Radio Appearances, et cetera

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I was on Bill Meyer’s show again last Friday – the audio should be available here (left hand column on the main page) shortly. I will also be on Bryan Hyde’s show this coming Weds. at 3 (east coast) and then another appearance this Saturday on the Tucson, AZ-based SW AZ News & Examiner radio program. Please tune in if you’re local – and if you’re not, look here for the audio, as usual.

I got a bunch of hate mail from people angry about my Hose Hero piece. Which I expected. This country is perhaps fatally afflicted with Hero Worship. It used to be a fringe disease but – over the past 30 or so years – has become a general malady. As a WWII history maven, I can’t help seeing parallels – and they aren’t comforting. I suspect Americans will have to learn a hard lesson, as the Germans (and Russians) did about venerating people who wear government-issued uniforms.

It is a bleak, rainy and wretched day here in The Woods of SW Virginia. I must nonetheless drink more coffee and gin up a fresh rant – about the ’16 GMC Yukon Denali I have right now. A new rant about the latest developments in the VW “cheating” scandal is already up. See here, if you missed it.

I am trying to defend them – but VW is making the same mistake The Greaseman (remember him?) made some 25 years ago. These people don’t want an apology.

They want your head.

More soon!



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