Today vs. Yesterday . . .

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Here’s some nostalgia – and comparisons of today vs. yesterday!


  1. E. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and regret selling the SRT 8 everyday. But, life springs anew, i got a mullet wig and a classic vette, stuck on white snake and 80’s tunes, let the good times roll.

  2. Remember Click and Clack on Car Talk? You listened to the show, but never really knew why.

    A darn good gig to have a new car to drive and review then write it all down on paper.

    By 4:00 am, the sky to the north begins to show light.

    So far, the summer weather is cool and below normal temps at night. July 4th had a daytime high of 67 degrees, not a warm day. SC25 is not that warm.

    The haze formed by the smoke from the distant fires is filling the atmosphere with particulate matter. Probably has a cooling effect, the sun’s rays are intercepted, not enough heat reaches the surface. Has to have an effect on the weather too.

    The moon will be in the sky today if there is no cloud cover, you should be able to see it.

  3. Thanks for showing us this Eric. Wonder if the Black Ghost will be outracing the Arkansas State Police. We sure hope so.

  4. A shame that Dodge feels it necessary to hide its love away. But I guess that’s better than keeping a ticket fund in the bank.

    The iterative engineering that led to the 600 HP increase in a smaller block is a great example of the progression of technology. Even if we’ve hit the theoretical limit of piston engine efficiency (as some German engineers have run out the models), there’s still plenty of gains and optimization to be had with turbines, Wankels and more esoteric designs. Not to mention hybrids that can use the right drivetrain for the job between off the line acceleration, cruise and on-demand torque.

  5. Eric – I agree with your assessment. I own a 2018 Challenger Scat Pack, and while supersized as you pointed out, it is ridiculously fast with “only” 485 HP and gets 25 MPG on the highway. I love it, and am depressed to see the line (and all cars in general) ending. I hate appliances and the Jelly Beans all other vehicles seem to have devolved into.

    Great writing – I really enjoy the site!


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