Doin’ Right Ain’t Got No End . . .

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When your business is solving problems, it’s necessary to find new ones – even if they aren’t really problems.

Else you might find yourself out of business.

You won’t find the above credo carved into the granite above the entrances to government regulatory temples such as the Environmental Protection Agency, but that there is truth in it is undeniable.

The EPA was Shazam!’d into existence – by executive order of Richard Milhous Nixon – in early 1970, a time when smoggy skies were indeed a problem. EPA’s brief – among others – was to clear them. When this was done – which was about 20 years later, so about 30 years ago from our current vantage point – EPA did not declare the problem solved. It redefined the problem – a very clever way of finding a new one that wasn’t, really – but could be framed as one using etymological-psychological tactics worthy of the Great Master Edward Bernays himself.

Bernays’ genius was to deliberately use shifting and shifty definitions to manipulate thought and thereby, action. Propaganda, essentially. Bernays is credited with being one of the first to engineer consent – as the practitioners of the art themselves sometimes candidly put it.

EPA didn’t need to resort to such tactics at first as there really was a problem. Everyone could see – and smell – it. But can anyone see – or smell – the problem now? They can’t – because there isn’t.

Yet many people are certain there is an even more serious problem besetting us. Hasn’t the EPA said so?

Mark that difference.

Back in 1970, no one needed the EPA (or Nixon) to tell them there was an air-pollution problem. Today, the EPA insists there is a carbon dioxide problem with an urgency – a hysteria – that is inversely proportional to what we cannot see or smell or otherwise divine even exists. This isn’t surprising given the fact that carbon dioxide constitutes all of 0.04 percent of the air we breathe and the share of that our machines “emit” is literally a fraction of that fraction.

If the fact – just the 0.04 one – were generally known and understood, the “problem” of carbon dioxide “emissions” from our machines would shortly become a problem – for the EPA – in terms of losing its puissance as a justification for “electrification,” among other things.

Which brings up another problem – for “electrification.”

If the current hysteria-fomenting over the 0.04 percent of the earth’s atmosphere that is C02 being increased by 0.01 percent (or whatever the fraction of the fraction actually is) succeeds in forcing almost all of the machines off the road in favor of devices (i.e., battery-powered cars) then won’t that have solved the problem of these dread “emissions”?

And what then – for the EPA?

Well, it will be the same as it was about 30 years ago, when it was realized within the EPA that a new problem was needed as the old one had been solved. Part of the solution to that problem, so to speak, was to recycle the problem – or rather, the terms used to describe it. “Pollution” and “emissions” were used to characterize carbon dioxide – that fearful 0.04 percent that many people believe is more in the neighborhood of four or even 40 percent, as the EPA wants them to believe.

Having succeeded to an alarming degree in getting many people to believe just that, EPA assured those people would not question the necessary solutions offered up by EPA, including the elimination (via regulation) of everything that isn’t “electrified.”

And not just cars.

What comes next is what will be interesting.

Unless EPA does what no government agency has ever done – by saying there’s nothing left for it to do – it will inevitably claim there is more for it to do. More than 16,000 paychecks and hundred of millions in funding are on the line, after all. It is why there is always more to do. No matter how much has been done.

It’s what will be done that may finally teach the unteachable, if such a thing is possible.

“Electrification” – of everything – will be found to cause emissions and pollution, too. What was innocuous will be redefined as offensive – and dangerous. Just as carbon dioxide once was – and now is.

One can already discern the beginning of the shift, as in the shifting of the verbiage used to describe EVs as tailpipe emissions-free rather than zero emissions, as they had been described for almost the past 15 years, until just the past six months or so. It is no accidental/coincidental thing. Such things never are. The apparat picks and chooses the words it uses – and the definitions it uses (and changes) with calculated precision.

You have been told what’s next. All you need do is listen.

It is as predictable as Pravda during the latter Brezhnev years that the EPA will find problems in need of solutions being “emitted” from places other-than-tailpipes.

In other words, EVs – and “electrification” – will not solve the problem . . . of the EPA. And that will be our problem, again.

Because – to recall the words of the vicious Union cavalry commander in The Outlaw Josey Wales, doin’ right ain’t got no end.

. . .

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  1. “There’s no smog. A little Brown Air, but No smog” .. the Rockford Files episode, Foul on First Play.

    I don’t really give a shit about the so called pollution we supposedly had in 1970. Even passing the stupid clean air act which allegedly cleaned the air a bit wasn’t worth the monster we created.

    I’d rather deal with a bit of brown air rather then these petty tyrants who would just let a train company burn the PVC and ruin the lives of residents of East Palestine or anywhere else. This agency needs to be defunded, diasabled and all clean air legislation repealed. It’s all bullshit.

    Nixon’s legacy sucks

    • Many years ago I saw a chart on air quality. The rate of increase in air quality remained constant before the clean air act was passed and after. The air pollution levels would be about where they are whether that law was passed or not.

      Actually, the air would even be better, considering we’d have body-on-frame mid size cars with V8 engines that can carry 6 people and their crap getting 35-40 mpg without the clean air act. Just think how’d economy cars would do.

  2. the elites at the top…the Pharistocracy…..they think that they are kings… direct descendants of the pharaohs and the people are just parasites under their feet to be used….their agenda…world communism…

    stopping the 15 min city/prison camps agenda…councils are following wef/ccp agendas dictated to them….instead of working for residents of the city…

    Jane and Suzanne from about how grassroots action can stop the 15 minutes city/prisons, low traffic neighbourhoods and all the rest of the tyrannical nonsense heading our way……..a step by step guide to dealing with your city council… download…

    @ 9:55 in video get and read the council constitution…the 7 principles of public life are in there…and they are broken all the time…

    @ 12:30 predetermination rule violation…. making decisions based upon only looking at only one side of a debate like the climate emergency…

    @ 38:20 a step by step guide to dealing with your city council

    @ 1:11:00 sean hross ….on the elites…the Pharistocracy….they think that they are kings…direct descendants of the pharaohs and the people are just parasites under their feet to be used….


    @ 23:30 in video ….. fiction name in trust

    @ 28:00 who owns the money you earn

    @ 35:00 debt slavery

    @ 37:00 state of georgia….of…. means without in trust law

    @38:30 collateralize the people… turn the people into a corporation so they could be taxed…

    @ 43:00 the banks are paid interest in gold certificates….everyone else gets fiat paper…

    @ 44:30 the people are the creditors

    @ 45:30 when you sign something you have created a promissory note and a trust

    @ 1:09:00 fictitious name registration

    @ 1:10:30 the IMF is a swiss corporation owned by the vatican

    @ 1:11:00 sean hross on the elites…they think that they are direct descendants of the pharaohs and the people are just parasites to be used….

    @ 1:14:00 if you have a debt collector after you ask for the contract of novation

    @ 1:17:20 The girl who does not exist

    @ 1:26:20 where do your taxes go?

    @ 1:33:00 wearing masks exemption

    @ 1:39:00 the 12 presumptions of roman law

  4. The world thinks CO2 drives temperature. Not so. At no time in earth’s 4.5 billion year history, with CO2 levels above 5,000 ppm, has CO2 forced temperature.

    So based on that one misconception, they are shutting down the auto industry.

    Obama calls carbon a pollution. We must act to stop carbon he say because of droughts and floods. Not true, there is no link between CO2 and those things.

    Barack Obama said “the debate is settled, climate change is a fact”. There was no debate, the climatologists were excluded from any public debate. There was not one shred of proof that CO2 was ever changing the climate.

    But everyone thinks that is a fact.

    Barack Obama’s Family Admit He’s NOT American and Michelle Is ‘Not What He Seems’

    Barak’s ‘wife’ Michelle is really Michael Robinson, his high school gay lover.

    Open the link and look at the photos of those two.

    So we are not just ruled by imbeciles, but illegitimate actors as presidents.

    Biden = Obama = Zelensky = installed actors.

    • “Barack Obama said “the debate is settled, climate change is a fact”.
      Well of course it is, since the climate has been constantly changing ever since there was one. What human generation of CO2 ended the ice age? The label change from “global warming” to “climate change” speaks volumes, as it perfectly illustrates they have no clue whether it’s warming or cooling. But extreme action must be taken to prevent the ever changing climate from ever changing again?

      • Indeed. Obama used to say “climate change is a fact” is a true statement on the face of it, but in previous part of the speech he was referencing CO2 which he often called ‘carbon’. They changed the meme because the program is a fail, and in fact, it is forecast to snow in SW Oregon on Thursday.

        • I learned in school that humans exhaled CO2, which, in turn, is what plants breath. It is no way a “green house gas”-from what I remember from basic school science. If so, then how in the hell can these people fool so many idiots into limiting the very thing that is going to kill them? I would not be the least bit surprised if they could fool people into believing that H2O is deadly (water), because they would be just damned dumb enough not to realize that H2O is nothing more than water…..

          • I once saw a clip of a man on the street petition, asking people to sign for outlawing Dihydrogen oxide. They got a lot of signatures. Of course Dihydrogen oxide is water. I think it was a John Stossel project.

            • I admit, John, that science was not my strong suit. So if someone came up to me on the street, and asked me to sign a petition to outlaw “Dihydrogen Oxide”, I would ask them “what is that in plain English”? For I admit, I did not know what it was until you told me. I would have Googled it. And then had a good laugh. I have no problem admitting when I do not know the complex science names for simple things. Better to admit that, then sign something I do not know. And then, after being told what it was, would laugh, and ask said petitioner how many people actually signed the stupid thing, while not even asking what it was, LOL.

        • Jack, anybody who says “carbon” when they’re actually talking about carbon dioxide is either a dumbass or trying to mislead. Maybe both.
          I think it’s intentional, since talk of vehicles “spewing carbon” or “belching carbon” (their two favorite verbs) conjures images of black, sooty crap pouring from a stack of a 1960s road tractor.
          That use of the word “carbon” is like saying somebody drowned in a pool of oxygen. Carbon is not carbon dioxide any more than oxygen is water.

    • Yeah Jack,
      Obama is so worried about “carbon” that he has a couple of huge propane tanks for his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, an island that will be underwater when the icecaps melt. Guess he’s not all that worried about it.

  5. In the video above, our politicians were clueless, off by magnitudes, they said 5, 7, 8%. The real answer 0.04%

    The stated concentrations guesses were all way off, vastly overstated.

    All of the real atmospheric concentrations are here:

    Not 0.04%: that is rounded off 0.03618%

    The greenhouse gas concentrations relative to one another here:

    The congresswoman said transportation produced 49% of the CO2, which she said was 5% of the atmosphere – she was way off – man made CO2 total, from all sources is only 0.117%.

    We are literally ruled by imbeciles, who want to shut down the auto industry because they haven’t a clue about Carbon Dioxide, a life gas, which we can not live without. CO2 is not a pollutant, it is plant food, and without plants we would die of oxygen starvation. CO2 below 200 ppm (parts per million) is deadly. CO2 at 420 ppm, the current level, is at bare recovery levels.

    How do I know that? Because crop yields have doubled since the start of the industrial revolution, and that means plants are optimized to produce more at higher CO2 levels, and indeed greenhouses pay to increase CO2 to increase yields.

    “Research has shown that many crops, including cannabis, benefit from 900 to 1,200 ppm. The optimum level depends on light intensity, temperature and maturity stage. It is most effective during the bud to flowering stage.

    The CO2 in the air in a greenhouse or grow room can be depleted rapidly by actively growing plants. Plant growth ceases when the level gets below 200 ppm. A level above 1,500 ppm is not economic.”

    Thus, it is safe to say that current CO2 atmospheric concentrations are still to low.

    During the last ice age glacial maximum, CO2 concentrations were below 200ppm, and the megafauna died out. No plants = no animals = dead planet.

    • Suburban Cook County Illinois (Chicago) still has a TB (tuberculosis) district which runs a clinic. As of 2014 they no longer test people for it, instead telling you to see your doctor………. A civic group tried to kill it in 2003, and a bill reached the Illinois Senate in 2007 to end it, they took no action on it. It still exists to this day as far as I know.

  6. It is natural to try to protect your meal ticket, but come on, things do come to an end. Maybe an organization can find a new (useful) role for itself, but that is pretty rare to be honest. Most organizations are too stuck in their ways to pivot to a new thing. Of course most government agencies already don’t have a useful role to begin with, so they probably shouldn’t have existed to begin with. Even more reason to shut it down.

    It’s why the private sector is always better than the public. For example, about forty five years ago, my grandma was on the board of an organization that taught English to Dutch immigrants to the US and Canada (I am ethnically Dutch, well mostly). It had just passed it’s 100th year, and had taught tens of thousands of people over the years. It was very busy in the post World War II years as there were many Dutch immigrants fleeing Europe. But it’s role by the late 1960’s, early 1970’s was getting to the point of not being necessary anymore. There were few immigrants coming and the few that were already knew English.

    So the question was: what do you do?

    My grandma’s solution. Talk about how it had been successful, which it had been, that the organization had fulfilled its role, that it should be celebrated for that success.

    And then it should be shut down, and close it’s doors. You don’t need an organization for a solved problem. Right?

    Of course there were those that disliked the closing down. Of course the people that worked there and of course the folks that had been helped by it over the years.

    The board actually worked hard at finding the employees new jobs instead of just giving them pink slips. They planned a great event and farewell dinner to celebrate it’s success. The office building and classroom space was given to an up and coming charity that needed it (some of the employees ended up joining that to boot). Granted it wasn’t easy for some, but you can’t live in the past forever.

    There is no reason to continue to spend money and effort on something that is solved. It was a good thing to be successful and then dissolve. It should be a point of pride to be honest! That’s why grandma thought there need to be a closing party!

    I think that is why some organizations often DON’T solve problems because they don’t want to become redundant. It’s true of every government agency.

    • Hi richb,
      That’s exactly what NATO should have done when the Soviet Union collapsed – throw a big party, congratulate themselves on their success, and go get real jobs. No way the Pentagram and weapons merchants were going to allow that.

  7. There’s no better “moving of the goal posts” example, than hybrid vehicles. Once the virtue signaling vehicle of choice (initially the Prius), as EV’s weren’t a thing yet.

    Here in Cali, hybrids were once given carpool stickers that allowed owners to drive solo in the carpool lanes, and hybrids were anlso exempt from emissions tests. Both of those ships have long since sailed.

    Hybrids in California are now looked upon as dirty as a $5 hooker, and lumped in with all other ICE vehicles, as “polluters.” So yes, EPA will move the goal posts at some point.

    In the meantime I await a constitutional challenge to the EPA and its mandates in general. The wheels of the EV bus (pun intended) are starting to fall off, and even the most uniformed are starting to see things for what they are.

    • >The wheels of the EV bus (pun intended) are starting to fall off, and even the most uniformed are starting to see things for what they are.

      Including public agencies. Here in So Cal,

      Riverside Transit, which operates >200 buses, many over long routes, recently committed to all hydrogen fuel cell buses, which will use H2 generated by RTA, as replacement for current CNG buses.

      Foothill Transit, OC Transit, and Sunline Transit are currently operating mixed EV/H2 fleets. Foothill’s most recent purchase is H2 vehicles, because EV buses cannot make it through a full day of operation without a recharge, especially on longer routes. Thus, two buses per route are required, which obviously doubles the capital cost and makes these vehicles uneconomical to operate.

      • Los Angeles Metro is paying more than five times the expected cost per bus! Instead of purchasing and running natural-gas powered clean buses at a cost of roughly $300,000 each, LA Metro has decided that political correctness demands they pay $1.65 million per bus for all-electric buses!

        LAMTA purchased these all-electric buses despite numerous documented performance problems found by LAMTA staff when they conducted a pilot project with 5 of these all-electric buses. A LAMTA board report stated, “The operating performance of these initial prototype buses did not meet Metro’s daily operational requirements – and after a full year of operation were removed from active service.” The same LAMTA board report stated the buses had “limited range between charges and poor hill-climbing ability severely limits the lines on which they can be operated…the buses have also experienced low reliability.” Despite all of these red flags, LAMTA used a “non-competitive” contract process to purchase more of these costly MORE

        • > LA Metro has decided that political correctness demands they pay $1.65 million per bus for all-electric buses!
          Actually, the State of California has “mandated” ZEAT (Zero Emissions At Tailpipe for buses purchased 2026 & later. LAMTA & other transit agencies must comply, but do have a choice between EV and H2. The “true believers” are the ones pushing for electricity no matter what.

    • The “Green” idiots simply want to get rid of ICE’s, period. Never mind the net environmental impact of ICEs, hybrid vehicles, or EVs, if such a thing can be reliably determined.

      I’ve had no problem with popular hybrids like the “Pious” (Prius), indeed, I consider them to be fairly well-engineered, and field experience suggests the battery pack often outlives the vehicles themselves; but not always, and when it fails prematurely, for all practical purposes, the Prius is scrap metal. What I had issue with has been the SMUGNESS, the virtue-signaling, and the demand for special “privileges”, like use of the diamond lanes simply because the vehicle is a hybrid. It has been long past time to discontinue tax incentives; as if there was ever a valid reason to do them at all; either the hybrids can make it in the auto marketplace, or they can’t.

  8. No good deed will go unpunished.

    Plants exhale/emit oxygen, oxygen is a pollutant.

    Leaf stomata and chlorophyll required, light and heat. 6CO2+6H2O→C6H12O6+6O2

    Gotta do something about high oxygen content in the atmosphere, just too much of it.

    You will have to deforest the entire earth to stop oxygen emissions by plants and trees. The plant kingdom plays a dominant role in oxygen production and also removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Deciduous trees are dormant during winter, not much photosynthesis going on then. The probability that carbon dioxide is in higher concentrations during winter can’t be denied.

    At wisedrive there is a discussion on airbags, their safety, have saved thousands of lives, how to disable them, illegal if you don’t request the disabling to dot gov.

    Two dentists came up with the idea in 1919.

    From the comments: “No its not risky, its easy, all you do is pull the fuse, wheb you unplug it, the pins that need to be energized short out preventing it from going off too. Verry basic if u have had the training.”

    A mechanic was killed by an airbag, a fatal mistake. The first three to four inches of the inflated airbag when suddenly inflated is the danger zone.

    Also, never put a baby in a car seat in the front seat backwards, a deployed airbag can be fatal to the infant.

    Car/vehicle websites are in the thousands or who even knows, lots of interest in automobiles all of the time. Millions of car owners are interested in cars and what they can do.

    99,100,000 results using the words ‘car websites’.

    Can’t blame drivers for wanting to be more mobile.

    It’ll be a tough slog to remove millions of automobiles off the roads, there will be revolts, heavy resistance.

    • “Plants exhale/emit oxygen, oxygen is a pollutant”.

      It’s an OXIDIZER (kinda self-evident), which the Apollo I crew (Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee), in a test of their ill-fated capsule, found out to their doom. The pure oxygen environmental, along with their space suits having combustible materials, experienced a flash fire which killed them almost instantly.

  9. If there’s anything the EPA SHOULD be doing something about but likely WON’T, it’s all the chem trails being sprayed into the skies. Whatever is being sprayed into the skies could well be MORE damaging to the environment and human health than driving cars. But noooooo, unelected bureaucrats at EPA will likely ignore that and continue the Biden Thing’s effort to foist EVs on the masses.

    • Another thing the EPA likely won’t do squat about is MASSIVE pollution in oceans that resulted from mass usage of face diapers, TONS of which somehow ended up in oceans just in 2020. I haven’t heard squat from “environmentalists”, nor from politicians and bureaucrats who say green energy needs to be FORCED on the masses to “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave the planet”.

  10. All government agencies should have a sunset date. All of them. And no, they should not be merely reauthorized, they need to be dissolved completely. The EPA should have been abolished in about 1990.

    The irony is that the EPA really had little to do with cleaning up pollution, in fact it probably got in the way of the folks actually doing it.

  11. The FAA reauthorization bill is working its way through congress. I’d love to see a filibuster during the debate just to have some regulators quake in their boots for a few days. Pilots are pretty good at self-regulating… death and lawsuits tend to focus the mind on personal performance. The FAA seems hell bent on dictating rules instead of facilitating.

    • RK, I was reading again the other day about the 737 MAX debacle. The only reason Boeing added the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System to the MAX was to get it certified by the FAA as the next variant of the 737. MCAS implementation was based not on feedback from pilots on test flights, but on data collected on those flights. It turns out that MCAS, which was blamed for both of the MAX crashes, does not have any perceptible impact on the aircraft’s behavior as it approaches stall. Of course the shenanigans between Boeing and the FAA have been well documented, but the fact remains that the useless MCAS exists only because of FAA rules.

      • Remember when there were many different airframes in the fleet? One reason why those days are over is because it is extremely difficult to get a new plane certified. It is easier to modify an existing design and get the changes approved. It has essentially frozen design in the 1990s. And not just because of manufacturing. Pilots need to be certified for new aircraft, but only trained on modified planes. The 737 max had major changes to centers of gravity and thrust which is why they added the MCAS. It should not have been certified as an upgrade and pilots should have been sent back to the simulator. But Southwest wanted cheap and standardized (on paper at least) and that’s what they got.

  12. “NATO has managed to provoke a war with Russia”
    Which extends far beyond the battle field in Ukraine, to an economic war, which NATO is losing, and losing badly. Who would have thought that the NATO members actually needed the billions in Russian gas and oil they used to import? Anyone with two or more brain cells that get along. It’s kind of like the Bud Light thing, where no market research was done before action was taken.

    • Are they losing John? It seems to be that the Ukrainian/Russian diversion has allowed Europe, Canada, Australia, and the USSA to fundamentally alter everything we once held dear – the money supply, the food supply, the air that we breathe, our natural rights, etc.

      This “war” (and COVID) has allowed the IMF/World Bank/banking cartels/WHO to create and introduce a digital dollar. We may be living among the greatest malfeasance in history and she has only just begun. We are only at the door to Hell – we haven’t seen anything yet.

      • I would agree, that we are losing too, and will lose bigly, but yes, they are losing. Most of the world population is done with the dollar. Which includes a great deal of the world’s natural resources. Unfortunately they control the money we use.
        No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand…………..

        • John,

          What are the odds that the various crises that are unfolding now will be used as an excuse by the DC SWAMP NOT to have a Presidential election next year, or even used as an excuse for why Joe Biden SHOULD be “re(s)elected” next year?

          • Was thinking the same thing John,
            We’ve already seen how the executive can declare an “emergency” and all your rights go out the window on one autocrat’s say so. Not too big a stretch to imagine the Biden thing to declare elections need to be suspended due to the fill-in-the-blank emergency is over….which will be never. Not that elections make a difference anyway, the uniparty agenda rolls on.

            • What is to stop the Biden-thing from declaring Martial Law due to a war with Russia? Voila, there goes all your Constitutional Rights in one fell swoop! Kind of convenient, I would say.

          • I don’t see them doing that, John and Mike. They don’t need to. They are going to put whatever guy they want to in anyway so might as well play the part and let the people pretend they have options.

            If it Newsome though I am moving to freaking Saba.

            • Hi RG,

              I’ve been thinking about this myself. Newsome as (let’s face it) fuhrer? Maybe the time has come to just buy the damned Airstream and find a place to park it way back in the Woods… and just go dark.

              • That’s an idea, but if the world (or the USSA) is going to hell in a handbasket I want to be on a boat, surrounded by pretty water, with a rum punch in my hand.

                • Eric & RG,

                  I’ve read that the Democrat Party, the media, and the DC Swamp aren’t too happy that Robert F Kennedy Jr decided to challenge Joe Biden for the D nomination. I don’t know if he’ll get the D nomination, but he’s already getting some support for his candidacy. My suspicion is that if he gets “too much support”, the D Party will rig their own primaries against him like they did to Bernie Sanders in 2016 to make sure Hillary Clinton became the nominee. Will they rig it for Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, or perhaps even former Oregon Queen Kate Brown if any of them decided to run for President? Hard to say.

                  • I’m afraid John K has the correct answer, the security state will not allow another Kennedy to expose their evil deeds and will give him the same treatment as his father and uncle.

              • Newsom is just another “pasty”, a pretty boy whom, if you spend as much as ten minutes in his company, you wonder how the hell he’d be hired as an assistant manager at a Burger King, let alone Governor of California. Sure, he’s a “useful idiot”, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out where he’s “useful”.

  13. Reminds me of something I used to hear in regards King and Queen grifter, Bill and Hill. ‘They came to do good, and they did very well indeed.’

    This business of GovCo officials lying under oath, with absolutely no consequence, is now over the top, in our face, pure tyrannical lawlessness. If we had an honest justice system, honest congress they would all be locked up. Instead they sit around and think of new schemes to separate us from our ability to travel freely.

    I have no idea about the differences of 0.04 Vs 0.05% of Carbon dioxide, (I’m not a scientist) I do know that it is a basically harmless gas, which is welcomed in my greenhouse. The amount which we are currently upending our civilization over is a fraction of a fraction. All while people argue, and remain distracted over whats on a beer can. They should be worried about what they’re drinking thats inside said can, and the fact that no one should be drinking anything that comes out of an aluminium can in the first place. Thats something the EPA might want to look into.

      • Absolutely John, yet I marvel at the amount of idiots at the grocery loading up cases of the canned swill. Maybe not all bad. They can save the WEF the effort of removing them from the gene pool.

      • Heineken in green bottles are for the most part awful…will always prefer it in cans, except if it was Heineken Pilsner in brown glass bottles available in the Netherlands.

        • Toured the Heineken factory located in Luxembourg back in the day. The smell of the hops was overwhelming. Don’t remember the Pilsner in brown bottles though.

          We don’t drink much beer anymore, when we do its Yeungling. Brewed in PA, I think. They had the oldest brewery in the US, which was located in Richmond Va, going back to the 1820s. Not a bad beer as cheap beers go. Nowadays we stick to Red wine, weed, Vodka, and bourbon.

          • Yuengling was so popular in State College that the chalkboard A frames in front of the bars would advertise specials on “lager” and everyone just knew.

            Pretty tasty stuff, and cheap too.

            • We were at a pub in Wichita, and they were giving away free bottles one night. Never tried it before. It is pretty good stuff. The wife even liked it, and she’s no beer fan.

      • It’s not bottle or can, it’s freshness, especially with hopped up IPAs and such. A fresh hopped up beer can have psychoactive properties similar to weed (hops are a close relative). Malt, on the other hand, just ups alcohol content and is why they call OE 800 “malt liquor.” Overall, any beer is best closest to bottling. There are some exceptions like Imperial Stouts and other exotica.

        • I’m starting to think more and more that cans cause neurologic disorder in oldsters. Just a theory.

          Hops are pretty cool. We had some growing down on the doom stead. New Mexico Red Vines. Still have a few mounds. Perfect variety for warmer drier climates. Hoping to chase a land race Sativa strain this season.

        • I recommend Crooked Tree IPA from Dark Horse Brewing in Marshall, Michigan.

          Not many others can compete.

          You can go Stone IPA from a keg, superb when fresh. Bottles not so much. Avery IPA from Gun Barrel in Colorado is always good.

          Troeg’s Brewery in Pennsylvania is also really good beer.

          Have tried many IPAs, not many are that much good.

          Ranger IPA from New Belgium in Fort Collins was a first choice, top notch IPA, then New Belgium went all Voodoo Ranger. Just plain no good, can’t drink it. Haven’t bought any in years.

          • Thanks for the recos. Probably wont live long enough to try them all. Its still hard for me to believe I used to be able to drink 30 beers in a night on the lake. Now….4 maybe 5, I’m done.

            Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull and Lowenbrauw, before the explosion of choices on offer now. I’m convinced I could identify those two in any blind taste test. They were the first beers I ever had, sure I could pick them out like a needle from a haystack.

            PS, thanks for the tip on UP a way back. Got in and out for a little coin. Its way down now, thinking about putting a little back in it.

  14. When it was first presented to us, the greenhouse gas theory was to blame for why Venus’ atmosphere was a toxic stew that would kill humans and rust metal in seconds. The theory goes something like “if only the dread CO₂ wasn’t so concentrated we’d all be homesteading on Venus with blanket trees and ham bushes. And what will happen to the beautiful blue marble of Earth if MAN is permitted to continue having a good life (especially when so many Soviets and Chinese are starving…)?”

    Of course anyone with half a brain who’s moved closer to a camp fire to get warm inherently understands why Venus isn’t paradise. It is too close to the Sun to support organic chemistry. Inverse square law and all that. Teachable to a high school kid with average IQ. Old Sol is pumping in too many infrared photons. Every 11 years, the Sun goes through a cycle. We’re currently living through the 25th cycle since smart men observed the spots on the surface in 1755. It is very predictable however no two are alike. It affects everything on Earth from rainfall to radio propagation.

  15. “He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.” Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence.
    Could the current US government be more clearly defined? The only “good” they do is enriching themselves. Which ain’t exactly good for us.
    TJ recommended overthrowing the state every 20 years or so, and starting over. Way past overdue.
    With the current trajectory of the US dollar, they may be in the process of doing it for us. Unfortunately, the travails we may have experienced in over throwing the state may be mild when compared to what we experience from it over throwing itself.

  16. With the EPA announcing draconian emissions rules for automobiles (to eventually FORCE EVs on the masses), it’s only a matter of time before they do the same thing for gas stoves, gas powered heaters, etc. And since CO2 has been redefined as a POLLUTANT, I’m surprised no unelected bureaucrat has proposed carbon taxes for the mere act of BREATHING, as CO2 comes out of our noses every time we exhale. And with the face diaper mandates that were enacted in 2020 under guise of “Stopping the spread of COVID”, it’s also a shocker that no one suggested universal face diaper wearing to “Stop the spread of CO2”.

    And with this push for a NET ZERO economy, there was a report from a group called the Global Warming Policy Center indicating that it would cost Americans $50 TRILLION to implement it for a negligible impact on the climate.

    • John, perhaps a mandate that we wear masks with hoses attached that will transport our exhaled emissions to the kale greenhouse in the back yard.
      I shouldn’t give them ideas.

    • I got a quote for a new HVAC system with a gas furnace for my house six months ago, in September 2022.


      Same system with a new quote two weeks ago?


      • I have a family member that works for large, local HVAC company. During pandemic they purchased in bulk many new A/C units. Well, they can’t install them now thanks to new regulation. So they are looking to offload/sell to someone that can install themselves. What a joke.

    • I got a quote for a new HVAC system with a gas furnace for my house six months ago, in September 2022.


      Same system with a new quote two weeks ago?


        • No, but they are fixated on installing a “smart” thermostat.

          I did that with the other HVAC system and regret the decision. The thermostat was so smart that it probed the security of my network the moment I configured the WiFi.

          • Stay the hell away from those. The technician that installs it links it up to his phone to adjust it and set it up. If they are not the most honest sort they don’t have to delete it from their phone and they can change your thermostat temperature, cut it on/off without you knowing it from 100 miles away.

            I try to stay away from smart gadgetry…phones, refrigerators, vacuums that run themselves, thermostats, etc. If I had 1989 technology all would be well in my world.

          • Makes one wonder what “Trojan Horse” functions this so-called “smart” thermostat has. I can see the only reason to be able to change settings remotely; if you’re at work or otherwise out, and want the house heated or cooled to comfort when you arrive. Also, any device should have a WHITE list of allowed devices that ONLY can access functions. But, akin to the purported method that the kid in “War Games” breaks into NORAD supercomputer (one helluva security breach), if the OS allows for a “back door” (like an alternate password or device whitelist file), then you’re at the mercy of not only the installing tech, but also the company that made them…and how many of these “smart” devices are made in CHINA?

            • Hi Douglas,

              I don’t know if you already heard, but last year in Colorado, there was an electric company that seized control of smart thermostats their customers had and FROZE it at a certain temperature in the middle of a heatwave, and when customers tried to change their smart thermostats back to where THEY originally had it, they got a message saying ENERGY EMERGENCY. If that doesn’t PROVE that smart thermostats & smart meters are advantageous for the electric company (and to some degree government) instead of consumers, I don’t know what does.

              • I have heard of California electric companies turning off people’s appliances remotely with the smart meters connecting to the smart chips in the appliances….when they feel you are using too much energy. And people wonder why I keep my old appliances. We just got the stupid (smart) meters up here a few years ago. Dumb woman at the electric office (where I paid the bill) was so overjoyed that she could read my usage (and thus, know when I was home or not) in live time. Thank God my metre is way away from the house. Less chance of the damned thing burning my house down if it catches fire.

                • Shadow,

                  Smart meters were installed in my neck of the woods of Oregon a few years ago, and they’re some of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Customers could Opt-out, but doing so came with fees that could only be described as extortionist. It’s disappointing that there was so little pushback against them, as smart meters seem to everywhere.

                  I even read about an electric company in Virginia that coerced their customers to get a smart meter or else have their power shut off if they refused. I don’t know if other electric companies have also done that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if state Public Utility Commissions don’t do anything about it.

    • Checkout the definition of CO2 on the EPA website:

      “Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities. In 2021, CO2 accounted for 79% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from human activities…”

      The overview contains all sorts of ifs ands and buts but does not say how exactly 0.04 percent of one percent of the hideous gas causes most the supposed heating. Actually water vapor leads the pack.

      There was a cooling period in the late 1700s. This was when everyone used wood or coal for heat and steam power.

      NOAA cannot predict weather 3 days in advance consistently so one has to wonder how they predict temps 600 million years ago. Anything they come up with is hyperbolic guesswork at best.

      If ‘science’ is anything like we have been experiencing over the last three years (the science) then the discipline is in serious trouble. Add that Global Warming aka CC has become politicized and used to extract more wealth from the producers it is a joke. In the 1970’s it started as Global Cooling,,, then switched to Global Warming. Does that sound scientific?

      If GW was this serious then explain all the jets at a climate change conference? How moving the emission from the tailpipe to the electric generating station is a mystery. They say man pumps out more CO2 than volcano’s yet of the 1500 land volcano’s and 900,000 seabed volcano’s they chose only 7 active land and three ocean floor volcano’s for their calculation and one has to wonder how they did that!

      Like the fake virus and fake pandemic CC is used to control the masses thinking… They have people now believing they can change their birth sex. Now child murders and mutilations are performed everyday for the same purpose as the pandemic and the CC scams. Money. Worthless money at that.

      • The science to explain how manmade CO2 emissions impede earth’s ability to cool itself was first developed in the late 1800s. Manmade causes of climate change — there are several of them — are called AGW, when there is warming. But that’s not a problem. Mild warming is good news, and adding CO2 to the atmosphere is great news for 85% of the plants growing on this planet.

        The real problem is scary predictions of FUTURE global warming, much faster than any past global warming, called CAGW, where C stands for catastrophic. CAGW has never happened. It is merely a prediction that has scared people since 1979.

        The actual climate has improved since 1979 — in fact the climate has been improving since the very cold 1690s. The current climate is the best climate this planet has had for humans, animals and especially plants, in the past 5,000 years. We shpuld be celebrating the current climate. Not fearful of the future climate. There is only ONE accurate long term climate prediction that matters, and I made it in 1979: “The climate will get warmer, unless it gets colder”. I’m still waiting for my Nobel Prize

        The important lesson here:
        (1) The actual climate is pleasant most of the time
        (2) The climate predictions are scary fairy tales used to empower governments and control people.
        It’s that simple.

      • >“Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities. In 2021, CO2 accounted for 79% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from human activities…”

        Well, that is a deviously worded obfuscation if I ever saw one.
        What it does *not* say is how much of he CO2 in the atmosphere is a result of human activity.

  17. The business of government is control. It is being controlled by people who wish to make us all surfs.

    Electrification is just one of the methods.

    • One of many.
      Fiat currency
      Militarized police
      Collusion with corporations to censor speech
      All alphabet agencies becoming heavily armed
      Alphabet agencies increasing their payroll
      On and on ad infinitum.
      Essentially, EVERY THING they do is toward that end.
      After all, they are psychopaths.

  18. The EPA has existed for way too long, and now we have the “Green Crusade”. Apparently the “Red Scare” didn’t get rid of enough of the commies, so they just went underground & got government jobs, instead!

  19. Just as “endangered species” laws encourage landowners to “shoot, shovel, and shut up,” the EPA creates perverse incentives to foul the land, water, and air.
    In the 1990s we were machining injection molds from 360 brass. They had a lot of intricate detail, and so produced very fine chips that transferred lead from the brass to the CNC machine’s coolant very efficiently. When the company that disposed of our used coolant took a sample, they told me it had enough lead in it to qualify as hazardous waste. What a chain of hassles that set off! The EPA came to visit, with tons of paperwork to sign – and explicit threats as to what they would do to me if I lied about anything. I think it cost me $900 to get rid of a couple of drums of the stuff. Plus, from then on, I was on EPA’s list.
    So the lesson is this: If you try to do the right thing, you will be threatened and harassed by useless bureaucrats who have never in their lives produced anything that people would voluntarily pay their own money for. But if the container mysteriously springs a leak next to the creek at midnight, no problem.

  20. I just watched that same “panel hearing” clip 3 days ago, and used that very same Josey Wales line in my comment. Thank you for the nod, btw, lol! Now all I have to say is, “are ya gonna pull those pistols, or whistle Dixie?”

  21. And, once again, this goes right here:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good, will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. Their very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be ‘cured’ against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.” — C. S. Lewis

    • The problem is, the EPA, and the rest of alphabet world, knows it is not “doing good”, it’s pretending to, for profit. But the never ending part is valid.

  22. ‘Unless EPA does what no government agency has ever done – by saying there’s nothing left for it to do – it will inevitably claim there is more for it to do.’ — Eric

    Faced with the dissolution of its arch-enemy the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO could have packed up and gone home. But no … NATO elected to expand to former Soviet satellites. Now in cozying up to former Soviet republics such as Ukraine and Georgia, NATO has managed to provoke a war with Russia that its existence was supposed to prevent, thus defeating its own mission.

    Rare are the occasions when Big Gov agencies just go away. The former Interstate Commerce Commission is one such. Its authority to establish routes and set freight rates for railroads and motor carriers ended in 1980. The ICC lost its remaining control over interstate trucking in 1994, and closed up shop on January 1, 1996. No one shed a tear.

    Too bad we can’t zero out the Edumacation Department (a shitty idea of Jimmy Carter, pushed on him by the teeeeeachers unions), the Energy Department (another Jimmy Carter ‘innovation in government’ dud) and Nixon’s EPA. Now these predatory agencies exist primarily to harass, attack and immiserate Americans, making their lives more difficult.

    • Is there a single one of the alphabet agencies that does a single thing that is good for people living in this land of make believe? If so, it’s well hidden.

    • “NATO has managed to provoke a war with Russia”
      Which extends far beyond the battle field in Ukraine, to an economic war, which NATO is losing, and losing badly. Who would have thought that the NATO members actually needed the billions in Russian gas and oil they used to import? Anyone with two or more brain cells that get along. It’s kind of like the Bud Light thing, where no market research was done before action was taken.


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