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It’s Time for a Lift

If you work on cars at all - let alone a lot - you are probably tired of spelunking underneath one precariously perched on jack stands, trying to find a way...

A Price Well Worth Paying

How much would you pay to be able to buy and drive a brand-new 1995 Honda Accord EX? Does $24k sound reasonable? Vern Eide Honda in Sioux Falls, South Dakota had...

Twice-Plus As Much

Thirty years ago, when I was young guy in his 20s, I bought the Great Pumpkin - my 1976 Trans Am - for $5,400. It seemed like a lot of money...

The Motor Gods Smiled

Some of you may have seen the Viking funeral I gave my '76 Trans-Am's rear tires - which were both very old and nearly bald. I bought a new pair to...

It Works . . . Even if it Needs Work

Old cars  - those made when cars were still mostly mechanical things - would sometimes just stop working. Just as modern, electronically encrusted cars sometimes also stop working. The difference is...

Viking Funeral!

Sometimes, a picture - or a movie - is worth a thousand words. Here's a little visual vignette to show you what you could do with cars before cars got in...

One of the Small Things

Little things sometimes have a lot of significance. One of those things happened the year after my '76 Trans-Am was built. The next year, 1977, the decals affixed to either side of...

Tires for the TA

When an 8 ounce package of butter costs almost $6, it seems extravagant to spend $400 on a pair of tires for a car that mostly just sits. But next year,...

The Analog Antidote

Today, they dropped off another EeeeeeVeeeee... so I took this for a drive, instead! . . . If you like what you've found here please consider supporting EPautos.  We depend on you to keep the wheels turning!  Our...

30 Years of Stagnation

I began test driving new cars some 30 years ago, so I have driven thousands of them over the years. Many of them are now antiques  - which implies I'm becoming...
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