Oregon Hero Beats 4-Year-Old Into a Coma

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An Oregon reserve officer and former sheriff’s deputy is behind bars after allegedly beating his girlfriend’s four-year-old son nearly to death.Hero Shane Abo

On New Year’s Eve, the boy had to be medivaced to a nearby hospital after sustaining a severe brain injury, internal tearing of his bowel and intestine and seven fractured ribs.

34-year-old Michael Shane Abo, who had worked as a sheriff’s deputy for the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Department from 2008 to November 2012, was arraigned Monday following a grand jury indictment.

Abo told police the boy had fallen down a flight of stairs.

Hospital workers, however, contended the boy’s injuries, which included bruising to several parts of his body, were consistent with blunt force trauma and did not match Abo’s story.

An affidavit stated Abo cared for the boy from Sunday through Thursday while his mother worked, according to CBS News.

“The court documents also indicate the boy was seriously injured at least twice on two different dates,” reports CBS affiliate KOIN.

The boy’s mother claims she never noticed the injuries because Abo wouldn’t let her dress or bathe him.

She said the one time she did notice a bruise to his arm, Abo told her he was teaching the boy “how to wrestle.”

Abo was arrested without incident three days after the boy was rushed to the hospital. Neighbors recalled witnessing armored cars and flash grenades during the raid on his home.

Salem-News.com reports that Abo had used steroids, a drug associated with uncontrollable bouts of rage.

Even other officers condemned the former deputy’s actions. “It’s difficult in that to see a young child who is essentially defenseless hurt in the manner that this young boy was hurt. We want to have the person that’s responsible for this held accountable,” McMinnville Police Capt. Matt Scales told KOIN.


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  1. 13 arrested in Kelly Thomas protest

    Smoking pure meth and pcp experiment

    Man knocked unconscious and kicked in the head in Birmingham

    I’ve run out of places to store my rage, so it comes bubbling out from time to time. Of course we are the good guys here, or at least as good as can be found these days. Who knows what the future holds, perhaps tomorrow somewhere else will become the tip of the spear and things will normalize here in the USSA. Anything is possible.

  2. Tell me, who do you imagine in Yamhill country and in authority will make things better? Are not those hospital workers also willingly complicit jackals, for being a part of this inhumane system? Why are they to be exonerated?

    Who in the state of Oregon can be relied on? Is there someone in the entire federal government that will make things right? The United Nations or other international bureaucracy?

    I think we all know that they are all beyond worthless. When will people final stand up and say enough? The system has failed. Government. Non-profits. Business. All of it.

    Where is the nurse or doctor who values a human life more than their job? Where are these so-called Christians? Why is there never any Christ-like behavior in the real world. Who needs scholars and pastors, what good are any of them? No one has the spark of compassion and presence of mind to be a human being when it is most needed!

    There is no humanity, because everyone in America is restricted by the costume he wears. Government are usually the worst. Non-profits and charities aren’t much better. Private businesses are also to blame. All wage earners only think of themselves as ants in an anthill. They consider themselves obligated to play their required role, but nothing more.

    They are absolved of being humans, and they likewise absolve all others who surround them. All that is expected of any of them is to be wage earners. Talk to the queen, not me, I’m just a drone they’ll all say. It’s isn’t my responsibility. It isn’t my fault.

    No one addresses the ugly cause of the problems. Everyone quietly awaits someone to make a proposal to address some symptom. No one wants to admit there are no heroes in America anymore. We want the benefits of social cooperation, but not the responsibility. Just overgrown social insects really, giant insects who think they are men.

    • And then when someone turns to “natural justice” out of frustration, that individual is deemed a “monster.”

      Personally, I’ll accept being Divergent. 😉
      Just need to pace the outcome…

  3. It is simply impossible not to “notice” that a child has broken ribs and internal injuries – if you are anywhere within range of his screams… no need to bathe or dress him to find out. I’m not one to suggest taking children away from their parents lightly, at all, but this woman has failed in the most basic duty of motherhood and I very much doubt there is any rational excuse for her. If this poor infant lives, he needs to be adopted by people who will actually care for him.


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