Tables Turned on “hero”

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In this video, the tables are turned on a “hero” – who as usual has a bullet head and is wearing his Intimidator opaque sunglasses.

The “hero” is discomfited by the “lack of cooperation with his investigation” – a term used often by “heroes” to justify their abuse of power. In brief, any hesitation on the part of an accosted citizen to “cooperate” by submitting to any and all demands made by the “hero,” even in the absence of any specific evidence or reason for suspicion that the accosted citizen may have committed a crime. The “failure to cooperate” with the “hero’s” bullying no constituting “suspicious” behavior.

The “hero” states that the accosted citizen “might be a felon,” that “you never know.” Unfortunately, the citizen didn’t reply by pointing out that the “hero” might be a child molester and – just to be safe – we’d better check him out, establish that he isn’t one by ID’ing him and so on.


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  1. Firstly, a felon can possess ammo….so that throws his “paranoia” right out the old winder. Selling ammo, a felon has every right to sell ammo. Production of ammo(reloading), same thing.

    My wife was pissed that I didn’t sell more ammo….but the shit keeps nearly forever.

    4 years later, they came back and nearly went apey over the stacks of ammo I had. I gave them the BATFE phone number so they could check and told one of them who was gonna paw through it he was looking at a lawsuit. He straightened up and and said “I don’t think that’s right”. Seems like my reply was something along the lines of “Go ahead and take all my ammo”. I’ll be glad to sue your dept. and file criminal charges on you motherfucker”. Wish I’d seen Hangover and done a Chow imitation since he does a great “motherfucker”.

    The fact remains that cops simply stick a thumb up their ass and make their own version of the “law”.

    4 years later, they came back and didn’t mention ammo. I had a storeroom I could have stored it in but really hot and really cold are not the best conditions.

    Last year they come back…..without a warrant. It was all I could do to stay civil but I denigrated hell out of them. The head dick was pissed we wouldn’t allow them in the house even though there was nothing illegal. Not willing to give up, he once again said “I wouldn’t have any problem with people going through my house”. I said “OK then, just give us your address and we’ll drop by some time and go through your house.” The wife than chipped in and said “You might have something we’d really like”.

    So, on a parting note chief dick says really whiny like “Now they’ve started shooting use” referring to the cop killing in Ft. Worth a week earlier. I said “You mean shooting back”. That did piss him off but he’d had all of my sharp tongue he could take. I said when he was leaving “I sure do appreciate your “professionalism.”….another dig for coming to us and wanting us to sign papers when he doesn’t even have a warrant to investigate a “rumor” of which I’d already heard. He was stunned when I said those rumors were started by a woman facing 5 felonies seeking to somehow get her ex and the wife and I charged with something. The 32nd Judicial Criminal Court……couldn’t have made a better descriptor if I’d had to.

    So they believe her, waiting on 5 felonies, to raid us “one more time”. I could just end it here but I won’t since I’d like to show how they can waste huge amounts of taxpayer money. The helicopter some of them arrived in cost $2K/hrs. to operate not counting the pilot nor other “heroes”. 5 cars on the ground with their own “heroes”.

    Oh, the chief dick asked me about that “bunker” I had, once more showing his ignorance. I told him if I had a bunker we wouldn’t be having this conversation so he says “How’s that?” Because I’d be in it enjoying the cool and quiet since it was already over 100 degrees and this was 11 am. FEFEFH’s


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