Know Your Cop

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Traffic cops are becoming ever more dangerous to our wallets – and all-too-often, our persons. Since we can’t properly defend ourselves against their depredations, avoidance is therefore becoming all the more important. If you see them before they see you, you stand a good chance of not having to interact with them at all.cop 1

Unfortunately, cops have become harder to spot. Because they no longer restrict themselves to the stereotypical cop car – the Ford Crown Vic. These are no longer being produced – and so are being replaced by cars that blend into the background better than the big Ford. Cops are also driving more unmarked cars – and even marked cars are harder to pick out before it’s too late because of their low-profile light bars and paint schemes designed specifically to make them less obviously cop cars.cop 2

But, not all the news is bad news.

First, most cars out there are not cop cars – and many of them you can write off with near 100 percent certainty as not being occupied by someone out to Harass & Collect:

* Coupes are rarely cop cars –

In the past, cops have used two-door cars for traffic work – in particular, as “pursuit” cars. Examples include the 1980s-era Ford Mustang LX and (more recently) the 1994-2002 Chevy Camaro. However, these models have been out of service for years – decades, in the case of the old 5.0 LX Mustang. While it’s possible some departments may be using newer models such as the Pontiac GTO (there was at least one of these running around SW Virginia circa 2008)  it is very unlikely.

* Imports are almost never cop cars –cop 5.0

American traffic enforcement is overwhelmingly “buy American” minded. There have been exceptions here and there (at one time, the Falls Church, VA cops were using Volvos) but the rule is – cops cars are American cars. Part of this is patriotic glad-handing (it looks bad when American cops are driving “foreign” cars); part of it is practical politicking (government fleet buyers incline toward the home team brands for the favor-currying it involves) and part of it is due to the fact that – for the most part – the import car companies do not make cars suitable for cop duty. Historically, cops have preferred large, RWD-based vehicles – models like the Ford Crown Victoria. That’s still mostly true today.

* High-end luxury/performance cars are never cops cars –

Maybe on Miami Vice – but  even then, Sonny’s Ferrari was not used for traffic enforcement. Out in the real world, cops may use luxury vehicles seized via asset forfeiture proceedings – but for undercover and other purposes, not for issuing pieces of payin’ paper. The guy in the M5 sitting next to you at the red light, revving his engine, is looking to race – not write you up.

* Cars older than 10 years are virtually never cop cars –cop k car

I won’t say never, because there are probably some rural departments that hang onto their cruisers that long – or even longer. (There was – and still may be – a company that refurbishes worn-out Chevy Impalas – the older, full-size/RWD ones that look like Shamu the Whale – and the more recent Ford Crown Vic.) But – as a general rule – most cop cars get retired long before they reach double-digit age. Many are run almost continuously, seven days a week, year round. It is not unusual for a cop car to see 100,000 miles in less than three years. Which is why it’s unusual to find one still in service after ten. For the most part, you can breathe easy if it’s older – even if it’s a model (like the Vic) that is popular with cops.

*Compact cars are rarely, if ever cop cars –

Cops are beefy – hence, they favor big cars. There is also the issue of carting the cattle (that’s us). Small cars  have backseats unsuitable for “transport.” Even the otherwise popular Dodge Charger has proved problematic in this regard – and it’s only a little bit smaller than a Ford Crown Vic – and huge compared with anything in the compact class. Now, in the past, cops did use small cars like the K-car (believe it or not) and before that, the Chevy Nova – which in the ’70s was considered a “compact.” But in modern times, to my knowledge, no compact car has been put into service as a traffic patrol car. If it’s a compact coupe – or an import brand compact – you can be 99.999 percent confident it’s not a cop.

* “Crossovers” (car based wagons and car-based SUVs) are usually not cop cars –cop taurus

For the most part, cops have shunned these vehicles for traffic duty because they’re too small, too expensive, too slow – or too fragile. Being either FWD or based on FWD cars, they don’t hold up as well to jumping curbs and other such abuse – and in general cost more to maintain. Also, until fairly recently, the imports dominated this class of vehicle – and as mentioned earlier, the people doing the fleet buying for cops tend to buy American. If it’s an import crossover, you’re safe. If it’s compact (Honda CR-V/Subaru Forester-sized) you’re safe. If it’s a high-end crossover (BMW, Acura, Cadillac, etc.) you’re safe.

Ok, so which cars should you be wary of?

American-brand mid-sized and full-sized sedans and (to a lesser extent) medium and full-sized SUVs.

Here is a  list of the major threats:

* Dodge Charger – marked and unmarked.
* Jeep Grand Cherokee (federal and park pigs seem to like these a lot).
* Ford Crown Vic, Taurus and Explorer (the Taurus is a toughie because there are a lot of them out there. Also true of the Explorer).
* Chevy Malibu and Impala; Chevy Tahoe.cop explorer

If the car in question is a primary (and solid) color – such as all white or all navy blue – your threat indicator should notch up. Though “low profile” light bars and so on are harder to discern, a good eye will notice these accoutrements of cop cars. Civilian cars never have wig-wag lights built into the grille – it’s illegal as carrying an AK into traffic court. And civilian cars usually don’t have windows tinted so heavily you can’t see inside the car – again, because it’s illegal. If you see lights, tinted windows and multiple antennae – it’s a damn good bet there’s bacon in the air. Exercise caution.

Final thing: Military pilots used to be taught to recognize the profile/silhouette of an enemy aircraft at a glance. You can do the same by memorizing what cop-likely cars look like, especially the shape of their headlights/grilles and tail-lights, so you can pick them out efficiently (and pre-emptively). This is especially helpful when operating at night.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. Around Indianapolis (and Indiana in general) you want to watch out for unmarked Crown Vics, Mustang GTs and Chargers with super-dark window tint. I believe I’ve also seen Dodge Magnums in use as well. Fortunately if you have a radar detector you can usually pick them up using Ka band.

  2. I think, sadly, that many “law enforcement” people are over the edge. the majority of encounters I have had were unnecessarily unpleasant while I was polite but not servile. Car: older small, Dress, middle age lady, conservative business attire, time: late at night. hummm. On one occasion the officer was trying to say he had followed me for blocks and I had been speeding. I had just left work and driven less than a half block. As it was my job to secure the premises that night, the procedure was to punch out via computer with my password going directly to the home office. When I explained to him he could go ahead but that proof existed in our home office what time I had left, therefore impossible for him to have followed me on the route he had claimed, he backed right off and hardly answered except to say “Drive more carefully.” ???? Another procedure I would always follow now is definitely not to pull over for anyone no matter the lights or markings, but rather put on flashers and drive to a lighted, open business. If one is out in the middle of no where though, more difficult to do. I tell all young ladies I have worked with to never, never pull over for their own safety. Thank you ERic for reminding us of our reality.

    • Hi Roger and Lynn,

      You bet. And, yup – we all have to be as careful when dealing with cops as we would be when dealing with a dangerous dog. It’s sad – but that is our reality.

  3. Man, eric. Your audience is totally first shift.

    Second and third shift is where stuff gets done.

    [Maybe it’s due to the lack of supervisors and get-in-the-way-managers?]

    Anyway, I saw this and thought of Don Cooper and the sentiment he puts forth:

    “… when a government is killing people, including both its own citizens and foreigners, it is incumbent on the citizenry to determine the reasons for the killings. Then, if the citizenry conclude that the reason for the killings is an illegitimate one, based on moral, ethical, religious, and spiritual factors, then it is up to the citizens to place the government back on the right track.” …

    Why the Awlakis Were Killed

    However; if the citizenry don’t care: “The roof’s on fire, but we don’t care: burn mother fucker! Burn!” – lyrics from a popular song you’ll Never find on the F.M. dial – then nothing happens.

    America: land of the roll over and show your belly.
    A.k.a. submit and obey and love your overlords and their enforcers.

    Meanwhile, some guys who’ve been told they are free to go, and there’s no reason to hold them in jail, yet they still rot, going on four, maybe five years or more – with a motion for Habeas Corpus denied – is it any wonder (even spellcheck doesn’t recognize the word, ‘Habeas’ and underlines it in red as if it were a word that didn’t exist) is it any wonder the direction and path the nation of goberment whoreship takes from here?

    It seems like we need to do, ‘something’ yet, there’s nothing anyone can do. … Just wait until the sparkler burns to the end.

    Pardon me, I’m just, as they say, thinking out loud. Much like that fella in the video Tor Munkov posted in the comments, here:

    “Obedience” – It REALLY IS Official Policy now, and most everybody’s A-ok and hunky-dory with that… they have eyes to see, and do not, they have ears to hear, and do not.

    Again, Pardon me, I’m just, as they say, thinking out loud,… and reflecting on the meaning of the ability some have of, Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer, and what that means

  4. Traveling south on 95 here in Virginia just the other day, I saw a pig in a new Dodge Caravan. I’m an old pro at spotting pigs, but this one almost got by me.

    • The important thing is not to get into a debate about the effectiveness of seat belts – because they are effective (in the event of a serious crash, which is by no means certain or even likely).

      The thing to debate is whether the decision to wear or not ought to be anyone else’s except the individual’s. If other people – the government, its enforcer class – can order us to wear seat belts, then in principle they can order us to eat a balanced diet, perform Yoga every morning – and so on.

      When I tried to point this out to people 15 years ago, when “buckle up” laws began to appear, they told me I was over-reacting and exaggerating. Well, we’ve now got government officials trying to order people – at gunpoint, never forget that – not to drink “too much” soda. It’s only New York? Sure. For now. But you really do have to be obtuse not to see where things are headed.

      The ultimate end point is the absolute micromanagement of our lives by “wise” government officials – who, because they are government officials, are entitled to run our lives.

      For our own good, of course.

      • Well said we don’t necessarily need to be debating effectiveness but then did we ever??

        Not just New York regarding such like the soda but also the EU. You are right they are controlling the way we do everything or at least they well on that route. Thats the sad case. It is about the defence of liberty.

  5. It’s about revenue collection, not safety.

    Government in America is organized crime. The State is your enemy.

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

    • Dear Tinsley,

      “Government in America is organized crime.”

      Don’t be such an exponent of “American Exceptionalism,” Tinsley. America is hardly alone in this.


      So is China. So is Japan. So is every other god-forsaken “nation state” on this planet.

      As an old Chinese saying goes, “Bai dao bi hei dao hai yao ke pa!”

      Very freely translated: “Organized government is even more frightening than organized crime!”

      • “Very freely translated: “Organized government is even more frightening than organized crime!””

        Yep, if you shoot a non-government criminal you might not be convicted and imprisoned for doing so.


        • Yep, if you shoot a non-government criminal you might not be convicted and imprisoned for doing so.

          If you shoot a government-employed criminal, especially one that carries a badge and a gun, odds are you won’t even live long enough to be convicted or imprisoned. You’ll just be lynched in a blizzard of gunfire and that will be the end of it. As far as TPTB are concerned, anyone who gives a state-employed gangster a lethal dose of their own medicine is a “terrist” and not worthy of due process (think NDAA).

  6. One frequent giveaway – regardless of brand or model – is the spotlight sticking through the front window post on the driver’s side. The photo of a black cop car in the article shows one.

  7. Motorcycles are “ridden” not “driven” and seat belt “laws” of course don’t apply…recommended speed signs are anywhere from 30 to 150 mph “off.” Unless able to get underground before the eye in the sky gets overhead, eluding can lead to a prison stretch.

    When traveling cross country, wise to do so as caravan. When one party gets pulled over, the others position themselves appropriately at a distance (with clear line of sight) and respond as needed should cops become aggressive. Even the supposed top tier cops can’t defend effectively against incoming from random points, typically focusing only on designated victim…a huge tactical omission.

    Put yourself in the cops boots. You call a bunch of your associates, establish a textbook position close to a suspect car and just as you’re barking orders at occupants, how would you feel if all hell breaks loose from BEHIND and sides? lol

    • Motorcycles are “ridden” not “driven” and seat belt “laws” of course don’t apply

      They will eventually, Brent. Just give’em time.

  8. Here in NYC, undercover cops also use yellow taxi cabs. The way to tell if the cab is undercover is to check the license plate with the four letters/numbers on top of the cab. If they don’t match (e.g. plate #T800242C, light on top #1H32), the cab is an undercover vehicle.

  9. The problem with a police officer witnessing, writing (creating), and delivering at the same time a “ticket” for a code violation – which is a summons and notice to appear in court – is that the police officer is the creator of the complaint, as well as the authorized officer who is citing in the ticket (summons) a time to appear in court to answer an action. This ultimately means that a “ticket” is an illegal summons, as there is no action that has been created by a court of law, magistrate, or by an actual victim.

    The “officer” may legally serve a summons written by a court, but does not have the legal authority to create a summons without the court… (Without means outside of its jurisdiction) A lawful summons must come from a judge or magistrate.

  10. I’ve seen current-generation Mustangs, Challengers and Camaros in use. A department near me uses a black Charger with a rear spoiler, fog lights and 5-spoke wheels that is only recognizable when the gum ball machines are on.

  11. In tank school, they teach you to visually identify threats using a minimum of visual information. Using Google images, and the like, you can discern that their are distinct patterns to each vehicle. Really not that hard. Look for lights, wheel configuration, profile, windows, trunk, etc.

    Learn the pig wagons for your area and—with the help of your handy v1—you will avoid the payin paper 🙂

    Be careful in VA, they’ll try to give you a reckless driving charge for anything.

    • Hi Andy,

      Roger that!

      Also as regards VA and “reckless” driving. Over 80 anywhere – or more than 20 over any speed limit (no matter how ludicrously low) constitutes statutory “reckless” driving in the People’s Republic of Virginia.

      Thus, on roads such as I-581 (an Interstate highway, four lanes each direction, no traffic lights) you can be cited for “reckless” if you get radared doing 76 MPH – because the speeeeeeed limit is still 55 MPH. Virtually every car on this road is already traveling at or within a few MPH of statutory “reckless” speeds. It’s a huge cash cow for the area – as well as for the shyster lawyers, who become a mandatory purchase, almost, when one is so cited due to the vicious penalties that follow a conviction – including six points on your DMV record and probable suspension of your driving “privileges.” So, even if you “win” (by beating the charge) you’ll still be out $700-$1,500 for the shyster. If you lose, you’ll probably lose your license for awhile, plus at least a few hundred dollars in fines and fees – and then the real hit comes when your insurance co. finds out….

      • I was in the Staunton area for a year and a half doing an internship there, I am from Idaho.

        I could not believe the draconian traffic enforcement in the form of routine checkpoints on 262. It was incredible to me. I found out that I was living in “Amerika.”

        One time I was going around a corner on one of the donkey cart roads that Virginia is famous for—in a 1989 vintage, poorly maintained F-150—and came upon a road grader in the middle of it. I over corrected to the right, started to fishtail, and the right front wheel went up an embankment and slowly plopped the F-150 on its left side. (There were no signs up saying that they were road grading before this blind corner)

        I was incredulous. It happened very slowly since I was going slow. I could have drove the truck home if it hadn’t been for the attitude of the Mafia VDOT Employees.

        We could’ve pushed the truck over and I could’ve been on my way. But they “can’t touch private property because of liability reasons.” What bullshit.

        Instead they had to call the pigs to report the horrible offense. When the Pigs did show up, the VDoT Mafia made sure they had signs up showing that they were road grading. The swine protect themselves.

        The chief porker told me that I would be cited for Reckless Driving since I had put the vehicle on its side and was “obviously” going to fast for the conditions.

        My only defense, and the one that saved me, was that the road grader was right in the middle and there was no speed limit signs.

        I got off with a $50 fine (plus another ben in court costs) from a grumpy old judge who could probably tell that I was scared shitless.

        Thus started my Swinophobia—and a new found love for a V1.

  12. Well spake, Eric. A trip to Europe will remind any American of the incredible omnnipresence of America’s Swinest, a few years ago one for every three hundred citizens, now doubtless even more. We have more cops per capita than any other nation in the world, and this for a nation (outside the big cities) with one of the lowest crime rates. Thus, their primary duty is traffic inforcement (harassment?). We could reduce our police presence in this nation by 90% with no loss whatever in our real security.

    • John, you seem to assume that the real purpose of the swine is to “protect and serve” the citizenry when it’s nothing of the sort. Their REAL purpose, as should be apparent to all by now, is to protect TPTB from the citizenry. As TPTB become more blatant and aggressive in their power grabs and as the citizenry become more restless and angry because of that, it becomes apparent that even the hideously unreasonable 300:1 ratio of citizens to swine is insufficient for that purpose. Expect the gap to close even tighter – although sheer numbers alone aren’t going to help the human speed bumps who “work” in “law enforcement” once the threshold of pain has been exceeded and TSHTF.

      • We’re lucky here in Pima County. Tucson has among the lowest number of cops per capita in the nation, so they really can’t be “omnipresent.” I know where the speed traps are on my routes, and I have thus avoided any contact with them for years (knock on wood).

        • Howdy, neighbor! Yes, we are fortunate here in that the cops (both the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the Tucson PD) keep a relatively low profile. The worst of the local lot that I’ve encountered are the Marana PD (I live right on the edge of Marana and Tucson, so I deal with both the PCSD and the Marana PD). Apparently having no actual crime to fight (busting meth labs is potentially dangerous and unprofitable – not that running a meth lab should be a crime), they spend all of their time chasing revenue. I’ve been ticketed THREE TIMES in the last year for “civil” traffic offenses, although I’ve managed to get two dismissed. For such a tiny force, I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of predators.

  13. In Arizona, lately, the DPS (state police; I think the letters stand for “Damned Parasitical Swine”) have been using Ford F-250 Super Crew pickups as unmarked traffic enforcement vehicles. I would not recommend brake-checking such a vehicle when they are tailgating you on the freeway.

    • Yeah – but there is an upside: F250s are slow – and clumsy. If you’re on a bike, especially – and assuming they haven’t had time to see your plate and there are no airborne swine above – you can walk away from one of those like a fart bomb left in an elevator.

    • I would change “Damned” to “Dimwitted,” but otherwise you’re spot on. It also seems that the farther out from Maricopa County you go, the farther out into the state you get, the more “dimwitted” the local swine (and Maricona County porkers are far from even the room temperature-IQ range themselves). Here in Pima County, I continue to be amazed that the local swine seem to know which side of a squad car is the driver’s side, let alone demonstrate an ability to move one down a highway.

  14. Thanks P M Lawrence for telling me about the Churls. (a non-servile peasant, denoting the lowest rank of freemen. A self-sufficient common person, of high wealth and station yet the opposite of nobility and royalty)

    Being that oppressors are the victors who have written the histories, I submit we are likely both incorrect by design about the perioeci. Maybe it would be of more avail to counter-factually impose a mythic libertarian tribe into an alternate world Sparta that could have been.

    One must use the middle class label sparingly. Being that Middle Class is a mid 18th century conception; It seems vastly overreaching to apply this term with confidence to people who lived thousands of years ago before its coinage. If the Greeks and Angelsachsen had frozen social classes, they cannot have had middle classes.

    middle class (noun) 1766;
    as an adjective, “characteristic of the middle class” (depreciative) it dates from 1893. (Douglas Harper)

    What is the Middle Class?

    It’s a nation’s productive—and moral, and intellectual—top, that’s the middle class. It’s a broad reservoir of energy, it’s a country’s motor and lifeblood, which feeds the rest. The common denominator of its members, on their various levels of ability, is: independence. The upper classes are merely a nation’s past; it is the middle class that is its future.

    The middle class is the heart, the lifeblood, the energy source of a free, industrial economy, of a meritocracy, of capitalism; it did not and cannot exist under any other system; it is the product of upward mobility, incompatible with frozen social castes. When you see the bell of inflation is tolling; it tolls for you, middle class patsy! It is not at the destruction of a handful of the rich that inflation is aimed (the rich are mostly in the vanguard of the destroyers), but it is you, the middle class who are being eviscerated!!!

    I myself have been out-middle-classed, but rather than weep, I’m trying to redefine the paradigm.

    I want to Deceive the heavens to cross the ocean. To Besiege Wèi(city) to rescue Zhào(city).

    [Great effort has been expended to preserve the PTB’s version of “The Greek” & “Die Angelsachsen” history.] I wish to use their mountains of doggerel to Kill them with a borrowed knife.

    By being obtusely parochial and inflammatory, We Wait at leisure while the enemy labors. If he too weakly defends, We Loot a burning house. [Hey P.M. – Isn’t Australia ruled by a party with membership in the Socialist International?] See? I Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west. You Aussies & Italianos are the richest peoples in the world currently, are you in bed with the Middle Class Destroyers, or are you one of the few Australian inflationary fellows? Even if you’re not, why shouldn’t one rile & shake the well-healed for some lunch money? Karma you say? Karma has been bombed and droned away from this world now.

    We could write a narrative on Sparta to Create something from nothing. Stir the PTB up and Watch the fires burning across the river. I show nothing but love for the benefactors of the City of London’s Square Mile, P.M. I Hide a knife behind my smile. London is the city of penultimate intellectualism. So sue me if I Sacrifice the plum tree to preserve the peach tree. I’ve skipped the grid and lay in wait to Take an opportunity to pilfer a goat.

    When der tag kommt, Vishnu forbid, I intend to do much more: Stomp the grass to scare the snake. Borrow a corpse to resurrect a soul. Entice a tiger to leave its mountain lair. Toss out a brick to get a jade gem. Defeat an enemy by capturing their chief. I know the PTB are aware of all this, I experience their long slow death, because it is best In order to capture, for them to let me feel loose, but I remain undeceived nonetheless, and am coiled and ready to strike, when they dare tread on me.

    Do madcap bat shit writers use a Chaos Strategm? They say keyboard commandos Remove the firewood from under the pot. Disturb the water and catch the fish. Slough off the cicada’s golden shell. Shut the door to catch the thieves. Befriend distant states while attacking a neighbour. Obtain safe passage to conquer the State of Guo. I have no comment on those assertions.

    In day to day life, I do sometimes Replace the beams with rotten timbers. Point at the mulberry trees while cursing the locust trees. Feign madness but still keep my balance. Remove the ladder as soon as I see the enemy ascended to the roof. Deck my trees with false blossoms. And Make the host and the guest exchange roles.

    In desperate days, I help build the Vegas Honeypot beauty trap. Employ The empty fort strategy. Let the enemy’s own spy sow discord in the enemy’s camps. Inflict injury on myself to win the enemy’s trust. Use a blinding dust storm whirlwind of Chain stratagems.

    If all else fails, which it does, I retreat to the Al Cohol Basecamp to heal and win illusory victory amid the wisened laughter of once great ancient tribes now only great in their ancient and addled minds.

    Christian Authoritarian Biblical Revisionists Hate Churls…

    noun Isaiah 32:5 (Revised Version marginal notes, “crafty”), “Churl means a deceiver.”

    In 1 Sam. 25:3, the word “churlish” denotes a man that is coarse and ill-natured, rude and harsh, as the word literally means, “hard.” The same Greek word as used by the LXX. here is found in Matt. 25:24, and there is translated “hard.”

  15. Read “You and the Police” by Boston Tea Party and visit The national police misconduct website from CATO institute. We live in a POLICE STATE and some are worse than others(CA,NY). Avoidance is best but when stopped have your ducks in a row and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Video the proceeding encounter and be polite.

  16. Let’s not forget the black push bumper. I see them on some older and larger taxis, but mostly they are confined to baconmobiles. You can usually disregard the 4×4 with the chrome bush hawg bumpers.

      • I think it is just like any other socialist public-preying group (military, CIA, Legislators, Etc): you have freeloaders and you have the Alphas. The wolves and the fat hogs.

        One Tramples and crushes you by suffocation and dim wits, the other tears anything and everything to shreds without thought.

        One common trait is that they both don’t make excessive use of the primary muscle above the neck.

        That’s why they are slugs on the public dole.

    • “Far from being ‘lean, mean, protectin’ machines,’ cops are overweight slobs – hence, they favor cars that accommodate their oversized guts behind the wheel.”

  17. Be wary in Mississippi of all kinds of undercover vehicles, essentially whatever they grabbed at the latest seizure with a portable light and radar set up on the dash. The give away is the antenna added and typically tinted windows.

  18. One strategy I use (other than my V1) when out and about:
    Look at the suspicious vehicle’s license plate.
    If it’s out of state, then I’m nearly certain it’s not a threat. I live in south eastern PA and see lots of could-be-undercovers, but with NY, NJ, or Delaware plates. Until they allow LE’s from one state to “dispense justice” in another state (and let’s not give them any ideas), we should be okay. Also, if the plate says “MUNICIPAL” or “GOVERNMENT” or something similar, alarms go off in my head. True, it could be ANY government leech, but still requires closer inspection.

    • Careful, here in my small town in NY our detective has a stack of plates he alternates weekly, Ny, PA, CT you get used to it as a local but it throws of the tourists

  19. I have seen municipalities in Georgia use late model Chevrolet Impalas as police cruisers which is not unusual except for a few twists. These cars are reddish maroon in color, there are no markings, all the Christmas lights are virtually undetectable until they are switched on and these vehicles are devoid of government license plates. Sneaky yes, infallible, no.

  20. Our local PD runs Dodge Durangos (marked and unmarked)but steals cars they like, I mean seizes cars for our public safety. Our Detective has a stolen (I mean seized, why do I keep doing that?)fully optioned Camry and our meter maids get to cruise around in a Saturn Vue. They even take tags off the cars in impound to try to throw off the locals.

  21. In Honolulu, it’s harder to spot a cop car as roughly half the HPD ‘fleet’ is composed of civilian cars (the cops get subsidized by the gov’t for using their own cars). And -now- the light bar is tucked INSIDE either the windshield or backlight, so there’s no tell-tale profile. The more macho types gravitate towards SUVs, the Toyota 4Runner in particular. I saw a couple of Camrys –the wife must rule those households.

    HPD is phasing out their CVPIs. I’ve seen blue-and-white Camrys, even Fusion Hybrids. Yet to see a Charger, unless it was a civilian. For a while HPD had an old F-body Camaro as a show car, don’t know if it’s still around.

    • Hi James,

      Terrible news – but good to know – thanks for sharing!

      A cop in a Camry…. almost as bad a cop in a K Car… at least they’re easier to lose than a V-8 Charger!

  22. On the freeways in California, cars tend to drive in “packs” (probably because of the a-holes who block the left lanes). If, in my rearview mirror, I see a set of headlights bouncing from lane to lane, then stabilize when they reach the front of the pack behind me, it’s almost always a cop. After a few seconds, the cop will then hammer it to get to the next pack and do the same thing.

  23. As usual, great stuff Eric. I thought I’d mention that I’ve seen quite a few F-150s as cop cars. Some Silverados, but mostly F-150s. Especially in the west and western mid-west. Never seen a super inconspicuous one though. I think most are shirriffs cars. Oh, the best tip for avoiding “payin paper,” buy a radar detector. You get such a better sense of what’s going on around you. They’re definitely not infallible, but the better units are quite good, I think.

    • And, Aspen, CO cops used to drive BMWs. That puts a slight damper on point #2. Not much though. Just thought I’d mention it.

    • The Chevy Trailblazer SS is popular around here, as police trucks go. I can always tell when one of them is headed past by the sound of the motor and the two-tone euro-style siren. It makes me ask, in my best Mel Brooks impression, “Where the hell are we? Paris?”.

    • Thanks, Keith – and, I mightily “second” your point in re radar detectors. I’ve had a V1 for several years now and it has evened things up considerably. Though not infallible (major vulnerability is instant-on and Laser) it has reduced my risk profile by orders of magnitude. I now get a ticket once every three years or so vs. at least one (and sometimes two or three) a year in my pre-detector years. The unit pays for itself within six months for most people.

    • Hi Charles,

      Good stuff – thanks!

      One of the very few advantages we have here in America is that – for the most part – traffic cops don’t use more than about a half-dozen specific makes/models which one can learn to be war of. In European and other countries (AZ, for instance) I’m pretty sure cops can and do use virtually any type of vehicle, so you never really know…

      • Indeed- though often in EUropean countries they still prefer to use home-grown makes- this especially being the case in France(Renault, Peugeout or Citroen) or Germany(VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Opel). But still they dont go for the type of car you describe they dont use.

  24. What is a cop?

    In Old English it is coppe, as in atorcoppe, which meant spider, literally translating to “venom head.”

    In Proto-Germanic it’s kuppaz as in vault, round vessel, or head.
    It is Cognate with Middle Dutch koppe, kobbe spider. Also cobbeweb.

    In plain English, cops are all the venomous spiders who patrol the world wide coppeweb.

    If you understand that the electronic internet world exists as a type of circus overlay to capture our attention and efforts.
    Then it’s clear that our physical world has a control overlay constructed by brute force and spiritual cops. This copweb is an internment web to capture and control our bodies and efforts.

    To thrive, one must avoid the filaments of the copwebs.

    The governments exists to spy on us. They are spy-ders. You are permitted safe passage through their internment webs on condition that you provide them what they want when they want it. They are the Lords, you are the Flies.

    Here’s a count of the USSA Federal Headcount
    From USSA Federal Personnel Numbers.

    Everyone who is employed by the fedgov is a type of cop.

    Executive branch civilians cops 2,756,000
    Uniformed military cops 1,583,000
    Legislative and judicial branch ()cops 64,000
    Total Federal cops 4,403,000

    Your mailman & fireman are just cops. Don’t gape before their grinning maws and multiple eyes. None of them are the good kind. They have covered your world in copwebs.

    When you are a fly living in a world full of spyderwebs. A world where 1.3% of your neighbors are federal spyders, why would you take advice from someone who is a predator of you? Have some respect for your life, think for yourself, or at a minimum, listen to your fellow flies!

    Set aside the old labels and arguments.
    There is your emotional response to living in a spydercopweb.
    There is the objective reality of living in a spydercopweb.

    Intelligent action begins when you are able to separate the two.

    Consider these two immutable principles
    First emotionally.
    Second objectively.

    Spyder Sense 1
    The Spiders of the Copweb listening leads to evolution

    Spyder Sense 2
    The Spiders of the Copweb not listening leads to revolution.

    If your senses detect condition 1, situation is normal. Accept your fate, or work to improve things through evolutionary means.

    If your senses detect condition 2, situation is critical. Take drastic defensive actions and more risks to rapidly improve things through revolutionary means.
    Bloomberg Prepares His Latest Tobacco Farmer-Seller-User Trap

    Gwen Stefani – Walking Into Spyderwebs – Leave a Message PTB!

    You think that we connect. That the chemistry’s correct
    Your words walk right through my ears
    Presuming I like what I hear. And now I’m stuck in
    The web you’re spinning. You’ve got me for you prey

    Sorry I’m not home right now. I’m walking into spiderwebs
    So leave a message. And I’ll call you back
    A likely story, but leave a message and I’ll call you back

    You’re intruding on what’s mine. And you’re taking up my time
    Don’t have the courage inside me. To tell you, “Please let me be”
    Communication, a telephonic invasion. I’m planning my escape

    And it’s all your fault. I screen my phone calls
    No matter who calls. I gotta screen my phone calls

    Now it’s gone to deep. You wake me in my sleep
    My dreams become nightmares. ‘Cause you’re ringing in my ears

    Sorry I’m not here right now. Leave a message at the tone.
    Leave a message and I’ll call you back
    No more walking into spiderwebs. Now I’m screening all my calls
    Leave a message and I’ll call you back

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Enjoy your life, and learn how to avoid the spyderwebs!

    • I always thought they were called cops as a shorthand for copperhead snakes, but that works. Spiders easily creep people out, so spiders seems to fit better.

      When animals such as spiders and snakes get really hungry, like during a drought when there is little food for them, they get brazen and vicious and no longer have much fear or respect of people. I think some spiders and snakes are more brazen and vicious than others but usually spiders and snakes are beneficial, although; not so much when they are brazen and vicious.

      While visiting some country folks in Asia once, I went to smush a very large spider that had appeared in the house. I was told, “No! The spider is good, he eats cockroaches and things.” I had a hard time accepting that view. That perspective is the equivalent many have towards a peace officer – as opposed to police officer or law enforcer – … maybe?

      Anyway, I just wanted to add, in all my examples of getting pulled over by the fishing spiders, I wasn’t “driving like an idiot” or speeding and I wasn’t rude to the cop, I was simply driving home from work.

      Funny that, I have never been pulled over on the way to work, it was always on the way home.

      • The way I understand it, the term “cop” is short for “copper” and came about when the NYPD was first established in the late 1830s. The badges issued to the first cadre of local gunvermint-sanctioned thugs were made of ordinary roofing copper, apparently the cheapest metal available at the time, so they were tagged “coppers” by the locals (unknown as to whether or not the term had derogatory connotations). “Coppers” became shortened over time to “cops.”

        Personally, I prefer to think that the term has something to do with the slang verb “cop,” as in “to steal.” Far more appropriate.

        • How about, as in, “to cop a cheap feel”? Oh wait, that’s the TSA, er, how are they any different? Hmp, spiders all.

          I went for a drive today and saw my very first Charger cop car. It stood out like a sore thumb – after reading this article that is – I had to do a double-take thinking, “they don’t have those cars here” but sure enough. Brand spanking new.

          Then I read the headline in the local paper, the schools are cutting a few million from their budget but they don’t know from where yet.

          Too many people have their priorities mixed up, not that it’s a bad thing the coed-prison system called school is cutting back, it’s just glaringly obvious too many people love the prison-industrial-complex more than their own children.

          It’s sad, pathetically so.

          • It is a good feeling, leaving Helotism behind in the rear view mirror. Anything is possible, though living as a Perioecian will take you down new roads you never new existed before.

            Every day, decide which of the following applies to you:

            Are you a Helot who looks in their masters’ dictionary to determine what a cop is?


            Are you a Spartiate who decrees what a cop is through a ruling class of officious universities and confederate church committees?


            Or are you a Perioecian who trusts his own mind to objectively determine what a cop is using his own eyes and experience?


            Never Forget:

            !!!This Is Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Um… Tor Munkov, the perioeci were the middle class of Spartan society who helped hold it together by going along to get along, a bit like the churls in the old Anglo-Saxon groupings of Earls (nobles)/Churls/Thralls (slaves, or sometimes more like serfs). Without the perioeci, the system wouldn’t have held up anything like so well as it did (it still took a lot of resources devoted into repression).

          • Sad thing is, they’ll but out what’s GOOD, and add to what’s BAD:
            More metal detectors; more administrators; more computers (as if that makes things better); more A/V equipment; larger salaries.
            They will cut arts, music, science, field trips, teacher’s salaries, band, gym, sports. Anything that makes a school tolerable, up to and including Recess….

            I will point out some of the WORST school systems ahve the HIGHEST COSTS per capita of students.

  25. Ive been pulled over by the illinois county sheriff on my bicycle after riding a mere 100′ from a friend’s house…knew it was a cop behind me before I even recognised the crown vic. He yelled at me asking where I was going—I told him forward and he yelled to get a light on my bike (around 11pm) and sped off.
    You just cant win- I prefer to be invisible on the bike and stay away from all cars after one time having eggs fly in my face at 60mph from a car window. I’m not even dressed as I deserve it like those lance armstrong types- just wearin a black tee and tan cargo shorts- the usual bike attire for a normal rider

    • “He yelled at me asking where I was going—I told him forward…”
      I loved that response, it was funny too. I’m keeping that one for later.

      I try to maintain that invisible persona as well, a.k.a. the gray man from Spy VS. Spy.

      I never thought about eggs or other stuff being thrown my way. Thanks for adding to my knowledge.

      • Just a note, based on the “complete Spy Vs. Spy”, the Gray spy was a Female. 😉
        She usually was Fate, or an antagonist to both Spies.

  26. Either all of the cops I’ve been stopped by are good compared to the rest of the country, but following the majority of all traffic laws, driving snesibly and not treating the cop like a dick works to avoid costly and negative encounters with cops.

    • Hi Tim,

      Why should one be bound to obey “the majority of all traffic laws” when many of them are nothing more than arbitrary edicts having nothing to do with right or wrong? We’ve been over this many times, but for instance: No right on red. If the way is obviously clear why not proceed? Because “it’s the law” to … just sit there? And if one is waylaid by a costumed goon over such a non-crime, one ought to be “respectful” toward him?

    • Or they recognized the perfect Clover when they saw one and saw no need to harass you. Compliant sheep don’t need to be prodded…

    • Tim, I can tell you with certainty that you are a very lucky man.

      I spent three years as a marine MP and we worked and trained side-by-side with all of the local police including the state troopers.

      Although it was all “unofficial”, the MPs, the local cops, the sheriffs, and the state troopers would make a contest out of who could give the most tickets, with DUIs/DWIs being the most prized. (And each dept. within the four pig pens also had “bragging rights” scored as well.) These “games” were especially played during the big holiday weekends. (Shocker alert! – money was exchanged.)

      The three big lies used to pull someone over on a fishing expedition are: crossed the yellow line, swerving, and failure to signal. All of these “crimes” are dependent solely on the officers testilieing.

        • Dude, I had a cop behind me on the way home tailgating like a bitch. I pulled off the road and let him pass. He proceeded to well over 20 above the limit for a couple miles, then pulled over to setup a trap for WE mundanes doing the same thing he just did. I LOVE IT..

          • I see cops “speeding” – almost every day. I deliberately try to pace them when I see them. Invariably, they are at least 5 and often 10 over. And talking on dey sail fawns, too.

            While unbuckled.

          • Be very careful pacing cops. They get angry about it. And it might not be the same cop you’re pacing that decides to go after you.

            The time I was pulled over for it I was a more than a block behind the cop and losing ground while we were the only two on the road. It drew another cop out of his spider hole who pulled me over and said I was ‘drafting’ the first cop. Drafting even though I was so far back when the cop reached other traffic it became difficult to distinguish his cruiser’s taillamps from the others.

            I told the rest of the story here before. Got a verbal warning after the cop made up a bogus story for why his cow-orker was approaching 2X the posted limit and nearly sucked the door off my car passing me.

      • Skunkbear, I thought of your comment about how they make a contest out of it when I read this bit of American history so many people refuse to look at, pardon the length, I think it’s important for people to know, and this is only a small portion:

        … “BILL MOYERS: You say, “So entire units would be pitted against each other in body count competitions with prizes at stake.”

        NICK TURSE: Yes. You know, one veteran that I talked to, he said there was a great– he called it an “incentivization of death”. And I talked to many veterans who talked about this. They said that that this really messed with their value system, that they were told to– you know, if they brought in a dead Vietnamese, that they proved a body count, they would get three days of R&R at a beach resort– in Vietnam or they would get extra beer or light duty when they were back at basecamp or medals, badges.

        So there were all these incentives that were pushing them to produce bodies. And then there were disincentives. There were– along with those carrots, there were sticks. They knew if they didn’t produce bodies that they’d be that they’d have it tougher. They’d be kept out in the field longer. They wouldn’t– they’d have to march out instead of getting an airlift and a helicopter. So there were real reasons to produce bodies.

        BILL MOYERS: And you describe, you know, almost a sporting event, sport statistics, box scores– and those scores being padded by including civilians?

        NICK TURSE: Yeah, there were– you know, everywhere in Vietnam, there were kill boards, they were called, up that showed each unit’s number of kills. Some men talk about it– you know, the being like box scores up in the mess hall in military publications. This idea of body count was just drilled into them at every turn. And they really couldn’t get away from it. I mean, this was the way the war was fought. And it turned out to be disastrous for Vietnamese civilians.

        BILL MOYERS: And so that led, as you say, to the body count as the measure of success. Nick, you make it clear that this pressure that led to this kind of killing came down from the top in Washington, as well, from Secretary of Defense McNamara at the Pentagon and clearly from the White House.

        NICK TURSE I think it did. And there was rarely any distinction made between enemies and the civilian population. They were– you know, and I should make the point that these are very young men, 18, 19, 20 years old. So they get to boot camp as mere boys. And they’re really told that all the Vietnamese are dangerous. And they learn pretty quickly that it was okay to shoot first, because no one was going to ask questions later.” …

        I despise sports more than ever now.

        • Dear 5to1,

          BILL MOYERS: And you describe, you know, almost a sporting event, sport statistics, box scores– and those scores being padded by including civilians?

          Jesus! That is sickening.

          Another reason to hate “fuuuhtbaaaaall,” (Sp?)

          • Yes. I think of those chest pounding blow-hards who crow about how great the military is and how great they are. If this is what they mean by great, I want no part of them.

            No one should.

            Then I think about how the same thing was done in places like Iraq, and how TPTB want to transform America into just like Iraq… this is the type of things that will happen here soon?

            I’m getting a glimpse of what it must have been like during Sherman’s March across the South. It happened then, it can happen again, and here’s the playbook.

          • Downshift, “I’m getting a glimpse of what it must have been like during Sherman’s March across the South.”

            To paraphrase Mr. McManus from The Usual Suspects, “Sherman was a fag” compared to what is coming here in amerika…

          • Dear 5to1,


            An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
            — Thomas Paine,
            Dissertation on First Principles of Government (July 1795)

            The exportation of coercive cloverite controls to Iraq, aka “making the world safe for democracy,” eventually comes home to roost.

            What goes around, comes around.

            This is what right wing chickenhawks and “liberventionists” just don’t get.

            You can’t do something to “them,” that doesn’t eventually ricochet and hit “us.”

        • They wanted to see if it was possible to make otherwise normal people feel alright about killing the innocent. They want enforcers that they can turn against the civilian population of America at a moment’s notice, based on trumped-up reasons or none at all. The excuse back then, according to your interview, was that “any Vietnamese could be a VC” – a mixture of paranoia and demonization, backed up by a glorification of violence and death.

          “Officer safety”. Punisher skulls on guns and cars (I know just enough about The Punisher to know he’s pretty much the exact opposite of what a peace officer should be). “Noncompliance”. “Red flags”.

  27. First off I don’t just stay home, I do tend to do quite a bit of driving, over 2K miles a month of all different times. I have also driven a motorcycle many of times, and have never been pulled over on my bike and although I have been pulled over by the cops on several occasions, the most recent for a burned out headlight, which I’m glad he pulled me over for it as I had no clue it was out. No tickets no fuss. I have been pulled over once and asked if i Had anything to drink, and I had 2 beers and admitted the truth. Other then checking my eyes without even having me step out of the vehicle. I was told to have a nice day. I have been young w/ wierd hair and sports cars and customized vehicles. The only time I was pulled over was because I did a burn out in front of the cop like a dumbass, or was driving like a young dumb teen who didn’t care about anything. I had my share of tickets in my first couple years of driving but they were resulting from either no insurance or accidents I caused due to reckless driving. I can’t blame a cop for ever ticketing me when I first started driving…….since then I grew up, stopped driving like an idiot, learned how to follow the majority of all traffic laws. I have always treated every cop with general respect and have always gotten it in return. Any traffic stop I’ve been in in the past 10 years, I have been let go with no ticket no hassle and done in less then 5 or so minutes. Just long enough to check in info and make sure there’s no warrants or anything.

    • So, do you respect cops, or don’t you, Tim?
      Showing it, is not the same thing as having it.
      It seems like you do respect them.
      Why is that?

      It seems to me some of your examples are from a past long gone.
      Admitting to drinking and just let go? “I was told to have a nice day.” I doubt that Ever happens nowadays, unless you own the town.

      Are you aware of:

      How Things Change Out From Under Us

      The 2nd to last time I was pulled over was for a burnt out tail light. Funny that, because when I hopped out and had a look see, the light was fine. The cop was fishing.
      I’ve had it happen with a headlight too.

      I once had a cop pull me over because he said he ran my plates and it came back as a van when I was driving an SUV. There was nothing wrong with my registration though and he let me go. The cop was fishing. Maybe, just maybe, the cop was fishing when he let you go? Did you ever consider that?

      Those kinds of things happen – for a reason – usually to collect a road tax called a ticket, or simply to test obedience.

      Are you aware of, and just peachy with, this?:

      Driver’s Taxes and Other Money-Grabbing Schemes Throughout History

      Do you always wear your seatbelt, Tim?

      The last time I got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, I WAS wearing my seatbelt! It cost me $15 in court costs and four hours of my day to get them to drop the charge. I was out a full days pay too.

      “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” is an expression many people avoid knowing about. It applies at every level of our caste system:

      Channeling the Soviet Union: How U.S. Federal Criminal Law Has Reincarnated Beria

      How the Feds Imprison the Innocent

    • Cool story, Tim!

      The average US driver pays $1,800 a year for a laminated piece of paper from the insurance cartel he has to keep in his glove box.

      The average driver receives $190 a year in value for claims paid on his behalf.

      So be very careful with the laminated piece of paper they give you. You paid $1,610 for it.

      Also, the cartel takes some of your $1,610 and spends it in their safety research division. These test results are sent to the safety bureaucrats who use them to pass laws to fleece the auto manufacturers with burdensome regulations and fines.

      So now our economy, which used to run on the Big 3 automakers cartel, which was building us over-priced cars alreay, collapses. The manufacturers of vehicles are forced to add $16,100 for bags of air, and hundreds of other worthless safety gizmos. Sales go down, and much of the vehicle makers profits is given to the laminated card makers. The paper printers tail wags the automaker dog. Wags him so hard, he’s almost dead now.

      Sort of a dystopian version of Leonard Reed’s “I Pencil.”

      You see, Tim. You’re famous. You and millions like you are the patsies who have precipitated the collapse of the American economy. Maybe someday I’ll write a book about it.

      My working title for that book? “I Patsy.”

      – – – – – – – – –
      patsy (n.)
      “fall guy, victim of a deception,” 1903, of uncertain origin, possibly an alteration of Italian pazzo “madman” or south Italian dialectal paccio “fool.”

      Another theory traces it to Patsy Bolivar, character created by Billy B. Van in an 1890s vaudeville skit who was blamed whenever anything went wrong.

      “Poor Rogers,” Vincent said, still smiling, “he is always the ‘Patsy Bolivar’ of the school.”
      “Yes,” Frank answered, “if there are any mistakes to be made or trouble to fall into, Rogers seems to be always the victim.” [“Anthony Yorke,” “A College Boy,” 1899]

    • Hi Tim,

      How do you feel about being ordered at gunpoint to “buckle up for safety”? – Or rather, about men in funny costumes ordering other people to do so?

      How about being forced to stop your vehicle, produce your “papers” and submit to a search/interrogation without your having done anything to warrant suspicion?

      I resent all this. Because I remember when this used to be a (semi) free country. And I remember when we used to thank god we weren’t living in Russia.

      Unfortunately, now we are living there.

      And I have very little respect for the Politruks.

    • ” I have always treated every cop with general respect and have always gotten it in return.”

      Just don’t start giving them neck. They probably won’t return that favor.

  28. I had a few rules of thumb when I lived in NY. All black American made trucks are cops. I was right 70% of the time. Anyone wearing a football jersey Monday through Friday was always an undercover. 100% accuracy. Lol

    • Dear Jay,

      ” Anyone wearing a football jersey Monday through Friday was always an undercover. 100% accuracy. Lol”

      LOL is right!

      They’re so predictable.

      That’s why Hollywood costume designers have so little trouble dressing the various characters in cop shows.

    • “Anyone wearing a football jersey Monday through Friday was always an undercover.”

      Anyone who does the above and who isn’t 14 is also a sure-bet asshole!

      • “Anyone who does the above and who isn’t 14 is also a sure-bet asshole!”


      • Anyone who does the above and who isn’t 14 is also a sure-bet asshole!

        Or just your run-of-the-mill fucktard (i.e., the ideal porkademy candidate).

        • You mean like the Bloods and Crips? And they’re not the only ones to “adapt” sports team’s jerseys and attire for “their” social club.

        • “Seeing these buzz-cut and bald headed fuckers push people around just pisses me off to no end.”

          It’s funny, isn’t it?

          Well, sad.

          “Freedom lovin’ (and flag huggin’)” Americans will tut-tut what goes on in “unfree” countries such as China (or wherever they are told by their Dear Leaders that “regime change” is necessary) yet are utterly blind to the urgent necessity for regime change right in their own backyards.

          • Eric, my man, I was literally shaking after viewing just ONE of those clips. I don’t have to bludgeon myself by viewing every single one because it’s so nauseating. Couple these incidents with the constant SWAT raids across the country, sobriety “check points”, VIPR teams, hand-cuffing happy cops in Colorado, and on and on and on…. If that isn’t tyranny then this nation deserves destruction as a wake up call.

  29. Never seen a Malibu cop car. Have seen a Prius in NYC though. As well as a Dodge Avenger, Dodge Durango, and a Camry.

    I do pretty good during “accepted hours” but spotting them at night is much more difficult. I drive like an old lady at night.

  30. These things vary by region. Tinted windows *ARE* very much legal in Arizona (or we’d revolt!). We get ’em as dark as possible. Sometimes well beyond the very generous “legal limit,” and I have never, ever heard of anyone being ticketed for it. It’s just to hot and sunny here. My wife’s Scion xB is black, with limo tint, so it looks like a little black box. You cannot see inside it from the outside. Upwards of 75% of the cars here are the same.

    • High five for living in AZ.

      I didn’t even know the super dark tint was legal here, I just assumed we had a lot of undercovers, heh.

      I’ve had friends with dark tinted vehicles who were pulled over because the vehicle “looked suspicious”.

      • The tint laws vary by state. In FL and AZ – IIRC – you can get away with very dark tint. But in VA (my state) the ol’ double standard (one for cops, one for us) applies.

    • A black car? In Arizona?? Good grief, talk about masochism. Here in Florida 99% of the hearses are white. Even the dead know better than to ride in a dark-colored vehicle!

      And like Arizona, only fools don’t get their windows tinted, though the limit is somewhat stricter here than there. A few shops will tint darker than the law allows, but only after making you sign a few hundred disclaimer & waiver forms absolving them of all liability.

    • I live in Arizona too, and i have only seen one guy get a ticket for dark tint. I think he was really just being harrassed for DWM (driving while Mexican). Cop was a total asshole.

  31. Picking cops out of the crowd has become difficult here in NW Montana. For the past several years they have been confiscating vehicles involved in drug trafficking (funny how the number of drug busts has increased dramatically since they were allowed to keep the vehicles involved) and using them for traffic enforcement. On top of that, they have begun buying a wide variety of new vehicles, including crossovers and half ton pickups.

    The state highway patrol, however, uses Chargers almost exclusively, and they are arguably the biggest threat to drivers.

    • I’ve found when picking them out of a croud on FOOT it’s often easy, just look for the one who’s chest is puffed out to the point of trying to stab someone with their nipples. They are trained to stand and walk assertively (for intimidation) and it’s hard for them to get that out of their head, especially as their arrogence increases. So if you see someone walking around with an arch in their back like there’s a weight there, smell for bacon.

          • Are you sure you aren’t thinking of lice, rather than fleas?

            Trivia: the early French ultralight aircraft, the Pou du Ciel, has a name that translates literally as the Louse of the Sky [or, Heaven] but, because it went over better, the name chosen for English usage was the Flying Flea. Neither of those namesakes can actually fly, but I think they were chosen because they are small and intimate.

      • It is called “command presence” and it is vigorously taught to all military personnel NCO grade and above.

        But it is all puffery. I am 51 years old and I can tell you from experience that I can spot a tough guy fraud a mile away. And with very, very few exceptions, the buzz haircut is the first giveaway.

        “Officer 82nd Airborne, I know tough guys. I am a tough guy (tho few would suspect). You, sir, are no tough guy.”

        • Actually, I just outted myself as not being a tough guy. Real tough guys do not have to tell people they are tough guys. So, yes, I am a wuss. (I was just trying to fill in the metronome to the cadence of the, “Senator I knew Jack Kennedy…” bit).

          • Dear bear,

            That’s very funny, and very true.

            The late, great Zen philosopher Alan Watts used to joke about it.

            He noted how the spiritual quest was all about transcending one’s ego.

            He then noted how those on the spiritual path often found themselves congratulating themselves for transcending their own egos!

            In other words, they were unwittingly back to dick measuring, all over again!

        • There are many tough guys under the ground and there’s always room for more. The worst are the drug warriors. If I witnessed one of the arrogant, steroid bloated assholes being eradicated, I would not testify against the vermin eradicator.

          • “If I witnessed one of the arrogant, steroid bloated assholes being eradicated, I would not testify against the vermin eradicator.”

            Nor I. As I explained here on a prior occasion, my own life was very nearly destroyed by the “war” on some drugs. For nothing more than growing plants, I was handcuffed and taken to jail – and faced with charges that could have kept me in jail – prison – for several years. I was 19 years old.

            This experience brought home top me the viciousness – the tyranny – of the “war” on some drugs. That my life could be fucked up by some asshole in a costume because my “drug” was different than his drug. He could cart home 10 cases of beer – and that was perfectly “legal.” But I faced several years in prison for “possessing” some plants….

            The upshots were two: I got out of it – the charges were reduced to a single misdemeanor – and it woke me up.

            I have hated authoritarians intellectually and ethically as well as emotionally ever since.

      • “picking them out of a croud on FOOT it’s often easy,”

        As the character said in “The Departed” when telling his shrink how to spot an off-duty cop:

        “Bad haircut, no dress sense and a scumbag air of entitlement.”

        The ‘profession’ attracts dimbulb assholes. They still look like dimbulb assholes when out of uniform, and they always act like dimbulb assholes.

        • I don’t think the profession necessarily attracts overbearing pricks with an IQ less than their hat size.

          That being said, what they seem to prefer is the type of person who can:

          A. Follow orders
          B. Keep their mouth shut

          Unfortunately, there are certain personality traits that come as standard equipment with those two items.

          In fact, at one point, I had someone I was chatting with suggest that I should consider becoming a cop. I told him flat out that I can’t in good conscience enforce most of the laws on the books.

  32. Great read.

    Here in AZ ninety percent of the bike cops are on Kawasakis, the rest are on Harleys. Of the undercover cars I’ve seen here the most noticeable have been the “tricked out truck” (pickups and SUVS) with fancy rims (22’s).

    • I shouldn’t have said “most noticeable” when referring to the tricked out undercovers; should’ve said “most memorable” because I only noticed them when their lights were lit.

    • In my area, pigs on two wheels ride Harleys – which is good, because Harleys are slow. If you’re on an import sport bike and you’ve got the drop on the cop, forget it. You’re in the next county before he’s even up to speed.

      But, be advised. Some areas have upped the ante (as you describe). I read an AP article about Oklahoma (IIRC) having at least one Hayabusa-riding state cop.

  33. I know I’ll be shunned by everyone on here basically but there’s an easy way to avoid getting pulled over for the most part, and to avoid tickets, and that’s actually following the laws and most importantly not drive like an idiot. I have tried this myself for the past 10+ years and have rarely gotten pulled over and if I did, did not get a ticket. Common sense and courtesy on the road goes a long a way on not getting stopped and if you do, treating the cop with respect goes a long way on not getting a ticket. Unless of course you’re driving like a fool……follow my advice and you don’t even need to worry about where the cops are hiding at.

    • Tim wrote: “treating the cop with respect goes a long way on not getting a ticket.”

      Do you respect them?

      Also, do you stay home when they run their Checkpoint Charlies?
      That is a good way to avoid them, just stay home.
      Only go places during accepted hours like before and after work, and stay on the accepted routes, never going outside the boundaries laid down for you, for all of us.
      Is that the best way?
      There’s other names for that behavior but I can’t think of them at the moment, do you know what they are?

    • No, it’s not enough. I’ve been pulled over a number of times when I violated no aspect of the vehicle code what so ever. I’ve been followed home many times that number. I have been selectively enforced upon as well. But the key variable isn’t my driving, it’s what I am driving.

      If you want to avoid being pulled over you have to drive like everyone else (that doesn’t mean 100% legal. If everyone else drives 10 over, go right ahead) in a car that looks like what everyone else is driving at the times of day everyone else drives and you have to look like everyone else. Then the odds of you being messed with drop to nearly zero.

      Cops know if they treat too many ‘good people’ badly they’ll have problems. So they concentrate their efforts on people who are different. Ones the conformist majority won’t defend. So if you’re 19 years old and have purple hair, wear weird clothes, and drive a 12 year old customized honda civic or something… well expect to get pulled over regardless of the legality of your driving.

    • I walked out of a local bar & grill with my lady, hopped into my pickup and pulled out of the parking lot onto an empty 4-lane road. I had to make a left turn in 1/4 mile, so I turned from the parking lot into the 2nd lane. There was a pig waiting there for people to do just that so he could pull them over and check for DUI. He admitted he gets people for that all night long. Of course when he asked if I had anything to drink I answered heck no (even though I had 2 beers with my dinner).

      No amount of common sense and courtesy could have prevented it. Only spotting him in his hidey-hole before I made the illegal turn would have prevented the harassment.

    • A big part of me having no sympathy for cops, especially cops enforcing traffic laws, was learning how to ride a bike.

      When you’re driving a motorcycle it is extremely easy to speed which cops and most people who don’t ride bikes call “driving like an idiot”, not to mention having to get in front of people and accelerating quickly, some call it “driving like an idiot”, others call it “getting the hell away from other ‘idiot’ drivers”. Especially if you’re wearing a piece of clothing with any slogan or picture the cops don’t like while driving a motorcycle, motorcycles are always “driving like an idiot” and get to be pulled over and ticketed to deafening silence from people who have learned to kiss ass.

      All that said, every time I’ve been pulled over for my victimless crime of speeding, I haven’t stood my ground and debated the cop over the ethics of it. Not proud of that, but admitting it is helping me get more grounded to the wonderful situation.

      • Hi Jacob,

        “…every time I’ve been pulled over for my victimless crime of speeding, I haven’t stood my ground and debated the cop over the ethics of it. Not proud of that, but admitting it is helping me get more grounded to the wonderful situation.”

        I’ve done that, too – that is, more or less adopted the meek/gibs-me-a-break persona – and yes, it has worked. But after every such encounter, I felt humiliated, like a bitch (as they say in the ghetto). I decided I liked getting a ticket – if that’s what it comes down to – more than I like bowing and scraping. I think it’s because I’m in my 40s now – and it’s more than a little galling to have some 26 year old kid whom I would bet I could out-drive and out-ride seven ways to Sunday lecture me about “safe driving” and “safety.”

        Now, I’m not advocating being openly aggressive or confrontational – that would be stupid, in my view, for all the obvious reasons. I’ve just decided there’ll be no more pretending to be sorry on my part. No smiling, no acting as though I like – much less respect them. I give them my ID, I cooperate to the extent I must under the law – and that’s it. Yes/No answers – or no answers at all, if they try to get me to trip myself up by admitting to something. Sign their damn paper – and fight it later by every ruse and stratagem I can avail myself of. But no more ass kissing, no more acting as though their harassment is legitimate – that I did something to deserve being pulled over by an armed enforcer.

        My goal is to make them feel illegitimate – even though I realize that’s mostly hopeless.

        • This is off subject, but your use of the expression “seven ways to Sunday” triggers a memory of a particularly obnoxious television commercial by a transmission-repair chain that shall be nameless here. In it, an elderly couple is driving up a long grade, and one of them says to the other, fearfully, “Are we going to make it?” The other says something to the effect, “Let’s take it to so-and-so, they will check it out for free. They check your transmission seven ways to Sunday!”

          Sure they did. Jerked that baby out and had it apart on the bench “to check it” before you could say Jack Robinson.


          • “We are here to pick up our car. I hope the free transmission check is done”

            “Oh, you can’t take your car, that’s the transmission, all in pieces, over there on the bench. It needs a complete rebuild.”

            “But we drove it in here! It was running fine. We need our car!”

            “Just bring us your next two Social Security checks and you can have your car.”

            I never mentioned Aamco. Surely they wouldn’t do this, would they? For money?

      • it is extremely easy to speed which cops and most people who don’t ride bikes call “driving like an idiot”,

        This is English?

    • Dear Tim,

      “treating the cop with respect”

      That of course goes to the very heart of the problem.

      Under a just political system, the cops would be the ones worried about treating US with respect. Not the other way around.

      “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
      – Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

    • Hi Tim,

      Not shunned – just corrected. Because you’re wrong. As Brent explained, there is no way you can avoid having to deal with random “safety” stops. It’s just the luck of the draw whether you roll up on one. And he’s also right that cops target certain types of people – and cars – irrespective of their driving. I can vouch for the truth of this because I drive a different car every week. I’m the same guy – and my driving doesn’t change – but when I am driving, say, a new Porsche or Corvette, I get cops glued to my bumper, literally inches off my ass… which never happens when I am driving, say, a new Accord wagon or Malibu. If I am driving just slightly faster than the speed limit in the ‘Vette or the Porsche and I pass a cop, it’s a certainty he will perform a ferocious u turn and pull me over with all the sturm und drang he can muster. Yet I can truck along at 10-15 over in the Accord or Malibu with near impunity.

      The system is utterly arbitrary and completely corrupt.

      Hence, I have – and show – very little respect for it.

      • I’ve been taking Eric’s approach to traffic stops since my early twenties, after a couple of run-ins with abusive costumed thug scrum during my college days. From ages 16-21 I definitely used the supplicant approach, at first out of fear and then for a sheer lack of knowing what else to do. I found that, as a supplicant, I often came away from traffic stops with both wounded pride and payin’ paper to boot. I then decided to experiment, and began omitting ‘sir’ and ‘thank you’ as responses to my interrogations. Immediately I began to feel better about things.

        I think the ‘flex your rights’ videos are great because they give some examples, though I think they encourage more pandering to the thug scrum than is helpful. When you ‘flex your rights’ during a stop in a business-like manner, I think you communicate two things: (1) you are not a direct immediate threat to your captor, and (2) you know how a traffic encounter ought to go and are thus harder and less profitable (perhaps even risky) to shake down.

        You want to create an incentive for the oink to end the interview. When the oink follows the incentives you provide, you’ve taken control of the encounter 🙂

    • I take the other extreme, Tim.

      I routinely exceed a hundred; there are several delicious toll roads in Houston where 80 seems like a crawl.

      I don’t weave wildly; just smooth pulls to triple digits and hold it as long as traffic permits.

      My strategy? Enjoy the hell out of life, and defend yourself–Valentine One for radar, Laser Interceptor to jam lasers. Constant vigilance; after years of doing this I can smell bacon a mile away.

      I get a ticket roughly every two years, and it’s always on secondary streets, minding my own business, for stupid things like not having a front license plate…with which I will never mar my car to give the Exalted Ones another laser target.

      Those tickets go straight to Kubosh’s law firm where they disappear for a measly fifty bucks.

      So let’s review:
      No bowing and scraping; if he’s the least bit an asshole, curt Yes/No and a curled lip appropriate to the sight of runny dog crap.
      Enjoy life; drive well, drive fast, thrill to the symphony of a fine engine on top of its cam.
      Defensive measures.
      Good lawyer.

      • How did you get a lawyer to make tickets go away for $50?
        Here it’s $300 minimum. The tickets are less for anyone harvested every 2-3 years. $120 with like 3-6 months ‘supervision’.

        • I think the Houston market is hyper-competitive. I’m sure if it were a greater offense it would be more, but run-of-the-mill tickets are bye-bye for fitty (sic) bucks.

          Frankly I’d rather pay the entire fine amount to a private lawyer; at least it would deprive Leviathan. Fuckers.

          • The traffic ticket lawyers are often part of the system and have the laws made for that.

            Illinois has grossly underposted limited access highways. 30 over has been made such that people will need to hire traffic lawyers if they don’t want to end up doing jail time. 30 over is just a safe merging speed in many locations.

          • Yep, as Brent said, traffic ticket lawyers are in the game, for sure. The young lawyer who got a Reckless charge dropped for me (for $800 to his firm) wasn’t there when I called to get representation for an accident my wife had a few months later. His former assistant told me he had gone to work for the Commonwealth Attorney’s office.

            The legal tribe is actually the charter membership class of the whole system. Their members start by defending the victims, then rise to prosecution, and later enter the legislative bodies where they pass laws that create work for their junior tribe members.

            Prosecutors, judges and legislators belong to the tribe. They created the system and see to its expansion and maintenance.

      • . . . for stupid things like not having a front license plate…with which I will never mar my car to give the Exalted Ones another laser target.

        You might want to give this stuff a try. It’s supposed to diffuse a laser beam enough so you have time to slow down. And talk to your state legislators and get them to support a bill to do away with the front plate. Arizona did it ~20 years ago with no ill effects. Front plates are a damnyankee thing anyway — TX & VA are the only southern states to require them.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more on the Valentine One. It is a GREAT product. I didn’t have much luck with other detectors, but the V1 saves my butt religiously. I also use Waze GPS on my phone. It’s free and it allows drivers to mark a cop on the map by pressing a button.

    • @Tim; I agree with you. I am a part-time limo driver and have been stopped a least 6 times since last November for a variety of “infractions” and have never been given a ticket because I believe I didn’t show an “attitude’ and respected the badge and uniform. One Illinois State policeman even told me to my face the reason he was only giving me a warning ticket instead of a real ticket was because I did not try and lie to him about not having my seatbelt on at a “checkpoint”. The last occurrence happened when I was in my own car and speeding at 40+ mph in a 25 mph zone through a forest preserve. The cop asked to see my license and asked did I know how fast I was going and I responded sheepishly, “About 40 or so” and he responded “At least!” While giving me my license back he said, “Slow down.”
      I’m not saying this will work all the time, especially when the cops are out looking to write tickets when they need to meet their monthly quota, but you are better off “playing the game” of letting them think they are Master over you for those brief moments you are confronted. More times than not, you will escape a ticket. I know, I’m living proof if it.

      • Interesting perspective. So the cop was doing you a favor by not giving you a ticket for not wearing your seat belt in your privately owned property. Then again for not giving you a ticket for going over some arbitrary number posted on a sign. Makes me wonder if the cows think the same thing about being better off “playing the game” as they march through the slaughter house.

      • Why do americans insist on stupid social games of dominance and submission like this?

        I’ve argued cops into a corner where they then let me go or wrote up warning to save their ego but knew better than to proceed with a real ticket. My favorite was a cop who was in a private vehicle that brush passed me while I was bicycling at the posted speed limit. After the usual threats and such he finally gave up after I pointed out they were a) speeding and b) violated the three foot law. He called me an asshole and got back in the car.

        Now there are ones where I acted the differently and got the cop to back down. Usually neutral. Every time I got a ticket was when I was neutral or accepted (before I knew better) that I made an error. It all depends on the situation and the cop at hand.

        It is a stupid social game I for one do not enjoy playing and see no need to play it.

        • I hate these social games, too.

          Hated them since at least elementary school – which is when I can first distinctly remember having to play them.

          It’s probably part of the reason I found myself freelance writing. And living “out in the boonies.” The hive fills me with fear and loathing.

        • I think it goes back to British Jurisprudence… And olde English Schooling.
          Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, in effect, coupled with excessive “socializing.” Deprive the person of EVERYTHING you can, make it ALL a privilege, and they will scramble to get whatever they can. They’ll do it by stepping on each other, like crabs in a trap, and end up tearing each toehr down – thus preventing any meaningful change in the environment / power structure.

          Part of why i’m a bit over the top: I went to Catholic Parochial Schools in NJ. The WORST heathens you can think of would be perfect angels to mommy and daddy, and then brutalize other kids on the “playground.” I was the target of choice.
          Until I almost killed one.

          Once it was risky to go after me, and it was known that I just had a long fuse, but a bad temper – I wasn’t assaulted any more.
          Let’s just leave it at, it was all but assault with intent. Christians my fat fugly ass.

          More like sub-human targets any more. But see how sane you are after years of torture. After asking for help and being told you were on your own. After being assaulted – LITERALLY, to the point of up against a brick wall, kneed in the balls, lifted off the ground…

          You might be a little more “unhinged” than civilized folk like.
          More willing to return violence with biblical responses, total annihilation.
          And you won’t really care afterwards, either.

          These days, I would’ve been expelled from the schools, just as my attacker would’ve been. Great! SMART! WTF? Grade school, 8th grader beating on a 6th grader – and _I_ would be punished for what, GETTING BEATEN UP?

          If I hadn’t been so thoroughly indoctrinated, I’d likely be in prison now. But the world would be a better place two ways, then: One less of them, and one less of me… Who’d become one of them.

          Anyway – it’s the logical completion of the status-jockeying, just like Columbine and that kid outed as gay using youTube and countless others. Human animal hasn’t changed, only the tools have.

          Allow me to pretend to shed a tear…

          • Jean, my youngest brother was always good with his hands, and his temper had no fuse of any length, more like an on/off switch.

            Anyway, when he was in the 1st grade, some bigger kid started trying to bully another brother of ours, who was also smaller than the bully and little Phil just mauled the bully’s ass, I mean like a total wax job.

            The bully’s mama called my mama saying that Phil needed his tail whipped, etc. Mama said something like, “Your boy is 10, right? Well Phillip is 6. Maybe your boy needs to stop trying to be a bully.”

            Funny story with no point to it, I know. Anyway, here’s to you and Phil for fighting back.

          • @Tor,
            Gatto seems to be one of those voices in the wilderness that no one wants to listen to.
            I wonder why? Why is a WRONG lie, which is damaging to us in both short and long-term, accepted so much more readily than the truth?
            Are we humans really THAT pathetic? Or just that stupid? Or both?

          • My experience was a little different. Every time I fought back and sometimes even when I did not, the institution known as ‘public school’ would come down upon me.

            It was not the bully I feared, but the faceless institution which would harm me far more than the bully ever could. The same is true today. I have no trouble defending myself but I have a fear of what the so-called authorities may do.

            The bully IMO is key to the institutions. They create and reward bullying and thus these recent anti-bullying movements strike me as absurd. They do nothing regarding the institutions which create and encourage the behaviors in the first place.

            Without the bullies, without the criminals, without the boogiemen, what is the state? Irrelevant. And thus it creates them.

          • Well I’m not proud to say it but I did experiment with being a bully myself somewhere in public school. Being a foolish and lacking knowledge like liberals in their 40’s but me being 10 it was my first enlightenment of liberatarian principles. You see I took it on myself to be the grade school punk. Until one day when a scrawnier much smaller kid kicked my ass. It was at that point I learned the first lesson of libertarianism which is mind your own f’ing business and if you go looking for monsters you’ll surely find them even if the scrawny wimpy looking one looks so easy to prey on. I thank God literally that I learned that lesson early in life, because though I’m not afraid to fight to death if righteous. I’m not going to ever put on a self righteous badge of judgement with contempt of force to try to reform someone else to my virtues.

            As far as public school its a downright shame. I knew alot of punks in high school many who I didn’t like personally and even had run ins. When they got real jobs and I met them on an airplane several years later after public indoctrination, they were fantastic people. In my opinion public school was indoctrination. They start by giving you 10 textbooks of shit telling you how free you are as an “American”. Make you sit in a hard deformed chair for 8 hours lecturing how lucky and free and then make you ask to get permission to go shit or piss. Does that sound like freedom to you? It sure as hell didn’t to me and still doesn’t that is why I scarcely read the assignments or completed them. It didn’t help much that I was the outcast in my own family, as that just means you go from school B.S. to more of the same at home. And some bitch teacher always giving smelly stickers, candy, and soldiers badges to her inbreeds of 1st, 2nd and third generational cousins in her classes. I still remember some rocket or helicopter with levels on a chalk board. The higher ass kisses had their symbolic plastic helicopters flying in the chalkboard clouds and mine was in stealth mode hovering near ground-ALWAYS!! They were real dumb bitches too. I mean real stupid. But the guy teachers were even lower scumbags.

            Case in point, occasionally you had the faggot teacher in gym class that like to watch the boys undress. Sitting their leering at young meat, and snapping your jock strap. I hold nothing against homos but most these guy PE teachers were not only queer they were weird, like queerdos. But the wierdest teachers were always english teachers. You were really misfortunate if you got an english teacher also as PE teacher. Why are english teacher so f’ing bizarre? I really hate writing good grammar because I’m afraid their wierdness will spill off to me. Hmmm…PE..the idea of course of making de-nude in front of them was to get you ready to be the private USMC so they could do more of the same. But tell you to reach over and touch your ankles while they stick a finger up your ass. And if you think I’m exaggerating I’m not as this exactly what happened in Vietnam to my Uncles and Father during linem up recruit drafty day. I suppose I owe a great deal of gratitude to someone who happened to burn down the building housing all the draft records. Thanks to his kind act of revolt good ol Hot Rod was conceived, and I’ve always wanted to stand up for the little guy ever since. And the ill and unconceived that the state would rather not be here.

            Finally besides the school created bullies you have a caste system. I’m a very smart guy and got 4.0 in GPA in college both in state universities and in master and PHD of electrical engineering. But in public school elementary school I had a 2.3 GPA. In high school my maxium achieved GPA was 3.4. Now the kids that got 4.0 in high school couldn’t even pass the beginning math classes. What the F is going on here? And it all makes sense when you take it to my junior high school science teacer. Somewhere around that jack hole I decided I really didn’t want to be a delinquent heading for prison or military. So I studied and studied and got near perfect scores on science with the hopes he’d allow me to get in advanced science in high school. He refused to sign my papers to allow me to excel in H.S.. Why? Because its a f’ing caste system. Once you are in the untouchables don’t ever expect to rise out of your assigned place ever. Needless to say when I walked out of his class I forged his name and gave him the finger behind the brick wall. The rest is history as I not only excelled in mathematics and science but mastered it above any of the peers I went to school with. The point is that the school system is meant to create who it wants to be winners, not who actually is going to be a winner. I hate all the useless cainnite scumbags. Wherever a flag is flying or has flown my life or existence has been miserable. I hate their little god, I hate their lies, and I hate the miserable tare of this earth. Damn them all to hell where they belong…but I will let big God decide that one.

            Best Regards Patriots

            Hot Rod

          • @Hot Rod:

            Good stuff man. Good stuff.

            You’re one of the ones here who survived–and what doesn’t kill you…

            I’m keeping my kids the hell away from those nasty little re-education (de-education) camps. No vaccines, no GMO food, no fluoride.

            They’ll be like the kid in “Idiocracy”, or the guy in “Limitless”.

            Sad really; I hate to see the kids in my neighborhood slowly retreating from their potential–especially the boys–as the indoctrination, dumbing down, and poisons take effect.

            But screw the statists–I and my kids will NOT submit.

            Bunch of pencil-necked pot-bellied gawking pedophiles and psychopaths!

      • Dear Tim,

        The cop asked to see my license and asked did I know how fast I was going and I responded sheepishly


        Did you really say that?

          • “Sheepishly?”

            Did you really say that?
            You can’t make this stuff up. “Sheepishly” is an adverb. He was qualifying the manner in which he spoke to the cop. He didn’t say the word “sheepishly.” Sheesh! 🙂

          • “Say” is a figure of speech.

            It refers to us, not the cop.

            Nobody thought he said “sheepishly” aloud to the cop.

            But you knew that, didn’t you?

      • Hi Equalizer,

        You “respect” costumed assholes who have waylaid you at gunpoint six times in six months? You are grateful for being treated like an eight-year-old child at gunpoint (“buckle up for safety,” little boy)?

        I understand the tactics you are advocating – and agree that showing submission will improve your odds of “getting a break.” But aren’t you sick and tired of having to roll over and show your belly to some asshole in a uniform?

        I’ve reached my limit.

        Perhaps it was easier when I was 20 and so younger than the porker. But now I’m mid-40s – and there is something insufferable about bowing and scraping to some little shit half my age. I could be this little shit’s father or big brother – and here he is ordering me at gunpoint to “buckle up.” Fuck that – and fuck him.

        I’m done.

      • Equalizer, exactly how does it taste when licking the hands of your captors? How sad, how pathetic. May your chains rest lightly upon you.

        • I tasted the reptilian hologram hands once at 16 passed out in my car in front of my friends house.

          When I see Saint Peter at the gates, I’m sure he has the scene on tape: “Don’t arrest me, I’m studying to be a district attorney some day” (at least its clever servility?)

          Then I drove off ten minutes later, and got poached again. Second encounter is a blur, but somehow my vehicle and I made it the ten miles home with no dents or documentation of the event ever having taken place.

          One would think their hands’d taste like lizard wrapped with bacon. But you only taste chicken. All reptilian overlords carry technology to simulate the taste of chicken in the mouths of their monarchs.

      • Sure, that’ll work if you drive a delivery truck for a doughnut shop.

        The Limozentia are a type of Periokoi in the minds of a cop. Y’all drive the annointed ones around, capiche(voi capite cosa intendo)?

        You Periokoi or “dwellers around,” are free men of the New Sparta, those in the select few occupations and merchantry who lack the full citizenship of the Spartiates, but are nonetheless permitted to till the less fertile land of the hills and coasts.

        You may have been part of the conquered people, but unlike the Helots, you’ve kept your freedom. Periokoi are trusted helot serfs who have never rebelled. You’re the right kind of union type to suit their purposes.

        For now, the Periokoi are safe, but not forever.

        Since war is declared on the middle class, might as well learn about Baduk.

        In order to capture, one must let loose
        (欲擒故縱/欲擒故纵, Yù qín gū zòng)
        Cornered prey will often mount a final desperate attack. To prevent this you let the enemy believe he still has a chance for freedom. His will to fight is thus dampened by his desire to escape. When in the end the freedom is proven a falsehood the enemy’s morale will be defeated and he will surrender without a fight.

        • Sounds like how “we” have been corralled in the US.
          Time to make some long-term plans of our own… give it a timeframe of 10 years, then detonate. 😀

          (Pipe dreams, of course, or nightmares – totally impossible without a REAL conspiracy of the masses. But good for a luagh…. chortle… Grunt, maybe? 😉 )

    • Tim, back in 1977 I was going home at about 1:00 AM in a 62 Ford Econoline van, hardly a hotrod. I was stone cold sober, had a right front wheel bearing singing its death knell and the old 200 I-6 was only hitting on five. I was cruising along at 45MPH, steady as she goes on a two lane country road. I see a big car fall in behind me and after a couple of miles a VA state trooper lights me up. So I pulled over. As soon as he came to the window and before he could even speak, I asked him what the problem was. He informed me and I quote, “You were driving too good.”

      I was only seventeen years old, but already had enough dealings with cops (including family members) to know it was a bullshit stop. So I curtly asked “What do you mean I was driving too good?” He responded that I was holding a perfectly straight line and running 45 in a 55. I told him I was having engine problems and a wheel bearing going out and by pulling me over there was a good possibility he’d just stranded me. I then told him I was going to retrieve a pad and paper from my glove compartment to write down his name, badge number and his supervisor’s name so I could file a complaint. He didn’t yell or threaten me, just stood there dumbfounded. That was then; I don’t know if I’d try that now. Like it or not we live in a police state these days.

      There was a funny part though. When I asked him his name he said “Guess.” I told him I was in no mood for games, and wanted to know his name. He shined his flashlight on his name tag and it was Guess. So I took down his name, badge number, his supervisor’s name, got back in my van (which started back up thank God) and I went home. I did not ask if I was free to go nor supplicate myself. I just left him standing on the side of the road. And it felt good.

      About a month later I was at my cousin’s house (he was the county investigator at the time) for a cook out. Trooper Guess was in attendance and he related the story to my cousin and my folks pretty much how I just told it. Everyone had a good laugh over my response to his name. He actually respected me for standing up to him. Granted, not all cops are dicks, but a lot of them are. As this “nice cop” proved, you can be completely in compliance and still get stopped and harassed. This type of behavior is a clear violation of our rights and the NAP. It must be stopped, not encouraged…unless you want to live in a dystopia like North Korea. If you do, then move there. But don’t expect the rest of us to believe your little fantasy that “submit & obey” will save the day.

  34. I notice here in Illinois the State piggies really seem to like the Chevy Tahoe & Suburban as do their Chicago PD swine – sters. I imagine it is because both of these vehicles have lots of room for carting around all those extra calories. I do believe the Tahoe / Suburban will replace the crown vic as the primary choice of tax feeders everywhere.

    • In New York City the FBI loves jet black Suburbans. They’re easy to spot because they seem to go everywhere with lights and sirens ablaze.

  35. Good article and practical advice.

    If one has the opportunity, one may find it useful to drive by the local PD and see what is in the parking lot.

    With the Chevy Luminas I would look for 2 tail pipes as a possible indicator for LEO cruiser.

    • Very good tip Mithrandir. I cruise by the cop shops nearby here regularly for recon. That’s why I rencenty noticed a dark blue military hand-me-down armored vehicle in the city cops’ side lot. Nice. Between that and their purchase of a $1500 “sniper scope” recently, it makes one wonder who’s on their list.

    • Peters, you’re giving Libertarianism a bad name with your childish, petulant whining about traffic laws.

      Tell it to the trooper walking up your driveway at 2am to do the next-of-kin notification.

      • ajnock…. is it not childish to abuse the “reply” button in an attempt to get more attention to your post?

        What’s your favorite traffic law?

        • Mine’s the double nickle.

          I just loved the hell out of that one.

          I was so grateful to Richard Nixon, card-carrying member of the GOP, the party keeps America free.

          As an emergency response to the 1973 oil crisis, on November 26, 1973, President Richard Nixon proposed a national 50 mph (80 km/h) speed limit for passenger vehicles and a 55 mph speed limit for trucks and buses.

          Nixon partly based this on a belief that cars achieve maximum efficiency between 40 and 50 mph (64 and 80 km/h) and that trucks and buses were most efficient at 55 mph (89 km/h).[8]

          • Most efficient… for material. Not time.

            This post got me to realize something. Government is always working to make people time poor. It breaks down the division of labor. It forces people to do all sorts of things themselves to get it done right. It makes products and services unaffordable. It slows down travel and commerce.

            Is it always for those in government to get a cut of the action like organized crime or something deeper than that?

            • “Is it always for those in government to get a cut of the action like organized crime or something deeper than that?”

              It’s much deeper that that, unfortunately.

              I agree with Bevin’s observation that their motive is the desire to control. Consider one of my favorite things to rant about: seat belt laws. What sort of adult takes it upon himself to lecture another adult, a stanger (not his child or spouse – and even then) about such a thing? Who is willing, without feeling like an absolute asshole, to threaten someone else with a gun over it? Who is eager to do it – feels good about doing it… .

              Now extrapolate that mentality – and viola, you understand Cloveritic (authoritarian) government.

          • Dear Brent,

            You got it!

            Our time, which is the stuff of our lives, is worth nothing to the clover-minded master planners of other peoples’ lives.

            “It’s for your own good!”

            My opinion? It’s worse than organized crime. Organized crime is motivated primarily by greed.

            Organized government is motivated primarily by a sociopathic compulsion to impose control over other beings. If fulfills a sick need in their psyches.

            To wit: the kidnapper who abducts then chains a young child in his basement for years, and when caught justifies his actions as “concern.”

          • Saying “that will”, that implies there is no current traffic law “that is” decreasing the number of body bags you have to see. You are correct in your implication, the current laws are not about public safety, just a course in obedience and revenue generation.


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