Boston Hero Brutalizes Jaywalker

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A Mundane made the mistake of jaywalking in front of an off-duty Hero:

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  1. The lack of value of this tribal culture can not be underestimated.

    No one cares for totem poles and spirit animals anymore. Why though do you lend reality to precincts. And police commissioners. And first responders. All of them so many simian savages with no true structure or discernible reason to their actions.

    Dress down and look poor and insignificant. Keep your wealth hidden, even from your loved ones. When push comes to shove, they’ll side with the Alpha Apes against you a lot more than you think.

    It’s a matter of survival. Read Selco. Apply it now, the SHTF back in 1752 when Pope Gregory waving his sceptre final came to the English colonies, including America.

    This culture is dead on arrival. It’s not the day they say. It’s just a convoluted matrix of junk.

    Who cares what any of your neighboring apes thinks of you. Or imagines is “reality” whatever that hallucination really means. Have fun and make your self out to be worse than you are. I know I finally fucked my neighbor’s sheep I’ve had my eye on for a while.

    The kind of shitbaggery can come from anywhere. Not just costumed heroes on a powertrip. Maybe your wife turns rabid when she becomes an exwife. Maybe its a coworker or a former best friend who lashes out in a rage.

    Maybe I’ll get shivved in an alley. Well I had it coming they’ll say. Daring to live amid the most dysfunctional areas of a rabid dysfunctional nation. It could happen, at least I went for it, I can say to myself as my blood runs into a trash strewn gutter, and the memories of Dolly’s soft matted wool fill my mind.

    Play dumb. Act poor. Don’t volunteer anything about your personal details. Not because you want to blend and be accepted by the Apes that Rule the streets. But because you want to look harmless and not worth dishing out a Simian beat down to.

    Here is a list of tribes in Boston that have gone or will soon go extinct
    American Union.
    United Nations.

    There are no heroes, jaywalkers, there is no Boston, none of this nonsense will last, see Wizards of Ozymandia as they truly are.


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