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On Two Wheels

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Nostalgia, Already . . .

We will sell no wine before it’s time. So said Gallo pitchman Orson Welles, a long time ago. Nostalgia is like that. It takes time to develop. We are not usually nostalgic...

2022 BMW R18 Transcontinental

Time machines do exist. They are called motorcycles. Like this 2022 BMW R18 Transcontinental, for instance. It’s brand-new - but it could be 1932. Until you look closer at it. So  . . ....

2022 BMW R18 Transcontinental Walk Around

Here's a look at what I used to love about new cars... on two wheels: Full review will be up in the next day or so!

The Emergency Bike

I've written before about the soundness of owning - of getting if you don't already own - a motorcycle in order to remain mobile in the months and possibly years ahead....

Old Bike Asterisk *

Ever try finding a firing pin for an Iowa Class battleship's 16 inch guns? They probably didn't make very many - and the ones they did make were last made probably...

Reader Question: Old Bike Retrofit?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Ira asks: I'm in the market for a motorcycle dated earlier than 1980. I'm in NYC and my pickings are very slim. Do...

Reader Question: The Grom?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Zane asks: Wondering what you think of the Honda Grom/Monkey? Its been a decade, and tons of new toys are out there, even...

New Wheels Without All The New “Features”

There is a way to get a new vehicle without getting all the new “features” such as an engine that turns itself off every time you stop for a light, brakes that...

The Deadwire Departs

Harley—Davidson just admitted that a Harley without an engine is like a beach without the ocean. Not many, apparently, want to go there. So the DeadWire - the Harley without an engine...

Spring Bike Pre-Flight

Motorcycles have something in common with lawn mowers and weed whackers: It's common for them to just sit for months during the off season. This makes them all vulnerable to the...
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