NJ AGW Pepper Sprays Teen Just Because

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Here’s video of a New Jersey armed government worker approaching and then pepper-spraying a 16-year-old kid for no apparent reason . . . other than just because. An interesting aspect of this story is that the AGW has been shuttled around to nibe different “department”- like the way the Catholic Church used to send a kid-touching priest to another church in a different town, rather than to jail.

The pepper-sprayed kid may have been smoking pot – heinous offense! – but s the video shows, he wasn’t “resisting” or even given a chance to. The AGW simply opens up the can of aerosol Just Us.

And while the AGW has been charged with crimes, consider what would have happened had this AGW been pepper-sprayed by the teen.  If the teen hadn’t been shot, he’d have been charged and prosecuted with various felonies.

But since he doesn’t have the government in his corner, he isn’t even legally allowed to fight back when assaulted by a criminal in costume.

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  1. I’ll let you folks try and digest this one.

    “ June 15, 2018 – 12:16 PM

    Minneapolis police officers have repeatedly requested over the past three years that Hennepin County medical responders sedate people using the powerful tranquilizer ketamine, at times over the protests of those being drugged, and in some cases when no apparent crime was committed, a city report shows.

    On multiple occasions, in the presence of police, Hennepin Healthcare EMS workers injected suspects of crimes and others who already appeared to be restrained, according to the report, and the ketamine caused heart or breathing failure, requiring them to be medically revived. Several people given ketamine had to be intubated.

    These are among the findings of an investigation conducted by the Office of Police Conduct Review, a division of the city’s Department of Civil Rights. The draft report has been circulated narrowly within City Hall but not disseminated to the public. The Star Tribune has obtained a copy.”

    “ It is also a common club drug, known colloquially as “Special K.” Its side effects include delirium, quickened heart rate and respiratory problems, especially in high doses.

    Hennepin Healthcare has been a leader in ketamine research, and its EMS personnel have been using it since 2008, according to its statement.

    To evaluate how the sedative was being used, the Office of Police Conduct Review investigators looked for mentions of the word in police reports, and then reviewed body camera footage from those cases.

    “Multiple videos showed individuals requiring intubation after being injected with ketamine, and [police] reports indicate that multiple individuals stopped breathing and/or their hearts stopped beating after being injected with ketamine,” the report said.

    The police encounters that led to EMS using ketamine ranged from cases of obstruction of justice to jaywalking, according to the report. One man was dosed with ketamine while strapped to a stretcher and wearing a spit hood.

    The report found that officers regularly instructed the medical staff to administer the ketamine”

  2. I think LE officers should leave their gun in their car too. I mean, why do they really need it on their hip all the time? If they think they’ll need it, then carry it, no problem, but in most everyday situations maybe they should leave it in the car so the hothead cops don’t get themselves into trouble. They won’t be as intimidating either. I’d normally say … yeah keep the gun on your hip all the time just in case you ever need it… but there seems to be so many trigger-happy cops out there that don’t think twice about blowing people away for personal reasons… I honestly don’t think they are responsible enough or have enough compassion for the public to carry that gun anymore. They can have their tazer & pepper spray & stick though.

  3. “In “The Constitution of Police Violence,” a soon-to-be published article for the UCLA Law Review, Dr. Alice Ristroph of the Seton Hall Law School describes case law regarding law enforcement encounters with citizens as “a blueprint for police violence. It invites officers to interrupt civilians, sometimes with minimal suspicion and sometimes with no suspicion at all. Once interrupted, the citizen must comply with the officer’s requests [which are more accurately described as `demands’] or risk expanding the officer’s authority. Actual or perceived non-compliance rapidly ratchets up the officer’s authorization to use force, and any non-compliance perceived to be dangerous empowers the officer to kill.” (Emphasis added.)”
    From an article by the late, great Will Grigg…

    And there’s your problem, lady…

    “and any non-compliance perceived to be dangerous empowers the officer to kill”

    That one phrase, a malignant tumor grown in the fetid petri dish of Safety Uber Alles, is the single, primary, penultimate reason cops indiscriminately kill both blacks and whites on a regular basis.

    That is the Circular Force Continuum, protected legally by Qualified Immunity.

    It is, quite literally, a license to kill.

    Any “reform” that does not directly address this issue is nothing but pandering bullshit.

    • AF, as I’ve said many times, the problems go back to the courts. SCOTUS affirmed qualified immunity.

      Cop to cop “hey, just do what you want. If you want to blow somebody away you might get a few days off with pay. If you need a vaca, just blow somebody away”.

  4. Typical. If the general population insists on having police, which apparently they do, It would be so remarkably easy to reign them in. Do away with qualified immunity, or at least severely alter it, install a a database to identify miscreants (which any normal sane government would already have), and make them liable for their criminal acts just like any other sheeple instead of rarely charging them and even more rarely convicting them (regarding the sheeple they seek any excuse to make a charge, while regarding “law” enforcement they seek any excuse NOT to). Its a common error of the SJW Wokesters to ask the very monsters that inflict the injustice to protect them from it. Going back to the Occupy Wall Street movement, they did have a number of quite legitimate complaints, but they demanded the very criminal enterprise which was guilty of the crime to solve it.


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