Better Than Paying it Forward

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You have probably heard about “paying it forward” – by which is meant (essentially) do something nice, proactively.

Paying cash for everything you still can is even better – because if enough of us refuse to pay otherwise, it will be difficult for not-nice people to impose something awful on us. That being, of course, the elimination of cash – which entails something far worse than paying for things digitally (as in Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC).

It ought to be obvious what “digital” money will allow. Just the right word – and in italics for just that reason. You will be allowed to buy what those who control your money decide to allow you to buy. They will have the power to do this by dint of knowing what you’re trying to buy.

They will also know how much money you have – and where it all came from, down to the last cent.

Digital money is supervisory money. It is like being on allowance, when you were a kid – with your parents in control of your money. It is more like company store money, which was kind of the early 20th century version of CBDC. You worked for the company, which paid you in company money – coupons, basically – that you used to buy the company’s products at company stores under the terms and conditions set forth by the company.

But at least you didn’t have to work for the company.

You could leave the company town for greener pastures. No one will have anywhere to go – where they can freely buy or sell – when money is digitized by the government, which is owned by the banks. Both want very much to be able to control what you’re allowed to do with the money you’re allowed to use, because this is how they will control you.

Imagine what it would have been like during the choreographed event styled the “pandemic” if the government (via the banks) had been able to lock-down your ability to buy food or fuel unless you proved you were playing your part, as by wearing a “mask” and – later – rolling up your sleeve.

Your compliance established via QR code and becoming the condition of your being allowed to buy or sell. This is just how it’s done in China and could just as easily be done here. If they succeed in turning America into something like China, you won’t be able to buy a can of soda from a vending machine without their permission – or their knowledge.

No more “unreported” tips – if you work in the service industry. No more getting paid for a side gig in cash that they don’t know about. You will pay full tax-theft on every digital cent you’re allowed to earn – assuming they allow you to earn it. Go back to that dirty business about the “vaccines” – and those who declined to injected with them denied (or cast out of) employment.

But at least they were able to still buy things like food and fuel with whatever money they still had.

In a “digitized” system, this escape route would be closed off. First, you get fired – or not hired – because you refuse to “mask up” or be injected with whatever drugs they’re pushing. Or perhaps because you objected to being “asked” to participate in a Struggle Session about your white privilege or heterosexuality. Then you discover your piece of plastic – or your smartphone – no longer works, in terms of your no longer being able to use them to buy things.

Not until you do “mask up,” roll up your sleeve – and so on.

They’ll also use their power over what is no longer your money to supervise what and how much they allow you to buy with it. Gas – or electricity – for instance. They will know ahead of time how much you’ve used already and may decree you’ve used enough, already. Your “carbon footprint” is too large.

Sorry, Charlie.

And the same with regard to such extravagances as meat, which you won’t be able to buy more (or even any) of whenever they decide to not allow you to buy it.

Tell it to the hand?

Tell it to the implacable machine.

But we still have the power to prevent this digital company town from ever coming into being, if enough of us adamantly use cash to pay for things. Don’t accept being told by a merchant or business they don’t accept cash. They must accept it. It is still legal tender, for all debts public and private. Use the law, just as the law is so often used against us.

Don’t let them turn your money into their money.

Else we’ll be turned into their property.

. . .

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  1. How do you spend a gold or silver bar? All digital currencies, including bitcoins and similar can be hacked and even shut off (no ‘lectricity). The same will happen with CBDCs. When the power comes back on, guess what? Your accounts have vanished and without paperwork or contracts, how do you prove you ever had an account?

    Everything you do digitally is like being put in a prison. Prisons are controlled environments. Can you survive a day or a week without your digital phone? For many people, their entire lives are virtually digitalized. The younger crowd has been digital indoctrinated. The globalist turds don’t care much about us oldsters as we are closer to our ends and can’t figure out this voodoo technology.

    Cash will always be king. But it might not spend well in the next life…since the government wants us all dead and gone anyway. The digital hell they want all of us to engage in is really about murdering us. By forced injections, refusing health care, starving us to death or putting us in cages to die because we have refused to comply.

    • Hi Tom,

      Gold and silver are universally accepted as being of value, without the need of the “faith and credit” of a government. They are easily denominated according to weight, such as an ounce of silver, for instance, being worth roughly $25 right now. Gold can be bought/held in similarly divisible ways.

      If you were selling a used car for $6,000 and someone offered you three one ounce gold coins, would you accept them?

      I would!

  2. Another advantage of using cash: no fees for buying things.

    Use a credit card, the seller pays a fee as well, so money goes to the bank. So its a crummy deal for the seller just as much as the buyer.

    Pay Pal is especially horrible when it comes to fees because they aren’t clear. Sometimes they are charging fees from BOTH buyer and seller and far more than 3-5% of the sale.

    I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t have to pay to spend money. So USE cash!

    Remember it wasn’t that long ago that most restaurants, especially fast food DIDN’T and wouldn’t accept credit cards. The few that did were generally fine dining that was expensive. Now we have a local chain that won’t take cash in the drive thru, citing “safety” for their employees.

    It’s insane when you think about it, to put a fast food cheeseburger on a 21% interest credit card. If you forget to pay it or you can’t, that is a very expensive Big Mac.


    @ 23:30 in video ….. fiction name in trust

    @ 28:00 who owns the money you earn

    @ 35:00 debt slavery

    @ 37:00 state of georgia….of…. means without in trust law

    @38:30 collateralize the people… turn the people into a corporation so they could be taxed…

    @ 43:00 the banks are paid interest in gold certificates….everyone else gets fiat paper…

    @ 44:30 the people are the creditors

    @ 45:30 when you sign something you have created a promissory note and a trust

    @ 1:09:00 fictitious name registration

    ATTENTION: @ 1:10:30 the IMF is a swiss corporation owned by the vatican…which are owned by the elite control group

    ATTENTION the elite control group at the top….
    @ 1:11:00 sean hross on the elites… they are direct descendants of the pharaohs and the people are just parasites to be used….

    @ 1:14:00 if you have a debt collector after you ask for the contract of novation

    @ 1:17:20 The girl who does not exist

    @ 1:26:20 where do your taxes go?

    @ 1:33:00 wearing masks exemption

    @ 1:39:00 the 12 presumptions of roman law

  4. El Salvador’s Bitcoin Boom: How the World’s First Crypto Nation’s Big Bet Is Stabilizing Its Economy, Proving Critics Wrong, and Paying Back Its Debt

    When El Salvador President Nayib Bukele made the controversial decision to make Bitcoin legal tender in his country, many people were skeptical and concerned about the potential risks.

    This article was written in March 2023….since then bitcoin is up about 60%

    Looks to be doing better then Nigeria with their government bs CBDC….lol….that no one wants or uses…..

  5. Nigerians Not Eager To Embrace Central Bank Digital Currency

    Nigerians recently took to the streets to protest a cash shortage caused by government policies adopted in order to push the country into the adoption of its central bank digital currency (CBDC).

    Protesters attacked bank ATMs and blocked streets, and demonstrations turned violent in some cities, people killed….

    Nigeria has been struggling with a shortage in physical cash since the central bank began to swap old bills of the local naira currency for new ones,

    In December, the central bank limited cash withdrawals to 100,000 naira (US$225) per week for individuals and 500,000 naira ($1,123) for businesses… being phased out

    The Central Bank of Nigeria launched its CBDC, called the eNaira, in the fall of 2021. Last October, Bloomberg reported that only about 0.5% of Nigerians had adopted the digital currency.

    Ironically, about 50% of Nigerians use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin….non government

    The elimination of cash creates the potential for the government to track and even control consumer spending. Digital economies would also make it even easier for central banks to engage in manipulative monetary policies such as negative interest rates.

    China, India, and the US have all launched pilot programs to test CBDCs.
    “the path to becoming a surveillance state regime will accelerate considerably” if and when a digital currency is issued.

    • Ironically, about 50% of Nigerians use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin…

      bitcoin is decentralized…so they lose control of you…the slaves…..they seize bank accounts but they can’t seize bitcoin if held properly…losing control of slaves is bad for the slave owners…

      bitcoin is the most hated investment…all the people peddling stocks hate it…it has a far higher annual return then stocks…so they bash it 24/7…stocks up around 14% this year…bitcoin up about 110%….

      110%…..means you didn’t have to work last year if you had a chunk of bitcoin….

      I am old school I like gold and silver more then bitcoin…but a small position in bitcoin looks smart right now…

        • I like cash, it is simple and easy…not complicated or dependent on the internet…it works when the grid goes down….I am old fashioned….goldbacks look good…and better then cash…they don’t depreciate…

          someone said bitcoin is a millennial thing…they missed out on the old financial system…can’t buy a house, stocks are already into outer space…they are broke/in debt….so they invented or adopted bitcoin…their new financial system….

          old people like gold….which is better….

          millennials see bitcoin as a new digital gold….

          • Hi Anon,

            Yep. No one has been able to explain to me how Bitcoin fundamentally (functionally) differs from CBDC. Both are arbitrary units of “money” conjured out of thin air (I know, I know… Bitcoin is “mined” and that’s the source of its, uh, value…) and under the control of an implacable digital system over which you, the individual, have no control. How is it better to have a “coin” controlled by (supposedly) a “decentralized” online phantom rather than a central bank? In both cases, you don’t control your money. And they can control how you use their money, which they allow you to use.

            I much prefer gold or silver. If I have an ounce of either in my possession, then I control that money. I can choose to spendit however I like and no one else knows I even have it. It is inherently hard to tax such money, too.

            • Cash is far better then bitcoin…gold or silver even better then both…

              why would anybody buy bitcoin?……

              The only slight supposed edge bitcoin might have is it is decentralized..central bank non cash is 100% centralized…under control of the slave owners…they can shut down/confiscate your account in a few seconds…gone….

              they can shut down/confiscate your bank account in a few seconds…….with bitcoin they can’t…it can be saved on a hard drive..or storage device..disconnected from the internet…buried 300 ft under ground…..

              plus the main reason for people buying bitcoin was to avoid the central bank printing press….which devalues the dollar over time….there will be a limited amount of bitcoin issued…period…even gold can’t claim that…

              bitcoin…no head to the head office, no ceo, no management, no nothing to attack….it is spread over millions of computers worldwide……very hard to shut down….except shutting down the grid or the net….

              It is not a corporation…maybe the reason the slave owners don’t like it…they control everything through corporate law..including you…..if bitcoin is not a corporation they can’t control it with their legal system….

              but…it is too complicated for me..too many if’s to work reliably…, silver is far better…

              • Too soon to tell if BTC is going to be a store of value, but for the last 10 years it’s done OK. But as a way to conduct business it is pretty good, especially with the much cheaper Lightning network.

                But you still have to convert it to spend in the physical world. In that way it’s more like a check or promissory note than cash. Because of that there’s not much practical difference between BTC and bank credit cards.

                • But you still have to convert it to spend in the physical world.

                  why convert?

                  2 people can exchange it to buy sell stuff..

                  if you are tech savvy 2 people can exchange it between 2 devices with no internet or grid…just like cash

                  bitcoin can be written out on a piece of paper too…and stored like that…

                  but …….cash is far better….

                  bank credit card….

                  people can’t exchange it to buy/sell without the accounts, huge bank/internet super structure and fees….


                  • I know. And if you can find someone willing to conduct business using Bitcoin you’re golden. Can I buy a suit with Bitcoin? A new car? A house? Even the first transaction, purchasing a pizza, required someone to use cash to interact with the real econonmy.

                    I get it. I want to believe. But I also know that the times I’ve tried to use it IRL, even at businesses that claimed they accept it (one restaurant even had a faux neon Bitcoin symbol light in the front window), no one knew was I was talking about. Maybe that’s changed, in that at least most people have heard of BTC, but are they going to trade direct?

            • The “value” argument makes no sense when you think about it. The value is lost, energy burned after the coin pops into “existence” that energy is gone, and you have nothing.
              It takes energy to mine and refine gold but when you are done you have something with many practical uses that is recognized as having value anywhere you go.

              • Hmmm, “The value is lost, energy burned after the coin pops into “existence” that energy is gone, and you have nothing.”

                It constantly requires energy to keep an E-coin in existence… an E-coin is an alligator.

                Always needing to be fed.

                E-coin seems to be presented as a free lunch. …”For whom?” … says, the scorpion.

                • Your point is well taken. The point I was trying to make is that the energy cannot be recovered. Meaning that it is impossible for BTC to be a true “Store of value”

          • A 34 yo I knew of went from total loser at 16 to multi millionaire buying lotsa bitcoin from week one. My kids say it straightened out his act nicely.

        • BTC becomes useless without a working power grid and a free internet.
          Access to the bock chain can be cut off with a few settings in the internet routers.
          I will be able to buy a tray of eggs or a chicken from a local farmer, or venison steaks from a hunter for a few 1964 silver coins. Meanwhile the hipster with a BTC wallet showing “No Service” on his
          IPhone will not.
          Of course the hipster won’t even be there because he won’t be able to charge is Model X.

          • Leo Laporte, a podcaster and once radio show host of the “tech guy” show has a bc wallet with just over 7 bc, once worth over $400k and now about $250k. It was slowly donated to him many years ago when bc was just a few dollars each. The only problem is he can’t remember his bc wallet password. And he has no evidence as to what the original price was when he got it, so if he converts it to anything, he’d be subject to capital gains with a basis of zero.

            Unlike gold, which one can sell for cash or pay someone for their labor, every bc transaction is recorded forever and anyone can trace its movements.

            And I don’t understand bc enough to trust it; if people can hack into any computer system, how do you keep it safe. And if the government decided to make it illegal or charge a transaction fee, how would anyone resist. What if they required anyone to register their holdings and declare one must pay taxes on any current gains.

            On the other hand, you can hide gold and silver from governments. That happened in 1932, otherwise there’d be no gold and silver coins from that time in existence.

            • Amen, ET –

              Any form of digital money is traceable/trackable and so, controllable. And any asset you don’t have physical control over is not under your control.

              • The only distinction of the “digital” currency is that it dispenses with the printing press. Money, or at least transactions, have indeed been quite “traceable”, it’s more been a matter of connecting a financial transaction with the actual person making it. Works for “point-of-sale” arrangements, but most transactions, such as bill and/or mortgage payments, salary deposits, and so on, are made impersonally. The scarier part, of course, is that “digital” currency can also be CHANGED in value, i.e., its not tied to a physical assets, such as gold, or, on a national scale, to the gross domestic product of a country. That’s what Hitler and the Nazis tried to do with Germany in the 1930s, and they didn’t even originate the idea. That came from a German banker, Hjalmar Schacht, who never joined the NDSAP and contacted German resistance members involved in the 20 July 1944 plot against Hitler; he was himself sent to a concentration camp. Tried after the war in the Nuremburg trial, he was acquitted, though convicted in a German “de-nazification” court, but freed on appeal until his conviction was set aside. This might have been one of the reasons that “Judea” declared “war” on Germany as soon as the Nazis came to power in January of 1933, since Schacht’s currency reforms transformed the Germany economy almost overnight.

      • It Really Doesn’t Matter Who Created Bitcoin, Or Why…

        Some others might concede that Bitcoin is an open source movement, with no hidden trojans or malware – but that it’s really One Big Psy-Op to acclimatize us plebs to a cashless society using digital money.

        The people who believe this might even tweet about it from their smart phone while sitting in a cafe sipping a latte that they just bought via ApplePay or tapping their chipped credit card (like that Mastercard that already cuts off your spending when your carbon footprint quota is exceeded).

  6. The Globalist Vision: “15 Minute” Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property
    by Brandon Smith

    The 15 Minute City is more like a recipe, containing every single ingredient of the climate change and covid lockdown agendas in a single comprehensive Orwellian vision. It includes removing motor vehicles, removing private transportation and roads, smart city and AI monitoring of each person’s electricity usage, monitoring of product consumption and “carbon footprint”, biometric surveillance within a compact and stacked urban landscape, the cashless society concept, equity and inclusion cultism, population control, etc.

    It is the culmination, the end game; a massive prison with no bars. A place where you are conditioned to grow accustomed to artificial limitations on privacy, no civil liberties, no private property, and no work options or mobility. You are tied to the land and the land is owned by the state (or corporation). If you want a historic comparison, the closest I can find is the feudal system of Medieval Europe.

    You will never be allowed to own your own property and thus own your own labor. Everything you have is given to you by the state and can be taken away by the state if you defy them. You might be able to leave the village or community you are tied to for a time, but this will change with increasing restrictions on the public’s movement according to the dictates of climate ideology.

    As long as you are productive and submissive you will be give the things you need to survive, but never to thrive. In the case of a technocratic feudal system you would not have any guarantees that the state would need your services. At least in feudal Europe a peasant was seen as valuable resource because of limited population. In a world where many people are considered “population excess”, you could easily be replaced and booted out of the city to starve and die.

    They are erroneously billed as “decentralized communities,” but they are the exact opposite – They are utterly centralized, like a hamster cage where you are the pet. The core philosophy behind them is dependency. If you live in a place which is specifically constructed to eliminate your ability to provide for yourself, then you are a slave.

    • Herding slaves into 15 min city prisons….remember trains to concentration camps?….same thing….but sounds nicer….15 min city….lol….

  7. E-Wow! Seems things are speeding up a bit.

    Doug, in this video, says YouTube is flat-out deleting videos which go against WHO guidelines about health.

    I.e. someone with a video about making homemade baby food had their video deleted. I imagine it’s because they made health claims about doing so.


      • Rumble,Odysee, Bitchute, etc…

        facebook bans videos from there because it might have some truth …some anti slave owner narrative….have to keep the slaves stupid, misinformed with disinformation, 24/7 lies, propaganda….just like the slave owner controlled/owned education system does

      • RE: “I only use Rumble to post my videos.”

        Doug touched on that in his video, & again, lightly, in his Live show:

        …Would the owners of Rumble sell-out,… or cave?
        Have they already? I would not be surprised.
        Time will tell.

        Who owns The Internet?
        Who controls the gateways?

        …Where’s that ferris wheel showing who owns every corporation in the world.

        Spider webs.

        • The slave owners own/control all the big corporations…including the governments which are all corporations too….they run the planet using maritime…corporate law….

          they converted/tricked all the slaves into being corporations too…so they can control them….

          the slaves are under admiralty law so have zero rights…..

          The slave owners big ones….blackrock, state street and vangaurd….through all these they own/control the slave planet….

  8. EU dystopia:

    ‘The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union reached a final agreement this week on the establishment of European Digital Identity Wallets, the first central and fully digital identification system for all Europeans.

    “Under the new law, the EU will offer its citizens so-called ‘digital wallets’—on a voluntary basis, at first—which will contain digital versions of their ID cards, driving licenses, diplomas, medical records, and bank account information,” the European Conservative reported.

    ‘These documents will be recognized as means to access online services throughout Europe. Citizens will be able to prove their identity or share electronic documents from their wallets “with a click of a button,” the legislators hope.

    ‘The agreement came just a few weeks after Christine Lagarde, the head of the European Central Bank, announced that the EU is moving forward with the development of its new central bank digital currency (CBDC)—the digital Euro.

    ‘Conservative EU lawmakers and cybersecurity experts have opposed these developments, warning that large-scale abuse is inevitable in an all-encompassing digital identity system.’

    In total I’ve spent about seven months, living and touring in Europe. But as the EU locks down into a digital dystopia — including fingerprinting and photographing visiting Americans from 2025 (same as when you get arrested) — I increasingly doubt that I’ll ever return to Europe’s multinational socialist panopticon.

    It’s gonna be Third World tourism for me, from now on. That includes the US, by the way.

    • RE: “agreement this week on the establishment of European Digital Identity Wallets”

      Doug, in the video I posted above, talks about how people had unique/regular names in order to sign-in & comment on YouTube videos via Google – but – suddenly, now there’s a number set tagged onto the end of their names which appears behind their name. … An ID? …I do not know.

      Reminds me of RG talking about ID/me.

    • The future of Wallet is no wallet at all.

      The page then touts the advantages of a digital ID managed by Apple, inc.
      Breeze through TSA checkpoints. – So by having my driver’s license added to my Apple, inc. phone I don’t have to go through security theatre? Well, no. You still need to go through the humiliation machine, the partial strip search and deal with the angry TSA agents. But you can leave your DL in your back pocket… Provided the machine is working today, and your journey is only between airports where TSA has set up Apple, inc. to be an accepted form of ID.

      Next-level security. Already built in. Probably. Except that pesky password cracker that the Mossad developed.

      Private by design. Sure, that’s the idea. But since it is a wireless/NFC data transfer it will be susceptible to RF tools like the Flipper Zero and Hack RF One.

      Clear and transparent. You can see to whom you’re presenting ID and exactly what data you’re sharing. Your information will only be shared after you authorize with Face ID or Touch ID.

      Until that database that logged your data is compromised…

      But at least you won’t have to pull out your DL at the TSA check.

      • Hi RK,

        There are certain things I will not abide because I cannot abide them. A mandatory “digital” ID and money are among these. I’ll check out, jump the fence when that day comes, if it ever does. Whatever it means. I am quite willing to live a basic/Amish kind of life rather than that kind of life. I hope this can be stopped – that the people pushing this can be stopped. But if not, so be it. They will never get me to comply.

        • What I can’t understand is what’s the point? Why this need for central command and control? Why the need for a panopticon? Becuase some might disagree with you? Because someone has something you want and they value it more than you can afford? Because their sky god is not your sky god? We used to exile and destroy the psychopaths, now we put them in charge. Still hanging on to the horrors of the 20th century… fight fire with fire, instead of cleaning up the mess.

          As for technology, we’ve outsourced knowledge through division of labor to the point that even if you want to DIY, it is nearly impossible. The specialists have designed complexity into the systems for their own gain. Sure, you can change the spark plugs yourself… as long as you have a day or two and wherewithal (and tools) to tear off all the accessories they mounted over the engine block. What should be a 2 hour job with beer breaks is now a complicated task of dread. (yes, I need to replace the plugs and coil packs soon). Who benefits? Everyone but the owner, who now has to schedule out an appointment a month or more and pay the equivalent of a car payment for what used to be simple.

          • Amen, RK –

            And you’ve answered your own question! None of this benefits us. But it serves the interests of psychopaths – and they have managed to acquire unprecedented power, in part by seducing people with “convenience.”

            • Indeed, all hail the new God, named Convenience. I once changed the water pump on a 67 Dodge pickup in a parking lot, with a pair of channel locks and a crescent wrench in about an hour, including the ride I hitched to go get a new one. How much more convenient can you get?

            • Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle once said in an interview “Laywers are like sharks, but as long as they’re your sharks, they’re OK.”

              As long as shareholders get their returns, the psychopaths will continue to dominate. Of course when they’ve outlived their usefulness, that opens the door to the psychotics. Then comes the gulags and struggle sessions and worker’s paradise.

          • “We used to exile and destroy the psychopaths”
            Eh, not so much. There’s just a lot more of them now. Which makes them harder to avoid.

    • I have been going to Europe (Germany) since the 70’s. I own an apartment, two cars, have a bank account and German driving license. I am now considering ridding myself of everything there if things don’t turn around. Germany’s only salvation is the AFD and with its surprising rise in popularity, perhaps there is hope. If the elite rulers in the EU prevail however, my money is going to Mexico.

  9. Hey Eric, our local pro baseball team ( Salem Redsox ), just announced that they would be going cashless for the upcoming season.

    C’ est la vie!

  10. What’s the world look like to these pro-CBDC people? So many people conducting black market business, under the table and unreported. So many “unbanked” without an advocate. So many who are exploited in their “food islands” unable to take advantage of Walmart free shipping, because they don’t have a valid credit card… and are subject to high fees for gift cards. IF ONLY there were some way to help these poor souls, give them a path to equity in the banking “system.”

    Not bitcoin! That’s even worse!

    The only people who might have a serious complant are the retailers who have to deal with credit card processing, but thanks to banks charging fees for cash handling that’s pretty much moot. Only real change that might happen to that with CBDC is that now the banks get those processing fees too.

    But all these fussbudgets forget that despite all the alleged flaws with banking as it is today, it still seems to work out. Yes, there’s fees and charges and people can still play the paycheck game, but there’s ways around that too. The real problem is the IRS is paranoid about “average Joe” not paying his fair share, like the reason for the budget shortfalls are because some Waffle House waitress isn’t reporting her tips or something. Of course, maybe if all those Washington bordellos are keeping two sets of books they might be on to something.

  11. Anyone here remember the man in England who used CASH to pay for a container of strawberries at an Aldi’s grocery store? The store went entirely cashless months ago, and instead of using “digital money” or his hand, he placed exact change on the counter to pay for the strawberries & left the store, which left staff threatening to call the police as he was walking out. We need more people like him to stop this CBDC crap the globalist/ technocratic elite are trying to shove down everyone’s throats, instead of people like one woman I saw a video of shrieking about how COOL it was to pay for stuff with the palm of her hand.

    I heard not too long ago that KFCs & Taco Bells here will be going cashless as well in the next few years. If they do that, people need to stop going there.

  12. Good try Eric but no cigar.

    From what I can tell,,, no one gives a rats ass until their faced with ‘it’. The airports are a fine example of tyranny today’s Americans holding their shoes like good little peons will put up with. Or how about the Walmart’s, the Lowe’s, the Home Depot’s and other retail having 30 self serve machines and one maybe two manned registers most swarm around today. It’s more disgusting than vomit.
    Just like that gal in the video,,, it’s soooo convenient! I don’t have to keep track of my train tickets. How disgusting is that! Makes one wonder how any of these slugs survive at all. They can’t do the simplest tasks,,, even using cash seems too hard for the poor things.

    • Even after they are faced with it, they usually just go along with it and forget about the way it used to be. Like airport panty scanners and face diapers, and now facial recognition systems and biometric transactions. Freedoms give way to convenience and a healthy dose of learned helplessness, maybe a bit of whiz-bang smart phone gizmo/app stuff sprinkled in.

      It’s why I don’t buy into “if enough of us/people just [said no, voted with feet, etc,].” Not going to happen, or at least not before it’s too late. And, it is getting increasingly harder to avoid, if you want to have any semblance of life. We are all headed to the Chinese model, rip, shit or bust.

      As it’s been said. Western civilization will not go out with a bang or a whimper, but with a fart.

    • Sadly, Ken, I think most will go along with the central bank digital currency. To “go along to get along”. Only when they realize that Big Brother just took a big wet bite out of their digital accounts for a “tax” or “punishment” will they finally get it. Or, when their accounts get shut off because they did not get jabbed, or because they had the wrong opinion will it finally dawn on them that the “conspiracy theorists” were right. But by then, it will be too late to fight, because Big Brother has them right where they want them. That is no world I want to live in. And, like Eric, would rather take my chances in the woods with the moose somewhere.

  13. A Canadian traveler stopped at a cafe in South Dakota and ate lunch, one of those things humans do. He went to pay for his meal with Canadian dollars. “We don’t take that money here,” were the words he heard from the owner of the cafe.

    “Thanks for the lunch,” he replied and walked out.

    There is no free lunch, you will pay no matter what.

      • Canadian travelers were stuck in the little town where I fill gas in my truck. They had money, but no way to pay, the machine wouldn’t accept the Canadian credit card. I used my card so they could pump some gas that they needed to keep going. They thought I would refuse to take the Canadian dollars.

        Why would I refuse a cash exchange? I still have the Canadian cash they gave me.

        Money talks, the banks don’t have to be involved.

        I still have 39 Canadian one dollar bills, they are collectible Canadian currency.

        • That’s great,,, you elected to take the risk. That is free will. Others may not feel as generous.
          The Canadian, knowing he was going to the US, could have converted his currency before leaving Canada or used a credit card which will convert the money or asked if they accepted Canadian currency before ordering.

          • I was merely being a Good Samaritan. Why not?

            They couldn’t go to a bank and exchange for US currency, they were between a rock and a hard place.

            They got the gas, I got the cash.

            Not that complicated.

            • Good on you, drumpish.

              Seems like ya did a good thing. Imho.

              When you say, “I still have 39 Canadian one dollar bills, they are collectible Canadian currency.” …It’s not that way here for me in Iowa, used to be, quite often, when I got back change from a purchase I’d get some Canadian coins in the mix.
              I felt like I got ripped off, ’cause unless I tried to pass it off to someone else, the stuff is worthless here.

              …Goes to show, clad coins are fraud (& fiat currency, too) IF only they were made of real metals such as silver or nickel or even 100% copper, I guess it wouldn’t be such an issue, eh?

              [Weird things is, after decades of getting Canadian coins mixed into my change back,… I haven’t had that happen for the better part of four or five years now. Odd, that.]

              ‘Bob & Doug McKenzie with Geddy Lee – Take Off’


            • The bank probably won’t exchange it….the bank says go to a currency exchange….what good is the bank?…the guy said…you are a bank aren’t you?….they said get lost….lol….

  14. The wife and I went to dinner at a local pub last week. When we got the bill it gave us the credit card price and a cash price from which to choose. Granted, the difference was only about a buck but, the point was made. Non-chain/franchisee businesses are very welcoming of cash. However, banks are still a problem. When making a large cash deposit a few months back, my boss had to pay a fee for the bank to accept cash.

    The battle lines are being drawn.

    • ‘When making a large cash deposit a few months back, my boss had to pay a fee for the bank to accept cash.’ — Mark in BC

      Then, if the deposit amount was over $3,000, the bank filed a Suspicious Activity Report — which the bank is not allowed to tell him about, by fedgov ‘law.’

    • Banks used to be deposit institutions. Wanting to take some of your deposit to accept it shows there is no use for that bank.

      Might drive a person to just keep the cash in a safe and forget to report it.

    • I asked a restaurant for a cash discount….he said no way…in their agreement with the bank it says they can’t give discounts for cash…..his agreement would be terminated….

  15. I think restrictions on sales of things deemed not fit for the greater good, would come in the form mostly of either tradable credits or higher taxes the more you buy.

    While some might want to reduce sales of these things for the masses, they won’t accept hard limit for themselves.

  16. ‘[Cash] is still legal tender, for all debts public and private.’ — eric

    Bad money drives out good, says Gresham’s Law.

    Just so: until the early 1960s, ‘cash’ meant silver coins and silver certificates which could be redeemed for silver. Big Gov was forced to ditch this metallic anchor because the Federal Reserve, during World War II, bought so many Treasury bonds that Treasuries exceeded gold as its largest holding. Today its gold holdings are barely a footnote; Fed reserves are almost entirely bonds and mortgages, which introduces credit risk.

    Big Gov’s reckless monetization of debt ginned up an inflation that rolls on and on. It has no plan to change this. Indeed, since inflation benefits debtors — and Big Gov is $33 trilliion in the hole — we should expect a lot more inflation.

    Thus Big Gov’s implacable hostility to cryptocurrencies, which combine two attributes that government hates: anonymity and strictly limited issuance.

    Fiat currency is inflationary war finance. Digital fiat currency is tax slavery to boot. Both highlight the defunct status of the 1789 constitution, whose incoherent provisions concerning gold and silver were demolished by the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and the nine hacks in black.

    Our ruling regime is patently illegitimate. The Declaration of Independence says we have a right to alter or abolish it … or to secede, another right which was implicitly understood until the tyrant Ape Lincoln demolished that liberty too.

  17. *Real* tipping is still off the books in cash. That will be hard to crack.

    Traveling this past week, I noticed hotel valet tickets had QR codes to tip the attendant, but I doubt those are used often just because of the awkward nature of the process.

    No one we tipped said no in Chicago, Milwaukee, or Madison, liberal hotbed locations all.

    We even tipped the night clerk performing concierge services at the hotel serving the “UNESCO world heritage site”, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. She didn’t hesitate.

    • Definitely people in the service industry appreciate tips and you really do get better service. Its just a way to show real kindness to people who work hard. You cant fake a good tip!

    • Cash tipping, hard to crack?
      If, by law, no one accepts the ‘currency’ you use for the tip?
      If the only legal tender is electronic and all cash notes must be surrendered at a ‘bank’ in exchange for controlled electronic credit?
      It’s happened before. In April 1933 government forced the people to surrender gold for paper, under penalty of ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine (more than Ten Times a year’s pay for a whole family and unemployment was at 25%), just before the gold price was increased by 70%.
      This is what the WEF, UN, WHO is planning.
      They are the knights, earls, dukes, and kings. We are to be the serfs.

      • If I recall, FDR’s 33′ gold swindle only applied to United States Citizens (i.e. residents of that 10 square mile area within which congress exercises a legislative democracy and from which the federal government exists). Of course, this gets into the whole US Inc / 14th Amendment Citizen discussion.

        • Hi Gary,

          Like all laws – and edicts – FDR’s swindle applied to everyone because FDR, et al, had and have the power to enforce them. Much as I agree in principle with the sovereign citizens’ arguments, they are functional nonsense. You might as well try arguing with the alligator that’s eating you from the leg up to stop because he’s violating the NAP.

          • yes…the slaves are under the admiralty law system…so have zero rights….

            You can take yourself out of the system..become a sovereign….but it is very difficult….can’t just say it…. and you lose any benefits…no pensions, no welfare, no driver’s licence, no passport, no social security number, no bank account…

            but…their laws won’t apply to you as a sovereign…no longer a corporation….now a free live person….

            if you have lots of money, are totally self sufficient, off the grid, own food supply, own protection…arms, you could thrive….

            this guy took himself out of the system….an inspiration for the slaves…


            • Hi Anon,

              You say “their laws won’t apply to you.” I doubt it. They have and will use their power to arrest you for such things as driving an unregistered car without a driver’s license – and good luck buying property without a government ID (and forget about not being forced to pay the government taxes on said property).

              I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer – but it’s simply not true that you can opt out of having to obey their laws. The best you can do is evade and ignore them and (to the degree possible) render yourself not subject to some of them (such as the income/property tax) but the only way to do that is to not earn income or won property.

              A vagrant is free. But he’s a vagrant.

              • their laws won’t apply to you as a sovereign…no longer a corporation….now a free live person….

                but you have to be fully independent..have your own money, etc….you can’t get a driver’s licence, social security number, bank account, get a pension or welfare….

                property taxes….yes you would still pay property tax but…willingly…or if not rent…a boat is an alternative…no property tax…and if unregistered…you own it 100%….boats are good…..

                it is very difficult to do but you can get yourself out of the system…when you are born you are trapped into their system….you are categorized as a corporation…so their corporate laws would apply to you …this can be reversed but is difficult…

                one advantage is you may be able to get control of your stolen trust account worth probably $1,000,000 plus…change your status from debtor back to beneficiary and administrator of your trust account….

                you are categorized as a corporation….under admiralty law with zero rights…your current status….

                • their laws won’t apply to you as a sovereign…no longer a corporation….now a free live person….

                  in their courts this is true….they won’t have control over you….but expect a huge fight….

                  but you have to achieve this legal status…you can’t just say you are sovereign….

                  you can’t recognize/consent to the corporate label they put on you at birth…you have to refute all the presumptions of law…their corporate law…

              • probably the main goal of regaining sovereign man status is this….

                one advantage is you may be able to get control of your stolen trust account worth probably $1,000,000 plus…change your status from debtor back to beneficiary and administrator of your trust account….

                the worst thing is when you die these bastards…. the slave owners…the vatican…. gets the money in your trust account….

                • Anon,

                  You say “one advantage is you may be able to get control of your stolen trust account worth probably $1,000,000 plus…change your status from debtor back to beneficiary and administrator of your trust account….”

                  This is of a piece with believing your Nigerian Uncle has left you an estate of $1,000,000 and all you have to do to claim it is forward the Nigerian Account Manager $10,000 to process the transaction…

              • it’s simply not true that you can opt out of having to obey their laws…..

                a living person under common law has unlimited liability…a corporation has limited liability….

                to solve this problem you are categorized as a corporation at birth so you are now under their corporate law system…now under their control…

                if you reverse this you won’t be under their corporate laws ….

                you will be a major problem inside their courts….lol…

                • Hi Anon,

                  With respect, the only problem will be constantly getting arrested/going to jail/court. Tell a cop who pulled you over you are a “living person under common law” and see how far it gets you. Tell a judge. You will be ticketed/arrested/jailed.

                  This “corporation/admiralty law” stuff is as silly as believing in super powers.

                  • but the reality today is…..

                    Corporate law is what the system runs under….admiralty law is what the slaves are under…so they have zero rights….

                  • Tell a cop who pulled you over you are a “living person under common law”……

                    that is stupid…..

                    you don’t tell the cop anything…

                    if you have no licence you end up in court……where you quite likely get screwed…lol….

                    when you get in court you have to know what you are doing to have any chance of getting off….which requires a lot of knowledge….

                    • Hi Anon,

                      When you show up for traffic court, what will happen is the judge will read the charge and ask you whether you plead guilty or not (or guilty with explanation; which amounts to throwing yourself on the mercy of the court). If you plead that you are not subject to the law because you are a “living person,” the judge will either laugh at you and ask (again) whether you plead guilty or not. Or he won’t laugh – and ask you. If you continue, you will be told your testimony is irrelevant and to confine yourself to the charge at hand. Do you have any evidence to show you are not guilty? Yes – or no. Not “living person.” You will then be adjudicated guilty or not, depending on the evidence and the judge’s opinion of it.

                      Tell a cop you aren’t required to have a license to drive or to register your vehicle because you are a “living person” and not a “corporation” and he’ll also laugh at you – and then arrest you. And then a judge will convict you.

                      And that’s the bottom line.

                      Mind: I am completely in sympathy (and agreement) with the underlying argument that we are free people – in principle. But the ugly reality is we’re free to obey (or not) and ramblings about “living persons” are not a get-out-of-obedience card.

                  • ….will be constantly getting arrested/going to jail/court…exactly….

                    Romley Stewart took himself out of the system…he said it caused him so much grief, if he had known ahead of time he never would have started the process…

                    some slaves live comfortably under the system so don’t care if it is unjust/corrupt…..just lay down and consent…


                    but…some people have principles or don’t like being told what to do by morons……so they might try to get themselves out of the system…..

                    • Anon,

                      Yes, you can “get yourself out of the system” . . . by not getting/having a driver’s license or owning property or having a bank account, dealing only in cash and living on the periphery of society. People who live in tents in the woods are “free” of the system. But even they are subject to the law – and its enforcement. Asserting you are “living persons” and not subject to “corporate” law will only get you laughed at, as the cuffs are put on and you are shoved into the cop’s car.

                  • There is two entities….and two documents….

                    Your certificate of birth has your christian name/names only….that is the living person…

                    The second government birth certificate has your christian names plus your surname…legal all UPPERCASE letters…

                    this name in upper case…seen on all legal documents like driver’s licences is the hook …it is a corporate name to tie you into their corporate legal system….then you are subject to their laws….you are now a corporation..

                    so throughout your life you are referred to as this dead entity….

                    corporation…corp means dead…the land of the dead….

                    • Anon,

                      This is claptrap. Stupid nonsense. No one is going to immunize themselves from the law – and its enforcement – by claiming they are a “living person” or not using ALL CAPS in legal documents. This sort of garbage makes people on our side come across as retarded.

                  • You are right…

                    the reality is……

                    Corporate law is what the system runs under….admiralty law is what the slaves are under…so they have zero rights….

                    pretty much screwed…..

                    • Corporate law is what the system runs under….admiralty law is what the slaves are under…so they have zero rights….

                      pretty much screwed…..

                      being unaware of this is no excuse….

                      like the mask wearers that wear them but are unaware they do nothing…lol…

                      ignorance is no excuse….

                    • Anon,

                      This “admiralty law” stuff is idiocy; please stop it. You aren’t going to shoo away a cop by asserting that you are a “living person” or because your name is spelled using lower case letters or that the law doesn’t appy because the flag in court has (or doesn’t have) fringes.

                      Just stop, please.

            • This guy actually took himself out of the system…but I think he said he still pays property tax….maybe he got tired of fighting with them….

              Romley Stewart is known around the world….he has done more research on this then anyone probably….after you watch some of his videos it slowly starts to sink in…..very educational….the real education people need to help themselves…

              learning how the corporate law system works…that you are trapped in ….is important…

              free the slaves….


            • haha…there is no sovereign….oh yeah…lol….

              There is a well known sovereign…King Charles the 3rd….he is above the laws…he makes the laws….he does not need a drivers licence like the slaves do…his mother Queen Elizabeth had no drivers licence…didn’t need one….

              the police are sovereign too….they have the power to enforce the laws but they are exempt…..

              want to be a sovereign citizen?….become a cop…lol….

              don’t believe it?….try to get a cop charged/convicted of anything….lol….

              • Not knowing how legal documents are constructed/worded is no excuse….

                The world is run on corporate law…everything is a contract now…understanding contract law is helpful in this world….

                If you don’t know who the mark is in the poker game….you are the mark…lol…

              • sovereigns?…quite a few around it seems like….

                politicians commit many crimes…no charges, no nothing…lol…and they are exempt from mandates too…lol…this could include judges and the super rich too…

                sovereigns…above the laws…lol…

        • Like that cigarette smoking disabled faggot could really enforce any of that. The thing is, the “people” of the time largely complied with it.


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