AGW Spanks His Monkey – Keeps His Pension

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An armed government worker in Mesa, AZ named Jeffrey Neese has been allowed to retiree with his full pension – and without any charges – despite nearly a dozen female co-worker and citizen complaints of on-the-job sexual harassment, including spanking the monkey.

According to the Phoenix New Times:

Two previous investigations by the city of Mesa in late 2018 found that Neese had exhibited a repeated pattern of sexual harassment over several years, including sending unwarranted graphic texts and Facebook messages to subordinates that described masturbating, a pornographic drawing of three female officers, and fetishizing LGBTQ officers’ private relationships.

Plaintiff’s lawyer David Lunn said the following:

While we find some comfort knowing that Sergeant Neese will no longer be in a position to harass Mesa Police Officers, his retirement doesn’t change the systemic issues within the Mesa Police Department or the City of Mesa…In fact, it makes matters worse for victims now and in the future.

Lunn points the finger of blame at the City of Mesa for dragging its feet while appearing to investigate Neese. Not only will Neese be allowed to draw full retirement but he remains eligible to “serve” as an AGW in another state or county.


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  1. Now now, he did not commit the Sin of Onan in public (that we know of), he merely described it via Facebook! No Waylon on Wille and the Boys, or polishing the ole Flipper to see here, move along!

    If it were one of us at our place of employment describing the deed, or fantasizing about Martina and the gang, we’d be up on hut-Hut-HUT charges and in the hoosegow sooner than the lawyers could say “writ of habeas badthinkus!”.


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