Reader Question: Wolfgang and WuFlu?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mike writes: I don’t know if you’ve seen Wolfgang Wodarg’s videos or articles (most of them are only in German unfortunately)but he’s the only guy that I’ve found who really seems to understand what this whole thing is and how it has been executed beginning with the Wuhan virology industry and this guy Christian Drosten who made the 1st test. From my understanding of Wolfgang’s thesis, it’s not a bio-weapon that was set or got loose. It’s nothing new and from the little that is known about what Drosten’s test claims to reveal, they are merely claiming to have found a random corona virus that they never looked for before and would have found anytime in the past had they wanted to look for it.

Thanks again for focusing on the Diaper Decrees – it is 100 times more important than anything else right now!

My reply: Yes, I have watched Wolfgang’s videos (I know enough German to follow). They are excellent – because fact-based – which is no doubt why they are not widely circulated. There is a weird lust to believe the worst about the WuFlu – a kind of masochistic tendency that rebounds as sadism directed toward those who do not share this . . . sickness.

It is, indeed, hard to know what to think (as opposed to believe) about the WuFlu – in terms of its identity as well as the accuracy of identifying who has/had it, given the notoriously inaccurate and probably deliberately inflated “case” count. We do know, though, that WuFlu is not the threat it has been made out to be; that something on the order of 80 percent of “cases” evince no symptoms and that upwards of 99 percent of those who experience symptoms do not experience death. There is a threat of developing pneumonia – which is the real threat of WuFlu – especially in the elderly and those with already compromised immune systems and underlying serious medical problems. But that has always been the case with respiratory viruses so it begs the question – why is this one all of a sudden a “pandemic” requiring the totalitarian measures being imposed?

I wish more would ask it – and demand answers.

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  1. Best I can tell the Wuflu is either
    1) An escaped research project. Not a bioweapon, but the lets see if we can do this kind of research combined with general incompetence in containment. This was followed up by an ass covering over reaction and then the opportunists moved in.
    2) Something natural intentionally overblown for political, social and economic reasons. That is the opportunists simply created the opportunity.

  2. Haven’t seen Wolfgang’s vids/don’t sprachen de Deutsch….but this has been my thought from day one- it’s just another strain of the common flu- being hyped for political purposes.


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