The High Cost of Free

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The other day, I drove by a tent set up in the parking lot of the local volunteer fire department where people could get “free” injections of whatever’s-in-those-needles. Similar kiosks are popping up at grocery stores. Free beer is promised to those who agree to be injected with whatever’s-in-those-Needles.

It’s a free for all  . . . or so they hope.

It got to me to thinking about the cost of all this “free” stuff.

The government wants very much to convince the volk that there is no cost to the “free” things it provides – which it possesses in limitless quantities and benevolently disburses, kind of like Santa Claus.

But it’s not benevolent. The government’s elves are us – and unlike Santa’s elves, government’s elves are not free to leave the workshop.

Uncle must take before he can give.

The elves assume the costs of “free” – while Uncle Santa gets the credit for the benevolence.

Eventually, the elves decide it is no longer worth being elves – and join the ranks of those wanting Christmas morning every day, for “free.” They soon discover it’s a lump of coal for everyone – every day.

There are also the strings that always come attached to “free.” The government attaches conditions to what it gives away; if you want to receive you must also give.

If not work, then your freedom.

Uncle’s EBT card – and the pending UBI app free-for-all – will monitor what you’re allowed to buy and limit what you are able to buy, according to how well or not you obey.

It is the freedom of the prison, where you are clothed and housed and fed – for “free.”

That’s not a deal most of us would freely make.

And what of these “free” injections with whatever’s-in-those-needles? What will the cost of those end up being?

It could cost those who get them their health – possibly, their lives. It has already been (ahem) associated with at least 4,700 deaths over just the past five months. Including, just the other day, the VP of the software giant, Oracle.

It has also been “associated” with tens of thousands of “adverse” effects.

Who will pay for all of that – besides those who are rendered dead or permanently sick, or permanently vulnerable to sickness?

It won’t be the pharmaceutical companies, who have been immunized against being held responsible for the costs of the harms they cause – including those forced on people. A neat trick.

The ones who pay for it will be the families of the people harmed – as well as the taxpayers, who will receive the bill – via taxes, via higher “mandated” insurance – for the care, ongoing, needed by the people harmed permanently or into uselessness by whatever’s-in-those needles. For the care of the dependents left behind by those harmed into the ground by whatever’s-in-those needles.

But these are likely to be merely the incidental costs of this “freebie.”

Pending bills include future injections with whatever’s in those Needles, which we may no longer be free to decline – even at the cost of losing our jobs, being denied a new job, told we may not travel – and may not enter.

Forced-at-gunpoint “free” Needlings are very possible. If you don’t think it’s possible, reflect: Did you ever think it would be possible that armed goons would tackle and shackle people for showing their faces in public? It’s hard to believe, but there it is – and more is coming.

People ought to ask themselves why the government and its “private business” corporate enforcers so urgently seek to Needle everyone – and hurry-up-about it. Including kids, who are at less known risk of dying from the ‘Rona (essentially nil) than they are at risk of being harmed – possibly permanently – by the known (as well as the not-yet-known) risk that comes with whatever’s in those Needles.

And the same for almost all of the rest of us – who were never seriously threatened by death from this virus. But whose lives are very much at risk from the hysteria created using this virus.

People also ought to ask why the pharmaceutical companies are so eager to “give away” a product they spent a great deal of money developing. Are they charities?

Noblesse oblige?

They are in fact among the most profitable of all industries – in part because they are able to provide “free” products paid for by the government, which pays for them using your money – taken by force.

Note that at least six new billionaires have been created via all of this “free” whatever’s-in-those-Needles.

They now seek to require everyone to use their product – or rather, to submit to being used by their product. What could possibly be the motivation for that? Is their future profit in ongoing sickness – as caused by perpetually hobbled immunity caused by whatever’s-in-those Needles? Will the Needled need more Needlings to stay alive, no longer free?

Do you suppose it is a one-shot deal?

Just this Needle?

Or do you think it likely that a precedent is being established for ongoing Needlings?

What will be the cost of that?

It will come at the cost of your freedom to say no – which may well be countermanded by rescission of your freedom to live, in addition to your likely soon-to-be-former right to  shop, to travel, to attend any public event such as a concert or even an outdoor gathering unless you’ve been jabbed.

You will be free – to submit.

If that is all they charge you.

. . . 

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  1. I just traveled to the Arab Peninsula by air. I needed a PCR test within 72 hrs of departure and another 6 days after arrival.

    In the U.S. the PCR test cost me 180.00 dollars. Here in the UAE, if I find the free testing center inconvenient, I might have to pay as much as 18.00 dollars U.S.

    It’s easy to see that in the U.S. they want Covid 19 to spread as fast as possible. Further, they want everyone believing that anyone could be a disease vector – anywhere- all the time. Why else would testing be outlandishly expensive and Faux Vaccination be “Free?”

    It’s all a lie. It’s such a web of lies, that we may never be able to get to the truth about any of it. One thing I’m sure of, those faux vaccines are dangerous, possibly deadly.

    Stay safe, folks.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I doubt I’ll ever fly again – because I will not Diaper and I will not be Needled. I agree with you that the whole thing is a “case” of manufactured mass hysteria, intended – at the least – to increase the power of government and the profits of corporations. I fear it may serve another, more sinister purpose as well.

      • I stopped flying (not that I did much anyway) when you had to give up your 4th and 5th amendment rights to do so. TSA is just more theater not unlike the mask.

  2. In the case of crooked pharma, they want to sell everyone multiple injections for years on end, which may be free to the customer, but pharma still gets paid by the government. They want their $100’s of billions in profits before 100’s of millions of people start dying off. All this free stuff is an attempt to get people used to owning nothing and having no bills or debt…that is for survivors only.

    The great “march of socialism” started during the great depression in the 1930’s, has become unraveled as the promises of something for nothing can no longer be met. Thus, we face the great reset where all debts are cancelled, paper money is extinguished, and no person owns any property of any kind. You will be provided a generous $1,000 a month to live on with basic services and housing mainly free. You will not need a vehicle and if you have a job, a “Johnny-cab” will take you there and back, or you work from home. And to top it all off, the government peckerwoods will demand that you accept your fate and be happy.

    All government debts will be erased, as a great majority of that owed money is for Social Security and government pensions. With the fake pandemic evolving into a giant fear and panic campaign designed for one thing…that is for you to be so afraid of the fake virus that you rush to the nearest injection provision site and gladly submit to your great personal immune system “reset” by pharma poisons. Yes, your immune system will be scrambled and eventually you may not have much protection against any disease or illness or the coming next fake pandemic in the form of CoV-3, in the planning stages since 2007.

    This is why so many older folks have perished and this is by design. They want to get rid of the financial burden of providing for the retired and the sick, especially at the end of their lives when the most costly medical service is required. Getting your injection will put you into the highest risk category for future diseases, if you survive the injections. Pharma will still make their profits off of dying people needing gobs of pharma drugs.

    The eventual cost of free stuff will be your life and freedom if you are still alive.

  3. OK, speaking of “the price of free”, has anyone seen recent reporting by ZeroHedge, RedState, or DailyMail talking very plainly, matter of (literally) published fact, that the US Depart of Defense is on record funding the Wuhan Virology Lab?

    Talk about THE PRICE OF FREE! (FFS)

    Apparently “the price of free” involves (first of all) stealing the funds of the population (aka taxes), with which our *military* (not just dummy bureaucrats) hand over (and/or share) with our declared enemies. In order to develop bioweapon technology.

    That is ostensibly banned universally.

    I don’t even know where to start. So the govt. steals our money, so that our military can use it along side our enemies to fund our own eventual destruction?! Will the Chinese be sailing United States aircraft carriers and flying our jets next? Maybe deploying our nukes?!

    I don’t believe it TBH. I think there’s a simpler explanation. That would be that our tax dollars are being used to create disease that benefits the manufactures of cures for the disease. But anymore, who knows how far this unimaginable corrupts really goes? Maybe our military has been literally infiltrated by CCP agents or sympathizers??

    I just can’t come up with an explanation that makes any sense and that isn’t very, very, bad.

  4. Face diaper update from Cleveland, OH on Saturday 6/5:

    Stopped at Chick-Fi-A for lunch — only a few of the staff had face diapers on and maybe 40% of the customers. No signage at all about the diapers, social distancing, etc. Ordered and ate with no problems.

    Shopped at ALDI — sign on door said you must wear a mask if not vaxed, otherwise optional. About 50/50 diapered vs. not for customers; I went in with no “mask” and nothing was said to me.

    Pet supply store — still had the pre-printed “must wear mask to enter store” sign on the door, but again, about 50/50 undiapered (even some staff) and again no one said anything about it.

    I’m quite sure many of the diapered already got the jab and were just putting on a show, but in these “eye of the storm” times we seem to be in, this is a case where I actually don’t mind a smattering of kabuki, for a couple reasons:

    1) It makes them look like even bigger idiots (at least in my eyes) for doing it when there’s no “requirement” and no one is checking.

    2) It can give the impression that there are still (unvaxed) people “following the rules”, so that could deflect attention from the rest of us and maybe buy us some time to shop and run errands unpestered.

    I don’t expect this “honor system” to last, but still good to see at least the outward appearance of sanity. Guess we should savor that and use this “lull” wisely.

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, indeed. Savor the flavor… I doubt it will linger. The pathological are still everywhere, just less visible now. And the fact that one can still see them everywhere, in abundance, is sure evidence of the degree of their sickness. These people are beyond help – and a latent danger to the rest of us. I regard them as Red Guards in waiting. They can be activated at any time. Beware of them. And be ready.

      • My brothers and I had a followup discussion re my choice to not cover my face at hospital when visiting our Dad. One brother is a longtime fan of Ron Paul, and recognized that the “masking” is a problem, although he dutifully wore it when requested and at first tried to get me to do it. The other tried to “out” me when I asked the gatekeeper if there was an exemption (he said loudly, “for what?” and made other comments to try to get me “in trouble”). I ignored him and as we were going up to the room, he kept making comments. I finally told him to cut it out. Was NOT harassed by staff, after the gatekeeper, at either visit. Later last night, on the drive back, we got into a debate about it, and predictably, his position is that I must obey the “private property rights” of various stores (and the hospital) that require this idiocy. He seems to acknowledge that there is no good (e.g. medical) reason for this. I asked him if the businesses had the same private property rights when they were FORCED to impose masks. Did they have a choice NOT to require masks? (see Gourmeltz, Attilis Gym, Mack’s Ale House, etc.). He had no answer but kept talking over me anyway. Finally, I said, “This is textbook fascism!” He said, “You’re wrong!” (but had no valid defense). That’s where it ended. He chooses to look like an idiot, but that is not enough for him…he wants to drag down someone else who is willing to fight the fascism for him…and is too brainwashed to realize it. Now we know why the good Germans did what they did…

        He is also debating about which vax he will get. He is not stupid, but I believe he is a coward (and may become a capo). Good to know this.

        • Hi Anonymous,

          I am sorry to hear about your brother. It was juvenile of him to try to throw you under the bus at the hospital. My sisters and I don’t agree on everything, but very much like the mafia, we take care of it in private and not in public.

          I hope your Dad is able to make a full recovery.

          • RG, thank you. That situation kind of marred the visit, and I agree that juvenile is a good word.

            Either way, it was good to see our Dad and he was able to recognize that we were there.

            Only time will tell.

        • The wife and I went over to a local pet store this afternoon and I was reminded of one of Eric’s recent articles about “Private Business” because the door had a sign that talked about the rules for “this facility”.

          And that really drives home the point IMO. It’s a “public facility” is what any licensed business really is anymore. They won’t allow an actual “private business” to operate as far as I know.

          I mean, if you or I wanna do “private business” with whomever, you just do it on your own terms. When I walk into a licensed “public facility”, it’s not anything like that at all. The rules are dictated by the government primarily — that’s not my idea of “private business”.

          How do you respect the rules of a “private business” when that’s clearly not the case? It ain’t between me and “some private business owner”, it’s between me, the government, the business owners and the whim of vigilante staff (anymore)!

          • Hi Eure,

            Your point is very well-taken. “Private business” in the storefront sense is a fiction, as you’ve explained. There is the legal fig leaf of “private” ownership but we all know who sets the terms and conditions – and it’s not the legal owner. It is his owner – the government – which controls everything the “private” business is permitted to do. A truly private business would need no one’s permission to transact business. The sad fact that this is manifestly not the case tells you all you need to know about the relationship – and the status.

            This doesn’t mean – obviously, I hope – that we are somehow within our rights to steal things. But I do think it means we are under no moral obligation to obey obnoxious “policies” just because they say so.

          • Yep, that is why I always test the resolve of the store employees…is it truly a personal conviction that each customer cover their face? If not, and it is only for the “optics,” then the only way to find out is to show one’s face. The option to leave is always available, and I have to brace myself for that possibility.

            In the case of seeing my Dad, I was glad I was able to still see him although I had to pretend to play along to get past the gatekeeper…it was encouraging to me that the hospital staff on the upper floor were uncovered (only a few but even one would have been encouraging).

    • I’ve been going to a lot of optional places the past few weeks too. Diapers are in the minority. I used to enjoy looking around stores. But I get nothing from it now. Guess the year without it has changed my perspective and enjoyment of it. Guess that’s a good thing.

  5. First they dangle these carrots, then they use the stick. Ten years ago I started thinking how to survive, then survive comfortably, then to live and thrive comfortably without corporate Amerika’s crap; most of which is disposable. The best things in life are truly free, and unless they’re growing in your garden, they’re not carrots or sticks.

    I also spent over ten years living on the street, and another ten off grid so I know what I can live without. Most people have no idea how fast they’re going to run and get their holy jab until they just throw the breaker on their own home, and see how long you can handle it. Pretend you don’t have a bank account as well, and see how well you fare without your reliance upon Mammon. That’s where they know they’ve got you.

  6. I work full time (40 hours/week) in a retail store with about 15 other full time employees. We’re all aged 40 to 70 and none of us ever wear a mask at work unless a retail customer walks in (about 50 per week on average), and then only those of us who wait on the customers bother to put on a mask only while we’re waiting on them. We’re in Pennsylvania and our Democratic governor has now said that the state mask mandate ends on June 28 or when 70% of our state’s adults over 18 get vaxxed – whichever comes first. Every one of my fellow employees have got the shot – except me – and not one one of them has the faintest clue about the truth of these shots. I’ve done lots of research about the shots but I keep all that info to myself, as none of them care and it’s too late as they already got the shot anyway. One of them, a man in his 40’s, was joking sarcastically in front of us about the people who have supposedly died after the shot, as he had just received his. He thought the thousands of deaths from the shot is a conspiracy theory. I let him think what he wants as debating or discussing the issue with anyone who has had the shot is pointless IMHO. The good news is that mask-wearing customers seem to finally be getting tired of wearing them, because even though there is a big sign on our front door stating that customers must wear a mask to enter, plenty of them are starting to come in without one on – and that’s just fine with me.

    • Kitty, you’re one of the few who can see that you can’t argue or debate the issue with those who have their head firmly embedded up their rear end. I was lucky to move to Florida before any of this happened. There were some signs posted, but less than half of the locals observed it, and it wasn’t long before the vast majority ignored it altogether. IT was a joke from the beginning.

        • Hi Mark,

          Thank you for posting this. I just finished reading it and it probably one of the best studies that addresses many of the concerns that us, as the unvaccinated, have. If anyone is considering the vaccine I would recommend them to read this. Some of the possible scenarios are absolutely frightening. I can’t help but believe that corners were intentionally cut to make this vaccine dangerous to the general public.

          Unfortunately, it may be years (even generational) until we see the damage that was done. I would be curious to see how long this peer review stays in the journal. I expect it to be redacted in the near future.

          • Amen, RG!

            I circle back to my basic wonder: Why are perfectly healthy people lining up to receive this “medicine” – which they don’t require and which may cause them damage? It’s bizarre to me. Like someone who hasn’t got cancer taking chemo “just on case.”

            • Hi Eric,

              Fear makes one do irrational things. Unfortunately, this irrationality will cause many people years of pain and suffering for those that submit to the vaccine. I am not angry at the ineptitude of the average American. If anything I feel great sadness. Instead of analyzing the data that we had to date (which was available to anyone that turned off the mainstream news and got off Facebook) they would have noticed that the origins of SARsCOV2 did not coincide with the vaccine. The vaccine for COVID was already underway before the plandemic even took place. It was a manufactured crisis with a goal of destroying the Western hemisphere, especially the USSA and Europe. It will be decades before the truth is revealed and will be too late for those that succumbed to their fear. Their shortsightness and foolish anxiety will cost us all.

        • The wife and I have also been reading through this study and have come to these two preliminary conclusions.

          The injections are either:

          1. Extremely hopeful delusiones of a psychotic mad scientist.


          2. A well thaught out highly technical bioweapon.

  7. Eric,

    I highly advise you and anyone who sees this to check out the real history of silver. TheGreatestTruthNeverTold on youtube has some great videos. Watch either ‘$1 9 Trillion Silver Stimulus’ or ‘It’s Happening! Ides of Silver March!’ by him.

    Buy silver, learn the truth, and spread the word. I’m not a huge fan of telling people what videos to watch, but I feel strongly that silver is the best answer to the crap we have going on right now. And this guy knows silver. It comes out of the ground at an 8:1 ratio to gold, yet it is valued closer to 80:1 in dollars (68:1 right now). Even though silver has more uses than gold. It is being suppressed for a reason, and it is basically free money right now that will be used in the future.

  8. It’s worse than free. The Karen-boi governor of KY is offering 3, 1 million dollar “vax lottery” prizes free tuition and who the hell knows what else… All extracted from the productive and funneled to the low IQ golems lining up to be injected with, we’ll… what is it? Saline, cyanide? Nobody knows and a whole lot of them don’t care. Just gimme duh crumbs….

    • Amen, Sicilian –

      It never fails to astonish me that so many people don’t even pause when offered “free” stuff… step right up!

    • Most of The ingredients are listed. One of them is labeled not fit for human or veterinary use. Highly carcinogenic and mutigenic. That label was debunked by fact checkers who scientifically proved that moderna made the chemical safe by putting it in the vaccine.

      • I believe nothing these psychopaths say or do until I can personally verify it myself. Including their “ingredient list.”

  9. arguably we already live with prison freedom, and have for decades.

    i fear the further cost will be the unknowns that result from this test medicine.

    if the flu shot killed 4000+ people a year, it would be pulled.
    how far down the chute have their minds gone that it is necessary to vex us all no matter the cost?

    • Years ago a family member joined the military and attended training across the country. They had a family week where you watch ceremonial events and then take them to visit the area.

      The last part of the ceremony was the graduating soldiers were given flu shots. And then they met up with family/frens 30 seconds later. Pretty much everyone got sick starting with the soldiers. with classic flu symptoms – runny nose, coughing, sneezing, feeling not good. But still going lots of places cause we spent thousand+ dollars on the trip, it would cost extra to cut it short. my brother wasnt going to have any more freedom for a while. And couple days later when we met up with the other soldiers clearly half of everyone was sick. So then my brother was back on base and I spent a couple more days in Atlanta sightseeing, riding the mass transit etc while being sick, and then I went to the airport and sneezed & blew my nose a bunch waiting in a huge security line, put my shoes & keys through the xray and they didnt wash the trays and then i was sick while waiting, and then the airplane made me worse. And when I got home I layed around sleeping alot and only ate soup for a week.

      2 years ago my coworker disappeared for a week. When he came back, he said he took a flu shot and got really sick for a week.

      • sounds like it lived up to its name

        i fell for the shot when they were giving it out for free at work
        occassionally, i would end up with bronchitis

        i stopped getting the shot years ago and have always weathered flu season much better

        since then i have found that various studies have concluded the flu shot results in increased respiratory illness, including the flu

  10. This is why I gotta move far out into the country, get a few “Undocumented” guns, and live in the middle of nowhere, avoid people and live as a hermit wolf on the land.

    Last thing I need is G’men and AGW trying to force my neighbors and I to take our delayed death sentences, I’ll go out in a blaze of Glory than have a ticking time bomb in me

    • I watched a stately old Dr explaining what these injections actually are. By the end of the video he was actually in tears as he stated “I would rather be dead, then injected with this sh*t”.

      There is safety in numbers. Us Liberty folks had better start getting over ourselves and our current situations and start banning together geographically.

      ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’

      This stands for every single one of us.

      • You’re right, Bear…

        I myself am something of a recluse. But I know it’s wise – as well as healthy – to make friends, build networks. Your advice is sage. I hope next time you’re in my neck, I’m not in my burrow!

        • Thanks Eric, I would feel much better about having you and some others here on this forum as neighbors than where the Mrs and I are today. -just sayin’

        • Hi Eric,

          Not that I’d expect you to reveal details, but do you have a “backup plan” for this site? Just thinking that sites and forums such as this might become valuable as time goes by — as places for those of us who still wish to think and live freely to communicate, share stories and helpful information, etc. as we won’t be able to depend on “traditional” media outlets or even social media for these purposes.

      • @Bear Agree 100% about needing a network. As Ben Franklin said, “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

        Unfortunately, most of my wife’s family got the kill shot. What’s bad, is I never would have guessed they would have fallen for it. Mostly highly intelligent, pro freedom people. It feels like people are under a spell. I tried to warn them. I mean, when a former pfizer executive is speaking out against the gene therapy treatment, you would think people would listen.

        Most of my side won’t be getting it. And I’m pretty proud of the fact that my native state of Mississippi has one of lowest uptake rates for the vax.

        • Hi Josh,
          It is quite disheartening to say the least, as my wife and I are in similar circumstances.
          This spell you mentioned is dishonesty. I am not coming from a place of judgement here, I am stating this mechanically.
          These people, our people- are being dishonest. With themselves, and then with each other.
          I have not been able to fully understand this mass phenomenon completely, but suspect it is driven (at least in part) by fear.
          I also do not know of a cure.. but most certainly, one is needed.

        • Some of them are faking it. Many people are arranging fake vaccination and paperwork. They care only about themselves and have no forethought about setting a norm.

          I am a man. I havent told anyone that im vaccinated, I havent bribed a nurse to vaccinate the trash bin and give me a card. Im not legitimizing any of it.

          If vaxxies tell me about their experiences, im polite and dont worry too much about them. But its especially wierd how many church people are evangelizing something that literally matches the description of the mark of the beast in all ways except it isnt injected to your hand or forehead.

          • Hello Anon,

            I also struggle with the “fake vax cards”,etc., just like I couldn’t bring myself to wear the “joke” or “protest” masks — it still grants a sense of legitimacy to it (as if you somehow know they’re really “right” and you’re just rebelling) I don’t believe it in any way deserves.

            As far as the church angle — I’m more of an agnostic now but was raised in the Christian faith so the “COVID” stuff has gotten me interested in how it’s perceived by the church. A couple of websites/blogs I’ve read seem to think the “masks” and vaccines are not the actual mark of the beast — as the Mark would not be something you’d take accidentally or unwittingly — but it very well could be a test of faith for the “real thing” to come — after all, if you won’t resist when the punishment is getting kicked out of a store, how will you have the faith to take a stand when the consequence is execution? Can’t say I disagree with that.

            As to the Christians who use the “obey the governing authorities” justification — I would ask them, would Jesus approve of terrorizing people, misleading and outright lying, and ordering/pressuring to undergo medical procedures one is not comfortable with? Wouldn’t he urge them to have faith and not fear? Does anything about the “COVID” hysteria and crackdowns seem “Christian” and something the church should support?

            • The bible didnt say to obey the government. Paul wrote that from prison. And the writings were monitored by the guards, so he had to carefully word it so they would interpret it as supporting the authority of the state. It was a warning that it really sucks to go to prison, so one should hope that the laws of the land are compatible with the laws of god, and comply with all laws that dont go against god because court sucks, fines bring poverty and prison also sucks. Most of the propehets and apostles suffered prison and or torture because they didnt go along with ungodly rules of the land.

              Of course the main example was Jesus Christ who followed all of the commandments of god yet upset the traditions of men on a regular basis.

              Likewise Jesus’s quote render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s wasnt an endorsement of all taxes, but to truely understand that statement, and the proper scope of government authority you would need more background of the old testament and early jewish law.

              And of course, most churches have become sunday morning rock concerts with carefully construed teachings to ensure you feel rightous on the highway to hell.

  11. So does the local VFD have those cryogenic freezers we used to hear about to store the gene therapies at -90 or something or do they just keep ‘em in the fridge next to the ground beef and brewskis? I guess the standard of medical care has degraded to the point where any old Louie or Laquisha is qualified to inject experimental drugs into you on any roadside or in any big box retailer. I wonder if the state licensing board considers this the “practice of medicine.” Oh, that’s right, politicians exempted them from the laws on the books concerning these matters and, like the pharma cos, exempted them from legal liability should anything go wrong.

    • Dry ice is around -100F. all they have to do is put the vaccines in a beer cooler with a bunch of dry ice. It isnt high tech at all. Just around $100 per week in dry ice to keep 1000 doses
      “Dry ice is actually solid, frozen carbon dioxide, which happens to sublimate, or turn to gas, at a chilly -78.5 °C (-109.3°F).”

      • Still sounds way too imprecise to me for this use. The opening and closing of the cooler would create a situation where the temperature would be constantly increasing and would soon be higher than the required -90 or whatever. My point really, though, was that there doesn’t seem to be any pretense made to support the old story of the super low temps needed to store the gene therapies and no one is asking why. Sorta like how, back in early 2020, they said the hospitals were overflowing with sick and dead people, and they weren’t.

  12. Hi Jim H,
    Does the medical publication The Lancet have any credibility left to show their faces in public. The Lancet published a false paper condemning the use of Hydro Chloroquine last year which was proven 100% false. Anyone associated with them should be ashamed. And I hope Lord Fauci gets his grilling and culpability associated with funding this bio-weapon unleashed on the western world for his personal gain of function as a lord bureaucrat.

    • Hey Hans,

      Yes, that Lancet paper seem to garner attention when it was released, decrying the use of HCQ, but the retraction? Only noticed in certain circles and ignored completely by anyone “mainstream”. It was obviously a glaring and egregious violation of scientific etiquette and should’ve immediately been a red flag indicating a disinformation campaign was afoot.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        Many aspects of this indicate deliberate panic-mongering (and worse) such as the conflation of “cases” with sickness (and a “positive” test essentially being a death sentence; the willful obfuscation of the threat to healthy people posed by this “virus.” The disgusting imposition of “masks” – to silence debate and provide a visual of agreement with the mass hysteria… one could go on. For hours…

          • Greenwald even supplies the ostensible motivation:

            ‘U.S. officials engage in defensive bioweapons research to allow the development of vaccines and other defenses in the event [of] a biological attack.’

            Is that not exactly what just happened?

            So many smoking guns going off, it sounds like an ammo depot just caught fire.

        • Hey Eric,
          Speaking of disgusting masks, I traveled to FL to visit my Dad who is in an ICU (recent development). Although FL is “open” and I’ve heard no penalties are “allowed” to mask dissenters, there was a gatekeeper at the door, making sure everybody took one. As I have yet to don the idiotic rag, I took it and said “thank you” and continued walking, holding it. No one said anything to me. As my brothers and I approached the 3rd floor critical care unit, I noticed that a couple of staff weren’t wearing them. HMMMM…. So I didn’t, either. On the second visit, a different gatekeeper, and head nurse were at the hospital entrance. As I walked away, carrying the rag, he called to me to “remind” me to put it on. I pretended to do so, then turned and headed for the elevator. Upstairs, I got a drink of water and held it, sipping the entire 2 hours that we were there. Also saw, again, several staff not wearing them…I thought of you. Maybe there is hope to retrieve your Mom from her prison, and not compromise on this seminal issue?

          For me, as I told my brothers, Plan A is always to NOT wear the diaper. I have yet to do so, since this all began. I’d like to keep it that way.

          • Excellent, Anon!

            Though I have trouble even seeing the filthy things. I recoil, instinctively, from them when (on a few occasions) they have been presented and I had said – I don’t wear those disgusting things – and waled away. I only regret not having added: I don’t wear those disgusting Obedience Rags.

              • Or an indicator of financial distress and a different sense of self. I wore the rag below my nose in the stores or at work till I was able to pay off my cc and save a bit. My financial situation coincides with the mask regulations being lifted for vaxxies. But blending into a crowd to obtain food & avoid persecution isnt stupid. Millenials have been oppressed since childhood so boldly flaunting norms isnt easy.

    • ‘Does the medical publication The Lancet have any credibility left to show their faces in public.’ — Hans Gruber

      The Lancet graciously answers your inquiry:


      Dr. Peter Daszak (Chair)
      President, EcoHealth Alliance (USA)

      Daszak was Fauci’s cutout who laundered NIH funding for gain-of-function research at Wuhan, after it was prohibited in the US.

      Any questions?

  13. Increasingly, I’m losing sympathy – if I ever really had any – for the fools who venture to a tent or Walgreens for a free needling and a free beer/donut/lottery ticket. How pathetic and shallow must one be to trade their health and life, toward a potentially horrible slow death, for such low class slop. Worse, are those who throw their children in the path of this train. Simpletons and dupes, they chose not to do their homework and to ignore the known and unknown risks, and will deserve their reward.

    • Do simpletons and dupes deserve what happens to them, just for being what they are, simpletons? I don’t think so. I personally feel bad for them. Something is wired in our brains that they are missing, something that allows people like us to see what others cannot/will not, but is it their fault they are deficient in this way?

      My brother in law, whom I consider to be very intelligent, says he will not get the jab as long as he can, but being a public school teacher, he thinks it’s only a matter of time before he is forced. He says when that happens, he and his family will pray that “the vaccine does only what it is supposed to do and nothing more”. I told him that may not be the best thing to pray for, since the intended results may be enough to cause long lasting and irreparable harm, by design. This he could not fathom.

      • Yes, these simpletons do deserve it. Their decisions threaten to bring the rest of us down with them. I’ve despised these go-along-to-get-alongs for as long as I can remember. This world presents enough difficulty without all these imbiciles cheering on our mass enslavement and subjugation. The best we can hope for at this point is the culling of whatever gene enables these meatheads to live as perpetual idiot children. Given our overlords affinity for eugenics I have no doubt this is just another step towards the goal of cleansing the earth of weak useless eaters. The alternative is to continue marching into an even deeper idiocracy.

        Best wishes,
        Not Sure

        • ” Given our overlords affinity for eugenics I have no doubt this is just another step towards the goal of cleansing the earth of weak useless eaters.” – Anon

          But, wouldn’t our overlords prefer the weak useless eaters? The one who obey, unquestionably, to any command? The ones who do not rock the boat? The ones who believe they are being good citizens by submitting themselves to the Jab? These are the exact types of people our overlords want. They don’t want people who question, who are independent, who don’t believe everything Uncle tells them. So, is it going to be the simpletons who are culled, or us? I guess we will find out when Rona 2 is released this Fall, or early 2022.

          • “But, wouldn’t our overlords prefer the weak useless eaters?”

            I wrestle with this question too. I’m inclined to think that these milktoast people might not be such a welcome breed of human to depend on for the controller’s needs. These NPCs might not have the fortitude to survive a catastrophic reset and to make a life under adverse conditions. Maybe us fighters are the ones needed to keep the system going, and to pass on a gene pool that can get the job done.

            The controllers in their all-powerful self-belief probably figure that they can handle us rowdy types just fine. Kinda like wanting a worthy adversary or a gladiator in the ring who is worth watching. They don’t want it too easy, they like their drama and their ongoing gamesmanship in subjugating others.

            • Hi Andy,

              I think they think there are simply too many of these weak useless eaters. The population of the U.S. has doubled since the mid-1960s, in a mere 50-something years. It spoils the view. If they can get the number back to 150 or even 70 million and then control it from then onward….

              • Yeah. I would welcome a reduction in the population to say, 200 million, which is what we had in the late 1960’s. Of course, I don’t want to kill anyone. Just want to ship them to China.

      • Hi Philo

        My comment was more directed at those who would put their life at risk for a free donut or case of beer, for a scratch-off card, or Dominos pizza. This is not a deficiency, it’s a sign of excess pee in the gene pool.

        I truly feel for those victims who felt their personal or familial risk justified it, or who are and will be compelled under threat of loss of job or livelihood, and also children/elderly/infirm who lack the capacity to decide for themselves.

        • I agree with you on those who are forced to take the shitshot. For folks who feel compelled because they’ll lose their job… Thats really just more of the go-along attitude. The writing was on the wall long ago. Investment into a lifestyle and pile of consumer grade rubbish completely dependent on the good graces of “the system” keeps individuals beholden to the collective lest they lose everything. My philosophy for years has been that the maniacs in charge are going to do everything they can to stripmine all of us. So sell off your useless shit, downsize, simplify and enjoy the simple things in life. If you carry a lot of overhead you’ll get corralled into whatever the central planners desire because you’ve painted yourself into a corner. Living simply by todays standards would have been wildly luxurious for the average american only 100 years ago.
          The things you own end up owning you -Fight Club.

  14. Good morning Eric!
    Back in my grandparents day, lets say the 1930s, vital information.. you know the real important stuff, was passed around the American population via what we call ‘old sayings’. See, honest information was hard to come by back then. So we had a solid system in sayings to protect us from evil.
    I have been wanting to write a hardcover coffee table book titled
    Old wisdom- ‘Life lessons in Old Sayings’ .
    If we had heeded this wisdom in modern times I doubt our country would be in such dire straights as it is today.
    One pearl of wisdom that surely applies here, and was very common is-

    “There is no such thing as a free lunch”.

    Have a great weekend.

    • There is the bible, which has been partially read by 60% of the population. Many sayings come from there. Revelation states that there will be a time of no work, (lockdowns) and then you will be required to take the mark (original hebrew word said needle inscription) and it will be required to buy or sell. It will perminantly alter the hearts & minds of those who recieve it. and all men rich or poor, young or old will be required to take it. And the mark will produce grevious sores (so far most vaxxies look fine, but some have grevious sores) and the mark will contain the name and number of the beast. (Moderna has 66.6 micrograms of Luciferese) mother will turn against daughter son against father over this issue. WHO is the beast – their logo is a snake and a needle over the globe. They have the power to make every nation comply with their commands.

      Revelation was based on the visions of Jon – an old fisherman & missionary in a time before modern technology could be understood, using the language of the day to describe things. I believe that he was literally seeing the current times and then writing about it cause its spot on if you account for his limited worldview

      The saints that survive this will have oil and food stored up for 7 years. And some sort of water as the land will dry out and i forget how much of it burns but alot of it and the seas will be toxic

      Any atheist out there:
      How could jon write about things so accurately thousands of years ago

  15. Might as well start worm-holing your way into catacombs to avoid the vaxxed zombies.

    IF you’re one of the 500 million that ‘survives’, you’ll be a slave from the getgo. No rest for the wicked.

    VIOXX killed over 50,000 before it was removed from the market. Pharma gets away with voluntary manslaughter.

    So ‘no’ to pharmaceuticals, the most dangerous drugs on the planet, the origin of suffering and misery.

    Visit your farmacy, the way to go.

    Beer time!

    • Indeed, the third leading cause of death in the US that never appears on a death certificate is medical error. Killing about 225,000 per year. More than illegal drug use and gun crime combined. Has there ever been an institution less deserving of the monumental praise it receives?

  16. ‘The government wants very much to convince the volk that there is no cost to the “free” things it provides.’ — EP

    So do its three stooges of the social media — Facebook, Google/YouTube and Twitter.

    Their ‘free’ blog, video and search services come at the exorbitant price of rigid ideological control, ensuring that all content slavishly conforms to the mainstream narrative — including everything related to the fraught subject of Covid-19.

    A month ago, NYT-affiliated science writer Nicholas Wade punched a hole through Big Media’s wall of denial about a possible lab leak origin — not in the Old Grey Lady, but rather in a lowly blog post which dramatically scooped the entire groupthink MSM and left it reeling flatfooted. Excerpt:

    “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin,” a group of virologists and others wrote in the Lancet on February 19, 2020.

    ‘[But] the Lancet letter had been organized and drafted by Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance of New York. Dr. Daszak’s organization funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    ‘If the SARS2 virus had indeed escaped from research he funded, Dr. Daszak would be potentially culpable. This acute conflict of interest was not declared to the Lancet’s readers. To the contrary, the letter concluded, “We declare no competing interests.”’

    This week’s release of Fauci’s emails furnished the smoking gun showing that the lab leak hypothesis was credible all along. Indeed, it hinted that Dr Daszak acted as Fauci’s cutout to funnel Usgov funds into Wuhan for gain-of-function research.

    Redactions of the released material mean we don’t have the full story. But what’s public is enough to suggest that Todesengel Fauci and his sidekick Todesengel Daszak should face a capital trial for crimes against humanity, as their honorary mentor Dr Mengele never did.

    • Hi Jim H,
      Does the medical publication The Lancet have any credibility left to show their faces in public. The Lancet published a false paper condemning the use of Hydro Chloroquine last year which was proven 100% false. Anyone associated with them should be ashamed. And I hope Lord Fauci gets his grilling and culpability associated with funding this bio-weapon unleashed on the western world for his personal gain of function as a lord bureaucrat.

      • Hans,

        I ain’t no doctor, but here’s a clue:


        The Lancet Global Health Commission on High Quality Health Systems in the SDG Era is supported by funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

        And no, I haven’t a clue what the ‘SDG Era’ is, other than typical obscurantist jargon from arrogant aristocrats who don’t give a shit whether their cryptic remarks are understood or not (but preferably not).

        Every single time you upend a mossy MSM rock, some disgusting elitist creepy-crawly slithers out with its shiny brown pincers grasping and snapping at the air.

  17. Remember the Firestone tire controversy? The one where the Ford Explorer would roll over sometimes and Ford threw Firestone under the bus? According to Wikipedia 271 people died and “over 800” were injured because of the faulty tires. It was all over the news and had a lot to do with the tire pressure sensors becoming a required safety device on vehicles.

    But nearly 5,000 deaths and others affected by some pretty serious side effects (including Bells palsy)? Oh, that’s an acceptable number. We have to do whatever it takes to get the Frankenstein out of nature. Can’t have the policy wonks and UN globalists found to be liable now can we?

    • Re: explorer/firestone. IMO, it was a bad rear suspension design that put undo sidewall stress on the tires, that of course low-pressure exasperated. Ford changed the rear suspension design quickly.

      • Also the explorers were pretty fast. They were comfy at speed, and so if you didnt realize the tires were flat, then you corner a bit fast & roll. Pathfinders had stiffer shocks & less power. So less of an issue for them. Lot of jeeps & blazers rolled too

        • Hi Anon,

          I wrote about this, back in the ’90s – and took the position that “SUVs” – as a mass market phenomenon – were a then-new phenomenon; previously, a relative handful of people drove 4x4s Most of whom knew how to drive them – with respect for the limitations in terms of high-speed handling. But all of a sudden you had lots of people who’d never owned a 4×4 driving “SUVs” just like they did their cars… with predictable results…

          • And now nearly all suvs are just awd wagons with low power, low ground clearence, low profile tires and various “stability controls”

            As much as people complain about suv handeling, ive driven some of them quite hard and never rolled one. In many cases they handle better than sports cars. I hit some utility plates in my wrx and it tilted and turned. Had to fight to keep it straight. My old suv just goes right over them smoothly at any speed.

          • From what I recall (pun intended), driver lack of familiarity with different handling characteristics is what made the Corvair the subject of Ralph Nader’s hit piece, “Unsafe At Any Speed”. American vehicles had become the long wheelbased land yachts with a lot of understeer, with a slow-RPM, torquey, huge V8 (“no replacement for displacement”) to propel that barge down the new-fangled “Defense Highways” (re: Interstates, ‘goin through his front yard, he thinks he’s got it so good..’).

            The Chevy Corvair was a radical deviation from that, essentially, how “Generous Mother” did the “Vee-Dub”, with a few unique twists. While intended as a staid, meek economy car, it could and was tweaked into a sweet-handling road car with zippy performance, much as the Beetle’s cousin, the Kharman Ghia. It’s difference was NOT due to any design “defect”, per se, it was due to cultural and technical IGNORANCE. The issues with a rear-engined, rear-drive car in terms of different handling and the tendency of the design to swap ends or roll over were long known, Chrysler, in developing the Airflow cars, had experimented with the same RR configuration and concluded, aside from the expense of developing a new lightweight engine, with money they didn’t have in the early 1930s, that the problems, though they could be dealt with, just made so different a vehicle that it’d never gain acceptance with the American motoring public. Fairly much, to drive a Corvair, especially at the speeds that it was capable of, which the extant VW Beetles were not (therefore, they weren’t dogged by this reputation), you had to be meticulous with tire pressures, which most GERMANS, in owning a “Kafer”, were, but Americans typically were NOT. I do note that BEFORE Nader’s book came out, for the 1965 model year (meaning that sometime in ’64, and likely earlier in ’63, the decision had been made, as it takes a certain amount of lead time to accomadate a production change), the swing-axle was dropped (other GM independent rear-axle models, like the Buick Skylark and the Pontiac Tempest, had also been dropped in favor of conventional designs) and the same independent rear-axle as the Corvette was used, keeping in line with the product realignment of the Corvair as a “sportster”.

            IMO, the safest component of ANY car is still the DRIVER. And if the driver is IGNORANT of the handling and other characteristics of a vehicle that’s significantly different than what he’s used to, don’t blame the manufacturer.

  18. Eric,

    I think that TPTB are using the virus to do things that they’ve long wanted to do, such as advance UN Agenda 2030. They also want to reduce the population, which you can see on the Georgai Guide Stones; they have a goal of reducing Earth’s population to 500 million. Is The Holy Jab a vehicle for doing that? We’ll find out.

    TPTB have been working on vax passports for a long time-long before the ‘rona, actually. The European Union has been working on this since 2017! I’ll provide an article that links the the EU web pages and documents proving this. Before I provide the link though, let me tell you how to access those EU web pages and documents…

    I’ll provide an Activist Post article link below. When you open it, scroll down until you see the ad that says, “Legend who bought Apple…” In the paragraph just above that ad, you’ll see the EU links. Open ’em up, and you’ll see proof, IN THEIR OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS, that TPTB have been working on vax passports for a long time. Don’t believe me though; see for yourself here:

  19. Keep wondering in what ways those who got TheShot will be used and manipulated by The Power Elite …
    perhaps here’s a brief description, they’re similar to those in the novel Dune:

    “”The Jem’Hadar are a hostile alien species that were introduced in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “The Jem’Hadar”. They were the shock troops of the Dominion, serving the will of the Founders.

    At some point in the distant past the Founders had engineered a species to serve as their warriors. It is unknown what species served as the template for the Jem’Hadar. The Jem’Hadar were designed to grow to maturity in just a couple weeks. They were dependent on a drug called Ketrecal White, which provided a critical enzyme for them without which they would eventually die. This was done to ensure the loyalty of the Jen’Hadar to the Founders. Additionally they were designed to regard the Founders as gods, and to obey their orders without question. Due to their bio-engineered nature, there were no female Jem’Hadar, all Jem’Hadar were male.

    The Jem’Hadar were put under the command of the Vorta, another race who were bio engineered to serve as the diplomats and administrators of the Dominion. Groups of Jem’Hadar were led by a First, who could execute soldiers who refused to obey his orders.

    Due to the violent nature of their existence, most Jem’Hadar died quite young. Few lived into their teens, and the even fewer that lived over the age of 20 were considered honored elders.”

    from – villains.fandom Just something to ponder?

    • Helot,

      Interesting sci-fi bit. *Makes note of Jem’ Hadar*

      Never much cared for Deep Space Nine, but maybe I would now, being a bit older and understanding a few more things.

      • The way the Jem’Hadar and the Vorta would obey and yield in thought to the Founders was creepily similar to how people today yield to “the science” and “the experts” and such today. As if, stopping thought?
        More than one person who got TheShot told me they weren’t going to think about it, they were just doing what the experts told them to think and going along with what the system provided.

        Stop Talking, Stop Thinking
        By Bionic Mosquito June 4, 2021

        [Paul]: “You know things are getting tyrannical when there’s a law against patience. DON’T THINK, JUST OBEY! Oh, OK, I see some tyranny coming down the road here.”

        Paul, if that’s the criteria (and I think it is appropriate), we are already there.

        To think, we must talk. If we cannot talk, we cannot think. There are many things worth discussing that have been made illegal to discuss. And this is just in the legal / state realm; with the relationship of big business and big tech with the state, there may not be prison involved, but one can be equally shut out of society for saying the wrong thing.

        Hence, we cannot think because we cannot talk. All that is left is to obey. …

        I never much cared for Deep Space 9 either, it was just the less worst show on at that time of night, had it on more as background than anything.

  20. If Americans understood the simple economic concept of scarcity, politicians would be laughed off the stage. Before we can consume, somebody has to produce.

  21. The high cost of “free”? Take a look at the unfunded liabilities, which are composed of all the “free” stuff that the state is obligated to give away.

  22. “Is their future profit in ongoing sickness?”
    Of course it is, and it has been for who knows how many decades. Pharma has no intention of curing anything. It would not surprise me to learn they are sitting on actual cures in order to keep those who suffer the maladies on the perpetual drug schedule. Pharma goes to great pains to insure that no alternative treatments are publicized, and if they are, to ridicule them and attempt to get the FDA to dispose of them. Pharma has been in complete control of the medical system for quite some time. Making doctors that prescribe treatment that is not Pharma approved as nervous as a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. Most simply won’t take the chance. And who could blame them? Practice Pharma medicine, or practice none at all?

    • Indeed! But many doctors are frustrated by the current state of affairs. The crackdown happened too quickly, and I believe as more of the story comes out and doctors realize how severe the deception, their objection to how this was handled by the authorities will increase:

    • Big Pharma and other components of the medical industry in the USA have a vested interest in Americans not being ENITRELY well…well ENOUGH to breathe, to EXiST…as long as you keep using their products, i.e, DRUGS. So the analogy of the Star Trek “Jem’Hadar” warrior race and their dependency on “Ketracel White” may have some basis to it.

      However, it’s not that simple. While, at least not yet, you don’t have to take Big Pharma’s drugs and/or the “Jab”, you have to be careful in promoting “holistic” or other alternative health care. And yes, there’s a helluva lot of outright frauds and self-delusional quackery, with most of it due to the lack of rigorous scientific scrutiny. There are also two main competing “industries”…one being the Trial Lawyers, who leech off the misery of those maimed or killed by Big Pharma’s products or their misuse by physicians, and the Insurance Mafia, that wants those health care premiums but to pay out as little as possible, just like any other insurance racket. The former merely jacks up the costs, as few, if any drugs ever seem to get pulled from the market, and the other, well, there ends up being “exclusions”, “deductibles”, and other mechanisms to not pay. It comes down to the patient ultimately pays for the costs, but rather than just swelling Big Pharma’s coffers, he’s got the Trial Lawyers and the Insurance Mafia lining up for their “cut” as well.


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