Brave Lady Pulls a Hero Over

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Here’s a video of a Miami woman who pulled over a Hero cop running 90 MPH because (he explained) he “was on his way to work.” I wonder how much ice that cuts when the tables are turned?

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  1. I don’t know…

    Given the news interviews she gave later, she kind of sounds like a clover. Comments such ‘drivers across the county are out of control with no regard to traffic _laws_ or _safety_’. Perhaps I’m wrong, but, those words are usually the the opening salvo to a clover to then call for more laws and saaafety.

    I would have preferred she that her commentary was more along the lines of “We’re all capable of driving this speed, but, had this fuck pig pulled me or anyone else without a badge over for doing so, we’d face at minimum a large fine and likely punitive effects on our insurance rates, and that’s assuming the hero doesn’t fear for his life when you’re reaching for your wallet in order to provide identification and so they just suddenly unload a clip into you.”

  2. Maybe the cop is looking for an elected position. I think it is a requirement, here in Florida, to have a criminal record in order to qualify for an elected position. The woman should have performed a citizens arrest then the cop might qualify for an elected office. 😉

  3. Brave? Yes. Stupid? Also yes. I’ve made it a habit to stay as far the hell away from these thugs as I possibly can. I don’t care what they’re doing, as long as it doesn’t involve me, I’m not about to whack the beehive. I’m at the point where even if one is several cars behind, I pull into a parking lot or something. Don’t want even the slightest chance of an encounter with one of them. Sad commentary, but I truly am more afraid of cops than “bad guys”.

    • Hi Vz,

      Sadly, I agree.

      I’ve had cops draw down on me – over nothing more than “speeding.”

      Last summer, I was riding with two friends when we got pulled over for “speeding.” We were compliant and polite (we could easily have taken off).

      The Heroes basically threatened to shoot us if we got off our bikes. Had us sit like that, with our backs to them – for 30 minutes.

      Mind, we are middle-aged white guys, no tats or “hippie” hair. But we’re guys – and I suppose that is a perceived “threat” to the “safety” of these Heroes.

      • Had a similar situation, Eric. Before I retired, driving down Merrit Parkway in CT to go to business meeting in NYC. Wearing suit and tie. Had an important call I had to take, so I pulled over in breakdown lane & stopped to take call, thought that was safer than driving. Trooper rolls up behind me. I assumed he just wanted to see if I was OK, so I got out of the car, phone to my ear and motioned like “I’m OK, no problem”. Asshole whips out his gun and starts screaming “get on the ground, get on the ground!” Long story short, I was cuffed, searched, and treated like some kind of animal before he finally figured out he made a mistake. Fuckhead never apologized, acted like it was all my fault for getting out of the car. Just goes to show how easy an innocent person can get killed by these assholes. And if he had shot me, he’d only have to say he feared for his safety and all would have been right with the world.

        • And, oh by the way, I was 62 years old when that happened. I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 150, I can see how I was such a threat to officer buzz cut.

          • I blame the police training these days and the fear mongering infiltration of the government into local police departments. Everything is all about how you’ll be shot if anyone so much as flinches, seen the training first hand, and many trainees turn into basket cases before they become actual officers.

            This kind of training of course creates overly paranoid cops who power trip on others, and that in turn causes us citizens to resent them. Classic divide and conquer, and the attempted federalization of the police force only reinforces my suspicions that the higher ups want more control.

            • Agreed. When Uncle decides it’s time to declare martial law, it will probably be easier to get the pheroes, who already see us as at least threats, if not the outright enemy, to turn on us than it would the military. That’s why former military, esp. those w/combat experience, always show up on the list of potential ‘homegrown terrorists.’

              • There is no doubt about that, PtB. As I’ve mentioned before on this forum, my (much) younger brother is Chief of Police back in my small hometown in MA. Can’t believe how much he’s changed over the years, turned into a real dickhead. I guaran dam tee that when the higher ups tell him to go collect all the guns, he’ll think he’s doing god’s work, and he and his minions will go out there with a vengeance. I understand that police work will change you – he sees the worst of society on a daily basis, but man, he has lost all of his humanity. As far as he’s concerned, everybody is a liar, a thief, or some kind of scumbag. Oath Keepers and all the rest of them are full of shit. When they get the orders to conquer us, they’ll do it with gusto.

                • Vz, you got all that right. To quote an old song “I’ve been shot at(like, big mag, big rifles)and cut with a knife”. I’ve been in a couple wrecks that hurt people and killed vehicles, stranded in a blizzard and beaten till I was blind but at no time have I EVER needed a cop. If it sounds like I have had a rough time, I have, but not from what I just described. My rough times have come when cops were involved. Practice makes perfect and I know when to shut up while I’m being booked(but it’s nearly impossible for me to quit goading). A friend didn’t and he was killed, hung by his own shirt. Somehow my cousin died a natural death last year and he talked more trash than I did/do. He always offered to give them a round and I never saw one have the guts. He was 6 feet tall and weighed 140 lbs but it was all fight. I have as much use for a cop as bone cancer. At least cancer is natural.


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