Georgia Heroes Blow Away Pastor . . . By “Accident”

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TOCCOA, GA — A Georgia pastor was gunned down by police in his vehicle at a gas station during a botched sting over $50 worth of drugs. The pastor had nothing to do with drugs; he was giving a ride and money to an impoverished woman in his community.

Beloved minister and father-to-be senselessly killed in the Drug War.

Jonathan Ayers

Fatal encounter at the ATM

This story is about the killing of Jonathan Ayers, the pastor of Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Lavonia, Georgia. On September 1, 2009, Pastor Ayers, 28, was driving and recognized a woman walking that he had known for a number of years, Johanna Kayla Jones Barrett. Ms. Barrett had no permanent home and was living with her boyfriend at the Relax Inn, an extended-stay motel.

Pastor Ayers offered her a ride and gave her the $23 that was in his pocket to help her out with rent.  Ayers had helped the woman in the past as part of his ministry, his wife later confirmed.

Ayers and Barrett then pulled into gas station in Toccoa, where the pastor proceeded in withdrawing another $20 from an ATM.

With cash in hand, Ayers then got back into his car. Immediately, a black SUV then veered into the gas station and 3 strange men hopped out and aimed guns at Ayers’ vehicle. Fearing for his life, Ayers attempted to evade the trio of belligerent gunmen.

Unfortunately, the hostile forces weren’t carjackers or armed robbers as they appeared. They were undercover police officers dressed in plainclothes who had been trailing Ms. Bennett, who had been suspected of getting high without government permission.

When Pastor Ayers put his car in reverse and mashed his gas pedal, his vehicle grazed (or nearly grazed) Agent Chance Oxner, of the Mountain Judicial Circuit Narcotics Criminal Investigation & Suppression (NCIS) Team.

Agent Billy Shane Harrison opened fire, striking Ayers in the liver.  Ayers’ vehicle continued a short distance until it crashed into a utility pole on the side of the road.

Gas station surveillance cameras captured the confrontation on video.  View it here:

The incident, from the time the black SUV screeched to a halt, to the time Ayers was shot, lasted approximately ten seconds.  He had only picked up Ms. Barrett approximately ten minutes before the shooting.

Story here.


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  2. Best thing to do is spread these stories all over the internet. The image of the infallible cop needs to have a sledge hammer liberally applied.

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  4. I think this is the first time I’ve ever read of this happening, from the link:

    “Agent Harrison might have escaped criminal charges, but he did not escape the verdict in the civil case against him. In 2014, over five years after the pastor’s killing, U.S. District Judge Richard Story declared that Billy Shane Harrison would not receive civil immunity for the shooting, and a jury determined that he was financially liable for Ayers’ death.

    Judge Story found it unreasonable for Harrison to think “that Ayers posed an imminent threat of serious harm or that deadly force was necessary to prevent his escape.”

    Harrison owes nearly $711,000 in attorneys’ fees, and more than $121,000 in expenses, plus a judgment of $1.64 million, for a total of nearly $2.47 million, Courthouse News Service reported.”

    How does that work? How will it be paid? Does this involve the cops “bond” or some other kind of insurance the cop had? Does the cop now have a bad credit rating, or really pay in any way, or does an insurance company pick up the tab?
    It’s hard to imagine his future wages being garnished.

    • Most likely the thugocracy he represented will pay the fine, meaning we the taxpayers will once again be forced to pay for our own enslavement. In any case the pastor is still dead and his wife a widow; it’s time for some street justice for these predators in our midst.

  5. I believe more and more in “pre-emptive” retaliation.
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    And not Vengeance. Like Frank Castle, vengeance is emotional, inappropriate.

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