Spoiling a Hero’s Fun

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He’s polite, at least – but still isn’t happy about a Mundane attempting to warn fellow Mundanes about a “safety” checkpoint up ahead:

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. How about an “app” that, in conjunction with GPS, etc., I’m only talking off the top of my head, that identifies active “check points” on it’s display? As it’s all about “safety”, as Eric likes to point out, then Leviathan should have no problem with it! LOL! Yeah, right. That way you’d have advance notice by intrepid souls who wish you only the best while keeping the Pork off of our ass. You could also develop a web site that overlays the most corrupt, confiscating, abusive, ticket happy roadways in the nation. Make it a point to tell drivers to avoid these thieving districts and not spend their money there. You probably will hear the howls of the damned from the local city halls all the way from coast to coast on that one. The only way to change their ways is to hurt businesses in their districts to the point they give these rats the boot. Start up a “rating” agency that ranks the free and unfree municipalities and how thieving they are. They’re scream but let them. It’s a free country isn’t it? LOL! Better yet put the servers outside of this country.

    • I think one of the major radar detector companies (not Valentine) offers a similar feature – a speed trap app that advises you, in real time, about such things.

      • At one point, there were a few for iDevices, Androids, and Crackberries but apparently, someone thought they were enough of a threat to make it worthwhile to put some extra lining in the pockets of Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and other members of that criminal gang. Some of the apps got pulled by Apple and RIM, but I’m not sure about Google.

    • Down here in Florida, AAA listed the towns of Lawtey and Waldo as the most predatory jurisdictions, both of which are on US301 outside of Gainesville. This was based on the (significant) percentage of their towns’ budgets coming from traffic tickets. AAA even went so far as to put up billboards along the highway warning motorists of the twin speed-trap capitals of the state.

      Needless to say, this had both town councils’ and police chiefs’ panties in a wad.

      • Good! I’m all smiles when corrupt municipalities are fingered for the rats they are. That’s primarily why I would place any site outside of the US where the American Imperiums “laws” do not apply. Probably someplace like Holland.


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