Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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On Two Wheels

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A Slingshot Around Uncle

There is a way out. Of half a dozen (or more) air bags and seat belt buzzers and back-up cameras and narc-you-out black boxes and automatic braking (soon to be a mandatory...

Hardley Ableson Electric Starter Odyssey

If you've never dealt with an AMF-era Ironhead Sportster electric start problem, perhaps this will help you deal with it - learning from my fumbling around. Here's the scenario: I agreed to...

The Harley Odyssey

So the bike won't start. More accurately, the starter won't spin the engine - which is why the bike won't start. But the starter spins. It just doesn't spin anything else. So, I know the...


For about a month now, I have been trying - like Dr. Frankenstein - to breath life into something inert: The cobbled-together corpse of what was - once - a 1980 Harley Davidson...

Get An Old Bike… While You Can Still Afford An Old Bike

As new bikes become more and more like new cars - that is, complicated and expensive, both to buy and maintain - the remaining supply of old bikes is going to get...

The Littlest Triple

Weird little bikes are hard to find new. A bleak homogeneity has settled in. Small bikes are safe bikes; conventionally styled, with mild engines. Made, in brief, for beginners. To be...

Thinning The Herd

When you haven't got time anymore, it's time to let some of them go. So - with lots of sadness - I recently sold one of my five bikes. The dual sport...

A Ride on the Old Zed

Here's a quick "from the saddle" viewpoint ride on my old Zed - a '76 Kawasaki Kz900 (subject of several articles, here, here and here). This bike is one of my all-time...

I’m Tired of Wearing a Helmet

The tyranny that rules over us could at least be consistent. I'd object less to being told I must wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle because it's "risky" if it weren't...

’83 Honda GL650, Post-Jetting

It's alive! My '83 Honda GL650 Interstate - with the cleaned and re-jetted carbs (Keihins) installed. The results are good all around. No, great all around. The bike pulls noticeably harder than it did...
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