eric’s article where you talked about having grapefruit wine. I left you a message there.

      • Michael,

        I replied, there.

        Also, I think Yavapai County is possibly the least-masked place in the state, though I’ve yet to make a road trip around the whole place.

        Strangely enough, they have the nearly the least “Cases!” per capita (only Greenlee is better). Go figure.

  19. Glad for the excellent news! I, too, was encouraged last night. Had a long talk with a friend with whom I have had little contact in person over the past year. In the early stages of this madness last year, I tried to share with her the results of my preliminary research, e.g., that she should at least wait for more data before going full-on mask, etc. She argued with me and stood her ground, refusing to entertain info that didn’t jive with the hysteria she was receiving from others in her life. I was shocked and disappointed, as we have known each other for decades, far longer than she has known these others whom she allowed to influence her life in such a detrimental way. But, I cannot force others to see the light, only offer it for the taking. Last night, she began to share how she is no longer masking 100% at work, and admitted that the fear of the unknown in the beginning was overwhelming. I agreed that there was/is a lot of fear-mongering. This conversation allowed me to answer many of her questions about aspects of the con, such as PCR “testing”, “vaccine” (NOT), vastly different “symptoms,” the CDC’s guidance on allowing drs to anecdotally diagnose convid (unheard of for any other illness), and of course the decades worth of studies disproving that masks and anti-social distancing prevent illness. Her parents (in their 80s) have both received the jab. She is not interested in the jab, and I told her that it is not a vaccine, but is actually an untested gene therapy, which has caused death in animal testing when conducted for previous “vaccines.” All this hysteria for a cold bug! She seemed concerned but can’t do anything about what her parents have done at this point.

    There is hope!

    • Well done, but I wouldn’t even call it a “therapy.” That word has positive connotations related to healing and well-being.

      Call it what it IS: an experimental INJECTION.

  20. Hooray for your neighbor.

    Day by day, more have had enough.

    The seed has sprouted, and though the garden will continue to have weeds, it will bear fruit

  21. The data scam is playing out according to plan so Hosni Cooper (govking in NC) removed the curfew and fiddled with some of the civilization micromanagement statistics but kept the diapers. It’s so obvious what they we doing if you look at the “cases” charts vis a vis the timing of changing the PCR test guidelines, lack of flu cases, election, inauguration, and the passage of the latest stimu-crank bill. Perhaps the religious fervor of some of the sheeple is waning as well. We are moving on to the next phase, I think, not necessarily better, but where some of the consequences of avoiding reality may begin to manifest.

    • This is somewhat encouraging. We are traveling to Wilson next month (haven’t been there before). Told that the hotel and even outdoor events “require masking.” Not gonna do it, but was wondering about the “climate” as to whether we will be able to function normally,e.g., not be harassed at restaurants, etc.

        • Laughter has been a great medicine during this times! There is so much rich material.

          Thanks for the encouragement. We will press on, and are keeping notes as to which businesses will receive our support after the revolution.


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