“hero” Hassles Hero

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Here’s an interesting video from Texas that shows a “hero” outraged by the actually heroic – or at least, genuinely helpful – actions of a non-“hero.”

The guy has a vehicle capable of fording deep water and has been giving people rides. A bullet-headed, dark sunglasses-wearing “hero” uses his Command Voice to threaten and try to intimidate the driver of the vehicle, who is clearly a threat to no one’s safety and actually helping people to safety:

“heroes” wonder why they are increasingly loathed by decent people. This video is another stark example of the reason why.

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  1. That was up the day it happened. My nephew, niece and great niece had to be rescued. You can’t imagine how happy they’d have been to see this guy.

    Enter George Bush and Dick Cheney, although the blame doesn’t stop with them, but with the entire congress who voted for the Patriot Act. It was nothing more or less than martial law disguised with a name the exact opposite of what it is.

    This little Hilter muthafucka is the result. He pushes his gut and his authoritah around “cause he can”. Things weren’t going well for him the next day though and his boss wasn’t happy about this. He didn’t even have jurisdiction where he was but like all little Hitlers he just assumes it’s so.

    It reminds me of a scene in The Departed when the captain of the staties says “I love the Patriot Act” as he’s about to do something that wouldn’t even have been considered before that. The color of law is whatever the closest little Hitler says it is. Just fuck every single one of this badged thug class and feed em fish heads up their ass.


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