Help Me Gimp “Restoration Pro”

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This Restoration Pro dude continues to steal every article I write – without permission, without even using my byline. It is infuriating. I have tried without success to contact the dick who owns Restoration Pro – some dick named Sean O. This dick apparently created or had someone create a web site – Restoration Pro – that has no content except the content the dick steals from others. Mostly me, but also (lately) from Salon.

Apparently, the game is to use my work (and the work of others he steals) to draw people to his site. To further his business.

At my expense.

Now, this is one of those times when it’s awfully tempting to think: There oughtta be a law! Or some government bureaucrat whom one could sic on this dick.

He is, after all, a thief.gimp suit

But I resist the temptation for the sake of a greater good. The notion that we can deal with dicks like Sean O and his probably shady mold-removal service without the “help” of government.

I want your help.

I want to blackball, gimp, respond-in-kind to Sean O and Restoration Pro. And I know there are people out there who have the necessary skills.

So, how about it?


What do you say?

And if Sean O and Restoration Pro happen to read this, then hear this:

Stop stealing my articles, you dick. Write your own.


Restoration Pro has been placed in the camel clutch and humbled! Lookee here:


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    • Tor, I’m wondering what Effie would do if we pulled up there in my Pete and started stuffing them little un’s into the sleeper. Pull the sleeper cover closed and seat belts be damned. That’s the way it used to be(although no seat belts were required) and the whole family could spend the entire spring and most of the summer going between the grain belt in S Texas and Houston, Galveston, Corpus and Brownsville.

    • Hi Tor,

      I see these kiddie conga lines almost every day. The bleak faces of parents in their S moooo Veees and not-so-mini-vans, waiting on line to drop their kids – all strapped in for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety – at the curb, because it’s too daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangerous for them to walk the five blocks to the school from their house.

  1. My fasebuch is gimped now too unless i can accurately put a name to the face of one of my randomly selected fasebuch friends.

    Gonna be tricky since I have around 1400 friends.

    Its sad really how passively y’all swallow any old civic religion they preach to you.

    Thing Is, its utterly arbitrary the idea that each person should adopt a single character string as their “name” .

    And they must consent to answering to this pets name. And bark dutifully when hear it called out.

    The other way to unlock my account is to upload a picture of a valid govt issued ID. If carrying thar kind of thing isnt galling to your very marrow, I dont know what what could be worse.

    Im not necessarily saying we all just mount and mate with whatever mammal strikes our fancy in the moment. But if you think about it, that is the mammalian way. And if men are going to surrender such prerogatives for the good of all, we should at least make sure we get something we value in trade.

    Marx was probably a loathesome jerk to be around. His ass was covered in boils for a long time for one thing. But I give him credit for at least pondering the statist quo and imagining other possible ways to live on this planet.

    All we really need is some kind of payment system. And a way to each be around each other without becoming homicidal and shit.

    The question is what are our vitals. What are the things we truly need to make us go. And what are mere systems. Things we like and want, but dont actually have to have.

    Top on my list is the right to absolute privacy and unencumbered self-determination. If youre willing to sacrifice such things because you see it as a price one is made to pay and not necessarily a bad thing, where will it end for you. Do you ever stop short and say thats too much. Im not willing to surrender that completely. Or do you just issue your masters a blank check and say write down whatever you want Im buying what your selling and will supply you with whatever you demand.

    • Hi Tor,

      Gesichterbuch is an information collation and monitoring system for the government and corporations; I’d recommend not having anything to do with it. Depresses me that virtually everyone clambers to freely cum-dump everything about their lives there. Baaaaaaaaa! Baaaaaaa!

      The genius of it is that it plays on the narcissism that afflicts all of us to one degree or another. To “share” our doings – to show off and be a “star.” Everyone their own Kim Kardashian. Everyone a guest on Maury and Geraldo

      Before Gesichterbuch, most people were at least suspicious of government/corporate data miners. They would, for example, get their backs up over nosey Census-takers asking them questions about their personal lives. But they’re eager to post everything – with pictures – on Gesichterbuch!

      At least EPautos is just me. No CIA financing. No corporate control.

    • “Its sad really how passively y’all swallow any old civic religion they preach to you.”

      …said the guy who opened a facebook account. ahaha, gotcha there Tor, old thang.

      • Good one, Ed.

        I have dozens of facebooks actually. The original purpose of the tor munkov account that I set up to grab all his posts and attribute it properly to what I called “The unofficial fan page of the libertarian author Eric Peters” was only to help members of my family who get extra tokens-credits-whatchamakallits in their video games.

        They get script and extra foodstamps on their xyz boxes or galaxy exstasy tablets or whatever those devices are called. All because Im “on” facebook or so I’m told.

        I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that little fan page number anymore, I think the cyber police have got a warrant out for me or somethun. I;m already 86’d from reddit because of my rebel ways.

        Good thing is their games all still work, and it doesn’t block any functionality in their candy lands with friends or whozitts similar to that.

  2. Badges? We didden need no steeenkin badges!

    We are a force of law unto our own rights.

    He is somewhere in the woods unlocatable now. SNAFU FENG SCHWEIGH is again restored by the True Restorators.


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