Josie Harris Reads Letter from Guantanamo Bay

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Here is Josie Harris reading a letter from a prisoner of Guantanamo Bay, along with a “visual aide” by Mos Def, doing a real-life demonstration of the force-feeding practices that are being imposed, right now, on people who have never been charged with any crime.


  1. Good one lberns1. Here’s another from Larken:

    Thou shalt steal, by voting for your neighbors to be taxed, and thou shalt hate and persecute any who resist. Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s income, and his house, and everything that is thy neighbor’s, and beg the lord thy government to take these things from thy neighbor, to give them unto thee. Verily we say unto you, it is greedy and selfish to keep what you have earned, but noble and virtuous to take what your neighbor has earned.

    Thou shalt bear false witness, by calling thieves and robbers “public servants,” by calling usurpers and tyrants “representatives,” and by calling those who advocate liberty for all, “criminals and terrorists.

    Blessed are the blindly obedient, for the politicians shall reward them.
    Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after power, for they shall be satisfied.
    Blessed are the voters, for they shall legitimize tyranny and oppression.
    Blessed are the bankers, for they shall embezzle the earth.
    Blessed are the jackbooted thugs, for they shall get away with murder.
    Blessed are the corrupt in heart, for they shall receive power.
    Blessed are the war-mongers, for they shall imagine themselves to be gods.
    Blessed are they who have persecuted the innocent, for the politicians’ sakes, for they shall be promoted.

    We, the politicians, say unto you, worship those who insult and exploit you, bow to those who extort and oppress you, and vote for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.

    Here ends our reading from the first book of politicians, from the gospel according to government.

    The Gospel According to Government – Larken Rose

    The Gospel According to Government – text of Larken Rose’s sermon


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