Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Reader Question: Home for Old Kaw?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Fred asks: I've been a reader for years (but a slacker on donations). I used to have the handle 3DShooter somehow it got...

1975 Kawasaki S1 Saaaaaaafety Ride!

Here's a quick thumb in the eye to Uncle - the government - which demands I wear a helmet for saaaaaaaaaaafety, on the bizarre assumption that my saaaaaaaaaaafety is anyone's business...

MOCs and Conceptual Thinking

When someone does something wrong, punish everyone who hasn’t done it yet. This is the new American legal doctrine - which seems to be based on the very old doctrine expressed by...

The Fleeting Feeling of Freedom

Every now and then, I do something "risky" and illegal, to remind myself what it was like when we were still relatively free. I roll one of my old bikes out of...

Little Stinker Emerges!

Yesterday was one of the first warm/dry days we've had up here in The Woods of southwest Virginia, so I decided to step away from the keyboard and unshroud Little Stinker...

Reader Question: Obscure Honda Bike Parts?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! John asks: Do you know of a source for the four hard chrome plated "collars" in the Pro-Link suspension for an'83 Honda GL650?...

Spandex Harleys

There's a classic episode of the TV cartoon series South Park lampooning Harley riders. Not bikers, the young guys who used to ride Harleys. The new demographic - which consists of...

The Electric Suicide of Harley-Davidson

Imagine a Harley that doesn’t vibrate. No bark through the straight pipes when you push the starter button. No nothing through the pipes - which aren't there anymore. There is no starter...

Rat Bike Cleanup!

Here's a video of "after"... the result of several days' worth of OCD scrubbing and polishing my poor ol' 1983 Honda GL650 Silverwing. This is the one bike I've got that I'll...

Motorcycles in the Saaaaaafety Crosshairs

Motorcycles are the last vehicles still largely free from Uncle’s asphyxiating grasp. That is about to change. The unelected regulatory apparat known as the National Highway Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is...
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