Virginia Hero Chains, Beats & Electro-shocks 12-Year-Old

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A mother in Richmond County, concerned that her son was falling into bad company, asked a local Sheriff’s deputy to help set the 12-year-old boy on a straight path by talking to him. Instead, the cop opted to handcuff the child to a pole and beat him senseless.

Deputy Alton Walter has been fired and arrested following the incident, during which he is also alleged to have electrocuted the child with a taser.

The mother told local news station WRDW, “I refuse to let the streets have my baby,” saying she asked the Deputy to help protect the boy from new friends he was making who were bad influences.

The Deputy is said to have called the mother and asked to stop by her house to chat with the child while she was at work. She agreed.

What happened next left her in shock, as one neighbor described hearing the boy screaming, and then seeing the officer slamming him against a building, firing a taser, punching the boy in the face and stomach, and hitting him with a metal baton.

The child was treated at the scene by EMS, according to the report, and has marks on his wrists where the Deputy cuffed him to the pole.

The Deputy now faces charges of False Imprisonment and Cruelty to Children in the 1st Degree.

This serves as yet another reminder of what to expect when asking for police ‘assistance’.

Earlier in the week, Infowars reported on a case of a family asking police to check up on a sick elderly relative. In response, the cops broke into his home at close to midnight and shot him dead, as he was pointing a weapon at the police, believing them to be intruders.

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    • ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N,

      Scared white as a ghost.

      When I was young and needed help, the police would give assistance or help to me. Today, I may be as likely to receive a wood shampoo or worse.

      • Hi Mith,

        Both the demographics and the morphology have changed. Look at the typical cop today. He is an obvious cretin, a physical and mental and moral inferior. A low-foreheaded, no-necked inbred jacked up on steroids and fast food, a dehumanized PTSD’ing, fragile-ego’d control freak just itching for an excuse to fuck you up.

        They are, literally, swine.

        • eric, come now. Swine are some of the cleanest, most intelligent animals that exist. You can housebreak a hog and a hog understands what you say. Swine are friendly and like to play. I’d say a cop is merely sub-human and let it go at that.


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