West Virginia Heroes Search People At Public Pool

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Swimmers subjected to warrantless bag searches at public pool

Individual rights continue to be discarded at every type of public gathering.

Dreamland Pool in Kenova, West Virginia

KENOVA, WV — A popular summer attraction in West Virginia will now be marred its tight security. Swimmers at the famous Dreamland Pool will now have police officers searching their bags as they attempt to use the public facility.

The landmark attraction has been around for nearly 90 years, and is owned by the taxpayers of the city of Kenova. Now, upon entry, cops will shuffle through the public’s belongings as they try to use those facilities.


  1. What does that mean? Will now be marred it’s tight security. The original article says this too. I don’t understand.


    During walk-through patrol by Kenova Police, one person was arrested for allegedly possessing 30 grams of marijuana. – Shortly after that, a fight broke out involving three other people.

    Aziah Berry says she likes the new rule, “because there’s a chance somebody could have a gun, and they could go and kill people, and we don’t want that happening.”

    Why can’t people build their own swimming pools? Why can’t swimmers watch out for themselves?

    I don’t understand everyone’s aversion to the agora. Avoid this North Korean style people’s pool like the plague. Have no doubt, Dear Leader can care less about your input. His pool is a glorious triumph for America and all free nations of the world.

    If you feel like you’re making a difference, when you take this dot and connect it to all manner of other dots. Like how all this is related to the founding fathers. Or the whigs versus the federalists. And whether the commerce clause can be invoked while discussing bodies of water found in the commons. And ad nauseum like you’re spectators at a fuhhtball match.

    You’re batshit crazy! I mean cut the crap already. This pool is writing on the wall WV Exhibit#7924 in blazing letters of fire. YOU ARE FUCKING IRRELEVANT.

    Free self-owning people wouldn’t use these kind of resources. Or need to concern themselves with what happens at them. Even chicken george didn’t sing songs about the good old days, when massa let him swim in his mudhole, to cool his bones, after a long day of tobacco tending.

    There is no West Virginia. Or public pool. Or heroes. They don’t really exist. They’re just the cheese that’s placed temptingly in the mousetrap. Don’t bother thinking about them, the eaters of such cheese and the setters of such traps are all so many nameless walkers in the real life walking dead.

    What’s real is what you choose of your own accord. Where you spend your time with dignified self-owners, at somewhere that’s built and maintained by someone for their own enjoyment.

    You’re better off dropping your kids off in the middle of nowhere next to some mud puddles deep in the woods. Than encouraging them to frequent these milleu’s of utter municipal madness.

    There’s division of labor, which is a win for everyone. Like a small pool in your neighbor’s back yard.

    And there’s division of spoils, which is a huge loss for you and everyone you love. Like the gleaming olympic-sized, heated and life-guarded pool in your enemy Dear Leader’s gilded golden gated prison yard.

  2. I wonder what they could be looking for and, I wonder what the hell prompted it. Weapons, drugs, beer? They’re obviously trying to make criminals of everyone.

    • Dear Rev,

      You got it.

      “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”
      — Ayn Rand

    • @Rev- The official excuse is another Bin Laden for two reasons.
      1. It keeps the public reminded to be very scared, and (2) it provides cover for every other kind of search.

  3. Remind me never to go swimming in Abe Lincoln’s illegitimate and illegal bastard step child state West Virginia.


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