The Race Worthy of Hate

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One of the many depressing aspects of the falling apart of the country is the reorganization of it along constructed racial lines.

The blacks are out of control! Or rather, are presented as such. Whites oppress! All of them, all the time. Since time began!

It is the Jews who are behind it all!

But who is really behind it all? Let’s pull back the curtain and see what we can find.

The Gauleiter of Virginia – Ralph Northam, aka “Coonman” – isn’t Jewish. Neither is the Gauleiter of New York or California.

Their “race” – their religion – is authoritarian collectivism.

And that is our enemy.

Not Barack Obama’s skin. His “faith.” Which he shares with his predecessor, whose white skin and non-Jewishness didn’t immunize him against authoritarian collectivism.

This is the foundational disease and it comes in every color of the rainbow. To avoid becoming sickened by it, we must not let it infect us.

Or rather, not allow it to undermine us. And empower those preaching it.

If we collectivize others then we have no basis for objecting to being collectivized ourselves.

To collectivism, as such.

Perhaps you see why agglutinations based on general appearances is being so acidly promoted. Black vs. white. Women vs. men. “The Jews” – vs. “us.” To take our focus off of them. The Northams, Newsomes and Cuomos, oh my! The authoritarian collectivists. Whose goal is to collectivize us all, irrespective of how we look or what we worship and which sexual apparatus we possess.

Identity politics is a form of collectivism which – like all such – leads to authoritarianism in its name. It blames groups for the actions of individuals, fungible like pawns on a chessboard.

I am not a man accountable for what I have done – and free of guilt for what I have not done. I am a straight white man and thus both “privileged” and “oppressor.” A cardboard cutout, an archetype.

Not an individual or even a human being whose virtues or lack might take some effort to discover and respond to accordingly.

Similarly – congruently – the black man I see across the street? He isn’t a man, either. He is a black man – an alien creature (per identity politics) on that account; someone who must also be regarded as an archetype, a manifestation of his group. Someone who has been taught to regard me in the same manner – before we have said a word to each other.

Who must also regard himself as an archetype. As I am expected to regard myself.

Exhausting, isn’t it?

And worse.

Human interaction – which is personal and individual – is rendered impossible by identity politics. Which makes civilization itself impossible. Because without the presumption of innocence – and with the collectivization of guilt and virtue – arbitrariness reigns. And arbitrariness is a working definition of tyranny. It leads to mindless oppression first and wholesale slaughter inevitably.

In a collectivized society, everyone is pre-loaded with preconceptions and either presumed guilty of things – or innocent of them – on account of what other people (never specific people) who share general appearances or circumstances did or didn’t do to other people (also never specific people) a long time ago.

How does one atone for what one did not do? How does one assert innocence?

Or establish guilt?

How is it that a person who hasn’t been harmed is entitled to harm someone who hasn’t harmed him – because someone who shared the same general appearance may have harmed the ancestor of someone who shared the same general appearance of the supposed “victim”?

This sickness is spreading – deliberately.

It is based on the ancient and effective doctrine of divide and conquer practiced by the Roman caesars. They understood that keeping the disparate skin tones and cultures and religious groups under control was a simple matter of keeping them at each other’s throats.

The caesars, incidentally, weren’t Jewish.

Their doctrine also worked for more than 70 years in the old Soviet Union – where ethnic Russians were encouraged to regard Chechens as the problem, rather than Comrade Stalin.

Who twirled his moustaches and laughed at their idiocy.

Today, the Coonman – and his fellow high priests of authoritarian collectivism – also laugh and twirl their moustaches. It is so easy to control people accustomed to agglutination.

Imagine how difficult it would have been to “lock down” the country – excepting the handful of places, such as South Dakota, where the sickness of  authoritarian collectivism hasn’t yet “spiked” – if rather than agglutinized, WuFlu had been considered on a case-by-case basis.

If I am 80 or not in good health, it makes sense for me – as an individual human being – to avoid public places where I might catch the bug. But if I am 35 and in good health, it does not – and so I don’t.

But the agglutinized herd, having been preconditioned by the authoritarian collectivists – behind the curtain and with their hands on the levers of power to accept the collectivized policy of one-size-fits-all accepted it.

And are now agglutinized against those who didn’t. The Face-diapered vs. those who aren’t.

It is just the same as black vs. white and women vs. men except it is really all of us against a few of them. An old straight white guy named Albert J. Nock wrote about it a long, forgotten time ago (Our Enemy, the State). A Jewish guy named Murray Rothbard did, too.

If only more of us could see it – rather than seeing each other as cardboard cutout archetypes, as they wish us to see each other.

Then we could pull down some statues, all right.

And maybe some other things besides.

. . .

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  1. Just read that MLS, the Multiple Listing Service used by realtors has instructed realtors that they are no longer allowed to use the terms “Master” bedroom or “Master” bath due to racist connotations. I suppose we are not permitted to “Master” bate anymore ?

    • Guess we can’t have brakes or clutches in our cars anymore, either, then! We’ll have to ditch the master cylinder and give reparations to the slave cylinders!

      Bastards! Oooo! I mean “underprivileged children from single-parent households”!

      • Oh, that’s nothing. Dell servers use WHITE dimm slots for the PRIMARY memory modules and BLACK dimm slots for the secondary memory modules.

        And in telephone cable, the WHITE pairs go first, they’re 1-5. The BLACK ones almost go to the back of the bus, pairs 11-15.

        Even romex is racist. The BLACK wire is the one that will shock and possibly kill you if you touch it, but the WHITE wire is neutral.

        And hard drives used to have MASTER/SLAVE configurations.

        • Hi Stop,

          Yup! Also – related – I just realized why I cannot deal with ads on TV/streaming at all. Nothing clever or creative – ever. Just vapid, anodyne “learn more” about accompanied by the same strumming guitar background. The voice-over always done by a chirpy female or metrosexual dude. Can’t trigger/offend anyone.

          • I’ve been doing a good job of avoiding all media, but on the rare occasions I ever encounter a blaring radio or TV, etc. (Like at the local gun store! They have a TV playing…with I think, of all things, CNN or M-ess-NBC or something!) and it’s almost always some high-pitched woman braying…. I literally can not even understand 90% of what they say- they speak so fast, and in a very unnatural speech pattern- That, and the pitch of their voice just makes most of it completely unintelligible (Not that I’d want to hear what they are saying, anyway!).

            Me thinks it is done that way on purpose: The speed, and the fact that one has to strain to decipher, takes away the cognitive space and function that would otherwise be used for THOUGHT- so one absorbs the words and ideas being spewed, without the filter of critical analysis or logic.

            And not just the way they speak…but the overall gist of everything in the media these days, is to “keep it moving very fast”- mustn’t allow time to think…only to absorb. Absorption via endless repetition without critical thought = brainwashing.

            By contrast, I remember watching “the news” in the early 70’s when I was a kid, when it was delivered by older MEN, who spoke in comfortable pleasing tones at a reasonable pace…..and who looked (and often were) quite respectable.

            Today, the term “media whores” has literally come to fruition.

            And furthermore, we will never have liberty in a society which not only endures, but which loves Orca Winfrey, and has made her one of the richest women in the world!

            • Nunzio,

              I remember growing up with Howard K Smith and Harry Reasoner on ABC Nightly News, and both were just like you describe! They were older men who spoke in comfortable tones at a normal pace.

              Now, you can’t tell the difference between one media organ and another. I don’t know if you saw them, but there are YouTube videos juxtaposing all the different media whores on different channels and networks; they all sound THE SAME! That’s right; from the words they use, to the way they say them, the intonation, inflection, etc., they all sound the same. They’re indistinguishable. Tell me that they’re not puppets on the strings of the same puppet master…

  2. Yep. There are two kinds of people:

    1. Those who love liberty.

    2. Those who don’t.

    Everything else is a tiny detail.

    • I’ve always been told that there are two kinds of men:

      1. Those who can lay down a beautiful bead in any position with a stick welder, and

      2. Those who wish they could.

          • Hank, reading your post just made me think of a scene from All In The Family:

            Archie Bunker:[After giving a toy rifle to his grandson, against his liberal son-in-law’s wishes]:
            Archie Bunker:
            You’re supposed to be the big bug on the Constitution, right? Well the first amendment guarantees that baby the right to bear a machine gun?
            Mike Stivic:
            The first amendment guarantees free speech.
            Archie Bunker:
            Same thing, buddy boy. If you got a gun in your hand, you’re free to make any speech you want to.

  3. Aside from a comment filled with bullshit and baffle, can’t dazzle anybody, you idiot. No brilliance whatsoever, just complete mindless drivel using thousand dollar words, yeah, you. GFY

    Sorry for the ad hominen, however, enough is enough. Take it someplace else.

    “I am free of all prejudice, I hate everyone equally” – W. C. Fields

    You have to read all of the comments, you then discover what the content is in each comment and it is obvious that there is plenty of thought crime going on. It is an outrage!

    First and foremost, if you are thinking at all, it’s a crime.

    Second, the extent of the use of vocabulary is too in depth and some here need a lobotomy pronto.

    Stop thinking! har

  4. I read an account by a hasidim detailing his own separation from his community. He questioned the conformity demanded of their “rock star” rabbi. He asked other dissidents why after WW2 these eastern european jews would assume many of the traits that caused them so much tragedy and heartbreak, He was told the total effectiveness of the holocaust necessitated this behavior. In his own situation he was afflicted with an arranged marriage he realized was loveless, as women are even less well regarded and educated, he found himself married to an antogonist, snitch or turncoat. Having children with her complicated it further. Children in communuties such as this are kept in a state of helplessness to keep them dependent, told they are worthless individually outside the group. Taking advantage of welfare without shame or guilt is getting what they are “owed” without regard to its source. This is the pinnacle of gaslighting, become what you hate, what would destroy you. The culmination of this, if fulfilled is it will have destroyed you.
    This conformity is exactly what the fascists and communists need, everything for the state, or whatever in-group you are a part of. There is no you.

  5. ***”The Gauleiter of Virginia – Ralph Northam, aka “Coonman” – isn’t Jewish. Neither is the Gauleiter of New York or California.”***

    True, Eric- but do you really think that the concerted efforts being put forth not just in VA and NY and CA, or even the USA….but now, in synchronization across most of the world, is being done individually by The Coonman and Comrade Cuomo or Greasy Salvisi in Dago-land [ad infinitum] and just coincidentally all at the same time? Even though they, and Trump and Merkel and Hitler and Stalin are/were all collectivists, the fact is they have never been on the same page like this, and ALL At THE SAME TIME, like they are now, nor has the media, not just here, but around the world, from Greenland to Australia is also in lock-step and propagating the propaganda that makes what they are doing possible.

    My point is, that since this is obviously a coordinated effort, and not just coincidental actions of various individuals, that there is something more behind it than what meets the eye- and it would behoove you to try and discover just who or what it is that is controlling and coordinating what we see, because obviously, those who comprise the “matrix” between the common people and the real powerbrokers, are mere puppets whose strings are controlled by others. Who funds ANTIFA and BLM and the SPLC, etc.? Who controls the media on an international basis? Who foisted communism on the world (again, through puppets…shabbos goy puppets); Who has foisted Democratic government on the cities? Liberal education? “Diversity”? Terrorism theatre [Above GWB….the ones he sent our police to to learn how to wage war on “internal enemies”?)

    All Eye-talians are not in the Mafia…but all Mafia kingpins are Italian. All Jews are not elite-globalist-Zionists…..but all of top-level controllers are Jews…..

    • Morning, Nunz!

      Obviously, it’s concerted. But this idea that it’s a cabal of Jews – rather than a cabal of powerful rich people – is dangerous because it race-guilts people in a collectivist manner, which is just what the cabal of powerful rich people want as it takes the focus off of them as individuals who’ve decided to make it their life’s mission to enslave us all – including your not powerful or rich Jewish neighbor down the road.

      If we become collectivists in judging people then what business do we have espousing Libertarian individualism?

      I understand tendencies and the way groups have lined up in the past. But to deny any of us our individuality is to abandon ship our Libertarianism. In which case, the intellectually honest thing would be to advocate some form of collectivism, such as nationalist “conservatism.”


      PS: Wasn’t Meyer Lansky Jewish?

      • Hey Ya Eric!

        Rothbard was Jewish too!

        No one [Well…not among us] is advocating vilifying a whole race. Fear of doing so -because there are some people who do extrapolate the deeds of a minority of a group’s members to the whole group- should also not prevent us from admitting the truth.

        It’s much the same with blacks: It would be insane to deny that blacks on the whole tend to be more prone to crime and dysfunction, just because we fear some people using that fact as an excuse for racism- right?

        Such is exactly what the liberals do [Deny the truth, because it may paint a negative picture of an entire group whose members behavior reflects badly on them all].

        Things would work better for all concerned if the members of groups who are notorious for misdeeds would call-out those among them who are responsible for the negative stereotypes, rather than those who observe and point-out those stereotypes, eh?

        When someone makes reference to Italians and organized crime, I don’t say “Oh, you hate all Italians!” – I instead admit that a significant enough portion of Italians engage in that behavior, and rather than condemning those who make that observation, I rather condemn those of my own ethnicity who engage in that behavior.

  6. Hey Eric, Well said – its been clear that the divide and conquer strategy has been deployed on the populace of the west. I didn’t know however that this was done from the time of the romans. Become so obvious the way the media seems to demonise all white guys, as hating say all brown guys…. it tells us to be afraid of and stay away from that white guy in the pickup because he probably doesnt like you and probably has a gun anyways – while on the other side that the brown guy with a beard is probably a terrorist so better stay away from him…. And dont worry our Dear Leaders are here to take care of us…. so keep your head down, keep paying your taxes and keep obeying us….

    • Hi Nasir,

      Yup! Today’s it’s white men being demonized; yesterday, it was “darkies.” I’d rather characterize authoritarian collectivists – who are the real demons!

  7. “divide and conquer” — bingo. Everything is designed to try and make us all HATE each other. It’s just one part of the full spectrum warfare because they can’t win a direct violent war, so everything is covert & underhanded & whitewashed as sounding like something good.

    All the negativity going on yet … Life on Earth has NEVER BEEN BETTER — we have modern/high technology (nice warm homes, plenty of food, transportation, oil/gas & electricity, relatively peaceful societies, etc), so why is there neverending stress & negativity coming from guvco and their media all the time??? I say SHUT THEM OFF. Shut off your TV’s. Don’t watch their FAKE news. Don’t fall for their brainwashing. Don’t send your kids to their fake schools. Don’t obey any of their fake laws. Just boycott and ignore them completely. And if the hut hutters target you for persecution, then you just deal with it as best you can at that time, but don’t worry about it until/unless it happens to you — and hopefully people will get together more to protect each other from being bullied. So think about all the wonderful things to be grateful about today — the comforts of modern technology, relative peace in your area, the nice earth & sun & skies (sans the ugly disgusting chemtrails) & the flowers/plants & animals, friends/relatives, even if you’re not rich at least you have something to get by on, nice food, etc.

  8. Spot on Eric! I’ve always been amazed at how easily the overlords have persuaded the 99% to fight over the crumbs that fall from the table of the 1%. I have no hope this will change in my lifetime, most are too thoroughly indoctrinated to think clearly, believing the propaganda that their life sucks because the “other” got some advantage that they should have but didn’t because of some policy/politician/fill in the blank. If only they’d disconnect from the matrix, stop listening to the MSM narrative and open their eyes and mind to the reality around them we could hang the bastards from the nearest lampposts and take the country back. Sadly will never happen.

  9. Once again, about half of what you say is Right On The Money! Unfortunately, 50% is not a passing score, either in academia, or the real world.

    Back when you wrote about cars and the auto industry, your columns were so insightful and credible.

    Those were the good old days.

      • Hi Jeremy,

        The part that gets a passing score is the warning to be aware of the “divide and conquer” technique, which has been a standard part of politics just about forever. This requires awareness and thoughtful analysis. But it does not mean that we cannot ever accurately assign blame to any given group.

        The part that gets an “F” is Eric’s inference that this “authoritarian collectivism” is just some kind of mental aberration that a few people are born with randomly and spontaneously…. sort of like psychopaths. Eric seems to suggest that this “authoritarian collectivism” is never cultivated, developed or subsidized by any other entities. At last he doesn’t mention anyone. It just “is.” Do you buy that Jeremy?

        While Eric goes to pains to absolve several races and religions from any blame, there is is one group he chooses not to include in his absolutions. And that group is more hated than any other by globalists and “authoritarian collectivists” alike. Interesting.

        But I’ve answered your question already, Jeremy. Ciao

        • Hey Mike,

          I still don’t get it, assume I’m really stupid (I could be) and just spell it out. What is the “given group” whose distribution of psychopathy differs from other groups? What is the group he chooses not to include in his absolutions; where does he absolve any group; where is any group absolved of blame? Where does he say that “authoritarian collectivism is never cultivated, developed or subsidized by any other entities?”

          “But I’ve answered your question already”

          No, you haven’t, not now, not previously.


          • To answer your questions in the order you asked….
            1. I never referred to psychopathy in given groups. I questioned Eric’s unwillingness to attribute any causation to the condition of authoritarian collectivism….which left no explanation except it happened randomly and spontaneously….sort of like psychopathy seems to do.
            2. You will have to say the name of that group for yourself before I’m willing to discuss it with you. “Why?’….”Why not?”
            3. Eric specifically mentions women, men, Jews, whites and blacks as not collectively at blame for the acts of any one of their individuals.
            4. He never said the quote you wrote.” I said that he seemed to infer that by refusing to attribute any causative factors.

            • Hi Mike,

              I’ve known a lot of people in my life, including my life as a reporter/editor in a big city, working for a big city paper. I understand it’s anecdotal but my experience has been that authoritarians come in all colors. Are there more of some colors than others? Yes, clearly. We know, for example, that blacks and especially black women in this country tend to vote overwhelmingly for left/Democrats. But then, the same political philosophy has also been just as heavily supported in demographically white countries such as the post-war UK, for instance. Labor – that is, socialism, dominated English politics in the aftermath of WWII. Socialism is also very popular in a number of even more Nordic countries, among male Nordics, too.

              What conclusions can we draw?

              Unlike WuFlu, authoritarian collectivism is very contagious and it infects early – in childhood. If the child never develops intellectually (attains the age of reason) the adult remains a child intellectually. One exploited by the brighter kids who do understand – and work, as adults, to make sure the herd does not. Hamilton understood. Lincoln understood. They were no one’s useful idiots.

              The Prussian authoritarians – white Nordic guys – understood, too. They developed a whole system based on it and that system was copied here, with the results we see all around us.

              Libertarianism requires individualism – not the cartoonish “selfish” kind used to smear Libertarians. Rather, a humble acknowledgement of the rights of others, equal to ours. That each of us is a sovereign as regards our lives. This is the foundational idea that must be suppressed using any means necessary, by those who understand the mortal threat it poses to authoritarian collectivism.

              • A thought crossed my mind and I’ll try it out here in the friendly confines. This seems like a good place for it.

                So we have all these people upset about slavery as it were in the southern US before 1865. But what is the plantation system really? It’s a form of coercive managed collectivism. Same with a company town. Or serfdom. Or countless other systems throughout the ages.

                So we have these people who claim that everything from that era of coercive collectivism bust be condemned but they want to institute their own form of it.

                • Yep! Most people aren’t opposed to tyranny- they just want their own brand of it; the kind that they feel benefits them the most, and to hell with everyone else- like when our fathers allowed the income tax “Tax the rich”- not being repulsed that ANYONE should be enslaved…and not realizing that by allowing institutionalized theft, they were also enslaving themselves and their descendants.

                  • Morning, Nunz!

                    This is, indeed, the heart of the problem. By endorsing the use of arbitrary violence against anyone else, those who advocate it have not only assured it will be used against them as well but deserve it. They have lost any moral basis for objecting to it, at least.

                    I used to have a back-and-forth with a guy I knew who was rabid in his defense of his right to keep and bear arms – which of course I agreed with. But at the same time, this guy was also a fervent critic of”speeders” and supported the use of AGWs to harass and collect from them. I asked him how my not causing any harm justified restricting and punishing me in this regard. He would draw back and argue that mu driving faster than he liked – than the sign said – was “risky,” that I might hurt someone and that it was “the law” to obey the speed limit, which was enacted for public safety. I tried to get him to see that these arguments can be applied – are applied – toward guns and those who want to own them. That many people feel it is “risky” to allow anyone who feels like it to walk around with an AR-15 (as he liked to) or a “high-powered” handgun; that they might hurt someone and thus “reasonable” restrictions are justified in the name of public safety and besides, it’s “the law” . .. etc.

                    No penetration.

                    • Yep, Eric!

                      Had similar arguments with those who have no problem with entitlement programs.

                      “If I walk up to my neighbor and point a gun at him and say give me some of your money because I need it is that O-K?


                      “Then why is it O-K when my ‘representatives’ [who are also my neighbor’s ‘representatives’] do the same exact thing for my benefit?”

                      “Oh…that’s different….uh…it’s the goivernment!”

                      “Oh, so robbery is O-K when certain men do it, but not O-K when others do it?”

                      “………[Gears grind] Oh, YOU don’t understand!”. 😀

                      This is why we will never have a Libertarian society. We either live outside of society…..or we will forever countenance tyranny, because throughout history, the majority of people have always advocated such to one degree or another. Time after time, even when tyranny becomes so oppressive that large groups rebel and overthrow it…the oppressed always end up becoming the new oppressors rather than the sentinels of liberty.

                • Hi Brent,

                  I think your analogy is better than merely an analogy. We live on the invisible plantation. It’s invisible because the massah in the Great House is remote and his overseers so many and diffuse we don’t usually deal with them on an everyday personal basis. But the everyday functional reality is much the same. White or black, we are owned. We do not even have sovereignty over our own physical bodies, which our masters and overseers lay claim to, in the manner of chattel property. We can be jailed and even tortured (what else is a Tasering?) for refusing to comply with orders relating to this, which are several. We are – like the slave – permitted to occupy a shelter but never to own it; we are permitted only conditional use of tangible property, revocable at any time by those who own it.

                  We spend our lives working for them – because we are not allowed to work for ourselves. But the slavery is subtler and so not seen as clearly. The average person doesn’t understand that because he will never own his home – because he must pay his massah ongoing, in order to be allowed to occupy it – he is obliged to work indefinitely, in order to pay his massah.

                  We are more affluent slaves, certainly; materially better off. We can generally avoid the whip (Taser, guns). But this does not fundamentally alter the relationship or our condition.

                  • So true, Eric!

                    The only difference between our current political systems and that of a monarchy is in name only.

                    We still live on “the king’s [state’s] land” and must pay “royalties [taxes] to continue to do so.

                    We must obtain the king’s permission [licenses] to engage in a trade or business, and to travel upon the king’s roads….and we must pay the king taxes on the profits of our endeavors…..

                    But we get to vote for which king sits on the throne….big whoop!

    • Perhaps that was before the auto industry became a political entity. And before Snow Flake SJW Wokesters determined that cars where the most evil invention of the species. The plain simple fact is that practically everything in our lives is now the target of regulation, promotion, restriction, or destruction by the US Psychopaths In Charge. Which makes EVERYTHING political.

  10. Very well said Eric and a much overdue essay that needs to be repeated and replicated far and wide.

    It brings to mind the concept of the dichotomy as one of the primary tools of division. If you are not A, then you must be B. If you are not B then you must be A. In the political realm we are presented with two sides, the left and the right. Each has it’s own slate of positions on the issues. We are expected to choose a side and then uniformly adopt the slate of our chosen side. I personally find the left slate to be almost entirely odious. The right slate somewhat less odious, but odious nonetheless.

    The assumptions people make about you based on where you disagree with them is quite frustrating. They want to pigeon hole you into one template or the other with no regard for nuance. As a person who is politically primarily focused on liberty I’m finding it harder and harder, to the point of exasperation to have any kind of quality politically philosophical discussion with anyone on the left or the right, because if I don’t adore Trump I must be a commie, and if I don’t want to start WWIII with Iran and China I must be a commie, if I’m not a bootlicking copsucker I must be a commie.

    Thank you Eric for providing one of the finest forums on the internet where I can go to find reason and sanity in an increasingly insane world.

  11. the zionists are fake jews. Theyre white people whoi converted to judaism. Does Jerry Seinfeld look arabic? They control the media – the movies – the news – the banks of course – and all accepted forms of public discourse on facebook – twitter – youtube – etc etc. Not recognizing this fact renders you defenseless to what these guys have planned. Which is complete global communism. They invented it and they want to to have total worldwide domination. And theyre getting it. With the virus hoax and the george soros riots. The fact that there are non-zionist lackeys are going along – like trump – means nothing. Actually obama shockingly had a bit more spine than orange idiot about this. Biden wont.

    • LOL! I really have to laugh these kind of pig-ignorant ravings from phony Christians, white boy, though they are quite entertaining.

      As usual you are wrong in just about every regard. There is plenty of perfidy to go around with regular white guys, they don’t need Jews to do their dirty work. Jews did not “invent communism”; as anyone who has ever studied the subject knows communism is based on collectivist ideas that go way back to the ancient world, ancestors claimed by aryans as their own, and the major persons behind the spread of modern communism have been good ol’ gentiles like Stalin, Mao, and Castro. Additionally many banks are owned and controlled by whitey, major U.S. banking families are as dirty as one can possibly imagine, and the majority of the people responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve system are also crackers! Then of course we have the “identity christian” part of the aryan wacko movement who claim that the original Israelites were aryans – which would mean that it was whitey who wrote the much-reviled Talmud! Then out of the other side of their mouths they bitch about “The Chosen” while proclaiming themselves the Master Race! It goes on and on and on, virtually every one of the positions that you and your “aryan” buddies take is nonsense that is trivially disproved, much like the flat-earthers.

      The only thing that you are even remotely correct about is Jews in the media – because in the United States a group of Jews invented the media! (See the book “An Empire of Their Own.”) However, white-controlled media organizations like the BBC are following the same leftist line and are even worse than Hollyweird when it comes to forcing “diversity”, and in the past the white-owned Hearst newspaper syndicate in its day had enormous political influence and similarly pushed its own political agenda by controlling what the masses saw. So with the clear evidence that whitey does the same kinds of things when in control of the media, your entire argument is really based on hatred and jealousy because “they” got their first and are more successful! (Really, when reduced to their most basic elements what aryan warriors/white supremacists are really saying is they think Jews are the superior Master Race and white guys are a bunch of mindless dupes. Not something I subscribe to, but that’s what your belief system amounts to.)

      However, being Fathers’ Day and all I have something special here for you and all of my other aryan warrior buddies that pop in here like Annie, Spittle Queerie, and the Bubster. The simple fact is that the white race is doomed due to interbreeding – it’s all over but the shouting, crackers! Even stalwart whites such as the British Royal family are dipping their toes into the dark end of the gene pool. It’s a trend you cannot stop! I just love to hear you guys impotently bleating about it, makes my day, so please continue. So here for your enjoyment is some real hot interracial action – you’ll practically be able to see the aryan race being fiercely pounded out of existence before your very eyes! Have a happy Fathers’ Day and Enjoy!

      • well you have the choice of two jewish dick suckers running for office. You should be happy. go back to playing with blocks and eating applesauce.

      • You sir are the one who is incorrect about almost everything, except your admission of (((their))) coontrol of media. The antiChrist did not invent media, but they subverted and perverted it after infiltration.
        Otherwise, your drivel is too idiotic to go thru line by line – twould merely be casting pearls…
        Do, hows the weather in tel aviv comrade?

      • Whites are are a minority, maybe less than 9% globally, and just in case you haven’t noticed lately, there’s a Kill-All-Whites, Fuck-WhitePeople full-court press against Whte men world-wide, funded and master-minded by the likes of Soros, Rothchilds, Kuhns, Leobs, Warburgs et al who have direct access to unlimited fiat debt money via the central banking cartel which they have created and control. They see themselves as a divinely chosen race separate from and superior to all others. They are nepotistic, collectivist, cunning, resiliant, and subversive. They see White men of European extraction as their primary impediment to the global hegemony to which they are entitled.

        In today’s increasingly toxic cultural milieu, White Nationalists seek to carve out a homeland where White men can live, work, and raise their families with their own kind without being attacked and parasitized by feral welfare-dependent Negroes, having our government and economy dominated by Jewish billionaire oligarchs, and shedding White blood for Israel’s endless wars. WN’s are separatists. They do not seek domination over other races, and accusations of White supremacy is an obvious canard to anyone with two brain cells.

        People like you, Jason, and your anti-White vitriol are a more damaging part of the problem than BLM looters and murderers, solipsistic misandrist White feminists, or thug cops.

        If you are White, you are traitorous. If, as I suspect, you are jewish, then you need to go live with you own kind in your own ancestral homeland and leave us the hell alone, so that we can all coexist peacefullly.

        • Hi Mack,

          I agree with you in re free association, which includes the corollary right to not associate, if that is one’s preference. I have argued for years that it’s an outrage – an attack on fundamental rights – to tell anyone that they must do business with, rent to or live with anyone else, contrary to their wishes. So we’re on the same page with respect to that.

          With respect to some of the other things, I’ll relate the following:

          I live in a rural southern county, with a population that is demographically 95 percent white. Many of these people are the mooching parasitical types you mention. They force me to hand over several thousand dollars each year to “help” finance their kids’ wharehousing and indoctrination in county schools. I attended a Tea Party meaning and was practically tarred and feathered for asking why other people’s decision to have sex and produce kids imposes an obligation enforceable at gunpoint on me to “help” raise them. Mind, these were “conservatives” who “opposed” what they styled “Big Government”… provided they got theirs out of it.

          Lost of people in this county live on government cheese – rather, government steak, which I cannot afford (because I am taxed to pay for their EBT/SNAP “benefits,” which they use to buy the steak I can’t afford). They’re not black.

          What I’m attempting to make is a point that collectivism – which requires authoritarianism – is a general disease. Would I have preferred to live in National Socialist Germany, among my racial kinfolk – and because it was a clean, orderly society with well-paved roads? No, because I am not a socialist – which means I am not a collectivist and thus reject and despise authoritarianism in all its forms. What is the difference between being forced to “march in step” in Germany and being forced to do the same here? I prefer not to be enslaved for the greater glory of anyone. My life is my own. As yours is yours. As everyone’s is theirs. If we deny this to anyone do we not implicitly deny it to ourselves also?

          • Mornin’ Eric!

            While I certainly agree with you about the white trash- the thing is: They have not been working in an organized manner on an international basis for centuries to gain control of the money supply of nations; the media; medicine; edumacation; etc. They are merely amoral or immoral opportunists.

            The very welfare system which they take advantage of is one of the inventions of Jewish liberals who use that very system to destroy Capitalism and functional culture.

            Evil is common to all humans…..but the fact remains that there is a cabal of some people who belong to one ethnicity who have desired to control the entire world for many centuries…and we are now witnessing the fruits of their long-pursued agenda coming to pass.

    • without giving flinders drivel any recognition he somehow struggles to burp one point. Collectivism has been around a long time. The Puritans were complete communists long before it was “cool”
      . And they almost died from it. Its an interesting part of history. No one would work until private property rights were restored. Unforttunately they survived and infected America with their ass ideas that led to the defeat of the South in 1865. It perverted into todays communism. Today Massachuset New Jersey New York and Illinois are the ass end of American communism. And Flinders is a happy member.

      • Hi Mark,

        The Puritan example is instructive; also the source of what is called “Yankee” today – i.e., the moralizing/for-you-own-good authoritarianism. They populated the North. The South had more Cavalier types – opponents of Cromwell/the puritanical bible beater types. It played out as you’d have expected.

      • I thought it was the Pilgrms who tried socialism under Governor Bradford. Bradford, to his credit, acknowledged that his socialist experiment didn’t work, and ended it. I was under the impression that the Puritans were very STRICT adherents to Christianity, thus living an austere lifestyle.

        • The Puritans…and many others, essentially operated theocracies in their own communities. They don’t teach this in history in the pooblik skools, but such was pretty much the way America was until more recently:

          When people immigrated here, they’d tend to migrate to communities that were populated by those of their own ethnicity and religion- and these communities would thus rule their own towns according to their own common values and beliefs- e.g. if you were a Lutheran you’d settle among other Lutherans, and a community of Lutherans would thus structure their local laws and schools, etc. in accordance with their particular beliefs.

          Until recently, we could still see remnants of such, in things like “Blue Laws” and local laws against profanity; and proper dress, etc. The Puritans just get a lot of press because they were the first large group, and colonized the Northeast…aand they were so numerous that they dominated, and essentially took over the Northeast at the state level [Rather than just at the community level] and thus inflicted their ideologies asnd laws on everyone.

          Local rule at the community level was pretty much what America was about prior to the last 100 years or so. The liberties we often imagine the Founders conferring were not really the individual liberties which we champion, but rather just “freedom” from Federal interference vs. the autonomy of the “will of the community” (i.e. local government).

          George Washington was once cited fro riding his horse on a Sunday! Jamestown was so communist, that it’d make ANTIFA happy. Just like the commies in Seattle who are occupying “CHOP”…..people want to cast off tyrannies which they don’t agree with…only to erect ones they do agree with, and then proceed to inflict them on others. Those who seek liberty -for themselves and all- are rare. That is why WE are the smallest of minorities.

  12. Outstanding essay, Eric. You achieved satori. Must have felt glorious to pen these words.
    You wrote, “Their “race” – their religion – is authoritarian collectivism.
    And that is our enemy.”
    I agree and would add that the true enemy is our wide spread belief and trust in authority. Without it the psychopathic Coonmans of the world would be powerless.

  13. In our collectivist society, everyone apparently is preloaded with viruses and underwear bombs and, thus, a presumed terrrrrist or Typhoid Mary/Corona Kerrie. Guilt is established by your existence. Innocence cannot be asserted. Hence, thou shall get your panties scanned and your boobs squeezed to travel. And thou shall don a paper face diaper to go about your business. Jew or Greek.

  14. A noble essay, Eric, but nonetheless flawed. The libertarian ideal of treating each person as an individual regardless of ethnicity or race is only viable in a monoracial and monocultural society in which everybody pretty much shares that view. And, I might add, only viable in a white society. Libertarianism and individual rights are white European ideas. From an objective, anthropological standpoint, Africa, for instance, has ALWAYS been organized along tribal lines. So were the native people in the Western Hemisphere. The Subcontinent was organized along lines of race, caste and religion. It has always been thus.

    Politics is about aggregate behavior, not individual behavior. You can have an individual-rights based polity in which individual differences of opinion manifest themselves in competitive party politics only when factors like race and culture are absent — and not always then. The English Civil War, for instance, had some serious tribal overtones based long religious lines, despite having a monoracial polity. Look at the hate that still exists between English and French-speaking Canadians for another example.

    As far as the Jews are concerned they are the oldest “tribe” of all. They have regarded themselves as “God’s Chosen People” for four thousand years. And if THEY’RE “God’s Chosen,” YOU’RE not. Jews only play the “we stand for individual rights” game when they are the outgroup seeking power. When they are in the driver’s seat, individual rights go out the window in favor of tribal solidarity. (Ask any Palestinian on the West Bank if you doubt that).

    As a practical matter, I am always happy to treat any individual of any race according to Rev. King’s (ghostwritten) line: by the content of his character. As a political matter, though, it’s simply the case that racial and ethnic attributes often serve as useful proxies for what an individual’s political interests are likely to be. The stereotype of the Irish cop is based in reality: when they Irish gained control of corrupt city governments, they hired THEIR OWN people — not you.

    Of course, you are correct that the Northams and Cuomos are white men who are behind much of the authoritarian mischief. But they are merely Machiavellians, exploiting the reality of racial and tribal identity politics for their own gain. Their greatest fear, though is that some day pandering to minority groups will not be enough, and those groups will demand that they be replaced by the Real McCoy — not a white man who claims to side with blacks and gays and Jews, but REAL blacks, gays, and Jews instead. You saw exactly that happen when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated a liberal white Irish Democrat based on ethnic identity politics. Pandering was no longer enough for Joe Crowley to save his ass — he was a straight white man who spoke English. Didn’t matter that he was powerful enough to become the next Speaker of the House; he got beat by a little brown 28-year-old Latina who knows that YOU won’t need to drive a car 10 years from now.

    The only way out of this is separate polities for separate races and ethnicities. Once again, the Jews exemplify this: the entire purpose of their religion is to obtain their own “Promised Land” where they have total political control.

    When it was founded, America was a sort of “promised land,” too, and a lot of antebellum Americans understood it with that biblical imagery. We wrecked it, though, over the racial question of slavery, then with immigration. Like it or not, identity politics is here to stay. There are only two ways out: break the country up, or have a totalitarian regime enforce equality through brute power like Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron.”

    It’s clear that we are going to experience the latter first.

    • Hi X,

      You write:

      “The libertarian ideal of treating each person as an individual regardless of ethnicity or race is only viable in a monoracial and monocultural society in which everybody pretty much shares that view.”

      There are a number of assertions in the above but I’d like to begin with the italicized (by me) latter portion of your statement.

      Of course!

      The whole point of Libertarian moral philosophy is to spread that view; i.e., the sovereignty of the individual and all that flows from it. I do not claim it will be successful; I argue that it is worth trying for.

      I consider Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams (I’ve spoken with both) more my kinsmen than creatures such as Northam, who are closer to me ethnically/racially but who are my avowed enemies.

      I’m all for breaking the country up – that is decentralizing it. I think this is the best possible solution – irrespective of anyone’s race. People of like mind can congregate here – and the rest there.

      I realize, of course, the problem with this is that those on the other side – including numerous “racial kinsmen” – will not allow the rest of us (racial kinsmen or not) to peacefully go our way and they go their way.

      It will probably come to blows. So be it.

      But I will not automatically consider a black man or an Indian man or any other man my enemy just because he is a black man or an Indian man but only if he proves himself to be my enemy. By the same token, I will not consider every white man my ally just because he and I descend from the same European gene pool.

      • “I will not automatically consider a black man or an Indian man or any other man my enemy just because he is a black man or an Indian man but only if he proves himself to be my enemy. By the same token, I will not consider every white man my ally just because he and I descend from the same European gene pool.”

        Nor should you. Sowell and Williams are geniuses. So is Clarence Thomas, who is absolutely the most intelligent justice the Supreme Court right now and the one who displays the most fidelity to its founding principles. But the “exception does not disprove the rule.” As you gain more members of a particular group, you get a “regression to the mean” characteristics of that group. And in a democratic politics, in which numbers matter FAR more than individuals, group traits are more important.

        Phrased another way, do you think that 90% of blacks in this country are more likely to be like Sowell, Williams, or Thomas, or are they more likely to be like the anti-white looters and rioters you saw the last couple of weeks? If you randomly interviewed average blacks on the street, what percentage do you think would name Sowell or Thomas as their heroes? What percentage would admire Snoop Dogg, C-Murder or O.J. Simpson?

        Your own state of Virginia is a prime example of what happens when other races and cultures begin to populate a democratic society. Just last year, the New York Times was gloating over how immigrants flipped the state blue — and the first thing the state legislature tried to do was to take guns from white men, who have owned them in Virginia since the 1600s. It was James Madison, a Virginian, who wrote the Second Amendment.

        And yet the NYT quoted a Subcontinental immigrant who stated flatly that he was voting Democrat so they could ban guns. Who introduced the legislation? Speaker Filler-Corn. She’s not a Virginian. Where is she from? What tribe is she a member of?

        Race matters. Culture matters. Gender matters. I recall reading some years ago that Volvo assigned an all-female team of engineers to design a prototype car to see what they came up with. They designed it with synthetic oil and 30,000 scheduled oil changes, and a hood that was bolted into place because women weren’t very interested in checking or changing oil. But they did enlarge the console to hold a bigger purse.

        People in positions of power are goin to use that power to advance their own agenda and their own group’s agenda. Not yours. White American men knew that once upon a time. They forget it at their own peril.

        • Amen X!

          Culture matters…and when cultures can be divided along racial lines, they can be manipulated very easily to pit one against another, while overtly protesting “racism”- which is exactly what we are seeing now. And what group has always realized that, and has always used the tactics of pitting one group against another, while keeping their own “pure”? [Well…not so much an entire group- but a powerful faction of that group]

          That they glory in and promote their Karl Marx’s, while hiding and abhorring their Murray Rothbard’s….says it all.

        • Well said, X.

          The universalist/egalitarian propaganda has been so strong and successful that many will be forever blinded by reality.

    • “The libertarian ideal of treating each person as an individual regardless of ethnicity or race is only viable in a monoracial and monocultural society in which everybody pretty much shares that view. And, I might add, only viable in a white society. Libertarianism and individual rights are white European ideas.”

      So the implication is that we can’t have libertarianism or individual rights because not everyone is white and European and the ideas did not originate elsewhere. What absolute nonsense. What your argument boils down to is that there can be no stateless society or even limited government until the only people left on earth are white and of European descent. That is a sorry excuse for the necessity of the state, as well as for ethnic cleansing. When you start ethnic cleansing where does it end?

      Your argument tantamount to precrime. Someone might possibly, or even likely misbehave at some point in the future, therefore a police state is the only remedy.

      • “That is a sorry excuse for the necessity of the state, as well as for ethnic cleansing. When you start ethnic cleansing where does it end? ”

        Commenter X made no such implication.

        His point was that a non-violent, if not entirely amicable, separation was preferred, but also that the jewish power elite and their anti-White lackeys, including indoctrinated White Marxists, will resort to violence to deny Whites their right to freedom of association, or its corollary, the feedom to disassociate.

        • Ok, I’m all for decentralizing leviathan. Break it up, but it doesn’t sound at all like libertarianism or individual rights are on the table once you’ve created your all-white society. The disdain y’all have for such ideas makes it pretty clear that national socialism or some other form of collectivism will be the order of the day.

          How will you determine who is white enough and pure enough to inhabit your brave new world? Will blonde hair and blue eyes be the standard that must be met? Will people of Italian ancestry with Moorish blood be allowed? If so what percentage of African DNA will be permissible? Is Spanish ancestry white enough? Portuguese? Where do you draw that line, how do you test for it and how will it be enforced? What does that portend for self ownership and property rights? When the new national borders are drawn and you deport someone for not being white enough where will they go? I guess we could ask a Palestinian.

          • Hank, how about: Those who want to keep their race pure be free to do so without hindrance, coercion through propaganda, or vilification (Just as blacks and Jews are now freely allowed to do)…and those who don’t care about such things can be free to do what they want, too?

            • Ok, have no problem with anyone going off and having their little exclusionary collectivist utopias. I’ll leave them alone as long as they leave me alone.

              But telling me that libertarian ideas and individual rights can only work within a certain cultural and racial subset is like pissing on my leg and telling me that it’s raining.

              If you value your genetic purity over your liberty that’s your business, but don’t pretend that’s not what is being said here.

              • Hank,


                Those who control us though, have gone to the opposite extreme. They use propaganda (Couched as “education”) to convince people that voluntary exclusivity and free assocaition (or non-association) is somehow wrong and evil…but only when practiced by whites. Of course, they have no objections when it is practised and promoted by blacks and Jews and Injuns or any other group….but they shame whites for it, and virtually criminalize it.

                They do the same with religion: They can promote the Koran in public schools and Moslem or Hindu [etc.] students can wear shirts with their religious and cultural symbols and slogans- even if they are incendiary….but so much as bring a Bible to school* or wear a shirt with a symbol or slogan promoting Christianity or White/Euro pride, and you’ll be whisked away to the cornfield.

                *=My cousin’s kid brought her Bible to school to read during recess….and had to end up getting a lawyer to avoid suspension and to retain her right to merely carry and read a book of her own choosing on school grounds!

                So, if the pendulum swings a little the other way in reaction to the insanities being thrust upon us….I can understand why. This is exactly what the overlords are counting on, and why they are portraying things like Police brutality as only applicable to blacks, even thoiugh whites are far more often the victims of it.

                Of course WE know that the answer is simply liberty/freedom from government….but “they” want just the opposite- which they achieve via manipulation of opinion, fear, and reaction to artificially induced crises.

                • Libertarian concepts and individual rights are the antidote to the bullshit systems set up by the ruling class, which is what makes me grind my teeth every time I hear the numbskulls on the alt-right demonizing libertarianism and individual rights.

                  I’ve been called a libtardarian, and had this discussion often enough to know what their program is, and liberty ain’t it.

                  As an aside, I spent four years in the US army infantry and I served with many fine black men who were outstanding soldiers. There were also some who were not so great, but you could draw pretty much the same distinctions at about the same ratio with the white guys. The blacks valued their freedom. That’s a large part of why they serve. They might have been misguided about serving in the military to further the cause of freedom, by as a young dumb recruit, so was I. I’ve also worked alongside many fine and sharp black men in my working career after the army. Don’t try to tell me they aren’t capable of liberty.

                  The failure of black culture and the black family in particular can be laid squarely at the doorstep of the big government welfare state and Johnson’s great society. Prior to the welfare state black families almost entirely had both parents present and involved in their child rearing. They were almost entirely employed, eager for education, ambitious and quite Christian.

                  The black culture we see today is a culture that has been subsidized into existence. Every student of human nature knows that whatever you subsidize you get more of. The welfare state and subsidies of any kind are antithetical to libertarian ideals and individual rights, which suggest that those ideals are probably the best solution.

                  • Hank, I can’t disagree with any of that! Except the destruction of the black fambly goes even further back than LBJ….to FDR.

                    Good, liberty-loving people of any variety are hard to find, period. All cultures/groups seem to have their own detriments to which many of their members conform- with us Italians it’s Catholicism (Which is as bad as Zionism)- But the good people from any group/culture are the ones who overcome the detrimental elements of their culture, as well as the dark tendencies of human nature.

                    Hey, if there’s one group I tend to really dislike on the whole, it’s the Greeks! But I have even known a couple of good ones among them. (No one seems to care if ya dislike the Greeks though…’cause they’re white….)

                    Me:[To my late Greek friend, as we passed by a Greek restaurant]: “That place is really good!”
                    Friend: “I thought you didn’t like Greek food?”
                    Me: “No, I love Greek food. It’s GREEKS I dislike!”

    • Amen and youre absolutely correct, except in one thing ; the jews do NOT claim to be chosen of God, OUR God, the God of the Bible, for 4 thousand years. Their god is NOT our God… The jews know and admit in their own writings that they are NOT Biblical Israelites nor Hebrews – see the jewish almanac [1981] for just one example. They just keep up the ruse to the dumb goy to enable their parasitic existence and ensure continued support from overly altruistic white folk who will not read their Bible or even try to think logically. They often use shabbos goy like northam so as to not TOO openly overplay (((their))) hand tho…
      The jew does also admit to being the originator and motivating force behind [modern] communism. A ‘leader’ , I think it was rabbi finklestein but dont quote me on the name, said some 70 or 80 years ago “You may call it communism, but we call it judaism”.
      Our host is also incorrect in another area ; I “get” what hes saying and is correct insofar as it goes… But the FACT is that the races are very different – they do not have the same value systems nor thought processes. They cannot coexist peaceably; there is a reason God tells us to be seperate in His Word. It is also made clear that He created them differently, tho for what purpose I know not, and gave the different ‘nations and peoples’ their own areas. This is how it should be and is the only way things will ever work, especially for us. Whether you believe the Word or not, empirical and historical, as well as anecdotal evidence will bear this out. And like it or not, an ordered society w/o the overbearing governmental class is ONLY possible among moral, white people. Period. To state otherwise is to be hopelessly naive and ignorant of history or dishonest.

      • You got it, Luke. Judaism as a whole prioritizes their Babylonian Talmud over the Scriptures…as they do political power- both of which caused them to reject their own [and our] Messiah. Jesus said that they are of their father, the Devil. (John 8:44)

        Any wonder they’ve managed to have the New Testament classified by the State Department as “Hate literature”? They HATE their Messiah, and they HATE those of us who worship Him.

      • Hi Luke,

        Yes, but then the dilemma (for Libertarians) arises: How do we – let’s assume for discussion white Europeans – keep ourselves separate and “pure”? Does this not require… authoritarian collectivism? Will this all-white community respect the individual, including his right to be let alone and to run his own life? Or will it force him – via taxes and regulations – to “contribute” to the “community,” that defined by a handful of more-equal-than-others animals?

        For my part, whether I am oppressed by someone who looks like me or doesn’t matters about as much as whether white or red termites eat my house.

        It’s instructive, I think, to recall that the American war for secession – the first one – was betrayed entirely by white Christian men such as Washington and the “federalists.” It was they who overthrew – in a closed-door conspiracy – the Articles and replaced them with the Constitution, throwing as a sop to the Jeffersonians the tacked-on Bill of Rights, which the Constitution was written and intended to systematically eviscerate and has.

        Then along came Clay and Jefferson – and 1861-’65.

        Such people threaten your liberty and mine as much as BLM and perhaps more, as they set the foundation stones for what we are dealing with now.

        The antidote is not another variety of authoritarian collectivism. It is a rejection of the idea of authoritarian collectivism.

  15. Leftist indoctrination have turned the past 30 years of graduates into whiners and free loaders. I am seeing the last vestiges of this Republic being swept away for the promise of equality and being taken care of for all. My philosophy for good government is this: leave me and my money the hell alone! Our first coinage, which was the Continental Dollar, had the slogan “Mind Your Business”. I figure that my archaic beliefs will soon make me an enemy of the state very soon subject to extermination. Not without a fight. Better to perish on my feet than on my knees!

  16. Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants, not just one of their multitude of typical evil traits. Unfortunately, racism is one of the easiest for them to promote. There was a time when fear of those “not like us” was a legitimate concern. Such as when the Mongol horde came over the hill. It is an instinct common to mammals. A considerable portion of the definition of civilization is the ability to overcome instinct by reason and logic. All the tyrant has to do is interfere with that reason and logic, while promoting the instinct.


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