Mad Max on Two Wheels

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I am often asked what I think is the best kind of car to own if things get really bad. I think the best answer is a motorcycle.

In the first place, because almost anyone can afford to buy a used one – as opposed to what it costs to buy a good used car or truck these days. The latter has become almost an extravagance and those are tough to indulge before things get really bad. Many people are understandably reluctant  – out of necessity – about buying a “survival” car (or truck) they can’t really afford, especially without selling the car or truck they already have.

But you can readily find a good used motorcycle for $3,000 or less – which almost anyone can afford – if you focus on the kind of motorcycle that makes the most sense for the purposes of this discussion.

A minimalist bike.

One that’s light and very simple and that almost anyone can learn to ride that is legal to ride on road but that can also go off road. One that can take you 80 miles (or farther) on a gallon of gas – which could come in very handy if gas goes up to $10 per gallon. A bike that will cost you next-to-nothing to maintain and that almost anyone with some basic hand tools and patience can learn to competently maintain themselves. A bike that isn’t an extravagance, that’s fun to own even if things don’t get as bad as they might.

I have just described the dual sport motorcycle.

It is essentially a dirt bike with turn/brake signals and a headlight – qualifying it to wear license plates. Many people regularly ride this type of bike on road because it’s the best way short of mooching rides to reduce the cost of getting from A to B to next-to-nothing. And unlike the mopeds and scooters some people ride for the same reason, the dual sport will usually be capable of keeping up with traffic – even on the highway. The dual-sport is also capable of leaving the road, which could be a life-saver in an emergency.

You might remember a scene from another apocalyptic movie, Deep Impact. People are desperately trying to get away from the disaster that’s coming – but the only ones actually getting away are doing so on a dual-sport, which can thread through the endless conga line of stuck-in-situ traffic.

It makes the point, doesn’t it?

But even if you don’t ever need to put distance between yourself and an impending meteor strike, you may need something that can go the distance – as well as go just about anywhere – and that’s what a dual sport can do.

For purposes of this discussion, the ideal one is probably a small one – with an air-cooled single cylinder engine around 250 cc. There are dual-sports (such as the venerable Kawasaki KLR650) that have 650 cc (and even larger) engines and these bikes are for that reason more highway-and-long-distance capable. But they are also less off-road capable because they’re much heavier – which also makes them much harder to pick up by yourself if you drop one.

Almost anyone can pick up a 250 cc dual sport if they drop it – which is likely to happen if you do take it off-road.

The bigger-engined dual sports are also often water-cooled, which means a radiator, water pump, thermostat and hoses – just as car/truck engines have. Radiators and hoses can leak; thermostats can get stuck. Water pumps fail. All need to be maintained. A dual sport with an air-cooled usually single-cylinder engine needs you to keep its fins clean and to change out the typically 1.5 or so quarts of oil that cools it once a year or so.

One spark plug. That’s pretty much it.

The smaller cc dual sports are also more likely to not have fuel injection, which you don’t want if you don’t want expensive electronics that often require a dealer to service. Most dual sports made more than ten years ago will still have a carburetor – and won’t have a computer. The upside here is more than just simplicity and lower cost. The older mechanical fuel delivery systems can be easily modified by the owner to run on alcohol; it is chiefly a matter of changing jets and making sure the fuel hoses and tank are alcohol-compatible.

Having this fallback might be a godsend if gas becomes unavailable.

Almost anyone can distill alcohol. And you don’t need much to run a small engine. As opposed to finding 15 gallons of gasoline to fill the tank of a car or truck.

There are, of course, downsides.

A 250 cc dual sport is marginal for carrying a passenger (and no motorcycle can transport a family). You’ll be exposed to the wet – and the cold. You’ll have to winnow down the things you want to carry with you – and carry home (though a bike with side bags can carry a remarkable amount of stuff). You will probably not be going anywhere if it snows.

But, you’ll still be able to go when others will be stuck – or on foot – because they can’t afford to feed their car or truck anymore.

Or because there’s no gas available anymore.

. . .

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  1. When I was a kid, I read the book “The Stand”. There are scenes where the roads are filled with dead cars and the only way to get through is a motorcycle. I’m pretty sure reading that caused me to ride a motorcycle as an adult.

    And for all those who think it wouldn’t be useful in a disaster scenario, you don’t need it necessarily to make a big move. You could use a small motorcycle to make a run to the store to pick up supplies. You’d be able to get in and out quickly and safely. Then head back to your bunker.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May your day be memorable and food plentiful.

    Now I am going to do my womanly duty and take my butt back to the kitchen where it will spend the next 24 hours…can’t wait until my daughter takes this over. 😀

  3. Good article that I totally agree with, minimalist is a good idea when you live in a nation 33 trillion in debt, a government completely cucked to a foreign state, and is throwing tens of billions at illegal and immoral wars. I just read on ZH that half of that national debt will be auctioned off at higher rates in the next year.

    This is all you need to know about these Ziocucked Republican losers – this video is the end of our nation:

    Candidates running to be POSPOTUS4ISRAEL

    When I lived back up north in Idaho, I would trudge over through the snow to my buddies cabin and drink whiskey late into the night and we would talk this survival stuff for years on end, and this is the bottom line we came up with:

    Move to the survival area before you need to. If you can’t move buy some remote property that you can visit now and again – and keep your off grid cabin stocked. A lake cabin is ideal, because you can live on fish. Fish is the ideal food. Fish and rice is how half the world survives.

    If you think the end is coming, get a pickup truck and go to Costco and buy $2,000 worth of dried bulk grains and beans. Then you MUST transfer those to 5 gallon pails to keep the mice from getting into the bags. Food storage is not as easy as it seems – vermin can ruin your food supply, I have been in dozens of remote cabins up in Canada where the bears, squirrels, rats get in and wreck everything, poop and pee everywhere including in your grain bags.

    If the big one goes off, and you live in snow country and heat with wood, any gasoline on your property should be used for your chain saws. You can cut a cord of wood with a gallon of gas. And you should always keep at least 2 5 gallon plastic cans of gas at your remote location, locked up, in a shed not connected to the living area.

    In many areas I’ve been the sawyers keep the gas in their trailer so it doesn’t walk off. When you live out in the country and everyone is poor, gasoline is that one commodity that is stolen by regular people who normally don’t steal. I had to put locks on my truck gas caps because the local kids on 4 wheelers would come by when I was out of town and steal it.

    Bicycles beat everything in a post nuclear world because with one you can easily get to town without having to walk. A bicycle can have racks that can easily carry 100 lbs of gear – which is put on the bike with heavy duty leaf bags tied together and drapped over the racks that have milk crates attached with zip ties.

    Motorcycles are excellent for fast escape bug out vehicles. A motorcycle can go off road at high speeds, get around stalled traffic, get great mpg, easy to maintain just like everything Eric says in the article. So if you live in a big city for your job, and have a stocked remote cabin, a motorcycle could save your life, you could flee and get there without having to walk.

    In a Mad Max scenario the big problem will be if you drive that means you have gas, and everyone will try to kill you to get your gas. Once law and order breaks down, driving out in the open only makes you an easy target. Mad Max scenario is highly unlikely but makes great movies.

    What is more likely, according to some books I have read, is exactly what is happening in Democratic controlled cities, race riots and high rate of gun deaths. 2 people are killed every night in Chicago. Being a white guy in an inner city at night is a good way to get robbed or killed.

    The biggest danger is inflation, where the currency loses it’s value and you can’t afford food or cars. That is what is happening, there is hyperinflation going on right now with real estate prices, and car prices. The middle class is being priced out of our former 1950s lifestyle as Congress whores itself to Jewish instigated wars of aggression.

    With Jews you lose. Our entire country has become a living hell because of what this one tribe does, bribe our politicians for their agendas. We are living in Weimar Amerika just before the collapse into militant fascism. And it is exactly for the same reasons Germany fell.

    • I used to discuss this with a friend….

      there are caves out in the wilderness….move in now beat the rush when the SHTF…..

      a monk lived in one…he outfitted it with a bed, stove, shelves, etc….he is dead now…the cave is vacant…

      I knew someone who lived in an abandoned sewer pipe….move underground….

      cave living….

    • 2 things, firstly if you’re storing gas, be sure to store non ethanol and stabilize it. Even better is aviation gas, but it’s too high octane for a lot of stuff and may have to be tuned for.

      Secondly, while da jooz are grossly over represented among the bad guys and Israel is definitely a huge problem with their vise like hold over US and state politics, they are far from the only problem (Nimrata, Vivek, I’m looking at your clannish selves). Unfortunately whites are so superior they have never evolved/developed the same clannish/systemic corruption. Our strength has always been in freedom of thought and action, and in success primarily on merit. It still is but this current era is one where we’re going to have to start banding together to overcome.

  4. It is time to head off into the bush……slave surveillance….

    Your Car is Spying on You – LEGALLY

    It was challenged in court…the court said it was legal…

    Your car (newer cars) is downloading all your text messages and your call log off your connected phone and selling the data/info…who knew this?…..almost nobody…..

    great for enforcers, the government (the slave owners), insurance companies, marketing companies, other criminals, etc…

  5. “A 250 cc dual sport is marginal for carrying a passenger (and no motorcycle can transport a family).”

    I don’t know about that, man. When I was a kid the National Geographic used to have pictures of people riding around places like India, Bangladesh, and Burma with what seemed like three generations packed onto a 100cc bike. Crazy.

    • RE: “three generations packed onto a 100cc bike.”

      …Do they go over 20 m.p.h.?

      I dunno, a donkey & a cart might be better?
      …Hmm, perhaps, a motorcycle pulling a cart? …

  6. Checkout the Honda 300L…. I should be getting commission for pointing many current owners towards that dual sport bike. Dirt roads, motocross tracks(just for fun of course), and light enough to muscle/lift over logs or obstacles in the woods. It’ll also do 80-85 on the highway.

    The only thing that sucks is if you’re tall and heavy… the stock suspension doesn’t cut it for aggressive off-roading. You can of course change the spring but the rebound isn’t adjustable.

    • I didn’t know the 300L existed.

      Saw this at powersports honda:

      “. With the CRF300L Rally we’ve taken our “standard” CRF300L and added a larger fuel tank, a bit more bodywork, and a rally-style windscreen”

      BASE MSRP: $6,149

      …If only we didn’t have Winter.

      • I used to work with a guy who drove an old Honda 300 (like 1969 vintage) every single day to work. Rain or snow in Mass. He had studded tires in the winter. He was an exceptional rider in the snow and I would remark the only thing he needed was a sidecar for his balls.

  7. My ideal bug-out vehicle is a 1989 Diesel Rabbit Pickup. Burns anything. You can drive it in the rain. Put a cap on it and transport the family. EMP-proof (I would guess).

    Problem is they’re hard to find, and when you find one, it’s overly expensive.

    I guess I’m not the only one looking.

    • Oh man, I drive past one of those Rabbits sitting in the parking lot of a shop/garage every time I fill up my gas tank… just, sitting there. Neglected,… or waiting? I don’t know which.

      And, a 20-something mechanic up the road has a rust free one he scored from a guy who swore he’d Never sell it… (he moved out of State & “had to” sell) the 20-something knows what he has. …So cool.

    • Came close to buying one..but… got bought within 2 hours of going up online….

      Wanted to buy it and put a small camper on it…a cheap alternative to renting an apartment….

      I like these setups….you can put the camper on the ground and drive around in the pickup truck….a camper is like a small house…rent a spot for it or in the bush just squat…pay nothing….get a mineral claim on a river…pan gold…now you have income….

      This one had the AZZ turbo swap, so would also be a tuned, quick small sports car/truck….and 60 mpg highway…..

      These are better then big RV’s….

  8. If conditions get to the point where there is no gas, bugging out will only get you dead somewhere else. The most violent and ruthless street gangs (including the AGWs) will rule and you’ll be killed for a crumbs. The old, the sick, the loners will die quickly and the death and chaos will be dark and unimaginable.

    Survival will require food, water, the guns and ammo to keep them and a being part of a group of like minded barbarians. Pray it doesn’t happen.

  9. I would make sure any bike I got for SHTF.situations was kick start with magneto ignition as batteries like failing at the worst times.

  10. IDK that bikes worked out well in the Mad Max ‘verse for MDP Officer Jim Goose (Steve Bisley), ThecToe Cutter (Hugh Keays-Byrne), or Wez (Vernon Wells).

  11. Their was diesel motor cycles….even better….multiple fuels work….

    generates power too….

    Hero MotoCorp may very well be the most practical diesel bike on the list. You see, it’s not just a diesel motorcycle: it’s a two-wheel drive, diesel-electric hybrid that looks to be the ultimate utility vehicle… At its heart, this little scooter is powered by a 150cc diesel motor that packs quite a surprising punch: 13.5 horses and an unexpected 26 lb-ft of torque.

    If that wasn’t enough, Hero added in a 1.3 horsepower electric motor into the front wheel to make it a truly fascinating off-road, hybrid option. It’s pretty versatile too: it’s got luggage options, it’s tough and rugged, and the engine can be used as a generator for when you need power when you’re out on the trail.

    it’s own power….just add a tent, a few clothes, a frying pan and kettle…fish and hunt….head off into the bush….off the grid free living…no rent….

    • an off road motorcycle, a tent, a few clothes, a frying pan and kettle…fish and hunt….head off into the bush….off the grid free living…no rent..

      $250 a month for food…if you hunt/fish…a lot less….$100/month for fuel….cheap living…low stress….

      Who says you need $80,000 to $300,000 per year to live?…..the slave owners like it…they steal up to 50% in tax…lol….

      • even more freedom….

        a sailboat, a few clothes, a frying pan and kettle…fish…or scuba dive…lots of food down there…head off to sea….off the grid living…no rent…

      • Another advantage of going way off in the bush with a motorcycle….forget about licences or insurance…and if you don’t register it you own it……

    • Fascinating, the diesel motor cycles. Another one I didn’t even know existed.

      I imagine a side car, for some reason. Cargo space, s.o. passenger, …the dog?

  12. “They” control the water, you’re screwed without alternate sources. I live near several all season streams and a decent size river, Sparkey needs decontamination equipment though. Our ‘hood has a community water system but requires electricity for the well pumps. We also have a gravity irrigation system but that’s only active April into October.

    “They” have determined that fish are more important than people so the three reservoirs feeding our valley reclamation district were run out at spring runoff levels all summer and now are mud pits. Reason? Stated, without proof, to keep the fish cool near TriCities WA confluence of rivers into the Columbia. Our irrigation water was shut off in mid Sept a month early, note we went into 2023 with 110% snow pack that “disappeared “ in May blamed on warmer May and thus no extra water for Summer. All lies. The May thing a blip, doesn’t excuse the excess release all summer. Farmers screwed except the remaining few with senior water rights.

    So, no press coverage, no investigation, no demand of science facts re the fish.
    Be very careful where you locate especially retirement – eco nut commies running the government will make your future bleak. They’re coming for our natural gas heat next, already banned for new construction.

  13. The Black Death was worldwide during the 14th century, one province in China lost 90 percent of the population.

    In Switzerland doctors were corrupt and wanted the plague to continue. The doctors were executed for their efforts.

    “At first, they simply poisoned patients in order to increase the statistics on mortality, but they quickly realized that statistics should be not just on mortality, but on deaths from the plague. Then they began to cut abscesses from the bodies of the dead, dry them, crush them in a mortar and give them to other patients as medicine. Then they began to sprinkle this powder on things, handkerchiefs and garters.”

    Anything in the present that resembles the past?

    It was a revolting development. You get drawn and quartered… or something. In the end, the doctors were beheaded. That’s the way it goes moving west.

    It’s deja vu all over again.

    Might as well have a bugout bag and hole up in the woods on foot for a few days.

    Keep on the move, have three dummy fires then go to a safe spot for some sleep.

    If it is the dead of winter, you’ll have to remain in your house.

    No electricity, no water, you are in a pickle. No heat, no source of getting heat, no natural gas. Everything is gone.

    No fuels, you are stuck, you’ll have to hoof it.

  14. I was looking into this and an air-cooled 500cc single-cylinder garden tractor with a manual trans like a power king or something for the same reason to rip up the yard with a plough or run a pto generator.

    I would think a TW200 should be considered, but the lack of speed is an issue. It can go highway speed, barely, and the get up and go is lackluster. With a kickstart as a long term shtf bike, its one of the best.
    I feel a 500CC would be better for a suburban area. If I was in a rural area, a tw200 would be perfect. I am in an area with lots of pavement and some forests/fields, and lots of hostile cars/people to flee from. Being able to quickly dodge and jump curbs is the most important, especially with the 100lb deer you just caught strapped to the back. The TW has less suspension travel.
    On the upside, the TW is a living fossil from the 80s, with plenty of cheap parts, super geared down and takes mud without issue, and is light. One of the best trail bikes and easy to ride for anyone, hence rider schools using them. Also hard to break.

    “no motorcycle can transport a family”- Eric, India disagrees with you, lol.

    • Hi Anchar,

      I’ve owned several dual sports with 250 cc engines; I much prefer these to heavier bikes (like the KLR 650) which are a handful off-road. A 250 has enough power to hold 70 and is much more athletic; you can perform almost ballerina antics with these things! If you are going to do any serious trail/woods riding, the 250-ish bikes are the ticket. That said, I agree a bigger-engined bike is better for commuting, etc.

      • The two wheels 250 is tempting, we’re at the edge of the valley wilderness hills with dirt roads and trails out back approx 2 miles from the house, plenty of places for off road fun. I agree about size & weight, and simplicity as well.

  15. The alcohol angle is cool but in the meantime all the gas stations around are going to E15 and these bikes say nothing over E10.

    • Hi Jake,

      Yep. But that’s hackable – as the hipsters say. If the fuel storage/delivery system (e.g., the tank and lines) are alcohol compatible or replaced with components that are – then all you need to do is re-jet the carb to run richer and you’re all set.

      • Business opportunity…make ethanol free gas and sell it to lazy people with money…

        Had a discussion with some car freak friends about this…

        Once you have the water and ethanol separated from the gas….increase it to 50 % alcohol….then install a water meth system on your gas engine….now you can run higher compression or go higher turbo boost….more power and it cleans your intake system and valves, etc….

  16. OK, Eric, what should one look for? In searching for a 250 I’ve found many makes that aren’t familiar to me, a motorcycle novice. Some have rather Chyneze names. The tried and true Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda models seem to fetch much higher prices. Are they demonstrably superior?

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Hi Mark,

      I’d stick with any of the major Japanese brands – Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki. All make (or have recently offered) dual sports in the 250 cc range and they’re all very similar. It’s a lot like the ’70s and the Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM) as the Honda CB750 and its emulators were called back then.

      Very hard to go wrong with any of them. One of the great beauties of them all is that it’s really easy to judge (with a used example) whether it’s in good shape or not. If it starts right up, doesn’t smoke, shifts smoothly – that’s pretty much all you need to worry about. Tires are cheap, so if it needs new ones, no problem. Same for fork seals, a new chain/sprocket and brake pads. And that’s pretty much all there is.

      • Amen, Lee!

        Japanese bikes are usually as reliable as anvils. I own four that are more than 30 years old and they all run as reliably and as well as they did when they were new.

  17. As described in The Gulag Archipelago, some of the Kulaks escaped their death sentence went into the forests with nothing but an axe and the clothes they were wearing. In their desperate survival they eventually did better than their communist counter parts living in under Marxism.

    You couldn’t write a fiction novel with what was about to happen in our country: Hillary was supposed to win, it was in the bag. A TV reality star beat her and the deep state. Election spying, betrayal within the republican party to their voters, a false narrative of Russian interference, high-tech industry opening proclaiming election results like this will never happen again, biological warfare released by China, deep state opportunist destroying a thriving economy, vaccines that don’t work and kill which also are biological warfare against an aging population who are about to collect social benefits there is no money to pay out, voter fraud, a false flag operation, arrest of opposition party leader and voters, open corruption of one party political leaders, military disaster played as a victory, making the Russians bad actors for getting even for the false narrative of election interference, then blowing up their gas pipeline, more arrests of opposition party.

    Americans are going to have to draw the strength of the Kulaks for what lies ahead.

    • ‘Americans are going to have to draw the strength of the Kulaks for what lies ahead.’ — Hans Gruber

      Indeed. Here’s how the insurance mafia is going feral on Paradise, California, after 95 percent of its structures were destroyed in the Camp Fire five years ago:

      ‘Heidi Lange was among the first to rebuild after the deadliest wildfire in California history destroyed her home in 2018 along with much of the town of Paradise. So the office manager was stunned to learn nearly after four years living in the same home, that this month the annual premium on her home insurance would rise dramatically — from $1,200 to $9,750.

      ‘Residents have received annual premiums that near or exceed $10,000 — leaving many to wonder how they’re supposed to rebuild their hard-hit community when insurance is so shockingly high.

      ‘Carl Johnsen, a retired drywall contractor, has lived in the same house since 1979, when he moved to Paradise. It survived the 2018 fire but his previous insurer dropped him, and he received a new quote of over $14,000 that he’s not inclined to pay, he said.

      ‘Gene Robinson, 61, and his wife purchased a new home in Paradise with the insurance proceeds from the house that burned in the Camp Fire. This year, the insurance premium offered by Farmers on their four-bedroom, three-bath home soared from $2,800 to $9,550.’

      Kick ’em when they’re down — it’s the American way. While state gov ignores the obvious mafia conspiracy to jack prices five or tenfold.

      • I’m sure that there are plenty of buyers looking for second, third or fourth homes. Or maybe the state or federal government will buy them out, New Orleans style, to get them away from the risky PG&E power lines. Then the space can be declared a national monument, forever removed from the market. Because land is all that’s left for collateral on the national debt.

        • The slaves were, are collateral for the debt….it is a slave backed dollar….all wealth was/is created by theft from the slaves…starting at birth….stealing their trust account….the slave owners are parasites…

          slavery is still the most profitable business….

          health food stores used to carry a parasite cleanse….

          • Today’s slave is an expense, not an asset. Minimum wages, mandatory health insurance, chip on their shoulder because they’re not VP after the first week…

            Land, now that’s a hard asset that isn’t going anywhere. Unless “global warming” makes the skiing better in Idaho and worse in Aspen, then maybe you might lose a few coins from your piggy bank.

            • The government owns all the land…allodial title….slaves only get fee simple title…don’t own…then the slave owners charge property tax…in effect rent…lol…in the old days the slave owners gave the slaves a place to sleep/live for free… got worse today….or the slave rents….but the landlord might be blackrock …another corporation owned by the slave owners….charging very high rent…robbing the slave again….

              The government owns the slave…then when the slave works they steal up to 50% as income tax, plus charge them hundreds of other taxes, fees, fines, etc…one poster said it all adds up to 82% taxes and fees in some countries….

              when the slave is born the slave owners use the slave’s trust account as an asset to use or trade…when the slave dies…the slave owners get the trust account..might be worth $1,000,000+…….kachiiinng…payday…

            • The problem today is…..AI and robots can soon replace the slaves….and if they start this MMT bs they can just print trillions of $$$$….so no use for the slaves…they are a liability and a threat…

      • Its also rumored there was a master plan outa UC Davis for redevelopment of pair a dice years prior to that ummm wahldfahr. Then theres Talent Oregon. . .from small town in 2019 to stack n pack “redevelopment” following another questionable arson event still “under investigation”

    • No way most roly poly Americons are going to survive unless there’s a Starbucks and McDonald’s close by.
      It will be a mad max scenario with everyone killing everyone else for a little food and water. The little bikes will get you to the woods but only those trained in survival have a chance. The Billy Gates and other de-populists of the world will smile as they watch the mayhem.

      The virus has never been proven by ‘scientific’ means to exist. Many died in hospital death beds because they were unnecessarily ventilated and treated for the fake covid given killer remdesivir rather than their real problems. Hospitals/Doctors raked in millions of fedbux and still are.

      The ‘virus’ was used to scare people into the governments experimental vaxicution which is still ongoing. They are now vaxicuting babies with their proud smiling parents watching. People are still dropping dead everywhere but given different reasons for death on the death certificate. IMO the big cull will be when these youngins grow up and discover many/most are sterilized.

      China took the hit for releasing the fake virus because most Americans have been bamboozled into believing China and Russia are enemies by the US government shifting its economic woes away from the real culprits… the US government.

      • The Paradise disaster was caused by DEW weapons. Same as the Maui fire. No way a wild fire can get hot enough to melt aluminum engine blocks, wheels, etc. Of course there is no way a jet fuel can melt the hardened steel beams in the WTC but people believe it all!

        • I’ve noticed that every large extended time fire they point out how the steel weakened in the media. Never mind that the fires and the structures are not anyway like the WTC towers and blg 7.

          • Hi Brent,

            One thing that I don’t understand that perhaps you or someone else here can explain to me – in re the Twin Towers – is why (and how) the core “pancaked.” I can understand the floors falling as a result of metal fatigue and pulling the exterior skin or tube in (and down) but the central core ought not to have been affected by this so devastatingly. Wouldn’t some of it have remained standing or at least, large sections of it broken off and remained intact? It’s just hard to believe all of that structure just . . . disintegrated into (basically) powder.

              • While the business of prepping the building for implosion in the days, weeks, and months before the event seems to me unlikely, a suitcase demolition nuke down in the basement seems like it might do the trick, and even have the advantage of hiding any telltale mushrooms in the debris/collapse cloud.

            • No one can properly explain WTC 7. No plane hit it. It was 52 stories. Made of steel. And it pancaked right into dust. They claim it was from office fires in one corner. No way. I don’t know what happened but the official story is nonsense.

    • Catherine Austin Fitts says around 1995 during globalization, money was looted, went offshore, all the pension funds were looted, there is no money left.

      Maybe these so called pensions were just another way for the slave owners to rob the slaves…lol…it is stupid to believe the slave owners would let slaves have pensions for very long…..

      in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

      ATTENTION: in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers.

      In 2020 the bat germ story…then the jabs…starting with the old people….

      The government is promoting MAID….medical assistance in death….

      Now herd slaves into 15 min city prison/concentration camps to be dealt with…everywhere is gaza now……….

    • an aging population who are about to collect social benefits there is no money to pay out,

      but….death is payday…for the slave owners….. vatican…gets the $1,000,000 plus trust account upon every death….kachiinng……

      the irony…..all the slaves that hate fake religions…the vatican gets their trust account…when they die…and use it while they are alive…lol…the slave is unaware of it…

      lots of deaths…war, cull or whatever…a huge payday…..

      the pope even said….i own all the lost dead souls….

  18. The Timpanogots and Uncompahgre followed the Grand (Colorado) river with the seasons. They spent their summers around Grand Lake and the Gunnison River, engaging in fishing and hunting elk, moose, deer, and bear. Around this time they’d probably be moving on after a few days in the hotsprings around Glenwood Canyon, trading, telling stories and healing physically and spiritually. They’d make the 500+ mile trek through modern day Moab, on to Mexican Hat, Monument Valley and then winter in what the whites call Glen Canyon. Along the way they’d probably harvest some of the crops they found or planted along the riverbank, adding much needed calories to their diet. Until they liberated a few horses from the Conquistadors, the entire trip was on foot.

    I’ve been along most of the Colorado, at least the easily accessable places. As I set the cruise and climate controls to 70/70, maybe start another podcast I wonder what it would be like to walk that distance. I’ve done some bicycle touring, opting to cary a credit card instead of a tent. This usually turned the tour into a race to beat the check-in time. A tent (and friendly spots to pitch it) would have been more like the Ute journey, go for a while, stop for a while, hang out and heal.

    The problem with SHTF plans is that everyone else has the same idea. Those massive Elk herds up in Rocky Mountain National Park will be gone in days, as will all the fish, deer, bears, rabbits, squirrels, and pretty much any edible food. The only heards will be humans. So you’d be better have plenty of 9mm ammo to go along with your birdshot and 30-30. And a pretty good pitch for working together. Because as soon as they hear that 2 stroke echo across the valley they’ll come looking for you.

    • The only herds will be humans…..

      3 days from anarchy….if people/slaves miss 9 meals they will flip out….the reason why the slave owners want to lock them down in 15 min city/prison camps….disarmed…an easier target….when they rebel….everywhere will be gaza….circle them with tanks…open fire….

      just weeks/months from cannibalism….

    • RE: “The problem with SHTF plans is that everyone else has the same idea.”


      That hurricane/storm which hit the Northeast a few years ago, people were making videos, “help us! Where’s the goobermint!?” as they dumpster dived.

      Do you suppose most city dwellers will just sit on the stoop of their brownstone waiting for “help” while they get weak after they ate the last Pop Tart? …How far they gonna go, then?

      …Nowhere. ‘Cause they’ll be waiting for, “help”. It’s a mindset.

      …A hotel is their destination, not the wilds.

      I dunno. …Hope no such thing happens. And, the wilds, isn’t exactly a good plan for all but ~2%(?) of the pop.

      …A toxic plume from a train derailment or a chemical plant lit up forcing evacuation… quickly. …That’s already happening.

      …Where’s my ride?


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