Hero Cops Hate it When The Tables Are Turned

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This video will cheer you up!

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  1. Check this out!

    Idiotic article posted at the leftist website “Salon.”

    Unintentionally hilarious.

    With gun nuts hoarding bullets, will cops be disarmed?
    Gun owners terrified of nonexistent plans to restrict ammo are hoarding bullets. Now police are running out


    But what those rushing to stockpile guns and ammo seem to miss is that their actions have consequences on the people whose job it is to keep us safe. Pro-gun rhetoric often pits armed citizens against the slow response time of police officers. Here, the conflict is brought to life.

    • The one blessing of all this electronic stuff everywhere is that it has made it possible to show cops (and interactions with cops) as they are in reality as opposed to the fantasy confected by TeeVee and the MSM.

      Yes, indeedy – cops do push people around for no reason, over-react and act like thugs.

      The scales are falling from people’s eyes.

  2. Hilarious!

    “Stay 25 feet from my car..”

    Shit officer, don’t park it so close to a footpath then..

    Although it looks a bit like the cops are being obstructed, they’re actually ALLOWING themselves to be obstructed by gooning over and stalking someone with nothing more lethal than a camera that’s performing something perfectly lawful.

    If I were pulled into court on charges of obstructing, that’s how I’d argue against it.

  3. Wow. Even though it was minor, That was some intense stuff. I am kind of cheered up by it, but at the same time, for some reason (social conditioning? a.k.a. Pavlovian response) I feel tensed up after watching it, similar to how I feel when I interact with the cops.
    The disrespect, disdain and contempt the cops and dispatchers ooze towards the public, I can feel that from simply watching. I didn’t realize how powerful the conditioning was until now.

    All I can say is: that camera guy has got courage and he/they are quite heroic, which is why the cops will likely try and snuff him out. I hope he has someone watching his six.

    It’s clear, in the eyes of the cops, we are American Helots:



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