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If you haven’t yet experienced some of the latest saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety features being fitted to new cars, you are in for a teeth-aching treat. Here, for example, is a demonstration of Lane Departure Warning, among the most annoying (and thus, distracting) “safety” features you’ll find – unfortunately – in your next new car :

Cameras in the nose of the car pan the road ahead; if you so much as touch either the yellow line to you left or the white line to your right, an obnoxious chime assaults you, along with a flashing light in the dash. This is supposed to help keep you from inadvertently wandering out of your lane, either into the opposite lane or off onto the shoulder.

It’s more likely to result in a fist through the dashboard. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us!

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  1. Even if they completely ban human drivers they won’t raise the speed limits. That is guaranteed.

    One of the reasons why? Because of pedestrians and bicyclists, whether they are there or not. The urban “planners” keep pushing those users (especially bicyclists) into spaces that should be exclusively for cars. They want those conflicts (and collisions) to happen so they can ban personal cars from those places in the future.

  2. There are too many alerts already. My 2012 Audi starts chiming when I’m going 80 mph passing a truck and I’m distracted and startled. Turns out it’s a low tire pressure warning or something that can wait, but my eyes and mind are pulled off the immediate dangerous situation while I figure out WTF.


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